05 May 2011

FC Barcelona and Manchester United: 11th European game

FC Barcelona and Manchester United will meet in the 2011 Champions League Final on May 28th at Wembley Stadium – the 11th time the two teams have met in Europe and the 8th game between them in the Champions League.

After seeing off Real Madrid and Schalke 04 in the semi finals, Josep Guardiola and Alex Ferguson are set to meet again in a Champions League final – and this time it’s at Wembley, an iconic stadium for both clubs, where they both won their first European Cups: Manchester in 1968 and Barça in 1992.

This year’s final will be a repeat of the 2009 match up in Rome when Barça beat United 2-0, thanks to goals from Eto’o i Messi to take their third ever European Cup. The game will also be the 11th time the two have met in continental competitions, having played each other 3 times in the Cup Winners Cup and 8 times in the Champions League.

The first game between the two was in the quarter finals of the 1983/84 Cup Winners Cup. Although Barça won 2-0 in the first leg at the Camp Nou, United turned the tie round in the return leg, winning 3-0 to reach the semi finals.

The two met again in the same competition in the final of the 1990/91 edition in Rotterdam, when United again came out top, beating Barça 2-1. This was the first European final played between the two, with another to follow in 2009 and this year’s clash at Wembley set to be the third.

Since that night in Rotterdam, the two have only met in Europe’s top competition, the Champions League. In the 1994/95 season, Barça reached the quarter finals after finishing second in the group stage, ahead of United who were eliminated after drawing 2-2 at Old Trafford and losing 4-0 at the Camp Nou. Barça didn’t get too much further either, losing to París Saint-Germain in the quarter finals.

The two were again paired in the group stage of the 1998/99 competition, and both at Old Trafford and the Camp Nou, the result was the same – a 3-3 draw. This time it was United who went through to the next round as group runners up, whilst Barça were eliminated. United went on to lift the trophy after beating Bayern Munich 2-1 at the Camp Nou.

In the 2007/08 season, United denied Barça a place in the final by beating them 1-0 at Old Trafford after drawing 0-0 in the first leg of the semi-final in Barcelona. Sir Alex Ferguson’s team went on to beat Chelsea in a penalty shootout in the final played in Moscow, to claim their third European Cup win. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mourinho wants Cesc is the 'Philosopher's Stone'

As published in England Madrid coach would be willing to sign Cesc, who see it as an ideal complement to improve Real Madrid midfield.

The current Arsenal captain, Catalan Cesc Fabregas is the number one goal of Real Madrid for the next transfer market, which Florentino Perez would be willing to offer 39 million euros, as published in the British newspaper The Sun. " "Florentino Perez is desperate to win a historic battle over his rivals Barca after the defeat in the semifinals of the Champions League," writes the newspaper headlines taken over by the end of that race will face Manchester United and Barcelona Wembley on 28 May. In recent weeks, the British press has resumed the debate, dormant during the winter on the possible departure of the Spanish midfielder to other clubs that allow you to win titles. The tabloids even speak of "frustration" when referring to Fabregas and "great interest" in joining the Barcelona team already on the table put the Gunners two offers to retrieve the player last summer. Sources close to the player reported that he is "comfortable" in London and what Cesc really want is to stay at an English club. However, recent rumors point to Real Madrid as a possible destination of the world champion, who turned 24 years yesterday. The Real Madrid "went all out the window," the paper said, by spending 400 million pounds (445 million euros) in two markets last summer, which only served to make the team win the Cup this year del Rey. The current coach of Real Madrid club whose continuity has also been questioned recently, the Portuguese Jose Mourinho believes that Fabregas would be the perfect complement to Xabi Alonso in midfield Madrid, according to British tabloid. (via SPORT)

Barça will freight 30 airplanes to London the day 28-M

For € 370 you can get to and from London the day of the Champions League final, according to club spokesman said, Toni Freixa.

FC Barcelona announced that Barca fans who want to travel to London next May 28 to support the team in the final of the Champions League against Manchester United will have thirty flights that leave and return the same day, a price of 370 euros. Toni Freixa, spokesman for the board, said the new travel agency that has contracted the club managed to "reduce by 15 percent," the price of the previous flights late, because the cost of 435 euros París'06 and of Roma'09 425 euros. The Barça fans who want to be at Wembley, also may be moved by bus for 140 euros, round trip. Freixa confirmed that the club will have about 24,000 entries, the same as Manchester United and UEFA. The new Wembley stadium has a capacity of 90,000 places and it is expected that about 4,000 are reserved for the security perimeter. Have already sold 11,000 seat in advance online. The ticket price is divided into four categories. The most expensive cost 333 euros (300 pounds), and tickets will be 250 euros (225), 166 euros (150) and 89 euros (80 pounds). The criteria for distributing the tickets will be the same as the final of the Copa del Rey disputed a few weeks ago in Valencia. "Then we welcomed as did the cast and now we hope to respond to the expectations," said the secretary of the board. Based on these criteria for allocation, 85 percent of the 24,000 villages (about 20,400) will go to members and rocks, while the remaining 15 percent (about 3,600) will go to the different institutional commitments. The application period will open on Friday May 6 and will close on Monday 9 May. The club is already clear that the number of applications exceed the ticket and a draw shall be held before a notary. (via SPORT)

Analysis of the staff of Manchester United

Manchester United have more than two players per position with different profiles, and Ferguson's used to playing with different systems and approaches according to the rival.

In the semifinal round of a major Champions League, Ferguson has been able to repeat only two varsity players from the first leg. This versatility is unmatched in Europe and this makes it a dangerous rival in the final at Wembley.

Although you can play with one striker, ManU usually played with two points, so it has four front guarantees such as Rooney, Berbatov, Chicharito and Owen. If Rooney is the star can make the impossible possible, Berbatov is the pivot of reference that plays back, is the instinct Chicharito top scorer and Owen all the experience for the final minutes. Four players and four very different profiles, to enhance the features of most interest to each party, a constant in the template Ferguson.

Scottish technician has so many options in midfield that can place a very defensive line and midfield or offensive working and creative. In the bands have the magic of Nani, a winger like Valencia, strict class Park or Giggs. While the latter already has 37 years, has lost the speed to end and is playing more for the center taking the role was a Scholes has dropped a piston. Through the center, Manchester also has a wide range of physical and workers as midfielders Carrick, Fletcher, Anderson, Gibson, or even the central O'Shea.

The defensive line is among the most creditworthy of the team with a pair of fixed stations as Ferdinand and Vidic, left side expeditiously as Evra and right side with the spontaneity of the twins Rafael and Fabio. The two Brazilian brothers are the new generation coming up with a central promise as Smalling, and contrasts with the veteran goalkeeper Van der Sar, who will retire at age 40 in a Champions League final. Ferguson also has experienced parts O'Shea, Brown or Evans. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Supercopa doesn't enter in the payment

In addition to inject liquidity into the ark, the measure aims to provide the "potential partners without fertilizers that may have tickets to a game in which a title dispute".

The secretary and spokesman of the Board of FC Barcelona, ​​Toni Freixa, reported in a press conference that the ticket to the Super Cup of Spain (whose date is still unknown) will not enter into the payment of members.

The tournament, a double match faces the winner of the Cup against the winner of the League. What in store in this case a new clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The measure was taken for two reasons, to help the economy of the club, and in addition to "partners without fertilizers possibility that they may have tickets to a game in which a title dispute". (via MARCA)

Ferguson recommend a plan 'anti-Barça'

In the coming days will be many who try to help the coach of the 'red-devils' to dismast Barça game.

Steve McLaren, former England coach and now commentator for BBC Manchester advises on how to win at Barcelona in the Champions League final and revenge and the defeat of 2009 in Rome.

"Inevitably, the key to winning is off to Leo Messi and Sergio Busquets," said McLaren. "In 2009, Samuel Eto'o, who usually had played center forward, he did it right with Messi in the middle.

They managed to break, speed and Rio Ferdinand or Vidic Memanja could 'smell' the ball. Michael Carrick was completely lost that night and Xavi, Iniesta and Messi did whatever they wanted, "he said.

Manchester to consider the argument of Barca will be the same at Wembley and Ferguson should prevent rampant Blaugrana, McLaren went on to say.

In summary, the final key for the United go through to play a high tempo game, pressuring so greedy, but not only during the first 10 minutes in 2009 but throughout the game.

McLaren believes that the strategy takes effect on the British must disable Busquets, "player with the most minutes per game with the ball" in front of Iniesta and Xavi.

Inter take the example of last year and Arsenal in the first leg of the quarterfinals this year: defense compact, and low turnover together a counterattack. "Rooney and should be very toned Chicharito that day," said the coach.

"They have to be brave, Arsenal took risks and almost made it," he says McLaren, who expected a tough game for both teams. (via SPORT)

Puyol makes 100th Champions League appearance

Barça’s captain Carles Puyol played his 100th Champions League game on Tuesday night. During his time at the Club, he’s won the competition twice and scored twice.

Puyol’s debut wasn’t a particularly happy one though, as, wearing the number 32 shirt, he suffered Barça’s 0-4 defeat to Dynamo Kiev, with Shevchenko scoring a hat trick.

That defeat was the exception rather than the rule of course and Puyol has gone on to pick up two Champions League trophies, in Paris and Rome, under Rijkaard and Guardiola.

Puyol has scored just twice in the competition, once in the Nou Camp and once on the Daimler Arena in Stuttgart.

In the first game of the 2006/07 group stage, Barça scored five against Levski Sofia and Puyol got the fourth. That wasn’t just the first goal for Puyol in the Champions League, but also the first game that the team wore the UNICEF logo in their shirts.

The following season, Puyol got his second goal, also in the group stage against Stuttgart in Germany. He opened the scoring with a goal from a dead ball situation and moments later Messi scored Barça’s second.

The most famous image of the captain in Europe though, has to be his goal line stop in the group stage game at the Camp Nou against Lokomotiv Moscow in the 2002/03 season. With the game tied at 0-0, Puyol made a great stop on the line from the Ghana player Obiohra, launching himself across the goal to knock the ball away with the club badge on his chest. Moments later, Frank de Boer scored the goal that Barça needed to qualify for the next round of the competition. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Inter's plan to sign Guardiola

'La Gazzetta dello' Sport reports that the' Nerazzurri''want to get the service in June Guardiola and Eto'o would be the main supporter! ... the less bizarre.

Massimo Moratti Inter are interested in signing the Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola for next season, according to the Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport ", which ensures that the" Nerazzurri "have a plan to fall on Pep Giuseppe Maezza in June.

The paper explains that the Catalan coach has stated on several occasions that she feels like a change of scenery and points out that being able to win his second Champions League Barça coaching can benefit your imminent departure of the Blaugrana.

"Maybe it's one more reason to seek new challenges elsewhere, after having received so much glory in Barcelona," said the Italian daily.

"La Gazzetta dello Sport" also recalls that Guardiola has a "sponsor of great weight" on the computer "interest": Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o, who can help the Spanish in the process of adapting to Italian football.

"Many people think that Eto'o is the enemy of Pep for the progress of Cameroon in the summer of 2009, but in reality the friendship between the two has resisted any confrontation," says the paper.

Also, Italian Roberto Baggio exfutbolista, which the other day Guardiola spoke at a news conference as "Robi" could play an important role in the operation to bring to the bench Guardiola Italians.

Sports daily moves his signing could take place in June because, despite Guardiola has a contract with Barcelona until 2012, there are often legal options to break this type of agreement.

"Often the contracts have clauses that consent is also the possibility to opt out of a club," he says.

According to "La Gazzetta dello Sport", another of the important factors to consider to discuss the possible departure of the Spanish coach is your relationship with Barca president Sandro Rossell.

"No one can say that has a very strong legacy with Ross, whose relationship is based on the cold warmth. And when, recently, the president came out with the phrase 'We will win the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid by 5-0 to keep custom ', he came to the first Pep cold sweats, "says the paper.

Finally, the paper reproduced the words of Spanish exentrenador Inter Guardiola and friend Luis Suarez, a few days ago acknowledged that Catalan had confessed that if the president Moratti call him I could not say no.

The 'Pep team' gives one hundred million in three years

Some studies estimate in another hundred million annual impact for other items.

Maintaining a competitive team, able to fight for every title every season demands a lot. At first, an idea to continue, right people to execute that plan, then patience, determination and luck to wait for the fruits, and above all, financial resources to sustain the project.

In recent decades, Barcelona has had all the ingredients of this formula, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the time. And finally, the commitment to the concept `La Masia has" tangible and intangible returns. The latter are the revaluation of the mark 'Barça' and sporting prestige and institutional adds style of play identified with quality, offensive spirit and fair play.

But equally important are the tangible. For example: `Pep team has entered" a hundred million euros with their success on the pitch for the awards granted by UEFA. In the case of the Champions League, are 32.8 million in the year 2008-09, 30.2 in 2009-10, and 35.5 so far in 2010-11. We should add the 2.5 for the Super 2009. Some studies estimate that the annual impact in respect of new revenue from advertising and merchandising and presentation of staff of around one hundred million annually. (via SPORT)

Barcelona has won 35 million in the Champions

The revenue from sporting success may increase if disputes the European Supercup and World Club Championship.

Pep `" The team has not only met the goals of the season sporting far, it has also contributed decisively to revive the economy when the club. His career nearly flawless in the Champions League and qualified for the May 28 final at Wembley has been reported to the funds of 35.55 million euros Barça can reach nearly four million if the final won his fourth European title.

UEFA aware that clubs deserve a good chunk of the pie that represent revenue for hosting the Champions League, a tournament as prestigious and lucrative, has progressively increased the amounts established for participation in each of the phases in addition to awarded various prizes for games played, won and tied.

If you play the group stages and ensures 7.2 million for each club, ahead of the competition involves the sum of a fixed number of each ladder. In addition, each match played is 550,000 euros, the wins are paid 800,000 euros, and ties, to 400,000. Barca accumulates twelve appearances and has secured one more in the final. And it has accumulated nine wins and three draws.

If his record is nearly perfect, the 'Pep team can still improve "if they win in London would add 4.2 million more for a final victory (0.8) and its status as champion (3 4). Therefore, it could reach forty million.

UEFA would pay yet another important addition to Barcelona by way of the TV rights of the tournament that the clubs give the continental governing body for the management and that this edition has a total amount of 337.8 million euros. As such, the champion Inter Milan 2009-10 edition totaled 19.6 million euros for its share of television rights to which he added the 29 million recorded in the field of play. No one would miss that revenue from Barca this concept roamed these figures, increasing their 'bag "to between 50 and 60 million euros.

`There are other items under", as are the revenues generated by the dispute over the European Super Cup and in 2009 contributed 2.5 million euros. Or the final of the Copa del Rey, which affected one million euros into the coffers Blaugrana. And of course there are the costs: the premiums that are granted in terms of titles won. Unfortunately for its members, the club should not pay the 9 million from the Copa del Rey, but the imminent conquest of the third consecutive league with a collective prize of 14 million and are the 16 million euros by European Champion and the `tip why success in the Supercopa of Spain last summer and two candy '" outstanding by the end of Wembley: European Super Cup and Club World. Reference to: the cost of 2009 hexacampeonato Barca 50 million of premiums and contract clauses. I ate so served, yes, but with the cabinet full of titles and a place among teams of legend. (via SPORT)

This way Manchester United, the rival of Barça in Wembley

The Manchester United reached the final of the Champions League in good shape by not unbeaten in this year. The 'Red Devils' long reign in Europe again after being left with honey on the lips in the last two editions, when it beat Barcelona in the final in Rome, 2009 and Bayern will eliminated in the quarterfinals of last edition . In Wembley , those of Sir Alex Ferguson tried to 'revenge' of Pep Guardiola.

In the first phase, the Manchester spent as winners of Group C with a total of 14 points ahead of Valencia , Glasgow Rangers and modest Bursaspor .

In the second round, the men of Ferguson overtook Olympique de Marseille thanks to the resolute 'Chicharito' Hernandez , who was the author of two goals at Old Trafford .

In the quarter was crossed with Chelsea , which had strengthened during the winter with Fernando Torres and David Luiz , who eliminated with a 0-1 at Stamford Bridge and 2-1 in the round played in the so-called 'Theatre of dreams'.

In the penultimate season before Wembley, the ManU came across the revelation of the tournament, Schalke 04 , who already ruled with a 0-2 in the first leg on German soil. In turn, the English side again showed their superiority by winning 4-1 at Old Trafford.

Wayne Rooney is the referent of Manchester for his great goalscoring ability and be a real nuisance for opposing defenses. Furthermore, international 'pross' has found a partner in the Mexican luxury 'Chicharito' Hernandez . Both add seven goals in this edition.

But that is in an exceptional level is the veteran Ryan Giggs who despite his 37 years still glow with golden left foot. The Welsh midfielder has been instrumental in recent British Commitments of both scoring and in assists.

In the rest of the team stands as another distinguished veteran goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar and the central expeditious Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand . (via MD)

Precedents between Barca and Manchester United

Barca and 'Red Devils' have already crossed ten times around Europe, two in late.
The overall balance is three for each team wins and four draws.
FC Barcelona's fans still remember the third Champions of Rome or the Dream Team 4-0.

Barca and Manchester United will meet again for the eleventh time in European competition match next May 28 in Wembley . Will be the third final to be played between the two clubs after the triumph of those Pep Guardiola in Rome in the Champions of 2009 and the victory of the Cup Winners 1991 by the 'Red Devils'.

The first official precedent dating back to the eighties when the Catalan side, with Maradona and Schuster as star crossed the English box in the quarterfinals of the Cup Winners' Cup 1983-84. In the first leg Menotti's men a 2-0 win thanks to a goal from Red dying , while in turn played at Old Trafford rallied those in Manchester's 3-0 .

In his next confrontation Barca and United are played the final of the Cup Winners Cup 1991 in Rotterdam. It was the beginning of the Dream Team and Carles Busquets being penalized goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta , those of Cruyff were surpassed by the team and led by Alex Ferguson (2-1) .

If in the Dutch city was measured first version of the historic Dream Team FC Barcelona, ​​at the next intersection between Catalan and English would be the last exhibition of this legendary team. It was in the group stages of the Champions League 1994-95. At Old Trafford on match ended in a draw (2-2) , but later in the Camp Nou , the Barça gave everything a recital in which thrashed them 4-0 with goals from Stoichkov (2), Romario and Ferrer .

With Louis Van Gaal on the bench, the Catalans went to Manchester to debut in the group stages of the Champions 1998-99. In that first match, Barca could match the disadvantage of the first half and ended in a spectacular signing tables 3-3 . Interestingly, in the next match played at the Nou Camp saw the same result but which caused Barça remain without access to the next phase.

Ten years later, Barcelona and Manchester United face to face again this time to play one of two seats for the final of the Champions League in Moscow (2008). In the first leg at Camp Nou , those of Frank Rijkaard encountered ultra defensive approach of Sir Alex Ferguson , which came to put right winger Rooney. Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty just start the game (0-0).

In the second leg, Barca succumbed to a goal by Paul Scholes which finally closed cycle Rijkaard at Barcelona.

But only a year later, Barça could take their particular 'vendetta' in the final of the Champions in Rome. With Pep Guardiola at the helm, the team overcame defending champions FC Barcelona (2-0) thanks to goals from Eto'o and Leo Messi who gave the third Champions at Barca. (via MD)

Alves: "It is unfortunate that Madrid have a bad miss"

Dani Alves said that complaints of Real Madrid on arbitration in the semifinals of the Champions League because it is "losing badly".

In football you have to know how to win and know how to lose, "said the Brazilian after the 1-1 in the Nou Camp, which served to classify the Catalans to the final." What difference to Barca from other teams is that Barça when he loses congratulates the contrary. There are other competitors who can not accept defeat. I think they have a bad miss. It's a shame for football, "he added.

Players, coaches and club officials appealed to white refereeing errors to justify its defeat in the semifinals of the Champions League. Alves said that his rival had not welcomed the exception of a particular case such as Xabi Alonso. "But we do not care. Our happiness is passing the final," he said. (via SPORT)

Pedro, the man with the golden goals

The end played his best game of poker classics and again left their mark on a major party.

A few months ago on the eve of Arsenal and Barcelona, ​​the British press still wondered who was Pedro. Semidesconocido not understand how one had slipped in the Barcelona's most famous story. Much less their dizzying progression. `Brilliant But Mr Nobody" (`The brilliant Mr. Don Nobody", as he christened) will return to London on May 28 with full honors. Will be at Wembley to make their mark and make bigger your love affair with the Barca fans.

Appeared again last night when he likes it. At the time of the brave. When the team needed him most. In previous classics was expected, but only offered glimpses of his best version. Pedro Marcelo had to deal with a groin problem and reminded him that even he is entitled to rest.

Pedro never despaired because I knew it would come eventually and gave classic fourth frame. Back against Madrid, but this time with yours, the FC Barcelona fan who never ceases to cheer because there is not the hardest working player. Last night was intense, dynamic, breaks, this time it annealing to Marcelo. Pedrito raced again and again because I always knew that things cost and effort and often recognized "if they do Messi, Xavi, Iniesta ... how I'm not going to run!

Yesterday was a constant menace to the Madrid and returned to scream the goal. Casillas suffered again the pragmatism of Tenerife, not given to the concessions in the area. Knows what the goal of Madrid, Pedro hides, because it seems that it is not, look at goal, pulls out his leg and shoot in cold blood. Last night I received a gift from Iniesta and beat Iker with devastating accuracy. So is Pedro, a special type capable of scoring last year at all competitions. A guy with Elf to the best scenarios. Scored in the final of the World Club Cup, European Super Cup decided. Ruled the league with a goal at the Bernabeu. He is the man of the goals of Gold appeared again last night to break up at Madrid. As if it were the 'Deus ex machina culé "always goes to Barcelona to achieve its cherished goals. Yesterday was his fourth goal in the Champions League this season. Wembley will again have another appointment with history. (via SPORT)

Abidal: "I've worked hard to be here"

The French side Eric Abidal has returned to competition after more than a tumor in the liver and was able to play some minutes in the semifinal round of the Champions League against Real Madrid, an experience that motivated him great joy at the return and by qualifying for the final.

"I am very pleased to have reached the final at Wembley, but above all I am for the people. I have worked hard to be here because we had many casualties due to injury," said the player after finishing the game at the Nou Camp . "Let's see if we close the circle at Wembley," added the Barcelona player, who revealed that when he played in the London stage with France against England left, giving to understand that she was including a desire to return to your computer.

For Abidal, Barcelona "has deserved to reach the final," and more after "the emotions that we felt", and return it after after the operation in the liver as a result of a tumor. "I've seen people like me very much. I will try my best to them. Now I feel fine, although I have spent many weeks doing nothing. I want to help the team, because there are many injured," has taken shape. (via SPORT)

Explosion of joy in Canaletes

The fans took to the streets to celebrate in style the boat ride to the final of Champions at Wembley.

How could it be otherwise, once the arbiter of the contest, the Belgian De Bleeckere, late in the game will beep, people took to the streets, heading a large part to one of the holiest sites in the celebration securities, the source of Canaletes, to celebrate reaching the final step of Champions and the elimination of Real Madrid for Mourinho.

Security measures acted quickly shaking a fence to prevent would control a variety of fans and make them more complicated uncontrolled riots, which in this kind of celebration usually sadly common, with broken panes of numerous trade and urban property destruction including.

The chants against Real Madrid and against Mourinho finally faded to give way to the anthem of Barcelona and proclaiming the Wembley final.

And hopefully this week will not be the last time the fans go to Paddles for this weekend could be sung in the league Alirón if Real Madrid do not win on Saturday at the Sanchez Pizjuan. (via SPORT)

More than 14 million viewers watched the Barca-Madrid

The match between Barca and Real Madrid, broadcasted by TVE La 1, was followed by 14,114,000 viewers, with an audience share of 66.9% as reported by Windward Communications, according to Kantar Media.

The match ended in a tie only to that audience by extending the King's Cup April 20, reaching 14.172 million viewers and a 73% audience share, and was issued by the 1 TVE and TV3, recalled Barlovento.

This match was the undisputed leader in its emission band, more than 62 points of difference with respect to Option 2.

The most watched minute was recorded at 22.26 hours with an audience of 16,777,000 viewers and a 71.9% share.

The goal of Barcelona, ​​at 21.59 hours, was seen by 15,619,000 viewers (69.6%) and Real Madrid, at 22.09 hours, registered an average audience of 16,051,000 viewers (69.9%).

As the number of contacts, more than 27 million viewers watched at least one minute of the game. (via SPORT)

In an another Wembley

Carles Puyol The road to the Cup, if Barca conquered the fourth, will be longer than 'Tallinn' Alexanko: The 39 Steps are now 107 ...

The ship returned to London and Wembley, but not at the same stadium. The stately campus opened in 1923 and demolished in 2002 has been replaced, with 1,097 million euros of investment through, for an architectural marvel that opened in 2007 and changed the two iconic towers 35 meters high and an impressive arc 315 meters long and 7.4 meters in diameter that rises to 133 meters on the field.

Conceived as a multipurpose stadium, the Olympic Games in 2012 will be his first major appointment as the British Imperial Exhibition of 1924 it was for his predecessor. However, Britain is the birthplace of football and Wembley Stadium, now with a capacity of 90,000, has been and will host the Football Association, the Football Association. Remained the headquarters of the parties' selection of three lions ", as well as the FA Cup, Community Shield and Carling Cup must not forget that England won its only world title there in 1966 World Cup .

The new Wembley will host the May 28 final in their first Champions League, but in the curriculum of the old Wembley record included five of the same competition but under the name of the European Cup. Barca won there the last trophy with this name, May 20, 1992 which became the first of the three treasures in the Museum through the whiplash of Ronald Koeman.

The first club to be continental champions on the lawn of the stadium was gone Rivera Milan, Cesare Maldini and Giovanni Trapattoni, the May 22, 1963, beating Benfica 2-1. It was the first Italian club to achieve this milestone, and five years later, on May 29, 1968, Manchester United would be the first Englishman to rule in Europe. The loser, once again Benfica 4-1 to fall against the 'reds devils ". Wembley was born fútvol another myth of European Ajax of Johan Cruyff tricampoeón there joined his first European Cup against Panathinaikos on June 2, 1971 to win by 2-0.

The last previous success before the 1992 Barcelona is the Liverpool Club Bruges on May 10, 1978. Kenny Dalglish, now coach of the Reds' ", both got the victory. And by the way: if the club wins its fourth Champions, the path to the title Carles Puyol will be longer than that of José Ramón Alexanko: 39 steps to the stage has been transformed into 107 ... (via SPORT)

Afellay interests to Inter Milan

The Dutch luxury sounds as reinforcement for all Massimo Moratti ahead of next season.

According to the site 'Calciomercatoseria.it' Inter Milan would be interested in the acquisition of FC Barcelona's Dutch midfielder Ibrahim Afellay for next season.

After the disastrous season the Italian side, the Nerazzurri policy and are thinking of making your template for the next season with the goal of returning to be among the largest in Europe.

Nevertheless, it seems difficult to Ibrahim Afellay leave Barca due to the rising role being taken by the Dutch in the scheme of Pep Guardiola and the good game that is unfolding in this end of the season the young midfielder in 25 years. (via SPORT)

The club spent 137 'kilos' to the quarry in a decade

The money for soccer has grown since the 2000-01 season, according to the study of a research group.

The club has spent the past ten years a total of 137 million euros for the training of players from the quarry, a clearly profitable investment, not only from a sporting point of view, as the Blaugrana has become global reference most home grown players, but also from a purely economic point, the study conducted by Economics Research Group, Sport & Intangible Research Group which includes in its pages, the daily 'Expansion ".

The report explains that since the 2000-01 season, curiously, in which Leo Messi joined the club with thirteen years, the amount going to the quarry has grown steadily, with the exception of the year 2003-04 (the first of Joan Laporta as chairman), in which slightly reduced the amount of 9.38 to 7.11.

The numbers have been increasing, reaching 26.38 million euros have been devoted to youth football this season with the aim to train players for the first team, which costs, according to sources consulted Laporta Policy cited by the daily two-million investment for each player to reach the first team dressing room, the result of dividing the costs of training between the number of players who arrive at Camp Nou. It is estimated that only two of 20 youth football players reach the first team.

The report of the economic research group also estimated at 187 million euros the amount that any club would have to pay Barca should sign all the youth players that are already established in the first team. However, it is a surprisingly low, considering the termination clásusula players. Messi's contract, for example, includes a clause of 250 million euros. The Gerard Pique, 200 million and Xavi, 150 million, to cite just three examples.

The fact that Barcelona is consolidated subsidiary in the second division reinforces not only the sporting side of the quarry but also economic, because it allows better targeting of Barça B players, who enjoy a much broader media showcase that though acting in B. Second

Just selling the home grown players that do not fall into the first team plans is a pending Barça. The club always has cost in selling their home-grown at a good price, although there are examples such as Giovanni dos Santos, who joined Barca in the coffers of four million euros.

In contrast, the transfer of Damien, Botia, Xavi Torres, Verdú, Rodri or Rochina have reported the economic benefit that pointed his football potential, as recognized in the club. Some even left the club on a free transfer in search of new opportunities.

Transfer to players because they have no options left in the first team is a significant disadvantage because the buyer receives the message that the club sold not need money, but because the player in question does not have the capacity to play the first team. (via SPORT)

International press heaps praise on Barça

After Barça qualified for the Champions League final, the international press had nothing but praise for the way they played against Real Madrid.

Barça’s return to Wembley has opened the sports pages all around the world, with some names singled out for special praise (Abidal, Guardiola, Messi and Pedro) in a game that sent the club into its seventh final of Europe’s premier club competition. The French dailies applauded Barça’s football, and Italy’s ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ highlighted how the whole team contributed to getting to London, where the final will be a repeat of Rome 2009 against Man United.

‘L’Équipe’ opens by saying “the game wins”, with a photo of Messi dribbling the ball past Brazilian Kaká. The paper goes on to say that “there was no miracle” for Real Madrid on a night that Éric Abidal got “the ovation of the night from the Catalan supporters”. In similar fashion, ‘Le Parisien’ mentioned the return of the Frenchman and dedicated the headline in its sports section to its compatriot.

In Britain, Barça’s win on a rain-sodden night was called “the perfect storm” highlighting how the bad weather couldn’t stop the Blaugrana from delighting the 95,701 spectators. The ‘Daily Mirror’ includes a multi-page section titled ‘The Road to Wembley’. ‘The Guardian’ tells of how “Barcelona hold off Real Madrid threat to reach Champions League final” and ‘The Times’ feels that FC Barcelona have made it less likely that José Mourinho will be returning to England.

‘The Sun’ warns Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, who FCB are likely to be facing at Wembley, that “We’re coming to get you Man U”. The English papers already seem certain that the Red Devils will be playing in the final, and know that Barcelona is not just about Messi, but also Villa and Iniesta, who the ‘Daily Mirror’ scored the highest (8) in the game with Real Madrid.

Argentina naturally focuses on Leo Messi. ‘Clarín’ reckons “Messi is going for more”, and sports paper ‘Olé’ mentions that “he didn’t score this time, but came close”, and highlights Guardiola’s comment about comparisons with Santos and Pelé: “Barcelona has Messi”. Pep was praised as far as China, where ‘Xinhua’ hailed his second final in three years.

Russia’s ‘Sport-Express’ spoke of the “impeccable pass” that Iniesta provided to Pedro to put Barça ahead in the 54th minute. Meanwhile, ‘Gazeta.ru’ tells how “miracles don’t exist” and says that although early on Madrid caused a threat to Valdés’ goal “they immediately lost strength”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça shoot four times more

FC Barcelona had four more attempts on goal than Real Madrid on the night that they sealed passage to the Champions League final at Wembley. Here is some further trivia associated to the game.

In total, FCB had 12 shots compared to just 3 for Madrid. In terms of shots on target, the ratio was 8-1. Madrid scored with their only shot on target.

Messi alone, with six attempts, had twice as many attempts as the whole Madrid team.

Barça made exactly twice as many passes as Madrid: 734 to 367. In terms of completed passes, the balance was even better (645 to 276).

There was also a huge difference in fouls. Madrid committed 30 compared to 10 for Barça.

Puyol (11) and Alves (10) recovered the most balls for Barça. Only Arbeloa (12) topped that for Madrid.

0-2 followed by 1-1 is an exact replica of what happened when the same sides met in the Champions League semi finals in the 2001/02 season, but the roles were reversed this time.

Abidal reappeared a month and 21 days after his last game at the Sánchez Pizjuán on March 13, which also ended 1-1.

Pedro scored for the first time in 11 outings. He hadn’t scored since the 3-0 win in Mallorca on February 26.

In fact, the Canary Islander is the only player who scored in both of the last two Champions League semi finals, for he scored in Milan last year and again at the Camp Nou on Tuesday.

Keita is the Barça player who has gone the longest without missing a game. He has played in all 25 matches (10 as a starter and 15 as a sub) since Barça beat Malaga (4-1) on January 16.

Barça have no suspended players for the final on May 28. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

When the ball gives its verdict

The 1-1 draw at the Bernabéu as good as sealed the championship for Barça, then Madrid won the Copa del Rey 1-0 followed by 0-2 and 1-1 results in the Champions League semi finals to secure FCB’s ticket for Wembley. That’s the balance of the last 18 days. Madrid have the only trophy to show for it, but Barcelona have made huge steps towards conquering the two most important titles.

When it comes to clásicos, the Barça players do their talking on the pitch, and their performances were devastating: 72% possession in the first game, 69% in the second, 74% in the third and 67% in the fourth. Curiously, their most dominant showings were in their games at the Bernabéu against a Madrid side that played defensively.

As for passes we had 179 for Madrid and 740 for Barça in the first game, 184-816 (second game), 181-712 (third game) and 276-645 (fourth game). In total, 820 good passes for the whites and 2913 for FCB.

But despite Barcelona’s dominance in midfield, when it came to shots on goal, the two teams has similar records until the second leg of the UCL semi final. In the first match, Barça had slightly more (5-6), while Madrid had the edge in the second and third (5-3 and 5-4). But in the fourth game, Pep Guardiola’s led by a mile, with eight shots for Casillas to deal with, and just one for Valdés, which led to their only goal.

As for fouls, Madrid committed most, 95 (21, 26, 18 and 30), with Barça on just 69 (13, 24, 22 and 10). That was an average of 24 for Madrid (twice as many as they had made in the Champions League before the semis) while Barça’s average was 17. José Mourinho’s side received 15 yellow cards and 3 reds, while Guardiola’s side received 11 yellows and one red. (via FCBarcelona.cat)