02 May 2011

UEFA underrates the accusation of Madrid against Barça

UEFA has rejected the appeal of Madrid in which he denounced the alleged unsportsmanlike conduct six Barça players.

The European football's governing body has not seen fit to admit on the complaint of Madrid for alleged unsportsmanlike conduct Alves, Busquets, Pedro Pinto, Keita and Valdes in the first leg semifinal of the Champions League. The Primera Liga club has announced it will appeal the decision.

Mourinho on the statements in the press conference after the match UEFA will decide next Friday, when the commission held control and discipline. (via SPORT)

FCB-Madrid (Champions). Did you know…

After the 0-2 win in the first leg last week, the fourth El Classico in the run of games between Barça and Real Madrid throws up some interesting facts:

Madrid have failed to score in their last three games at the Nou Camp, losing 2-0, 1-0 and 5-0 (all La Liga games).

Víctor Valdés and Carles Puyol are unbeaten in their last seven games against Real Madrid.

This Monday is the second anniversary of Barça’s famous 2-6 win at the Bernabeu, which was their biggest ever away win against their great rivals and also sentenced the 2008/09 league title.

The team are one game away from setting a record of consecutive home European wins, having won their last nine at the Nou Camp.

Barça have taken a 0-2 advantage into the second leg of a European tie on six occasions and always won the tie.

On 30 of the 32 occasions that Barça have taken any sort of lead into a second leg game in Europe, they have won the tie.

In the first leg last week, Barça completed three times as many passes (794) as Madrid (267).

With his two goals at the Bernabeu, Leo Messi confirmed his position as the competition’s top scorer and has scored 11 so far this season.

Pinto, Pepe, Ramos and José Mourinho are all suspended for the game, whilst Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Adebayor, Di María and Albiol are just one yellow card away from suspension.

Of the four semi-finalists, Barça have committed the fewest number of fouls in the competition(127).

The Belgian referee Frank De Bleeckere will referee the game. He has been in charge of 43 Champions League games, four involving Barça and five of Madrid’s games. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

FC Barcelona will participate this summer in Audi Cup 2011

In late July, 26 and 27, the FC Barcelona will participate in the Audi Cup with Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Porto Alegre International. A tournament in which fans can choose the matches via the Internet.

The Allianz Arena will host the end of July the Audi Cup , one of the tournaments this summer, bringing together four teams on the international scene. The FC Barcelona will participate in this cup to be held on 26 and 27 July and which will also take part, Bayern Munich and AC Milan Internacional de Porto Alegre .

On the opening day, July 26, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich will play against the team that the fans choose, AC Milan or Porto Alegre International through the network. Fans can select their favorite matches on the website www.audicup.com . Have time to vote until May 7 at 3:30 p.m. , at which time you'll know which team opens the FC Barcelona in the Copa Audi, and consequently how will the Bayern team.

On 27 July, having lost the previous day, will meet for the third and fourth place, while the winners will contest the Audi Cup final. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The last semi-final in the Camp Nou

Barça will look to take advantage of playing the return leg of the Champions League Semifinal at the Nou Camp to book a place at Wembley. In the last 50 years they’ve gone through after 3 of the 7 semis with 2nd legs at home.

All eyes in the footballing world be on the Nou Camp on Tuesday as Barça aim to make their third UCL final in 6 years. The team will be aiming to press home the advantage they took in Madrid last week, backed by the Nou Camp faithful, but they know that there is still a lot of work to do. In the last 50 years, Barça have played the second leg of a European Cup semi final at home on 7 occasions and won through on 3 of them.

That famous season of Eto’o, Ronaldinho and Belletti in Paris saw Rijkaard’s team draw 0-0 in the second leg at the Nou Camp and Giuly’s goal in Italy saw them through to that unforgettable final in the French capital. Athens doesn’t hold such good memories for Barça though, as it was the scene of their defeat in 1994/5 after they had thrashed Porto in the semis with a fantastic 35 yard screamer from Koeman helping them to a 3-0 victory. Finally, the painful 85/86 final was preceded by a Pitxi Alonso hat trick against Githenburg in front of an ecstatic

Six of the seven results in those second leg games would see Barça through on Tuesday if repeated. As well as the results against AC Milan, Gothenburg and Porto, the 1-0 win over Inter, the 2-1 against Valencia in 2000 and the draw with Leeds in the 1974/75 campaign would all be enough to see Barça through, with only the 1-3 defeat to Real Madrid in 1959/60 not enough if it were to be repeated. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Semi final second legs at the Nou Camp

2009-10 FCB 1-Inter 0
2005-06 FCB 0–Milan 0
1999-00 FCB 2–Valencia 1
1993-94 FCB 3–Porto 0
1985-86 FCB 3–Gothenburg 0
1974-75 FCB 1–Leeds 1
1959-60 FCB 1–R. Madrid 3

Esperanza Aguirre likes the style "politically incorrect" for Mourinho

The President of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, Mourinho praised his style and "politically incorrect".

Speaking to Cadena SER, Esperanza Aguirre discussed the controversy about the statements of Jose Mourinho after the semi-finals of the Champions League tie against Barcelona and praised the attitude of the Portuguese. "Mourinho is politically incorrect, and me I like the politically incorrect," said Aguirre.

The President of the Community of Madrid played with his parallel between it and white coach said that while "there are times during games boring", in Mourinho's press conference "There is no second" out of boredom. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Ronaldinho, who won the Copa Río

Flamengo of Ronaldinho won on Sunday 3-1 in penalty shootout to Vasco Da Gama, after tying 0-0 in regulation time, and got his degree and number 32 in the Carioca championship, regional tournament which takes place at beginning of the year in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Flamengo, who had won the Guanabara Cup, as it is called the first stage of the Carioca championship, now conquered the Copa Río, the second stage, and the automatic title Vasco frustrated the range, which should win to force a final tournament regional.

In a match played from start to finish, with many yellow cards and ejections in the last minute of Allan (Vasco Da Gama) and Williams (Flamengo), 35 visitors had to settle for the definition from the Twelve Steps.

Flamengo converted by Renato, Fernando and Thiago Neves, while Chilean Gonzalo Fierro, who had replaced Dario Botinelli, missed the only release of 'Fla'.

The star Ronaldinho was the fifth player who was going to launch Flamengo.

Vasco da Gama it marked through Alecsandro and it failed with Bernardo, Fellipe Bastos and Elton. (via SPORT)

Madrid accuses teatrero Busquets and of calling "monkey" to Marcelo

Real Madrid has posted a video on their website which analyzes the arbitral appointment Belgian Frank De Bleeckere, recalling an arbitration in the Champions League semifinals a year ago at the Camp Nou, and accusing Sergio Busquets to "theater" and called "mono" Marcelo.

A two-day leg of their Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​after the 0-2 first-leg, the clubs exchanged messages with videos on their web pages.

The set shows a piece Madrid Real Madrid TV television. "The capricious fate has willed that José Mourinho, De Bleeckere and Barcelona will cross again on the road a year later," begins by saying.

"His last chapter was marked by controversy," he recalls. "This collegiate experience came to Barcelona as a seal of approval and fell, one in the list, with the theater that has become a specialist, Sergio Busquets.

"We have to rely on for this match at the Camp Nou, in the eyes of world football, not again fall into the trap of unsportsmanlike actions of some Barcelona players as those seen at the Bernabeu," said showing images Dani Alves to receive input that caused the expulsion of Pepe.

"And that does not allow contempt for the opposition and by flag bearing the Uefa basic principles: respect and fair play," concludes denouncing Busquets image words of Marcelo in full party captioning as "monkey, monkey." (via SPORT)

Barca-Real Madrid: With the talisman Iniesta

Doctors and technicians are clear that you can play against Real Madrid.
No one forgets that his Stamford Bridge goal by earning a spot in the final in Rome.

Tomorrow, against Real Madrid, Pep Guardiola will be without great Andres Iniesta. That's the best news for the Catalans, who have blind faith in the man who with his wonder goal at Stamford Bridge put Barca in the final in Rome, 2009 and now wants to be in the Wembley-2011. The manchego was lost the first leg of the semifinal at the Bernabeu because of a soleus contracture of his right leg. That was certainly to play exclusively reported MD, Guardiola confirmed news at a press conference to be included in the casualties. Pep also called Andrew to Anoeta. It was a precaution.

Fortunately for Barcelona, ​​today and according to sources at Barca dressing room, Iniesta have all the numbers in order to join the starting lineup against Real Madrid. In fact, Andrew and part of the training held yesterday at full capacity. Today, at its meeting held the morning team at the Camp Nou, we will check what state, though no doubt they will certify that your discharge.

Also Carles Puyol, who did not travel to Anoeta, has all the numbers in order to be a starter in the last and most decisive of the clásicos. Thus, Guardiola may put at stake their best eleven possible, with the exception of falling sick Abidal. Thus, Valdes (also booked Anoeta) will be in goal, in defense act Alves, Mascherano, Pique and Puyol, on average, Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta, and in the front, Pedro, Messi and Villa.

Oier or Miño

Pinto disabled after their expulsion from the trip, Guardiola should decide which goalkeeper will tomorrow be the alternate branch of Valdés. Yesterday trained with the first team as both Oier Miño, but not until today when Rijkaard determine which of the two goalkeepers in the subsidiary is responsible for being on the bench against Real Madrid. Perhaps a clue to help where they can go adventure shots: Friday, Valladolid, played Oier. If you worked in the subsidiary in the same line as the first team, the booth (Minho) should be chosen. Yesterday I also worked with the first team Roberto Sergi, Thiago, Víctor Vázquez, Tello, Saul, Oriol Romeu, Armando and Abraham.

According to confirmed sources close to the technical MD, yesterday led the team not to give his side the clásico slogans of tomorrow. Yesterday was a day of recovery after a loss and after a journey that ended late and was trying to restore power. Will be today and tomorrow when Pep launch its final message to the biggest game of the season. (via MD)

Real Madrid, to die fighting in Barcelona

The plan is to provoke Barca to see the red and lost the final to Wembley.

Although the official stance is that Real Madrid comeback tomorrow in the Nou Camp may, the truth is that doors inside, everyone assumes that the fall Mourinho against Barca. Against this background, the main slogan that now reigns in the Santiago Bernabeu is to die killing. That is, that tomorrow in the Nou Camp, Real Madrid will do everything possible so that if they do not pass, the maximum number of Barca players miss the Wembley final.

The tactic is disturbing to those of Pep Guardiola to be expelled, the only possibility that there are at Wembley on May 28 because the players would clean yellow to that end. The 'elected', to call are somehow Leo Messi, Sergio Busquets and Dani Alves. This trio can now start preparing because they will be the white target to provoke in order to keep their nerve and white fall into the trap. Obviously, the rest of Barca also have to be careful because they will not be unpunished white strategy.

It is the last bullet has to avoid seeing Real Madrid Barca Champions League and League celebrating another great season. So much so that even among white fans there is a mainstream for Mourinho to do anything that the club lost the largest number of troops for the final.

While all this happens, the setback suffered on Saturday against Real Zaragoza has been very hard. Has affected the entire Real Madrid, including Jose Mourinho. So much so that after the clash against the set rolled, Florentino Perez met with him to cheer him up because he was very weak. President slapped him and he even said that absolutely nothing happens if tomorrow falls Real Madrid at the Camp Nou against Barcelona. One example that within the set target anyone apuestapor a comeback against Barca. That does not mean that the lower arms Madrid, the opposite. Still has a role to play in the final Clásico of the season: avoid as Barca win the Champions League. (via MD)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff: "The manager is Florentino"

The FC Barcelona exentrenador Johan Cruyff in his weekly article analyzes of 'El Periódico' the acontemicientos occurred around the Champions League match between Real Madrid and the Blaugrana.

"I do not know why all the fuss. In so surprised. From time to put their hands to the head in the postpartum press conference Mourinho's Champions League. I've heard he's crazy, it's a manipulator. I read a thousand adjectives and mostly no good to define what he said and how he said. That was an eyesore, who made the ridiculous, he lost all credibility. And as everyone has pointed and fired into Portuguese, I think it should be noted that if someone of everything has happened and everything that has to happen in the White House is another, "explains Johan Cruyff in his article.

And the coach of Catalonia believes that "Mourinho has done its job. In its own way. As he understands football. But he's just coach. Above him there is someone who decides everything. The president is the boss . The president is that makes the line of the club. The president will decide what they want and how you want your computer. And then tab to a technician. The general elects its president. The professional has to take his players compete. In the end the coach is an extension in the field of many of the values ​​that the president wants to defend. Only one problem: when the only value is the final victory, when you give all power to your end as long as general with the enemy when you forget the history, values. Then you cross the line too dangerous. "

Cruyff recalls that "Florentino joined Mourinho to end the supremacy of Barca at any price." "I do not not pass midfield, giving up football constant attack for years and years lived the Bernabeu. I do not disrespect professional football, complain about everything. I do not care. Everything goes as long as win. But he forgot that Florentino has fantastic players. Players who could come to form a great team. Players who could one day topple Barca enjoy doing your hobby, "he notes.

Finally, supporting the Blaugrana coach: "I heard Guardiola in his press conference prior to the first leg of the Champions League. I agree with what he said. Only a serious error: he was not who was to speak. Is an employee. Another general, but an employee. His job is to prepare your team to play well and win, not going to split up for the club even if he does better than anyone. This job belongs to the president or his deputy. Florentino has Mourinho because the show enters the pack. This is the second time that Pep will get to do something he hates. Let it be the last. " (via SPORT)

On a magical night

The Nou Camp should be tomorrow's best friend who wants to sentence a Barça qualification for the finals of the Champions at Wembley.

The Nou Camp tomorrow should give a lesson sovereign Madrid and Mourinho. Barcelona has to respond strongly to food handlers and vendors of lies with a demonstration of civility. Picking up the words of President Sandro Rosell, the fans forget all provocations launched from the cave media focusing only on what really matters: Guardiola support team to achieve their qualification for the finals of the Champions League.

The brilliant 0-2 achieved in the first leg at the Bernabeu invites high hopes of getting the dream goal of being at Wembley on 28 May. But the Blaugrana will need more than ever, the unconditional support of all the Catalans to 'finish off "to Madrid. The steps of the Nou Camp should be filled with passion to lead the team in a twinkling. To search for a historic victory. At stake is the final of the European Cup! And these same steps should also be filled with `seny" to respond to the attacks during the last ten months by the spokespersons of the National Real Madrid `smart" with indifference.

Tomorrow night should be magical. Exciting. Wonderful. Brilliant. One night when soccer succeed in the Camp Nou. The noble and great football practicing Barca, with the aggressiveness and meanness of style advocated by Mourinho. Guardiola will bring his team to the full to offer the best performance possible. Let no one think in another 5-0 game as the league. Result is a virtually unique. But the victory. Because this boat has already demonstrated, throughout this series of clásicos, which is far superior to Madrid.

Yet, despite this superiority, we must beware of a possible solution to the desperate of the set target. There has been the standard pattern in these duels, nor is the model of the Portuguese coach. But it is the only hope left for the Madrid to dream of a comeback impossible. That and the aggressiveness bordering the violence they have used so far in the three previous clásicos. We will have to have you, therefore utmost respect for the rival, both in the field and in the stands. Because although Madrid is sunk, it is still dead.


The key is to not fall into the trap of Mourinho. Officially, the Portuguese coach threw in the towel since, in his bizarre press conference after the 0-2 at the Bernabeu, that "we are eliminated." But a character like the Portuguese coach can expect anything. You will want to die fighting. And their particular dialectical strategy used to provoke Barca and Barca. His repetitive speech, replete with falsehoods, should fall, this time, in vain. Indifference.

The Blaugrana have an advantage on the scoreboard and in the field. You can only lose if it enters into the rhetoric of Mourinho and seeks revenge. Make no mistake: the best revenge is to knock the Madrid and qualify for the Champions League final. With the league and won by the club, the mega project of Florentino Perez should conform to a Copa del Rey now know very little after seeing all Guardiola plays the Champions League final at Wembley.

More than ever, tomorrow the Nou Camp should be a `clam". The Nou Camp is roaring, shouting "Barça, Barça, Barça!". The Nou Camp is to become the scene of the Greatest Show on Earth. The theater of dreams of all Catalans. And when the final is already a fact, once it has achieved another victory against Real Madrid, when we are at Wembley, celebrate in style. Singing, dancing and, if necessary, shedding tears of emotion. The Blaugrana have to be feeling more present than ever in the biggest game that was played at the Nou Camp in a long, long, long time.

For Mourinho may ask again why all the whys'?. And so, finally, find all the answers. Because the club is the best club in the world. Guardiola because the team wants to make history. Because the quarry is an example blaugrana universal. Because of this whole football excellence has become the benchmark to follow. Because this project is not built with money but with passion. Because so much effort deserves the best prize ...

The nearly 100,000 Catalans to make an appointment tomorrow, starting at 20.45 am at the Camp Nou, should sound as one voice of encouragement to a team that, as Guardiola said earlier this season, we should be one. And do not usually fail, it's time to settle their debt. Expected Wembley final to Barca. (via SPORT)

Madrid requests sanction to 6 players of Barça!

Officially asks UEFA to act against the Blaugrana before the semi-final second leg.

The control and disciplinary committee of UEFA has today ahead of their meeting to consider the claim that Real Madrid moved to the European body last week in which claims, according to Catalunya Radio, a penalty to six players! Barca to understand that there was misconduct in the first leg semi-final match at the Bernabeu.

Madrid has already expressed its intention to withdraw before the UEFA Barca as a team for unsportsmanlike conduct, but in its letter specifically calls for a penalty six players specifying the actions of the game in its view that there was misconduct.

But Madrid goes further in his complaint, it also includes the Barca coach Pep Guardiola. In its intention to involve also the coach, the Primera Liga club argued that the attitude of the players of Barcelona is the result of a "preconceived tactic by Mr. Josep Guardiola

In particular, the Madrid calls for two-match ban for Alves, Pedro and Busquets, and a party of punishment for three players: Pinto, Valdes and Keita. Madrid also denounces racist insults Busquets Marcelo, according to a report on Spanish TV

In its complaint, the white club specifies in detail the actions for which claims and in what minute occurred. For example, in the case of Valdés, Pinto and Keita corresponds to the incidents with Arbeloa at halftime and led to the expulsion of the second goalkeeper Barcelona.

Real Madrid's strategy was surprised at the offices of the Camp Nou: FC Barcelona officials, still stunned by the denunciation of Madrid, believe that the decision of the club intends Chamartín further heating the atmosphere of the classic in the Camp Nou, extreme stress and convert the last of the duels between the two major open warfare that has transcended the playing field.

Madrid also try to decenter himself Guardiola, included in the complaint as an inspiration for a supposedly unsporting attitude of his players.

Interestingly, specifically claiming Madrid two-match suspension for three players of Barca, a request surprising because no benefit to the white team. If UEFA As requested by Madrid, Alves, Busquets and Pedro could not play the final at Wembley (if classified Barça), a punishment which in no benefit to Madrid, a club that, at least officially, has always presumed to support the other Spanish teams in European competition against rivals from other countries.

In the club there is a sense that withdrawal from Real Madrid will not prosper and that therefore no penalty for players. Any other decision of UEFA's committee would be a major surprise and would create a dangerous precedent, that of rearbitrar games.

The coach points to the box luso

Jose Mourinho was sent off in the first leg and, therefore, meet one-match ban at the Camp Nou. You can not sit on the sidelines and the club will offer you a place on the stage of authorities because they believe it is the safest place. The technician will not see the game from a private box, as all are busy. The box allows authorities Mourinho moved from the locker room with ease and avoiding potential security problems. (via SPORT)

Victor Valdés would already have the Trophy Zamora if he wanted

He still has a shot the best percentage in history, held by Liano, if he plays three more games and not conceding a goal.

Victor Valdes did not play in Anoeta but curiously took a step closer to the Zamora Trophy. With 15 goals conceded in 29 games, Barca goalkeeper is no longer escape the award for best goalie in the league. Mathematically, however, must still wait to finish the league, but has another opportunity to sign and the trophy, do not play any of the four games remaining for the season finale. Logically, no more goals and fit after completing the minimum number of games to qualify for the award (28), and would have its cuatrto Zamora, after he won in 2005, 2009 and 2010.

The only thing that would dispute this is Iker Casillas, who has played in all 34 games of this championship with Real Madrid, in which conceded 29 goals, with an average of 0.85 per game. It is virtually impossible to lose Valdes Zamora: To do this, Casillas would have to leave to free its goal in four games remaining (ending the season with a percentage of 0.76) and Valdés, receiving eleven goals! in those four games and finish with an average of 0.78. Mission impossible for the goalkeeper of Real Madrid. The umpire's Diego Lopez of Villarreal, which has received 40 goals in 33 league games.

But Barça goalkeeper has yet to throw a historical record, becoming the highest percentage Zamora scorer of the league, still in the hands of Paco Liana, who in the 1993-94 season was only 18 goals in 38 matches League he played, with an average of 0.47. If Valdés played three more games and not get a goal, have played a total of 32 games with 15 goals conceded, ie an average of 0.46. Would then be the best goalkeeper in the history of the league figures to hand. In the absence of those four games, Valdes signed a record of 0.52 goals allowed per game.

Teammate Jose Manuel Pinto, who was curiously and Zamora in 2006 with Celtic, has played five league games already this season. (via SPORT)

Barça TV prepared a special program for the last clásico of the season

Facing one of the biggest games of course, Barça TV has prepared a schedule to match the circumstances. On Monday and Tuesday, two special editions of 'The Score' contextualize the second Champions clásico.

The Nou Camp will decide on Tuesday the first finalist of the Champions League. A party of this size will not go unnoticed for Barça TV, which has prepared a special program for the occasion. On Monday, the prior. On Tuesday, a special edition of the 'Dialer' to analyze the pre, during and post.

Monday: trainings, press conferences and analysis

Iniesta is part of the GroupA work from the 18 and up to 21 hours , Xavi Roca will present the program 'The Score', especially after the Champions League , which will offer live training Barca and press the two teams. Accompanied by Sandra Sarmiento, Marc Guillen and Antoni Pinilla, the program will analyze the semifinal round of the Champions from all angles. Jesus Carrillo and Toño De La Cruz will call live Berta Brau training and approach activity Maxenchs Ricard Press.

The scheduled times are:

18.30: Press conference Xavi
19 hours: FC Barcelona Training
19.30: Press conference of Real Madrid
After completing the training Barça: Press conference by Josep Guardiola

The programming will not change substantially during the Tuesday morning (at 12 h and 13 h airs 'Barça al'Hora' and 14 h begin 'Barça Notícies Migdia'). It will be after 17 hours when Barça TV dump the last clásico of the season. And is that TV Club has prepared a nearly four hours prior to a special edition of the program 'The Marker'.

Cristina Collado Aleix Santacana and presented the first part of the broadcast will feature interviews, links and exclusive content will fill the first two hours of program.

At 19 hours, Xavi Roca and Sandra Sarmiento will take over and to enter in the previous purely analytical sports and party, which ends minutes before the start of the meeting beeps.

After the confrontation, start 'The Marker' post. The analysis and commentary, press conferences of technicians and the mixed zone of the players will complete a journey in football that the club has at its disposal the possibility of ending up like runner of the Champions League. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

A week with El Classico, Derby, league title and Wembley in sight

It would be hard to find seven days so full of big moments as Barça now face, as they take on Real Madrid on Tuesday with a place in the UCL Final at stake, followed by the game against Espanyol on Sunday, when they could retain their league title.

The final of the Champions League and the winning of the league title would be two dream objectives for any team and this week Barça have the chance to achieve both within a few days of each other as they go into the most exciting week of the season.

After the last three games against Madrid, the fourth and final match is set for Tuesday night and the second leg of the Champions League semi final is the first of the four to be played in Barcelona, as Guardiola’s team aim to build on their 0-2 advantage from the first leg.

The team will train on Monday afternoon at the Nou Camp and Barça TV will be covering the whole day live. The players will then stay overnight together at a local hotel, as they always do ahead of a home European tie, before a final training session on Tuesday morning.

After Tuesday’s game, the squad have just five days to prepare for the derby game at home to Espanyol, which kicks off at 19.00 on Sunday. Real Madrid play on Saturday and if they lose against Seville, Barça will go into their game knowing a win would give them the title. If Madrid and Barça both win, then Guardiola’s team would need just one more point from their last three games – against Llevant, Deportivo and Malaga – to win La Liga again. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

‘Thanks Team” the message on the mosaic for the Barça-Madrid game on Tuesday

Catalan and Barça flags, as well as a message of thanks formed by 95,000 cards handed out to the fans will greet the team at the Nou Camp on Tuesday. Fans can take part in this homage to the team via Twitter, with the hashtag #graciesequip.

he team will be given a special welcome as they attempt to seal their place at Wembley and for the final “El Classico” game of the season, Guardiola’s team will be grateful for all the support the fans can provide. The Club and the fans are determined to give the team all the support they can and a massive message - “Thanks Team” - will be displayed via 95,000 cards handed out to supporters before the match. The Catalan flag will also be visible, with the cards making the red and yellow flag behind the goals and the Barça flag created in the main stand. A total of 95,000 cards to form an impressive mosaic to help cheer Barça on their way to Wembley.

The Nou Camp won’t be the only place where the fans will be giving their thanks to the team - as all fans can join in via Twitter, with the hashtag #graciesequip. From this Sunday, fans can show their message of thanks and support for the side. The Club is the leading sports entity on social networks, with 13 million followers and this is the best way of connecting with the club and showing the fans’ total commitment and support to the side.

The Club would also like to take the opportunity to remind fans of the importance of arriving at Tuesday’s game on time, so as to ensure that the mosaic can be completed and ready for when the players come out onto the pitch. Let’s give our team one of those great atmospheric evenings to help and push the team through to the final. (via FCBarcelona.cat)