30 April 2011

UEFA punished with four games to Portuguese

UEFA punished Mourinho with four games, including Tuesday's already in the Camp Nou. The Control and Disciplinary Committee will publish the sanctions on 6 May. Support its decision on Article 5, paragraphs B and D of the Rules of Discipline. Portuguese will fall one game at the Bernabeu expulsion (which will meet on Tuesday), another for breaking parole which was triggered warnings of Ramos and Alonso against Ajax, one more for the statements after the Madrid-Barça a room for backsliding in his criticism of referees.

The Disciplinary Committee is made up of ten members UEFA among which there is a Spanish, Emilio Garcia. ETF's attorney is the legal arm of Angel Villar, who was one of the targets of criticism from Mourinho.

UEFA has two courts: the Control and Disciplinary Tribunal and the Court of Appeals. Against the first resolution be brought before the second, which is rarely revoked. For the return match in Barcelona, ​​UEFA delegate appointed as Italy's Sergio Di Cesare, one of the most severe of the body and a man next to Platini, who this weekend will be with Villar in Paraguay.

This lawyer Galician 35 years is the chief legal counsel of the Federation. He is a member of the Disciplinary Committee of UEFA since 2006. Is a defender of all his master's thesis, Angel Villar. (via AS)

Wenger acknowledges that Cesc has been subject to "excessive force"

The technician 'gunner' admitted the Arenys is increasingly frustrated by the nearly six years since the team without any title boost. Apparently, the entity of London could have reversed its decision last year not to sell it for the world to master.

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger admitted that the captain, Cesc Fabregas, has been subjected to "excessive force" for his age, 23 years, during a season in which the target "gunner" was to end his title drought.

"It's a heavy load, too much for her age. But it is the captain and Robin van Persie's second captain, what are they who put lot of pressure on," said coach Gallo in remarks published today by the British tabloid "Daily Express".

Wenger admitted that the Spanish international is increasingly frustrated at Arsenal for almost six years since the team without lifting a trophy. In addition, this campaign has been especially hard for the Catalan midfielder, who has come to a personal therapist, funded by the English club, for their constant solve muscle problems.

According to his coach, part of the blame is the pressure that Fabregas is on your machine, which also highlighted the important role it has played all season when motivating their peers and keep alive the hope in the template to achieve a title.

According to the newspaper, Barcelona have prepared a new offer of 40 million pounds (45 million euros) for Cesc, who also might have been tempted recently by Inter Milan.

However, Wenger knows that the captain did not take any decision on his future until the league is finished. This week, another tabloid newspapers in the UK, "The Sun", revealed that Arsenal themselves are willing this time to give up, albeit reluctantly, and Cesc sell for 35 million pounds (39.5 million euros).

Apparently, the entity of London could have reversed its decision last year not to sell it for the world to your player, which met in the summer by rejecting two offers from the Catalan club. (via MD)

[Barça B] Barca continued expected to close in two weeks Sergio Roberto

After his unexpected debut against Real Madrid in the Champions League, one of the great pearls of subsidiary is on the verge of sealing a new contract.

Regardless of the dramatic European debut in Sergio Roberto Santiago Bernabeu, Barca and the player for weeks negotiating the renewal of his contract. There is not any doubt in pointing to the young midfielder as one of promises firmer Barca quarry. His projection is both brutal and sports management and player agents working on bringing a new model contract for the future.

Following recent meetings, in early April, the two sides reached a tentative agreement on the duration of contract and economic parameters. In principle, Sergio Roberto Barca extended its commitment to at least four more seasons, until 2015. Of course, the player will receive a significant increase in its current economic record.

The intense sporting calendar and the importance of the Barcelona-Madrid programmed in League, Cup and Champions made that all parties take a break. It is envisaged that in the course of next week to resume contacts and to continue outlining the various economic fringes still remain unresolved. The desire is to announce the renewal before the end of the month. Sergio Roberto must have his future resolved before the expected end of Champions at Wembley.

This renewal should end the continuing speculation about the interest of several clubs who would be on the lookout for young crack. Sergio Roberto will not move from the Nou Camp. (via SPORT)

Alliance of Barça for the 'favelas' in Brazil

FC Barcelona Foundation presented Friday in Rio de Janeiro the project 'Partnership for sport and development. Road to 2014 World Cup and the Olympics 2016 'which aims to promote social change in the' favelas' of this Brazilian city.

"Alliance for sport and development. Road to 2014 World Cup and the Olympics 2016 'is the name of the project that drives the FC Barcelona Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, in collaboration with the IDB (IDB), the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, the NBA and the Foundation Mapfre, which was presented to society on Friday in this southern Brazilian city.

Ramon Pont, director of FC Barcelona and vice president of the Foundation Board, was the club representative at the event which took place at the City Palace in Rio de Janeiro. The event was also attended by former Barca Ronaldo and Deco.

The project, the fruit of this innovative partnership, reinforced 18 'Olympic Vilas' (sports facilities within the favelas of Rio), which will help promote social inclusion through sport. The initiative is based on the use of sport as a vehicle for improving the lives of vulnerable children and youth and promoting activities for conflict resolution, violence prevention, and employment generation, among others.

The pilot project will run during 2011 Alemao complex, one of the most disadvantaged areas of the city. This initiative seeks a sustainable outreach beyond the 2014 World Cup and Olympic Games 2016.

According to the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, 140,000 people, most vulnerable areas of the city, will benefit from this project.

"We believe that FC Barcelona and its Foundation, along with partners such as the IDB, can develop very interesting projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, using football and its values ​​as a great social tool," said Ramon Pont. "We can not ignore the need to provide a better future for new generations in this region, we must work together to achieve this vital goal, and football can help strengthen local social networks for children and youth" added.

"The project will contribute to the heritage of the World Cup and the Olympic Games and a sustainable development impact of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil," confirmed during the presentation ceremony, IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Open registration for the Football League for 2011 members

The partners and members of FC Barcelona who want to participate in a new edition of the Football League members have time to register until the 21st May. Games will be held at the Ciudad Deportiva and the final in the Nou Camp.

This year will play League football for members, where participants will have the opportunity to play and try to qualify for the finals to be played July 3 at Camp Nou. Registration is now open and must be carried out before 21 May.

The regular league is mixed, exclusively for members and members of the Club. Begin on May 31 and end on 3 July. The matches are played in the artificial turf of the Sports City in the form of Football 11.

The schedule of the regular season will be from 21.30 has 23.30 h in the fields 5, 8 and 9 of the Sports City, and the games consist of two parts of 25 minutes. The final is on Sunday 3 July at the Camp Nou.

Entries can now be done in person at the FC Barcelona Supporter Services Office (OAB) in the Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm. The deadline for entries is Saturday 21 May.

Entries must be made by teams and captain of the team will make the joint entry of all participants, making the full payment of the registration of all equipment and carry personal data of all the partners that make up the team. The number of players per team must be 16 to 20 participants.

Senior team. Born between 1976 and 1992.
Veteran team. Born in 1975 or earlier.

Registration is limited to first 10 teams in each category. No reservations of seats. Registration fees Membership in the League is 50 € per participant.

Children also will have the option this year to contest a round of partners in the Camp Nou. Only to participate should complete the form on-line you will find here or www.fcbjunior.cat . Registration will be open until 29 May and 56 seats will be raffled among all registered. The game will be played July 3 at the Nou Camp in the morning.

The party membership for children is mixed and completely free and will feature the following categories, depending on the date of birth:

Game 1: juvenile (born 1999-2000) + child (born 1997/98): 28 participants
Game 2: Cadet (born 1995-96) + Youth (born 1993/94): 28 participants

Matches will be played in the football mode 7 and consist of two parts of 25 minutes, and will feature monitors, coaches who will coordinate all changes and give instructions and advice to children. The aim is that all children can enjoy an unforgettable dream day at the Camp Nou.

This way the legs of Dani Alves after the party before Real Madrid

Is this theater? Alves was accused of pretending to Real Madrid but his legs left bare to see the bruises.

The FC Barcelona, ​​Dani Alves, dressed Saturday morning at the offset that the team has done to San Sebastian to play the game against Real Sociedad shorts. The garment laid bare your legs in which they could see some bruises.

Coincidence or will by the player, the truth is that it serves to note that if the Real Madrid player and he believes theater must have an excellent team of makeup artists to achieve that truth or perhaps their legs were really quite in the game against Real Madrid. (via SPORT)

Barca will win 20,000 euros for 'blame' for Mourinho

Everything suggests that Jose Mourinho will be on Tuesday in one of the Boxes of the Nou Camp, unable to sit on the bench. But this is not free to leave Barca ..

It has been Put on shoes Esteve, former directive of Barça and at the moment players' sport agent and of marketing who has explained in their bill of Twitter that won't come out him/her free to have to put José Mourinho in one of the private boxes of Camp Nou to Barça. In a game like that, there is no doubt that all the boxes can be rented and the price of each is 20,000 euros. In this case, the club does not rent the stage where you are the coach Real Madrid and therefore cease to enter those 20,000 euros. "Mourinho will pay the VIP that will put the club?" Esteve Calzada wonders. (via SPORT)

Barça is in San Sebastian

The first team is already in San Sebastian, where tonight, at 20 pm and will face the Royal Society in the game for Week 34 of the League. The staff came to Biarritz to 11:35 am hours.

The group led by Josep Guardiola undertook the trip to San Sebastian at 9.30 am, when he left the Nou Camp esplanade leading to the airport of El Prat, where an hour later the plane took off I had to move to its destination . More or less about l'schedule, the team landed in Biarritz, where a coach has collected on the same runway. The team left the airport surrounded by about 150 fans waiting for him. About 40 minutes later I was in the team hotel.

In addition to the coaching staff and 19 players that make up the call for engagement, part of the expedition members Barça Board Carles Vilarrubí and Pilar Guinovart. In this regard it is noteworthy that both the president Sandro Rosell as the manager Javier Faus already there.

Already in Biarritz, who has received the template with good weather and a temperature of about 16 degrees, the club has on a bus on the same runway that has moved to San Sebastian, which has led directly to the hotel concentration, the Hotel Maria Cristina, and where he expected about 400 supporters. The duration of this journey by bus was about 40 minutes. The staff lunch at the team hotel, where it remains until the time of moving to the stage of Anoeta .

After the game, the football team will embark on the journey back to Barcelona, ​​this time through the airport of Vitoria. The arrival time to Barcelona is 1.15 am.

Undoubtedly, the story of this trip to San Sebastian has been found among the fans who travel with the team. And one of them, who is celebrating his bachelor party with his mates, has boarded the plane dressed as Spiderman. The fan has not lost the opportunity to be photographed with the players. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola returns to San Sebastian

Since he is trainer of Barça, the coach had not still faced the Real Sociedad in the stadium of Anoeta.

Eleven years ago the last time that Pep Guardiola stepped Anoeta. A 15 May 2000 , Van Gaal's Barca scoreless draw in the field of Real Sociedad and let out the league. It would be the last season of Josep Lluis Nunez as Chairman of the Club. That was a difficult time for the Catalans. Diametrically opposed to the current.

Since Guardiola is a coach's first team Barca had not yet traveled to San Sebastian, a beautiful city with a team struggling to stay in First Division. Guardiola, then again on Saturday, now as a coach.

Guardiola has played 14 times against Real Sociedad. And his first victory this season was 93/94, Romario's debut as a player for FC Barcelona. The score was 3-0, the same that was in the latest clash with the year 2001. He was also one of the last matches of Santpedor in a Barca shirt. The balance, so far, is five wins, six draws and three defeats.

This is the first time that Guardiola is facing Real Sociedad as a coach. And his debut in the Camp Nou was excellent, re-signed a new landslide on the basis of a stellar soccer goals from Villa, Messi, Iniesta and Bojan , with which added 21 games without losing in the League . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Club Brugge is interested Víctor Vázquez

The versatile player subsidiary Victor Vazquez, 24, out of contract on June 30 with FC Barcelona after a lifetime in the club, which was nine years old and has gone through all the equipment in categories lower. All indications are that the stage of the entity Blaugrana Barcelona has come to an end, so that it handles multiple offers and start moving around trying to find the best possible destination.

Although Victor Vazquez prefer to continue in Spanish football, do not averse to engaging in a European adventure. And at this point takes very strong interest of Club Bruges, one of the biggest teams in European football in the mid-70's trying to return on track with an exciting project. The Nerazzurri finished fourth overall in the Jupiter League and now will face the league who dispute the first six to fight for a spot in the Champions League or at least to the Europa League.

Taking advantage of the free weekend is not able to travel to Valladolid subsidiary because of some physical problems ", Victor Vazquez seeks information on the Belgian outfit before making a decision. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Hleb would be happy to return to Germany

The FC Barcelona player yet, Alexander Hleb, currently on loan at Birmingham, said in Bild that his desire to play again in Germany.

The FC Barcelona player, Alexander Hleb, who is on loan at Birmingham has said it wants to return to Germany for the next termporada. Remember that Hleb has already played in Stuttgart before joining Arsenal and he was transferred there for Barca last season.

Speaking to Bild said: "I'd like to join a Bundesliga club." And he praised the change in Germanic league competition: "The league has made great progress, Schalke is a great example of this, for example reaching semi-finals of the Champions."

"If my heart could decide, would return to Stuttgart. Anyway, I can not decide because I'm under contract in the Birmingham and even Tenco an agreement with the club until June 2012," said Hleb. (via SPORT)

Barca travel to Argentina to sign goalkeeper Andrada

Buenos Aires press speculates on the arrival of Zubizarreta to manage a possible transfer.

An emissary of the boat travels in the coming days to negotiate with Argentina Lanús the possible signing of Goalkeeper, Esteban Andrada. The country's press was reporting the news and the club's president, Nicholas Russo, corroborating be awaiting the arrival of a negotiator on behalf of Barcelona to be interested in the conditions out of Andrada. Some media even advanced that would Andoni Zubizarreta, who would travel to further negotiation. Barca sources were limited to confirming that the goalkeeper is on a list of promising young goalkeepers in future, but denied that to date has taken a step to negotiate any transfer.

Andrada was released in the traditional tournament in Toulon reserved for the great selections below. Argentina international "sub 18, a few months ago was an important step in his progression to be the target holder in the South American U ¿20. In this great event, with the presence of scouts from every major European club, Beckham was named as the best goal of the tournament. Since then, Andrada periodically breaks into the market.

Although both sides deny having negotiated a transfer, Lanús in Argentina believe that would be able to claim a figure of around 4 million euros, an exorbitant price which is estimated as the coffers are Barca.

The sports management Barca kept secret on the restructuring of the subsidiary and the future of young goalkeepers who currently defend the Barça B. But for months there is speculation the interest of several teams in the First and gain the services of Oier and Minho, which has been linked to Osasuna. In addition, Masip contract ends at the end of the season.

Andrada sports reports highlighted its enormous size, which is not incompatible with amazing coordination and agility between the sticks. In sober style is considered the goalkeeper with most projection of the quarry in Argentina. Not yet made his debut with the first team in Lanús. (via SPORT)

Objective: 7 points

In addition to three other key points to reach the goal, FC Barcelona can beat several brands if they win today in the field of the Real Sociedad.

With seven points, regardless of what the Real Madrid, FC Barcelona will sing the Alirón. And the purpose of the table Catalan is adding them soon. By accounts, and provided they do not fail Guardiola's team, the League could come in the Ciutat de Valencia, the field of the Levant, where a draw would suffice if Barca win the three points today against Real Sociedad and three in the Catalan derby against Espanyol at the Nou Camp.

No wonder then that Barcelona coach said yesterday that to win in San Sebastian today would take a major step towards the league title. One step that would leave his team to four points Alirón ... Obvious that a setback would not be final, not two, by the advantage that the Barça over Real Madrid (8 points), but the truth is that the team faces the final of the league season as if life were in each party. The idea is to keep the tension, not relax. Sacrificed tirelessly to achieve the objective. Then there will be time for relaxation and euphoria. Now is the time to continue working, not to lower the arms and, especially, should not trust. For as said by the helmsman Barcelona, ​​"Madrid, insurance is not going to give the league."

Anyway, the title may come sooner if Real Madrid did not prick the Barça.Así, if the white team were left three points against Zaragoza and Sevilla and Barca make full before Real Sociedad and Espanyol, the team would be champion Nou Camp on Tuesday, May 10 if Real Madrid lost to Getafe. Ie, a champion without playing, because Barça Levante jump the field on Wednesday, 11.

The truth is that interest is `ideal Barça champions" as soon as possible to have the greatest number of days ahead to prepare the final of the Champions League to be held on 28 May at Wembley Stadium.

And if the club is taking account, as does Manchester United, which also solved the first leg of the semifinals as a visitor winning 0-2 (Schalke 04). The English team can be champion on May 8 as long as Arsenal win (on Sunday at the Emirates) and Chelsea (the 8th at Old Trafford). In this case occur, the team of Sir Alex Ferguson would have 20 days to prepare the appointment of Wembley, if as it appears alighting at Schalke 04 in the semifinals. The challenge, both for some as for others, is served.

The game today is not just any Anoeta. The League is at stake but there are many more incentives to get the three points. And is that Barca can match the record set just by Real Sociedad, who chained 32 games without losing the 1979-80 season. 2010-11 Barca has 31. It is one of spectacular match that kind of box Donostia.
Moreover, the club, if he wins in San Sebastian, would add the fourteenth road win, setting a record in the history of the league, currently set at 13. And Pep Guardiola, scoring in Anoeta, would become the highest scoring away from Camp Nou in the league. Now has 44 goals, including those managed the 2008-09 season. The year 2009-10 was left with 41. (via SPORT)

Carmelo Ezpeleta, "Mourinho seems to me a crook"

Carmelo Ezpeleta, Dorna CEO and one of the most authoritative voices in Spanish sport, reporting to Portuguese.

One of the most authoritative voices in Spanish sport, CEO of Dorna and recognized culé, Carmelo Ezpeleta, used his presence in the Portuguese circuit of Estoril to show their total disgust with the attitudes of one of the most renowned Luso International: Mourinho seems to me a crook and I am particularly annoyed as a Catalan and Spanish. I feel like for us to mount this Christ for a football game. You can win or fart, when they won their congratulations. Ten months ago the whole of Spain was very happy because we won a World Cup, and not with Catalan Catalan, with people of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with Casillas hugging Pique.

And there comes a Portuguese what he wants is that we won and never send it all to hell. "
The head of the company that runs the MotoGP World delved into his powerful speech against the coach of Real Madrid: "The worst thing is that someone will not consent, to come here and ignite it.

We beat Pellegrini and nothing happened, we won the Madrid and Valdano Capello and Mourinho also ... but is not used to losing, first things his account of their history, instead of talking about the game and the club that pay. And if there remain ten is because it respects the rules, He says what he thinks and I too. " In any case, he hoped that this element does not prevent disruptive and confrontational relations between the Portuguese and Spanish are "as good as ever, despite some gentlemen like Mourinho, who are bent on burning this relationship." (via SPORT)

[Barça B] The rules prevented Jonathan Soriano played with Barça

Pep Guardiola admitted that the first option to strengthen the call was first team striker Jonathan Soriano, who is picking up a sensational season and is the undisputed top scorer II A. However, the coaching staff realized they could not use the player from the Pont de Vilomara since RFEF regulation prevents a player with information about the subsidiary plays in the first team if you are over 25 years. Article 107.c states that "if the intervention of the players of the branches it was in the first team sponsor, who must be less than twenty-five or twenty years depending on your license, respectively, of professional or amateur."

The Catalan striker was born on September 24, 1985 and this year will celebrate the 26, so that their age makes it impossible to go convened for the first team, with information about the subsidiary. Pep Guardiola lamented at a press conference that the regulation would have prevented the Barcelona, ​​since it was a good way to reward their great season in B. Unable to enter the convening of the first team, Soriano went yesterday with the subsidiary to Valladolid, to contest the 36 th day of the Liga Adelante. (via SPORT)

Rosell-Florentino's relationship crumbles

Rosell indignantly left the Bernabeu. For Mourinho, it was used to prevent the Catalan, not to irrigate the field and the position Pérez.

happened that Sandro Rosell publicly embraced Florentino Perez. People around and many Barcelona fans, thought he made a rookie mistake, because that's not the image you want to see Barca social mass. Sandro acted in good heart, because I felt a great personal affection for Florentino. Now, five months later, is not the same ...

Rosell, without going any further, is very angry on Wednesday night at the stage of Real Madrid: "If we had what happened, Troy would burn," said one attendee. "To write a book," says another.

Barca president was indignant when told that the delegate of Real Madrid, Chendo, refused to be watered the field an hour before the match. And he felt the same helplessness, knowing that the Madrid prevented, at the end collision, the statement issued in Catalan of Barcelona fans. The delegation understood that these measures Barca were playing dirty tricks to annoy Barca unsportsmanlike. Some actions which put even common sense Emilio Butragueño, present in all conversations. Carlos Naval is that doctrine with them.

The Catalan club had talked with the representative of the Government in Madrid, Jordi Casas, and this with the Deputy Prime Minister, Pérez Rubalcaba, to see if it was true that the police had advised them not to use Catalan. Rubalcaba enjoined himself head of the safety of the police to refrain from getting into this mess.

Before Florentino Rosell and leave the presidential box, the president of FC Barcelona disfigured him his white counterpart so insistent he was protesting and pressuring the UEFA delegate to the party, Latvian Janis Mezeckis. Sandro Perez recalled that a week before, in Valencia, to finish the game, had welcomed the victory of Madrid in the final of the Copa del Rey. One way to ask you, please accept graciously the 0-2.

Most Rosell outrage came when he explained in text the contents of the press conference Mourinho. Sandro said he could not quite understand how Perez had failed to stop him in his coach. And such was the impotence and rage he felt when leaving the Bernabeu who ordered a special board to put in place who has tried to besmirch the honor of the club.

Barca, Madrid convinced that behind the 'case COPE "

Although the institutional relations between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are cordial, Florentino Perez has heard first-person complaints by Sandro Rosell doping insinuations launched COPE Madrid citing sources that have ended in a lawsuit . Although Perez Rosell told the Madrid had nothing to do with those comments, the highest representatives of the entity Barca are absolutely convinced that the COPE told the truth in citing their sources. This scandal has been the main trigger for that personal relationships between Rosell and Perez have cooled a lot. (via SPORT)

The latest work of art Messi

Leo Messi determines the most difficult games of cazagoles displaying his flair and unique quality to invent.

Appears Leo Messi, soccer becomes flesh, Barca and Real Madrid sentence Leo soars above the legendary names of the European Cup. At a blistering pace, with a skill that becomes complicated seemingly simple, Argentine bowling becomes more of the best defenders in the world and following them down, past goalkeeper world champion, a hero of Real Madrid one week before the final Cup, a wall until a few minutes earlier.

We are talking about Real Madrid 0-2 in the semifinals of the Champions League, Casillas, Diarra, Albiol, Marcelo and Sergio Ramos but it could be any of the above magical rides the star Rosario alone and who have completed a dream goal.

Above the maze plotted by José Mourinho based on half truths and lies cathedral, a tangle that has gripped much of the Real Madrid-emerging reality. A reality through the record from Messi is incontestable.

At the Bernabeu, Leo was the most decisive in a match all or nothing, and his figure has become enlarged to decide the contest with two flashes. Before the crash had on track by recording another side, that of cazagoles unrepentant, appearing as a ghost at the near post to clinch the center of Ibrahim Afellay. It was the fourth double in Europe this year, the twelfth in all competitions. There are now 37 in his seven seasons in the elite.

While the histrionic Mourinho completed another of his shows, the flood of data records and returned to raise the 'number 10' above the rest of Barcelona, ​​including Cristiano Ronaldo, who resigned on Wednesday and did not hide his disagreement with the style that marks his fellow, based on the denial of the ball and trench warfare.

Messi figures are frightening for any rival: sum 52 goals in 50 competitive matches this season, eleven of them in the Champions League. For the moment, has passed more effective Blaugrana striker in the competition (Rivaldo, ten goals in 1999-00) and is now a target of an absolute record in a campaign, Ruud van Nistelrooy when he played for Manchester United the 2002-03. A little further, to three, is the Rossoneri Jose Altafini, who in the 1962-63 European Cup goals came at 14.

But I read not only comfortably leads the scoring charts in Europe's top competition, but can match another myth as Gerd Müller, the legendary striker of Bayern Munich in the mid-seventies, in another facet. The 'Torpedo' three 'Bavarian pichichis chained "in the European Cup between 1972 and 1975, the first one to eleven goals. Messi has already won this award in the past two seasons and may have up to two meetings to keep on adding.

If the focus is directed to the clásicos between Barca and Real Madrid, Leo is confirmed as the first visiting player to score in four consecutive clásico Chamartin, and the second Barcelona has beaten more often white nets, ten targets, to four of Cesar Rodriguez, still the most effective in these games. It is also the fourth player added a brace in a European clásico. Before I got Alfredo Di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas and Luis Suarez.

Messi has also climbed one spot in the all-time list of highest scorers in the history of the club. Earn 179 targets, leaving behind Samitier. At 23, Leo detract ahead only two out of range of the size of Caesar himself (235) and Ladislao Kubala (196).

No need to focus on historical statistics or Europe to confirm the reign and football striker Messi, in a permanent state of grace for three seasons. With five days to complete the League Championship, the Blaugrana star is at the head of the classification of the European Golden Boot with 31 goals, two ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and five ahead of Di Natale (Udinese) and Cavani (Naples). Leo's ambition is only credited with the title still to be decided without a doubt that they will be more goals to score his second consecutive "` scorer. A figure only comparable to the 23 assists he has distributed to its partners in the various competitions. (via SPORT)

Pepe's entry Alves unleashes the battle of the videos

After the appearance of images that supposedly 'prove' that Pepe did not touch Alves, is discussed again the possible manipulation of video. The fact is that Alves has a small entry wound, and although there had been contact with the regulations in the hand is expelled.

The press of Madrid and the official media of Real Madrid have accused Dani Alves to simulate the attack at the entrance to Pepe that cost the Portuguese midfielder a red card in the semi-finals of Champions League against Barcelona . The evidence against Barca side is a video that dissects in detail the play and whose assembly has raised some suspicions that it is a hoax.

But before entering the battle of the videos, it is noteworthy that Dani Alves has a small wound as a result of the entry, as has been told this newspaper. Moreover, even in the highly unlikely event that it really would not have touched, violence outside was not worthy of the red card in accordance with the rules as the Portuguese player has no chance of connecting with the ball and goes to move ahead with the tacos, jeopardizing the integrity of the Barca side.

In any case, the network has responded to the controversy and have begun to appear on Internet social networking and other videos that looked at the play or video-like attach-trying to discover if the video is or the contention not really a hoax.

After the accusations of manipulation, the television showed the video for the first time, "Ball Point 'Intereconomia, refused any allegation of the possible modification of the original images and threatened legal action against those who insist on these theses. Chain sources have explained that they merely take pictures of the broadcast and more. This is the result.

The truth is that the theory that there is no contact raises serious doubts that it is difficult to understand how, without a previous impact to leg Alves could be thrown back with violence as it does when the player is in the air , with no foothold.

In any case there are other videos on the net that do indeed prove that there was contact between Pepe and Alves.

Beyond the controversy, once again has shown that Internet debates live with intensity as the one raised on this occasion. (via MD)

La Roja loses color

Mourinho destroys everything: the Bernabeu insulting preferred to push the boat before Madrid. The fights between team-mates are a constant in the clásicos. Andrés Iniesta, the hero of the world, was heckled by some fans.

José Mourinho , got a gardener, likes to have tall grass. José Mourinho, stuck in the role of Attila, not left to grow in its path. The 'anything goes' introduced by the Portuguese coach, that the unconditionally that have joined the stage and the stands of the Bernabeu, is on track to cost a high price so high that it is seriously threatening the very future of Roja.

The permanent address of the tension in the installed living Mourinho has moved to Real Madrid's stadium, which on Tuesday insulted more than encouraged, but even worse, has left a residue of hatred between the Spanish international who, today , it seems irreconducible.

Arbeloa and Sergio Ramos have met so obedient orders but have forgotten these unwritten codes of football should never leave satisfied. Unsportsmanlike actions of Arbeloa as victims to have team-mates, first Villa at the Mestalla (elbow and heels marked) on Wednesday Peter at the Bernabeu.

The behavior of Sergio Ramos also has a negative surprise in the locker room culé and their vehemence in defending the doctrine of Mourinho both on and off the pitch, elevated to the main actor of all brawl.

The concern of coach Vicente del Bosque is founded. Barca members of the selection confess their environments rebuild the camaraderie that was built in its day in la Roja is a utopia today . The exchange of blows and insults have been too cruel to the topic 'everything remains in the' to be effective.

Nor help reconciliation situations like that experienced by Andrés Iniesta, the hero of the world champions in the Bernabeu f ue jeered by some fans who took advantage of the Fuentealbilla, injured, was not on the bench.

There were white fans that came to his defense but the incident was unpleasant.

Although dissenting voices emerge first in the Real Madrid spreading hostility line marked by Mourinho, the truth is that the Bernabéu lived the last classic with a stirring unknown. In the Camp Nou stadium and white there is always tension and proclamations against the rival, but what struck on Wednesday was that the insults will win by a landslide in the mood.

Not heard cries of "Madrid, Madrid!". Yes all attacks to Barca, the Catalans, Pep Guardiola, Messi, Pique, Shakira ... A code describing a club submitted by Mou. This is one of their legacies.

The Luso will go after breaking bridges and not worry about rebuilding. (via MD)

Puyol, commander in the field

After missing the Cup final came back to play at left-back and served to perfection.

An untimely hamstring contracture of his left leg prevented him from being in the final of Copa del Rey de Mestalla, where the club is playing the first game of the season against Real Madrid. A and no more, must have thought the Barca captain, who suffered from the stands like any other team defeat FC Barcelona in overtime. Puyol, who after three months by an injured left knee tendinitis had reappeared in the clásico League at the Bernabeu nine days before, then injured again, now with a contracture. After making it clear that injury again and had no relationship, the Barca captain went to work overtime to reach the crucial Champions League clash at Chamartin.

At first, Puyol was to act as central with Piqué, but because the left-back was orphaned troops with the latest injury Adriano and Maxwell, Guardiola decided to finally go for the La Pobla at left-back. Not a position entirely unknown to him, for more than one occasion and for various reasons has been forced to play there throughout his career, Puyol was just as intimidating at the rear axle.

The captain also served as such from the band, which also took care of the inmates of Cristiano cover commanded his companions to advance the line when the team went in search of the goal of Iker. True to his game, which dominates the placement and anticipation over the rival, Puyol was only one kick in the 90 minutes that lasted the match.

In addition, despite the requirement of the crash, Puyol ended the match without discomfort in the hamstring. Even so, Pep wants dosed to the maximum in this final stretch of campaign to avoid unnecessary risks that might prevent it being in the important match.

Pique and the captain still undefeated when they play together, and are 19

Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol are continuing their unbeaten legend particular this season if both agree in the field. This time, due to the many low-defense, Puyol was moved to left-back but this continued the streak. With both together behind the club added a new victory, this one with an incalculable value if next Tuesday Barca ends his move to the Wembley final.
With Wednesday, Pique and Puyol already accumulated -16 19 games without losing them to triumph: 12 League, 6 one Champions Cup and numbers in hand, both must play together on Tuesday, it would be synonymous with Wembley

Keita, the heart of Barca

"The image of the team is Keita, show their generosity at all. Sale few minutes you leave your rude coach and you just have to see how it's going to pressure, how to help their peers, how to celebrate his goals. I hope it is the image that can guide us now and the end of season. " Thus defined Pep Guardiola on 28 January to Seydou Keita.

The Mali, a player without the quality of Xavi and Iniesta, but he adheres to what he calls his coach. Moreover, unlike what usually happens with most of the alternates, Keita assumes its secondary role but gives it all when he enters the field. Iniesta's unexpected injury on the eve of the crucial clash at the Bernabeu reopened the doors of ownership to that of Mali, and did not disappoint.

Learned the lesson of the two previous encounters against Madrid, Pep Keita ushered to counteract the muscle and the cunning with which he had used the arch-rivals, both in clásico and in the League Cup final as a few disciplined The African midfielder Guardiola obeyed orders and did his job to get in contact with each and every one of the rivals to put him ahead. Of course, unlike Pepe, Keita was always nobly for the ball.

In addition to meeting in the field, Keita indirect starred in the brawl that was formed way of 'tunnel at half time. Of Mali was talking with Arbeloa, who reproached him that he put his elbow on a couple of plays Peter, when suddenly, and although the dialogue was cordial in Madrid, saw the fourth official came over to separate them . From there, Pinto went into action to defend Keita, and Chendo, the delegate of Madrid, grabbed by the neck on substitute goalkeeper of FC Barcelona. (via MD)

Xavi, mastery of the ball at the club

The de Terrassa once again led the direction of play in the Bernabeu and even stroked goal.

Xavi Hernandez faced on Wednesday its thirteenth clásico. With the passing of the final at Wembley at stake, and after losing in the Cup in Mestalla, Wednesday was probably one of the most momentous, if not the more-than disputed, but he is not fazed in the least . Xavi forgot who was the rival, which was the scene of the game and simply play its role as usual in the field. Even the absence of the injured Andres Iniesta, he reported that a priori greater responsibility in creating the game, the least affected him. Xavier jumped out to the lawn at the Santiago Bernabeu and played the role he has done since entering the ranks of Barça with only 13 years to dominate the ball and organize his team's game.

Xavi play flag football distinguished by Barca and Wednesday's match was a great revalidation to make clear once again the slacker approach to Mourinho, whose only other proposal was not expecting to dig back to Barca, destroy rival game and try to take a long ball on the counterattack. "Barcelona has once again been higher. It was the team that wanted to play football and I think justice has been done, today won the football," he claimed after the clásico second Barça captain.

Concentrate on making the game thanks to Sergio Busquets and Keita turned to fight with Pepe, Diarra and Co. Lass, Barca midfielder sent in the game and even approached the area from Iker Casillas with intimidation. Xavi fired two shots into the net from the goal merengue, one of them after receiving a pass from Messi to that point was to surprise his friend Iker. In addition, his boots was born the play of 0-1.

Afellay, the large investment

PSV reached the bargain, has shown with its assistance to Messi and progression is no need to pull good book to sign.

When Afellay scored his first goal as FC Barcelona, ​​in February, in the semis of the Cup back in Almería (0-3) -, Messi, Xavi and Peter, substitute that day, stood up and applauded outlining broad smiles. And when yesterday Ibi entered by Pedro on 70 minutes and 75 completed a sprint with a support band that Leo became the 0-1, the very '10 'thanked the pass and the air blast produced destabilizing pointing Dutch and fused in an embrace with him.

Although there are those who would pierce the Arsenal, where according to British press his friend Van Persie is lobbying for a bid is launched, although there who does not see 'DNA Barça' and although there who branded him very irregular, staffing and Guardiola rely 100% on Ibi: chemistry with Messi, and the rest is obvious, although not carry even half a year in Barcelona Pep has taken over the last three classic books and more recent trace obtained as a man shake-up.

Although lacking in continuity, Afellay has shown traces of football that came from a PSV that without it would be without a Alirón almost sung. Fast legs and mind, and combined vertical, you need only fit and finish there, unless radical change of plans, intended to pierce. Moreover, the club sees its recruitment as a paradigm of a signing well done: Ibi only cost 3 million euros, proof that no book should be pulled to shore up the group with a reinforcement of security and to respond when needed.

Afellay himself was delighted with his performance at the Bernabeu and the pass for the 0-1: "It's an indescribable feeling. As a kid you dream about this, to shine in a match with so much rivalry and competition as a classic" he told Dutch media people in Madrid, "the action with Messi was good. just thought: I shot out."

Ibi also stressed that "we were superior to Madrid before the red Pepe, we were better than them from the beginning. And perhaps more importantly, we will not be intimidated."

Again according Ibi, "the result (0-2) is fantastic and the feeling is good, but we are still not final. Madrid is still a dangerous team. Also, at the end did not result while some actions."

"Its sale will cost the league title to PSV"

Harry van Raaij, former chairman of PSV, has said that "the sale of Afellay will cost the league title to PSV." Ibi left the team leader, but now, with just two days to finish the Eredivisie, is third after Twente and Ajax's Frank de Boer. For his part, since his arrival Afellay has 18 games with the club (10 league, 3 and 5 Champions Cup), three complete, one in each competition. (via MD)

The final mannitol Barça to Real Madrid turned into a work of art

The FC Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid, the party of the first round of the League at the Nou Camp, is the protagonist of a spectacular animation of Sky Sports. This is the latest creation of British artist Richard Swarbrick for this television channel that reflects the five-goal Barca last little hand with a stunning level of detail. Prominent among the other players on the two coaches, Josep Guardiola and José Mourinho , and the cracks of the two teams: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

This is an animation very similar to what the artist himself gave Gareth Bale last month, on his selection as player of the year of the Premier , but this time using a rich palette of colors and has achieved a reproduction detailed.

This video is dedicated to the Player of Tottenham. (via MD)

Levante-FCB, Wednesday 11, at the 20 hours

As reported by the LFP, the match between Levante and Barcelona, ​​for the 36th game of the season, will be held on Wednesday 11 May at 20 am in the Ciutat de Valencia stadium.

It is a day intersemanal. Before this visit to the east, the club will be received at Espanyol (Sunday 8) and the following weekend will be the sportsmen who play in the Nou Camp (Saturday 14 or Sunday 15).

This is the rest of the 36 th day of First Division:

Tuesday, May 10

20:00 Deportivo - Athletic Club
21:00 Malaga - Sporting
21:00 Racing - Atletico Madrid
22:00 Real Madrid - Getafe

Wednesday May 11

20:00 Real Sociedad - Zaragoza
21:00 Espanyol - Valencia
21:00 Hercules - Mallorca
21:00 Almería - Villarreal
22:00 Osasuna - Sevilla

Barça B, at 21 hours

On May 11 there will be League Second Division. So, that Wednesday will travel to Barca B Ponferradina field (21 hours). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 36] Real Valladolid CF 2 - 1 FC Barcelona B

It was a game of three parts. The first and last have been for the Barça B , much higher during the first half and during the final half hour of the meeting. Valladolid has sent only the beginning of the second half, a period that is ahead in the scoring through striker, Javier Guerra, and has missed a penalty. Barca's response has been swift and an own goal by Baraja has allowed the Catalans 1-1 that seemed to set the final.

A goal in injury time Javier Guerra, a replica of 1-0 - Valladolid have allowed three points that will come to only two of Barça B has finished with Carmona ejected and has earned much more in the Joseph Zorrilla .

The game was beautiful from the opening whistle. Barça B has triangulated with much discretion and speed and has threatened the goal of Javier Jimenez with a league of Benjamin and a chance to Edu Oriol has finally been overturned by the hands. The stock had ended with a shot against the crossbar, the same fate as a powerful shot from Jonathan Soriano from the front just before the break. In the José Zorrilla sent those of Luis Enrique and Valladolid only created danger from fast counterattacks and set pieces. Oier lived quietly meeting.

The start of the second half was a completely different story. The Valladolid pressure has improved and has managed to combine near the area of Oier , who could not do anything in a header placid Javier Guerra. The party had changed radically, and few minutes later, the referee has signaled a penalty of Muniesa , which has received a yellow suspension, which entails Nauzet sent to the bottom.

Fortunately, the missed penalty kept alive the Barça B, that during the first fifteen minutes of the second part has suffered a lot. Luis Enrique has his move and has ushered in Espinosa and Nolito by Rafinha and Edu Oriol . A minute later, Baraja has rejected a wrong side failure has been launched by Carmona and level the match. The own goal gave Barca B wing, which has suffered a new setback with the second yellow Carmona five minutes later. The party offering constant updates.

Despite having a man less, Barca B has continued to attack and Espinosa, Benjamin and Abraham have arranged good chances to turn around the marker. Decisive interventions have prevented Javi Jiménez 1-2 in Pucela . The local drive in the final minutes and a 1-0 play-identical to the center from right wing and top of Javi Guerra - have ruled, 2-1 and maximum punishment for a Barça B bold and offensive.

[Technical Data]
Valladolid: Javi Jiménez, Barragán, Juanito, Jordi, Peña, Nafta (Álvaro Antón, min 88), Baraja, Nauzet (bacará, min 77), Óscar (Jofre Mateu, min 70), Sisinio y Javi Guerra.

Barça B: Oier, Bartra, Muniesa, Planas, Ilie, Dos Santos, Rafinha (Espinosa, min 61), Edu Oriol (Nolito, min 61), Benja, Carmona y Jonathan Soriano (Abraham, min 75).

Goals: 1-0, Javi Guerra (min 52), 1-1, Baraja (own goal, min 62), 2-1, Javi Guerra (90 +3 min)

Referee: Hernández Hernández.

Maradona: "Why choose between Maradona or Messi?

Diego Maradona said that "history will decide who was the best" is forced to indicate that the controversy over whether it was he or it is Lionel Messi.

"Why Maradona or Messi? I made ​​my career and Messi is doing. It will be the story that decision. At the end of history will see who was the better: If Maradona or Messi. Some will like one more than the another, "said exfutbolista daily Clarin, Buenos Aires.

"Today there is no Maradona or Messi. We are two Argentines who could win the European football, when many others do not cross the Rio de la Plata. Out of respect for Lio not say if he is better or I was better. We must leave it alone. The I love Lio and I enjoy it when I see on the court . We are both from Argentina. Imagine what will the swarthy ..! (Pele), " he added.

Referring to the timeliness of Messi, who led as Argentina coach between 2008 and 2010, Maradona said: "It's very completito. We knew it was going to explode as well and I am very happy with this present mess. I wish it not to be injured you cut this impressive streak. "

As for the beating he received on Wednesday against Real Madrid that would prevent the Rosario play this Saturday against Real Sociedad, "Maradona said that" if you lose a game is not fair. May it be as a precaution. Pep Guardiola and doctors will know how to handle it. "

"But it has an overload of games and no team ever wants to leave. It is very similar to me. Want to play 90 minutes and also the discount. He held nothing back, faces in every shot," he added.

Asked what was his advice to Messi as he went into the selection, Maradona said: "How to bring pressure to be contained, loaded the team on his shoulder and support that journalism will look with a magnifying glass. Each one has his life. He is healthy, focused, quiet. "

"I'm not your friend, but Messi know you can call me anytime . There is very good relationship with him. I talked a lot and advised him best, "he said.

"I see that matured a lot. Gives directions, asks more of the ball, giving the same play in the midfield than as a striker. It completito" he added.

The exfutbolista champion Argentina in Mexico 86''insisted that the 2010 World Messi converted the figures to all archers and sold millions of euros "to indicate that it has 52 goals scored this season and not in South Africa none scored.

"The ball is just as whimsical. Lío had more chances in the World to Forlan, who played three balls and scored two goals," he said. Maradona praised the workmanship of the second well marked by Messi against Real Madrid on Wednesday: "I screamed but was not a goal of fucking. The Real Madrid looked like dolls. When he grabbed the ball, he looked to his left leg Albiol, I took a meter, not let it close and Marcelo came freshly to define how the gods before a Casillas had blocked well, "he said. (via AS)