29 April 2011

They can equal the record of the Real Sociedad

arca chains 31 games without losing and if Anoeta match scores in a number that reached the Basque team 79/80 season.

Guardiola's Barca is a team record. A team that is reaching stratospheric all the goals it sets. In the League maintains an extraordinary regularity. On Saturday, Osasuna, chained without losing 31 games, surpassing the unbeaten note club in the history of the tournament: the 26 hours followed that of Michels and Cruyff Barcelona remained without losing the 73/74 campaign. Now, you have to throw the absolute record of the Real Sociedad.

Alberto Ormaetxea coached team that won the 79/80 season chaining 32 games without losing in the League, but failed to change the title. This Saturday at Anoeta, Barça have the chance to match a record that has 32 years of operation.

El Barça de Guardiola has reached the final stretch of the season contesting all titles and never lost the tension. Never. In any party. It's an award for perseverance. In the League, since that unexpected defeat against Hercules, the Catalans have won 27 games and have only drawn 4 (Mallorca, Sporting, Sevilla and Madrid). This means that the last 93 points in the game have added 85.

The Barca's unbeaten record possible to reach another. The League of the 99 points they reached last year at one of the most hotly contested championships in recent memory. Guardiola's team now adds 88 points and has 15 at stake. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pep: "Tomorrow we play the most important title"

Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, was reluctant to answer questions about the hangover left by the classics and particularly on Wednesday in the Champions League semifinals. The technician explained that the mother speaks on Monday in the back after the match, and now his team is focused on tomorrow's league clash against Real Sociedad.

"If we win tomorrow, give it a second giant step forward. There are very tired but we must focus on tomorrow's victory. The present is not it, you are more interested in talking about the impact of Wednesday's game, but we play tomorrow League . We must try to find the strength from wherever, knowing that if we won almost have it. We can not reject the effort to try. That was taken out of head impact and fatigue. We're playing the most important title of the year which shows more. It would be almost a decisive step. There are no distractions that are worth, "he said.

The coach continued, "there is no euphoria. We took a lot of Almeria, Osasuna cost us much and we have to focus on the party of the Real. We get seven points behind the league and every step brings you closer. Madrid is not going to give anything away, they will not fail. We have to win us and seven points are many to win. "

On the other hand, Guardiola is cautious about the final Champions League: "I'm not in the final. The only one who has a degree is Madrid, not us. In the league are not going to give anything away. We we must earn the right to play another final. "

Asked if the victory over Real Madrid will affect the meeting tomorrow in Anoeta, the coach said: "When you win you are happy, but when a game is just another. We are not in the final and I will relax when everything is over. The players and coaches have to celebrate at the right time. Right now, the less famous and less wins revel in defeat better. "

As for the complaints filed between Madrid and Barca, Guardiola was brief: "I can only support the Board. I am an employee of the club and all that I can only choose to support it. I defend my organization." Moreover, denied flatly that players cheered him after his press conference before the game.

Regarding the fact that at times has 'censored' behavior Rosell, stressed: "Anyone who says that I would not do, no signifcant disagreeing on how you do. He chose me and the people he has chosen him. In the end I am an employee of the club, I think I will give or not give. " "I have always felt supported by the Board. I have never felt alone and unprotected," he added.

On the low that has the technical Anoeta, Guardiola said he had "never been as fair as in the League final." "The alignment will go out to win the game. Tomorrow I will not reserve anything. If we win, we get much closer to this league," he said.

In relation to a possible alignment of Pinto, Mr. Barca said: "We must finally conclude tomorrow. I want to see how they are tomorrow, the blows that we have, the physical and mental condition. There is a point that must be taken into consideration: we League play tomorrow, we play a very important part of the League in a very complicated. " The failure to call for Puyol, technical decision, said: "Rest, do not want to force it. It has some minor discomfort in the ankle. I can not risk losing him on Tuesday."

As for the health of Iniesta, Guardiola said that "it is better but not recovered." Regarding Abidal, revealed: "The most important is that health is fine.'s Playing ball and I never put in the field if there is a minimal chance of risk. When you are in good health, play games, but I want to be absolutely certain of doctors. " Asked if Messi reserve, was blunt: "He has a couple of hits and eventually improve the no big deal. I reserve for those who can not be." (via AS)

Mourinho: "My responsibility in the defeat before Barça is 0"

Jose Mourinho continued his usual monologue and again reiterated that neither he nor his players are responsible for Wednesday's loss.

"I do not want to talk about it because a picture is worth a thousand words. The images have been around the world and are not worked with Photoshop, videos are not manipulated," he said.

Mourinho refused to talk about all the events arising after the match against Barcelona in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League and sent to the press to see and analyze the images "speak" the game played by whites against men Pep Guardiola.

Questioned by the media at a press conference about the case that opened the UEFA, the expulsion of Pepe, his statements after the game against Barcelona and the announcement of the entity Barcelona to report to the Committee on Discipline UEFA, Mourinho called on the media to view pictures of mourning.

"I'm fine. Excellent health and business as usual. I do not want to talk more about it for a simple reason. A picture is worth a thousand words. Right now there are so many images that are accumulated and around the world that if you translate this maxim, so many pictures and so many words, that there is more to say, he said.

"Anyone who criticizes my words, he criticizes the images. Anyone who criticizes the images, thinks that the photos are" photoshop "and video montages. Because they are real pictures and videos are so many images and so many words, that I have nothing, absolutely nothing to say. There are so many images, and so many words, that I have to say, "he said. (via SPORT)

Gerard Deulofeu, novelty in the list

Juvenile Deulofeu Gerard opens in a call the first team in the field visit of the Royal Society. Absences from the last game are Iniesta and Puyol.

The call of FC Barcelona for the match at Anoeta, corresponding to the 34 th day of the season, is: Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Xavi, Villa, Messi, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio, Pedro, Milito, Afellay, Jeffren , Fontes (26), Thiago (30), Montoya (40), Sergi Roberto (28) and Gerard Deulofeu (41).

Iniesta joined the list of absences because, as reported by the Club Medical Services, continue treatment for their contraction in the soleus of the right leg. The other casualties are Puyol and injured Abidal, Maxwell, Adriano and Bojan .

The team has trained on Friday morning behind closed doors at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. Leo Messi has trained with the group. Instead, the injured Abidal, Maxwell, Adriano, Bojan and Iniesta have made treatment and specific job. Carles Puyol has also carried out specific work. The group completed the team players Sergio Roberto Montoya, Thiago and Tello and young Deulofeu. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

In Anoeta, four years later

Barca will return this Saturday where Anoeta stadium has not played since 2007. The last game against Real Sociedad in his own half ended with Barca winning 0-2. That season, the Basque team dropped to 2nd A.

After four years, Barcelona will return this Saturday to walk on the grass of Anoeta. It was the 33 th day of the Championship League in the 2006/07 season when Barca team last faced the Royal Sociedad in their stadium. The men of Frank Rijkaard arrived at San Sebastian as leaders but with only one point ahead of Sevilla, who was second, and two of Real Madrid , who occupied the third position. Barca won 0-2 by breaking a streak of two consecutive defeats away from home embedded.

Barca's starting XI which got Anoeta grass was composed by Valdes, Zambrotta, Thuram, Puyol, Gio, Edmilson, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Eto'o and Ronaldinho. In the second half came Gudjohnsen and Oleguer. Without making a brilliant football, the Barça dominated the first 45 minutes. The best chances were Catalans, like a shot from Xavi in the 27th minute that goalkeeper Bravo turned a corner or a goal disallowed Terrassa midfielder out for offside. The Royal Sociedad achieved its goal: to reach the break with the 0-0 start, having stopped all offensive attacks Barca.

When only two minutes had elapsed after the restart, the figures of Ronaldinho and Iniesta , who changed the face of the party. The Brazilian made ​​a great assistance to Manchego past goalkeeper Bravo one-on-one. This goal gave peace to the Barca game and led the team of Miguel Angel Lotina to take more risks in attack. Spaces, the Barça could increase their difference on the scoreboard.

Eto'o and Ronaldinho tested the Bravo and Messi was subject to a penalty by the referee said no Vitienes Teixiera . By San Sebastian, only the Brazilian Savio endangered Valdés's goal. Barca's second goal two minutes to reach the end of the match. A masterful new assistance Ronaldinho left alone to Eto'o to Bravo , who overcame a precise shot. Barca scored three points that would keep him as leader of the standings with two more than Real Madrid who would rise to second place after beating Sevilla 3-2 .

Both the old stadium Anoeta Atocha like fields have been traditionally difficult for Barca. In the League, Real Sociedad and Barcelona have played 63 games in San Sebastian, which the Catalans have won just 17. They have conceded 24 defeats and 22 draws have been added. In all these parties, the Royal Sociedad has scored 89 goals, four more than the club with 85 goals scored. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves arrive at the 150 official games for Barça

Dani Alves will Anoeta Saturday in the 150 official matches with the first team. It is the second foreigner in the current squad played with more commitment, just behind Messi (who has 265).

The few injuries he has had Alves during three seasons at FC Barcelona leads will allow you this Saturday to a historic round figure , such as 150 games with the first team official. Come to her in a new scenario for him in a Barca shirt: Anoeta (with Sevilla and played five times there.)

The 149 games totaling Alves are allocated as follows: 93 in the league, 33 in the Champions League, 16 in the Cup, 4 in the Supercopa of Spain, 2 in the Club World Cup and 1 European Super Cup . Of the 149, 54 were in 2008/09, 48 in 2009/10 and 47, for the moment, to 2010/11.

Leo Messi and Seydou Keita reached Wednesday in Madrid their 50th game this season . They are the first players in the squad to reach this figure this year. For Mali , in fact, is the season with more shares (46 games in 2008/09 and 44 in 2009/10). The record Messi are the 53 games of last season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sergi Roberto, faculty at the Bernabeu

It is the latest newcomer to the quarry in the Champions League. His name is Sergio Roberto and like many other fellow subsidiary reconciles his football career to scholarship in college.

Last June, the player of Reus, 19, was able to enroll for Administration and Management (ADE) IQS Ramon Llull University after adding an average of 6.4 between selectivity and high school. This season has made its first step in the university and has debuted with the first team. He did in the Cup against Ceuta.

The player who debuted Wednesday at the Bernabeu explained less than a year that is compatible to play for Barça and removed a college degree. "People think that being an athlete, you can not study but if you do everything you send and study all you have to study, I can get" he said in an interview with Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat. Currently plays for Barcelona B, where 10 of his colleagues are also academics.

At that time, Roberto stressed that both the message of his family as those responsible for the farmhouse is not to stop their education in spite of their feelings and projection sports. "My parents have always told me I have to have some studies. Right now football is very important but I can have a career, albeit slowly," explained the midfielder.

In this sense, excited and very cautious, pointing to feel closer to the first team since last season (2009-2010) was in the Juvenil A. "I feel closer. I is only a step and hopefully one day have a chance." The opportunity has come this season.

A mainstay of Barça B

In his second season with Barça B, Sergi Roberto has become one of the key men in the schemes of Luis Enrique.

The Reus has scored two goals and added 1753 minutes in 24 league matches. Only an injury in the field of Salamanca just after scoring his first goal for B has the title away.

Inside right or left, or right of midfield midfielder Sergi Roberto is a 'total', a player who dominates all aspects of the game: Roberto plays, create, destroy and get to area with incredible ease.

These qualities made Guardiola made his first team debut against Ceuta, in the second leg of the first. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Vilarrubí: "The Real Madrid is fully abducted by Mourinho

The vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​Carles Vilarrubí, attended microphones 'El món a RAC1' and opined that "gives all the impression that the Real Madrid club and the environment is fully abducted by the figure of José Mourinho.

Carles Vilarrubí assessed the developments that have taken place in recent hours about the Real Madrid-Barcelona in the Champions League. The manager said he was "surprised" by the news of the complaint lodged with the white club UEFA to understand that several players incurred blaugrana misconduct. "What the Madrid did yesterday with this complaint is adhered to something that has already been judged (by the referees). UEFA represented by the four referees and has tried this. Such denunciation shall not have any basis," he said.

"The reaction of Real Madrid by announcing a complaint is a media strategy for the media today of complaints raised a cross, when it is not," he added.

Vilarrubí said before the microphones of RAC1 had the impression that "the Real Madrid club and the environment are fully abducted by the figure of José Mourinho." "What worries me is that the statement can be translated to the Real Madrid as an institution supports the claims that Mourinho did because that would also lead to a serious institutional conflict between the two entities," he said.

"I see a unanimous reaction in the Real Madrid or the institution. The presidential box at the Bernabeu, finishing the match in the special chamber of executives visitors entered Jorge Valdano, Emilio Butragueño and more than three or four managers of Real Madrid pleased about the result. So, here's something going on, "he confessed.

Vice Blaugrana said that "if (Mourinho) wants to be in a closed box, a box will be closed", since it was ejected in the first leg and can not lead his team off the bench. He declared: "If this continues, probably, the meeting will be less formal and more friendly."

Finally he said that because of the seriousness of the contents of what was said Jose Mourinho, I think that Barcelona and Barça members did not deserve even 24 hours of waiting for a tough response. The press conference ends at Mourinho three p.m.. At six o'clock in the afternoon, all board members were in the club to accompany the team training walk Bernabéu turf. And at six and a half, our coach does his press conference. Is it true that, between three and six in the afternoon, the Barca president's job is to go at full speed to be discussed openly with the coach of Real Madrid at a time when our players are preparing for the biggest game of the year ? I believe that responsible behavior is exactly what the board did. "

"There is no policy on the one hand, coach other players on the other ... This is a club. The club we all are. When our coach is involved, it is understood that the policy is at your side," he said. (via SPORT)

Messi is training normally before traveling to Anoeta

The Argentine is recovering from bruises but it could also rest.
Puyol does specific work with the injured Adriano, Abidal, Maxwell, Iniesta and Bojan.

FC Barcelona has trained this morning at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper , again focused on the league competition it will face tomorrow at the Royal Society (20.00) in Anoeta . Messi, Lionel Messi , who suffered several bruises do after the first leg of semifinals of the Champions at the Bernabeu , has recovered and has trained normally with the group.

Who else has worked the sidelines has been the defender Carles Puyol who played against the meringues out despite an injury. Next to him, have done specific work tamibén Iniesta, Bojan, Abidal, Adriano and Maxwell.

The session has been completed with the presence of several reserve team players (Montoya, Thiago, Sergi Roberto Tello) and the Youth A, Gerard Deulofeu. (via MD)

Speaking of soccer, Messi once again proved he is the best

In a star-studded event was the best and blew the Madrid and Mou. Day by day, it is running out for beating records.

Leo Messi is the milk and in Madrid, home of the self-styled 'Central Dairy "Florentino, you know. Go if you know. It must be indigestion because almost every time he steps on the Argentine Bernabéu on the chart. In fact, marked on the white stage in the last four games he has played there. The last two goals, the last Wednesday in the semifinals of the Champions League, have been around the world as they did at the time he scored from the penalty spot in the league last clásico, which was in the 0-2 of Last League and scored the other two in the now legendary 2-6, 2009. In summary, recitals culé crack is who puts the finishing touch to a wonderful team, the Pep Guardiola.

A crack in the locker room that everyone recognizes as Barca world number one for what it offers and everything still has to offer. Without going too far, this season has contributed to the cause blaugrana 52 goals, most of them critical to the Pep is about to win his third consecutive league to reach the Cup final and to be a step in the finals at Wembley.

Messi is a extramotiva against Madrid, with just 23 has already exceeded goals scored to a myth of FC Barcelona as Samitier, which aims this season to be the top scorer in Cup and Champions League and can break the record for goals in a European Cup. Yesterday, Ronaldo defined his second goal at the Bernabeu as "a goal of Playstation." Come on, that is milk. (via MD)

[Barça B] The filial visit to Valladolid with aspirations

After the defeat against Betis, Barça B José Zorrilla visits with news of Espinosa and Rafinha and the reappearance of Oriol Romeu. To continue to aspire to third place, those of Luis Enrique to be rated in one of the most difficult fields.

Between week 13 and week 18, the branch chained Barça six successive draws, three at home and three on the road. The third of these draws (0-0) came to Valladolid, which was then set deep into a negative dynamic, in which only achieve a victory in eleven games.

Now, the reality is different. Barça B through a sweet moment, despite the 0-3 defeat against Betis. In fact, the last ten games has won seven, drawn two and lost one, some numbers can believe that the goal that has recently marked Luis Enrique of finishing in the top five is possible.

Unfortunately, the Spaniard will not have technical staff to its full, and will travel to Valladolid with low Montoya, Sergi Roberto Masiero, Font and Thiago, all with the first team, and that of Víctor Vázquez, muscle aches . However, it has been reinforced with Rafinha and Espinosa, who were key players in the Championship of Youth A. Even have a 'signing', recovering with Oriol Romeu injured after almost four months due to a fracture of the lateral meniscus in his right leg.

Moreover, those Pucela are located in the seventh on the table, the last place that now gives access to the play-off for promotion to First Division. In fact, Valladolid is one of the most feared teams in the second round, and that has added 27 points in the last 36 possible. Much of this success is due to great effect at home (five wins in their last six games) and the solvency of Javi Guerra, who has 21 goals.

In this sense, Joan Barbara, the coach of Barca subsidiary, has said: "It will be a tough match because we played against a team that reaches the turning point of the season in great shape.'re A team that deserves to return to First Division both history and the work you are doing this season. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

CR7 ignites Mou

The complaint by the Portuguese striker's defensive approach against Barca has not liked the technician, who will give a warning.

Cristiano Ronaldo has opened up a gap within the Real Madrid dressing room. His lament at the end of Wednesday's game against Barca ("I like to play well, but I have to adapt," he said) did not sit well with Mourinho, who will give a warning to the Portuguese winger from now on be controlled much more time to make statements. The truth is that the complainant's 'golden boy' of Real Madrid is not an isolated opinion, quite the opposite. Many in the white house who think the same thing CR7 considering that the coach of a team full of stars meetings should not pose as a conservative way.

The last confrontation against Barca was a clear example. In the first half, Real Madrid is limited to defending and expected back, rejecting the ball and just getting to the opposing goal. A Christian is seen occasionally frustrated, even taunting his peers to play far behind, and ended in despair with little participation.

Nobody on the staff has expressed clear as anger by the Portuguese football team practiced, but CR7 is not the only dissatisfied by the style of play. The majority believes that there is good enough to play one more way to have creative players like Xabi Alonso, Granero, Kaka and Ozil in midfield, although so far only shown gestures of rejection, not statements. Marcelo is the case, who during the game against Barca did not stop making a fuss out of it because they can not join the attack.

In the white house was also very controversial replacement on the rest of German Ozil to give entry to Adebayor. Some players believe that there was no use putting a striker if they did not require a player capable of scoring assists.

Now, Real Madrid kept waiting to see how Mourinho elpartido pose at the Nou Camp, which seeks to force the return of Khedira. The team must inevitably go out to win after the 0-2, so a scheme like that of last Wednesday is not necessary. Players bet out strongly for the attack, as they did against Valencia at the Mestalla (2-6), with two strikers and Kaka in the team. That Mou budge is another matter. (via MD)

Unbelievable: Real Madrid claim to Barca and supports Mourinho!

Real Madrid continues its escalation of tension against FC Barcelona and denounce the Catalan club to UEFA to understand that several of his players incurred misconduct.

According ahead late in the afternoon, the web of the daily 'El Mundo', the club president Florentino Perez believes that Alves, Pedro and Busquets, among other Barca players tried to deceive the referee by pretending to be victims of offenses. Something that blames a deliberate strategy of his coach, Pep Guardiola.

The accusation will include images with diverse actions, among them the aggression to Dani Alves that propitiated the expulsion of Pepe - according to Madrid, it was not worthy of expulsion -, and the collisions of Arbeloa and Marcelo with Busquets and Pedro.

The Madrid supported the statements of Mourinho in his official!

The white club later issued this official statement to confirm his controversial decision.

Far from censoring statements of their coach, Jose Mourinho, against the honor of Barça, Madrid responded to the complaint previously filed by the Catalan club to a surprising and unusual extent.

In addition to qualify as "unfair" Pepe straight red for his brutal entrance to Alves, the coach defended Madrid in these terms (sic): "It is surprising that this chain of unfortunate decisions unsportsmanlike conduct and eventually lead to opening a disciplinary inquiry into our coach Jose Mourinho who, beyond the opinions expressed in the exercise of their freedom of speech, expressed his rejection of sporting victory at any price and disregard of the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship devoted to art. 7 of the Preamble of the Statutes of UEFA and art. 5 of its disciplinary regulations, so that Real Madrid CF expresses its full support for his coach. " (via SPORT)

Abidal offered to Guardiola to play the final straight line

The player's medical reports are excellent and the Frenchman will be finalized in the preseason.

The strength of the Barca dressing room seems to have no limits. Pep has surrounded himself with a team with great football talent, but also has an added factor in crucial moments: his human qualities. Eric Abidal has starred in another example which demonstrates the inner workings of culé sanctuary.

For weeks, the player and the club know the details of the outcome of the various medical tests carried out Abidal. The results are excellent and despite the potentially malignant tumor is presented in a very low degree.

In addition, the extension study did not detect any anomalies. With these optimistic reports, and seeing the injury epidemic that hit the Barca defense, Abidal was provided to Pep to make the effort necessary to arrive at conditions at the end of the season and helping the team to the extent it was possible. The aftermath of the surgical procedure were minimal and no one should forget that Abidal has a marvelous physical.

Guardiola and his partners have appreciated the efforts of the French defense but is not considered necessary to force the pace and take a single risk. Abidal will continue his rehabilitation schedule agreed at the time and not one iota accelerate its return to the pitch. In principle, everything is programmed so that the French are in fulfillment of conditions for the next season. (via SPORT)

Arsenal gives up Cesc, which is closer to Barca

The British newspaper 'The Sun' published Wednesday that Arsenal would be willing to sell Cesc to FC Barcelona for an amount close to 40 million euros.

Under this environment, club sources 'gunner' have argued that the cycle is over Cesc in London and somehow understand that a player of his class wanted to leave after failing to win a single title since 2005.

Wenger already knows he can not convince his "first sword 'and pretty much gives up but still will subtract four-year contract. Your team will finish the season empty-handed and Cesc still want to come to Barca.

Does the problem? Its high price. So it has 'The Sun', the club still will not reach 40 million for a player that would not be a permanent fixture, an argument defended the club last summer. (via SPORT)

Mou received aid arbitration to win two Champions

Merk, Collina, Mejuto, Lannoy, Benquerença ... Why, Mou?
Mourinho has won two European Cups, one with Porto and again with Inter Milan. In both, the team received support arbitration.

Jose Mourinho was asked "why" after losing in the semifinal round of the Champions League against Barcelona at the Bernabeu. Mou imagines a conspiracy arbitration and helplessness came to ask awkward to use some tricks. "I do not know if advertising Unicef, the power of Villar in Uefa and they are very nice," was his particular taco nailed. And for now, as Marcelo, has no sanctions from UEFA.

In addition, the Portuguese coach dared to bear against Barcelona and against their coach Pep Guardiola , discrediting the Champions League in Rome achieved. "Guardiola has won the Champions League which I win I would be embarrassed by the scandal of Stamford Bridge and, moreover, added that" I won two Champions in the field with two teams that were not Barcelona. In a country Oporto usually does not win the Champions League and Inter's not won in 50 years and was not a candidate. We won with hard work, pride, effort and sweat. "

But Mourinho obviously many details . Specifically, the aid had to win two European Cups , especially last year with Inter Milan.

In the first knockout round first leg against Chelsea, Inter won at home 2-1 but Mejuto Gonzalez said two penalties for the English . The clearest, before the rest of Samuel on Kalou.

In the quarter-final against CSKA, the whole coaching Milan Jose Mourinho played around with another man during the second half . French referee Stephane Lannoy Odiah drove over for a second yellow when he was pushing the Moscow team.

But he did not remember at the press conference after losing to FC Barcelona was to his faithful friend Benquerença Olegario , who was instrumental in the Champions League semifinals last year. Barca faced Inter and the Portuguese referee was really generous with his compatriot Mourinho team .

The festival of errors began with the lack Messi received prior to the backlash that led to 2-1 in favor of the interest. Laid, the referee awarded the Portuguese 3-1 to Diego Milito in a very clear offside with the help of his assistant. And in the last minute penalty swallowed two very clear Sneijder Samuel Alves and Pique at the jump.

The first of them, moreover, it resulted in a yellow to Barca side.

In Oporto, the semis against 10

And as for the Champions League with Porto winning should not forget that in the semi-final against Deportivo La Coruna ended up playing against ten in both in the return leg .

In Portugal, German Markus Merk ejected with a straight red for Andrade , who could not play at La Coruña. In Riazor, Italian Pierluigi Collina, with the tie 0-0, drew a penalty for Mou team. Derlei transformed it in 60 and nine minutes after the famous collegiate Naybet expelled.

And so, Porto played the final. (via MD)

Madrid-Barcelona leads the audience

El clásico last night was the most watched program by adding the regional audiences of all. The golden minute came after Messi's second goal, reaching a 70% audience share. Madrid and Catalonia were more autonomy where the party continued.

The match between Real Madrid e l Barcelona yesterday recorded an average audience of 12,550,000 viewers in the sum of thirteen chains that issued, representing an audience share of 63.6% and makes it the largest gathering seen from the FORTA (regional television) of the Champions League .

With the issuance of the party, several chains signed their daily maximum, such as TPA (Television of the Principality of Asturias), 24.7%, IB3 (Baleares), 22.5%; CMT (Castilla-La Mancha) , 19.9%; 7RM (Murcia), 19.1%, and Cy L (Castilla y León), 13.8%.

The most watched minute was recorded at 22:33 hours, one minute after the second goal for Barcelona , with an audience of 15,693,000 viewers and 70% audience share (sum of thirteen chains FORTA). Barcelona's first goal, at 22:22 hours, was seen by 15,384,000 viewers (69.4% audience share)

As the number of contacts, more than 20 million viewers watched at least one minute of the game. The coverage of the channels broadcast the match is 93.1% of Spanish territory this year ( Canal Extremadura not included because they are not high on their field emission measurement system independently Kantar Media).

As for the results by groups, fees are highest in men and young people aged 13 to 24 years. By areas, the community is Madrid which was a longer follow-up, with 72.3% audience share, followed by Catalonia (71.3%). (via MD)

There was video of Pep...and of Victor!

It was a big party, and the occasion deserved a motivational video that like so much since becoming coach Pep. And there was. The morning of the pre-game Barca coach decided to show his images of the other soccer players from Real Madrid, that which occurs where there is the ball. The Barça squad could be seen stomping, grabbing, scoreless ball through, continuing protests to the referee ... all the bad habits that Madrid had shown during the two previous clashes against Barca. It was a way to take pride in their players and nurture the desire to try to avoid being victims again of such foul play, although he returned to Madrid to show off him during the game last night.

But Guardiola was not the only video prepared for the occasion. In order to relax somewhat the environment and have a good time, Victor Valdes gathered his teammates after dinner and showed them some pictures chosen by him which contained all sorts of imitations and gags with which Barca players were split of laughter, which got them gone to bed with less nerves and could sleep.

Another anecdote that has made this shift in Madrid Champions League when Pep Guardiola was returned to the team hotel after the much-discussed offer press conference before the meeting in the very Santiago Bernabeu. The players received their coach with a thunderous ovation and unanimous. (via MD)

Mascherano: "Barca kept the amateur spirit"

The adaptation of Javier Mascherano to the playing style and Barça life was immediate. "Since I got the whole world has treated me very well in the Club, and that makes the adjustment much easier," says a Barça TV.

This Friday at 23.00 h the protagonist in the show 'Station Camp Nou' is Javier Mascherano. The Argentine explains what has surprised him this boat: "I was struck by the humility of my colleagues. As they work in the day to day after having obtained all this, both as individual titles." In this regard, stresses Mascherano Barça maintains that "the amateur spirit just when you're small and you play at lower levels." This makes the team today to remain competitive beyond anything he has accomplished. This makes a great team, "he adds.

Mascherano has shown a rapid adaptation to Barça's style of play, and that he has had to change some things: "I had to add things to my game. I'm still a defensive midfielder more defensive duties than offensive. But to get to Barca, a team that has a lot of possession, does need to be more involved in the game. It did not on other computers. sure makes me a more complete player. It's a step that will make me grow and improve things gaps had to be a more complete player. "

Far from what could be expected in the beginning, Mascherano has taken a leading role, he clearly attributed to one reason: "I know I'm playing for special cases of injuries peers. Honestly, I would prefer to play less and not go through what they have spent so much Puyi as Abi, especially the latter, which goes beyond football injury. "

The new '14 'Barca has also been a discovery in the press room, with a speech without being loud but clear and direct. Result of this was hailed by journalists at the end of a press conference: "I had not realized what happened. After some colleagues told me. It was not to applaud. Nobody has to offend when someone tells the truth. I think I see things differently because I have just come to this club. "

The full interview with Javier Mascherano premieres this Friday at 23.00 also reemitirá Monday at 19.00 h. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Players in Barcelona enjoy win too

There was a party atmosphere in the Barça dressing room at the Santiago Bernabéu after last night’s win. But the four players left in Barcelona enjoyed the game too.

Due to injury and health problems, Bojan, Maxwell, Abidal and Adriano were not at the Santiago Bernabéu, but decided to get together anyway to enjoy the Champions League semi final on television.

The four players were joined by Paco Seirul•lo (fitness coach), Francesc Cos (fitness coach), Daniel Medina (doctor) and Roger Gironès (physio) on Wednesday night to watch the game in Restaurant Emperador in the Old Port in Barcelona. The supper ended in celebrations (0-2). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca's complaint to UEFA

Barca will denounce accusations of Real Madrid coach before the Commission as the Control and Disciplinary UEFA considered "a violation of basic norms of behavior."

The FC Barcelona Board convened by the president Sandro Rosell, extraordinarily, has decided to refer to the Control and Disciplinary Committee of the serious allegations UEFA coach of Real Madrid in the press conference yesterday, after the match leg of the semifinals of the Champions League.

Toni Freixa, secretary and spokesman of the Board has said, among other points, that the club "wants to defend the history, prestige and the reputation of our members, fans, players, coaches and managers with their work and their efforts succeeded in the League Champions 2009. "
Statements "unacceptable"

Freixa added that statements by the coach of Real Madrid are "constitute offenses under Article 5, B and D, the code of conduct of the UEFA, as a violation of basic norms of behavior as actions that violate the reputation of football and UEFA. "

Board spokesman qualified that the club undertakes these actions because it considers "unacceptable that someone dares to question the story, titles and our relationship with UNICEF." With this complaint, the club "wants to appease the fire" because "we reject dialectical confrontation" and "trust the disciplinary bodies."

Referring to the refusal of Real Madrid's Bernabeu watering lawns an hour before the party, as agreed by the white team, the club and UEFA, Freixa has ensured that the Club was "a complaint in the record of arbitration and Club "did not receive any explanation" by Real Madrid.

On the absence of the use of Catalan by the PA at the Bernabeu at the end of the game, Freixa said that "it became clear the right to receive instruction in our language." According Freixa, Madrid argued "that the police were against us to speak in Catalan, fearing that could constitute a conflict of public order." Finally, although it authorized the police, the white club "did not invite employees of FC Barcelona to make reading in Catalan, at the end of the game.

Freixa has indicated that these actions have the support of the first team and provides technical and not a coach of Barça could be expressed in terms that made it Mourinho. It has also confirmed that the club awaits the resolution of the sanction to Pinto and if you value "unfair" will appeal. Freixa added that these procedures do not affect the institutional relationships between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Freixa also recalled that, alongside the UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against Real Madrid in connection with the launch of objects, a pitch invasion, the red card shown to Pepe, the removal of coach Jose Mourinho and the statements of the technician. And in the case of Barcelona, ​​in relation to the red card he saw Pinto. (via FCBarcelona.cat)