03 May 2011

All ready for the ultimate clásico

The team has temporarily suspended its concentration in the W Hotel for training in the Nou Camp this afternoon. It was the session prior to the match against Madrid.

Slightly less than nine hours before the match that will decide one finalist in the final of the Champions League, FC Barcelona has held the last training before the match. The set of Pep Guardiola has refined the last details in closed session at the Camp Nou, the scenario where you receive the Madrid tonight. Have exercised the 20 squad for the semifinal round of the Champions League.

After the meeting, the team has returned to the W Hotel, where he stayed focused from training on Tuesday night. The bus Barca has been cheered by dozens of supporters. The return to Camp Nou Barça about an hour and a half before facing Real Madrid in the fourth and final factor. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Napoli wants Jeffren

The name of the Barca youth squad Jeffren Suárez is on the future of the whole list of Naples. Bojan is also interesting, although the Naples assumes that you can not sign him.

According to Italian media says, limbo is one of the players followed by Napoli ahead of next season along with midfielder Gokhan Inler (Udinese), Wilson Palacios (Tottenham) to strengthen a team that will be next year's Champions.

Jeffren interest comes after all Naples has rejected the signing of Bojan Krkic by the difficulties that would make the Barca striker Linyola because the clause in the player and the club more interesting name.

Be seen whether the interest by the end of Venezuelan origin Jeffren fruits and ends up leaving the Catalan club this summer. Despite not being able to play too many minutes this season, 'brides' is not without midfielder. (via SPORT)

De Bleeckere 'pass' for Mourinho

The Belgian referee Frank de Bleeckere, it will beep the Champions League semifinal between Barcelona and Madrid, refused to respond to the statements of Jose Mourinho.

In an interview with Belgian daily 'Le Soir' by Bleeckeere preferred to answer with a 'no comment' in circumstances "in the words of Mourinho, who accused him of favoring Barcelona in the semifinal round last year between the Catalan and Inter Milan, then headed by the Portuguese coach.

In a decision widely criticized by Mourinho, the Belgian referee expelled interista Thiago Motta in the first half of the game which Barcelona won 1-0, while the outcome of the first leg 3-1, gave final passage to the the Italians. "When you're high level referee should agree to live with criticism, both positive and negative. It is no polemic," said De Bleeckere.

On the days before the match, with cross-complaints from both clubs to UEFA and accusations of foul play, the referee flamenco is aware that the game comes with a very tense environment. "Obviously I know what happened, but I absolutely take that into account at all," he said. "Every game has its history and, together with my assistants, I do everything in my power to ensure that only talk about football," added the official.

De Bleeckere, who will leave the arbitration later this year, believes the opportunity to lead el Clásico as a "godsend" in the final stretch of his career.

On the possibility to arbitrate the final, the referee said it would be "a dream", but a Barça-Madrid in the semifinals is "more than a consolation as he will be among" the three best memories "of his career. "I am extremely pleased to have been chosen and will try to show worthy of the party is an incredible find," he said. (via SPORT)

Debut victory in the copa de campeones (1-0)

Juvenil A has initiated the copa de campeones with a hard-fought victory against Sevilla. The only goal was set by Espinosa. If children fail Oscar Garcia on Friday beat the Las Palmas will qualify for the final.

Gerard Deulofeu danger created many actions, moved well Rafinha false '9 'but it was Javier Espinosa, who chose the match between FC Barcelona and Sevilla youth at a party level.

A goal by midfielder Talavera de la Reina on 25 minutes shift the balance of a duel between two very powerful. The ball control was Barca but Sevilla try to finish.

Juvenil A's debut in the copa de campeones was round so that the Catalans were also imposed in a penalty shootout (5-4) that serve to tie an equality of points and goals between two teams from the same group.

Oscar García boys have three days to prepare the next game, a match to be played in Lepe, home of the copa de campeones, next Friday at 10:30 am. Sevilla will play Wednesday at Las Palmas five in the afternoon. The final is scheduled for Saturday at 20:30. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Cadete B and Juvenil B, head to glory

The victories of Cadete B and Juvenil B approach the league title for kids of Fran Artiga and Sergi Barjuan. The Benjamín can become champion FC Barcelona on Wednesday if they beat Sant Cugat.


Sergi Barjuan's boys took giant's step to be proclaimed champions of League after a more comfortable derby of that waited. Espanyol kept 10 for expulsion of Albert in the minute 15 of the first time, a fact that Barça took advantage to impose its soccer with a goal of Dongou the minute 36. In the minute 4 of the second period Dongou encarriló the party with a second goal of the '9 'camerunés. To 22 minutes for the end, Espanyol stayed less with another man for the expulsion of Albarrán. Ebwelle, in the minute 76, it sealed the 3 to final zero.


The Mercantile of Sabadell gave the surprise in the Ciudad Deportiva winning a Cadete A azulgrana that had solved all the parties played at home until this day. Mamadou marked the only goal of a Cadete A that it played with less intensity of the habitual thing. The effort of the previous days in MIC, where Barça was champion after playing a heap of parties, it was paid expensive.


New victory of the team of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martin. The Cadete B went out with desires of marking, but Prat planted him/her face and, during the first part, both had occasions whites to open the marker. It was little before the rest that Moha made the 0-1. In the renewal, Sebas encarriló the party when signing the 0-2 with a great play and, already at the end of the encounter, Ramón Saavedra the one sentenced when marking the definitive one 0-3.


The azulgranas was taken the tournament when defeating Chelsea in the final one in the penalties shift, after tiing to one. The boys of Fran Sánchez and Xavier Franquesa dominated the encounter, but they inserted the goal first. Enric Franquesa unbalanced the party, but, although the azulgranas had occasions to undo the tie, the confrontation ended up in the penalties shift. The Infantil A you champion prclamó after defeating teams of the size of the Athletic one of Madrid, to which they won for 3-2.


Infantil B was proclaimed champion of the tournament, where they didn't find rival that them puedira to conquer. Denis's boys Silva and Carlos López defeated to Valladolid, the Youth and the Ray Vallecano. In the semifinals, Eric Mounts marked the goal that gave the pass from the team to the final one, where Real Madrid waited them. Elm tree was the executioner of the targets that you/they lost in the Ciudad Deportiva Iker Stalls of Ciudad de Móstoles.


Overwhelming Victoria the one that Andrés Carrasco' boys got and of Sergi Milà, although it was Milà who directed them in this occasion, since Carrasco it was in the Tournament MIC that takes place in Andorra. Up to eleven goals they were able to mark Camera, Juan Cruz, Guillem, Juli that made two, and Oriol Busquets and Juan Fernández, with a hat-trick each one. The party was of color azulgrana and, already in the rest, the marker was from 6-0. In the renewal, Alevín A it loosened and Vic marked two goals in strategy plays. At the end of the party, 11 at 2 in the marker.


Alevín B disputed the semifinals of the tournament before Valencia after a trajectory with ups and downs in which defeated Puertollano for 2-0, he fell before the Athletic of Madrid for 4 at 0 and it tied at two with Guadalajara. In the party against the Valencian ones, none of the two teams was able to open the can and the encounter decided in the penalties, where the azulgranas was eliminated.


It was not the best party in Jordi Font's boys that saw as Europe they were hardly advanced in a córner in the minute 5. Sergio Gómez was able to tie soon, in the 10, and his team had some clear occasions to mark the second point. But, in the renewal, the locals demonstrated the good team that you/they are and in a counterattack they made the second goal and, again, in a córner, the third. With this defeat for 3-1, Alevín should win all the parties that he has left to be able to continue fighting for the title of League.

CD RIBES "A" 3, FCB D, 9

Alevín D knew redirigir the party that began losing and it put an end it to a 3-9 favorable. To the two minutes it fit later the first reveille, but four minutes it tied and it was already located always for before in the marker. The encounter has arrived to the rest with a 2-4. In the renewal, the third room put an end to 2-7 and the referee whistled the end of the confrontation when Álex Calatrava-with four goals -, Albert Carry-author of a couple of reveilles -, Labinot and Lucas-with a goal each had one-already known how to take advantage of the many occasions that his team had created to get the victory. Therefore, fulfilled objective and injection of trust for the team that has broken a bad gust of two serial defeats.

[TORNEO MIC F-7 2011-05-01]

Benjamin TO it was erected as the best team in the tournament taken place in Andorra. Marc Serra and of David Sánchez's boys that they stayed unbeaten in the whole trajectory, they didn't insert any goal and they marked a total of 11 points. The final one, against Espanyol, they took it to him for 2-0 with goals of Adrià Altimira that better player of the tournament was also named.


The boys of Marcel Sans and of Isaac García began the party in an unbeatable way when Nil marked this way the first goal, encarrilando the party. In the second room, Nil repeated as scorer and Mika it also signed a reveille. In the renewal, with the 0-3 in the marker, Julián made the fourth goal azulgrana. An error of Barça allowed Sant Cugat to mark the goal of the honor, leaving the marker in the definitive one 1-4.

Benjamin C was planted in the final of the Tournament Mic after having defeated all the rivals with those that he met during the competition. The final one, against Espanyol, was very even. Although initially Jordi's boys Puig and of Albert Puig created numerous occasions to open the can, finally Espanyol who marked was and who the tournament was taken.

The small of Can Barça defeated Espanyol in the final of the Tournament Mic for 2 at 0 and champions were proclaimed. Xavi Simons and Éric Ambrosio the two scorers that gave the victory to the team was. The boys of Cristian Catena and of Òscar Hernández disputed a good tournament eliminating rivals of the size of Manresa in semifinals. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Laporta and Rosell agree to call for calm

Except for its undeniable Barça, surely a few things together for the last two presidents of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta and Rosell. But in the hours before the Barca-Madrid the two agree when to call for calm Barca.

You get to the last chapter of the Barcelona-Madrid this season with a more than loaded something undoubtedly more conducive to Real Madrid at Barcelona. Therefore, through their Twitter accounts, both Sandro Rosell as Joan Laporta, in less than 140 characters, ask the fans quiet.

Sandro Rosell, for example, says: "The fans Barca has always been an example of civility. This afternoon, once again, we all!".

And Joan Laporta, meanwhile, lies more in his commentary. "Today at the Nou Camp will give a civics lesson by encouraging the team as long as we have been in a semifinal, we respect your opponent and ignore provocations." (via SPORT)

Barca-Real Madrid: Especially a party

The mosaic super heroes welcome at the Bernabeu seeks to focus the energy of the step in encouraging the boat and not squander it in the rival.

On tonight will be a mosaic, another colorful display, synchronization and massive participation of Barcelona, ​​which rise to 95,000 cards to receive eleven gala de Guardiola with a mission to reaffirm its position as a finalist.

Which means, if all goes well, the Barça star even two mosaics, one at Wembley in the final on May 27 and another when playing against Deportivo-probably-to celebrate the conquest of the title in the stadium The third era Guardiola League. In advance, but with an unmistakable message of past and future at a time, the theme of tonight want to convey to the players that the tier is fully aware of the merit so far, the effort made to finish the job against Real Madrid in the Champions League and have its full and unconditional support for the final at Wembley.

In the cards referred to just six last six years that the club, if you good prognosis and removed to Madrid three times will have reached the final of the Champions League. "That this appreciation to the players is a form of incentive for victory" is written on the back of each of these 95,000 cards to be written "thanks team!". The message must also serve to focus all energy on encouraging the Barca team and not squander it in the rival.

Almost 2,000 units between MOSS and Urbana police take care of the safety of high risk, the head of which is Joan Miquel Capell, Commissary General Territorial Autonomous Police. "I ask for peace, which is a great show and the actors are aware that they are a reference for the fans," he said. The operation began yesterday with the arrival of Madrid and also take care of the 3,000 fans madridistasque be in the Nou Camp.

Being on time is key; For the mosaic is a success that the partners must occupy the stands at the time, which in the Champions League games always get the edge because of traffic and circulatory collapse that usually occurs in the vicinity of Camp Nou when the Hours are 20.45 and the working day. (via MD)

Barça back to lead the world club ranking

Barca leads the world rankings of the Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) ahead of Real Madrid, according to the list made public Tuesday.

efore the fall to fifth place Inter Milan, due to European defeat against Schalke, have improved a position the Barcelona, ​​the new leader, Real Madrid, Porto and Manchester United.

Santos was the best in April ahead of Porto and the Brazilian team scored the most points around the world (56) for their participation in the Libertadores.

FC Barcelona and Manchester United also added 56 points, but lost a match in their respective cups. (via SPORT)

That's the ranking:
.1. FC Barcelona (ESP) 300.0
.2. Real Madrid (ESP) 298.0
.3. Porto (POR) 278.0
.4. Manchester United (ENG) 269.0
.5. Inter Milan (ITA) 250.0
.6. Internacional Porto Alegre (BRA) 238.0
.7. Villarreal (ESP) 236.0
.8. Manchester City (ENG) 228.0
.9. Zenit St. Petersburg (RUS) 217.5
10. Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) 216.0
39. Sevilla (ESP) 172.0
48. Valencia (ESP) 163.0

Xavi, el clásico's metronome

The Terrassa live his duel against Real Madrid number 26 eleven years after its 'premiere' at the Bernabeu and countless memories. "The Madrid game is lawful but not me," says.

"I have quality to play` 4 "; I have vision and can defend the pass." It's been 11 years of these words of Ronald De Boer four hours before a Madrid-Barcelona of bad memories for Barcelona. It was Friday 26 February 2000 and the oldest of the twins born ten minutes after Frank knew that Guardiola would substitute at the Bernabeu. Beside him was another footballer azulgana gold. A young Xavi, "a dwarf who plays" as they said lower technicians, ready to shake the game when Van Gaal it deems appropriate. Casillas breathed relieved to see him at the bank: "More than just a spectacular player, is cool and safe in all respects. Has a sixth sense in the field, with a special game viewing can pose many problems, "he announced before the game.

Pep and pagans lived Xavi rarity of Barcelona, ​​with Ronald de Boer, Zenden and Luis Enrique at the helm, with Roberto Carlos and Anelka players with two goals. After the break Van Gaal regained `4" classic. Ushered Guardiola, Xavi, but Morientes scored the third and Barcelona captain finished with a distorted face. "The basis is to return to our values ​​and that happens to have the ball, which is the essence of our game," warned Pep. Such was the baptism of Xavi in ​​el Clásico. Van Gaal began giving Guardiola and Xavi did not notice until the second half. It was an insult to the legacy of Cruyff, but at the same time a very `cruyffista outburst" because that was the first to disobey when treading the Bernabeu. Since then come 24 Clásicos for Xavi and eleven years of upheavals: 10 wins, seven draws and eight defeats.

The de Terrassa spent his first fighting since the difficulty. Madrid suffered `Galactic". He knew what it's like to go behind the ball. And had to deal with the burden of nostalgia for Barça, very close to the charism of Guardiola. Xavi was suffering from vertigo with the possibility of occupying the site of the great captain and many doubted his ability to lead. These were the years of Gaspart. And the living Terrassa shocked by the summary trial of the stands. Was where he belonged in the field, but seemed to have fallen into place and the wrong time in the history of the club. Harvey lived, even the elimination of Barcelona in a semifinal in the hands of Madrid. So great was the disappointment that fantasized about the idea of ​​trying new adventures. But she gave birth so culé as Pep and persisted in the idea of ​​returning to be better than Madrid. Since the first season Rijkaard tasted a goal in the Bernabeu. Barcelona did not win the league but were advertised times of change.

Since then, and with the exception of winter 'era did Rijkaard, Xavi has grown to become "the best midfielder in the club's history," as says Guardiola. On the lawn, no more sublime message of the technician and he looks happy. Rate as few as 2-6 in the Bernabeu and 5-0 in the Nou Camp because he had to get up many times ..

No trace of the wounds of his first Clásico. Not a scratch, despite the recent defeat at the Mestalla. Madrid Xavi regards to the paternalism of the top known. He even scored three goals, a job-that of the striker, who has been improving over the years. "It is permissible to play as does the Madrid but not me. I do not like to speculate, I am a romantic, the viewer does not enjoy watching a team that does not have the ball, "he said yesterday. In the last four matches against Madrid Mou, Xavi has more character than ever. Like a metronome marking the entrances and rhythms of each group of musicians, the symphony Barca rules. No news of Madrid when the ball goes through his feet. Only a devastating rondo, a melody that mesmerizes opponents. Hands on hips and white frustration. "Our model is that of Cruyff. It's all about the Rondos. Each day of the year the practice. Is the best exercise: Round, Round, round. You learn the responsibility not to lose the ball, because if you do bad you go to the media. Pum-pum-pum, all the while with a twist. If you go to the environment is humiliating because the rest applauds and laughs at you, "is the language Barca as Xavi.

Well explained in the newspaper 'The Guardian does the process that children go through to get to the first team. Today's Clásico live number 26 and the children of La Masia expect a new master class' Pelops "Wembley Road. "There can be at the end of 92 because my parents would not let me were my brothers," he recalled yesterday. This evening you can settle an outstanding bill. (via SPORT)

Messi, to for Müller and Van Nistelrooy

Argentine footballer, as he goes to Barca, will become the future reference when you have to rely on his goalscoring statistics.

"These players shall ye less when not. Do not you value it enough, "said Pep Guardiola on its staff. The coach is right, statistically, in that some are valued more than others, but to make it into perspective, surely, is required over time. And to analyze the full extent Messi will be years, many years. Instead, to enjoy on this just need to spend the night and the Camp Nou or, less nuanced, seeing on television.

Because Messi, little by little, and also announced Pep before the Champions League final in Rome, is becoming eternal. The road is long but the speed at which it runs is very high. Just 23 years old and is already set up to great myths of the history of football. In absolute numbers, is already the third highest scorer of Barca over a century. Only Cesar (235) and Kubala (196) resist their 179 goals. Already uploaded to the podium, but seems unwilling to stop until reaching the first position. If the season ends well, which has already scored 52 goals in 50 matches and the following is least similar to this, the next year and could become the top scorer in the history of the club. Eternity embodied by Leo Messi.
Although reaching a dizzying pace, the challenges have not yet finished for the Argentine. The first one goes through to show their skills again tonight when Real Madrid. The Catalans' 10 "and has scored 11 goals in this year's Champions. The top scorer in a single edition was Ruud van Nistelrooy the 2002-2003 season. He scored 12 goals playing for Manchester United, who would be proclaimed champion. The difference between Dutch and Argentina is that the former Real Madrid player scored 12 goals in 14 games, while Leo has 11 in 11 games.

If all goes well, the `10 do you have two games to score two goals and break the record of the Dutch. Which almost certainly will match is to Gerd Müller. The `three` Torpedo pichichis "chained" in the European Cup from 1972 to 1975. No one has to repeat that feat, but Leo Messi, who has been top scorer in the previous editions, you can repeat this year. The second in this statistic sum 8 goals and share position Eto "o and Mario Gomez, even though their teams are no longer in the competition. They are followed by Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo Benzema, with 6 points apiece, and far away. The 11 goals from Leo Messi and exceed the best record of a Blaugrana in the competition. The former is owned Rivaldo, with 10 goals scored the 1999-00 season. Tonight, also could continue to cut differences separating him with Cesar Rodriguez in a special statistics for Barca. The fourteen times Leon thrashed Real Madrid's goal, four more than he has already achieved the Argentine. What I got at the Santiago Bernabeu is added to the list that make Di Stefano, Puskas and Luis Suarez, the only players who managed a brace in a European clásico.

Leo Messi will be eternal because its numbers for the story, but before that happens, millions of people will continue to enjoy the present. (via SPORT)

Barça offers a 'Mou' sitting in the box

Blaugrana club believes that putting the Portuguese in a VIP box might not be so sure.

Portuguese Jose Mourinho will today's game in the box at the Nou Camp, except that Real Madrid coach himself or decide not to accept the offer that has made Barcelona Policy. In the case of the Madrid institution disagrees with this proposal, the location of Portuguese will be decided at a meeting of UEFA's security to be held this morning.

Barca believes that the stage of the Camp Nou is the site that offers better guarantees for security. Mourinho will arrive at Camp Nou in the same coach that his players, so you can access the box inside the halls without having any contact with fans. In contrast, VIP boxes do not offer the same guarantees as to access one Real coach would have to walk through the stands, with the risks that would entail. In addition, the club has sold all the boxes available at a price of 20,000 euros.

The Blaugrana club has made available to the Real Madrid 31 localities of the box and believes the best solution is that Mourinho used one of them to attend the meeting.
In the event that the club president Florentino Perez reject this proposal, the final settlement would be made today during a regular meeting organized by UEFA to realize the security issues.

Remember that on the eve of the semifinals of last season between Barcelona and Inter, Mourinho witnessed a game live Guardiola set and sat in one of the locations of the box without a hitch.

You can not give orders to his players or his assistants

The UEFA regulations is very strict as regards the technicians who perform a punishment so that those responsible for the European football governing body are very aware of everything that makes the Real coach. Mourinho can not contact in any way with his assistants and his players throughout the match, either personal or telephone. Nor will they be allowed to send messages. Mourinho may not get into the team locker room fifteen minutes after the match has finished.
For this reason, the Portuguese will be permanently controlled by those responsible for the UEFA. It would not be the first time that Mourinho breaks all the rules. Once, even hid in a laundry cart to enter the locker room. (via SPORT)

Xavi: “we always attack - we won’t come out to defend”

Despite the 0-2 win in the first leg, Xavi insisted the team won’t “ come out and sit back and defend the lead– we always attack, we don’t know any other way to play and our fans would never let us”.

Nearly a week has passed since the third meeting between the Big Two and as Xavi pointed out with regret this evening at the pre-match press conference, there’s been lots of talk about almost everything but football since then.

Xavi has been a Barça fan since he was a child and facing the eternal ribvals Madrid always brings an extra spark of motivation, He also admitted it was “a pleasure and a great satisfaction to be here enjoying this” and that “we have a good result from the first leg”, as he aims for his third Champiosn League Final.

The Nou Camp may see different tactics from Real Madrid to those they employed last week, as Xavi commented: “the result makes that necessary – they’ll need to go out and look for the game more. They’ve lived on a counter attacking game and been ultra defensive, but we have to be prepared for them to play higher up the pitch tomorrow”. Whatever happens though, Barça will stay true to their own way of playing: “our game won’t change at all”, the Spanish midfielder insisted, “we always attack and never try and sit back and defend a lead - we don’t know any other way to play and our fans would never let us”.

There’s been no end of controversy after last week’s game, but Xavi, a footballer through and through, revealed: “It saddens me to have to talk about things that are nothing to do with the sport. It’s not for me to judge the behaviour of Madrid’s manager, but in the end, you win because you deserve it, because you have done more good things. All these official complaints just get nowhere. We try and just talk about football and not those lamentable incidents”.

One thing Xavi is clear about though: “our behaviour has been exemplary. It has been in all the games we’ve played and all this business seems pathetic and deplorable”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Abidal, summoned!

SPORT has been told, Eric Abidal will be the big surprise of the call for Guardiola for tomorrow match between Barcelona against Real Madrid in the Nou Camp.

The French defender was dressed in short and trained this afternoon with the rest of the group for the first time after the intervention that was submitted on 17 March in that was removed a tumor of the liver.

Abidal was greeted with warm applause by his teammates and addressed them in parliament shortly before the afternoon session.

So, the Gallic defense has become the great dramatic effect of the call for Pep Guardiola facing the momentous game lasemifinal round of the Champions League tomorrow you will face Real Madrid in the Nou Camp.

His fellow defender Carles Puyol dedicated a tweet at the end of the workout: "Vamoooooooos Abidal. I'm glad brother! Q phenomenon. Alller nique la famille ..."

He also dedicated a few words on Twitter Jeffren "Abidal in the group and, big brother! And the team ready to play!" (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Olivella, memories of a memorable party

Ferran Olivella relives the day that the club eliminated Real Madrid in the knockout stages of the Champions League. On November 23, 1960, losl Barca won 2-1 the second leg with the mythical goal of Evaristo.

Never forget that game. The Barca eliminated for the first time the King of the European Cup, Real Madrid, and broke the hegemony of four consecutive titles. As fate would have for the second consecutive season, Barca and white cross in the top European competition. Last year, Real Madrid Barca eliminated in the semifinal. The rematch was served and Ferran Olivella was the star of that historic match. It recalls to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat.

It was the second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League. In the first leg played at the Santiago Bernabéu, the result was a tie to two. The victory was therefore required if the club wanted to move to the quarterfinals. Barca won 2-1 and Ferran Olivella , Barcelona left side of that mythical of Ramallets, Kubala, Suárez, and Evaristo Verges, remember that the team gelled a great game: "We played very well, this is the truth. The tie hanging by a thread after the 2-2 first-leg, but the team played very focused. Kubala helped me a lot on defense and the team was at a high level. "

History will remember Barça Barça's second goal, the work of Brazil Evaristo , who chose the Barcelona side tie. Olivella was decisive, because of his boots came the shot that finished off the Brazilian striker: " It was a play studied. Kubala passed me the ball at the apex of the chute area and as I came. It was not a center, as some have wanted to see, but finished my to-door with all my might. Evaristo was launched in iron and finished the back of the net. It was a beautiful goal. "

Olivella not understand the complaints of Real Madrid, which for many years have pointed out that the referee in that game, the Englishman Reginald Leafe, I canceled three goals: "Nothing, man, nothing. We must remember that at the time when the referee whistled off the football game was played and ended the scoring goal, which now can not do because they teach you a yellow card. Barça played very well and no excuses. "

Olivella is a lover of the current boat. Is optimistic that the team will be at Wembley on 28 May: "I see football since he was 9 years old Les Corts. I have seen thousands of matches and I've never seen a team like this. They have fun doing them and enjoy fans. I'm optimistic , but until you finish the game not breathe calm because in football you suffer slips as Saturday's Anoeta. But with this team and as you play, the partner may be happy and peaceful. "

Guardiola: “attack, but with common sense”

Pep Guardiola has called on his team to show Catalan common sense in tomorrow’s game, which he predicts will be: “a terribly hard game”.

Guardiola gave a clear message to his players and the fans ahead of Tuesday’s game: “we’ll have to attack, but with common sense. Just like the people do where we come from. Tomorrow we can show what we are as a team. We have to dominate like we did at the Bernabeu. We have to be prepared, because it will be terribly hard, from the footballing point of view and emotionally too. We have to move the ball quickly, make it fly. I know that the 100,000 fans at the ground will help us”.

Despite the 0-2 advantage and the words of the Madrid assistant manager, seemingly dismissing the game, Guardiola remains extremely cautious: “as Aitor (Karanka) said, there is 109 years of history between us Eleven extraordinary players are going to come out, guided by a very competitive manager who wants to knock us out. The most important thing in their lives right now is this game”.

Asked about Real Madrid’s complaints to UEFA about the supposed anti-sporting behaviour of his players, Guardiola explained his respect for the footballing authority’s decision: “when you make these complaints, it’s because you believe them to be true. They may think we’re not fair and I think the opposite. I know my players much better than their legal department. At this club we transmit certain values to our people. The Madrid manager was here for four years and he knows that”. As to the accusations about his own role, Guardiola explained: “they would have to know what I said, but they don’t know what message I gave –only my players know that”.

Whatever happens on Tuesday, the boss is clear: “it’s a great achievement to be four points off winning the league and in the Champions League semi finals for the third year running. I want to thank the players in advance for letting us all allow this semi final. I want the fans to come with that sensation. I want the world to see us playing well”.

Finally, the boss expressed his satisfaction at the return of Abidal to the squad: “there are two bits of news here. Firstly, that we play in the semi finals of the Champions League tomorrow and secondly that we have a guy who has had cancer and he’s back with us. Medically, he’s perfectly okay, he’s lost weight and he’s not ready for 90 minutes yet, but when the fans come along, they’ll see him on the bench and give him a great reception, We are all very happy about it”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)