10 May 2011

[Barça B] Verhaeghe, "Vazquez has signed to Club

Victor Vazquez will next season a sweater from Club Brugge attract. Bart Verhaeghe, chairman confirmed Monday that the program Extra Time. "And the interest from Anderlecht in Vargas I know nothing."

"Victor Vazquez has still not signed a contract with us. Once the transfer is official, we will be there as soon as possible to come out, "he told the board of Club Brugge last week Voetbalkrant.com know.

Chairman Bart Verhaeghe came Monday with a surprise set at. "Vazquez has signed for Club Brugge," he told Extra Time. a bit against the philosophy of blue-black, the news about transfers in private to keep the club with an official announcement comes out.

Ronald Vargas:
Verhaeghe he was not concerned about the rumors surrounding the interviews of Ronald Vargas and Anderlecht. "I know nothing," said the president. "Ronald is still one year contract and there is an option that we can explain."

"We have a good talk with Ronald and know where we stand. He wants to stay at Club Brugge and we want him with us forever. On June 15 or 14, he returned from Venezuela and then everything in order. "

Guardiola does not expect a Madrid stumble

Barca coach does not believe that Mourinho's failure to Getafe and is confident of winning the league on Wednesday against Levante.

"I think the league will be playing to win tomorrow," said Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, who does not expect a setback tonight Real Madrid against Getafe and, therefore, understood that his men will have to "earn the title" in the field of the Levant. Guardiola, the best news is that whatever happens at the Bernabeu, the League is in the hands of his team: "For the first time this year we depend on ourselves to win, but it has to go to get that point, because not going to give anything away. " Barça coach recalled that the lift does not lose eight games in their stadium. "They have six wins and two draws, are practically saved the absence of two days and made a fantastic second half of the season," he said. Guardiola believes that "the league and the match against Levante is too important to reserve nothing," so in the Ciutat de Valencia, thinks out his eleven gala. Everything will change, however, if Real Madrid do not win at Getafe. Then the club would champion tonight. A Guardiola he is "indifferent" to win the title in the hotel or in the field: "We want to win and the sooner the better, because it is the most important title of the season." Subsequent celebrations, will the club. "Of those things I told you we do not want to know anything. We just have to focus on the Levant, in how we play and how to beat them," coach dijoel Santpedor, already ahead of his team will not come to a draw in the Ciutat Valencia, "because he can not do it."

Guardiola does not think now or in dispensing his men for Wembley or Leo Messi to win the top scorer or anything like that. "The goal tomorrow is to win the match, and then the other will come as a result of many things," he said.

Barcelona coach said the performance has had this season Gerard Piqué - "one of the great successes of the club up, because it has become one of the best center in the world," he said, "and defended the work of David Villa, who anda jinxed lately with the goal.

"No match in which Villa will have at least two chances and, if this year we played better than ever at football, has mainly been for him," he argued.

A point of linking its third league title as a coach, Guardiola recalled the four consecutive league titles in the Dream-Team 'of Johan Cruyff in which he himself took part, "because none of this would have happened without them, we were the beginning of everything" .

Finally, Guardiola has welcomed the fact that more than 96,000 tickets have asked members to support the team at Wembley on May 28. "It's confirmation that the club is alive, that the club has a life, and it is spectacular news," he said. (via SPORT)

Vidic: "It will be hellishly difficult to win at Barcelona"

Serbian Nemanja Vidic declared that there is not favorite in the final of Champions, and that although its team is prepared to win Barça, it will "be infernally difficult" to conquer.

"It will be a grand finale, two brilliant teams, two different styles. It is played at Wembley, which could be a slight advantage for us, but in games like this is difficult to talk about favorites. Anyway, we're prepared," said Vidic in an interview published in the Serbian daily "Novosti".

Vidic said the two teams there are unknowns, and that Manchester United has been analyzed in detail to the Spanish side. "His game is brilliant, what more can you say?" Said Vidic.

"They are difficult for defenders because they rotate a lot and there is no strict brand.'s Pass led him to perfection, and then, at the right time, throw the ball behind the rear of the defense and mostly through the center. There I will be, and I have clear that I have a lot of work, "he said.

He considered that "Xavi and Iniesta give impetus to the game on your computer, using the best speed of Villa and Peter, and Messi, in turn, is everywhere." "Without doubt, the Barcelona play beautiful football," said Vidic, who acknowledged that while "no one is invincible," be hellishly difficult "to defeat Barcelona.

In any case, was convinced of the possibilities of your computer. "In the end often decide the details and further details can not be foreseen," said Vidic. "We have quality, strength, speed, experience, that is, all that is necessary to climb to the summit of Europe. Do not threaten, but not afraid. We hope that the end of the story the best team win, and Wembley is a good place for a party is alive, "he said. (via SPORT)

Bendtner: "Every player wants to play with Xavi and Iniesta"

Danish of Arsenal that Wenger does not count, will almost total probability of his team and would love to play at Barca.

Nickals Bendtner talk to Arsene Wenger at the end of the season to close an output that is not news for months.

The Danish striker was interviewed by Danish television TV2, where he spoke of his present position in the Arsenal team that has too few opportunities.

At 23 wants to shine and he knows that does not have all the confidence of Wenger, who all season has had to come Persie and their referents Chamakh preferred targets.

Bendtner did not hide how excited you would play at Barca. "If I had to choose a computer that choose to play for Barcelona. I've never had nungún idol but if I had a dream, that would be able to play with Xavi and Iniesta, every player would like," he said. (via SPORT)

Whole squad travels to Levante

With Barça potentially about to win the league title, Josep Guardiola, as always when there is a trophy in sight, has called on his full squad and coaching staff to make the journey to Valencia.

Everybody will be at Levante. Just one point would be enough to win the third league title in a row, and that is assuming Madrid win their game on Tuesday. So the manager would like everybody to be there to enjoy the special moment.

On Tuesday, the squad gathered at 11.00 at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper for a pre-match training session behind closed doors. This was the last time they will train before travelling south.

Only Milito, who is getting treatment, was missing. Puyol and Adriano worked in isolation, while Bojan and Maxwell, who were both declared fit on Monday, trained as normal. The team was also joined by Barça B’s Bartra and Thiago, who were named in last weekend’s squad for the Espanyol match.

On Wednesday, the team will meet on the Camp Nou forecourt at 10.00 and from there will be transferred to El Prat Airport, where they will be taking a flight at 11.00. They should touch down in Valencia around 11.45, from where they will be taken to their hotel, where they will rest until it is time to go to the Ciutat de València, where the game with Levante kicks off at 20.00.

When the game is over, the players will fly back to Barcelona, hopefully as league champions, and will get to El Prat at around 00.15. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Andrada's signing, pending the fringes

Esteban Andrada, amateur goalkeeper for Club Atlético Lanús and the Argentina sub 20, can become the next days new subsidiary of the Barça keeper.

The operation is that both clubs adjust the final quantities. Lanús President Nicolas Russo calls four million euros by Andrada is currently third on the first team of Lanus. Barça sent its offer through Narcís Julià, director of youth football sports Blaugrana, who moved to Argentina.

For Barca, the amount is too high for a goalkeeper who should assume the role of keeper of the subsidiary and third first team behind Víctor Valdés and José Manuel Pinto.

Hence the intention of the Catalan club is to defer the payment in installments and the final is structured in terms of objectives achieved to reach the whole of it.

It is on these areas that are now talking with
Lanús leaders by telephone, as with Andrada's all linked. Reports say he is a player for the future (22 years) that currently owns the Argentina U20.

His arrival would be needed to cover more than possible outputs Oier and Minho, the gatekeepers of the Barcelona branch with firm offers from First Division teams for next season. While Osasuna Oier been interested in Real Zaragoza wants to gain the services of Minho.

Sandro Rosell admitted yesterday that the technical services work in the recruitment of Andrada. "It is true that Andrade is within the technical reports of the club but can not confirm the signing," the president said during a conference call 'with the media "of the cities that will pass the team's upcoming tour U.S.. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Cocu, also a candidate to coach the subsidiary

At Barça study promoted a technician in the house or hire a coach with a 'Barca Style'.

The name of Philip Cocu has joined the list of technical Barça deck to take charge of affiliate next season in place of Luis Enrique.

Cocu, the foreign player has played more games with the Blaugrana jersey, played for the club between 1998 and 2004 and is currently assistant coach of the Netherlands Bert van Marwijk.

The sports officials will not decide until the end of the season although working to set template. The list of candidates is wide. Several coaches of the house as Oscar Garcia Junyent and Albert Ferrer.

Also, two other technicians who work outside the structure of the club: Lluís Carreras, the front bench of Sabadell, and Agne Raul, head of Girona. O Juan Carlos Unzue, who after his time as goalkeeping coach in `Can Barça" has started his work as head of the Numancia.

For Cocu, Philip has a very good understanding with Guardiola with which contact was when it closed the signing of Ibrahim Afellay, knows the club as a player costume shared with Pep, Xavi, Puyol and Valdes and became the first captain of the template. It is known for their professionalism and loyalty to the Dutch school '".

Against plays that Barca want a medium-term technical and Cocu has great prospects to take on a senior team. (via SPORT)

A request from 39,590, to Wembley

Members of FC Barcelona with a number of more than 39,590 applications have been fortunate in the draw for tickets for the final of the Champions League. During this Tuesday be the final allocation of seats.

On Tuesday at 10 am has been in the press room Ricard Maxenchs notary to draw the allocation of tickets for the final of the Champions League against Manchester United. The number of applications from which to begin allocating the 16,415 tickets available for members of FC Barcelona is 39,590.

Bear in mind that each partner could make only one request for an entry to his name, but in one form had the opportunity to register up to four requests of members, in case they wanted to travel together.

The same 10 and 11 May, the Club will contact members to communicate graced the award and terms of payment and collection. The Club has set a deadline to collect the locations between 13 and 23 May (except on Sunday 15, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22).

At the time of registration, data entry is called a bank card. If it is graceful in the draw will be charged automatically and immediately the amount of the reservation (90 euros). If you can not make the payment, you will lose the vested right of purchase.

The 96,267 tickets requested, grouped in 44,396 petitions, meaning a new record in the history of FC Barcelona. So far, the maximum number of requests had been to the final of the Copa del Rey this year, when 72,767 tickets were requested. As to the third position of this classification, the 2005/06 season, FC Barcelona partners requested a total of 72,680 tickets for the final of the Champions League in Paris against Arsenal. To go to Rome at the end of 2009, 57,262 were ordered. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Benjamin B follows the trail of Juvenil A

The triumph of the guys from Oscar Garcia Lepe in the final of the Champions League against Real Madrid was the biggest hit of a day where the Benjamin B Barca won their league.


Rafinha led a great victory of the Juvenil A in Lepe. Barça was imposed to the targets with a precise game throughout the 90 minutes. Rafa Alcántara marked two goals, he/she gave the pass from the third to Cristian Herrera and it provoked a penalty that Cristian didn't take advantage of Herrera. The Juvenile one TO the juvenile King's Glass will begin this Saturday to 18 h against Las Palmas.


Sergi Barjuan and Marc Guitart's boys could not celebrate the championship when falling for 2-0 in the field of Mollet. In the first part, the necessary fluency missed azulgranas to open the can, and the first ones in marking they were the vallesanos, hardly in the minute eight. In the renewal, with the 1-0, the players of Juvenile B of Barça improved their game, but the success lack punished them and, fair before the one arbitrates the end of the party, Mollet it whistled it signed the 2-0 definitive.


Good party of the Cadete A of García Pepper and Ramón Ros that was able to give the turn an adverse marker, since Cornellà was ahead nothing else to begin the party. Mamadou and Sandro, of penalty, transformed the marker in the 1-2 with the one that arrived to the rest. In the renewal, the dynamics of the party didn't change and Barça continued controlling the game and generating occasions. Fruit of this domain, Sandro signed the third reveille that ascended to the marker.

FC BARCELONA B, 10 - La Floresta, 1

Overwhelming victory the one gotten by the Cadete B in the party against Floresta. In a first part marked by the domain azulgrana, the few shots to the boys' of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martin, goals Adama and Toni, they opened the marker. After the goal of the honor of Floresta, with Sergio's goal Buenacasa you arrived to the rest with the 4-1 in the marker. In the renewal, Zalzman, Dani Soto, Ramón and Moha pointed to the party that finished later forty minutes with a scandal result: 10-1.


Weeks ago the boys of Fran Sánchez champions of League were proclaimed, but they continue confronting each party with a maximum rigor. In the first room of the Infantile A he left the resolved party with 4 goals. Rafa Mir (2), Canós, Liébanas, Josi and Ayoub marked the differences in a very comfortable encounter for the azulgranas.


Infantil B defeated Marató for 1-4, demonstrating that the team doesn't drag any type of hangover of the disputed Tournament last week in Ciudad de Móstoles. Carles Aleñá hardly opened the can in the first room, and Javi Puado the second ago when it lacked little time for the rest. In the second part, in spite of being more pressed, the azulgranas to enlarge the marker through Elm tree. Maresme made the goal of the honor and, when they subtracted five minutes for the end, Elm tree, again, left the marker in the definitive one 1-4.

FC BARCELONA, 4 - Marianao Poblet, 0

Locals played with the lines very meetings, leaving few spaces so that Barça could deploy its game, boys of Andrés Carrasco and Sergi Milà to know how to decant the encounter of its band with goals of Martin, in the first room, of Óscar in the second, and of Julio and Juan Cruz already in the renewal.

FC BARCELONA B, 4 - Marianao Poblet, 0

The players of Alevín B azulgrana dedicated the victory to Pol Muniesa that broke last Wednesday the radio. Jordi Mboula inaugurated the marker in the first time. Luis Sleeves marked two more goals to the quarter tecer and in the last period it signed the definitive one 4-0. The boys of Xavi Bravo and Rafa Rodríguez completed a great party before a very concentrated and competitive rival.

FC BARCELONA C, 5 - Martinenc, 1

Good party of Jordi Font and Francis Pérez'boy that you/they played awaiting the reaction of the team, after the defeat of last week. After a first rough calculation room, the azulgranas began to harm in the second room, with goals of Demba and Lucas. In the renewal, the two players got the one bends you and, already in the last room, Sergio Gómez made the knack and the locals the goal of the honor.


The team of Àlex Gómez solved the encounter in a first period where he wrote down four of the six goals of the party. Left-handed Alex Calatrava signed three of the goals of Alevín D azulgrana. The rest of scorers was Dani Molina, Zenhia and Labinot.


Color Party absolutely azulgrana, but with a clear domain of the team directed by Marc Serra and David Sánchez. In the encounter, they could be seen up to thirteen goals, all and each one of them with the stamp of Barça. Everybody wanted to participate of the party and to add goals to help to the team: Eric, Ivan Well done and Nil made it with a point each one; Adrià Altimira and Guille Love were able to mark a bends you and hat-trick signed same Sergi Rosanas and Roger Vegas.


With the unexpected defeat of Manresa, Benjamin B azulgrana champion of League was proclaimed once it overcame Espanyol. The derbi of youngest sons was dominated clearly by the azulgranas. The group of Marcel Sans was imposed with goals of Good-looking Nil, José, Ismael, Dani Morillas and Joan. The only goal of Espanyol marked it Rubén. The party, dominated by the combined azulgrana, was very showy.

FC BARCELONA C, 3 - Marianao Poblet, 2

Boys of Jordi Puig and of Albert Puig was imposed Mariano by 3-2. The good game of the azulgranas, mainly in the first one and in the second room, he had their recompense in the goals of Kais that he made two, id'Aitor, that undid the tie achieved by Marianao at the end of the party.


Although the boys of Cristian Catena and Óscar Hernández hardly opened the can the first minute of party, the encounter complicated them and Villaverde put on for before in the marker. However, the azulgranas knew how to straighten the situation and they went back until reaching the final result, the 4-7 definitive, with goals of Sicu and Eric, with two reveilles each one, of Xavi Simons, Nadir and of the captain Arnau. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "We are third"

Subsidiary coach was "very pleased" with the work of his team. The defeat of Celtic (0-4) and the victory of the Catalans (2-1) has made the two teams tie on points, but the 'goal average' puts the Luis Enrique third.

"Now we're third. If we would have said at the beginning of the season we would have gone crazy," said Luis Enrique. According to the Barça coach, the game against Albacete was "very important for us because we got the goal of ending the League as high as possible. "

According to Luis Enrique, "the match against Albacete anticipated complicated, and it has been." At this, the Barça coach said "the first part has cost us much, and more with a goal against. But in the second we entered the party. We needed two goals and that was as a stimulus that has earned us ". Luis Enrique also admitted that "we have a number of requirements that apply regardless of the opponent we face. And when these demands are not met I am the first rectified. Are specific details of the game, the result of fatigue, but that we technicians, to correct them. "

Oriol Romeu appeared in the Mini after four months out. "It's the good news of the day," said Luis Enrique. Fontàs absences and Bartra, cited by Guardiola, made Lucho Romeu reconverted to create a central tandem with Marc Muniesa. "Romeo has played 90 minutes of central position that is not theirs and has done a good level. He has very good defensive actions and has shown his talent in the field," said Barca coach. The bad news of the day, however, is that Oriol Romeu may not play against Ponferradina through suspension.

Luis Enrique also wanted to highlight to Ilie, which is a wild card player, and that the team is essential as it can play in different positions at a good level. Ilie played-back and ended up playing the pivot. He had a good game defensively and offensively. Therefore, it is a highly rated player by the coaching staff, "said Rijkaard.

In the Barcelona branch of the world is essential, so that the three have joined Barca goalkeeping minutes. Luis Enrique not hesitated to say that, at this point, no "is no team with three goalies who have played 14 (Oier), 13 (Minho) and 10 (Jordi) games each, and not because they have cards, injuries, etc.., but because all three have enough level to compete. " He also said, emphatically, that "the three goalkeepers in the subsidiary can play in the first team." Luis Enrique praised the work of the goalkeepers subsidiary, saying that "is an example of competitiveness and effort, and always try to add, either from the field from the bench or from the stands. We have the same confidence all three, "confirmed coach Barça B. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bartra, Thiago and Bojan in eleven gold awards Football Draft

Draft Football Awards, which reward the best players aged 16 and 20 years, have returned to Barca in the 2011 color. Bartra, Thiago and Bojan are in the team gold, while seven players were also honored.

The FC Barcelona is the team with the most representatives in the team gold Draft Football Awards have been known on Monday. Bartra, Thiago and Bojan Barca are the three players listed in the starting ideal, clearly beating the other sets listed and have only one component in this team gold.

In addition, Montoya, Sergi Roberto Muniesa and are among the chosen in the team silver, while Sergi Gómez and Gerard Deulofeu are in the eleven bronze. Marta and Olga are the female representatives of FC Barcelona.

The 44 winners of these prizes will receive their awards on 24th May. The Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque has been part of the Technical Committee of the year. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Then review the list of all the winners.

The Golden Eleven

De Gea (Atletico Madrid)
Mario Gaspar (Villarreal)
Luna (Almería)
Bartra (FC Barcelona)
Amat (Espanyol)
Thiago (FC Barcelona)
Recio (Málaga)
Kiko (Hercules)
Muniaín (Athletic Club)
Channels (Real Madrid)
Bojan (FC Barcelona)

The Silver Eleven

Mariño (Villarreal)
Montoya (FC Barcelona)
Edge (Athletic Club)
Nacho (Real Madrid)
Muniesa (FC Barcelona)
Sergi Roberto (FC Barcelona)
Koke (Atletico Madrid)
Criado (Betis)
Pérez López (Real Madrid)
Isco (Valencia)
Álvaro Vázquez (Espanyol)

The Bronze Eleven

Blázquez (Atletico Madrid)
Mallo (Celta)
Delgado (Espanyol)
Sergi Gomez (FC Barcelona)
Pons (Arsenal)
Pardo (Real Sociedad)
Alex (Real Madrid)
Gerard Deulofeu (FC Barcelona)
Jesse Rodriguez (Real Madrid)
Sarabia (Real Madrid)
Morata (Real Madrid)

The female Eleven

Sandra (Levante)
Marina (Real Sociedad)
Silvia (Athletic Club)
Torrejón (Espanyol)
Andrea (Espanyol)
Gema (Valencia)
Ana (El Olivo)
Marta (FC Barcelona)
Irene (Oviedo)
Olga (FC Barcelona)
Paloma (Rayo Vallecano)

With 96,267 tickets requested will beat the record demand for final

Members of FC Barcelona have asked for a total of 96,267 tickets for the final of the Champions League to be played at Wembley on 28 May. A figure that represents a new record in the history of FC Barcelona.

On Monday at 19 h is closed the process to apply for tickets for the final of the Champions League. And the response has been massive. On Friday, the first day of ticket application, had already passed the 16,415 tickets available to members. In total, requested 96.267entradas grouped in 44,396 requests . This Tuesday will be the draw, live on Barça TV.

On Tuesday, at 10 h, will be held in the press room Ricard Maxenchs notary draw of 16,415 tickets available for members of FC Barcelona. As usual, numbers will be drawn from the petition which will be awarded the tickets available. Bear in mind that each partner could make only one request for an entry to his name, but in one form had the opportunity to register up to four requests of members, in case they wanted to travel together.

The same 10 and 11 May, the Club will contact members to communicate graced the award and terms of payment and collection. The Club has set a deadline for picking the locations between 13 and 23 May (except on Sunday 15, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22).

At the time of registration, data entry is called a bank card. If it is graceful in the draw will be charged automatically and immediately the amount of the reservation (90 euros). If you can not make the payment, you will lose the vested right of purchase.

Travel FCB available to affiliates two ways to move to London. The round trip from Barcelona to London on the day of game cost € 370 if done by plane (with transfers in London included), while only worth € 140 if you prefer to coach.

The FC Barcelona has 24,360 entries for the final, of which 220 are for members with disabilities. Of the remaining 24,140, ​​85% are for members and the rock (16,415 to 4,104 members and to the rocks) and the remaining 15% will go to club commitments. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The triple challenge of Leo Messi

Leo has shot his third consecutive League, their third European Cup and his third Golden Ball.

Take the '10 'on the back, but this May can become a common image raised his hand with three fingers spread. The third consecutive league and their third European Cup naturally flow from his third Golden Ball at the end of the year. Leo Messi, unmoved after Cristiano Ronaldo's scoring explosion in Seville that he left behind in the fight for the Pichichi and Golden Boot, always prioritizes collective title and the triple challenge he faces is in itself enough to get open individual battles. His example of generosity to Espanyol seems to indicate that Pep Guardiola will have no problem with it if you must reserve ahead of Wembley in the last two league games.

On June 24, Leo turns 24 but has celebrated four professional leagues, two with Frank Rijkaard (2005, 2006) and two with Pep Guardiola (2009, 2010), and today or tomorrow to sign the 'hat trick' against Santpedor. Under his orders, Messi sum 137 of the 179 goals he has scored in the first team. Really amazing.

After singing the Alirón and celebrated as it deserves to FC Barcelona, ​​will focus on the final against Manchester United on Saturday 28. With the award for top scorer (11 goals) of the insured Champions for the third consecutive year (the first in the current format and the second in the European Cup after Gerd Müller), Leo pursued his third continental crown in London equaling myths European football as Johan Cruyff, Franz Beckenbauer, Kenny Dalglish, Rijkaard himself and Raul Gonzalez. Win at Wembley, his third Golden Ball would be sung followed. Only Cruyff, Marco van Basten and Michel Platini won it three times but only the French (1983, 84, 85) consecutively

Marks the 36.1% of team goals:
Of the three seasons with Guardiola, the specific weight of Leo in the team has grown to become the cornerstone not only the game but the goals, which ultimately translates into victories and titles. Messi scored 24.6% of the goals in the first Pep League where Eto'o was the top scorer in the league. In the previous championship and signed by 35.3% with 47 goals this season and has risen to 36.1% (via MD)

[Youth] The fifth of Wembley, the second triplet

It is not considered one of the best generations of the quarry, but for the most competitive.

Honor Division win the Champions League and deserves the recognition he so far has been the group of players who form the Juvenil A Blaugrana. Without being considered one of the best generations, Oscar Garcia has formed a competitive team that can make the second triplet of the club next week in the Copa del Rey.


(12/26/1992) Porter. The Mataró is a very powerful keeper who, without being excessively high, known for his reflexes and speed under the sticks.

JESUS ​​Unzué

(12/25/1993) Porter. Son of Juan Carlos Unzue fits perfectly in the style of play Barça. Has good ball-striking and highlights in the game with his feet. Brave in the outputs.


(03/16/1992). Right side. A projection offensive defense. It is very fast, but must improve on the defensive.


(19/03/1993). Central / Lateral. You can play left-back and a guarantee on defense. Its best feature is the regularity. It is very safe and sober.


(01/01/1992). Central / Lateral. His competitive and aggressive nature makes him a captain born, like Puyol. He started and is very versatile midfielder.

EDU Campabadal

(26/01/1993). Central / Lateral. A fast and powerful player, very difficult to pass to the forwards. Brave in his forays into attack.

Sergi Gomez

(03/28/1992). Central. Customary in the subsidiary, has debuted with the first team. It is aggressive and mature, it goes well for high and keeps the concentration.


(28/09/1994). Central. Can act right side and is very fast and aggressive. Youth is the first year.


(09/19/1992). Interior. It's all heart. A player physically very powerful, the lungs of the team this season.


(04/19/1994). Interior. Youth is the first year and is endowed with great technique. Have a great destination. It is one of the talents of the team. Only lacks a bit of grip.

Gustavo Ledesma

(28/09/1992). Pivot. Has been finished to a high standard. Has a left location, with a large displacement of the ball. Highlights technically, but also for their aggressiveness.


(09/19/1992). Interior. Technically it is a natural. Watch football with the vision of the elect. It has very good goal and driving. If it does improve on defense.


(24/02/1992). Pivot. Lose a few balls and is technical, which does not diminish the effectiveness of the air. It has always been inside, but has adapted to pivot to perfection.


(12/02/1993). Interior. This has been his usual position, but increasingly false plays center forward. It is very powerful, with a left inside and a definition of crack. Aim high.

GERARD Deulofeu

(03/13/1993). End. The jewel in the crown. Innate talent that has plenty of quality and goal. We pamper as anyone and you just have to improve decision making and tactically.


(02/25/1993). End. It is very fast, dynamic and with great speed, which easily overflows. Should improve its position, facing door.


(03/29/1994). End. The typical wide player, from the juvenile B. Right leg has a large and very good dribbling.

GAEL Etock

(07/05/1993). Centre Forward. Noted for its interplay within the area is very dangerous and Kick it with ease.


(23/02/1993). End. Very fast and with a good left foot. No contest the Champions Cup, being in the U-19 African Cup with Cameroon, where he has broken the lateral ligament of the knee.


(04/20/1995). Centre Forward. As a cadet, and Golea, and much, to the youth. Is a 'nine "pure. (via SPORT)

Abidal: "They consider me more one"

Abidal was grateful to Barcelona and its surroundings for the way he has treated. In an interview with Canal + France, defender praised the organization and said he was ready to regain his best.

"I can say that I understand 'the club is just a" club, "said Abidal. The Frenchman was surprised by the care received." I noticed the support from people who do not even know me. Strangers wanted to visit me in the hospital The partners each paying homage me 22 minutes and rival clubs like Madrid Espanyol also showed me their support. "

The player wants to move on as soon as possible and restore the lost before the dreaded disease. "All I see one more. For two and a half weeks I worked hard and I think I am able to endure an hour of game. Only minutes playing time missing me. " Eric confirmed that "I feel no problem. If there was damage, I would stop immediately because they are not talking about an ankle. I did many tests, my legs are good and the heart is perfect. " Beautiful speech made before orders Pep. "We played to a comrade, for the coach, the coaching staff. If they ask me to play at right back, I'll play at right back. No matter if my right foot only serves to board the bus. " (via SPORT)

Barça prepares a rúa thinking of the whole family

The club wants the team held the league in the streets of Barcelona on the evening of Thursday or Friday.

Barca hold a cavalcade poses to officially celebrate the third League 'era Guardiola', which could be confirmed tonight if Real Madrid do not win at Getafe. The managers of the club are already preparing the celebration, which will take place on the afternoon of Thursday or Friday in a specially designed schedule for the whole family can celebrate the season with the team, after four or five of the Later on the streets of Barcelona with a grand finale in the Nou Camp scheduled for eight or nine, depending on the route.

The day originally planned for the cavalcade was on Thursday, but could be moved to Friday, as Thursday is the only day of the week in which the template will break, according to the planning work of Guardiola. The coach and his players have confirmed that Thursday will have the day off regardless of the outcome of the Real Madrid-Levante-Getafe and Barcelona, ​​and beyond that the title can be confirmed today or tomorrow. Therefore, some players might have anticipated and spend the day out of Barcelona, ​​and of course the players do not jump on the bus cavalcade except with the template to complete.

If Barca and Valencia back tomorrow as champions, players relive a caravan holiday from the airport to the Camp Nou, the path to ending all travel, as thousands of fans would come to the airport to wait for equipment and accompany him to the stadium where the players pick up their cars, about one o'clock, according to plan travel schedules. It will be a sneak preview of the trailer that the club prepares for Thursday or Friday. The last cavalcade of Barcelona served to celebrate the treble of 2009.

Barcelona City Council, meanwhile, has already prepared for today the security device in the area if the club Canaletes already champion. The parking of vehicles on the streets adjacent to the Plaza Catalunya is prohibited throughout the day and both the Guardia Urbana and the Mossos d ¿Esquadra activate their special device to prevent incidents in the celebration. (via SPORT)

Barca more defensive story

Guardiola trilogy hides a secret · This season has been so important as the defensive side scoring · Valdés is holding its fourth Zamora.

The Barcelona can close the trilogy of Guardiola as league champion fewest in history. Have conceded 19 goals and is willing to break her own record last season (24). "The ball is the one who ordered the equipment," said Barca coach. His offensive philosophy lies a defense under perhaps more decisive. Both phases are determined by the location of the ball.

The game of Barca is characterized by the monopoly of possession. The number of men working in the movement of the ball in the attacking is important. "It's a team that usually move in areas close to the area, so it is much easier and cheaper to attempt recovery where players accumulate more," said Oscar Cano in his book The Model FC Barcelona game .
The numbers show the performance defensive front. Messi, Pedro, Villa, Xavi and Iniesta have recovered 425 balls so far off course. Among the five almost double the catches by the seven most common attacking players of Real Madrid (272 between Di Maria, Cristiano Ronaldo, Özil, Higuain, Benzema, Adebayor and Kaka).

The experience of this season reflects the paradoxical role of the defense side in the defensive system. Barcelona has hardly suffered from the losses suffered in this line. Except Piqué and Alves , none of the other five defenders dispute has been over half the league games. Puyol has barely appeared in 16 citations and Milito in ten, while the carousel on the left side has been steady for physical instability of Maxwell , the late adaptation of Adriano and the unexpected drop of Abidal in the final stretch.

Víctor Valdés will get the fourth Zamora trophy of his career. Match to Juan Acuña, legendary goalkeeper of Deportivo in the 40's, and Santi Cañizares, who won as Celtic goalkeeper and Valencia. Ahead of him is Ramallets Antoni, who alone reached five.
Compared with Iker Casillas is a goalkeeper less critical because it is forced to intervene less (161 of 119 stops throughout the league). In the overall design of the game Barca, Valdes is the first of the front or the last of the guardians of the first pass the next play to score. (via Marca.com)

1. Barcelona 10-11. 19 goals, with three-days
2. Barcelona 09-10. 24 goals
3. Barcelona 84-85. 25 goals
4. Real Madrid 87-88. 26 goals
5. Valencia 03-04. 27 goals

Barca take a plane to Barcelona to London

The president of the Turkish aerolinia said that the club will travel to London with a flight club colors.
The aircraft already has the blue and red because of the agreement between Barca and Turkish Airlines.

The president of the airline Turkish Airlines , Hamdi Topçu , announced Monday that his company will charge at Barca to London for the final of the Champions League against Manchester United , and noted that "we are trying to do so in a Barca painted plane. "

The colors of the Catalan club will not be painted for the occasion, but it is an aircraft which operates scheduled services throughout the year and bearing the dye by the sponsorship agreement between Turkish Airlines and FC Barcelona .

During a meeting with journalists, Topçu has ruled out a special device to bring the fans to London as his company has no permission to fly regularly between the Catalan capital and the English. (via MD)

Barça will play against Chivas and America in the World Football Challenge Herbalife

Major League Soccer and CAA Sports today announced the schedule of the games played for FC Barcelona in the North American territory between 30 July and 6 August in the Herbalife World Football Challenge.

In addition, the FC Barcelona has announced that Turkish Airlines , one of its current official sponsors, will also be the main sponsor of FC Barcelona Tour in the United States .

The game against Chivas de Guadalajara of Mexico will take place next August 3 at 20:00 hours (local time) on the Sun Life Stadium in Miami . The match against Club America will play three days later, on August 6 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington , Texas at 16 hours (local time).

Besides these two games FC Barcelona reissue the final of the Champions League this season against Manchester United as announced last March. The next game will be played July 30 in the FedExField in Landover, Maryland to 19 hours .

Tickets for all matches of the Football World Herbalife Challenge are available on the website WorldFootballChallenge.com .

Coinciding with the announcement of the final two games of the North American tour, the president Sandro Rosell has served on a conference call to mainstream media of the localities where they will play for the Catalan side. The leader explained the importance of the event: "For the club is very important. It not only generate income but to come personally to our fans and to grow our brand, both playing and in solidarity actions."

At the same time, the president has acknowledged that the tour will be a good opportunity "for football promoters with whom they can reach agreements to establish schools and academies."

Rosell highlighted "the growth of soccer in America" ​​and has been excited because the game against Chivas , "will be the first of Barça in Miami" . In addition, praised "the quality and business" of the Mexican clubs and has not lost the opportunity to express their sympathy for the other rival: "Personally I have very fond of America since 2003, when he was vice president and played a friendly at the stadium Azteca. I have really wanted to see the friends of America . " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Iniesta and Piqué: scoring version

Manchego midfielder has equaled the number of goals in the 2006/07 season. And the central Catalan marked the 4 of this year thanks to the strategy.

Piqué Iniesta and starred in the win against Espanyol. Two goals that means half the league. Two goals to close the third consecutive championship. And both very different. One, the first aesthetically delightful. The other, the result of the laboratory. And both players scoring match their best version.

There had been a half hour of play when Iniesta became the owner of the ball, dribbled Ernesto Galán and a precise shot beat Kameni. And are 8 goals in the League of manchego. 9 so far off course. The same people who marked the 2006/07 season. Although this year amounted to 6 in the league and two in the Champions League. But beyond the goals, the best season of Iniesta is explained by his assists, his prodigious pipes. The Barca game was accelerated with manchego in the field.

For his part, Gerard Pique scored in the derby on Sunday, the fourth goal of the season. All pieces. Every corner after launch. It is no accident. The technical advantage of height to surprise at the moves of strategy. As with Calderón or, as in El Madrigal. Or as against Shakhtar in the Champions League. The laboratory worked again. The Catalan central equals the number of goals he scored last term. It is one of the players with more minutes in the template. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdés values league title highly

Víctor Valdés has told a press conference that the team is giving full value to the league title they could win this week, and that he doesn’t mind how it happens.

If Madrid fail to beat Getafe, Barça will already be champions on Tuesday. But even if Madrid do win, the Catalans will still be champions if they get just a point from their visit to Levante. Valdés said that “there is just one point left, it’s in our hands and that’s the most important thing. I don’t mind how we win it, but the sooner the better”. He added that “it will be a very important league title as it has been so competitive” and he feels net year’s campaign will be even more difficult.

On the subject of possible celebrations this week, the goalkeeper said “celebrations can’t be premeditated. We have to celebrate this in big style and if we can do that with our fans, so much the better”.

With the league title within in touching distance and the Champions League final on the horizon, Valdés believes “there is no room for excuses now. I think all the teams are feeling their strength wane a bit, but that’s the way the fixture list goes. But the team is physically solid and there are no excuses when it comes to fitness.” He feels it has been an intense year, especially on the back of the World Cup and such a short preseason.

As the season draws to an end, Valdés spoke about the players returning from treatment. “It’s very important. We have a lot of injuries this season, and the more we are the better. The best news is that Abidal has recovered.” He also spoke about the three-game suspension UEFA have given to Pinto. “He couldn’t be with us for the celebrations when we qualified at the Camp Nou and he’ll also miss the final. If the club appeals, I hope he can come with us to Wembley”, he said.

Valdés also said that individual accolades are the last thing on their minds right now. As it stands, the big awards will go to Ronaldo (top goalscorer) and Valdés (best goalkeeping record). “The Pichichi, the Zamora or any other individual honours are not our objectives. What goes down in history is what the team achieves.” Finally, he was asked to say which he felt has been his best save this season, and his answer was the one where he thwarted Callejón’s effort at Espanyol. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff: "Mourinho had more equipment"

The pour in FC Barcelona, ​​Johan Cruyff admitted in his weekly article in 'EL PERIODICO' template that Mourinho has great potential and that Luso has failed properly to manage.

Real Madrid win all the achievements revalued by FC Barcelona with the team of Jose Mourinho. Any display of Real Madrid (and have three consecutive away from your stadium, Bilbao, Valencia and Sevilla) magnifies the boys signed by Guardiola to the set target. Were directly spliced ​​four games, with different scenarios, but very tough. More strenuous mental as physical as by the grace of the Portuguese coach. Four games, now that you left behind, in which Mourinho did not succeed even once in their decision-making. Or outside the field-that's obvious, "or when creating games.

José Mourinho directs the team on Saturday at the Sanchez Pizjuan in Seville. EFE / Juan Ferrera Print Edition Version . PDF Information published on page 64 of section Back to the print edition of the day May 9, 2011 VIEW ARCHIVES (. PDF)
Le Barca won the Cup, right. For a whopping goal difference in added time ... No, winning or losing has nothing to do with playing well. Or raisins to be right because you win, nor lose out by not winning. Seeing the end result of Sevilla-Real Madrid (2-6), seeing the team that went to Sánchez Pizjuán, seeing where everyone played, more than Real Madrid will be wondering what would have happened with another eleven, with another approach against Barça.

Would history be different? We'll never know, but it is clear that in that template, long, long, there is potential and plenty of elements to have raised another type of grief. Infinitely better, in football, what happened when he played mind. Now, every review of his rivals Real Madrid, but does not enlarge and enhance this doubt himself and his Barça football bet.

No one plant in San Mames and win with the cap. And the mother did (0-3) after losing just half League at home to Sporting. No one stands at the Mestalla and win with the cap. And the mother did (3-6) immediately after giving up another bit of good league to take for a draw against Barcelona at the Bernabeu with a football located at odds with what is expected of a large and that potential. It is true that they came to lift the Cup, but winning as they did that day at the Mestalla, with zero expectations in the league, and just before the big Champions League match against Barcelona, ​​not only reinforces the obvious: Whites are a master computer. And you can not reach any other conclusion after demonstrated on Saturday in Seville. Where the club struggled to win a low, Madrid walked (2-6) and without the slightest hint of complacency or collapse after the stick he knocked out in Europe accounted for the great rival.

There Mourinho with his barcelonitis. There Mourinho with their proposals designed only to face FC Barcelona. It would be so if you trusted your own computer, but as head coach is master of its decisions. If you clap your people, perfect. Each plays for people, for your audience. But Madrid, and Barca is more than just a football team. And the values ​​conveyed reach many people.

Unfortunately, the messages coming out of his coach only sow discord. That if you speak, because now, sanctioned by UEFA, had decided not to speak to this body to explain the reason for this punishment. The club, officially, cry with him and for him. Regrettable. Although apparently seen, and, above all, hearing what is heard, better not tell. If this is going to keep quiet, the better for everyone, starting with Real Madrid itself.

To take this opportunity to send my condolences to the family of Seve Ballesteros . A number one not only golf, but the game itself. Its elegance inside and outside the golf courses and their titles, will remain forever, but his greatest success was, in my opinion, the projection that gave the sport that made ​​him happy, through which he so happy other people with his exploits with the sticks.

The fields that today are scattered across Spain would certainly not have arisen not so much the figure of Severiano. Golf and travel go hand in hand. Golf and health go hand in hand. And not a few Spanish tourists and many more golf now practiced throughout the peninsula, the Balearic and Canary Islands. Being as one of the sports that can be practiced for endless hours, irrespective of gender and age, a wonderful legacy that has made ​​the best of Seve. (via elperiodico.com)

Bojan and Maxwell declared fit

With no time for rest, Barça got back to training on Monday to prepare for the game with Levante. After the session, Bojan and Maxwell were both given the medical all-clear.

After beating Espanyol 2-0 on Sunday at the Camp Nou to move to within a point of the Liga title, Barça trained on Monday with the Levante fixture on Wednesday on their minds. As Guardiola said in his press conference, the third league championship in a row is in their own hands. Not surprisingly then, the atmosphere at training today was particularly jovial.

Bojan Krkic, who has been training normally for the last few days, was given medical clearance today after damaging cruciate ligaments in his left knee in the Almeria match at the Camp Nou on April 9. Since then, he has been receiving treatment.

But that was not the only good news at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper today. It was also announced that Maxwell, who suffered a hernia in the Osasuna game on April 23, is also back to full fitness and is available for selection.

As usual on the day after matches, the first eleven against Espanyol only did gentle warm-down exercises. As on other days this week, Puyol and Adriano worked separately from the main group with fitness coaches.

Josep Guardiola also drew upon eight members of Barça B, namely Thiago, Edu Oriol, Abraham, Carmona, Bartra, Benja, Masip and Tello. (via FCBarcelona.cat)