12 May 2011

UEFA punish Busquets studied five patidos

As reported by the Catalan radio RAC1, the disciplinary committee of UEFA consider punishing Sergio Busquets, who plays for Barcelona, ​​with five-match ban for racist insults Marcelo during the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League.

Also, the station reported that the Catalan club have already received notification and have until Sunday to file claims. To be paid the penalty, the player would miss the final of the European competition on May 28 against Manchester United at Wembley Stadium. (via AS)

Adriano returned to training

Barcelona template made Thursday a gentle recovery session in the Ciudad Deportiva, after winning last night champion with their draw against Levante (1-1).

Barcelona template made Thursday a gentle recovery session in the Ciudad Deportiva, after winning last night champion with their draw against Levante (1-1). Although the coach, Pep Guardiola, had given rest to his players until Friday at 11.00, finally were forced to reschedule and will be on Friday when the team enjoy a holiday. There is, therefore, until Saturday at noon when the staff start preparing the engagement inconsequential league against Deportivo de La Coruña. The main novelty of the session was the return to the group dynamic defender Adriano Correia, who seems almost recovered from the adductor muscle tear in his right leg suffered in the Copa del Rey final against Real Madrid. The Argentine Gabi Milito, a hamstring muscle in his left leg, did field work, while the captain, Carles Puyol, he continued his tune and has exercised outside the group. (via SPORT)

[Videos] El Barcelona llega al Camp Nou arropado por miles de aficionados

El Barcelona llega al Camp Nou arropado por miles de aficionados

Canaletas se tiñe de azulgrana

Los aficionados del Barcelona celebran el triunfo.

[Youth] Juvenil B painful defeat (3-2)

Juvenil B has lost 'in extremis' in the field of Europe (3-2). The match was crucial for the children of Sergi Barjuan, because victory or tie gave them the League.

It appeared it would be a sweet night for the Juvenil B, and the Catalans have made a good start for it to be. The party's dominance was Barcelona and 33 minutes Cristian has shown to score the first goal of the confrontation. David, from own half, made a great assist from Juvenil B 11, who has not missed an opportunity to open the can.

With the score 1-0, and by the second part, Uea has tied the game for the locals. Dongou, just four minutes later, went ahead again on the scoreboard. The title was closer. Al fainl the game, the club looked like victory was slipping and Europe equalized on a goal by Fede. However, they still served to draw champions. But at the last minute, while the Catalans were eager to jump on the field and celebrate the title with other partners, Uea has broken the dreams of Juvenil B with a goal in the dying seconds of the match.

This Saturday, Sergi Barjuan boys have the opportunity to pull out the thorn and win the league before the Cornellà, surrounded by their fans. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "It's a good result

Barça B coach gave good the 2-2 draw in the field of Sports Ponferradina. Only regretted not being able to dedicate the victory to Montoya who was operated on last May 2.

Luis Enrique Martinez acknowledged that the tie with two goals achieved in the field of Sports Ponferradina was a fair result on the merits of both teams . "It's a good result. The pity is that we could dedicate the victory to Montoya but we could lose. Ponferradina team has always been uncomfortable for everyone in your field. Many top teams have not beaten them in this field or it has cost, "said Barca coach subsidiary.

The team did not know the league title achievement of the first team until the break of the match. Luis Enrique Guardiola congratulated the team for its success but it did not affect the performance of the subsidiary: "We knew what made ​​the first team but we are Barça B and we have to focus on our own. "

The draw consummated Ponferradina decline to the Second Division B, which Luis Enrique lamented : "It's hard to explain its decline because it is a very uncomfortable for the opposition. Moreover, this stadium is special and very good atmosphere. But category is special and these things happen. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sandro Rosell, "Pep is the best ever"

Sandro Rosell commended the staff and welcomed the unity that has been shown to hold "outside attack".

Immensely happy but containing the euphoria, the Barca president, Sandro Rosell, praised "very proud" third league title won by the Pep Team and the first of its mandate. "It was our main goal," he said. The Champions League is already a "gift." The leader reminded the club's values ​​have provided the title, do not forget the attacks from Madrid and acknowledged the work of "best coach in history."

Before expressing his joy, however, had an emotional remembrance for the victims of the terrible earthquake of Lorca. Nothing more to hear the final whistle, Rosell melted into a hug with his counterpart from the Levant, Quico Catalan. Draw and had just two winning out. Barca leader wanted to thank "the cheers of local fans to Abidal and have welcomed us through the electronic scoreboard."

While keeping the forms and trying to be diplomatically correct, Rosell was released later with their messages. "It's a moment of great happiness. This league has a huge value. Is the value of effort, work, soccer ... because Barca take much from the outside and I am proud of how he has behaved," he said. What has given more courage during these nine months "have been attacks from outside we have learned to put up with maturity." He argued that "there have been people who have not helped, of course people outside." In fact, when asked about the coincidence of the celebrations of Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey won on 20 April, 21 days ago, Laporta said: "we do not have done." Barça will be saved "a pineapple."

Rosell believes that Barça is "an example for all" and, above all, "a pride for all Barcelona fans." Has managed to move from field Barca values, fair play, La Masia, Catalunya ...". The merit it has "some players who are great, a great coaching staff and Pep is the best coach in the world and history. "coach spoke with, of course, at the end." I was ecstatic. He has freed a lot of pressure. "

He made several confessions to the final. One about his status: "I do not get nervous but the last few minutes have been endless." Another presidential: "All the leagues have given me happiness and besides it has been accountability." And the last family: "I want to go home and kiss my wife and my daughters. It is one of the happiest days of my life. It is the greatness of Barça". (via MD)

Messi reveals the song that inspired this season Barca

The Argentine striker shared through your profile on Facebook the song that served as motivation for the establishment of Barca this season.

Messi wanted to send a message of congratulations to all Barca fans through social networking and sharing with them was the song that served as motivation to the squad for this season 2010-2011.

This is a song by Delahoja and, in the words of Argentina, has served as a "talisman all season in the locker room and in the Nou Camp as the team prepared for games.

The template will conclude today with a family dinner

It is ignored the place at this time where all those that are part of the first equip barcelonista it will celebrate this merecidísimo title of League but for sure it will be another great moment to untie the euphoria like it already happened not to the térmi of the party, the wardrobe of Ciutat of València, the return airplane to Barcelona and the arrival of El Prat airport.

Players will party all day today and will meet again in the restaurant. The festival will last until the madrugrada high time and continue the next day with the great rua through the streets of the city. (via SPORT)

Ofertón of City to Xavi

Manchester City would be willing to throw the house out the window to gain the services of Xavi.

he 'Citizens', which next year will contest the Champions League for the first time ever, want to make a flashy signing to help them get as far as possible.

The fact that its 31 years it has won everything and that is not the highest paid staff, have convinced the City that it might be easily persuaded with an astronomical offer.

In England speculate that the departure of Xavi could facilitate the signing of Cesc for Barca. However, before making an outlay needed to transfer all those players who have transferred. If they manage to do so could get to pay more than 170,000 euros a week.

In addition to the Barça midfielder, Manchester City also has on its agenda no more and no less than: Bale, Eto'o and Ibrahimovic, almost nothing ... (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique train Atletico

The Spaniard, who was in the spotlight for several teams in the league final tab for the mattress.

As reported in Marca, the still Barça B coach, Luis Enrique, train from next year to Atletico Madrid. The Manzanares shuffled several possibilities but coach Spaniard was the favorite for the top red and white.

Luis Enrique, who ends contract with Barcelona B on 30 June, already announced not long continue to lead Barca to second team, with whom he has had successful results. (via SPORT)

[Rating] Levante UD - FC Barcelona (1-1)

Víctor Valdés 6, Alves 6, Mascherano 6, Piqué 6, Abidal 6, Busquets 6, Xavi 6, Keita 7 (MOM), Villa 6, Messi 6, Afellay 6, Fontàs 6, Pedro unqualified. (via SPORT)

Nike t-shirt with 'two pebrots'

The firm sponsored Barca pledge launched yesterday commemorating the 2010-2011 League.

As in recent seasons, the company Nike, which sponsors the FC Barcelona launched a new commemorative T-shirt, this time to celebrate the League 2010-2011. It is a garment that, surely, will be talking about. With 'two Febres "(two peppers) T pays homage to a design template that refers to the stars of the victory but at the same time keeps the spirit brave' with two pebrots" with which the team qualified for the final of the Champions League after winning 0-2 in Madrid and one tie in the Nou Camp. And as the motto of this campaign is to honor those who have had 'the value of having values. "

T-Shirt Champions League 2010-2011 will be sold in official stores of FC Barcelona, ​​Nike Stores, Nikestore.com, ECI, Base, and Intersport stores. The sale price is Euro 29.90 (adult size) and 24.90 (child size). A must this season. (via SPORT)

The penyes German booming

The Frankfurt in April organized the first football tournament and an exhibition. On Saturday, Cologne, Barbecue.

Blaugrana peñistas movement in Germany is experiencing a surge, holding constant activities, events and showing signs also an excellent esprit de corps. There are four official penyes is currently in Teutonic lands. Are PA Frankfurt / Rhein-Main (based in Oberhausen), Kölsch FCB Fan Club (Cologne), Berlin PB and PB Culé Knittlingen (Mühlacker).

On 2 April, penya Frankfurt held its first futsal tournament in which three of the four-missed penyes Berlin and eight other teams in the area. Rodauhalle was held in Oberhausen. "Our goal," said the secretary of the PAFRM, Jesús Muñoz-festivodeportiva was to live a day and at the same time, let us know in our surroundings. We are very pleased with the balance. " On the positive note, winning a team of Oberhausen. The Cologne penya was 5 th, the Frankfurt, 6 and that of Knittlingen, 7 th.

In parallel, the penya-it's official since 2010 - mounted at the entrance of the City of Oberhausen, a photographic exhibition of all fields that have had the club since its foundation. The collection was made by Carlo Dietl partner.

And on Saturday, penya, Cologne, Jordi Piñol chairs will hold its second anniversary by organizing its third Barbecue Blaugrana this time will be accompanied by paella. The stage will be the beautiful and central Rheinpark, overlooking the cathedral and the bridges over the Rhine. The price is 10 €. Delegations attending the other penyes Fanatiek German and the Flemish town of Genk, chaired by Toni Freire, CEO of the Area Consultiu Consell Rest of the World.

On the other hand, on the occasion of the Final Four of handball, KFCBFC is preparing a major device to accommodate the Blaugrana fans attending the Rhineland capital. Will mount a 'meeting point "where, after going to the semifinals to be played Xavi Pascual men, we shall see, in an extraordinary environment Barça-Manchester United. And then, of course, big party ... if it has a title. (via SPORT)

The euphoria of the best team in the world

The Ciutat de València stained Barca more than ever. Six years later history repeated itself and the club re-entered the legend.

was a few minutes for the referee stops Romero Andalusian indicate the end of the party and all members of the bench of FC Barcelona (players, coaches, assistants), came out of it, stood a foot behind the line of lime and began to be caught by the shoulders, as if they were attending the launch of a shootout. Jumping, screaming, throwing water at each other, hugged contained "was a joy, a euphoria that bolted braking as the whistle blew and the referee gave finished a contest where the contestants signed a nonaggression pact.

The components of the dugout rushed out to the field to hug the players who finished the match. We looked at each other. Guardiola hugged Levante coach, Luis Garcia, also with his right hand in three years at the first team, Manel Estiarte, but declined to prominence and quickly retreated to the locker room, which would come later.

Barca players hugged each other, kissing, crushed. No wonder. The effort of nine months of work had taken effect "was the third consecutive league!, A feat only achieved in 112 years of history for the club by Johan Cruyff, the Dream Team.

In the stands, all arrivals Catalans from Catalonia and other parts of the Spanish state, and most of Valencia and Murcia, where legions of Barcelona, ​​not allowed to cheer for a single second to the gladiators of Guardiola, a comunición perfect. These were the nice detail to address all sectors of the Ciutat de Valencia where a representation of fans visit and all were applauded by the players of Barça in thanks. Between `Senyera ¿Barça flags and hundreds of scarves, we saw a very heartfelt and timely banner:" Seve, you aquesta per tu "in reference to recent and notable loss felt golfer Severiano Ballesteros.

Another stunning detail in full party was the one who had the Levant, that he forgot his position in the league (virtually saved) and used their videos to congratulate markers for Barca: "The Barça Levante UD congratulates the League title 2010-2011 ". Yes sir, all a gesture that honors this humble body, but big on performance and mastery. (via SPORT)

El baile de la Liga

The staff finally exploded ... but with joy. The most expensive title sparked another Barca joy.

Could not be otherwise. The celebration of the league title on the lawn of the Ciutat de Valencia had to end a very special scenery that has become popular in recent times. Racing in all directions, singing, dancing exotic individual, collective congas and turns of honor graced the moments before the collective quoted in the midfield. Some say it is the real round of the champions, other, more imaginative, and have dubbed the Sardana Barca. It does not matter in the end, what really matters is that players, coaches and assistants together and embraced finished forming a single round in the middle of the field. Turns to one side, change direction, more or less art, clothing once again sent a collective happiness happy to share experiences and win title after title.

Perhaps therein lies one of the great secrets of this historic ship. The Sardana rondo or carry a special stamp: the champions. Guardiola, grinning and shirtless, was only able to follow the rhythm of Alves, Busquets, Pepe Costa and company. A retribution was carried away. The rest, sang and shouted until largely shook almost suffocating pressure that has endured since the beginning of the season.

The dance of the League, the third row, became almost an exorcism. A demand to the detriment of collective selfishness and individualism and a way to warn you that this boat is here to stay. A message to those who warn that this template is at an end.

Celebration and joy in style to stage in the Ciutat de Valencia 2010-11 that the club remains the undisputed king of the league. Indeed, contrary to what has unfortunately not been the practice in three successful years, last night, starting with the very Pep Guardiola, clothing culé claimed the right to operate as never jubilation. Staff and players agreed that there feast for awhile. The staff promises that sardanas and songs will last for a few days. There are times like last night, as many in the privacy and unmissable evening at the Camp Nou. It was so much pressure and difficult times this season that everyone, absolutely everyone, want to share the dance of the champions with the fans. (via SPORT)

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 38] Ponferradina 2 - 2 FC Barcelona B

Barça B returns from León with a very valuable point, after overcoming the party twice (2-2).

Luis Enrique boys faced against a dying Ponferradina survival was at stake against Barca subsidiary. Although they controlled the game from the first minute and had several chances to open the can-Jonathan Soriano has had a clear in the first moments of the match, the premises have been the first to early lead, showing that they were unwilling to release more easily. With the 1-0, Saizar work on 25 minutes after that Miño Acorán center could not do anything to stop, it came to rest.

Only two minutes had been played the second half when Barcelona has taken his mastery of the game and tied the game on a goal scorer, Jonathan Soriano, now totals 26 goals this season. A few minutes later, a penalty of Abraham on Yuri has made it 2-1. The goal of the Brazilian Ponferradina saved to the decline, and forced the boat back to pick a side marker. Muniesa has had a second goal from a corner but it was Edu Oriol who, after half an hour the second half, getting the epic and turned to leave the match drawn.

With the score 2-2 in both the Catalans as Leon had the opportunity to take all three points late in the game. By Barca, Nolito been able to break the tie lightly touching the ball to Jonathan Dos Santos had focused on the far post and in the 9 Barca has not come by very little. A bit to hear the final whistle, Yuri has had the opportunity for locals to make up a very dangerous shot Miño has rejected splendidly. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Ponferradina: Mackay; Cristian, Pepe, Luis Prieto, Toribio; Acorán, Abraham, Jonathan (Máyor, min. 80), Del Olmo; Saizar (Nsaliwa, min. 68) y Yuri.

Barcelona B: Rubén Miño; Ilie, Sergi Gómez, Muniesa, Abraham; Carmona (Víctor Vázquez, min. 65), Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto (Espinosa, min. 46); Edu Oriol, Jonathan Soriano y Benja (Nolito, min. 56).

Goals: 1-0: Saizar (min. 26). 1-1: Jonathan Soriano (min. 51). 2-1: Yuri (min. 57). 2-2: Edu Oriol (min. 74).

Referee: Amoedo Chas (Gallego). Showed yellow cards to the Pepe and Abraham and Abraham and Nolito Ponferradina for Barcelona B.

Incidents: Party for the thirty-eighth day of the Second Division played before about 7,000 spectators in the Toralín. Before the start there was a minute's silence for the victims of the earthquake in Lorca.

[Youth] The last picture of the current residents Masia

The official photograph of the residents of the farmhouse has been made recently in the framework of classical building next to Camp Nou. The next portrait of the residents of the Club shall be new Masia in the Ciudad Deportiva..

The official photograph of the residents of the season 2010 / 11 will be remembered forever as the last one was done with the farmhouse as a traditional stage.

The boys who aspire to someday play in the first team and who live in this landmark building have posed for the traditional photograph, which then becomes part of the symbolic remembrance of a football course always intense and unforgettable.

When the season and runs its final weeks, the boys of the farmhouse are photographed together in a portrait that is part of the traditions of the residence of the quarry Barca.

This season, however, has not been a routine event, as noted its director Carlos Folger: "Next year we will take this picture to the new Masia Ciudad Deportiva Oriol Tort Training Centre and the truth is that we have many looking forward to this moment. "

To Folger, "the illusion of the guys to test how the change exceeds the sadness of leaving this landmark building." The change of location will be very good for everyone, and we will win in modernity, comfort and space and try not to lose the heat of the present farmhouse. "

With the start of the year 2011/12, all resident activities will focus on the new Masia Ciudad Deportiva.

Masia in applicants not only coexist with great players, such as sections, especially basketball, have their role and these young talents have come together sports facilities for a photograph also very special for them. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Vilanova echoes Pep

Assistant coach Tito Vilanova echoed Guardiola insisting: ”we all have to celebrate winning this trophy in style. This year we can celebrate, whereas last year the players all had to rush off to play for their national teams”.

Vilanova went on: “it’s been a very complicated year. Now we are all very happy. We needed a point and it was important to get it as soon as possible. Now we have more time to prepare for the Champions League final”. The coach also referred to the worries about the returning World Cup players as the start of the season: “it was an unknown factor just how they would be after the World Cup. What’s more, Madrid had strengthened their squad and the pressure from that quarter was really strong”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “Now it’s time to party!”

Josep Guardiola was clearly thrilled at his team’s third La Liga title and told reporters after the game: “It’s a very important title to win and we deserve to celebrate it - now it’s time to party, because that’s what winning this title deserves”.

This is Barcelona’s third league title since Guardiola took over and the boss was happy to proclaim: “now we just want to enjoy it, eat and drink a lot –dance a lot, sing a lot –do a lot of everything- Now is the time to party, that’s what winning this title deserves and we have time to get ready for the final in London”.

Guardiola went on to stress the “superiority and solidity” his team have shown over recent years in La Liga and the importance of: “savouring this title with our friends and families. These are things that you never forget. I also hope people have enjoyed watching us play –that would really be the best reward. The fact is we are the league champions and that’s because we deserve it. Once again this year we did an excellent job”.

In typically modest style, Guardiola insisted: “I’d dedicate this to the squad. We’ve done things really well and that is all down to the players and the effort they’ve made. They are unique and the job of the Club will be to find players to take their place. They are an enormously strong bunch of players”.

Guardiola also stressed the importance of winning the title: “with two games to spare” and ”against such a tough rival as Real Madrid”, as well as adding, whilst comparing this season’s victory with previous years’: “you can never tell how players will react after a World Cup, but I think we gave everybody a lesson in the season after we needed 99 points to take the title”.

Reflecting on the season as a whole, Guardiola reckoned: “the players have put in three quarters of the season at a sensational level. It’s true that we haven’t been quite so sparkling towards the end, but we have always stayed competitive. There are things to improve, but you have to remember the incredible schedule these players have had to put up with for the last two and a half years and we’ve also suffered with injuries and illnesses. Every year has taken a mighty effort and that’s what we have learnt”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Captain Puyol: “It is a very important title”

Carles Puyol has said after tonight’s game in Valencia that now is the time to celebrate the league title they have won. “It is a very important title and afterwards we can rest and start preparing for the final at Wembley”, he said.

Seydou Keita, who scored Barça’s only goal tonight added that “it is a very important day for Barcelona fans. Now we have the Champions League final to come, which is very important for this club. I dedicate it to my wife, my children and all Barcelona fans.”

The following are other statements made tonight by FC Barcelona players.


“We have worked hard against a strong rival in Madrid.”

“Now is the time to celebrate it.”

Mascherano :

“This title shows how hungry this team is.”


“We have fought as hard as we can and we deserve it”

“It has been a very difficult year and the fans know that. Today we can celebrate to the maximum. It has been a hard-fought title and now’s the time for celebrations.”

“It has been very hard. Of the ones I’ve won I’d say it’s been the hardest league of all.”

“It has been very tough in terms of the media, but we have managed to isolate ourselves very well.”

“Now we can celebrate in Barcelona.”


“I am very, very happy.”

“It is different, because of the importance of winning the league with the first team.”

“Yes, I do believe it. Now we’ll celebrate it like we should.”


“A title always feels good and this league has been very difficult to win. This team deserves so much merit. I want to congratulate all Barça supporters.”

“The fans deserve it.”


“We are very happy. Now’s the time to enjoy the league.”

“It all happens so fast you get no time to enjoy it.”

“You have to make the maximum effort to win the league.”


“Now is the time to celebrate.”(via FCBarcelona.cat)

Third league in a row!

FC Barcelona have won their 21st league title, and it’s now three-out-of-three for manager Josep Guardiola, who has produced a winning style that has amazed the footballing world.

It is two decades since a Barça team was born that featured a young Josep Guardiola in midfield, and which astounded the world with its vibrant attacking style. That Dream Team won four consecutive leagues, but also created a new blend of football that has now become the Camp Nou trademark. It’s a new way of understanding football, which involves possession, combination plays and a focus on attacking rather than defending. The football that has now become the FC Barcelona identity.

Twenty years on, and Guardiola is continuing his work in the role of manager, and the club is once again flying high at the top of world football. In just three years he has won as many league titles, and nine major honours in total. As he never tires of telling us in his press conferences, the only thing that ultimately needs to matter in football is “attack, attack and attack.”

Only Johan Cruyff’s Barça can claim to have won three titles in a row, which eventually became four, so there is no arguing that what Guardiola and his players have done is quite some achievement. And he is to be merited even more for managing to do that in his first three seasons in charge. Cruyff didn’t get his hands on the league trophy until his third year at the club.

Several coaches worked at the club between Guardiola’s time as a player and his return as manager (Robson, Van Gaal, Serra Ferrer, Rexach, Antic and Rijkaard), but the one who played the greatest role in returning the Barça style to its former glory was Frank Rijkaard, who won two leagues and one Champions League and spread the gospel of constant pressure inside the opposition’s half. Guardiola picked up where he left off and perfected the project, turning the team into a veritable goal machine (this season they have almost made it to 150) and also bagging title after title. The third league in a row is just the latest in a series of astonishing achievements. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 36] Levante UD 1 - 1 FC Barcelona

Like in 2005, Barça went to the Ciutat de València in search of a point to secure the league title. And like then, the Catalans made no mistake. They got exactly the same score as six years ago and the title was in the bag. More practical and wily than ever, Guardiola’s side went ahead through Keita, to which Levante almost immediately replied, to win their third domestic championship in a row.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

[Technical Data]
Levante UD: Munúa; Javi Venta, Ballesteros, Nano, Juanfran; Iborra, Xavi Torres, Pallardó (Larrea, min. 81); Xisco Nadal, Caicedo (Stuani, min. 74) y Valdo.

FC Barcelona: Víctor Valdés; Dani Alves, Mascherano, Piqué, Abidal (Fontàs, min. 62); Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Keita; Afellay, Messi y Villa (Pedro, min. 86).

Goals: 0-1, min. 28. Large shipment of Xavi Keita, who beat Javi Venta and ends away from Munúa. 1-1, min. 41. Iborra through ball from apparently controlled by Pique, who is wrong in the transfer to Valdés. Caicedo takes advantage and brand.

Referee: Paradas Romero (Andalusia). Iborra showed yellow cards to the part of the Levant and Piqué, by the club.

Incidents: 20,473 spectators at the Ciutat de Valencia, the best entry of the season. Party for the Thirty-sixth day of the Liga.