23 April 2011

[Former player] The praises of Deco to Mourinho exblaugrana

Portuguese midfielder Deco former Barcelona and praised his compatriot Jose Mourinho, who in his opinion only when it comes to "boost the players at its disposal and build the team around their strengths".

In an interview published by the weekly Luso 'Expresso', the current Brazilian Fluminense player in the Barca fans said, though he acknowledged that in the clashes with Real Madrid the presence of "friends" like himself Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo "balances scale and it makes everything more difficult. "

"The last game showed that there is a greater balance between them, anything can happen. Barça may even have some edge-to face in the Champions League semi-final," but the Real Madrid starting to be, "he said.

Deco said the origin of the current team of Guardiola's Barca coach Frank Rijkaard to which it belonged, between 2004 and 2008, when he won two league titles, two Super Cups and one Champions.

"They were Puyol and Xavi, Messi and Iniesta began to explode, and the fact they are playing together for three or four years is advantageous. Additional Guardiola, with whom he worked but who knows the reality of the club, and took a generation of fantastic young players, "he stressed.

Among his memories highlighted the victory of Porto to Manchester United in the Champions League in 2004, with Mourinho on the bench just a game that helped them to realize "that could win the title."

He also recalled the current Real Madrid coach for the defeat of Barcelona against Chelsea in the Champions League in 2005, which "joined the team" FC Barcelona to be able to overcome the "blues" of Mourinho and ending one year after winning the European title in 2006.

"Everything is relative, but if we look at the titles and everything he did at Inter Milan itself is the best (coach)," said Deco on coach Portugal.

The former FC Barcelona player also said that if the Real Madrid "defends so well" is now working thanks to Mourinho when assembling their teams around their strengths. (via SPORT)

Puyol returns to training outside the group

Barça tuning his set-up for the game against Osasuna (20h). This morning the men of Guardiola has trained on the lawn of the Camp Nou , with the new branch on the side of Martin Montoya, completing the list of 20 players available.

Carles Puyol has continued to do specific work, and still do not know if the captain will join the low Adriano, Bojan and Abidal.

In the pre-meeting session, the sun has come back after the previous fine rain accompanied the team.

Barça lunch at the facilities of the Camp Nou and then is free until 18.30, when he returns to be quoted in the stadium. (via MD)

In Portugal they say that the way a luso referee!

In Portugal , Renaixença Radio announced that the referee of the Champions League semi-final first leg between Real Madrid and Barcelona will be nothing less than a luso, Pedro Proença. If confirmed, with Mourinho, Cristiano, Carvalho and Pepe in Madrid, the election can not be more controversial. Barcelona does not forget how hurt the other Portuguese Barca, Olegario Benquerença, Inter-Barcelona in the last Champions League with Inter's Mou on the bench. Proença, yes, has under his belt having expelled Mou. Referees Committee members Lisbon said: "Do not commit the same mistakes Benquerença . " (via MD)

[Selection Under-19] The Tournament Selection Oporto closes with win over Russia (3-1)

The national team led by Luis Milla, got a victory over the Russians in the last day of the Porto International Tournament, which has been played this week on Portuguese soil. Spain, second behind the hosts, which served to prepare the next European category. (via RFEF)

Barça donates a T-shirt from Messi to Jaén to help its players

The insole of Real Jaén announced this Saturday that will draw a T-shirt with the dorsal number 10 of the Argentinean footballer from Barcelona Leo Messi to collect funds because they are owed four installments and he/she mediates when it is alone one month to conclude the season.

"Messi and his teammates have sympathized with our situation and we will be eternally grateful for having made a shirt with the number 10 of Barcelona, ​​which will be drawn together with many more on 8 May," said Adrian Laureda goalkeeper set Jaén and spokesperson for the template.

The jersey is signed by all the players in front of and behind FC Barcelona by Messi.

"The expressions of solidarity coming from all the clubs in Spain and the goal is to get as much money as possible, because we are experiencing a critical situation four months to collect debts through," he said. (via SPORT)

Messi: "Maradona is unique, I do not accept the comparison"

n an interview with Paul Caralps for Newsweek, Leo Messi has done a review of its sporting achievements, their situation in the Argentina team, their fears and their futures.

Messi has said, recalling that he considered the best play of all time (the famous Maradona goal in the Mexico World Cup '86) which, although it is a pride that will be compared to Diego Armando Maradona , "he is unique, so I think it is wrong comparison. I do not accept. "It has made ​​clear that he feels the same way in the Argentina team now with Batista as before with 'The Fuzz'. "I feel like well. With Diego was when I felt better within the selection, I felt like in Barcelona, ​​and started doing the same thing here. And now I feel like Batista. "

Asked what comes after winning the FIFA World Player and the Ballon d'Or twice, considered the Argentine star who is more interested in the collective than individual titles, citing "win the league again, the Champions and power reach the Copa America with Argentina. "

And in a more personal level, Messi has admitted he is not afraid of anything, except what may happen to someone in your family or your environment. It has also reflected that, sometimes, if you wonder if there are people who are approached him for being a media person, but explained that, in general, people closest to him is the one that has been raised.

Finally he recalled his experience in Haiti and the impact it was to be present there to be UNICEF ambassador and have a foundation to help children, so they took the opportunity to send a message to all children who want to be like him. "Now is the time to enjoy, play, make friends, have fun ... enjoy football for what it is: a game." (via MD)

Valdes has now reached the 400 games Blaugrana

L'Hospitalet goalkeeper has become an irreplaceable part for a team whose style of play has sucked since I was a child.

Cruyff did without from Zubizarreta to the 32 years, after the 4-0 in Athens. 93-94 season died and left behind Víctor Valdés statistics alone can overcome. The Barca sports director now reached the 410 official matches as Blaugrana. (Zubi continue to fatten their numbers in the Valencia until he retired with 622 league games split between the Athletic, Barca and Valencia). The "L Hospitalet is now 29, met in January this afternoon meet Blaugrana 400 games next season and become the goalkeeper will have played more games in club history.

When he retires, he hopes to do at the club, "If I know I will travel cultures and that is, if you want to play football, I'm in Barcelona," he said, forgetting the many projects that have been submitted along of his career to go abroad. Beyond the numbers that Víctor Valdés will almost unparalleled levels are the feelings and titles. And the two go hand in hand: the Barça goal can be considered as the best goalkeeper in the history of Barça because no one has won as much as him. Already has four league titles and this year will add another one if nothing happens. He has also won two Champions and has a chance to win his third, add a cup and various other titles. But the best is the voracity with which it does, facing hunger with every practice, every game and every year. "The seasons, the analyze whether or not they have won titles," he said one day. Know where you are and this sentence reflects this.

Osasuna will rival the number 400 at the official level since it debuted on August 14, 2002, at a meeting of the preparatory phase of the Champions League against Legia Warsaw in the Camp Nou. He was 20 years and the match ended 3-0. Enke saw him from the bench and Bonano from the stands, but no one was injured or suspended. "I did not notice the nerves, play at the club means being concentrated at one hundred per cent for ninety minutes," said the day after.

Today, still doing the same, but has improved in everything. Any position usually wins over the years, but the goalkeeper is evidence that the experience offers performance-enhancing shades. Víctor Valdés has conceded 307 goals in 399 games, or what is, you have marked 0.76 goals in every match. Commit very few errors throughout the season and that's what allows you to wear these statistics. The "L Hospitalet is irreplaceable in the club, a club used to doubt everything. With Valdés no doubt, only those who want to doubt.

Ferguson wants to Mascherano

The Manchester United would be interested in signing Barcelona midfielder Javier Mascherano.

The English hoped that the Blaugrana want to return to the Premier League and hopes to gain his services.

As reported in the British press, the participation of Sergio Busquets prevent 'el Jefecito' can play all the minutes you would like and therefore would welcome his return to English football. They also claim that the club would be thinking of selling internationally by strictly economic issues.

However, it is certain that the Argentinian is happy at the club Catalans and Guardiola has known him. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Barça cadete looks for the faithful title to its style

Francisco Javier Garcia, Blaugrana coach, said that the MIC has a very high level.

Barça is one of the greatest MIC every year. In fact, the tournament is considered "their" championship for the excellent performance they give all their equipment. And the cadete does not want to be at least one of the most attractive category, where in fact has only won once (2006), which dominates the Brazilian national team standard. Francisco Javier García, Mister team, stressed that the MIC has a global level. Here is a walk not only to compete and do well, "since according to him" from rivals quarter are high level. The tournament is very famous, so it is necessary to come and be successful, but it is impossible to win, "added the coach.

For him, the key problems to be found the club if you want to add one more title are "the Brazil team, Honor Division teams such as the joint hard Espanyol and Russians." 20 players available, rotations and elimination where only pass the best: "As the competition progresses have to play with those who deserve it or create opportunities to win."

Everything, yes, true to a style known universally by the first team of Pep Guardiola. "We played well from childhood to reach the top, our way of making everybody knows," said Garcia, who added: "When we signed someone must have profile club. As good as it is in another club, if that does not fit we do not we take it. " This way of doing is what makes it "much talk about our youth", and allows quick adjustments, "if you upload a cadete b, he knows exactly how we play and what to do, because the base is the same in all categories ". With this style of playing, also a cadete in the MIC expects to "win" to rival "of all types, that play like us, who defend themselves or use a lot of backlash." As in the professional elite. (via SPORT)

Barca, a record for points and goals

Barca added 85 points and could improve the 99 of last season.

he excellent progress of Barca in the league is reflected in all parameters. So, the team coached by Pep Guardiola is completing another brilliant performance in the regular tournament and is in the best possible way to overcome the record of goals scored and points scored in a season.

With six days, the FC Barcelona has 85 points and it would be the sixth in the history of the competition. Ahead only has the 87's Athletic in the season 95/96, 90 of the 92 Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in 1996/97, 96 of the white box in the 2009/10 and the record has the team to Barcelona the 99 points last season. Therefore, the Blaugrana box still could reach 103 points and would for the first time the 100 if you win five of the six games remaining.

In terms of goals scored, the club has already signed 86 and the goal of overcoming the best brand organizer of the tournament's history does not seem a utopia. To date, both Barca and Real Madrid have been two hundred times as many in favor. The Catalans did so in 1996/97 with the ill-fated Bobby Robson on the bench (102) and in 2008/09, the first of Pep Guardiola (105). Meanwhile, the white box signed 102 points in the last year and 107, the absolute record in the 1989/90 marketing year to the Welshman John Toshack as coach. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Barça B, yet against Betis

The Blaugrana subsidiary has the challenge of overcoming the leader and can do so at the sweetest moment of the season.

Barça B is finishing the season in spectacular fashion. The Blaugrana subsidiary knows no defeat since February 19 and live in an amazing streak installed that has been adding 23 of the last 27 possible points for climb to fourth place in the table. Once assured of staying in the Silver Category mathematically, Luis Enrique scored the goal of making the team in the best branch of the club's history and the truth is that it is the best way to overcome that which occupied the sixth position Barça B on three occasions in the second division A.

Against Betis, Blaugrana youth facing one of the most exciting games of the season for the rival entity and to stand within five points of the Andalusians, who share the lead with the Lightning. The team faces the challenge in great shape and at full strength for the first time in many months.

The only player who stayed in the infirmary was Oriol Romeu by the torn meniscus he suffered in the first game of this 2011 at the UD Las Palmas, but this week has been discharged and tomorrow could return a call. The Ulldecona takes some weeks training at a good pace and his return is near. Indeed, one goal in the first round Oriol allowed the subsidiary a valuable starting point Villamarín.

The week has been quite unusual in the absence of international players from the lower grades, although today's training -11.00 hours are all under the command of Luis Enrique. Sergi Roberto returned yesterday, Marc Bartra and Cristian Tello, who participated in the friendly win in Italy on Wednesday with the selection sub'20 and Spanish victory thanks to a former Espanyol. Internationals sub'19, Marc Muniesa, Sergio Gomez, Gerard Deulofeu Rafinha and tied one in Portugal yesterday and returned to Barcelona in the afternoon. Thus, Luis Enrique will choose to overcome the set Betis.

One of the best weapons in the subsidiary will enrachado Jonathan Soriano. The striker leads the 'top scorer with 24 goals "and has scored five of these goals in the last four games. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Barbara: "We see a great game

The coach of Barça B, Joan Barbarà expects the game against Betis is a nice game and attract the Barca fans.

Joan Barbarà considers the match between Barça B and the Betis (Canal +, 12h) is an attractive event for the viewer, both the history and trajectory of Andalusians as the game that has made ​​the subsidiary Barca. Barbarà rival knows what will be in the field: "The Betis want to be protagonist of the game and have the ball. We will try to impose our game, knowing that they will want to hinder our possession."

The L'Hospitalet think that is a challenge that at this stage of the season with Barça B in fourth place, he faces at home with the leader. In addition, says Barbara, the team is pretty well prepared to deal with this party.

The match is played on a Sunday in the middle of Holy Week, and against a team that draws many followers. Therefore, the appeal to fans is clear: "We hope people will be encouraged Barcelona. It is a great football game. I wish the Catalans come to lend a hand to Barca B. I expect a good entry." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Special operation for Barca B-Betis

FC Barcelona has planned a special operation to the Barca-Betis B, since it provides a large number of people.

The great season that both teams are doing and the fact that Catalonia has a great fondness bética seems to indicate that a large audience attending the Miniestadi Sunday.

As usual, partners and members of the FC Barcelona will have free entry for this match, but in this case, depending on available space. For this reason, the Club encourages members to come well in advance to secure a place in the Miniestadi, as access will be closed in case it gets to 100% of capacity.

Those fond of Betis that attend Miniestadi will have reserved the North Goal of the stadium. The fans that come with a membership card FC Barcelona and Real Betis symbols will be placed in this area to avoid mixing hobbies. In addition, the Club will make available to the Betis fans a locker where you can buy tickets in that area. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Osasuna learn to win away to Mendilibar

Osasuna had not won any away game in 23 days until he came Mendilibar and broke the streak. With the new coach of Pamplona has won two of the four games away addressed. On Saturday, arriving at Camp Nou.

Osasuna is ranked sixteenth in the league and before the six days remaining to the end you can not give any points, nor those of the Nou Camp if you want to achieve salvation.

Osasuna still is the worst guest of the League in overall computation and it is clear that this was his pending with Jose Antonio Camacho on the bench. But since the arrival of José Luis Mendilibar r two months ago, the trend has changed and improved Osasuna properly.

With the Basque coach next opponent has won two matches Barca - Osasuna Malaga (0-1) and Osasuna Hercules (0-4) - and has lost two - Levante-Osasuna (2-1) and Sporting-Osasuna ( 1-0) -. At home with Mendilibar have won both games, have drawn one and lost two.

With regular strikers Mendilibar Osasuna as Pandiani , Aranda and even Lekic have moved to a second term and instead, a player out of minutes as Kike Sola is the new scorer. The young youth squad has scored four goals in the last five games and is the owner in the attack. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Ljajic expected an offer from Barca

Adem Ljajic is one of the players who have generated more excitement this year in the Italian League. His youth-and progression -19 years have put him in the orbit of several European clubs ...

Manchester United, Everton and Seville are among the teams that have called at their doors. And although the midfielder now prefers to stay in the club 'viola', his agent, Giorgio Parretti not rule anything. Moreover, he even launched a nod to the club.

"There are many rumors and I hope that in future bids to reach Madrid and Barca," said Radio Parretti in Tuscany. And pointed: "At the moment, our goal is to stay in Florence."

Ljajic reached the 'Fiore' in 2010, from Partizan, and this campaign has scored 3 goals in 26 games. (via SPORT)

Summit for Rossi?

Giuseppe Rossi is one of the names being considered as potential signings for Barca next season ...

The Villarreal striker was one of the goals for strengthening the lead Barca published these days by various Italian media.

Rossi agents and FC Barcelona have maintained this week a touchdown to test the player signing, also would be on the agenda for Italian clubs.

According to the website 'Tutto Mercato Web', both parties have given notice to speak again in May to lay the foundation for any agreement.

'La Gazzetta dello Sport' was to venture beyond its terms. Barca Villarreal offer 30 million euros, an amount that could be reduced with the inclusion of a youth squad in return, and the striker signed for five seasons, at 3 million euros for each one of them.

Rossi, 24, is a basic part in Villarreal, which already gets 16 goals this season and is released in June 2012. (via SPORT)