04 May 2011

inesta: "reason to enjoy and to savor it"

Barca midfielder praised the merit of the team after qualifying for the final at Wembley. What is clear: "The club has been higher."

"Playing against Real Madrid demands to be 120%, not only by the game itself, but because of everything that surrounds it. Being a step away from the final and win at Real Madrid is a reason to enjoy and savor it. In League four days back and win it would be important to prepare in advance the Wembley game. "are the words of a happy Andrés Iniesta in 'The Score' Barça TV after qualifying Barca for the Champions League final.

According to him, "the four clásicos have finished in the best way possible, as it has managed to qualify for the final at Wembley." He adds that will live "a historic moment." For the Manchego, has been a worthy winner of the semifinals: "The club has been higher, we have always tried to play football, creating chances and we never expected to Madrid. Even in this match, winning 0-2, we went out to attack . Each party will be read, but the important thing is that Barca are in the final. "

Iniesta analyzed and the last clásico: "Madrid has raised the game differently by his need to score but the team has once again made a great performance, has been highly concentrated and has created many chances to score." He added: "We all have the impression that there has been a big football match between Barcelona and Madrid. They have incredible potential to play as they did today." In addition, the '8 'view that the key to success is to defend well, with balance. "

In Barça TV also spoke of his magic spell on the target of Peter: "The rally's goal was round. In our work the front always distance themselves into space and I've gone to Peter, who has better defined."

Finally, the second best player in the world spoke of the attitude of Madrid during the bout and after removal. "We lost the Cup, we bowed our heads and we came to Barcelona. The sport has these things, sometimes win and sometimes not. Sometimes you give and others take away, but eventually wins it deserves and play better . We have lost when we have recognized and have had no problem in saying "he recalled. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff: "Mourinho already has the answer"

FC Barcelona exentrenador Johan Cruyff analyzed for 'El Periódico' the Champions League match between the Blaugrana and Real Madrid.

Cruyff, in 'The Keys of the game', notes that "the Madrid set last night at the Camp Nou, the record of misconduct by a team in this Champions: 31. This data satisfies all the whys that the Portuguese coach raised as an excuse to protest, when they lost 0-2 in the first leg. Last night stay also earned ten (Lass) or nine (Adebayor) and yet ended up with eleven. Why?, as would the coach Madrid, because when you give away the ball when you give it away to a team that play and play and play, you're forced to chase and you're late, and you get tired, just making missing ...".

Dutch highlights the role of the goalkeeper of Real Madrid: Casillas was miraculous at times that the club could decide the game. " He explains that if you give the ball, you'll make more mistakes: "Real Madrid won the only competition that could win. And he did in overtime. And he did it with a boat that was resolved long before the Copa del Rey in his favor . Then, in the other three matches, the club was lord and master and, indeed, reinforced its hegemony in world football by showing that, just changing the style, just playing to rule, the Real Madrid can aspire someday to Barca reach all that, today, is far superior to all Jose Mourinho, whose questions were fair response yesterday to be eliminated from the Champions League. " (via SPORT)

"Perfect Storm" of Barca to "jump to Madrid"

British Tabloids Barca victory stand and the reactions of Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho for disposal.

Nou last night and opened with images of "star Petdro", who scored Barca, and "the party of (Eric) Abidal," back in competition after overcoming liver cancer.

The 'Daily Mirror' includes a special double number of framed pages with the title "Road to Wembley." "Raining champions" or "Eric, the toast of Barcelona" are some of the phrases that includes the newspaper, clearly pleased with the move from Barcelona to the finals of the Champions League on 28 May in London. In addition, the paper devotes two pages to figure out how it could be the match between Barcelona and Manchester United, a potential candidate to qualify for the final at Wembley for his lead in the first leg against Schalke in Germany (0-2), but not yet to resolve the tie at Old Trafford tonight. "Revenge of Rome, called the still hypothetical stake, which will be the seventh in Europe between the two teams.

For his part, 'The Sun' is responsible to remember Alex Ferguson, coach of Manchester United, "Messi will go to Wembley" and asks: Fergie tremble? "Going for Manchester," writes the newspaper assuming, like other tabloids, which will rival that of Barcelona in the final.

The Daily Mail focuses on Ferguson's statements yesterday at the press conference today before the match against Schalke, in which he asked his staff to "not fall apart like last season" in the next five days, very crucial for both its way into Europe in the race for the Premier League title.

Already pushing the "Red Devils" at Wembley, the paper recommends, "If you can not beat Messi, break it." And it shows a picture of the "genius of Barcelona" during last night's game at a time when "Carvalho, Kaka and Diarra" is thrown over it to stop.

Others, like the 'Daily Mirror' , speak of the "loser Ron (Cristiano Ronaldo)" and his accusations of "conspiracy" by the Barcelona. Specifically, the Guardian states that the allegations are against Mascherano Ronaldo, the Argentine former Liverpool player, who had learned to pretend in Barcelona. 'The Independent' points out that Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, did not provide the corresponding press conference after the meeting, but pointed to the involvement of Ronaldo, who "revived the controversy over conspiracy" in the last week.

Still the 'Daily Mirror' , which included a special Champions'',''a space for evaluating each of the players and the note goes high (8) Andres Iniesta, Pedro, Messi (Barcelona) as well as Iker Casillas and Diarra (Real Madrid). Kaka punished with the lowest score was 3. (via AS)

Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo, two examples of 'dominion'

José Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo made a nasty hand gesture denouncing an alleged theft of Barca in the Champions League tie.

Upon arrival at Barcelona airport, from the Nou Camp, Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo both wanted to make clear that the elimination of Madrid was due to an arbitral theft, beyond self-criticism or compliment to Barca, "the coach made no statement -.

So you can see from the images to the two Portuguese making a hand gesture which suggest that everything was a steal, the purest style to steal wallets "become fashionable in the wake of a video program ' street 'parodied on numerous occasions by the TV3 program "APM?." A clear example of lack of mastery and contrasts, for example, with details of two players like Xabi Alonso and Arbeloa, who congratulated the Barca players after the game. (via SPORT)

The Belgian De Bleeckere, "very satisfied with his arbitration"

Although UEFA referees prohibits comment on their performance, the Belgian Football Union said today that both the referee and his team are happy with the arbitration.

The Belgian referee Frank De Bleeckere said today was "very pleased with his performance" in the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, played last night in Barcelona, ​​as recorded by the agency Belga news.

Indeed, the arbitration proceedings by Frank de Bleeckere has sparked controversy in Spain for the cancellation of a goal by Higuain, regarded as unjust and decisive in the final result for the white team.

The Belgian press today echoes comments made by the Real Madrid striker Ronaldo, who said Higuain's goal was legal and framed this arbitration decision in a broader set of actions that have prevented Real Madrid qualify for final.

In this sense, although some Belgian media have avoided "feed the controversy is already huge around the arbitration", others such as public radio francophone (RTBF) considered that the fault which caused the cancellation "was not very clear." (via AS)

[Rating UCL Semifinal Leg2] FC Barcelona - Real Madrid CF (0-2)


French press highlights Iniesta, "a dreamy pin"

French press applauds the style of play FC Barcelona in the game that qualified for the finals of the Champions League and underlines the controversy to the arbitration decision that annulled a goal from Gonzalo Higuain.

"The victory of the game," headlined the sports daily cover 'L'Equipe' over a picture in which Messi dribbles the ball against the Brazilian Kaka.

Already in the match report, the paper starts by saying that "there was no miracle" for Real Madrid and Barca midfielder qualifies Andres Iniesta of "pin dream."

Iniesta, which together with Xavi and Messi is the 'Holy Trinity' Barca game "used a" dream technology "to assist Peter in the Barcelona goal, so the manchego receives an 8 out of 10 in the assessment of newspaper, which places an average of 6.18 to 4.81 FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The newspaper dedicates a prominent French Eric Abidal, who returned after undergoing surgery for a tumor in the liver and took "the Catalan ovation," says the paper.

On the controversial refereeing decision in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid players had to understand in a goal, 'L'Equipe' shows that the referee "should at least point to the first foul on Ronaldo" and not punish it caused falling on Mascherano.

The newspaper 'Le Parisien', meanwhile, puts the spotlight on Abidal's return to the pitch and French devotes its front page of the sports section.

On the game, said Le Parisien that "Barça did not shake" and "as was expected," played the final of the continental showpiece.

"The locals resisted by Iker Casillas stops, outstanding against Messi and Villa," writes the paper, which states that "invalidated" Higuain goal "after a foul imaginary" of Ronaldo.

For its part, the newspaper 'Le Figaro' also focuses on the return of Abidal, who devotes a photo of his companions blankets and notes that "martyred Barça to Real Madrid."

'Le Figaro' was on the field to "a different Real Madrid, but ultimately unconvincing" and wondered about the absence of Benzema. (via SPORT)

Valdano: "The tie has been seared by the arbitration proceedings"

Jorge Valdano, general manager of Real Madrid, said after the match against FC Barcelona the tie "has been seared by the arbitration proceedings".

"It was an intense match, played where the two teams tried to seek by all means. Congratulations to Barca and their fans to move to the end," said Valdano in Tve, who was critical of the performance of collegiate Frank de Bleeckere.

"This tie has been seared by the arbitration proceedings for the annulment of the goal by Higuain. Espramos have more luck in the future. It was a tie matched where the imbalance was in Madrid just a man down in the last twenty minutes, "said Valdano. So the goal disallowed said Higuain. "Cristiano is desequilbrado falls, Mascherano knocks her back and the play follows its course. That ends in a goal and we all know how important it is to score an early goal, which might have marked the game," he added Jorge Valdano. (via SPORT)

Karanka: "Mourinho is angry as all the Real Madrid"

"I have seen hundreds of millions of people also saw the last game," he assured the second of Mou.

Aitor Karanka , assistant coach of Real Madrid Jose Mourinho , explained that the Luso "is outraged, as all the Real Madrid" considering that the Barcelona target set has been eliminated in the semifinals of the Champions League because of arbitration in both parties.

"Needless to say more. I have seen hundreds of millions of people also saw the last game" , said Karanka , who led the team today at the Camp Nou to be Mourinho punished.

Luso coach has seen the game from his hotel room and Karanka has denied that any member of the coaching staff have contacted him: "We talked before the game of hypotheses that could give and what we would do, but not during the same because you can not have any communication " .

Karanka has revealed that, after the match, Mourinho has been in contact with clothing "to congratulate the whole team" , but explained that, once again, also he was "outraged" with arbitration.

The 'míster' was right again. He said there was no chance of qualifying and has been," he ironized Portuguese assistant. (via SPORT)

Mascherano: "We have not won anything"

Argentina's Javier Mascherano has been very happy with the classification of Barcelona for the final of the Champions League, but has reduced the relevance at the time of euphoria experienced by the Barcelona Declaration as the Catalan side "has not won anything".

The defender has said tonight that she is very happy because in his first year in Barcelona has reached an end, "it is not little." "But the season is not over yet, because we have the League. We will try everything we have been achieving worthwhile. We do not have to isolate it, because we have not achieved anything yet," he said.

Javier Mascherano admitted that the four classics in eighteen days "have created a lot of tension," perhaps because he played "a lot." The Argentine said that, these days, it is "supported" his people, because they have always "felt" by his side. (via SPORT)

Pedro: "Hopefully a repeat of 92"

Pedro Rodriguez, the Barcelona striker said after scoring the goal for his team that ruled the semifinal against Real Madrid (1-1), who hopes "to repeat the history of the 92" at Wembley, a new league final Champions.

Pedro referred to the conquest of the first European Cup for Barcelona, ​​thanks to a goal achieved by Dutchman Ronald Koeman, against Sampdoria Italian. "I feel very happy. It is always difficult to reach a final, so happy to eliminate a big rival like Real Madrid. We had a great game and I'm very happy," he told TVE.

"We hope to repeat history 92 and we win. We know it will be difficult because Manchester United has a great team but the important thing is that we are in the final," added sentenced assuming the other semifinal. Pedro thanked the goal pass from Andres Iniesta. "It was a great pass. It is a great joy to put the goal. I appreciate the support of the fans has been very good."

"Real Madrid has great players. We knew it would be difficult but the team has worked very well. We are very pleased to reach the final," he said. (via SPORT)

Iniesta: "This is a unique moment"

Andres Iniesta, author of the excellent pass that allowed Pedro make it 1-0, was pleased by the classification of Barcelona for the final.

Andres Iniesta, Barcelona midfielder said after qualifying his team for the final of the Champions League, that this merit is even greater because it has managed "to one of the best teams." "This is a unique moment. To have won a playoff against a team so strong is to celebrate. Before we had one of the best teams and so the conclusion has to be bigger," said international TVE.

Referring to greet some fellow Real Madrid in the national team, Iniesta said: "That's all you have to reign beyond the rivalry and each strip to their interests. There has to influence." Barça believe that today is a very important step, but the end you have to play it. " "Hopefully we can play well and win another Champions League, he said. (via SPORT)

Well played: FC Barcelona

Valdés: Just work because Madrid had not pulled, but never lost concentration. Anxious to secure exits and feet, nothing could be done in a goal from Marcelo, the only move that hit the target set into the net.

Alves began a close eye on the inmates of Cristiano Ronaldo, but little by little, he was releasing to become, as is usual with him, in a more attacking right wing. Yes, gets lost in the move that ended in a goal from Marcelo.

Piqué: Imperial. The head of the rear, cutting sober, attentive to the intersection and cash in the long scroll. Held off anyone who happened to travel in their area.

Mascherano: Not central, but it does not lack. Played a huge job, smart and quick on all coverages, the defense was less shone but the most shone behind their peers.

Puyol: Di Maria annulled in the first half and also bundle with Higuain when necessary. His competitive tension and spread the team win. Essential ago.

Sergio Busquets, began somewhat vague, but it was settled with the passage of minutes. Had the first chance on a header at the exit of a corner. Invaluable work and his dark, life insurance for Xavi and Iniesta.

Xavi: As always, set the pace in every moment you were interested in his team. All the game that made ​​the ship passed before or after their boots and also emptied the ninety minutes.

Iniesta, Xavi perfect partner. The best quality details of the party bearing the seal, for example, assistance to Peter in the 1-0. On the debit side perhaps lacked a little continuity.

Pedro: work, humility, sacrifice. Appeared in attack and defense emptied. In addition, defined with nerves of steel to Casillas in the play of 1-0.

Villa: started very participatory until he was eating ground to Arbeloa, who has a pending war and the recent classic that broke several times. Bottomless, Keita was replaced on 73 minutes.

Messi: He crazy Carvalho in the first half, when it produced three very clear chances that miscarried Casillas. In the second, played more away from the penalty area, but just had to check the white defense whenever grabbed the ball on the line three quarters.

Keita: Replaced Villa in minuto.73 to give more bite to the midfield and served without fanfare.

Abidal: Your entry in minute 91 was the emotional detail of the party. Month and a half ago went under the knife for surgery for a tumor in the liver and again felt football today.

Afellay: Replaced Pedro in 93 minutes. Shock to the Bernabeu, this time did not have time to touch the ball. (via AS)

Rosell, "has won the football and have won the values ​​of Barça"

Sandro Rosell, "very happy" after reaching the ticket to Wembley, has been described as qualifying for the final: "Football has triumphed and triumphed Barça values."

"I am happy that our fans and partners have behaved civic, sensibly, have encouraged a lot and have even surpassed the rain. Our players are great, they have played so great, and has been even more special for Abidal, and we also have some fantastic technicians. He won the game and values ​​have triumphed Barça. " These were the first statements of a president Rosell euphoric once the semifinal round against Madrid. It has been agreed for all.

In this sense, the way to the FC Barcelona . "This is a game that further enhances the history of Barça, with the majority of kids trained here. It's pretty cool. Is absolute happiness," he said. Rosell , however, wanted to get away from this match and give concrete a great historical value to this classification: "To me what I like is to make a historical analysis. for Barcelona is a magical night. You can not ask for more."

The president Sandro Rosell has not forgotten either the league title, which is also very close: "Now we must think of the League, because we still have to win. Remember that for us is the priority competition." (via FCbarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "It's an absolute success reaching two finals in three years"

Barça of Guardiola will play his second final of the Champions League in three years. A successful coach Santpedor, who is very proud of his players as they still have the ambition intact despite having won everything.

Arriving at a new end of the Champions League and having it removed at Real Madrid is a pleasure for all FC Barcelona. And Pep Guardiola , Barcelona since childhood, does not hide his pride to get to Wembley and do it with players like yours. "My thanks again to infinity for these players, from first to last" , says coach adding that " I am very proud. We are very pleased as we have done. "

Guardiola has very fond memories of Wembley stadium . And is that the current coach of FC Barcelona was part of the mythical 'Dream Team' that won the first European Cup in the history of the Club. 19 years after the club again but Guardiola admits that "I would be more excited if we were to old."

With all the coach of FC Barcelona notes that "we look forward to be." And above all, stresses that "a complete success in three years we have reached two finals of the Champions League" , not forgetting that last year the team was at the gates of Madrid.

As the party of Madrid in the Nou Camp, Guardiola has welcomed the white team. "I want to congratulate Real Madrid for his daring and want to play face to face." The coach knows that all white can play in different ways and in the second leg "we knew it would not give up."

But despite the good match of the Madrid and recognize that "we have removed an supercomputers" Guardiola wanted to highlight the attitude of his players who have made ​​a football in which "we have never lost our essence of play." It has also emphasized the "maturity" in the last minutes of the game. "We created many chances but with this game we have prevented them generate," says the coach.

In the final section of the party Guardiola has ushered Éric Abidal . "It's still the news of the day," said Barca coach acknowledges that he has played against the losses that dragged the team. "He's a very dear because it is all heart and has been involved we are thrilled."

In the case of Messi , Guardiola said: "It is great in everything." "It is the centerpiece in our game," he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Glorious moment for Abidal

The French defender reappeared in the final minutes of the Champions League semi final. He received a standing ovation from the fans and was lauded by his team mates after the game.

Éric Abidal’s return was the most poignant image of tonight’s Champions League semi final. On March 15 a tumour was detected in his liver, and following his operation and recovery, he was back in action tonight. It was a wonderful surprise to see his name on the team sheet, and Pep Guardiola rewarded him with some time on the pitch.

There was a cry of joy in the Camp Nou with a quarter of an hour of the match to go. Éric Abidal was warming up. Then, in the 89th minute, the defender went on as a substitute for Puyol, with the whole stadium applauding and chanting his name.

At the end of the game, his team mates gave him the bumps and the Frenchman joined the rest of the players on a lap of honour., where he was once again treated to rapturous applause.

Abidal then spoke to the Barça TV cameras: “I have never experienced this before. I can sense that the people love me and I love them too and will try to do my best for them on the pitch, as always … I am feeling fine, I didn’t do anything for three weeks and now I’m working hard. My dream was to come back and help the team with so many injuries”.

He was grateful for “the manager’s confidence and the help of the fitness coaches”, and was also “happy for the group and the fans” after qualifying for the final. “Let’s see if we can complete the cycle, I remember how they won in 1992 and I’d like to do it again … But there is a lot of training and matches in between, we have to take this game step by step”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

We’re going back to Wembley!

FC Barcelona have qualified for the seventh Champions League semi final in club history! And this one takes us back to Wembley, 19 years after winning the title in the same place.

Berne 1961. Seville 1986. London 1992. Athens 1994. Paris 2006. Rome 2009... and now London again in 2011. FC Barcelona, having put out Madrid in the semi finals, are back in the final just two years after winning the trophy for the third time in Rome. This is the first time Barça will play the final in both a city and country they have already played one in. Barça are going back to Wembley!

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

[UCL Semifinal Leg2] FC Barcelona 1 - 1 Real Madrid CF (Total 3 - 1)

Football is generous to those who love it. And Barça love it. Pep Guardiola and his side are off to Wembley after staying faithful to their style to overcome Real Madrid and Mourinho.

Football was the winner, and Barça are going back to Wembley, like they did 19 years ago. They go with the same essence, the same respect for football, the same desire to entertain and the same hunger to demonstrate how much they love the beautiful game. The aim is to bring back the Champions League trophy for the fourth time, and at the same place that they won the first.

In the most high-profile semi final in history, Barça played the football and Barça scored the goals (3-1). Barça do their talking on the pitch. It was football that gave its verdict tonight, and after it turned its back on Barça a year ago in the semi final with Inter, Barça got what they deserved this evening. But this year Barcelona were playing with the first leg result in their favour, and they played the favourites role to perfection. Staying loyal to their style (10 fouls compared to Madrid’s 31, and 64% of the possession), Guardiola’s side demonstrated that a style that they have been consolidating for years has reached its full maturity on the European stage.

The new Wembley will bear witness to how much better FC Barcelona are now than ever. Under Guardiola, Barça have won 18 out of 20 two-legged ties and 6 out of 7 finals. Now they are ready for another challenge. The Champions League final. Now is the time to settle an account Guardiola has had outstanding since the end of last season. “They owe us one” he said. And now he is just one step away from getting just what he said he would. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Puyol (Abidal, m.90); Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta; Pedro (Afellay, m.92), Messi y Villa (Keita, m.74)

Real Madrid: Casillas; Arbeloa, Carvalho, Albiol, Marcelo; Lass Diarra, Xabi Alonso; Di María, Kaká (Özil, m.60), Cristiano; Higuaín (Adebayor, m.55).

Goals: 1-0, m.54: Pedro. 1-1, m.64: Marcelo,

Referee: Frank de Bleeckere (BEL). He showed yellow card to Carvalho (M.13), Lass Diarra (m.58), Xabi Alonso (m.69), Marcelo (m.76), Pedro (m.82) and Adebayor (m.85)

Incidents: 95,701 spectators attended the match in game in the semifinal round of the Champions League match at the Camp Nou.