27 April 2011

Xavi: "Cristiano is the most individualistic I've seen"

Xavi analyzed in Four to some of the members from Real Madrid, against those that tonight will be seen the faces in Santiago Bernabéu. On his compeñareos and Selection, Casillas and Ramos, said the clashes were left on the field and that has great affection.

On the football, Xavi spoke about the qualities of some of his rivals today:

Marcelo: "It is an innate power player with a very dangerous band."

Xabi Alonso: "I have a great relationship with him. He is a player who likes to play ball and that difference that passes between the lines."

Özil: "It's like Xabi in the sense that it always wants the ball. Baste big plays and we must see its evolution in the coming years because it is a great player."

Di Maria: "I was surprised because he knew little. is a destabilizing player, overflowing with natural and that is very dangerous."

Cristiano: "It is the individual footballer I've seen in my life, but not meant as a criticism. You can decide a game by himself. I do not think you compare with Messi, are two different players."

Mourinho: "I have a great relationship with him. I have a lot of respect for loas years we worked together and I learned a lot from him, is a very competitive person." (via AS)

Tito appeals to character and style

Tito Vilanova aims to the character and the game style characteristic of FC Barcelona like key element to confront the preliminary round of semifinals of Champions before Real Madrid.

The second Barcelona coach, speaking to Barca TV and the Club's website says that, looking ahead to tonight's game at the Bernabeu and the return of next week at the Camp Nou, the first team should "Be prepared and get the character." At the same time emphasizes that "if we do from our game, which has made ​​us players in world football in recent years, not make it."

And that is to Vilanova , the union of these elements is the best way to confront "the other kind of football that they-the Real Madrid - seek and seek, "and both" do not intimidate us with such of football. "

In this vein, the Barca coach refers to the style of team play Mourinho : "Madrid is one of the most physical teams we could find. They like many other teams in recent years, which is only defend and when retrieving the ball get rid of her to see if they catch a reluctance to have top speed or set pieces. "

"It's nothing different from when Clemente was coach and in many places in Spain is criticized. I do not criticize him, everyone has their style of play, but can not be that before criticizing something now say it is very good " he added.

Undoubtedly, one of the 'handicap' with which is Guardiola 's side in this game is the number of injuries, especially on defense. Vilanova not want it to be an excuse to remember the importance of play as reinforcement quarry the first team: "We apologize to the lesions, but it is well to remember that we have, especially on defense. This is not an excuse, we are the Barcelona and we have enough people, we should be happy to have the youth against a team template that has the most expensive in the history of world football. "

The second Barcelona coach insists that "in any other club in the world there are so many youth players and so good, sometimes not given the importance it deserves.'re Always prepared. It's our way of doing things and so follow. "

Finally, Vilanova pointed out that the sensations of the squad for this round of Europe's top competition "are excellent." "We are pleased with the season we're doing. The players are excited, confident, and it is clear that it will be very difficult," he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Van Basten: "Barca should win because it is the best"

"It's the smarter team, the best and the most spectacular. I know little Guardiola but his game is pure entertainment. Messi is the best, but the leader in the field is Xavi: formidable," he says.

The former player and Dutch coach Marco Van Basten says Pep Guardiola's Barcelona, ​​despite having recently lost the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid, "should" proclaim the winner of the Champions League this year because it is the best team.

"It's the smarter team, the best and the most spectacular. I know little to Guardiola, talked to him a couple of times, but his game is pure entertainment. Messi is the best, but the leader in the field is Xavi: formidable "Van Basten said in an interview published today by the Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport."

The Netherlands stresses that the Catalan club is "the wonder of wonders" and claims to see Barcelona play is like being against the Harlem Globetrotters, as the football practice Guardiola is "musical, like a concert."

"After seeing a Barcelona game take away the desire to see others play," said Van Basten, who said that Real Madrid is "a good team because he makes a lot of goals, although he insists," does not play "as his top rival.

On the white coach, Portuguese Jose Mourinho, Van Basten said that do not know much and acknowledges that he has spoken most about him is his compatriot Wesley Inter Seijder. "Mourinho has won a lot, but winning is not everything," referred to the Dutch during the interview, which insists that the final of the Champions League is Manchester United-Barcelona.

Van Basten also pronounced "La Gazzetta dello Sport" on the current leader of the Italian league, AC Milan, this weekend can be crowned champions of Italy. "You win the league, not even at the level of the three finalists in the Champions League, but is building a real team and soon will be on par with the greats," he adds.

On Milan's Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, say it is a "major player" in Europe, but recognizes that today is "tired mentally."

Finally, Holland acknowledges that he and the exbarcelonista, "there are similarities, but says he" was not as easy to anger "as the attacker of Milan, who in recent months has been punished twice for their behavior unsportsmanlike. (via AS)

Cut the grass at the Bernabeu

Unlike what was thought after seen in the classic league, the club will be in the Bernebéu with the grass a little shorter ...

Through Twitter we have seen an image of a fellow press which operatives is seen as the grass cut Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu. Of course, nobody should have any illusions, the grass will be right at the boundary that marks the UEFA and the field will not be watered one hour earlier because they have preferred the charge of the club. (via SPORT)

Already know the schedule Barça-Espanyol

LFP has designated times for the 35th game of the season to be played on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May. The Barcelona derby between Barcelona and Espanyol, for the thirty-fifth day of the First Division will be played on Sunday May 8 at 19: pm, as announced by the Professional Football League. For his part, Barca B play on Saturday at 18:00 against Albacete. (via SPORT)

The Barcelona club gains in the parliamentary

Before joining the Board of Spokesmen, journalists have asked the members of all groups which team to bet on the first leg of the semifinal.

Barca has the best prognosis for tonight's game against Real Madrid in the pools of parliamentarians who have come to Congress today, but the white team has qualified endorsement of House Speaker Jose Bono, and spokesmen for the two largest groups.

Before joining the Board of Spokesmen, journalists have asked the members of all groups which team to bet on the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League and Barcelona have won more support from the parliamentary scene.

Concepció Tarruella, CiU, has taken it so seriously that has come to the meeting dressed in blue and claret, with the colors of his team, for which predicts a win by 1 to 3. A result shared by many, as the general secretary of the Socialist group, Eduardo Madina, and the deputies Daniel Fernández (PSC) and Fatima Banez (PP).

The popular group's secretary general, José Luis Ayllón Catalan, Madrid does not give the opportunity to even score a goal, and has opted to reporters by a convincing 0-2. We also opted for the club spokesman IU, Gaspar Llamazares, yes, after making it clear that what he really wanted is to see the Sporting Gijon in the final of the Champions.

Since this is not possible, victory for Barcelona and can not see the game on television, as this afternoon travel to Albacete for an act of fundraising and the game caught him back to Madrid. CC spokeswoman, Ana Oramas, who has made it clear that Tenerife is no doubt that the Catalans win, 2-1, although he acknowledges that victory will not be easy.

As for Real Madrid, a distinct minority, the Congress president, José Bono, has admitted that no blood because he wanted to do, but merengue, not a "Taliban against anyone" and has predicted a victory of Madrid Justito 1-0. Wait watch the match from the box, which has invited the club president Florentino Perez.

And another thing, Bono has said that "Spain has already gained entry" by the fact that two Spanish teams have reached the semifinal. Socialist party spokesman Jose Antonio Alonso, has gone further and has a 3 to 1 for Real, but immediately afterwards he confessed that he has not been very successful lately with their batons.

The popular group's spokesman, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, flanked by two Barca as Ayllón and Banez, has not been intimidated and has predicted a 2-0 for Madrid. (via AS)

A Madrid with optimism

Barca will be more than 3,000 who support the team tonight at the Santiago Bernabeu. The fans have traveled to Madrid with optimism and pride in their group.

On Wednesday morning have come from the Camp Nou and from Sants, the members and club members who have traveled to Madrid to cheer in the semifinal round of the Champions League. Through Travel FCB, the fans have been able to travel by bus this Wednesday or train.

More than 3,000 fans, including members and clubs will be tonight in the Bernabeu. The Club provided 2,441 tickets for their partners and 610 for their clubs.

After the Final of Copa del Rey de Mestalla, is the most massive displacement of the season.

From the esplanade of the Camp Nou, have left this morning, seven coaches to Madrid and from Sants Station, train charter, at the same time with 300 Catalans.

On the flight team on Tuesday 50 fans traveled more. The rest is done on their own.

Both the Tribune and esplanade in Sants station, the most optimistic forecast was confident the team play and coach Josep Guardiola. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola-Rosell Summit

Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola had breakfast together to discuss what happened in yesterday and made clear that the club signs one by one the words of his coach.

After the 'war of words' we live yesterday we learned that this morning Sandro Rosell, president of FC Barcelona, ​​has met with coach Pep Guardiola to analyze what happened.

Rosell Pep wanted to state that the club is with him and will act against any external attack. Alongside them were the director of professional football area, Josep Maria Bartomeu and sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta.

While the technical eat with the staff, Sandro Rosell again to attend the traditional lunch with Florentino Perez Policy. (via SPORT)

Wenger knows how to play Mou, but committed to the club

The Arsenal, which predict that the Copa del Rey win the Madrid, has no doubt that in the case of the Champions League, Guardiola will have better luck.

Wenger, who knows the style of Mourinho, after suffering for years that the Luso headed to Chelsea, you know the script that the team will target: "To me, this game is going to follow this outline: A team will take the initiative while the other will try to block all efforts to do better to attack. "

The Frenchman believes that the club can pass bad "if it is true to his style and if it runs out to move the ball from side to side without connecting shots. "At that point you can reach the danger," he said in remarks to Euro Sport.

Wenger has said that if the club gets lost or lowers its intensity will be exposed to the deadly cons of Madrid. However, he believes that the fact that the return be played in the Nou Camp gives a clear advantage to the club.

"This field is one of the largest in Europe, and this should allow Barcelona to make a difference. Will not be easy for Real Madrid to pursue its strategy in the two games," he says.

"Barcelona has won the Spanish championship, in relation to the" Copa del Rey "I always thought and I predicted that Real Madrid would win. In fact, for a final you need a good defense and score goals in the few opportunities take. For the Champions League, Barcelona is my favorite candidate, "coach rival ruling that the club got out in the quarterfinals of the competition. (via SPORT)

The Catalans will be felt as never

More than 3,500 fans support the team Blaugrana in Madrid thanks to the feud number of tickets allocated to yield the required UEFA rivals.

The spirit of the Barcelona fans has revived and today there will be a broad representation of Barça fans in the stands of the Santiago Bernabeu. The fans have purchased all the tickets available and cheers will be heard with much greater intensity than in the league, where you can not give opponents many locations.

According to the allocation set by the UEFA, Barça will correspond 3,590 locations. In this package, 85 percent were for members (2,441) and the remaining 15 percent were aimed at institutional commitments (539). The puzzle is completed with the 610 tickets to the rocks.

Unlike other movements of the Champions League, the distance to the capital of Spain can use various means of transport. Besides the aircraft, and flew some fans yesterday with the official expedition, fans will take advantage of trips organized by the club's official new agency. The fans had the opportunity to do so by bus, at a price of 40 euros, and also through high-speed train, at a cost of 150 euros.

This representation will allow players to feel supported in one of the most crucial games of the season. The atmosphere is very hostile, but in the retina of the Catalans remain the successes of recent years in Madrid campus visits. Blaugrana supporters want to live today another historic night, as they recently signed Guardiola's men. (via SPORT)

Josep Maria Bartomeu: "Here we go all to a, technicians and directive"

Josep Maria Bartomeu joined Pep Guardiola criticism poured on Jose Mourinho in the wake of this attack to the Barcelona coach. FC Barcelona vice-president believes it's time to say "enough" to an entire season of attacks by the Real coach. "There have been two times that exceeded the limit of patience and have reached out to remove. The first was when Barcelona was accused of doping, and therefore put a complaint to COPE and now with the personal attack our coach. "

Bartomeu could not help but remember that "throughout the season, Mr Mourinho has not stopped attacking us with the referees, schedule, playing 10 against 11, the grass ... We have not said anything, because our philosophy is to play football and ignore anything else, but these two personal attacks that we have done enough. And here we are all together, coaches, players and managers. "

Barcelona vice president explained that "Mr. Mourinho should know that the press in Catalonia is independent and does not write to dictation, as in other places." Is clear that, as you said Guardiola, "we want to go back to our one speech, the one we know and that is none other than football, leaving the field to play and forget everything else and that's what we do tonight . With the players we have come out to play and try to pass the final. "

Barca leader reiterated that "we just want to talk football, but we can not let personal attacks such as those conducted for all staff and to our coach."

Mascherano: “Most of all, we want to play football”

In the Santiago Bernabéu pressroom, Javier Mascherano has said before the Champions League showdown with Madrid that “we want to speak about football and play football. It’s what we do”.

The FC Barcelona player is getting tired of the stories the press is generating around this crunch encounter, saying “people speak less and less and about football and more about things that have nothing to do with football. It’s an uncomfortable situation for me. Spanish football should be proud that two of its best clubs are so close to the Champions League final”.

Tiredness doesn’t matter

Mascherano spoke clearly “people are feeling very tired at this stage of the season, that is important, especially those that are playing in three competitions. But at this stage tiredness doesn’t count. It is time to bring out some extra motivation and press on, play well, have a good game and prepare for the return leg. No more than that”.

Asked about footballing issues, ‘El Jefecito’ said “there are many factors that will decide who plays the final and who does not. Little decisions you make, little details, a shorter or longer pass in these games is more important than other things … Therefore we will need plenty of concentration throughout tomorrow’s game and we’ll need to be ourselves when it comes to playing football.” He then added, in reference to the cup final, that “just because we have lost a game, doesn’t mean we have to change everything”.

Despite the importance of the 5-0 win in Barcelona, the draw in Madrid and last week’s Copa del Rey final, according to the Argentinian “those games will have no repercussions on the two Champions League matches. Madrid did things better in the cup final and that’s why they won. We also had our chances, for example, with the disallowed Pedro goal”.

On what Pep Guardiola has said about that incident, Mascherano said “our manager was talking about that, about how we could have won the game. I am sure he didn’t say that about the two centimetres because he was criticising the referee at Mestalla, just that Barça could also have won the cup”.

Finally, Mascherano spoke about his being a ‘utility’ player. “I’ll play wherever the boss tells me. Now I’m playing further back because of injuries and what happened to Abidal. When I came to Barcelona, I said I was here to collaborate in anything the team needs me for. If I have to play as left back, I’ll do it” he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player] Schuster believes the champion will come out of the Champions Barça-Madrid

The former player of both teams spoke on campus apresentació l organized by the Ponferradina football, and said neither Schalke and Manchester have the level of the Spanish.

The coach and former German international player Bernd Schuster predicted on Tuesday a Spanish winner in the Champions League by claiming that neither the Schalke 04 and Manchester United, who opened the first semifinal, are on the same level of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

"Right now none of them could with Barcelona or Real Madrid because they are the best in Europe", reflected in Ponferrada (León), the former player of both clubs and Atletico de Madrid during their passage through the Spanish league from 1980 1993.

Schuster, who participated in the presentation of the campus football organized by SD Ponferradina for next June, has predicted yet "more nerves, tension and intensity" in the round of the Champions League will face the two Spanish clubs over the last two games in league and in the final of the Copa del Rey.

Believes that Barcelona has the league, "almost in your pocket" as Madrid won the Cup, for what he believes is a good deal so far, "but" Champions do you want all, is above all titles. "

The former Barcelona and Real Madrid and former coach of white seems "perfect" the protagonist in the confrontation between the clubs lie with the coaches, Josep Guardiola and José Mourinho.

"I think we deserve to lose because then it will go wrong. That's the problem. They have to assemble everything. Then there are players who have to finish the job," he said in this regard. In his view, the two technicians are doing a tremendous job: notice the tension on all sides, from the comments, but so is being a key moment in a club that required you everything and where it does not lose " .

Schuster also described as "normal" change in the discourse of Guardiola with his recent remarks critical of the arbitration. For German, "that is because they are used to winning in recent years, have won everything and now has reached a time in which they lost a title, the Copa del Rey, which is always important, and already things are not equal ".

He said that has no preference between any of his former teams, and was glad that "one of the two will reach the final, which is important," and that "either you take the trophy as "It would be pretty important for Spanish football." (via SPORT)

Florentino raised the dismissal of Mourinho

According to the newspaper El Pais, the president was on the verge of ceasing to coach last December luso.

The "marriage" almost idyllic as some are now Florentino Perez and Jose Mourinho has gone through moments of anxiety, with a particularly turbulent episode could end up in a notorious divorce. As reported by El Pais, the president raised the possibility of fulminant remove the center due to the pulse raised by this after the league match against Sevilla, the famous game after Mourinho which appeared in the press room at the Santiago Bernabeu a list of alleged errors arbitration.

It was December 19 and Mourinho lost his temper in the dressing room. In the presence of a leader of the club, the Portuguese erupted: "You say that this is a gentleman and this club is a club shit, I shit in the manor." According to El Pais, Mourinho added: "And now you tell the president. Now I'm going on vacation and if I intend to bring, for I do not get. " When Florentino Perez met the 'stunt' mounted by the coach, his dismissal arose because I was shocked with what he understood a pulse in any order. The paper relates the episode with the words of Florentino the next day at the Christmas meal, in which the president said: "There are people who are thought capable of any company and do not realize that Real is the company larger. The pressure that is experienced here is not for everyone, some get crazy. " Mourinho did not cut his hair and told Florentino "and I am the coach you expected, or you are the president that I thought."

The resounding episode highlighted the mistrust between coach and president. Mourinho had recently suffered the 'little hand' the Camp Nou, the water project and the club did not want to renew or sign Pepe Hugo Almeida. Florentino, meanwhile, sensed another sporting failure and began to fear the power of Portuguese, idolized by followers. (via SPORT)

UEFA monitor the irrigation scheme Bernabéu

Real are required to notify the UEFA delegate and Barca plan to water the lawn.

Nine years ago, in the final match of Champions League that has faced Real Madrid and Barca in the second leg of the semifinals of the Santiago Bernabéu employees watered the grass more than usual. That day, May 1, 2002, there was 'hose down', nothing to do with what happened in Barca's last visit to Chamartin, just ten days ago, when the grass, dry and too high, prevented fluency the movement of the ball.

But tomorrow's game depends on the UEFA and therefore, the Madrid must comply with European legislation, which requires the host computer to communicate the schedule and the conditions under which water the field to the UEFA delegates during the meeting to be held every day of the party, around 10 am, with representatives from both clubs.

In Article 14.12 of the UEFA regulations, under the heading 'Match Organization', the European football's governing body specifies that the field "should be watered evenly and not just in certain areas" and recommended "as a general rule" that lawn sprinkler "ends one hour before kickoff."
UEFA also makes it possible to irrigate the field before the start time of the crash "if the referee and both teams agree" and following a very specific pattern: either ten or five minutes before kick-off or during the break, with a maximum of five minutes.

Beyond the referenced article, UEFA do not explicitly regulate the height to which grass should be cut to official matches and does not provide a margin of millimeters, but left to the host club preparing to field conditions be the best match. (via SPORT)

The team is already concentrated in Madrid

FC Barcelona players are in Madrid on Tuesday at noon when the plane arrived at Barça expedition Barajas Airport last one in the afternoon.

Ten days after traveling to Madrid to play the 32 th day of the season, the FC Barcelona is back to catch a plane to the airport of Barajas . Now, however, is the Champions League which takes over from classical Liga and Copa del Rey and takes the lead. It is open on Wednesday, the semifinals of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu , and will close on Tuesday at the Nou Camp when it is known which of the two teams have the ticket for the final Wembley .

The 20-man squad for the match already in Madrid. Players have left this morning at 11 am, the stadium towards the El Prat airport , where 12 hours was scheduled to leave the plane of the expedition Barca. Traffic on the runway made ​​the flight out to 20 minutes late which has caused the plane finally landed in Barcelona FC Barajas at 13.20.

FC Barcelona's expedition was led by Vice sporting FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu. Also in attendance were Vice President Institutional Area, Carles Vilarrubí , and managers Toni Freixa, Jordi Moix, Javier Bordas, Josep Ramon Vidal Abarca. He has also toured the athletic director of Professional Football, Andoni Zubizarreta , who has met the media before flying.

The president Sandro Rosell , who is now in Madrid, also will miss the semifinals of Europe's top competition. Just as other members of the Board of Directors , which are scheduled to travel Wednesday.

Upon arrival the team of Pep Guardiola has been concentrated in the team hotel, where he remained until evening, when the players go to the Bernabeu for training. Earlier, to 18.30 appear before the press Javier Mascherano . At 19 hours the club shall be exercised in the stage of the game. And once the session will turn to Guardiola, who will address the media. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola answers Mourinho

Pep Guardiola gave Jose Mourinho’s comments about him short shrift at tonight’s pre- match press conference and also insisted that Barça would go into the game at the Bernabeu: “proud to defend style of play”.

Guardiola replied to the Madrid boss’s earlier comments by declaring:“since he has chosen to to talk about me, I’ll do the same - tomorrow we’ll face each other on the pitch at 20.45. He’s won his games off the pitch and I’ll give him his personal Champions for that - just take it home and enjoy it. We can come up with plenty of examples too, but there’s no end to it, so tomorrow we are simply going to go out onto the pitch and play. I don’t want to compete with him in a press room –he’s the boss at that – a magician and I don’t want to play at making insinuations about him all the time”.

Guardiola’s comments came in reply to Mourinho’s complaints about the Barça manager’s observations after the Spanish Cup final: “I’m not going to justify my comments –I simply congratulated Madrid after the final. If you think that his allegation that I always complain about the refs is true after you’ve all heard me over the last 3 years, well there’s nothing I can do. Off the pitch, against his media supporters, there’s nothing we can do to fight that”.

Guardiola’s disgust was heightened by the fact that the two worked together for four years when the Portuguese man was at Barcelona. The boss also referred to Sergio Ramos’s comments: “I saw them. It’s something his club told him to say. I’ve seen it before with Mourinho, he did it at Chelsea and now he’s doing it here”.

Turning to the game itself, Guardiola confirmed the injury to Andres Iniesta and explained: “we hope to have him back for the second leg. It may change the way we go into the game – we’ll have to see. Maybe Madrid will finish with 10 men, but we will start with 11. I’m confident about the players we have. We are coming here proud to defend our style of play, with 12 home grown players and set to face a team in the semi finals who have 9 European Cups and seven great forwards”.

Guardiola called the fourth successive semi final appearance of the Club: “a gift” and went on to forecast: “a very tough tie for both teams. It’ll be like the Inter game last year, the recent league game and the Cup Final. I’ve come here plenty of times and if you come to defend, they’ll destroy you. You can only dominate them by playing”. Finally, Guardiola commented: “I’ve never seen such an aggressive Madrid team”, as well as revealing: “the grass on the pitch is still long, but that’s what there is and we will go out and play on it”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mou: "Pep rightly criticizes the referee, the unseen"

when he spoke of the possible designation, unconfirmed, of a Portuguese college when he commented on the good view of a wizard in the final Undiano copera Mestalla has been a forceful response from Jose Mourinho in the press conference after the meeting tomorrow, "I never seen. Critica a success."

The controversy sparked by Pep Guardiola on Saturday, when he criticized the possible designation (unconfirmed) of a Portuguese college and when he spoke of the good view of a wizard in the final Undiano copera Mestalla, had an overwhelming response from Jose Mourinho in the press conference after the meeting tomorrow, "I never seen. Critica a success."

"More important than the appointment of the arbitrator and the pressure to not Proença is to begin a new cycle. Until now there were two coaches groups. One very small, not talking about the referees. And another, large, which I include myself, that the criticism when they make major mistakes. People like me do not control your frustration, but do not hesitate to flatter the college if you do a great job. Now there is a third group, which is only Guardiola, who criticize the wisdom of the referee. It had not ever seen, but has a great depth. In his first season lived with the scandal of Stamford Bridge (four penalties not specified by the Norwegian Ovrebo to Chelsea) and was happy. Again left us with ten. This year was to step out against Arsenal and everyone knows what happened. And now criticizes an assistant for a most correct and most difficult decision, "he said.

"I hope the players will help Stark and be a very good referee. I wish you luck for quality and be successful. I do not want to help my team, but after the game we're both happy. I'm no friend of the arbitrators. The critical when they are wrong against my team. I lost a Champions League semifinal on a goal that was not and Stark blew us a hand in Lyon. But if he does well, I'll say. The only arbiter I I friend is Mark Halsey, who had health problems and retired (in 2006). That allows me to be his friend, "said the coach of Madrid .

Asked about the players who are in danger of suspension (Christian, Di Maria, Sergio Ramos and Albiol) returned to throwing a dart at Barça: "We should know why we have come to this situation. I will not go into the reasons why some people can clear their cards and we do not. We could not do it when we won it 4-0 at Tottenham. Opponents play with this in mind. If they think they're the best team in the world, need not force the cards adversary. If they are honest, we will see a better match. And if we win, I congratulate you. "

Regarding the influence they can have the two previous Classics, said: "I do not know how they are. I know how we are like us and if we had not won the Cup final competitions are independent and each party has its history. We are not grow and win a game or we fall out of losing. We have found that balance. The Cup has been a joy, but we are not influenced. "

Neither commented on an ideal marker: "There is a secure result. In the house of a fantastic team you have no security ever. We won 4-0 at Tottenham in the first leg and we had difficulties in turn. We do not know what is a good marker . The natural tendency is a balanced outcome in the first game to leave it all open for the second, but sometimes things happen that are not expected. To us it got a 5-0 this season. " "Be good draw or not depends on the game. If we are much better, I will not take. If they deserve to win and we drew, I'll be happy," he added.

Mourinho said before the Champions League semifinals last season, when heading to Inter, Barca had been an obsession: "This time we are excited about the two. The obsession with Barca last season was because the final was played in Madrid. It would now have us if the final out in the Nou Camp. "

The coach does not believe that it has become Barça retaining wall: "I work long hours to help my people, but several months ago we lost 5-0 and the coach I was. I do not want to see me as someone who has the magic potion . Anything is possible. I played many times against them. It is not normal to happen when teams are heading in different leagues. And sometimes won, sometimes lost draw and others. A I tell my players that a certain Albert Einstein named, said the major driving force, rather than steam or nuclear power is the will. That guy was not stupid. "

Guardiola on the statement that the Madrid had become a favorite, said: "So ask him. I have my own idea about who is the favorite and there is none. Maybe tomorrow you can tell who is a little ahead . In the other semifinal is more difference in theory, but I think the same. "

Also declined comment on whether the club is the best ever: "Maybe. I was born in 63 and I did not realize it was the game until the seventies." A reporter reminded him that every time he has won the Champions League has left the team. His response was enigmatic: "Here I have not won." He said not to count on Carvalho is better to lose the center of the world "and concluding with the swelling:" In Valencia there was no problem. It is good that the rivalry is on the court. " (via AS)

Andrés Iniesta out of Madrid game with calf injury

Andrés Iniesta will miss Wednesday’s game against Real Madrid after missing training with the rest of the group after feeling a twinge in his right calf on Tuesday evening.

During his pre-match press conference held after training, Pep Guardiola announced that the Spanish midfielder would not be available for the Champions League first leg game in the Bernabeu and that he had trained apart from the rest of the squad.

Iniesta didn’t train with the rest of the squad on Monday either and on Tuesday he spent the first 10 minutes of the session doing some ball work under the supervision of the physios before heading back to the changing room for treatment.

The rest of the squad Guardiola took to Madrid, including captain Carles Puyol who missed the last two games and Gaby Milito who picked up a knock against Osasuna trained normally, alongside B team youngsters Thiago Montoya and Sergi Roberto. (via FCBarcelona.cat)