11 May 2011

[Barça B] Carmona, Gomez, and Espinosa, new to Ponferrada

Barça B will travel on Wednesday morning to Ponferrada in the presence of two juveniles, and Gomez Espinosa. Carlos Carmona, who turned sanction against Albacete, returns to the squad.

Luis Enrique will take to the field of 18 players Ponferradina.

The subsidiary will travel without the injured Armando and Montoya and Oriol Romeu punished. Nor does it leave for Ponferrada Wednesday morning and Thiago Bartra, concentrated in the first team.

The big news is the inclusion of juveniles Sergio Gomez and Espinosa. Both won the Junior A Champions Cup Lepe and this week have been exercised with Barça B under the command of Luis Enrique.

The Ponferradina is 14 points adrift of safety when there are only 5 games in play. Their plight might suggest a comfortable visit, but the Catalans are aware that winning in the Toralín (Wednesday, 21 h) will be rather complicated.

The coach Joan Barbarà makes this analysis: "In the first round do not win, Betis and Granada have been unable to defeat them and the Lightning also did it in 85 minutes, they are a neat and dominating the game live, the defeats he has suffered have been almost always low. "

Soriano, with 26 goals, leading scorer table of the Second A ahead of Geijo (24 goals) and War (23). From the coaching staff admits that "it would be a prize to win this trophy, but what we like is that is taking it very naturally, without obsession and engaging in play as usual," said Joan Barbara. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The List
Goalkeepers : Olazabal, Miño.
Defenders : Gómez, Muniesa, Abraham, Ilie, Planas.
Midfielders : Dos Santos, Carmona, Sergi Roberto, Espinosa, Vázquez.
Forwards : Benjamin, Saul, Tello, Edu Oriol, Soriano, Nolito.

Villa signed a hat trick in his last visit to Levante

Asturian striker now has a great opportunity to reconnect with the goal in a suitable field.

A ripple of concern swept the stands of Camp Nou on Sunday, when David Villa sent out a ball that seemed destined to slip into Kameni's goal. The Guaje 'lives are not a good time director, but his coach, Pep Guardiola, undertook yesterday to highlight what it brings to the team and tonight, will have the opportunity to play in a stadium, the Ciutat de Valencia, which brings good memories: on his last visit to Levante, Villa contributed a hat trick for Valencia's spectacular victory in the city derby 1-5, in the 2007-08 season.

It was a strange season for Valencia, who won the Cup despite closing the league in the tenth position with Ronald Koeman on the bench, his last posting was just to play against an uprising that had fallen and ended the mathematically First championship as bottom club with 26 points.

David Villa lived then one of his best afternoons as Valencia, opened and closed the scoring, scoring the 0-1, 0-2 and the 1-5 final in just over an hour. Angulo Mata and completed the scoring for the team coached by then Koeman.

Villa returns to Valencia today, the city where footballing exploded in search of a goal that has endured in recent days. Real Madrid failed to score in the four classic and is the last goal scored against Osasuna on April 23 league match.

Villa try to repeat his hat trick three years ago, would be his first hat-trick as Barcelona. The last time he scored three goals in a game was in last year's showdown between Valencia and Werder Bremen, for the return of the second round, a spectacular 4-4 with three goals from Villa and one of Mata.

The Champions League, the icing for his record round:
David Villa has made no secret that one of the reasons why it was signed by Barça aspire to titles which could not be reached as Valencia player. Among them, of course, the league title already in his pocket (his first national championship), but above all the Champions League, the competition they had never passed the quarter-final with Valencia. On May 28 a chance to remove that thorn. And by the way, to round off a comprehensive honors: Villa have won two Cups (one with and one with Real Zaragoza and Valencia) and a Super Cup in Spain, and national teams, World Cup and European Championship, so if he wins Wembley and have won all major titles. (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Gio: "We were very happy in the field of the Levant"

The former player of Barça, Gio van Bronckhorst, has made a review of his experiences at the stadium 'Ciutat de Valencia', the 2004/05 season when Barca won the first of the two leagues, Frank Rijkaaard.

It was only three days to finish the 2004/05 League and Real Madrid, minutes before the match in the field of the Levant, had tied in Seville. Barca, with the same result as Real Madrid, champions league was mathematically. Gio was a starter in that game that, after the tie to a goal, giving the league to FC Barcelona. That explained his memories of that day the club website.

Gio remembers well the team game against Josep Lluis Oltra: "That same week - remember the Dutch - they changed Technician (Oltra and Schuster) and wanted the victory to score enough points to avoid relegation. It was a team-el Levante - very physical. I suffered a lot with Ettien, who played for me, and Jofre Mateu, who had Libertat motion in front of Levante. Also - add - the Levant was advanced on the scoreboard in the first part and the second was on the verge of making us the second goal. Luckily Eto'o made the tying goal and all ended well for us. "

Gio also notes that "how we thought we drew above we seek to re-do goal, but we realized that for them the tie was already a good result, and therefore this result was immovable. Then we saw, in disbelief, as the Levante lost the other two games and fell to the second division. "

Barca's side kept a very good memory of "the final burst when Undiano Mallenco blew the final whistle. We all started to go up and down, hugged me with all the partners and also with people who had never seen, as there was pitch invasion by our fans, because they came back to win a league that does not conquistábamos since 1999. The party continued in the dressing room and then the plane back to Barcelona. "

Another thing you remember most Gio van Bronckhorst is "the moment we got off the plane and then boarded a bus convertible. We thought that, at three o'clock in the morning, perhaps did not need a means of transport as well, but as we approached the Camp Nou, we understood the reason for everything. There were people everywhere and more so when we arrived at the stadium. It was awesome and a few colleagues expected, at that hour, the reception the fans gave us. "

Gio also spoke of the player who joined Barca for demarcation, Eric Abidal, and the Champions League final the next day 28 in London. "What I can say Abidal? I think I can not say any more that it has not been said. I'm happy for him and the team. Is a player who has become respected throughout the world. He is a winner, on and off the field, and won the game more difficult, "he commented.

As for the Champions League final May 28 at Wembley - Gio started and won the Paris - the Dutch believe that "being a favorite does not make you win the game. Anything can happen. Barca has a very good ball movement, but beware Chicharito Rooney and which are the real danger of Manchester. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca, Valencia Road

Barça will start on Wednesday may be a special trip as.

Around 11 am. in the morning the expedition has left for Valencia Barca, where tonight will face Levante (20h) with the aim of getting the point they needed to register as league champions.

Mindful of the possibility of becoming champions tonight, Barca coach Josep Guardiola has called for all staff, including the injured Milito and Adriano. They have also traveled the homegrown Bartra, Thiago and Font, and technical staff to complete.

The estimated time of arrival in Valencia is at 11.45. Once there, the group will go directly to the team hotel, where he remained until it was time to move to the stadium, where from 20.00 hours the League will be played against Levante. (via SPORT)

A win to be the best ever away from home

With 13 victories on the road, now the club can overcome its own record last season.

The Pep Guardiola has got to be in a position to beat a record in almost every game they play, tonight, in the field of the Levant, the Blaugrana team can sign one quality: they enter directly into the history books, be the set with more wins away from home since the league championship contention.

Barca already has thirteen victories away from the Nou Camp, having won his first ten starts, and if today will win at Levante joined fourteen, surpassing the record shared by Barça and Madrid, the Catalans team scored thirteen victories as a visitor treble season (2008-09) and matched Real Madrid last year, also with thirteen wins. El Barça de Guardiola also won thirteen trips the past year.
Although he lost in his last posting, Anoeta after early lead (2-1), the Barça travel the road this season is almost immaculate, has won thirteen games, drawn three (in Gijón, Seville, the Bernabéu) and lost one, before the Royal Society, after the Madrid bury all their chances of winning the league losing to Real Zaragoza.

Real Madrid could still reach the thirteen wins in the league, and he still remains an exit, the field of Villarreal, and so far has won twelve games away. But it will not reach 14, the number of all-time record.

In addition to the points (42 on the road, most of which add up to several teams in the lower), the Barcelona striker performance is also home spectacular has scored 45 goals in 17 movements and the fact the team has exceeded Guardiola records of the last two seasons. In the first year of the 'age Pep', the club scored 44 goals as a visitor and last year 41. And, this year, has gained strength Blaugrana out, and has received only 9 goals in 17 outings. In the Camp Nou, conceding 10 goals.

In addition, the club has more incentive to prevail today in the Ciutat de Valencia: if he wins, the figure will reach 30 wins in the championship, a record available to very few teams in league history.

In fact, the record is in the hands of Barca and Madrid last year, when both won 31 games out of a total of 38. So, if the club wins tonight, will have a mathematical chance of spraying another record and close the season with 32 wins, some historical numbers.

Messi new opportunity to overcome 'their' 34 goals:
It is their highest total in league scoring, the 34 goals he scored last year and that allowed him to reach 47 goals, equaling the best record in the 1996-97 season Ronaldo. Messi is now a new opportunity not only to continue fighting for the trophy for top scorer in the league (and incidentally, for the Golden Boot), but also to surpass the 34 goals last year. At the moment, the Argentine sum 31 in League and 52 in total. On a global basis and is the best scorer of Barca in the history of the club, but at the domestic championship hopes to improve records last season. Mathematically, Messi is still possible to beat the record of the history of the league, 38 goals and Hugo Sanchez Zarra. (via SPORT)

Diego Forlan is still on the reserve list of FC Barcelona

The Uruguayan, the cost of which reaches 10 million, would be the alternative to Alexis Sanchez.

Barça is shaping their future workforce, although not officially say anything about it until they dispute the finals of the Champions League against Manchester United. We know that the sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Andoni Zubizarreta, chief coach of Barcelona, ​​are already talking with representatives of the players and the clubs home and even have knowledge about the costs of the various operations.

Last week he spoke of Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez, the 'boy wonder' who is winning at Udinese, as the star player could wear a Barca shirt for the next season. A priori, it appears that this player is who has more options to come to Camp Nou, but of course everything is subject to the Italian club or climb the vine at the time of his transfer request in an amount that is not in line with what the club believes it can enforce.

Currently, the FC Barcelona not willing to throw the house out the window to capture players ever to pull to hire their services portfolio. Barca it aims to mimic the policy of Manchester United, who spent twenty years being at the forefront without wasting in the transfer market as usual to do the Madrid Florentino Perez.

For this circumstance, that the club also has in mind the possibility of being with the signing of Diego Forlan, Atletico striker who is willing to leave Atletico end of the season and could not dress over Barca ten million euros. That is, it tries to find a player who is willing to be a backup, type Henrik Larsson, Swedish player who was a few years ago playing at the club. (via SPORT)

Levante-Barça: A point and champions

Tying the Levant, the third fall Pep League Team and Club 21.
The technician will be faithful to their style and prepares a Barça to win and not to speculate.
He travels all staff but again reserved Puyol.

Everything is ready for Barca again holle the pinnacle of success in Spanish football. With a simple draw tonight at the Levante Stadium, the Pep Team lengthen your cycle and its hegemony for another season. Will be the third consecutive league title and 21 history. And succeed in imposing their reign as the fund wanted: playing. The expected victory of Real Madrid against Getafe last night was delayed only a handful of hours Alirón. About 22.00, the costumes of the Ciutat de Valencia could roll back the cry of "champions, champions, champions!". As in the May 14, 2005 when, with a 1-1 draw with goals from Eto'o, uncorked the first league victory of Rijkaard. A wink of fate to honor an academic style that has become five times in the last decade. Today, interestingly, the day he turns 27 Iniesta.

36 intense days ago will be spread over nine long months, more than 91 points, as many goals, a hellish schedule and, above all, a heavy and obsessive constant pressure caused by the tricks invented by Real Madrid and Madrid to stumble strong Barca step or at least tarnish his record. Will the team prize for a legend that has not only proven to be the better physically and tactically but mentally. Heirs of the Dream Team are 90 minutes of lifting the trophy "most important of the season, in the words of Pep. "We have to celebrate in style", was also called Valdés.

Pep is now true to the brand Barça. It will take everyone to Valencia, including the injured Milito and Adriano, and align the eleven luxury without reservation to anyone. Only Puyol, and the requirement of an old trouble which forced him to be dosed for the Champions League final. Maxwell recovered, giving you the option to plug the hole on the left side, and Bojan. Mascherano, with their superb performances last sounds weird it's' jefecito'-will be central. Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and company have signed fast. The top scorer Leo is another incentive. An eleven to win and not speculate on the draw (the Levant who has lost a home game in three months), culminating with a big party for the hard work and preparation herding out Wembley.

Levante is also doing a tie. Your ship is about to pull over and saved but loses water to port. Juanlu's injury and Del Horno concerned but not like Barca.

Abidal focus the thinking of the Champions League:
A couple of minutes against Real Madrid in the semis of the Champions and a score against Espanyol. Much to those who make less than a month he was diagnosed with liver tumor. Today, with the Levant, Abidal might have a longer period of time, or something going into the second part and depending on the score or from the start, an unlikely choice. The French left-League has focused thinking about the Champions League final May 28. A title that you look forward to thank the love of the hobby. (via MD)

[Former B player] Xavi Torres, a 'culé' in the Levante

Segunda B climbed, debuted with the first team and maintains very good relations with several former teammate.

Although he left the club after the treble year, continues to keep great memories of that period. Xavi Torres, now on loan from Levante Malaga, does not hide that Barça the league title also makes him happy.

In Barcelona amounted to Pep Guardiola and the technical Segunda B next year awarded him making his debut with the first team. He played 90 minutes in Mallorca in the day number 36 since the title in his pocket. He lived the beginning of the project Santpedor coach and continues to maintain a good relationship with many of the people that agreed. "If they come with the title, better and there would be no problem if there is to do the hall. In fact, I would have good memories of when I did it to me with the club, "says Harvey, who will always be" very grateful to Pep, who gave me the opportunity to debut for Barcelona in the Primera. Never forget that stage, in which I met a very special club, different, that marks you. " (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "The point we have to win us"

Given the chance to win the league title this time, that the club can be proclaimed champion if you add at least one point, Guardiola said that "we must prepare well mentally because the point of what we have to go to win, not what you gift. "

With three rounds remaining in the League, FC Barcelona has its first 'match ball' to be crowned champions for the third consecutive year. You can do tonight if Madrid do not win, and if not have to wait until Wednesday to play in the match against Levante and with a tie and have the title in his pocket. With this scenario, however, Pep Guardiola said at a news conference that "it seems the point is made ​​but no."

And is that the coach knows they can not control the game between Real Madrid and Getafe, so the only thing you can do is "prepare very well mentally. The point is to go to win, because we do not give it away" .

FC Barcelona coach does not believe that this league has been more difficult than the latter two has been on the Barca bench. Guardiola knows that this year is more fresh in the mind and therefore one can think that has been more complicated, but "every year has been very difficult," admitted the coach, was not expected at the beginning of the league season be resolved at this point and 8-point lead: "I thought it would be decided in Manchester."

Aware that the league is very close, and without thinking about what to do tonight Madrid, Guardiola is clear that we must make a serious game in the stadium of Levante . "It's a team that is almost saved," says the coach, who does not hesitate to acknowledge that "have made ​​a season honors, as they are about to save three days to finish the league.

Pep Guardiola has spoken of Gerard Pique , who on Sunday scored the second goal against Espanyol . "It was another of the successes of the fact this club back. Sensed its potential, especially Txiki and Tito, who saw him in the lower grades. And it was a surprise for their competitiveness, especially in big games." And Guardiola believes that in the last month and a half Barça "replied one of the best plants in the world."

For Villa , Guardiola has no reproach but quite the opposite. "No party has no chances. Always generations," says the coach, who adds that this year has played better is because the Spaniard "was essential" because of its ability to create spaces. And predicts that the coming seasons "will be more comfortable because the first year is never easy in this house."

Guardiola was pleased by the flood of requests , more than 96,000, has been to go to the Wembley final . For the coach it is a sign that "the club alive."

"Nothing can match the 'Dream Team':
"For many titles, you can not match because they are pioneers. Never able to match that generation they were the first who managed to break the winless streak, and provide a continuity of form and the titles." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Club Brugge Official: Club completes transfer Victor Vazquez Solsona off

Victor Vazquez Solsona, a 24-year-old Spanish midfielder, has signed a contract for three years at Club Brugge. He is the fifth acquisition for clubs next season.

Vazquez joins from Barcelona B. Due to obligations with his current club, the Spaniard only after the current season will be presented to the Belgian press.

Victor Vazquez (January 20, 1987) has been playing 14 years in the big FC Barcelona. He is a contemporary and close friend of Lionel Messi and Gerard Piqué. Together they were part of the successful generation of youth players from FC Barcelona that won several titles and cups. In April 2008 the Catalan debuted in the Primera Division. Vazquez already tasted the Champions League. In December 2009 he played his first game against Shakhtar CL Donjetsk. A year later, he even managed his first goal in the CL against Rubin Kazan. (via www.clubbrugge.be)

[Ex player] Jordi Cruyff: "Barça has several cracks, United only Rooney"

The exfutbolista of Barca and Manchester United is favorite to Barca because they have better players, but said the 'Red Devils' are a team and will have options.

The exfutbolista Jordi Cruyff, who played in the ranks of Barcelona and Manchester United, has ensured that all Pep Guardiola has "many cracks, while the 'Red Devils'" only one (Wayne Rooney), "although" a very complete team. "

Speaking to Sports Cope, the son of Johan Cruyff has said that the two finalists are "the two most consistent teams, both playing to win, to dominate" and that the final "no one has cast" because Barcelona and United have been rated "on its own merits."

"The boat has several cracks and only one United: Rooney, but the rest have a very high level, is a team. The boat has a small dependence on Messi and Manchester United have a very complete team. And you do not need to win possession a party, takes very little to win, "he insisted.

Jordi Cruyff knows a thing or Alex Ferguson has warned the United manager "will as a favorite to Barca," and even implies that "the betrothed to play low." "I guess (Ferguson) will talk to Mourinho to give you some detail, to have all the information. At first clashed but then the relationship was improving and there is respect," he informed. (via SPORT)