22 April 2011

Rosell: "In defeat, we are also champions"

Sandro Rosell has dedicated an open letter to the members and fans of Barça. Laporta has highlighted the outstanding work of "our coaches and players".

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, wanted to address the fans and Barca club members to convey the 'thank you' by the directive and "congratulations" for the great performance of the fans during the final of the Cup del Rey.

"Dear members and fans of FC Barcelona,

Through these lines I want to address the thousands of members, club members and fans of FC Barcelona these days have moved to Valencia for the final of the Copa del Rey, not forgetting all those who could not. On behalf of the Board of the Club, I wish to convey our gratitude and sincere congratulations. Despite not having won the title, has given Barça fans, again, an example of civic support your team, honoring the spirit of Basel forever remembered and 'seny' and 'rauxa' the Catalan people.

Thank you all, we have strengthened the overall image of our boat, always committed to civility and zero tolerance to violence, an essential value and management priority for our Club. On Wednesday 35 th challenge our Cup final, 25 of which have ended up traveling to Barcelona. And if Barça many times we managed to win and celebrate our degrees, on Wednesday showed that, in defeat, we are also champions.

The pride of belonging to this family unites us and we will continue to strengthen. We face this final stretch of the season with the satisfaction that comes from knowing that our coaches and players are doing an outstanding job and with the excitement of what lies ahead. In a few days we played two titles and the Champions League and our team will need maximum support. I am convinced that not fail them. (via MD)

Guardiola: "Each game won is a massive step towards winning the League"

Pep Guardiola knows that the game against Osasuna is vital in terms of winning the League, a title, according to him "which demonstrates more things than anything else".

Before starting the series of games with arch rival Real Madrid, Pep Guardiola already warned that one of the most dangerous games of the league season was against Osasuna. The game has come around, and that's why FC Barcelona's manager said on Friday at a press conference that "each game won is a massive step towards winning the league".

Guardiola told reporters that against Osasuna "The League title is at stake. I know the Champions League is very glamorous but I have the impression that the League is vital at this time". He recalled that in previous seasons "after travelling to the Bernabeu we never had an advantage like this one". In this sense, Guardiola again recalled the value of winning the league title since "it’s what demonstrates more things than anything else".

After losing the Cup, the manager explained that the mood in the dressing room, "is better every day", and commented that the players "will react well because it’s their job, their responsibility". Guardiola, who pointed out that "in sport you lose more than you win" and said that "in the dressing room there are no regrets, we’ll come back strongly".

Guardiola called for the fans support for the game against Osasuna and encouraged the Barça supporters to finish the day of Sant Jordi at the Camp Nou: "We have the League within our reach and if we are 8 points ahead of Madrid it’s because we have earned them". Although he acknowledged that "we are physically tired" after Wednesday's game "if people lend us a hand we’ll be even closer to winning it".

As for the possible debate over whether the club has to rethink the style of play in some games, Guardiola said that "we shouldn’t rethink anything....I understand football like this and while I’m here we’ll carry on the same way. I can’t pass on something I don’t believe in" the manager said.

Although he didn’t want to talk about the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League in Madrid, Guardiola was adamant that his team will go to Madrid "to attack and score goals". He pointed out that in Valencia on Wednesday, "we played well in the Final. We were spectacular in the second half and extra time, and the first thing to do is congratulate Madrid not take anything away from ourselves”.

On Saturday José Luis Mendilibar’s Osasuna side visit the Camp Nou. Guardiola warned about the danger of teams coached by the former Valladolid manager, because he "gives something special to his teams". The Osasuna side previously trained by José Antonio Camacho, and now by Mendilibar " are an ambitious team with regard to the pressure they exert, and they come looking for you".

Carles Puyol did some specific training on Friday and Guardiola commented that "we’ll wait and see how he is" to see if he’ll be able to play against Osasuna. The Manager acknowledged that the injury that kept him off the pitch for about 3 months is fine, but that the muscular discomfort "came back again while he was warming up".

As for David Villa, and his lack of goals in recent games, Guardiola commented that “he’s a fundamental player for us and his presence is not under dispute". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Roses for the fans who come to Camp Nou

FC Barcelona, ​​coinciding with the feast of Sant Jordi, will give a rose to the members and fans who attend the Saturday league match against Osasuna at the Nou Camp.

Saturday April 23 , coinciding with St. George , patron saint of Catalonia , the FC Barcelona will deliver 20 000 roses to the members and fans who come to the stadium. One more detail to support the team in a key match for the outcome of the League .

Given that the match against Osasuna takes place in full Holy Week , are expected to attend the Camp Nou unusual audience. Mainly tourists who spend a few days in Barcelona. This is a family audience will discover one of the popular traditions of the feast of Sant Jordi.

The match against Osasuna may be key to the outcome of the League and, as always, support from the fans is important. In this sense, for the present stage a grand entrance, it is essential that subscribers partners can not come to Camp Nou to use the Seient Lliure for another partner or lover to take his seat. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça-Toons also for Sant Jordi

The FC Barcelona sympathetic characters are the protagonists of a funny comic on the occasion of the festival.

In the hands of the Barca-Toons, the Barca players are the stars of a fun comic book "Sant Jordi and a team of legend." The book recreates the legend of the knight and dragon fierce, framing the stage Barca. A special publication especially for the young.

In the comic book is narrated as a magical team and a proud followers are able to face the dragon and can be purchased as a gift for the Sant Jordi. This book is a creation of MUF Animation, makers of these characters and is published by Grup seal 62 within North Star.

"Barca are trying, in the Farmhouse also do as well as the Toons in this story. The effort and commitment is a slogan and the Legend, the message is the same," says Laia Falcón, editor of children's publications Polar Star and youth.

From the editorial also recognized as the club is a "global brand and Catalan" and a "good speaker to bring this tradition Catalan and parties." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

19 players preparing for the league match

19 player took part in the first training session after the defeat in the Spanish Cup Final (18 first team players and Thiago from the B team). Puyol did some specific training.

This Friday Bank Holiday, the Joan Gamper training ground saw the first Barça training session after Wednesday’s Cup Final, and also the penultimate one before Saturday's game against Osasuna. The League is now the priority.

With a fine rain falling at the start of the session, 19 players trained, the 18 available first team players and Thiago, from the Barça B team. Puyol did some specific work, whilst the three injured players (Abidal, Bojan, and Adriano) continued with their recovery schedule

Two members of the coaching staff of Rafa Nadal, tennis world number 1, visited the training session this Friday. They were Toni Nadal, his uncle and coach, and Carlos Costa, his representative and former top tennis player. All this week the 59th edition of the Conde de Godo Trophy is being held at the RCT in Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player] Ronaldo discuss the Madrid-Barca of Champions

The former player of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will act as a commentator on the first leg of the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League.

"El Fenómeno" will participate as special guest in the retransfer of the third cláscico of the month that next Wednesday will be disputed in Santiago Bernabéu. Ronaldo to discuss the crash 'TV Globo' and 'Globoesporte.com' from 15h 45m (Brazilian time).

The exdelantero can properly speak of the two teams since he defended the colors of both. At Barcelona he played in the 1996-1997 season and scored 47 goals, while Royal was from 2002 to 2007 and scored over 100 goals. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Henry: Messi not afford to miss in practice "

The front of the New York Red Bulls Thierry Henry saves a great memory of time shared with Leo Messi on the field.

In an article published by him on the website of 'Time', Henry points out that sometimes we forget that Leo Messi, despite all he has achieved, is still a child of 23 years. " "It's a little boy and it looks like he could never hurt you. But give him a ball and you're in trouble," he explains.

The exblaugrana believes that "it is not normal what he does" and stressed: "I know the expectations that were created around the best in the world, but Messi does not bother him."

"He's a competitor, not afford to miss in practice. It reminds me of Maradona," he adds. He concludes: "I played with him for three years and was a joy." (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Frank de Boer: "Guardiola was my inspiration"

Frank de Boer, former player of Barça and current Ajax coach, said in an interview to the magazine 'Don Ball' that Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, has been his inspiration to make the jump to the bench.

"I have followed the career of Pep on the bench with a lot of attention since it began," says the Dutchman, which coincided with Guardiola during his time at Barca. "It's a great guy and an example to see how a coach with no experience can espabilar at the highest level. I wondered if I could do the same as him but at Ajax, "says Frank de Boer.

And not doing anything wrong to exazulgrana as three days for the final of the League, Ajax is keeping his options of taking the title in the Eredivisie, the Dutch football league.

Finally, in this interview, Frank de Boer is also referred to the possibility that Louis Van Gaal was incorporated into the Dutch team as coach, and how this situation would affect his relationship with fellow club Barca exentrenador Johan Cruyff. "It would be a delicate situation indeed," says the coach. "It's a pity Johan and Louis give so much cane. In my opinion the two are closer than you think, both are committed to attacking football, love the Ajax and are ... stubborn, "he adds. (via SPORT)

Inter, following the footsteps of Cesc

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera 'emphasizes the strong interest from Inter Milan for the captain of Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas, to strengthen his midfield.

Fabregas's arrival, the newspaper said, would be incompatible with that of Carlos Tevez, who already has been linked with the Italian team, while Corriere dello Sport 'points to the possibility that the club' Nerazzurri 'sold to Dutch Wesley Sneijder.

An operation funds to ensure that Inter could bear the costs of taking the services of the captain of the Gunners, which calls for Arsenal 50 million euros. (via SPORT)

Messi enters the list of 100 most influential people in "Time"

According to 'Time', Messi is number 87 among the most influential people.

After losing to Real Madrid 's final Cup at Barcelona's Argentinian player maybe they will be comforted by the fact been included in the list of the hundred most influential world figures released today by Time magazine. "

And even in the lowest positions, at number 87, does not matter. Just above the U.S. magazine put the one who is considered the world's most powerful politician, President of the United States, Barack Obama .

"What we forget about Messi is that despite everything that has already been achieved (...) is still a kid, only 23 years, "he writes in the article on the Argentine and accompanying another ex player list Soccer Thierry Henry , who shared the shirt in Barcelona with Messi .

"It seems he could never hurt. But give him a ball and get into trouble," said Henry , who said "it is not normal what does" Messi. French describes the Argentine as "a competitor who does not want to lose, even in training" and not be influenced by the "expectation that surrounds the star players."

"It reminds me of Diego Maradona , by the way that cheapens the people, by the way he can hit a kick and he gets up and runs with the ball to score a goal, it's ridiculous, "says the pair claiming it was a "pleasure" to play with it for a while. (via MD)

Villa, the club needs your goals!

His recovery goleadora will be fundamental so that Barça eliminates to Madrid of Champions and the 'Guaje' it disputes its European first end.

Not a good time for David Villa. The '7 'chained Barca against Real Madrid in the final of the Copa del Rey, the eleventh consecutive game without scoring, a record that refers to its worst run in the first division, which lived in the 2007-08 season as Valencia player. At that time, Villa cost attached to technical change (Ronald Koeman replaced Quique Sanchez Flores on one of the most turbulent recent history of Valencia), but their numbers at the end of the season were impressive: 18 goals in League , one in the Copa del Rey, 3 in the Champions League and Cup title, won in the final against Getafe.

The last goal for Villa with the club is marking the 26 February in the area of ​​Mallorca. Since then, the eleven games he has played, could not find the net, but its impact on the game is still important for the club, forced the penalty on el clásico played against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu and caused another penalty before the Almería. The coaching staff continues to stress its defensive capacity for sacrifice and Messi get along with Peter and his companions in the line of attack.

Villa left the locker room Mestalla especially hurt by the defeat in the Cup and because the party faced with a special enthusiasm. Was changed in the local apparel Valencia stadium, which he used during his five seasons at Valencia, with the hope that the reunion with the city will also serve to reconnect with the goal, but was very disappointed, but had no problem on addressing the media.

It was a game especially uncomfortable for the Asturian striker, annulled by the aggressiveness of the defenders of Madrid, especially Sergio Ramos and Alvaro Arbeloa, his team-mates. Villa was the first surprised by the intensity of the inputs of the defenders of Madrid and his attitude when the ball was not at stake. Alternated theoretical center forward position with the end, trying to match with Peter and Messi.

In recent games, Villa has found less space to develop his game: he has not been able to trace many uncheck the space and has not received as many balls as a principle goal of the season.

Bojan's injury, the wrong time scorer Peter (the last goal of the Canary Islands was also marked in Mallorca) and above all, the team's needs, require the best version of Villa in the final stretch of the season has especially excited about playing their first European final and hopes to regain his romance with the goal to reach Wembley. (via SPORT)

The staff, outraged Arbeloa and Pepe

Merengue team gave a display of unsportsmanlike all that upset Barca players in Valencia.

In recent years, Real Madrid has had to learn to accept defeat, but often has failed to do with sportsmanship. However, the most regrettable is that the white club, which has always boasted of bringing the estate by flag, nor knows how to win graciously. The Cup final on Wednesday was a clear example of the riotous and rude some of the players of Real Madrid. While captain Iker Casillas was the only white player who came to greet the Catalans after the meeting, the majority of their peers exhibited a wide range of examples of unsportsmanlike before, during and after the event.

Without going any further, Alvaro Arbeloa, team-mate of many Catalans, gave a demonstration of how you can cross the cables to a player when in an offensive action of David Villa not only gave him an elbow first and a stamp to curb their incursion, but that he and Spaniard Sergio Ramos grabbed the arm and forced him to stand in a style more suited to a nightclub brawl. Action was not the only controversial part of the defense, despite deserve repeated expulsion for being aggressive even saw a yellow.

The Spanish international's attitude was not lost on the Catalans did not understand the excessive behavior Arbeloa. For his part, Pepe was not far behind when the worst gear used to stop everyone who put him ahead. In fact, the Brazilian fame precedes him for years. And if not just ask Casquero who suffered the wrath of the defense in a Madrid-Getafe which is now just two years ago and which earned him ten-match ban for tips to Real Madrid two kicks to the player, when he was already in the ground. Pepe has shown that emotional intelligence is void, as he undertook to prove after the goal by Cristiano Ronaldo, devoting a 'sausage' to the Barca fans totally out of place. Yesterday, the player tries to make amends, "I hope the fans forgive me. I got carried away by euphoria." Too late to apologize, after four seasons in Madrid, the Spanish fans know him too well to think that his 'mea culpa' is sincere. (via SPORT)

Granada's claim dismissed for improper alignment

The Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation did not accept the claim of Granada who had requested the improper alignment of Jonathan Dos Santos in a match between Barça B and the Andalusian.

Jonathan Dos Santos was at the Alcorcón, in week 31 in the Second League A, the fifth yellow card of the season. Mexican midfielder was banned for one match and could not play, the next day in the field of B. Villarreal Dos Santos played, but this weekend the first team in El Madrigal.

In the week 33 Jonathan Dos Santos became the subsidiary and contributed to the triumph of Barça B (4-0) against Granada. The Andalusian team reported the alignment of Jonathan Dos Santos, understanding that the Mexican player had not met the penalty after having performed the week before the first team.

The Competition Committee has not accepted the arguments of Granada and has dismissed the improper alignment of Dos Santos as they believe that the penalties for card accumulation must be met in the same category.

The Committee notes that the player did not act against Villarreal B because it was sanctioned and not because he was called up to play with the first team as he argued Granada.

The Andalusian team has ten days to go to the Appeals Committee. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Arbeloa was merciless with Villa on purpose and without the ball in play

The tough game that Real Madrid has been practiced to Ecuador Poker Clásicos, has reached intolerable extremes. Despite being team-mates, Arbeloa Villa attacked without the ball in play.

One thing is pressing, another assault. The 'tactical Mou 'that has been highly praised in various media should be questioned when it incurs a danger to the physical integrity of the Barça players.

In addition to requiring an arbitrator to 'stop playing' extreme pressure practiced Real Madrid , even for players without the ball, it benefits from blind spots that judges do not see, or to see, in which can make plays that border illegally.

One among many examples is this ugly stamp on Arbeloa , taking advantage of Villa , his partner in the ' Red '- was on the floor after a fall. (via MD)

More than 14 million viewers the final of the Copa del Rey, the most watched Barça-Madrid

The Cup final became the most watched Clásico story with an audience of 14 million viewers. Furthermore, the extension is reached 73 per cent audience share.

More than 14,172,000 viewers followed the final of the Copa del Rey, Real Madrid beat FC Barcelona at the Stade de Mestalla (Valencia), reaching an audience share of 73 percent. Thus, this match becomes the most watched Barça-Madrid's history and the most watched television broadcast so far in 2011, according to Windward Communication. Thus, the final of the tournament was broadcast on TVE La1 of the match that followed the 12.71 million viewers (65.5 percent) and TV3, which saw 1.46 million (45.7 percent share .)

The party joined in both chains an average audience of 12.84 million viewers and an audience share of 67.7 percent, making it in the final of the Copa del Rey's most-watched in history, surpassing the issue May 13, 2009 between the Athletic Club of Bilbao and Barcelona, ​​which scored 11.69 million viewers between the La1, TV3 and ETB1. On that occasion, in La1 the party signed a market share of 60.4 percent with 11.46 million viewers and a 42.2 percent TV3 share with 1.38 million viewers.

Furthermore, the extension is reached 73 percent audience share, with 14,172,000 viewers and the most watched minute was reached at 23.57 hours, two minutes before the end of the game with 14,914,000 viewers and 75 percent audience share between the two chains that broadcast. Just when the goal of the Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo, at 23.38 hours recorded an audience of 14,617,000 viewers and a 75 percent share. As the number of contacts, more than 20 million viewers watched at least one minute of the game. (via MD)