07 May 2011

Harmony among coaches

Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino have carried out the traditional technical meeting a day before the derby. As often happens between them, has reigned the cordiality between the coaches of Barça and Espanyol.

Guardiola and Pochettino have left the Nou Camp for 14 hours. Once inside the rectangle of the game, have been greeted and posed with the shirts of their respective teams to the media.

The two technicians, who already fought derbies in the early stages of a player, have wished her luck for the match this Sunday at 19 pm.

The ceremony was brief and marked by the harmony between the two coaches. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "Seve was one of the great athletes, a pioneer"

Josep Guardiola recalled that Severiano Ballesteros, avowed follower Barcelona, ​​was "one of the greatest athletes" who has given Spain, "a pioneer" in the Spanish golf. During the press conference before the game against Espanyol, Guardiola has explained that Ballesteros was "loved and admired throughout the world," not only in Spain and has stressed that in the British Isles idolized him. "He was a pioneer, have said Olazabal and Jimenez. Before Seve, golf was a minority sport and is now a major sport. After he came all the golfers as wonderful as those now in Spain," he said. (via SPORT)

Rosell: "Severiano Ballesteros was an ambassador of Barça"

FC Barcelona, ​​through its president Sandro Rosell, joined the mourning of the golfer and great Ballesteros Serveriano Barcelona. Rosell defined it as "an illustrious FC Barcelona FC Barcelona and an ambassador around the world."

Rosell said: "It is a story that saddens us all. We made a human being, one of the great figures in the history of world sport and the Catalans sorry especially since Seve Ballesteros was an illustrious and culé ambassador Barça around the world. " (via SPORT)

Alexis Sánchez: "The possibility to play in Barça is beautiful"

The player claimed by the Barca made a brief statement to 'Radio Cooperative' of Chile, her country of origin, which said the club would play a "nice option"

The reporter told him about the news published by Sport, which we published the club's interest in the Udinese player. Sánchez was cautious and said: "I hate to see these things before making it."

Alexis Sanchez is a 22-year-old striker has already gone through four clubs which has left its mark: Cobreloa and Colo-Colo in Chile, River Plate in Argentina and finally Udinese of Italy, which has been playing since 2008 yielding large level. (via SPORT)

22 players on the pitch in the second session to prepare the match against Espanyol

Barça is fully focused on the preparation of Sunday's derby against Espanyol. In what is the second session ahead of this match involved 20 first team players, and Thiago Bartra addition, the subsidiary.

The group led by Josep Guardiola , with final qualifying for the Champions League in his pocket, has the mind set squarely in the league . This Saturday, at 11 hours, and at the Sports City, has carried out which is the second of three preparatory meetings on this occasion has been closed, the coaching staff has scheduled prior commitment on Sunday against all-white.

As happened on Friday, both Puyol and the injured Adriano , with a hamstring injury right thigh adductor, and Maxwell , who is recovering from a groin problem, have warmed up outside the group and have been doing specific work accompanied by a recuperators Barcelona first team.

In this way, then, of Milito was the only absentee on the lawn of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. The player has been doing treatment for the injury suffered. For its part, Bojan Krkic , who in the last training and began working together with the rest of his teammates , has followed this Saturday with the same dynamic.

So, have exercised a total of 22 players , 20 first team , plus all players led by Luis Enrique, Thiago , who already participated in the final preparatory session, and Marc Bartra .

As usual on game days at the stadium, the club will make a final preparatory session in the same Camp Nou, behind closed doors, starting at 11.30 hours.

Barca and Espanyol different paths

Since the first round match in Cornella-El Prat Barça have remained leaders of the League. In contrast, Espanyol have given three spots in the standings.

That December 18 never forget the Catalans. A 1-5 in the field of city rivals. An intense derby ended with a historic rout. Barca never had five goals in the field of Espanyol. And the game marked a turning point for both teams. More to the blue and white that the Catalans, because Guardiola's career has been largely modeled.

In the first round of the club visited Cornella-El Prat as a leader and has never lost that privileged position. Instead, the club came to the appointment espanyola located in Europe and is now placed eighth running out of options to be in Europe next season.

The Pep Guardiola after beating Espanyol had totaled 43 points in the first round. And since then have made 45 more. The group had joined Espanyol 28 in the first half of the league and in the second round has managed 20 points.

Barca have lost them in the first round matches in the second. Lost to Hercules, 11, and was defeated in Anoeta the weekend. Espanyol, however, lost six games in the first 16 days of the League and the following has lost 10 games.

FC Barcelona blew five points before the Hercules and Mallorca at Camp Nou. But in the second round added them all. For its part, Espanyol had won all home games until the Barca visited Cornellà. And in the second round Villarreal, Madrid, Mallorca and Racing have won on the ground Espanyol and Atletico Madrid scored a draw.

In the first half of the league, the club scored all the points away from home. In the second round has yielded three draws with Sporting, Sevilla and Madrid and lost in Anoeta. Espanyol away from home has got the same points in the first round in the second. A total of 7. And not far from Cornellà wins from 23 January at Getafe.

Barca had 51 goals and was 9 in the first round. In the second, has scored 38 and conceded the same: 9. And Espanyol scored 18 goals and received 19 in the first leg of the season. In the second part of the course has scored 24 and conceded 25. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Telemadrid calumniates Pep

They claim that acts of hooliganism were caused by him Canaletes.

An informative video allegedly issued in the Telenoticias Telemadrid 2 noon on Thursday has caused great indignation among the FC Barcelona, ​​Barca fans especially among the community of Madrid.

In the video, which could already be seen yesterday on the internet and had already been picked up by other media as a sign of manipulation of extreme gravity, is linked directly briefing Pep Guardiola after the Real Madrid-Barcelona leg of the semi-finals Champions of the incidents caused by a group of thugs in the hotel, located in the Rambla de Canaletes, which were housed and informed journalists in Madrid on Tuesday.

In celebration of reaching the final of the Champions, a group of fans started a fire in the hotel. To the leaders of the sports information Telemadrid has seemed that the attack was a direct consequence of the reference Guardiola made in his speech prior to the Madrid-Barca led to Mourinho, the core of journalists close to Florentino Perez. The trouble is that this video is presented as a truthful information in a public television channel. The video in question is already held by the legal services of the club, but the libeled is Guardiola and he must decide.

In the video moments are collected Guardiola's relationship with some media (for example, with TV3 after the Barça-Shakhtar) and his reference to the 'dairy'. At that press conference, regretted that Mourinho, who had worked four years in the Barca dressing room next to Pep, these journalists believe more than himself. Also in the video refers to what is considered bad manners, theater and provocations Barca to make it appear that what happened in Canaletes is a direct consequence of it. (via MD)

[Barça B] Relaxation zero against Albacete

Barça B does not trust a Albacete which is 13 points adrift of safety and has announced that it will arrive in Barcelona with six players from its subsidiary. Luis Enrique recovers Sergi Roberto, but they lose Carmona and Armando.

"We can not deny that the Albacete is difficult to survive, but we can not relax because they are professionals and come to compete."

As plain as expressing the coach of Barça B Barbarà Joan, asked about the alleged weakness of a rival who has announced that it will reach the Miniestadi (Saturday, 18 h) with six players from their youth team.

Reasons to be wary

Joan Barbara has clear why his players can not be trusted: "There will be many players who want to exploit the window of the Mini to show their level, others want to make a continuity in the club, while young people from the B will play with the illusion that want to be professionals. "

Barça B comes also after losing the last two games (Betis and Valladolid), but this did not concern a technical body, according to Barbara, appreciates the "good game and good work has been done in two games where we deserved more. "

Luis Enrique has returned to tell, since Thursday, with Bartra and Sergi Roberto. Both were summoned to Real Madrid in the semifinal round of the Champions League, but eventually were dropped, and lived the last classic from the stands.

In addition to Montoya, operated on Monday, Armando is also low, with a concussion, and Carmona, punished. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Dueling 'subsidiaries' in the Mini Estadi

Barça B this afternoon will try to break his streak of two consecutive losses to an almost hopeless Albacete in which their coach, Mario Simon has called for the match with six players from their youth team. "The Albacete gets hurt and will be a tough opponent. They come with many young players who want to earn a place among the professionals for the next season, "said the Catalans coach, Joan Barbara.

Luis Enrique Bartra recovered and Sergi Roberto, but Montoya will be without (injured), Carmona (passed), Font and Thiago, both with the first team. The technician can align Edu Oriol at right, in that case, Benjamin, Taylor and Saul would dispute the right flank of the attack. On the other hand, Oriol Romeu could have its first minutes. (via SPORT)

Rosell, "You gentlemen who are themselves not as others"

Barca president was with the club members of Lleida and showed his deep identification with them.

Before reading the proclamation of the Festa Major de Lleida, Barcelona FC president Sandro Rosell blaugrana penya visited the city, where he claimed to the members and club members the club's values. Its most applauded speech referred, without naming it, to Real Madrid. "You gentlemen who are themselves, not as others!" Said the thirty club members who listened to him, he responded with a standing ovation and cries of "president, president".

It was the first contact with a penya Rosell Barca after intense series of clásicos at Real Madrid and the president showed that the classification of the final team has lifted a burden. It was an emotional visit to Rosell, since his father founded the penya Lleida Barcelona 40 years ago. The club members' forgave him in his absence "the Snail Snail, one of the unmissable events last weekend in May, for obvious reasons, since Rosell is with the club at Wembley in the final of the Champions League.

Then the president visited the Paeria, the city council, where he signed the Libro de Oro with the mayor, Àngel Ros, and local authorities. Rosell read the proclamation of the parties, which highlighted its link with the province of Lleida ("when asked, say that I am Ager) and the relationship between Terra Ferma and Barca. He also had a memory for Miki Roque, Betis player, born in Tremp, who was diagnosed with cancer two months ago. "Abidal Roque has achieved and will go forward," said the president before the hundred people who heard him in the hall full of Paeria. Rosell, also referred to the club of the city, the UE Lleida, whose severe economic problems have left him on the brink of extinction. "It gives that land and their thousands of fans deserve to continue competing on the pitch," he said. (via SPORT)

Barca can be champion tomorrow

League is virtually in your pocket, but could be as mathematical if not win today whites.

The league competition is taking its last legs with the club as a virtual champion and waiting to be mathematically tomorrow if today click the Real Madrid at the Sanchez Pizjuan. A draw or a defeat of the whites, would the title sentenced if Barca win tomorrow against Espanyol at the Nou Camp. They also sing the Alirón achieved with a draw and a defeat of the whites. If they win both would have to wait for the day that is played during the week. The distance would remain at eight points and nine would be played. If Madrid do not win on Tuesday against Getafe at the Bernabeu, Barca will win. And if they win, Barca need a draw in their visit to the Levante area to secure the title mathematically. In short, Barcelona will win in a matter of hours.

The Sánchez Pizjuán is a field that is too good to give Real Madrid, which has only won once in their last seven league visits, with five defeats and one draw. Sevilla is strong against the visit of the whites are grown and often put a gear in their game with the support of fans have always restless and want to continue celebrating the Feria de Abril in style. In addition, Madrid `depression what comes with a forced smile exciting aimlessly despite claiming that his obligation hissed is to delay as much as possible Alirón Blaugrana. That's all I have left, never avoid it that the club depends on whether mismo.Incluso resort to the maxim of not throwing in the towel while the math does not say otherwise. But they know that all fish is sold.

Even players who have no clear future have exhausted their ability to redeem himself. The coaching staff and working overtime on the project next year and, at best, is put in the window to a player to raise the price of which no longer count. Just have fun and defend them is to honor the white jersey to prevent him from previous seasons in which no title chances and disappointments accumulated losses as a symptom which has already offered seven days ago against Zaragoza at the Bernabeu.

Sevilla you need points to secure the position he has held to play the Europa League next season. Four teams fighting for three seats and the Seville needs to score at least four points to mathematically ensure a place in Europe. Even today it would ensure victory if Barca win at Espanyol tomorrow. (via SPORT)

There will be raffle tickets for Wembley

On 10 May at ten o'clock, and notarized, the club will announce the lucky ones who have a place in London.

Little more than nine hours it took hours to overcome the number of tickets available to the Barcelona to distribute among its members ahead of the Wembley final, so the club was doomed directly to the draw, which is scheduled for next Tuesday 10 May at ten o'clock in the press room Ricard Maxenchs the presence of a notary. The draw will be broadcast live on Barça TV.

In any case, the ticket request process is ongoing, so that partners can continue to call until Monday 9 May at seven o'clock.

There is no doubt that the list of members who want to be at Wembley is on track to surpass all records, because in the first nine hours and reached 16,427 requests when the number of tickets for members was set at a total of 16,415.

The club yesterday gave the official ticket numbers that have in its possession in the face of the Champions League final next May 28 to avoid any speculation.

Thus, UEFA has given him the Catalan club a total of 24,360 villages, of which 220 will be aimed at disabled members and their guests. Of the remaining 24,140, ​​85% are partners and clubs "specifically those already mentioned for the first 16,415 and 4,104 for the second", while the remaining 15%, a total of about 3,621, are predestined to institutional commitments and Sponsors of the Catalan club.

As is the rate of requests for the final, the club expects a true record of the number of partners who expect to support the team in the Champions League final. In fact, the same May 10 or later than 11, the club will contact members graced the draw to communicate the award and payment conditions of entry and subsequent collection.
The organization has set a deadline for the collection of locations between 13 and 23 May inclusive except "Sunday 15, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 How.

As usual in these cases, in the process of inscription by the partners to qualify for a town to the Wembley final is considered that the mere registration is a firm intention to buy a ticket. For this reason, the time of registration to enter the draw is also requested to introduce a series of bank card data. In case the entry is allocated through the lottery will be charged automatically to the minimum amount of input that is set at around 90 euros.

Subsequently, the club's travel agency, FCB Travel, available to members two ways to move to London. The return trip to Barcelona to London on the day of the party cost about 370 euros if it is by plane - also including transfers to London, while if the bus trip is in the total price will be about 140 euros.
There is no doubt that the caravan blaugrana to London soon begin to take shape. (via SPORT)

Araujo on the possibility of playing in the club: "It is everyone's dream"

The young end of Boca was full of praise to the Catalan club but reiterated that efforts are needed to gain the trust of his coach at the Argentine club.

The end Argentine Boca Juniors, Sergio Araujo, closely followed by FC Barcelona, ​​said in an interview with sports daily Olé 'to play in Barca "is the dream of anyone" but admitted he should continue working to gain the trust of his coach at the Argentine club.

Araujo has played nine games with the first team and has in his account scoring a goal (Arsenal got to the championship past.)

The 19 years is undeniable in the lower echelons of the Argentina and dazzled all and sundry in the 2011 South American Under-20 selection that took place last January.

Araujo is without doubt one of the most promising young Argentine soccer and could strengthen the next season, FC Barcelona's attack. (via SPORT)

Barça will wear the first team strip at Wembley

Josep Guardiola’s side will be the home team in the Champions League final on May 28th at Wembley and, therefore, will wear the first team kit, red and blue, against Manchester United.

So, unlike the Final at Wembley in 1992, when Barça lifted their first Champions League title wearing their second kit, which at that time was orange, the team will wear the blue and red strip. This is one of the agreements reached this Friday at a meeting in London in which UEFA, FC Barcelona and Manchester United all took part.

Finally, Barça will have 24,140 seats for the Champions League Final at Wembley. Also, they can count on another 220 additional tickets designated for members with limited mobility and their companions.

Of the total number of tickets, 20,519 will be for club members and supporters clubs, and 3,621 are reserved for sponsors and institutional commitments. Of the total number, 16,415 tickets will go into a draw for members. Remember that tickets can be requested until Monday the 9th, at 19.00, via this form.

Another aspect decided at the meeting was the distribution of the respective fans. FC Barcelona fans, who have been designated Stansted as the destination airport in London, will occupy the west side of Wembley Stadium.

The day before the final, Friday the 27th will be a busy day at Wembley, including training and official press conferences. Alex Ferguson's team will train in the match stadium from 17.30, whilst Barça will do the same at 19.00. It’s planned that, 45 minutes before each training session, both managers will attend a press conference, as well as two players from each team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Actions for the sanction to Pinto

FC Barcelona will tour the decision of the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA, announced Friday that a three-match ban goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto.

FC Barcelona has three days to file this appeal before the Appeals Committee, under the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA. The sanction of this body is three games, one of whom served in the second leg of semis, and would prevent Pinto to participate in the Champions League final next May 28.

Furthermore, the Control Committee decided today to punish for five games to coach Real Madrid, José Mourinho, and fined him 50,000 euros for his statements after the first leg of semifinals of the Champions League at the stadium Santiago Bernabeu. Real defender Pepe has also been banned for a meeting, which met in the second leg.