14 April 2011

The Cup final Barça-Madrid, high-risk

The final of the Copa del Rey, to race the next day 20 in Valencia, Barca and Real Madrid, has been declared "high risk" by the Anti-Violence Commission, meeting in the Higher Sports Council.

They have also been declared high-risk matches Athletic and Osasuna-Valencia-Real Madrid match days 32 and 33, First, and the Real Madrid-Barcelona semi-final Champions League. (via SPORT)

De la Red: 'Barca have more respect now to Madrid'

"At Madrid I see very well, I see no down their arms, I see more confidence, more knowledge to be in the field and that fear was not created in the first round," he said.

Rubén de la Red, exfootballer Real Madrid, acknowledged Thursday he sees "very good" for the white team facing the classic''Carousel''that lie ahead and now believes that Barcelona will have more respect. "

"At Real Madrid will look great, I see no down their arms, I see more confidence, more knowledge to be in the field and that fear was not created in the first round. I think you are now in Barcelona more respect, "said De la Red before participating in a golf and paddle tennis tournament that pitted former players of both clubs.

For white youth squad, both teams "come about as" Champions having won on, with confidence and in good shape. "There is inequality in no time," he said about it.

Why go to all Madrid "capable" of defeating FC Barcelona on Saturday in La Liga, noting that winning the first of four''classic''"gives confidence." "This weekend may be key," he said, while stressing that if Barca win "the league is doomed and that the party is also important because we must not throw any title, but the difficult thing," said.

In this sense, the champion of Europe with the Spanish "no reserve to anyone." "You always have to play with those who think they're the best or who are in better shape," he said.

The Spaniard also believes that what happened last year and the''little hand''of the Camp Nou in the first round "is eager to return the money, to win and do so lumpy." "But the result is not important, to win it," he confessed.

In addition, De la Red believes that not having lost so many games with Barca so often "the moral point." "Every year there are new players on one team and another. To me, as a player I would go looking forward to that game and get my revenge on those five games," he said.

"We're always saying this is the one who plays, and now there are four chances to win or remove titles," continued the white youth squad, which also stressed leaves "touched" one of the two and that both the final of the Copa del Rey as the semifinals of the Champions are "50 per cent." (via AS)

Madrid – Barça in European semis

It’s confirmed –Barça and Madrid will fight it out in the semi finals for a place in next month’s Champions League final. Madrid saw off Spurs 0-1 at White Hart Lane on Wednesday thanks to a Cristiano Ronaldo goal to go through 5-0 on aggregate.

That means we’ll have 4 Barça Madrid games in just 18 days, with this weekend’s La Liga clash and next week’s Cup Final coming up. Barça are in the semis for the fourth season on the run, whilst this is the first time since they lost to Juventus in 2003 that Madrid are back in the last four of the Champions League.

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Shakira won't be heard and the hymn will sound to end

The Real Federación Española de Fútbol is finalizing the details for the final of the Copa del Rey next Wednesday at the Mestalla. The trophy will be welcomed home Thursday in the state, in which it detailed the protocol for the day 20, a couple of hours before the game, open the doors of Mestalla.

Shakira lyrics, common in almost all areas of the world, will not ring at the Mestalla. The musical entertainment will take place with live performances Huecco, Social Security, Celtic and Dover.

On the other hand, the anthem of Spain, which is expected to sound three minutes before the match will resume, as two years ago, above normal. Sound technicians of the Federation will raise the volume to try to make sure not to eat whistles the tune of the Marcha Real, something did happen in the final Barça-Athletic. (via Marca.com)

Xavi: "Normality doesn't sell, but it arrives to people"

Xavi Hernandez defends the "normality" of this club. "People see how you behave in a level playing field," said Terrassa in an interview with the program 'Estació Camp Nou. "

This Friday, from 23:00 h, Xavi Hernandez speaks with sincerity, familiarity and transparency in Barça TV. Asked how this team is clear: "We are very normal people, very simple in the dressing room, who like football and who have respect for people." By this simple and natural disposition, the club has come ovation more than a stadium. "From the way you behave in a field, people perceive it. The normal does not sell but reaches people," said Xavi, happy with this style.

"Barça is the school of life"

It is a style and a way to make you learn from the roots, from the base of football. In the farmhouse Barça not only teaches football: "I feel so privileged to play at Barca. It's like your ego was satisfied to play in the club, and you feel very young. You get used to winning, and wherever you go you have to behave well.'s not just a football school, the school of life. I teach many values, many aspects of life are essential. We want to win playing well, doing things, respecting all world with this spirit so that there are simple and human, "says Harvey, who played from 10 years in the Barca youth football.

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Messi and Di Stefano aspire to 'Heritage'

The first five players of Argentina candidates for election as''Deportivo Historical Heritage of Humanity''is Di Stefano, Kempes, Maradona, Messi and Passarella.

The International Bureau of Cultural Capitals has released the first five players of Argentina candidates for election as''Deportivo Historical Heritage of Mankind,''which are Alfredo di Stefano, Mario Alberto Kempes, Diego Armando Maradona, Lionel Messi and Daniel Alberto Passarella.

Last Monday, the Bureau began the campaign in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico to pick the 10 players''Sports Heritage of Humanity,''each of these countries. Until 14 May, Argentine clubs and fans can submit nominations through the web''www.ibocc.org.'' At the end of the campaign, which will be a maximum of 100 candidates, the nominees will join the list of''Sports Historic Heritage of Humanity.''

This list of characteristics similar to those that already exist in the areas of cultural heritage, intangible and natural heritage, seeks to promote the consolidation of the importance of preserving the sport reality worldwide.

Candidates may be active, retired or deceased and fulfill one of the following conditions: "Having played with sporting excellence and fair play, help build bridges between supporters of opposing teams, provide ethical and solidarity; be a reference for children and young people and team play precedence over the individual. " (via AS)

Wenger wants him to promise they will not sell Cesc

Arsenal manager is not willing to lose Cesc Fabregas and has asked the top shareholder of the English team that promises to not sell the summer Arenys.

Arsène Wenger has asked that Stan Kroenke will ensure that no business with Cesc next summer. As reported in the British newspaper 'Daily Mail', Wenger believes Cesc indispensable to win a title next season.

However, it is well known by all the interest of FC Barcelona by taking the services of Fabregas and the midfielder wanted to return to be his home for many years. (via SPORT)

Bleat asked Sergio Fields how it will stop Messi...and he want a Madrid-United final

The Welsh Tottenham's fullback Gareth Bale (@garethbale03), he launched his thoughts on el clásico Madrid-Barça through his Twitter profile.

Bale was proud of Tottenham's performance in this edition of the Champions League and showed their preferences in the final May 28 in London. "Hoping Real Madrid and Man Utd play a beautiful final, but 1st El Clasico eh? " Said Bale, who took the opportunity to wish him luck Cristiano Ronaldo in front of goal: "I hope you bookmark another goal from 25 yards!" said in reference to the goal that won the Portuguese lucky thanks to the 'sung' by Gomes.

In addition, he sent a funny message to Sergio Ramos in which he wondered how he would stop Messi in the next games as well as recommending to improve their English. "How are you going to stop Messi? LOL, have a safe trip back, had fun having u guys around, haha work on ur English," he said. (via SPORT)

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Puyol will not be in the Cup final

Self-imposed challenge of playing important matches, but will not arrive in time for the first big final.

Pep Guardiola has already made up his mind that he can not even tell his captain Carles Puyol in the face of the next two games against Real Madrid. The coach himself has publicly admitted last week that the player's recovery was being really difficult, because "for two steps forward and one back, two forward and one back." The situation now is Blaugrana captain had made a step forward again, but still lacks a little in order to definitely think his return to the pitch.

Of course Saturday's game in the league at the Bernabeu is too close, so that Puyol was totally discarded from the outset. A significant drop, no doubt, because the absence of Mascherano, through suspension, leaves the team box Guardiola face rapid players in the rear. In any case, this game takes a relative importance to have an eight-point cushion in the league that leaves some room for error, so it would not be necessary in any case to force the return of anyone.

However, the final of the Copa del Rey next Wednesday April 20 it does have a high importance to be in a title game. And here is unfortunately not Puyol. It is true that the player was keen to play this game, but also is aware that his injury needs above all patience and calm, so has virtually given up on reaching the copera appointment, hoping to be a point in the semifinals of the Champions .

And it's not forget that in the previous two occasions he tried to reach a party-knockout stages of Champions League against Arsenal and fourth against Shakhtar-ended frustrated and totally devastated to see how his knee will not just respond, taking to retrace much of the way and done.

There is no doubt that the tendinitis in his left knee it's taking the path of bitterness. Since last January 22, he played his last match against Racing in Camp Nou, Puyol has not returned to play a game. In total, already has lost 17 games eleven "League officials, two and four Champions Cup" and rushed out of 19 if we count the next two games against Real Madrid.

Puyol not wear short in the final, but Valencia will be supporting their peers, and who will lead the expedition team to the city of Turia.

In any case, know that may not be for the final of the Copa del Rey has been a real slab Blaugrana captain's self-imposed challenge of being in all major parties in the final stretch of the season. All this, being also celebrated its 33 anniversary yesterday. The club gave him a special 'gift "by putting a special video on the web to encourage him in these difficult times. (via SPORT)

Pep asked to Lucescu for Rakitskiy

Addressing the 'tunnel took to inquire Shakhtar defender, supported by his colleague.

Like a couple of years with Dmytro Chygrynskiy , Pep Guardiola went back to the registration of a Ukrainian defense Shakhtar Donetsk . So much so that, according to reports in the Italian press yesterday, the coach of Barca kept the night of Shakhtar-Barcelona and even the playing field a nice chat with his colleague Mircea Lucescu about Yaroslav Rakitskiy , a versatile defender for 21 years . Guardiola and Lucescu , smiling, talked excitedly as they headed to the tunnel. The scene was picked up by Sky Sport.

That was the conversation:

Guardiola: "What this Rakitskiy strong, very brave! Has an unusual aggressiveness."

Lucescu: "Do you like? Today I actually play center, but it is lateral. Is formidable, it is not afraid of anything, not even the club. It's like a footballer you."

That was the scene, but in Italy and wondered if it was the first step to sign Pep Rakitskiy to Chygrynskiy. (via MD)

Piqué: "It will be difficult, but we must go for the treble

Before Guardiola shut the 'tap' of the interviews, Pique had the courtesy to respond to Mundo Deportivo.
As always, from the wisdom and humility, said winning and ambitious spirit of a ship that, once again, is on the verge of history.

If a player can represent extreme values ​​loyalty Barça de Guardiola, that's Gerard Pique. The central Catalan is a technical player but also strong, modern and committed as they come with their colors. A player who lives with a dramatic intensity duels against Real Madrid and is now more than ever instrumental in Barca defensive gear. Before Pep Guardiola shut the 'tap' of the interviews, Pique had the courtesy to respond to Mundo Deportivo. As always, from the wisdom and humility, said winning and ambitious spirit of a ship that, once again, is on the verge of history. As Gerard says, once the club has reached the final stretch of the season aiming to all titles is the time to fight for them without complexes.

-Are you ready and minded to face Real Madrid four times in 18 days?

It's never happened in recent history, but the team and the fans have to be prepared for it because it's out there. Of course, we must go step by step, match by match. Days will be noticed in the street that people live much like us.

-How low so important to the team, it's bold new thinking to win a treble?

I would like to talk too much treble to get it because there is still a shot. The situation is very good in the league with eight points clear, we are in the final of the Cup and the Champions League semifinals, but still remain many important games that you play the titles. But I have great confidence in the team, not Puyol and Abidal and Bojan, but we have a 'Busi', Milito, Mascherano, which can play back. I have great confidence in this team and if not had not say. You have to trust these players who have won so many things. We are very confident in winning the treble, we Whatis very difficult because only won once in their history, but now we have options to do and must aspire to that.

-What motivates, Guardiola talks, your videos, meetings with people like the survivor of the tragedy of the Andes, or all the criticisms and allegations received from certain media in Madrid?

Rather than motivating, which also motivate these talks and these videos are used to realize that terrible things happen to drown anyone, but some people are rebelling and fighting for life, as this person who ran a few mountains snows of the Andes with only sneakers for his life and that of their peers. I guess the coach wants to send the message that everything will be achieved. On the other hand, the fact is that motivates you a lot that there are people who day after day as you acknowledge what, things not even have to answer. Just listen and then talk on the field.

-Have they forgotten and forgiven what has been said that Real Madrid were suspected dopaban you?

It is something that has no rationale has no logical people in the street know that we are completely healthy, we'd never do anything illegal because it is not our style. People realize it's not true.

-And do not say anything his fellow Real Madrid when they are found in the selection? Because for them must be a violent situation to say that all that has leaked a very senior manager of your club ...

Nor have we talked about that topic. They defend their colors, we have ours, we join in the selection and strive to win games and that's it. But it has not touched the subject.

-Is the 5-0 League is a reference for you or has been so long since that?

No, each Barça-Madrid is different, that was an exaggeration, there is this difference of 5-0, much less between Barcelona and Madrid. Just what happens is that sometimes you take a game that comes to you all, they do not get nothing and you are lucky enough to win and, with that difference. But history, the classics are too hard. We'll win but knowing from the humility that is very complicated.

-Do you see may be getting another 5-0 in one of the parties to come?

It will try to win and beating enough to win with people and be happy.

-Rosell president for a club joint, predicted a few days ago a 5-0 ...

He said it in jest, he was given too much importance ...

-What do you expect in the final of the Copa del Rey?

In a final anything can happen. It's trying to stay focused as possible, study at Madrid to the fullest with all its strengths and weaknesses to try to be a little better than them and try to have any choice but to win. But in a Barça-Madrid final anything can happen.

-Do you think the classic result of Saturday's league will have much impact on the Cup final?

Do not think I have much impact, the three points are very important but it is a final Mestalla. And at the lineups, the coach will make the team sees fit in the two games, is a question for him.

-You take a lot of wear this season ...

Now I'm much better than I've been, the season has been very long since the World Cup and there have been times when I felt the fatigue, I began to feel in the legs. Now I'm back well both mentally and physically. I'm having to play it all by injuries and illness Puyol Abidal but now, for the remainder, we have to focus on there to give everything.

"Emotionally it has affected a lot of injury and illness Puyol Abidal?

Are harsh blows that the season is giving you. First came what for 'Puyi', which seemed likely to be ten or fifteen days will lengthen, and asking him and feeling you are not good and not just found it ... Every time you see that it costs. And then there is what Abidal, who was a heavy blow. He quickly saw that what he could solve with the operation and that we greatly relieved, but the truth is that we have lost this season and is a very important low because he was performing at a high level. The luck is that we will have for next season.

-How does Puyol lately?

Is improving day by day, finding the right solutions, but is slower than we all want. I wish a speedy recovery.

-How it works to coordinate back with Busquets?

Busi is not as fast as positional level Puyol but moves well, is very clever tactically. Yes, I have to adapt to pull level before backwards, to be very attentive, but we complement each other very well. And with Mascherano, as well. Very fast, very smart and has lots of experience.

-A level striker, you will be doing well lately ...

Yes, I seem to have touched with a magic wand because until recently only had one goal, which went into the Calderon in September, and now I have two in a row against Villarreal and Shakhtar. Let's see if I can help the team.

-Have you already sent a gift to Preciado's victory by Sporting at the Bernabeu?

I do not, really (laughs). I do not know if anyone in the club will have done, but not me.

-How did they live that slip of white?

We were at the hotel in Villarreal, before playing our game. I awoke from a nap, because the siesta is sacred to me, and went 0-0 in the 60th minute. After marking the Sporting YSI, the truth is it was a surprise.

-These days he is making headlines in Italy Ibrahimovic. How do you assess the progress of Zlatan and how you're doing in Milan?

Ibra has a tremendous quality, is a comprehensive front and here was a great year. What happens is that the coach makes decisions and decided that he was and came Villa, which went well because we are all options to win thanks in part to goals from David. What happens is that Zlatan wanted to stay here for many years because we do a great football and it hurt to leave.

-And when I hear harshly criticize Pep Guardiola, what do you think?

I have always gotten along well with him. Ibra appears to be very hard but it is not. And these comments are by the rage of not being able to stay here. I'm sure. (via MD)

The City offers 40 'kilos' by Alexis Sánchez

Waiting to resolve the fate of Cesc, the market begins to define the major summer operations.

The market is becoming more complicated. The ratio of available cracks is reduced and the coffers of the boats are not able to enter the auction with clubs the size of the City or Chelsea. Different open bids are skyrocketing and the Catalan club and will hardly have known that his list of priorities. Of course, if Cesc Fabregas is a full stop.

Regardless of the future of Arsenal midfielder, there is no world-class club that does not follow closely the developments of Alexis Sanchez and Neymar. In recent weeks there have been significant developments with respect to their future, in both cases, what seems increasingly clear is that they dress in Barca next season.

The choice of propping up the attack Alexis Sanchez culé evaporates. For just over a week, the current Chilean club, Udinese, has a formal offer from City that would put on the table a figure in excess of 40 million euros in transfer. The Italian policy is for the work to retain the player until the end of the season, but the British want to tighten and close the deal soon. The alternative to Inter, with 20 million and several players in compensation, lost integers. As for Barca, they retain an interest but no firm offer has been moved.

For Neymar is more complicated. Chelsea have moved from words to deeds. At this time, Abramovich's club have reached a tentative agreement with the Probe Group, owned 40% of the Brazilian's pass. This is a preliminary step to negotiate with the Saints. The club have rejected an initial economic proposal, although it is expected a counteroffer that will finally open the front doors. Barca on the sidelines. (via SPORT)

The Juvenil A, a champion of laboratory

The largest of the series Garcia Junyent was the coach who got best rating in the course of 2010 coaches.

The Juvenil A champion FC Barcelona is the Group III Honor Division last weekend in a final suspense, but the reward of the title after a season in which rookie Oscar Garcia Junyent, the aspirant who got better grade coaches during the 2010 - and his staff had to manage to obtain the best performance of his players. Oscar took over the reins of a quality workforce, although some positions decompensated to which enthusiastic and risky work of the coaching staff has yielded great results.

Oscar Garcia, his second, Quique Alvarez, and goalkeeper coach, Rubén Martínez, have spent many hours studying his players with the help of other contributors: Marc Huguet (trainer), Josep Agustí (physiotherapist), Juan Gómez (carer) and Carles Montoliu (delegate). Among all the players had led the league title and still have two challenges: the Champions Cup and Copa del Rey.

A core element of increasing computer performance has been the incorporation of technology. Without great fanfare, the gravel coaching practices and games. Subsequently, dissects, analyzes and makes the players personalized videos to teach the players their strengths and weaknesses.

It is a method that has helped to appreciate the versatility that could offer some players for the deficit in specific locales. In goal is where there was no doubt: Carlos Castarnado and Jesus Unzué were altered in the first round until he got an injury of Jesus and Carlos was consolidated. Two goalkeepers lefties of different nature: Carlos noted for its power and reflexes, and Jesus for his determination to outflows and mastery of the game with his feet.

On defense, Sergio Ayala was the only left-hander who could adapt to the side, but stresses more central and as auctioneer in the strategy "has scored four goals". The solution was to restructure the captain, Ivan Balliu, the left lane. Balliu was originally defensive midfielder and can now act on either side or even central. Bako Campabadal and also can play center or right, while Sergio Gomez (when he returned to the youth), has been the leader in the right flank of the central axis. Finally, Oriol Rosell, another central midfielder can act, brought out of the ball.

Theoretical variations in natural positions of the defenders have taken the team more of a quandary. Something similar has happened on the offensive. The two natural pivots have been the Portuguese international Pepe Valencia Gustavo and Palau. The long-term injury of promising Pol Calvet (co-generation of Gerard Deulofeu) kept you from enjoying many minutes. The only signing was the Banyolí Jordi Maso (Girona), who helped with its versatility. The talent imbalance was for Javier Espinosa, and internal or extreme, and Rafinha. The youngest of the Alcantara marked differences from the start to the season and the coaching staff decided to advance to play center forward false. The change could not have gone better. Rafa has exploded as a scorer with 13 goals and had the opportunity to make the jump to Barca B. An own goal gave the title to Cornellà.

Tapping the talent of the players has been one of the major objectives of Oscar. And he has achieved with the highest player points based football: Gerard Deulofeu. The talks have emerged custom effect and its progression as a player is increasing overall. In addition to end, his usual position, also played center forward false and has been the team's top scorer with 14 goals. The psychological work has been key, especially in a sprint finish in which the pressure weighed Espanyol. A job throughout the season, for example, has had to make with the right side Dalmau, who was left without information about the Barça B and has cost assuming his role at the Youth A. However, Ceballos Cristian Mauro Icardi and called the low to mid season.

At the tip of attack, Ernesto and she brings speed bands, with nine Etock as' born ", with the help of Dongou, just 15 years from the Juvenil B and ended with ten goals. Team led by Sergi Barjuan have also provided minutes Cristian Herrera, Jordi Limerick and Olivier Moussima. (via SPORT)

Ownership of Pinto, a debate

Division of opinion between Barcelona on who should be the keeper of Barca in the Cup final 20-A.

Pep Guardiola is very clear, but the debate will be part of the conversations prior to the final of the Copa del Rey to be played next Wednesday at the Mestalla. "Valdes, or Pinto? Andalusian goalkeeper, recently renovated, with full confidence of Pep Guardiola, but the extraordinary moment of Victor Valdes, who lives perhaps his best since his debut as Barcelona goalkeeper, has become the goal in a matter of status among the fans.

José Manuel Pinto is the keeper of the Cup (much of merit the title of 2009 corresponds to its performance, especially during the semifinal against Mallorca), but Valdes is by far the best goalie in the league moves into its fourth Zamora and conceded just 14 goals in 27 league games he has played.

The fans live with intensity the debate over who should occupy the goal in the Cup final against Real Madrid rival precisely the entity has increased the spread of the discussion, because two years ago, in the final against Athletic, was given Pinto would be assumed that the doorman for the decider. So it was and the club won without much trouble.

The solvent action of Javier Mascherano as central to the game against Shakhtar Donetsk clears some doubts about the alignment of the 20-A Guardiola: `Masche seems clear that what will be the central Piqué, with Alves and Adriano on the sides. Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta act in midfield and Pedro, Messi and Villa up front. The consensus is almost total. But the goal, FC Barcelona live an interesting debate, pure football: Internet users who have participated in the survey have divided opinions SPORT: of the more than 6,000 votes received, 48 per cent stake by Pinto as a starter, while 52 percent believe that Victor Valdes should be the goalkeeper. (via SPORT)

William and Douglas 'flirt' with Barca

FC Barcelona took careful note of the play of several players from Shakhtar. These include two of his Brazilian William and Douglas Costa, whose names are being considered as potential targets for the future Barça ...

Barcelona technical secretariat was pleasantly surprised with the quality of Shakhtar, and in particular, William and Douglas Costa, whose style of play, according to Andoni Zubizarreta, would adapt well to the club. And, of course, both would be happy to call at the Camp Nou.

"If someday I could go to another team, would be a dream to play for Barca. Is the best in the world," said William told Ona FM.

Facing the impending derby between Real Madrid and Barça, William believes that "the Barca and Madrid are always the best. But the Catalans go through your best, and they have everything to reach the final of the Champions ".

In the same line, said Douglas Costa in the same station: "Of course I like to go to Barca. All the great players want to play there someday."

Having been rivals in this year's Champions, "will reinforce Barca attack someday?. Time will tell ... (via SPORT)

Already known safety device for cup final

At the first meeting to coordinate preparations for the final of the Copa del Rey, which will be held on October 20 in Valencia, it was agreed that the outskirts of Mestalla will be closed to traffic and public except for those fans who have input this sector of the stadium.

This will be the main innovation in the security device on the final which was held two years ago at the Mestalla between Barcelona and Athletic Club, and the purpose of it is to avoid large crowds in front of the stadium.

With the exception of the front that falls on the Avenida de Aragón, other streets around the stadium will be fenced and marked with information boards access for each type of entry.

The full capacity Mestalla for the final will be 50,488 places, of which 20,104 will be for the fans of each team; 9,600 for the RFEF and so far, there are 840 accredited journalists.

For the movement from both cities to Valencia is organized charter six trains, three teams that will join the regular schedule, as well as 34 coaches and 4,000 private vehicles will depart from Barcelona and 25 buses from Madrid.

As explained after the meeting is due to the tastes of Real Madrid and Barcelona are located in different areas of the city and noted that the two clubs, because the ticket distribution system, are fully identified to the fans who attend the stadium and that is not expected to move many fans without tickets.

Miguel Angel Lopez, RFEF representative at the meeting, explained that the stadium gates will open 2 hours before the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which begins at 21.30 hours, and that will act frothing Social Security Band, Celtic, Dover and Huecco.

Each club will mount a tent for their fans on the day of the final. The Real Madrid will be located in the old Turia riverbed, while Barcelona will be at the Polytechnic University.

Ana Botella, government delegate in Valencia, said that this device will have 1,200 troops of the National Police, which are effective Intervention Units, GEOS, EOD, Protection and Response Unit of Valencia, Castellon Gandía, Judicial Police, bikers, mobile units, helicopters or horse, among others.

The remaining troops from Local Police, Firemen, Civil Protection, Red Cross and private security of the two finalists and the host clubs will be announced next week, following further meetings planned. "Valencia is a city prepared which has already held other end and large events so that preparations are best," said Botella. (via SPORT)

The book does not give the Champions

Abramovich at Old Trafford witnessed how his dream escaping back-
Ancelotti also has given Russia the trophy and it appears that end-stage.
Chelsea still be king of Europe despite investing 900 million in signings.

Roman Abramovich would not miss the appointment yesterday of 'Theatre of Dreams', hoping that his reality is finally done, despite the success of Manchester United (0-1) in the first leg. But a year the book will not give the title to Russian tycoon who is obsessed over since 2003, bought Chelsea, the Champions League. Are 900 million euros which Abramovich has invested in new signings since his arrival, but the trophy will pursue both missing in the windows of the London club. And all indications are that this new European failure will end Chelsea's Carlo Ancelotti stage in his stool.

Claudio Ranieri, Jose Mourinho, Avram Grant, Luiz Felipe Scolari and Guus Hiddink are the technicians who preceded Ancelotti in the 'age Abramovich. " None of them could offer the Russian tycoon's Champions. Ancelotti, who won two European Cups and two Champions League as a player coach, four with Milan, said on landing at the Chelsea in 2009: "I come to win the Champions League."

No glory 'blue' in Wembley

But neither the Italian has failed to meet that goal and give Abramovich the coveted trophy. In January, the owner of the Stamford Bridge club signed for 58.5 million euros to Fernando Torres, a historical record of English football, waiting for the 'Child' lend a decisive hand to the team 'blue' in their efforts to reach Wembley final. What greater glory for Chelsea to win their first Champions precisely in London.

But Torres has not yet been able to score a goal after 11 matches with the shirt of Chelsea and the Blues were able to avenge his defeat in the 2008 European final against Manchester United on penalties in Moscow.

And Stamford Bridge was very clear last week in the first leg of the quarter, that if orders with utmost authority ManU in the Premiership, where Chelsea are third on 11 points of the 'Red Devils', is not chance. Wayne Rooney wrote with his first goal of the nth final chapter of Abramovich's European dream. And ManU yesterday once again demonstrated its strength, its superiority. Chicharito Hernandez and scored first when Didier Drogba gave some hope to the Blues to tie his rival took only seconds to get back in front thanks to Park. Not a minute could the dream Chelsea comeback. And Abramovich lived it live last night at Old Trafford itself.

Since that sounded purchase of Chelsea in 2003, Abramovich has spared no expense to make his club in the largest. And in these years the hobby has held 3 Stamford Bridge Premier League, 3 FA Cups, 2 League Cups and 2 Community Shield. Ten titles, but not the most desired.

They invested 900 million on signings have not given the owner of Chelsea's Champions League. One year, we expect that the next will play either the good. (via MD)