28 April 2011

Recovery work for starters

The starting eleven at the Santiago Bernabeu have carried out a soft recovery workshop at the Ciudad Deportiva. For the rest, the training has been more intense.

Thursday's session was marked by a relaxed atmosphere that is breathed in Sant Joan Despi . And it's not every day you win 0-2 at the Santiago Bernabeu in a round of Champions semifinals . In this training, which has also been allowed to see Abidal, the owners have done work for recovery and the deputies have made ​​an intense session.

The training has had four players from Barça B , the three who traveled to Madrid ( Montoya, Sergi Thiago and Roberto) and goalkeeper Masip .

The team will return to training on Friday, which will be the last session before the league match in the field of Real Sociedad (20.00 hours). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi suffered a muscle tear and is out for San Sebastián

Leo Messi is out for sure for the league match next Saturday to face Barca against Real Sociedad in San Sebastian.

Barcelona's Argentine striker was injured in yesterday's match against Real Madrid and should rest in the next league match will face Barca to Real Sociedad on Saturday Anoeta.

Messi suffered a slight muscle tear so it seems that may be able to play against Real Madrid in the semifinal round of the Champions League next Tuesday Pep Guardiola if he deems it appropriate.

Leo was the outstanding player in last night's encounter at the Bernabeu where he got the two goals that gave victory to Barça. (via SPORT)

Ramos: "The referee, without comment, sorry ..."

The insignia was defending the actions of college German Wolfgang Stark. Despite the defeat, Ramos is taking nothing for lost: "In football anything is possible."

The player of Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos has opined in his personal Twitter on Wolfgang Stark arbitration proceedings in the first leg of Champions semifinals.

The Sevilla player has shown outraged with the attitude of the German School, which has described as "regrettable." "As the referee without comment, just unfortunate ... Kind regards," wrote Ramos in his followers.

The white defense also assured that all is not lost and that "there are still 90 minutes." "Now is when we really need to be more united, there are still 90 minutes and in football anything is possible ...", said the network. (via AS)

[Barça B] El Deportivo, by Miño, Romeu and Víctor Vázquez

The great season that is making the Barcelona B is not going unnoticed for Deportivo La Coruña. Lendoiro is a connoisseur of the big quarry and intends to incorporate into the next year to a subsidiary Barca player.

The blue and white body and asked about the status of Víctor Vázquez, Rubén Miño and Oriol Romeu. Vazquez is a 24 year old who acts on the right wing. His age makes him very difficult to follow in the club does not board the first team. Mino is a keeper of 22 years and has debuted with Guardiola and Oriol Romeu is a defensive midfielder and one of the pearls of the whole coaching Luis Enrique.

Depor is always very attentive to developments in the quarries of Real Madrid and Barca. A few seasons ago and signed a football bred in La Mas as Joan Verdú, Rodrigo and Cristian. In addition, the return of the entity Ernesto Bello is also important, because the technical secretary is a connoisseur of the best young players in the country.

In principle, the arrival of one of these three men would be transferred as, although in the case of Vázquez itself could try to sign him because it is very difficult to get to settle in the first team. However, there are more players from Barça B that might be interested. Last summer we tried to incorporate a Muniesa to cover low Filipe Luis on the left side.

The idea has the Galician club is enhanced by these young players with projection, which would join a couple of players with experience to help them grow.

Do not forget that June 30 will leave the team, many players, so much will have to renew the template. Given the economic situation of the entity can not make a big expense in the transfer market. (via Marca.com)

Adebayor: "The Barça players are shot and cry like babies"

Emmanuel Adebayor was one of the players of Real Madrid that he was more upset in the mixed zone at the Bernabeu. The Togolese, told British ITV, said, "is the third time I play for Barcelona in a few days, and have always finished with 10. It is something I find incredible. Perhaps Pepe was needed, but certainly not was a red card. "

The striker was very critical of the players of Barcelona: "Football is a sport for men. But every time you play with Barcelona, ​​every time I play, just on the floor crying like babies, putting his hands on face. And their coach and their fans are always crying "

"Do not get me wrong: the Barcelona is a fantastic club but had to stop doing those things." Asked if the Catalans theatrical excess, his answer was clear: "Yes, We're here to play football, but every time there is a split ball is thrown to the ground to mourn."

"Since the expulsion everything was more difficult for us, but our morale is high and we believe we can go to Barcelona to win. We can not change Mourinho. He always worked hard for their team and see why we should change that. If we lose, everyone will criticize us, but we love our coach and we just believe we can win in the second leg. We'll see what happens. " (via AS)

First manager to win three times at the Bernabéu

Josep Guardiola has become the first Barça manager to win three matches at the Santiago Bernabéu (2-6 in 2008/09, 0-2 in 2009/10 and 0-2 on Wednesday). We now look at this and other trivia from the game.

Josep Guardiola has three wins and a draw to his name in four games at the Santiago Bernabéu. In those games, he has scored 11 goals and conceded just 3.

It is now 1086 dies, since May 7, 2008, that Barça have not lost at Madrid. And the statistic will extend much further as they are not due to meet again until next season.

The game was another Barcelona recital, who made three times more passes than Madrid (794 to 267).

Gerard Piqué recovered the most balls, 16. No other player managed more than 10.

Messi, the Barça hero, shot the most times in the game for FCB (4). He was only topped by Ronaldo (7), who had less success.

Víctor Valdés and Carles Puyol have not lost any of the last six clásicos they have played.

The Barça keeper is actually the first to ever go seven clásicos in a row unbeaten.

Sergi Roberto made his Champions League debut (he had previously only played 25 minutes in the cup against Ceuta). He played the last three minutes of the game at the Bernabéu, coming on for Villa. He has yet to make a Liga appearance.

This is the first time Madrid have lost a Champions League match at the Santiago Bernabéu against a Spanish league team.

Pinto, Sergio Ramos and Pepe will all miss the second leg, and Mourinho will have to watch the game from the stands.

No player will be one yellow away from suspension at the Camp Nou. If Barça qualify, the only way they can have a player suspended at Wembley is through a sending off. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cristiano - Mourinho: A war that is long

Cristiano Ronaldo admitted after the game against Barca that "I do not like playing with this style, but I have to adapt what I ask." CR7 is clear that you do not like the style of Mourinho. And the coach does not like his compatriot. The 'war', however, is not new ...

hey were Portuguese and the two are together at Real Madrid. But it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho are all too well. A CR7 likes playing football, being the owner of the ball and many times that Mourinho wants his team is not holding the ball. On Wednesday, before the club after 20 minutes, the Real Madrid striker and he was desperate because he had not yet been able or smell. And after the game, do not hesitate to acknowledge that he did not like this style of game, but had to adapt to what they asked. "Horny after a painful defeat? Not so.

The relationship between Mourinho and Cristiano is not good. And there is something new this year when the two coincide for the first time on a single computer. No. The "war" between the two is more than far, comes from when you were the star player of Manchester United and the other star of the Chelsea coach. Newspaper records, such as cotton, do not lie.

And it has been one of my followers on Twitter (@ josexeng Jose Lopez) who has put me on the trail. The crossing of words between Mou and CR7 evidence that the ego of the two makes their relationship very difficult. Do not miss the "pearls" that are engaged by the English press, when one was at Chelsea and the other at Manchester United.

Everything started in 2007. Mourinho, who had his same speech now, he complained that "appear to be prohibited pitarle penalties to Manchester United." And so Christian replied "I do not want to be dragged by Mourinho's complaints against the referees, because everyone knows how he is, always has something to say, because he can not admit their failures." And Mou, of course, did not remain silent. "This is not even a game of words between him and me. It is a game where a child made some statements without showing maturity and respect, maybe it has to do with a difficult childhood, without proper education, perhaps as a consequence of that, so I thought I had to give an answer, after Sir Alex felt that he had to defend his boy. "

Subsequently, it was said that Mourinho could be the new coach of United. CR7 And, of course, did not like. "I do not speak of Jose Mourinho, if you ask me by Sir Alex, I say anything, but I do not care anything about Mourinho."

"Punto y final? Let go! The crossing of statements followed. And with soft words. Mourinho, without thinking twice, called him a liar to Cristiano Ronaldo. "If Ronaldo says it is incredible that no whistle-deserved penalties against Manchester, who is lying. You must understand that it can not fight the facts. If you are a liar, never reach the level you want."

And is that many times to understand this, one must look at the past ... (via SPORT)

La Masia vibrates with victory

Athletes of the quarry lived with joy and intensity of the semi-final round together from the dining room of the house. This is the last living together iconic clásico Barca residence.

Over 65 players from the youth lived together Wednesday semifinal round of the Champions League from La Masia. Many of them were separated after a few weeks for the many races who have lived with their respective teams, coinciding with Easter.

Athletes lived together this tie against Real Madrid and so in the dining room of La Masia, were joined by players from Junior A to the Alevín A and some members of the Cadet's basketball teams A and B and Child A and B. Messi's goals, the actions of some players like Villa, Xavi and Keita or classical intensity were some of the most critical points of the night in La Masia.

But undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed in La Masia was the Champions League debut in the young Serge Robert, who came on 90 minutes in the place David Villa. This decision to Guardiola, who traveled to Madrid with 12 players made at home, was received with particular satisfaction among young people, who saw the player in Reus an example where looking.

The Madrid-Barcelona was the last clásico that will live in La Masia, as in the return next Tuesday, athletes will live soccer training from the Camp Nou. They will do from a goal of the third tier. Next season, players from the quarry have been installed on the new home of the Ciudad Deportiva.

The nights in which players from the Mas gather for special occasions for one day change your diet. Thus, the dinner menu is more 'lively' than usual. Pizzas, 'nuggets, bread with tomato, Cokes and hot dogs are permitted for one day. It is the exception, the next day back to normal in La Masia. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Some mindless Stark tried to attack the referee after the match

The referee German Wolfgang Stark and his assistants were about to be attacked in Madrid after the semi-finals of Champions League.

After the game, Stark and his assistants went to a restaurant in the capital. There, they were recognized by four individuals who insulted them and tried to attack the local input as point several means, including Sportyou. Fortunately, the swift action of local members prevented the thing out of hand. (via SPORT)

More than 12.5 million viewers followed the third R.Madrid-Barcelona

The match between Real Madrid and Barcelona yesterday recorded an average audience of 12,550,000 viewers in the sum of thirteen chains that issued, representing an audience share of 63.6% and makes it the largest gathering seen from the FORTA (regional television) Champions League. With the issuance of the party, several chains signed their daily maximum, such as TPA (Television of the Principality of Asturias), 24.7%, IB3 (Baleares), 22.5%; CMT (Castilla-La Mancha) , 19.9%; 7RM (Murcia), 19.1%, and Castilla y León (Castilla y León), 13.8%. The most watched minute was recorded at 22:33 hours, one minute after the second goal for Barcelona, ​​with an audience of 15,693,000 viewers and 70% audience share (sum of thirteen chains FORTA). Barcelona's first goal, at 22:22 hours, was seen by 15,384,000 viewers (69.4% audience share) As the number of contacts, more than 20 million viewers watched at least one minute of the game . The coverage of the channels broadcast the match is 93.1% of Spanish territory this year (Canal Extremadura not included because they are not high on their field emission measurement system independently Kantar Media). As for the results by groups, fees are highest in men and young people aged 13 to 24 years. By areas, the community is Madrid which was a longer follow-up, with 72.3% audience share, followed by Catalonia (71.3%). (via SPORT)

Rosell summons an extraordinary meeting to study if dununcian to Mourinho

The president Sandro Rosell has summoned extraordinary meeting of the Directive Meeting this Thursday at the 17 hours to treat the actions to undertake before the facts happened after the party of going of semifinals of Champions League in Santiago Bernabéu.

The team of the preisdente will evaluate if it is necessary to denounce José Mourinho who accused Guardiola and the institution culé difficultly. Later on, there will be press appearance at the 19 hours in the press room Ricard Maxenchs of Camp Nou. (via MD)

[Barça B] The best Barça B of history, seven steps

The subsidiary Barca faced the last seven days of League with the aim of finishing in the top five and thus get the best historical classification of Barça B in Second Div A.

On three occasions, the Barça B has completed the second division league to rank sixth in the table.

Having secured the permanence, the challenge of Luis Enrique and his staff passed by finishing in the top five and thus achieve the best historical classification of Barça B.

After announcing his departure at the end of the season, Luis Enrique al'Alcorcón used before facing a motivational video in which the stated objective was clear: "We want the best numerical purpose subsidiary of Barça's history," says shortly after Fight a press conference.

After 35 days of League and in the absence of 21 points to play for Barça B of Luis Enrique took fourth with 58 points in the standings, 1 point ahead of Elche (5 º) and four more than the Granada (6 º .) The second Barca team faces a tight schedule with seven games in just over 35 days. Of these remaining games, four away from Miniestadi play them.

The first opponent in the final straight of the championship will be this Friday, April 29 Valladolid. Those of Pucela, seventh with five points behind Barca B, need a victory to secure their aspirations to return to Primera.

From here, the Barça B will face three teams fighting to escape the relegation zone. Albacete visit the Mini with an obligation to win if you do not want to miss the hopes of maintaining the category. The visit to the field of Ponferradina in intersemanal day will be similar in nature to a team that has been the bottom team for much of the championship. This minicycler of matches against teams from the bottom end with the match of the day 39 in the Mini against a Las Palmas that now is the seventeenth.

On May 22 the club will visit Montilivi in ​​a derby that can be decisive in determining whether Raul can dream though Agne promotion. In the penultimate round of the Barça B can receive a Salamanca risk their lives to keep the category, while the final game was Luis Enrique will play in the field of a beam that could be and First Team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Good competitive level in tournaments of Semana Santa

The quarry teams have played different toprejos Barça friendly where they had to face great teams. Cadete A champion in the MIC and Infantil A, first in the MECUP were some of the most successful.


Juvenile A of Óscar García the tournament began with force with two victories with great soccer against Azerbayán (4-2) and Naples (2-0). The rooms of final Ukrainian Shakhtar was imposed in a very balanced bereavement (2-3).


Sergi Barjuan's boys has not been able to be classified for the final one in the tournament of Pepper Dallas Cup, since they have lost one of the three disputed parties. The high level of the tournament and the defeat against the local team, Dallas USSF, he has made them to return home with the empty hands.


The league champion returned to lift a glass. García Pimienta's boys were imposed all the rivals in the Tournament MICFOOTBALL. In the final one Espanyol faced and to Barça in a very even derby that finally was solved in the penalties shift after a tie to zero. The porter azulgrana Pol Ballesté and the defense Carlos Blanco was the most outstanding players in the final one. Lesson of good game, because, the one that gave the team azulgrana during the whole tournament.


Cadete B of Barça arrived to the final one, but it was not able to overcome Las Palmas. The local team got the victory for 2 at 1, and it is that they only had two clear occasions, but they signed the two reveilles. Barça tried to overcome the minimum rent that it separated it of the title and it was superior during the whole second part, but he/she didn't find the success in the last meters.
The organization of Micci rewarded Lionel Enguene like better player of the tournament, and David Zalzman it was proclaimed Pichichi.


Infantil A of Barça Champion of the tournament MECUP was proclaimed, since it overcame for 3 goals at 2 to Mallorca. The final one was very disputed, but Barça was ahead in the marker with two goals to favor when concluding the first part, Alexis Meva and Sergi Canós was the scorers. Josimar, in the second part, was the one in charge of sentencing the final one. I reward desert, because, for the boys of Fran Sánchez that they made a very good performance during the whole tournament.


Infantil B of Barça lost the Tournament Lleida Cup for very little. Denis's boys Silva tied (0-0) in the semifinal against Zaragoza. The small azulgrana played him/her everything in the penalties shift, but an error in the eighth shot he made that the Aragonese ones were taken the championship. The fielder azulgrana Daniel Morer better player of the tournament was proclaimed.


Alevín A-B of Barça it could not be imposed in the final one to an Athletic of very guessed right Madrid: 2 at 0 were the definitive result in the marker. Andrés' boys Carrasco didn't have face success to goal and they had problems to brake the Athletic one. Salomón and Álvaro Juan made the two of the goals mattress makers.


Jordi Font's boys was in third position when losing against Real Madrid in the semifinal of the Tournament Villa Peralada. The azulgranas disputed a very even party against the targets, so much that the marker concluded with tie to zero. In the penalties beat, Real Madrid had more aim and it passed to the final one that won. The azulgrana Sergio Gómez was the maximum scorer of the tournament.


Spectacular performance the one that they had Marc Serra and David Sánchez's boys in the International Tournament of l'Ebre. The azulgranas was proclaimed champions with a lot of rotundity: 92 goals at favor and two in against in the whole tournament. The final one played it Espanyol and Barça, and it put an end to a result of 8 a1.


The boys of Marcel Sans and Isaac García was subcampeones after losing for the minimum one (1-0) against Valencia. The party was very even, and nobody wanted to lose the final one, but a goal in the last minutes of the second part they made that the scale leaned in favor of the Valencian ones. The porter azulgrana Pablo Ruiz the best porter in the tournament was considered.


Jordi Puig's boys comernçar the tournament with a defeat (4-3) against IFK Swedish Stocksund. Benjamin C azulgrana added three serial victories before Barceloneta (1-0), Danish Hei (3-1) and Europa (3-1). In the semifinals, and after tiing (2-2) against Torelló, the azulgranas fell in the penalties. Benjamin C's French midfielder Kai Ruiz the best player in the tournament was chosen.


The boys of Cristian Catena and Óscar Hernández went very superior to all the rivals during the whole tournament. In the first phase, the prebenjamín azulgrana goleó to Tortosa (12-0) and the selection l'Ebre (19-0) Terres. After overcoming the semifinals against Salou (8-0) in the final one Barça imposed its soccer against Gavà again (4-1). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former players] Belletti and Rivaldo surrender to Messi

The former players of FC Barcelona also saw exactly the victory culé.

Rivaldo said and to break the game at the Bernabeu. At that time explained that "the party is very difficult and no chances. I hope that in the second half we can see goals." And after the match, had no doubts. "With all my respect for Real Madrid, Barca have more equipment and the best player in the world. Congratulations to Barca and Messi."

For its part, Juliano Belletti merely commented after the match, as in the case of Rivaldo via Twitter, that "Leo Messi gets almost impossible to maintain a regular basis to be the best football player in the world for so long." (via SPORT)

Tito Vilanova: "To Clemente he was criticized to play as Madrid"

Tito Vilanova highlights the physical potential of all white and regrets the casualties in the Barça squad.

Despite his usual discretion, Tito Vilanova also joined the rarefied environment that hangs over the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Barca. Pep Guardiola's assistant team assessed the situation and allowed the luxury of finding one of those odious comparisons between the playing styles of the past and present.

Vilanova, told the media of FC Barcelona, ​​so appeasement came to appreciate the difficulties measured at Real Madrid in the battle for access to the final at Wembley. "It's one of the most physical teams we could find in the way." The verification soft gave rise to a claim not without some controversy. "Madrid does what many other teams over the years, which is defended and take it off when you retrieve the ball off to see if they catch a rebound at the speed they have or wait up action set pieces. "But the icing on Tito Vilanova was another statement that continues to be fraught with a profound irony . 'The Real Madrid game is no different in any way from Javier Clemente as practiced by trained, and in many places in Spain is criticized. I, however, do not criticize him. Everyone has their style of play, but can not be that those who criticize something before now say that it is very good, "he said.

Given these odds, Pep assistant stressed the need to be faithful to the philosophy Barca to fight rivals in this important tie. "We must be prepared and make the character. If we do from our way of doing, which made us players in world football in recent years, things will not happen, "he said.

Vilanova argued that the Barça squad comes with "good feelings" to the final stretch of the season, but regretted the harsh punishment of injuries in recent weeks. "We apologize to the lesions, but it is well to remember that we have many in our defense. Again, this should not be an excuse because we are the Barcelona and we have enough people to keep fighting. " A final allegation of pride and race that was accompanied by another reminder of those who raise more than a blister on the environment Madrid. "We should be very happy to have a pool capable of dealing with the more expensive workforce in the history of world football." And it also takes Tito Vilanova nails. (via SPORT)

Hundreds of Catalans were to Barca at the airport

A victory such as this Wednesday at the Bernabeu in the Champions League semis nas eun does not happen every day and no culé want to lose it.

Barça's plane, which landed just after two o'clock, it housed an immense joy for the victory achieved in Madrid. The players were met with a reception of a champion. There were several fans who gathered at the terminal to congratulate a team that had erased at a stroke, the bad taste that not winning the Cup meant Sandro Rosell was even talking to some of these fans and signed the odd autograph. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-20] The Official Draw for the FIFA U-20 World Cup Columbia 2011

The build-up to the FIFA U-20 World Cup Colombia 2011 quickened on Wednesday evening as the Official Draw took place.

MORE: www.fifa.com

[The groups for the FIFA U-20 World Cup Colombia 2011]

Group A (Bogota/Cali): Columbia, France, Mali, Korea Republic.

Group B (Cali/Bogota): Portugal,Uruguay, Cameroon, Champion of Oceania (TBD).

Group C (Manizales/Pereira): Australia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Spain.

Group D (Armenia/Pereira): Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Guatemala.

Group E (Barranquilla/Cartagena): Brazil, Egypt, Austria, Panama.

Group F (Medellin/Cartagena): Argentina, Mexico, England, Korea DPR.

[Rating UCL Semifinal Leg1] Real Madrid CF - FC Barcelona (0-2)


Guardiola talks in the field with Mourinho in the stands

Pep shook the morale of the team and the team left after moved to the Bernabeu and annealing to Mou.

"Joseph, I give the Champions of the press room. Here are the fucking boss, fucking love you. We, at 20.45, we will try to win playing football." Pep's words echoed hours before the meeting last night as a noise at the Bernabeu. Guardiola cried at a press conference on the lawn and honor its pledge. "We talk on the field," said the coach. And the team responded to Pep, because his speech called for a transport team, a blow on the table, shouting all the usual contempt Barcelona Mourinho. It was a tough response, bold, sharp, overwhelming. He raised his voice both Barcelona silenced the Bernabeu, it was a kid, did not say a peep when Wolfgang Stark announced late in the game.

The game extraperlista of Madrid, Barcelona responded with a speech very Barca. With the ball, being protagonist, showing quarry. Because the input of Sergi Roberto in the final minutes, a young age player, was the most poisoned dart Pep to Madrid and the biggest tribute to Barcelona. In the white bench Mourinho offered a new show of megalomania. With Madrid's epic delivered to Pepe, the player who best technical sublimates message, Mou does not fit the expulsion of his compatriot. He shrugged his shoulders, frowned and hesitated to the attendant. Tired of the staging of the Portuguese, Stark ended the show and sent him to the stands.
Pep was only soccer news. Barcelona went on to score a goal in the Bernabeu and Messi was the best team spokesman. Pep was exposed as never before in the press room because he saw the warm clothing. The message reached the team and Messi spoke loud and clear on the lawn of Chamartin. Leo precisely, the player who devotes more care Pep, annealing at Mou. In the field only spoke a team. There was no news from Madrid Chamartin. After the game Pep congratulated his in the intimacy of the locker room. Thanked him and warned: "There are still 90 minutes." (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: “it’s a big step, but the tie isn’t over yet”

The Club’s first Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu was visibly satisfied with the team’s win, but whilst claiming: “this is a big step”, he also warned: “the tie isn’t over yet”.

Bartomeu claimed the team’s performance was: “splendid. We came with ambition, with the aim of getting a win and that’s what we did. We did our talking on the pitch, which is what we know how to do best and we will show the same ambition at the Nou Camp next week as we did at the Bernabeu tonight”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola calls for caution

Josep Guardiola refused to comment on either the referee’s performance or Mourinho’s declarations after the game, preferring to focus on his team’s play, whilst insisting that the 0-2 win by no means guarantees the trip to Wembley.

The boss is well aware that Madrid won’t come to the Nou Camp next week and meekly lie down and die: “they are a club with 9 European Cups to their name and they never admit a game is lost till it’s over. I’ve seen them many times, as a kid, as a player and as a manager and they never give up. We now need to recover our strength, emotionally and tactically”, for next week’s game.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves”

Guardiola called for caution and prudence from the fans, the Club and the players: “I’m asking everyone not to fall into the trap of thinking that we have won something which we still have to compete for-let’s not get ahead of ourselves and mix up our desire to get to Wembley with the fact we aren’t there yet. We’ve won the first leg 0-2, but not the final. Nine European Cups –that says it all. We now have to control the atmosphere”.

The boss was also pleased with his team’s performance: “we played a very good game against 11 and then against 10. We controlled the danger of their counter attacks and their aerial threat. We won the game by our control and waiting for Leo to make the difference. It was a good result and I want to congratulate my team a lot”.

Pep went on to stress the importance of Messi’s role in the game: “it’s not the first time he’s done this, we are so lucky to have him. He’s only 23 and he’s now the third leading scorer at the Club, with its long, long history. That says it all. It’s incredible, that’s what is beautiful about our game and our football”.

Guardiola was asked what he thought of Mourinho’s post match comments and simply said “nothing”. He also refused to speak about the referee’s performance. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

More than 3,000 culés vibrate at the Bernabeu

Tonight, Pep Guardiola players have not been alone. More than 3,000 supporters of Barça have encouraged from the first minute from the white stage and have been enjoying this important victory in Madrid.

Although the stadium Santiago Bernabeu was packed to the rafters to see the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League , the Catalans more than 3,000 who have been fortunate to see the game live from the field of Madrid have not been hidden but quite the contrary. In what has been the second largest displacement of the season after the final of the Copa del Rey , the Barca fans have had an exemplary performance.

From the first moment the doors opened more than 3,000 Bernabéu Catalans have been located in one of the top tiers of the stadium. Since there have given their support to the team Guardiola. And the players have been found from the beginning, when they come to the Bernabeu and they have left the grass of the field, still dressed in a tracksuit.

Finished the game in Madrid and FC Barcelona win in the pocket are several supporters of FC Barcelona who has come to the Power Chutes de Barcelona , the center of the celebrations of the fans of Barça. From there, the Catalans have celebrated this important victory against Madrid a step closer Guardiola in the Wembley final . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mou: "I would be embarrassed to win like the Champions

"I do not know if it's the power of Villar in the UEFA or UNICEF. I do not understand. Congratulations on your team, but also for its power. If I say what I think just my career," added the coach.

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, exploited by Stark collegiate performance in the match against Barcelona. Did not even need to ask: "If I say what I think my career ends today. Just leave a question: Why? Why Ovrebo, De Bleeckere, Busacca or Stark? In each semifinal is the same. We are talking about a team , Barca, absolutely fantastic, but why not go to the finals two years ago Chelsea and why Inter are saved by the miracle of ten long endure? The party was for 0-0 and was going to get Kaka by Lass ... I do not know if it's the power of Villar in the UEFA or UNICEF. I do not understand. Congratulations on your team, but also for all its power, it must be hard to achieve. "

"As Pepe took to all his problems were solved. If sport seems difficult to trace, now say it is mission impossible. They have to reach the final and go. I can live my life with it, but I hope someday to have the answer . Why do you need this kit something that is obvious to everyone? Only the referee can answer but it will do. Maybe we were 0-0 and the second as they win and nothing happens. I accept with fair play " he added.

Mourinho was very pessimistic about the options in Madrid: "We eliminated. We're going to Barcelona with pride and respect for the world of football, which sometimes makes me sick. We shall go Pepe and Ramos, who did nothing, not the coach and with an almost impossible. If we make a goal there, we will kill again. We have no chance. "

"If the people of Barcelona is honest, knows that this is happening. You can hide, but they sure are not bad people and know how to win and not have the same flavor. When did that hand Gourcouff in Lyon that Stark did not whistle, I said I had not seen. Just did not want us or in quarters. The referee was unbelievable, "he added.

And another brutal barrage launched Guardiola: "I won two Champions in the field, with two teams that were not the club: FC Porto, a country that normally do not win these titles, and with Inter, who had been fifty years without winning Cup And we did with effort and sacrifice. Guardiola is a fantastic trainer but has won a European Cup that I would be embarrassed to win and can win another that I too would be embarrassed to win. A Guardiola respect him for his treatment has always been fantastic. I thought I could tutearle, but apparently not. Hopefully one day win the Champions League without scandal. "

Mourinho does not believe that the statements of the prior will determine the arbitration: "Our statements had no influence. The atmosphere was warm. I told the words of Josep Guardiola because they were rare, criticized a wise arbitration. He said as he thought, poking a little policy, something that should not exist in football. "

And the crash, said: "The approach looked at different times. Spent by not conceding, to frustrate the opponent to play compact, then put out a nine and ten later behind the three bombers. When rival are frustrated, you can try to win, but the referee did not let us. Win and must have a different flavor. I know what people felt Chelsea, which suffered the people of Inter and that is hurting these people of Madrid. Now I just want to get home and be with my family, which is fantastic. " (via AS)

Pinto, ejected at halftime after throwing a slap Arbeloa

The substitute goal of Barcelona rushed in the tumult a slap to Arbeloa and it sifted Chendo.

The first half ended with a brawl capital. Arbeloa and Keita out of the locker room discussing way to reproach the Malian previous action with Peter and the thing heated up when they appeared on stage and Milito Pinto on the road to the tunnel. Then he assembled a brawl with members of both benches, which lasted a few seconds before the eyes of Wolgfang Stark.

German referee settled the matter with direct red Pinto, deputy goal Barcelona, ​​who in the crowd threw a slap in the face and shook a Chendo Arbeloa, CEO of Real Madrid.

In the first half there were other international resentments between. Obstruction Peter Arbeloa on 38 minutes, which was the yellow to the white side, caused Busquets Pique and the side face Real Madrid, who berated his action. Shortly before the break, a similar scene was repeated when Villa and Xabi Alonso were locked while Busquets was on the floor asking for a slap of Marcelo.

The final minutes were filled with tension in a good test of what was at stake in this semi-final of the Champions League. And there's 5-0 in the Nou Camp in the league match at the Bernabeu and the Cup final at the Mestalla. (via Marca.com)

Wolfgang Stark ejected after a hard iron Pepe

Pepe was exceeded in a split ball, which came to the plate and a considerable height.

The Real Madrid player was left with a least 60 minutes after Pepe plate on Alves. Wolfgang Stark hesitated for a moment, but at the urging of his assistant said lack favorable to Barcelona and drove out the Portuguese with a straight red.

Pepe was exceeded in a split ball, which came to the plate and a considerable height, in an unnecessary action in the field of play Barca.

Alves complained ostensibly for the input. After a few seconds of uncertainty, the German school decided to show red card to Portugal. (Marca.com)

Cristiano: "I like to play well but it's there"

The Portuguese, very critical, has justified his performance and the comparison with Messi, author of the goals, for his partner's expulsion Pepe: "Messi? is to play cotra ten much easier."

Cristiano Ronaldo has exploited after the defeat of Real Madrid in the idea of ​​the Champions League semifinal against Barcelona. After Portugal's party has said that the expulsion of Pepe is the only justification for the defeat of his team: "You have all seen what has happened. When we were eleven against eleven maybe we were not playing well but we controlled the game. Always the same against Barcelona, ​​is it coincidence? The 0-0 is not bad result, we could dial in Barcelona on the counter. Besides Kaka was to go and were going to go for attack in the last twenty minutes. But then I have driven Pepe y. .. We are very sad because it is always the same thing against this team and why the 'Mr' always the same thing happens against Barcelona as well. "

As for the German arbitration Stark has said that there have been equal to two teams: "I could not talk to anyone. I could not talk to anyone around the card game because it was safe." Portuguese has been asked by the party of Leo Messi, the author of two goals from Barcelona, ​​and has also been very critical, "Messi? Against ten is easier. I wish I could play against ten also happens to him. "

The striker has not completed satisfied with the approach of his team and has admitted as much: "I do not like playing with this style but I have to adapt because this is what you get." Finally, assured that it is aware that his team options are minimal for the trip: "With 2-0 and away from home ... in football anything can happen but we know it is very difficult." (via AS)

Messi steps up amongst the Barça greats

Leo Messi’s two goals at the Bernabeu mean that he has overtaken Josep Samitier to become the third highest scorer for the Club, as well as confirming his position as the leading scorer in this year’s Champions League.

Leo Messi continues to build a place for himself amongst the greats of FC Barcelona. His goals against Madrid on Tuesday night took him past the legendary Josep Samitier and with his 179 goals in all competitions, he is now only behind César Rodríguez (235) and Ladislau Kubala (194).

Unlike Barça’s previous main scorers - César, Kubala, Samitier and Alcántara – Leo Messi has notched up his goals in less than 10 years. In just seven seasons with the first team, the Argentinean has bagged 119 La Liga goals, 36 in the Champions League, 17 in the Spanish Cup, 2 in the World Club Cup and 5 in the Spanish Super Cup.

This is Messi’s best ever season so far in terms of goals, with the two at the Bernabeu his 51st and 52nd of the campaign and he leads both the Spanish League and Champions League goalscorers table with 31 and 11 goals respectively. In Europe he heads Mario Gómez (Bayern, 8) and Samuel Eto’o (Inter, 8), who are both out of the competition and is heading for a repeat of his feats of the 08/09 and 09/10 seasons when he topped the Champions league scorers table.

Curiously enough the two goals against Madrid were the first time he has scored in a Champions League semi-final. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The Catalan press is divided over the expulsion of Pepe

While 'Sport' says that "the pulse beat Madrid to finish with 10" 'La Vanguardia' thinks that "maybe a yellow would have been punishment enough." In Argentina, 'Olé' speech of Messi like 'cosmic Small barrel.'

Sport: Messi is the "puto amo"

Two goals from Leo Messi closer than ever Wembley Barça. Real Madrid beat pulse end 10 and failed to stop the best player in the world, who responded with what he dominates: football.

The Newspaper: A brace from Messi entrains the tie for Barca

Leo Messi has solved the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in a match full of tension volcanic in the Catalan side has spoken on the field. A brace from Argentine (76 and 87 m.) has lead to FC Barcelona for the return match which will decide the finalists who will go to Wembley on 28 May.

La Vanguardia: El Barça, closer to Wembley

Guardiola will take the first assault by two goals from Messi (0-2) in a game where Barca were the only ones who wanted to play. Maybe a yellow would have been punishment enough. Real, by the expulsion of Pepe, finished with ten. Mourinho ended following the match from the stands to also expelled.

Gazzetta dello Sport (Italy): A divine Messi freezes Bernabéu

Barcelona win 2-0 in Madrid a nervous match, decided by a doublet of the Flea and the expulsion, excessive, Pepe half an hour remaining. Mourinho also expelled.

Olé (Argentina): Cosmic small barrel

There was no magic formula Mou. Barcelona did not forget its essence to a Royal who waited much at home. The red Pepe gave him a hand, Messi's talent did the rest with two goals. And one of them, those who remain in history.

Clarín (Argentina): Party in Madrid Messi

Great double of the Flea: the first took a perfect cross, and then finalized a great solo run. The 2-0 left Barcelona to a final step. Royal finished with a red least Pepe. Mourinho was also expelled.

Corriere dello Sport (Italy): Messi Barcelona launches

At the Bernabeu, the Argentine firm out of this extraordinary doubled on Guardiola's team into the final at Wembley. Red Card to Pepe and Mourinho. Also expelled the second goalkeeper of Barcelona, ​​Pinto.

Corriere della Sera (Italy): A brace from Messi gives Barcelona victory

With a brace from Messi in the second half, wins Barcelona at the Bernabeu and almost ensures their place in the Wembley final against Manchester United. Banned Mourinho to applaud the fourth official after the expulsion of Pepe.

Tuttosport (Italy): Messianico

Messi legend. A second time marvel at the Golden Ball decides Barcelona leg of the semifinal of the Champions League at the Bernabeu. Scoreless first half, quarter hour after the red blows Pepe Real nerves, which also lost to the technician. In the 76th minute goal from Argentine Pass Afellay and ten minutes later, a wonderful double to right after having avoided a three opponents from the midfield.

Record (Portugal): Messi solves a classic tension

Barcelona are close to the fine Champions League after beating Real Madrid 2-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu. Messi, who came to make a poor match, made a double. The expulsion of Pepe, the company did Mourinho later, in the second half ended by condemning the meringues in a game with many disputes.

A Bola (Portugal): Messi freezes Bernabéu

Barcelona is situated in a prime position to reach the final of the Champions League. Two goals from Leo Messi gave a major victory over Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu. Pepe and Mourinho were expelled.

L'Equipe (France): Messi does lean to Madrid

The Real Madrid bows before a brace from Messi. Pepe and Mourinho were expelled.

El Pais (Uruguay): Barcelona sentenced Series

With two goals from Argentine Lionel Messi, Barcelona won a pivotal victory by 2 to 0 against Real Madrid on the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League.

La Tercera (Chile): Barcelona and Madrid expires at the Bernabeu and Mourinho silence

Appeared once gave him an inch and Lionel Messi "killed" at Real Madrid. In a match full of tension and seasoned by the statements cross between Jose Mourinho and Josep Guardiola, the Barcelona won 2-0 in the semifinal round of the Champions League in Europe. (via AS)

Piqué: "That Mou say what they want, our Champions are in the Museum"

Barça players agree on the superiority of the team, do not respond to Mourinho and warn that the tie is not sentenced.


Sergi Roberto was surprised by the fact that he played a few minutes at the Bernabeu. "I did not expect nor leave to heat up. Pep told me play as I know. The team is very happy that such an outcome is to be. But eliminatoira not won. Guardiola has welcomed one to one but reminded us that 90 minutes left "


Xavi also recognized the superiority of Barça. "They speculate and then we won the Cup has not been well today and won. Do not want to talk about Mourinho, one of Barca, who has been higher and has a great game. Today has won the game. But this is not sentenced . It Real, we have great respect and try to sentence at the Camp Nou, with all in favor. Today justice has been done. They have no choice but to turn back, playing dirty, as it teaches her coach. We have been superior to them and in their field. It is fair to all that has happened, the expulsion, the result, everything. I do not play head enters as they do "


Gerard Pique agrees with his colleagues not to give the tie to be decided. "We dominated the first minute to last and we should be happy. No, I'm not angry. With 11 in 60 minutes not even attempt to play football so I do not believe that removal of the cause of their problems. When you play limit burning and violence that you just happened to Madrid. The Champions we have in the museum, which Mourinho says he wants. With other team could say we are in the final, but in Madrid no. We have made a important step, though. In the Nou Camp we play well. Today, football has been very fair. The press conference Tuesday Pep exemplified the feelings of the Catalans and all agree with what he said. We're with him death. "


Finally, Carles Puyol had many reasons to be happy. "I felt very good, better every day and have endured for 90 minutes. We are very excited about the match and the result. A Mourinho did not say anything. We dedicate ourselves to play and that's it." (via SPORT)

Gerard Piqué:

The Barça squad was happy as ever following the historic victory at the Santiago Bernabeu in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League. Made for their work and, at the same time cautious.

"In the first 60 minutes have not tried to play football at home and not attack us, and who plays with fire, to limit violence, just burning. So many times can not be coincidence," said Gerard Piqué in reference to the approaches of the two teams and the expulsion of Pepe. He added: "The expulsion is very clear and then another Marcelo has been the referee has not seen."

On the other hand, Pique has no doubts about Barcelona's performance: "We played a great game, we dominated the first minute to the last, we must be very proud." According to him, "in the Cup we lacked a little luck, the final football has been very fair. Playing so we have to win." However, consider that the result is to be happy ", although the tie is not decided:" With another team we would be in the final but not in Madrid. "

Finally, Pique has spoken to the press conference before the game Pep Guardiola: "exemplifies the feeling of all culé. Then has shown that all Catalans are very much in agreement and we are with him to death."

Pedro Rodriguez:

"The team played very well in a very difficult field." "We controlled the game. Every time we played them we tried. Thank the amazing team work." "We have always been close. Congratulate also those who have come off the bench"

Víctor Valdés

"We have always tried to play football, as usual." "The fact of playing four games that we can analyze it better, but every game is a different story." "We agree with everything he says the coach. He is our master and we are always at your side." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça thinks about to denounce Mourinho before UEFA

Mourinho's speech at the press conference after the game has caused the immediate reaction of the legal services of FC Barcelona, ​​which arise to take action.

As announced RAC-1, the legal services of Barcelona's club are considering filing a complaint with the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA. The reason for this decision is the content of the press conference offered José Mourinho at the end of the first leg of the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Barca.

During the brief appearance of the Portuguese coach, he recited a list of arbitrators who hinted that he had 'helped' to Barca in recent years and that Guardiola won the Champions "which I win I would be embarrassed by the scandal of Stamford Bridge. And this year, if he wins, will the scandal at the Bernabeu. "

Were two pearls in a press conference that may end up in the hands of the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA in the event that the lawyers of the Catalans club go forward with a complaint that they are studying present. (via SPORT)

[Mourinho's accusations, in a study]

Legal Services FC Barcelona will analyze the statements of Jose Mourinho at a press conference to assess whether it should be withdrawn "to UEFA.

In the press conference after the 0-2, Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, has criticized the arbitration of collegiate Stark and hinted a deal for the UEFA to the FC Barcelona. Legal Services FC Barcelona will pose denounce Madrid coach before the Disciplinary Committee of UEFA.

Real Madrid coach said: "Josep Guardiola is a great football coach but has won the Champions League which I win I would be embarrassed by the scandal of Stamford Bridge. And this year, if he wins, will the scandal at the Bernabeu. "

His accusations against FC Barcelona have gone further: "I do not know if advertising Unicef, I do not know if it is the friendship of Villar in UEFA, where he is vice president, I do not know if they are very nice but they've got this power . The others have no chance. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "I have nothing to say about Mourinho"

Pep Guardiola ignored the excuses of bad loser Madrid colleague Jose Mourinho. Barca coach avoided delving into technical Luso wound ..

Mourinho showed his bad losing accusing Barca, among other things, always leaving benefited from the referees. But this time, unlike the day before, Guardiola did not enter into their game. Instead of beating a dead horse, gave him a new lesson in education, respect and elegance.

"Any comments on what you just said Mourinho?" Guardiola asked in the press room. "No. Nothing," was his terse reply.

Santpedor the page and passes the magic experienced by the club night at the Bernabeu and think back, next Tuesday at the Camp Nou. Because, despite the 0-2, is not even in the final at Wembley: "We have not reached the final. There are 90 minutes to play. We must prepare ourselves mentally and soul."

"A team that has nine European Cups da never lost a match. I've seen many times as a child, as a player and coach. Sure you know how to manage the security environment there and the press in Barcelona will know to treat this club what it is, "he argued. And he made a request to the media: "I call all the newspapers and radios that do not fall into the imprudence of think we are something we have not got."

Guardiola said the big game players such as Keita and Villa, who he said "have worked a lot," Busquets and its ability to stop "passing game" of Madrid. And, of course, that of Leo Messi, author of two goals: "We are fortunate to have you here. At 23, Messi is the third top scorer of Barca, is an outrage. That's the beauty of football . has a great capacity imbalance. "

And also made an impact on the "changes" brought about the loss Cup final a week earlier: "We've fixed things we did wrong in Cup By playing so many times we know more. Madrid, with seven forwards who have, has many variants. They could not have granted facilities to the first part. And we've reached the semifinal with twelve guys in the quarry. We should be proud. We tried to do my best, "he said.

Regarding the German arbitration Stark, as protested by Mourinho and his disciples-the-deserved expulsion of Pepe, said: "The referee decides and does not paint us all. We went to the field and play." (via SPORT)

[UCL semifinal Leg1] Real Madrid CF 0 - 2 FC Barcelona

Barça gave a footballing lesson at the Bernabeu, climaxing in two Leo Messi goals -one of which will surely go down as a classic- that put them in the driving seat for a place in the Wembley final ahead of next week’s second leg at the Nou Camp.

A special occasion like tonight’s, demanded high levels of concentration and bravery and Barça proved to have enough of both. Going into the semi –final without Iniesta, Abidal, Adriano and Bojan, the team lined up with Puyol at left back and Keita playing just in front of him, and stayed true to their style of play, dominating possession, building from the back and showing complete control: this was Guardiola’s commitment and it worked.

74% of the possession and two second half goals from Leo Messi, meant Barça took a giant step towards making next month’s Wembley final. With both Pepe and Pinto seeing red and Ramos a yellow that will mean he misses the next game, the Nou Camp is set to be the scene for the deciding game next week.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

[Technical Data]
Real Madrid: Casillas; Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos, Albiol, Marcelo; Pepe, Xabi Alonso, Lass; Özil (Adebayor, min. 46), Cristiano Ronaldo y Di María.

FC Barcelona: Víctor Valdés; Dani Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Puyol; Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Keita; Pedro (Afellay, min. 71), Messi y Villa (Sergi Roberto, min. 90).

Goals: 0-1, min. 76. Afellay overflows to Marcelo and Messi beats Casillas. 0-2, min. 85. Messi goes around the world, is planted in the area and completes its work.

Referee: Wolfgang Stark (Germany). Showed yellow cards to Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos and Adebayor, by Real Madrid and Dani Alves and Mascherano, by the club. He drove a Pinto with a straight red in the rest, for alleged assault, Pepe (6'1) for a ticket to Dani Alves and Jose Mourinho (63 '), for protesting.

Incidents: Full all in the Santiago Bernabeu. 80,354 spectators in evening enjoyable.