18 April 2011

Nelson: "Barça is almost unbeatable, but we have a positive feeling"

Osasuna player Nelson Augusto said that Take finished the game against Athletic "sad and frustrated" after losing a game you feel "won" and the forthcoming meeting at the Camp Nou has said are "positive" but he sees Barca a team "almost unbeatable".

"Today is an almost unbeatable team, but in football playing eleven against eleven and to not finish the match must have a positive feeling," said a news conference after training in Tajonar. The right side Cape Verde, Portugal international has said he hopes Saturday a "Barça very strong," despite the commitments of Cup and Champions League Barça to Real Madrid. "Play that plays well and does more in his field, dominated by all parties. We hope very difficult, but two years ago Osasuna won there (in a game in which Barcelona are not playing anything in the penultimate game of the season ) "he said. "We must always have hope because anything can happen in football. Yesterday did not think about losing. My thought when Athletic were reduced to 10 was put 3 or 4 and do not get it and lost the game," he said. Nelson has argued that Barcelona will win on Saturday. "I do not think the Champions League. Teams like Barca play every game to win and death. Barça champion and still not want to win," he stressed.

He indicated that the template can not fall apart after third straight loss and said that Osasuna "has proven to be able to get out of difficulties."

"People look at the calendar and said that we have difficult or almost impossible, but it is not zero. At home we are very strong, we depend on us and I am confident in achieving the goal, but it will be difficult," he opined.

Nelson, the best player in Osasuna before Athletic, it was implied in the play that the Navarrese team found difficult the party in the minute 90, in Ricardo López's bad exit, although the caboverdiano has highlighted that the forward of the team bilbaíno Íker Muniain was necessary him before marking the goal of the victory.

"I was going to have the ball under control, but (Ricardo) was to try and get the ball out. These things happen, unfortunately it was a goal and we must accept it. They were lucky," he said.

On personal performance, very active in the right wing, has noted: "I felt very comfortable and was enjoying the game enough, but I got very sad and frustrated by the result, which is unfair. The Athletic did not match to out with 3 points. " (via SPORT)

Voluntary training on a rest day

Although Pep Guardiola had given the first team the day off on Monday, Puyol, Milito, Pinto, Abidal, Mascherano, Thiago and Bojan went to the Joan Gamper training ground on a voluntary basis.

Following the recovery session on Sunday, Barça won’t return to training until Tuesday morning. However, some players took advantage of the day off that Pep Guardiola had conceded, to train at the Joan Gamper training ground. The Spanish Cup Final is on Wednesday and they all want to be 100% fit for the decisive stretch of the season.

On field # 1 at the training ground Jose Manuel Pinto, who has been the habitual goalkeeper in the Cup games this season, and could also start in Wednesday's final against Real Madrid, did some work. Alongside him, the defender Gaby Milito also trained.

Captain Carles Puyol was one of the other players at training. The central defender, who reappeared against Madrid but unfortunately suffered a hamstring strain in his left thigh during the course of the game, did some recovery work. Puyol said at a press conference Sunday that he was waiting to see how the injury evolved these days to see if he might be available for selection on Wednesday.

Abidal was also at the training ground. The French player did some running, as in recent days, and as part of the natural recovery process, also did some ball work. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cup: Clásicos with a happy ending (II)

On June 4th 1983 Barça won their second Cup against Madrid. In Zaragoza, goals from Victor and Marcos gave the Catalan side the 20th Cup trophy in their history (2-1).

Just like in 1968, the Cup Final between Barcelona and Madrid in 1983 was a game for men. Hard and very tight, the game was decided by Marcos, very close to the final whistle, when it seemed that the game would go to extra time, following the initial goal by Victor and the equaliser by Santillana in the second half. Rexach and Julio Alberto, who both starred in that final, reviewed the match in the Barça TV program 'Cup Stories'.

The final had started well thanks to an assist from Maradona to Victor, who made it 1-0. A Gerardo mistake with a back-pass to the goalkeeper, however, let Madrid back into the game. "Gerardo was a little too confident. Until then we had controlled the match, but everybody can make mistakes" explained Julio Alberto, who highlighted the number of fouls on Maradona that day: "With the number of fouls that Maradona received, the game wouldn’t have finished if it was played today (due to the number of sending offs)"

Fortunately, that Gerardo mistake didn’t have any severe consequences and the trophy went to Barça. Marcos’s goal with his head, from another Maradona cross, meant that Barça won the trophy, right at the end of the game. "Actually he scored the goal with his ear" Julio Alberto corrected.

For Rexach, the Final was noted for the excessive running with the ball. "The close man marking meant that Diego, Carrasco, and Schuster had to run with the ball under control. They had to do that to get away from their marker," he explained.

The match, with the two teams managed by the historical figures of Di Stefano and Menotti, was full of urgency for both sides. Madrid and Barça had finished second and fourth, respectively, in the League. The League title went to Athletic Bilbao. That’s why the Cup Final in Zaragoza allowed Barça to end the season on a high note.. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça Toons: road to Valencia for the Spanish Cup Final

Barça Toons: road to Valencia for the Spanish Cup Final

[Selection Under-21] Milla trusts to Bojan for the Euro

"Now we have to wait how it evolves and how it will recover," said Luis Milla, he expects the striker is ready for the event which takes place from 11 to 25 June.

The national under-21 coach, Luis Milla, is confident that FC Barcelona striker Bojan Krkic will recover in time to participate in the European U-21 Denmark.

The coach has been talking with the footballer, who has a partially torn posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee but will not have to operate, so it is expected to be about six weeks off.

"All this will indicate whether we can count on him, we also want to see if the penultimate or the last day may be fine for his club because we concentrate on the 31st of May," Milla values. (via AS)

The center of Madrid could cut traffic by the end

"In terms of needs as they arise, the consistory could decree cuts and diversion of traffic on Columbus, Paseo de Recoletos, Cibeles, Paseo del Prado and Alcala street.

Madrid City center close to traffic capital Wednesday to mark the conclusion of the final of the Copa del Rey soccer to face Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in Valencia, as reported in a statement.

Thus, "in terms of needs as they arise, especially if fans decide''''meringues source close to Cibeles and Madrid if the club wins the tournament," the consistory could decree cuts and diversion of traffic Colon, Paseo de Recoletos, Cibeles, Paseo del Prado and Alcala street.

Therefore, alternative routes have been established to circulate. Specifically, for north-south movements and vice versa are suggested tours Principe de Vergara, Menéndez Pelayo-Commercial-Méndez Alvaro-Ancora-Santa Maria de la Cabeza and Plaza de Castilla-Bravo Murillo-Cuatro Caminos-Bravo Murillo Quevedo-San Bernardo, Gran Vía, or Alonso Martínez-Santa Engracia "Cuatro Caminos-Bravo Murillo Plaza de Castilla.

For his part, for movements east to west and vice versa circular recommended by Alberto Aguilera-Bilbao-Luchana-Eduardo Dato, Rubén Darío, Juan Bravo, Francisco Silvela; or Queen Cristina "Emperor Charles V, Ronda de Atocha-Round Valencia-Ambassadors-Acacias-Pyramids.

For longer distances are suggested to use the M-30 or M-40. In addition, access to the central core Consistory recommends using public transport, especially the Metro. (via AS)

Di Stefano yields to the Barca game and criticizes Mourinho approach

The legendary Alfredo Di Stefano did not hesitate in praising greatly to Barça after the draw made by the Catalans at the Bernabeu.

"Simply brilliant was the Barca football developed at the Bernabeu." As simple and clear analysis of the party began Alfredo di Stefano, a symbol of Real Madrid that he can not accuse of not feeling the colors of your team. "The superiority of the Catalans was manifest and externalizing the whole planet," continued Di Stefano in the opinion prepared for the sports daily Marca and which reported that while the club was "soccer ball", the Madrid is limited to go and coming after the ball.

For the president of honor of Real Madrid, "the white team played against an opponent cornered that dominated the midfield throughout the game." The game ended 1-1, but one of the great centers of debate remains the approach of Mourinho, ultra-defensive for most of analistas.También to Di Stefano. "The defense was to wear Real Madrid, as a lion against the mouse failed to counter the opponent with a half-court pressing in cash, which was what had to be executed," said the legendary former player. He continued: "It is clear that Barcelona is superior to Real Madrid, and try to make plays based on the counter offensive is not the most appropriate way of trying to surprise them." For Di Stefano, "Real Madrid was a team with no personality" and asked Mourinho to change for the final of the Copa del Rey. "The approach of playing against was clearly not the right one," he analyzed.

Finally, Di Stefano defended the talent of Leo Messi, criticized for hitting a ball into the stands: "It's the best in the world, their football is spectacular. It is also an example of professionalism is unmatched," he concluded. (via SPORT)

Seven newcomers in a final potential

Up to seven players of FC Barcelona have never participated in a Copa del Rey final. Iniesta, for example, will experience this Wednesday for the first time what it is to play a Cup final.

Although the 2008 final against Athletic Club (1-4) is fairly recent and that most members of the first team squad are practically the same, there are a number of players of FC Barcelona who has not played a final 'Cup A third of the staff. Are Iniesta, Maxwell, Jeffren, Font, Valdés and two signings this season, Mascherano and Afellay .

Up to ten players in the current squad were involved in the final two years ago. They Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Sergio, Xavi, Keita, Messi, Bojan and Pedro , who played only the last moments of the match. They're the ones who lived on the turf victory in Valencia. Valdes was on the bench and Iniesta, Milito and Abidal missed the final through injury. Abidal may not play this year.

Iniesta's case is especially painful, because an untimely injury in the rectus muscle of the right thigh during the final minutes of the Barcelona-Villarreal (3-3) prevented him from playing, three days later, the 2008 Cup final . The manchego reappeared, however, in the Rome final against United. Iniesta could not participate in the Club World Cup final of 2009 by an injury that was done in the semifinal.

None of the signings of the season (Mascherano, Hadrian, Villa and Afellay) and anterior (Maxwell) have never played a Cup final with Barcelona. Adriano and Villa, however, have done so with other teams in the league . In addition, both have won all finals played. Adriano was the editions of 2007 and 2010-at the Camp Nou, with Sevilla, while Villa lifted the Cup in 2004 (with Zaragoza) and 2008 (with Valencia). Such is the case with Milito, injured in 2008 and won the 2004 in Zaragoza. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pepe spit to the players of Barça in the tunnel of wardrobes

Those who witnessed the scene froze in the moment because, really, is not normal to see a professional footballer after a game face many rivals taunted party actions and to end the discussion with more spitting .

That is what made ​​last Saturday Pepe in the tunnel at the Bernabeu just complete the game. The mood was tense because the meringues were grown for a draw and the Catalans had run 'hot' with sticks received and the attitude homemade Muñiz Fernández. And how could it be otherwise, Pepe was in the 'fregao'.

And as is usual with him, he crossed the wires. For only thus can we understand that a player spit several colleagues. Barça players affected swallowed the bile and although he spent some adjective thickness to Madrid, went from him. Thinking about the Cup, best not to enter the rag. (via MD)

The players of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid for the final challenge

Dani Alves debuts with Adidas in a spectacular announcement together with Messi, Villa and Xavi in which they are challenged with players from Real Madrid for the Cup final.

More than 20 years ago that Real Madrid and Barcelona do not face in the final of the Copa del Rey ... The next day April 20 in Valencia, will live a truly historic fact which not only held a party or an end ... there will be a party that will go down in history of Spanish football.

Hence Adidas has gathered Messi, Villa, Xavi and Alves (that it debuts in a campaign after registering recently for the German mark) stop to be challenged with Xabi Alonso, Ganero, I gave María, Arbeloa and Canales. (via SPORT)

video: www.sport.es

A Messi he pointed a laser to take the penalty

When you played el clásico first round of the League, some people complained that some fanatics will point to Cristiano Ronaldo with a laser pointer from the stands of Camp Nou.

A fact that has been repeated in more than one field and with other players but on this occasion even prompted some media have been demanding the closure covers the stadium and penalties for the club Catalans.

However, did not generate the same level of alarm that Leo Messi was targeted with a laser pointer from the stands of the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday, for instance when he had to face a decisive moment as the release of the penalty that ultimately transformed without problems .

In fact, not only the Argentine striker was a target of the laser, but also other colleagues and himself Josep Guardiola. However, it seems that in this case was not something so serious as to cause complaint covers ... (via SPORT)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff: "Mourinho is a coach of titles, not football"

The pour in FC Barcelona, ​​Johan Cruyff has in his weekly article on 'EL PERIODICO' that Real Madrid against Barcelona "used a computer Disguise minor" and that "Mourinho is a coach of titles, not football. Or rather is not a football coach if we understand the sport as a spectacle or entertainment. "

Cruyff says that if Mourinho was able to come up with what came out at the Bernabeu, which is not going to do at the Mestalla with a degree in game play and unique "and warns players of FC Barcelona" will have to improve "even" being faithful to their style. "

Catalan coach Mourinho says Barca made a compliment to the lineup: "To play at home with seven defenders is that you have to be very afraid. The Bernabeu is not usually allow their technical approaches as well." (via SPORT)

Madrid-Barça, the second more seen between both

The most watched minute was reached at 23:47 hours, when the five chains accounted 12,666,000 viewers, a 70.1% share.

The match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona last Saturday is the second most-watched game who have played both teams, with 11,123,000 viewers and a 62% audience share in the sum of the five strings in which was issued.

In the Sixth, the party reached an audience of 8,806,000 viewers and a 49.1% audience share, making it the most-watched broadcast network's history, according to data provided today by Windward Communication.

At issue in the four chains of the Fort, the party managed 1,536,000 viewers (48.4%) in TV3, 141,000 viewers (37.6%) in TPA (Television of the Principality of Asturias), 563,000 viewers (26, 4%) and 38,000 spectators Telemadrid (8.1%) in the Balearic chain IB3.

As for the results by groups, fees are highest in men and young people aged 13 to 24 years.

By areas, the community is Catalonia which was a longer follow-up, with 72.2% share. (via AS)

Bojan will play the final of the League

'9 'Will remove the splint on Wednesday and may begin to recover immediately.

When Marcelo Silva injured Bojan to the stocking hour of Barça-Almería, the first thing that had to avoid the blaugrana was the operating room. After learning that the posterior cruciate ligament tear in his left knee was only partial breathed again. Remained calmer when after visiting the doctor Ramon Cugat knew the injury was somewhat less severe than expected and that in ten days using a splint would soldier on ligament.

It is envisaged that this Wednesday, eleven days after injury, appears from the knee to start the recovery immediately. Despite immobilization, the player started to work may increase their fitness and set-up this week. The best news is that the anticipation of knowing that it would not play this season is no longer defiintiva and Bojan will get to play the final of the League.

In particular, it is ruled that it can reappear in the last two days, at Barcelona-Deportivo-Barcelona and Malaga. These two meetings are prior to the final of the Champions, played on 28 May in London. The striker also come to the appointment if Pep Guardiola's team managed to overcome Real Madrid in the semifinals. Bojan, who was injured when he began to have a role to which it responded with goals, had hoped to make a good end of season, like last year. Now content to play again. (via SPORT)

The grass of Mestalla was cut seven times

The newspaper 'Superdeporte' unveiled yesterday what tuning have you before the final.

One of the many controversies that made el clásico on Saturday was the state of the lawn. Jose Mourinho had given orders for the week not to cut, plus it was not watered, so the ball was moving very slowly, something that damaged the usual game of possession and driving Barca. Fortunately, not something similar happen on Wednesday at the Mestalla. The newspaper 'Superdeporte' of Valencia yesterday published a detailed report in which he explained how it will look after the Valencia stadium turf until Wednesday. The most striking fact is that it will cut seven times until then, one Sunday, two Monday, two Tuesday and two on the party. The result is that the grass never exceed 25 mm in length in the stem.

The company 'Cessver' is in charge of this process, as quoted as saying. Everything is so calculated that even takes into account the weather forecast. For now, it looks like rain. Will be at 20:35 as the time limit when you connect the irrigation is expected that if the temperature is high and it had not rained, it ordered three minutes in each of the three sectors. the process would take nine minutes. If the relative humidity is high it looks like it is reduced to two minutes per sector (six in total) and in the event of rain, do not irrigate.

The theme of the lawn was commended by the Barcelona players to leave the Bernabeu. Alves, for example, was cut by saying that "Valencia take a shower to water the lawn a bit and see if the ball runs better." Busquets, meanwhile, said he was "not as fast as we would like to combine, to play one-on-one" and Valdes said that "the grass has not helped our style." Mestalla is another story.

Mourinho moved to not cut off

Jose Mourinho tried to pose a scenario similar to the Bernabeu on Saturday for next Wednesday at the Mestalla. According to some sources, the coach of Real Madrid have spoken with high instances of the entity blanche to try the grass is not cut too Mestalla. His attempt was sterile, since being power of Valencia, as a club organizer, cut it or not, the Real Madrid could not do anything about it. (via MD)

[Former player] Deco: "With Messi everything is easier"

"He and Cristiano are the two largest, but Leo is beyond anything imaginable," says.

Deco is leading to Barca in the heart and still feel genuine devotion to Messi, one of the many friends who left Europe to return to Brazilian football and with whom it has contact. At 33, the Portuguese international was born in the metropolitan area of ​​Sao Paulo has played for Fluminense, whose facilities received a MD to speak exclusively of the 'grand slam' of clásicos which began last Saturday and will continue with the final cupbearer Mestalla.

For Deco, "as it is playing, the club is on track to achieve another hat trick, but reaching the Champions League final will be hard and win, too. In this tournament a single detail can be decisive." As for the Barça-Madrid on Wednesday in Valencia, said "we'll see. I like the club, of course, but they are Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo", which both contestants go for broke.

Deco recalled the clásicos 'little hand' of last November, a shock that he did enjoy from a distance. "It was amazing. Madrid was very bad and the Barcelo was one of those days when everything goes well." Messi was no door that night and CR7 either, but both scored from the penalty spot in La Liga Madrid-Barça played yesterday (1-1).

Puyol: complaints and reward

According to the former Barça player (2004-08), Porto and Chelsea, "Leo and Cristiano, with whom I have met at the club and the Portuguese when they began to emerge, are now the two biggest players, but Leo beyond anything imaginable. "

Deco added: "I long to Barcelona and if a match occurs it is difficult to solve. Barça and Madrid are both great team, but Messi everything is easier." The experienced midfielder was also agreed "to Xavi, Iniesta ... how Andrew has grown! And Puyol, how to complain to the principle that did not win titles. Took to arrive, but it paid off and continues to win with Barca and Spain. "

Deco has been one of the most chaste footballers who have gone through the club and, while not know "Pep as a coach, works well and the players love him." But it is Leo who freaks out: "When Ronnie and I went in 2008, Messi picked up the baton."

Deco returned to Brazil in 2010, "ahead of schedule and family reasons." Barca will left a memorable stage. (via MD)

Madrid and Emirates, about to close a multimillionaire agreement

The Real Madrid is very close to reaching an agreement with the official airline of United Arab Emirates, which became official sponsor of the Santiago Bernabeu.

In fact, says the website eleconomista.es, there is even the possibility of changing the name of Real Madrid stadium, which would be called Emirates Bernabéu. As discussed, Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president, has acknowledged that talks are well advanced and that the agreement could occur soon.

The figure points to close the deal could reach nine digits. They are based on the operation and carried out in England when the company became a sponsor of Arsenal's stadium, which was renamed the Emirates Stadium in exchange for 120 million euros. This name has a course of 15 years, from 2006 to 2021.

In eleconomista.es also explained that the agreement would keep the club Real Madrid as the world's most bill above Barca next season that would pass over 150 million by the Qatar Foundation achieved. Florentino's Madrid and speculated to reach a similar agreement with Coca-Cola. (via SPORT)

Nobody keeps track of Messi

'10' of Barca faced the home stretch of season ready to spray all scorers records.

Nothing stops Leo Messi on his way to the legend. Determined to make history in every game, to overcome a record, for it is hidden in the books, each time dressed in short, the Argentine player faces on Wednesday its first big test of the season, the final of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid, at the same venue which already shone in 2009. Then, he scored against Athletic, Barça's second goal, before rounding the Bojan and Xavi 4-1.

Now, Messi faces a challenge of unknown dimensions, can reach 50 goals in a season, a round figure never seen, in the best case scenario, the final of the Copa del Rey to be followed worldwide and will universal dimension, away from the secrecy that has sometimes lived KO tournament. For now, Argentina has some figures from another world: 30 league goals, nine in the Champions League, seven in Cup and three in the Supercopa of Spain.

Messi gets to the end and become a player in history books of the League. For the championship have been extraordinary scorers whose name refers to the best attacking football (Zarra, Cesar, Di Stefano, Puskas), Pichichis that remain in memory amateur (Quini, Kempes, Hugo Sanchez), but none had achieved what Leo certified with his goal in the Bernabeu from the penalty spot, score at least 30 goals in consecutive seasons. Last year she reached the 34 league goals. This year, after the penalty at the Bernabeu, and has 30 in the league, a fact that illustrates the regularity at goal.

The Bernabéu was a goal as well, which puts it among the best in the particular historical match living Barça and Madrid, no other player has scored as much as Barca's Messi Chamartín. The record was held by historical and Zaldúa, Asensi, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Henry, who had scored three goals against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. The Argentine has scored four goals in the Bernabéu, two in the 2-6, one last year and another penalty to certify a point that represents a giant step towards the league title and in the process, break his curse against teams from Mourinho. In their eight previous meetings (Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid in the first round), could not celebrate a goal against the Portuguese.

The Flea 'door you seen in Madrid in three consecutive seasons, something no Blaugrana had achieved so far. In the clásico against Real Madrid, Argentina and posted a total of eight goals.

Messi, also, is provisional Pichichi of the League, Champions and also the Glass. In the tournament of KO it has already marked seven goals in six parties, with a spectacular average, a goal every 61 minutes of game. In fact, Argentina has only played three full Cup matches, against Athletic, Betis and Almeria.

The Argentine also already know what it is to score and win at the Mestalla this season. He did it in the league, one of those parties that ultimately decide the name of the champion, when Barca won by 0-1 Unai Emery's team. (via SPORT)

Pita Undiano: that the club is prepared to play with 10

Mourinho began pushing the referee after Saturday's game, but Pep is more reason to be worried.

The disastrous performance in the clásico Muñiz Fernández Saturday has put the spotlight on the establishment of arbitration. The Spaniard Barca significantly harmed by failing to signal a penalty of book on Villa Casillas, Pepe allow right and left hand out without being cautioned and, moreover, is plucked from a penalty from Marco Alves for the Madrid equalized . Nevertheless, Mourinho even dared to criticize him and say he was tired of playing against ten against Barça. An argument that Pep Guardiola will never use, but may do so with reason for the final of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday, valuing the Mallenco Undiano record.

The clásico Mestalla will be the fifth of college navarro since ascended to the First Division for eleven years. Of the four previous meetings, the controversy focused on two of them for their decision to expel Barca players. In the 2006-07 season Rijkaard left the team with ten to show the yellow card twice to Oleguer, plus a penalty given to whites at the Camp Nou. Messi avoided defeat in the discount (3-3), but the title will end up leaking into the final day. Barcelona's stadium does not bother him the least, and he returned to apply the regulation to the maximum extent last season when he returned to teach two yellow Sergio Busquets, although the club managed to win thanks to both of Ibrahimovic (1-0).

The two other clásicos that were whistled at the Santiago Bernabeu and the strength of the result for Barça in the background left its performance. Barca won in the 2004-05 season by 0-3 and in 2008-09 was a spectator of luxury in the historic bath Real Madrid, with the memorable 2-6 that sealed the title.

Blaugrana players usually have overcome positively to Mallenco Undiano criterion, although it has succeeded in altering in more than one occasion. For example, in two record last season. At Cornell he was condescending to the hardness of Espanyol and, instead, Dani Alves drove more than two faults stringent. In the penultimate game of the season also put the title at risk by allowing off-site Sevilla draw a foul to put the 2-3 and also warn Xavi for protesting, so the de Terrassa penalty missed by the decisive match in the Nou Camp against Valladolid.

His record is far more worrying and analyzing their performances in matches has led to Real Madrid this season. In three league games has pointed out ... four penalties in favor! The first was in The Rose (1-4), two against Athletic at the Bernabeu (5-1) and one in the Coliseum against Getafe (2-3).

Of all the referees who are still active and have whistled clásicos, Undiano Mallenco is the only one who has driven the Barcelona players in the matches of the maximum. Iturralde González, Muñiz Fernández and Ramírez Domínguez are the other colleges that continue in the First Division that have addressed this type of games and Navarre was the only one who has sent the Barca players shed early. (via SPORT)

A lunatic is loose (and it is not Messi)

The defender was one of the protagonists of the first negative mourn their unsportsmanlike methods.

It was unusual to see to the madridista Pepe to accuse to the blaugrana Leo Messi of being crazy after having seen to the Portuguese defense kick a rival savagely, the fielder of Getafe Casquero, now two years ago. And it was also amazing that the Real Madrid player after the match last Saturday without the collegiate Muñiz Fernández show him any warning, despite his obvious obsession with stopping the Barca players to civil or criminal, as someone asked in day.

His performance in the classic reconfirmed that Pepe is one of the hardest and most violent players in the Spanish league, which does not prevent you from having bull arbitration depending on what occasions. Jose Mourinho, Real coach, he ranked as holding midfielder with the sole mission of stopping the movement of ball from Barcelona and Portuguese fulfilled his mission regardless. Preferably addressed marking Messi and used all possible tricks to get his party rival. The Portuguese defender gave an entire concert of season tickets and provocations, but the referee did not consider any of them deserved the card.

As Mourinho complained at the end of the game, the fact is that the referee had two very different criteria when applying the rules, but the benefit of Madrid, not Barcelona. There have been many Spanish League teams who have experienced the madness of Pepe. The white central used to play last lap and that makes creditor often deportation. Interestingly, the arbitrators awarded many of their violent actions.

Pepe finished his great performance last Saturday by becoming the victim after Messi kicking a ball into the stands. Portuguese berated him in front of the referee that action putting the index finger to his temple, the universal symbol of madness. Indeed, he, the best representative of sanity and sportsmanship on the pitch. And an example for children.

The Argentine eventually tired of the relentless persecution that made the Portuguese, but above all, free of excessive violence with which this was re-used. In fact, at the end of the match Pepe had its ups and downs with several Barcelona players in the tunnel. But the referee also preferred to look the other way. And then Mourinho complains about the alleged aid to the club receives arbitration. The cynicism of the Real Madrid coach has no limits.

It is usual Pepe always use the limit and even use violence to try to stop opponents. I checked the Getafe Casquero and Albin, yet also has had with the Valencian Joaquín, Albelda Soldier and, with Albert Luque then Malacitano template or half Espanyol. This season did a whole exhibition of kung-fu against Olympique Lyon, but the referee showed him the second yellow despite the four violent actions that won him the expulsion.

The director of Madrid's tired of his character and his outbursts, but has had to swallow its renewal Mourinho not to antagonize its great defender. Interestingly, technical and defense share representative, Jorge Mendes Almighty. As we recently defined the former Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz, "Pepe savagely kicking their opponents." (via SPORT)

Nike will fashion the color "black Blaugrana"

They believe that the T-shirt will achieve a level of similar popularity to which was obtained with the yellow match.

Víctor Valdés is no longer the only blaugrana we've seen dressed in black. Barca's away kit for next season has been designed in the color field and the players will wear for the first time in history black.

The estimate by Nike is that success will be complete. The company that saw the Barca players are convinced that the popularity of the away kit will be great among the fans. The controversy that always creates a new design at the time of its release is predictable and logical, although the production will be massive.

The Oregon company is based on the acceptance that typically have the groundbreaking designs among followers Blaugrana. The latest example was the fluorescent yellow jersey for the 2005-2006 season, which turned the color of the Camp Nou and the streets to celebrate the Champions League and in Paris. He also helped his resemblance to the breastplates worn by stewards' what ensure security at the stadium.

The alternate-shirts in recent seasons have not had the same fate as that color was bold and Nike believes that bet on the black revive sales. The green of this year and the handle of the 2009-2010 have not had much success and the fans have opted for buying the shirt holder tradition.

Also to be seen whether the fact that Real Madrid have used more than once black to their shirts alternate means any impediment to the fans accept the new design.

Not what you think Nike, whose production is forecast to high. The shirt color black `Blaugrana do not have further or piping or fringe, only the chosen color and new logo intended for the new season, the Qatar Foundation. The new sponsor of the club Catalans will be the first to debut this new groundbreaking design that Nike expected to hit squarely. In principle, UNICEF is also expected to remain linked to the Barcelona shirt, but it will in the back.

Both logos will appear in competitions governed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, although it still remains to know whether it will be possible in the Champions League as UEFA rules only allowed to wear a sponsor. Barca hope to achieve the approval of the European body, but for now, has not made a final decision.

Being the first time in history to field players look this color does not afraid of wearing the team responsible for a failure. Quite the contrary. Help your popularity Víctor Valdés has used the black sheepskin for several seasons and the goalkeeper is one of the most beloved players and appreciated by the fans. (via SPORT)

Sylvinho: "The Mestalla is a rare clásico"

The former Barcelona believes that the Cup final itself as "the clash more complicated. It will be unusual and nerves".

Sylvinho received MD at his home in Sao Paulo. Therein lies since he left Manchester City in 2010, after calling at the English side in August 2009 from the club. In anticipation of a possible bid to remain active, kill the bug in an assembly of 'Athletes of Christ'.

Sylvinho has 37 years, five of them tinged with Barca. The legacy he left is football and human, as the Brazilian international known for his professionalism and reliability on the field and empathy beyond.

As explained in the exclusive interview with MD, it has lost contact with his former teammates, with whom "lived the best years of my life."

"I love Leo"

One of the current squad players with speaking Blaugrana whenever he can is Messi. "I love you", he asserted, "is a player to remove his hat. When she began to train with us, with Ronaldinho and Deco quickly saw that we were facing a different player. Leo was vertical, pulled straight into the opponent's goal without ' pipes' or watermarks. It is a thinking machine and score goals. What most strikes me is how it works mentalmene, how ambition does not stop new achievements. "

As for the four games between Barcelona and Madrid, talked about all of the Cup final for Sylvinho, "this is a rare classico. Will shock more complicated, because it is atypical and there will be nerves. In Champions League and two laps in Mestalla is all or nothing. "

"Is the 5-0 November?'s Actually a normal result for this club. The Madrid has a good team and a good coach, but Barcelona is ahead. Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Alves make a difference individually and collectively . And how is sacrificed Villa to open spaces for Leo! All players are cracks. If Barca triplet repeat? Let's see, always rub the titles, but do not medirles only the tops. "Pep? Its work is good, there are numbers and trophies, and well managed. "Mourinho? A technician should not be measuring you for only 2 or 3 games" (via MD)

[Barça B] The club has offered renewal Montoya

Valencia would be willing to pay the three million of their clause to incorporate lateral.

Valencia's interest to seize the right side of Barça B, Martin Montoya, is real and the che club would even be willing to pay the three million of his buyout clause.

Anyway, the Valencian need the approval of the footballer, who, for now, prefers to focus on the remainder of the season and its more than possible participation in the European under-21 to be held in June in Denmark.

Furthermore, the first intention of defense is to continue wearing the Barça shirt. In fact, the Catalans club has already been sent to his agent, Josep Maria Orobitg, a renewal offer that would link him to Barcelona until June 30, 2013, a year more than they already have signed at this time. The offer does not fully satisfy the demands of the player, it will not decide until the end of this year.

It will then assess all the options and chose one or the other. The ability to leave is not transferred entirely seductive, despite the institution of Valencia and Montoya believes that whether it would be best to leave it on loan. But the club has already explained that we must be prepared to get rid of some of the homegrown players whose rise has not provided immediately.

Of course, the club aims to include buy-back options in all operations, which indirectly benefit the Valencia, you should not pay the entire clause and might lower the price with some consideration for include an option for play-off Barça. Either way, Martin Montoya is in no hurry to take a final decision and make the season finale. (via SPORT)