13 April 2011

[Selection ] Spain will not play the Copa America

The Spanish team decided to decline the invitation to play in July's Copa America in Argentina as a substitute for Japan.

"We will not go, but we are very grateful to the Federation of Argentina for its invitation. We can not go for planning reasons. Sorry," said Jorge Carretero, spokesman for the Spanish Football Federation. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Newcastle and QPR also want to Nolito

Nolito probably be the squad that more brides are coming in this season.

The season of San Lucar de Barrameda is not going unnoticed by anyone and there are many clubs who dream of signing him. The striker at the club knows that it will be difficult because of the enormous competition that exists in the first team and that contract ends this June, could try to find a solution. Although lately it has been linked to Benfica in the Premiership there are several teams who would like to incorporate such as Newcastle and Queens Park Rangers. Neil Warnock, manager of QPR, hopes to free ride even in June. See what happens with the squad but the fact is that he has refused to sign the renvación and it seems to try her luck in another set. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta calls for calm: "In a slip covers are made with nothing to hold"

Zubizarreta attended the media in Donetsk, where he appealed for calm and respect for over the next commitments to the Madrid.

"Going to have to go with clásico civic respect. In a slip covers are made with nothing to cling to, when in fact the only football final. It would be good for people to enjoy," said Zubizarreta.

Barca sporting director revealed that the team wants to be measured at Madrid, and in this way will calibrate the real state of Guardiola's team, but always "with respect." But he said that the first thing to do now is congratulate by qualifying for the semifinals of the Champions. "You have to enjoy and appreciate what we have done because it is very difficult to achieve. At the beginning of the season we had all signed to be where we are now," he said. (via SPORT)

Recovery session in Donetsk

Qualified for semifinals of the Champions, the club has spent the night in Donetsk, where on Wednesday has made a recovery session in the Olimpiski Stadium. The team lunch and then embark on the journey back to Barcelona.

Unlike usual, the group led by Josep Guardiola did not return to Barcelona just after the game, but stayed in Donetsk . This Wednesday, at 12.30 hours (local time), the template Barcelona, ​​after efforts to achieve that is the fourth consecutive for the semifinals of Europe's top competition, has carried out a gentle recovery session in Ukrainian lands .

The training has been more lenient to the players on Tuesday night were starters in the game against Shakhtar , has taken place in the Olimpiski Stadium , where the club has already played for two years in the group stage of the League of Champions. Interestingly, the former Ukrainian team's stadium is located directly opposite the current, the Donbass Arena. The temperature was quite low, about six degrees.

The team plans to have lunch at the team hotel, where you will, about 14.30 hours, heading to the airport and at 15.30 the plane took off leading the first team to Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Cadete A Festival and a day of contrasts in the quarry

The Ciudad Deportiva lived this weekend Cadet Party, won the League and a series of victories Barca very worked. Infantil B, Alevín B and Benjamin B lost, but Barça were true to style.


The Mercantile one was ahead in the marker, but Sergi Barjuan's boys they never lost the faith and they were able to give the turn to the party with goals of Cristian Herrera, Nando and Ebwelle. The title of League for Juvenile B is more and more close.


that he gives the League to Xavier García Pimienta's boys. Vilassar planted face in the first minutes of the encounter, but little by little the and the cadets' azulgrana norme quality marked the difference. The goals of the party ran in charge of Simón, Otero, Mamadou, Moha, Mara and Navarrese.


The Cadete B was imposed in the field of Cubelles (1-6) and it adds three more points in the League. The boys of Fran Artiga of Andrés Martin sentenced the quick party in the first part they had already marked four goals. The second part continued being of color azulgrana, since Barça continued dominating the ball and the party. The locals got the goal of the penalty honor, while Enguene, Sergio Buenacasa and Sebas, with a goal each one, and Toni Sanabria, with a hat-trick, was the scorers azulgrana.


Overwhelming Victoria of the Infantil A against Gimnàstic Manresa for 0-6. Alexis Meva that signed a hat-trick, Sergi Canós, Paik and Xavi Liebanas, each one with a reveille, they marked the goals of the party. A party dominated by Barça against a very defensive rival and in a too dry field so that the players azulgrana felt sufficiently comfortable to deploy their game. It arrived to the rest with 0-1 in the marker but the dynamics of the party didn't change and, in the renewal, the boys of Fran Sánchez and Xavier Franquesa was more guessed right and this way to be able to enlarge the marker up to the 0-6 definitive.


Denis Silva's boys has lost against a very superior Vilassar. The team visitor you has advanced very early in the marker and the azulgranas they have gone the whole party to tow. The team azulgrana has not had many occasions to give the turn to the result. Definitively, the 0 at 3 have been the final result of the party.

FCB A, 10 - DAMM B, 1

Abou Camera, with seven goals, was the great beneficiary for the constant creation of occasions of Alevín TO. Andrés' boys Carrasco didn't loosen in any moment and they arrived to the dozen of goals thanks to Alex's Hill success, Juli Berenguer and Oriol Busquets.


Alevín B azulgrana lost the first party of the season before a very effective Espanyol in defense, mainly in attack. During good part of the party the game was very balanced, but while the white-and-blues were able to define their opportunities the boys of Brave Xavi they acted more and more conditioned by the nerves.


Very worked Victoria the one that Alevín C got in the field of Cornellà, where nobody had won this season. In the first time, the two porters had occasions to shine, since so much local as visitors they could open the can. In fact, the first one in making it was Victor Gómez after the exit of a córner. In the second time, the azulgranas dominated the game, but Cornellà he/she didn't stop to press until being able to tie the party. In the renewal, the game of Barça consolidated the game land and Alejandro Marcos it was able to unbalance the scale. At the end of the encounter, Sergio Medina got the third reveille azulgrana and the marker was placed the definitive one 1-3.


Alevín D has been imposed by 2-7 al'Igualada in the most complete party in the season. The Even one, as fourth classified team, he/she has tried to play him/her from you to you to Barça and it has been the first one in opening the marker. However, Albert in the minute 7 have gotten the tie. In the second room, the boys of Àlex Gómez id'Alexis Paints they have begun to overcome the party until tiing the party. With the 2-2 you arrived to the rest. In the renewal, Barça continued very concentrated, playing with a very high intensity and you grieve in the minute 3 Carlos Doors it broke the equality. Minutes later, Zhenya and Lucas marked the room and recruit goals. Already in the last room, Labinot and Guillermo Verdaguer closed the goleada. At the end, 2-7 in the marker and Barça that it is taken three points of one of the parties more hard of the season.


Marc Serra and David Sánchez's boys has goleado 1 at 6 in the field of Vilanova i Geltrú. The azulgranas has dominated from the first minute of party. Sergi Rosanes, Adrià Altimira, Eric García, Guillermo Love, Eric Garcia and Roger Vegas belonged the scorers to Benjamin A of Barça.


The group trained by Jordi Puig and Albert Puig has lost 2 at 0 against a Cornellà that has been superior to the azulgranas in all the senses. Barça has been plugged, but he/she has not found goal rival in none of the rooms. Cornellà has taken advantage of the third room to sentence the party, he/she has known how to find the errors in the defense, to make the two goals. In the last room the azulgranas has tried to go back, but the little success has accompanied them during the whole encounter.


Benjamin A of Barça they conquered for 3-1 to Natació Terrassa in a vibrant party until the end. Although the boys of Cristian Catena and Óscar Hernández began with the marker in against, Barça didn't lower the arms in any moment and in the minute 13, Good-looking Nile tied the encounter. Ismael Youssfi from the frontal of the area and Julián Mahicas of direct lack was with its reveilles the authors of Benjamin C azulgrana's victory.


The smallest in the quarry azulgrana have lost against Collblanc, a complicated rival and I last. The team rival has been ahead in the marker in the first room, the azulgranas has had to wait at the second time to mark the goal of the tie, Xavi Simons has been the author of the reveille. Although the domain has been absolutely of the team rival, Xavi Pleguezuelo has been able to advance the marker during few minutes. Collblanc has been imposed definitively with two goals that have sentenced the victory. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Tickets for the Champions League semifinal

From 14 to April 17 will open the application process for tickets to the semifinal round of the Champions to be held on Wednesday 27 April at 20:45 h. For the second leg, the sale is exclusive for members without payment.

FC Barcelona will face the fourth consecutive semi-final of the Champions League, a historic landmark that attracts the interest of many members and fans. The first leg will be played on Wednesday, April 27 and return on Tuesday 3 May at the Camp Nou.

From Thursday April 14th at 10 o'clock in the morning until Sunday April 17 at 19 h, will open the application process for entries for the first leg semifinal of the Champions League.

The process is exclusive to Club members, and we must do so through a form available in the members section on the website www.fcbarcelona.cat. Each member may make only one request for an entry, but on the same form there is the possibility of placing up to 4 requests of members, in case you want to travel together.

As usual this season, the total tickets available for this match will be divided among the clubs members and 85% of the entries. The remaining 15% will be for sports and institutional commitments of the Club and sponsors.

All applications will be processed after the established deadline. If you have more requests than tickets available, on April 18 will be drawn before a notary from the registered members. On 18 April, the Club shall inform the members graced the collection process for entries.

At the time of registration will be prompted to enter the bank card information. In case of accepting the incoming request, either by direct assignment or to be graceful in the draw will be charged automatically and immediately the cost of the ticket and would formalize the purchase. In the case of joint petitions, only to take data from a credit card, which will charge the total amount of tickets ordered. If you can not make the payment, you will lose the vested right of purchase.

On Monday May 2nd at 10 am will open the sale of tickets exclusively for non-subscription members in the Camp Nou. It can buy up to two tickets with a 5% discount in the first inning, and may only be purchased online at the website of Club www.fcbarcelona.cat, web ServiCaixa and Ticketmaster.

Ticket availability will depend on the release of seats by members with a credit that will attend the game. It is therefore very important that these partners who can not attend the game, free your town through Seient Lliure.

For security reasons, FC Barcelona reserves the right to open or not selling face when it's convenient.

Vilarrubí calls "respect for Tottenham"

The vice president did not assess yet semi-final against Real Madrid.

Corporate vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​Carles Vilarrubí, was commissioned to assess the success of the team after the game. The Barça manager said he was "very satisfied because we won in a very complicated. We are the second team succeeds here in two years." Vilarrubí also wanted to highlight the merit of having reached the semifinals of the Champions League for the fourth consecutive season. "This confirms that we are in the elite of European and world football."

What I did not want was to assess a hypothetical semi-final against Real Madrid and called for "respect for Tottenham. As it had at Shakhtar, must be taken to the teams still battling for the other tie." Finally he said, "The Champions League is our main goal". (via MD)

[Selection Under-19] Call for Porto International Tournament

Now available the list of players summoned for the Porto International Tournament, which takes place from 18 to 22 April 2011 and may also consult the schedule of matches.

A proposal for the national team, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has called for the Tournament of the reference to the following players:

ARSENAL FC: Ignasi Miquel Pons
ATHLETIC CLUB: Jonas Ramalho Chimeno y Enric Saborit Teixidor
FC BARCELONA: Sergi Gómez Sola, Marc Muniesa Martínez, Rafael Alcántara do Nascimento y Gerard Deulofeu Lázaro
MÁLAGA CF SAD: Juan Miguel Jiménez López “Juanmi”
REAL MADRID CF: Daniel Carvajal Ramos, Alejandro Fernández Iglesias “Alex”, Pablo Sarabia García, Álvaro Morata Martín y Fernando Pacheco Flores
RCD ESPANYOL DE BARCELONA SAD: Edgar Badia Guardiola y Víctor Álvarez Delgado
UC SAMPDORIA: Pedro MBA Obiang Avomo
SEVILLA FC SAD: Luis Alberto Romero Alconchel
VALENCIA CF SAD: Francisco Alcacer García “Paco”

[Selection Under-20] Call for the friendly against Italy on 20 April

Already knows the list of players who have been called a proposal by the National Selectors for the international friendly match played the U-20 in Spain and Italy on Wednesday April 20 in the town of Mantova (17:00 pm) .

A proposal for the national team, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has called for the match of the reference to the following players:

UD ALMERÍA SAD: Antonio Manuel Luna Rodríguez
ATHLETIC CLUB: Aitor Fernández Abarisketa e Iker Muniain Goñi
CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: Jorge Resurrección Merodio “Koke”
FC BARCELONA: Cristian Tello Herrera, Marc Bartra Aregall y Sergi Roberto Carnicer
BOLTON WANDERERS FC: Rodrigo Moreno Machado
HÉRCULES CF SAD: Francisco Femenia Far “Kiko”
MÁLAGA CF SAD: José Luis García del Pozo “Recio”
NORWICH CITY: Daniel Pacheco Lobato
RCD ESPANYOL DE BARCELONA SAD: Albert Blázquez Robles, Jordi Amat Maas y Álvaro Vázquez García
REAL BETIS BALOMPIÉ SAD: Ezequiel Calvente Criado
REAL ZARAGOZA SAD: Alejandro Sánchez Benítez “Alex”
VALENCIA CF SAD: Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez “Isco”.

[Youth] Deulofeu, Rafinha and Sergio Gomez will go to Barca B

They are the only three champions of Junior A safe place with the subsidiary.

While Barça B coach has not got into the next season of professional football leaders Barca sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta and technical secretary Narcís Julià are already shaping the workforce of a subsidiary. There will be casualties, some of players ruled out and other important parts that will be passed with a repurchase option to invest in the first team signings. And the tall, three sure the players who have pulled the carriage of Oscar Garcia Junior A, that on Sunday they won the League: the central Sergi Gómez, Rafa Alcantara interior and end Gerard Deulofeu.

Sergi and was instrumental in the 'play off' for promotion to Second A and Guardiola debuted in August in the Supercopa against Sevilla, Rafa has been released this year brilliantly orders Luis Enrique, and Gerard, which was exhibited in the fourth quarter against Córdoba, play with the subsidiary but retain its form Juvenil, since it is only 17 years. To his fans, striker account opened yesterday 'twitter', @ gerardeulofeu, just announced by @ Rafinha-alc93. Sergi promises to have it soon

Seven youngsters are left without final copera

Gerard, Rafa and Sergi, with Muniesa, have been summoned to play with the Under-19 tournament in Porto next week to Portugal, France and Russia. And Bartra, Sergi Roberto Tello and play on 20 with the U-20 friendly against Italy in Mantova. The seven will lose the Cup final. (via MD)

Puyol wants to play the Cup final

The discomfort subsides and the captain will do everything possible to reach Mestalla.

Carles Puyol is still working, hard recovery sessions in morning and afternoon, to return to first team and help their peers in one of the straight end of the season is remembered more intense than in the Catalan club. The footballer, who if anything has been characterized throughout his career has been to shorten the time of previous injuries, is undergoing an ordeal by the vastus lateralis tendinitis in his left knee that kept him sidelined since the last 20 January, meaning that touches the three-month absence, a period unbearable for the captain, who feels a passion for football overflowing.

Although the discomfort continues, it is certain that it has improved in recent weeks and the central purpose of even being aware that it all depends on your feelings on the knee, is to be ready for the Copa del Rey final in April 20 at the Mestalla. Puyol, of course, keep a great memory of the last final was played at Valencia, which began the way the treble two seasons ago to break Barca Athletic Club. As he confessed more than once to his intimates, the atmosphere of the end he left an indelible memory.

'Puyi', supported and encouraged in every day for all staff and the coaching staff, which has supported its decision not to advertise in the media the evolution of his injury as a way to avoid a pressure that forced him to return to the team in a hurry (something was about to happen during the pre-Barça-Arsenal back in the second round of the Champions), is following ruled by the first team doctor Ricard Pruna. Also the external collaboration of Dr. Cugat, a specialist in knee usual, and the work of Juanjo Brau, a physiotherapist who works 'in situ' with the captain in double sessions since the beginning of this long process of rehabilitation.

Incase of recovery for the Cup final, is certain that all the FC Barcelona will receive one of the most anticipated news of the course. The captain has always been considered a basic part of the machine culé and lower back Abidal, a center who played as a substitute to an extraordinary degree, Guardiola has forced them to improvise with Mascherano Busquets and even as companions of Pique.

Carles Puyol 33 years old today and it is hard to imagine what the gift would you most hope to receive: the medical and feel able to return to football. The center has long felt a great frustration because of injury complicated, not because diagnosis is difficult, but because the date of return depends on the response of the knee and it has not been satisfactory so far. (via MD)

The 7 th edition of the Campus, close to

This new edition is aimed at young people born from 1998 to 2005 and focuses on the art and the secrets of soccer.

has been shown that only those who know the art and secrets of soccer can succeed in the sport. Not enough to have a good touch of the ball, should be improved and in parallel it is essential to friendship, fair play and good manners.

With this objective was born 7 years ago the Official Campus Barcelona Football Club jointly organized with the daily SPORT. In the same brings together young people from 6 to 14 who want to know in a week the secrets of the best football coaches FCBEscola using the same techniques based on first-team coach Pep Guardiola broadcasting. The official Campus FCB-SPORT come this summer to its seventh edition with a new site, plus all the above: Prades (stage with overnight stay) within the province of Tarragona, in Barcelona city (overnight and day-Campus) in the magnificent facilities of the National Institute of Physical Education (INEFC) in the mountain of Montjuic, in Ametlla de Mar (stage with overnight stay) in Ametlla de Mar hotel four stars and local sports facilities Cove at Tona- Vic (stage with overnight stay) at the residence of newly remodeled Seminari Vic and the great features of Tona and Reus (Campus of day without overnight stay) at the premises of the Municipal Stadium in Reus. The intent of this new edition, is that children of all levels participate for a week on a campus with a professional structure with the seal of FC Barcelona.

Since its first edition in 2005, one of the main features and the most important has been its international campus, as in the previous six years we have had participants from all continents.
New this year is that the newspaper SPORT awarded 5 scholarships for five kids who are under the command of the FCBEscola the 2011-2012 season as it did in its day Gerard Piqué. For more information access the website www.campusfcbarcelona.com campus. (via SPORT)

Mascherano, multi corrector

Barcelona have reached the key stretch of the course without Puyol and Abidal but Argentina shell. Mascherano has become a tightrope walker. A spell for everything. Is it all: Sprint again and again, puts the 'tackle'. It is a multipurpose correction. Mascherano child was presented in a court Monday as a striker but played in the other area because Guardiola is short of defenders. Last night I went to court, he hedges, occupied spaces and talked as usual. They also cry when he needed because he felt more responsible than ever the team balance.

Against Shakhtar formed with Pique, something was happening with the latest sermanas Busquets, but yesterday switched positions. 'The jefecito' was more than ever the head and carried Guardiola reasons for the plan will continue. In the presence of Pique, a stylish central, Mascherano made a necessary counterpoint. The Argentine has not yet mastered the automation of a central, but supplemented with an intuition for cutting and a splendid explosion. You do not have the height but it has more legs Busquets, is faster, a higher order back.

Guardiola was the first to highlight the level of Argentina in a test that resulted in paper. The coach spoke at a press conference of "signing spectacular," a relief for a team that has lost two references of effort. Two guys like Puyol Abidal and especially generous in the effort. In the early weeks of vertigo, Masche performance was the best news for Barça. (via SPORT)

Another record of Messi ... and more pichichi

Messi numbers do not cease to amaze. The best player in the world is also the best scorer of all time. Pure Powder ...

Did not fail. At the first opportunity, Messi broke all records in a single season scorers in the history of FC Barcelona. Arrived yesterday in Donetsk duel with 47 goals to his credit, had scored the same as last year (2009-2010) and the same I had achieved in his stage Ronaldo Barcelona (1996-1997). He was missing for a record. And he succeeded. He scored in minute 43 and reached number 48. Record. But ... Is it the player who has scored more goals in a year in Spain since the start of the league in 1929? Some give 49 (also 48) to Madrid Pukas (1959-1960) and Zarra Bilbao (1950-1951) signed another 48, but the truth is that, with what lies ahead is only a matter of time before the `Flea Do you also leave behind these figures and becomes the first player to reach fifty victories. You have, at least, two Champions League games, which could be three if the club reaches the final, one of Copa del Rey (the final) and seven of the season. And if he can continue as before, which has returned to the path of goal, could reach figures of scandal ...

Messi, with the goal that he scored against Shakhtar, and 34 total goals in Champions League and, with 9 in this release is the top scorer of the competition. The rest of so many in the league has signed (29), in the Copa del Rey (7) and the Supercopa of Spain (3). Is the top scorer in all competitions. It has no roof. Spectacular.

Are there more challenges for the striker Leo? Yes is currently equal to 3 goals and 4 of overcoming established brand that Ruud van Nistelrooy, who scored 12 goals in an edition of the Champions League. Also Ferenc Puskas also came to this figure when the competition was called the European Cup.

In addition, Argentina's total and 175 goals in official matches, which distributes as follows: 117 in the league, 34 in the Champions League, 17 in the Copa del Rey, 5 in the Supercopa of Spain and 2 in the World Clubs. Of these, 96 have scored in the Nou Camp, 75 as a visitor and 4 on neutral grounds (1 in the Cup Final, 1 in the final of the Champions League and 2 World Club Championship). And if we count the points scored as Barcelona in unofficial games, read pre-season friendlies, Messi count rises to 190. Numbers that, at 23 years, are just a sample of what you may be able to achieve in the future. For now carries and 1 poker (4 goals in one game), 9 `" hat tricks and 36 doubles. In total, 46 games, has been able to score 103 goals ...

In a Barca shirt, with green, yellow, mango or color it is, never forget Messi to score. Here are their numbers grow and grow. And with them, enjoy Argentine and enjoys the hobby. (via SPORT)

Sevilla, Cáceres willing to take

Sevilla are determined to enforce the purchase option contract has on the loan from Barça Uruguayan defender Martín Cáceres.

You'll need to make effective before June 1 the three million who agreed with the policy blaugrana when the transfer took place under the existing campaign.

The sports officials of Seville, Monchi front, are satisfied with the performance of Cáceres this season, first with Antonio Alvarez and then Gregorio Manzano has been a regular in the Andalusian further demonstrating its ability to adapt both to the band as the heart of the defense, always as a marker. Sevilla want to carry out a renewal of its rear, while the club does not have the Uruguayan international as it is not just adapt to the playing style of the entity Blaugrana. Since its signing in 2008, Cáceres was transferred to Juventus and then to Sevilla. Before he played for Recreativo de Huelva on loan from Villarreal. (via SPORT)

[Rating] Shakhtar Donetsk - FC Barcelona (0-1)

Valdés 8, Alves 7, Piqué 7, Mascherano 7, Adriano 6, Busquets 7, Xavi 6, Keita 7, Afellay 6, Messi 8, Villa 6, Pedro 6, Milito 5, Jeffrén 6. (via SPORT)

[Youth] The Juvenil A, a successful transition

From this season the Juvenil A depends on the area of ​​professional football. Zubi highlights the role of a coach and team debut that not only won the championship but has reached other goals.

When he disappeared Barça C (summer 2007), the weight of Juvenil A took on increasing importance. This team became the last step before the players of The Farm before taking the leap to Barca B.

Juvenil A this season has gone, along with Barça B, depend on the area of ​​professional football club.

One area addressed by Andoni Zubizarreta, with Narcís Julia has been responsible for maintaining a constant contact with the Oscar Garcia in his first year as coach of Juvenil A.

The football club's training begins with the prebenjamín and ends with the juvenil B. The following team of the youth ranks of Barça is a Juvenil A has just won the league in a season where, as explained Zubi, have introduced new concepts: the "Juvenil A is located half way between the training and professional football We are looking forward to the success of Oscar Garcia and his guys because they have also gained after suffering a requirement to win in recent games and that will help them a lot. "

Zubizarreta particularly appreciates the good performance of the Juvenil A in a season where those responsible for this team debuted in this task: "the process has been fast and went well. Oscar Garcia has learned very quickly and very well understood Narcís Julià which has also commissioned the part of youth, we are happy from this point of view the maturation process has been very good for the players and the coach. "

Oscar Garcia habioa worked last season on the Catalan Federation Under-18 coach. This experience has made it easier to adapt to a Juvenil A has only yielded all season defeat and seven draws. Oscar suffered in the last game, "because players did not deserve to lose a league that had worked with an unconditional in all workouts and games."

The next challenge will be to win the Champions Cup to be played in Lepe between 1 and 8 May. From May 15 to begin the qualifiers played in the Copa del Rey. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mourinho returned to the charge by Yaya Touré

The Portuguese coach was already interested in the current Manchester City a year ago, when his move from Barca guessed irreversible.

Yaya Touré figure prominently on the agenda of Real Madrid as a possible reinforcement for the next season. Manchester City midfielder is by its physical and technical potential, one of the favorite players Jose Mourinho to enhance the white template. In fact, the interest is not new, but a year ago the Portuguese coach and became interested in Yaya Toure when he was an open secret that the days of ivory at the club came to an end as their representative, Dimitri Seluk, prioritized appearance economic to sports, so the player ended up at Manchester City, where he became the tenth highest-paid player in the world with a record of 13.8 million despite "away from the football elite.

Mourinho considers Touré Yaya the ideal complement for Xabi Alonso on the double pivote. The Ivorian combines physical and technical rather than substantial, regardless of knowing by heart the Spanish league after three seasons at Barça. And if the Portuguese coach asks, Florentino Perez did not shake the pulse of time to remove the stub if the operation is feasible. The Real Madrid is willing to take the very high midfielder tab and pay a transfer to Manchester City, a figure that would also be considerable if one considers that the English club paid just over 30 million euros to Barcelona to take over Ivorian midfielder's services.

Last summer, Mourinho ran out of Touré Yaya, which makes sense because the club had never transferred to Real Madrid player, but now is another story and the white club will charge to accommodate the requests of the coach, who sees a Yaya Toure the best possible signings. (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Schuster: "A party can win the Madrid to Barcelona, ​​two, no"

The former coach of Madrid not predicted any outcome but noted that anything can happen.

Bernd Schuster was involved in the program 'Al Primer Toque' Onda Cero reviewed today where the two big football League, played in almost three weeks, throughout the season.

Schuster does not believe el clásico this weekend is less important for Barca's advantage because it says that whoever wins will reforzadísimo to Cup final

As to whether the mother is able to win at Barca, Schuster said that a match the Mourinho can win, but not both. The German believed that the difference between one and another team is in the midfield line.

The creativity of Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets in the center of the field makes the club more than Real Madrid, however, both defense and attack are very close, "he said.

The former Madrid coach Guardiola praised the work of the front of the boat and said that "it is a flower because the match Shakhtar Donetsk others lose." (via SPORT)

Lukaku leave Anderlecht, but not to come to Barca

The young Belgian striker will leave Anderlecht to go to the Premier for a price that would be around 30 million euros, according to his agent in an interview.

The striker, who at 17 is considered one of the most promising players in European football, has been followed by several of the largest on the continent since he began to emerge last season, including Chelsea and FC Barcelona, although the London club is currently the best positioned in the bid.

His agent, Christophe Henrotay, create a player "ready to go," and hopes to offer "many clubs" by the end of the season, he said in an interview with Belgian daily "La Dernière Heure." However, the representative added that for many of the clubs concerned, "Lukaku is too expensive", because its selling price is estimated at 30 million euros, according to Belgian media.

Barça discard at CARO The agent said that Barcelona was one of the clubs "as reported" on the full international Anderlecht, but added that "at that price, they would go earlier to a Spanish player."

If the price of Lukaku "suddenly lowered to 6 million, the club would obviously for him," added the representative. To date, only two formal offers have come for Lukaku, one of Chelsea at the end of last championship and another during the winter market, said Henrotay.

England is destiny "most suited to your game profile," said the officer, who nonetheless added that the forward "only if all parties will make a good business." The known interest of Chelsea have joined in recent weeks, Newcastle and Tottenham. He stressed that Lukaku "needs continue to evolve," adding that at present "must focus" on the final phase of the Belgian league with his team, going through a bad streak and lost the lead he held for much of the season. (vi SPORT)

Lucescu expected to win the Champions Barça

Ukraine coach says team Shakhtar "lost everything" in the first leg at the Camp Nou and has shown his admiration for Barcelona, ​​who want to win the title.

The Romanian Mircea Lucescu, Shakhtar Donetsk coach, said he expected the final Barcelona win the Champions League, because that would value more the work of his team in this competition.

They beat Barca 0-1 in the Dombass Arena, thanks to a Leo Messi in the first half. Lucescu explained that his team "lost everything in Barcelona, ​​where he fell thrashed 5-1. Ukrainian coach congratulated the team of Pep Guardiola. "I hope that Barcelona reached the final and win," he stated. (via AS)

Valdés looking forward to clásicos

Víctor Valdés, after yet another great showing, has said the side is ready and waiting for the forthcoming encounters with Real Madrid: “We will go into the clásicos with the same enthusiasm. They will be very intense, but also great fun”.

The Barça goalkeeper is entering the final stage of the season in stunning form. At the Donbass Arena, he made five key saves to help his team into the semi finals of the Champions League. “I am happy with the way things are going. I think the team is playing better than previous seasons. We are very happy. We came here with a good lead but it’s a tough ground to play at, as we saw, against a Shakhtar team that fought to the end.”

On the two, but quite probably four, clásicos with Real Madrid in the next few weeks, Valdés said “they will be very intense, but also great fun.” And he refuses to concede that the league game will be the easiest of them. “There are no placid games at the Bernabéu. We’ll go out as strong as we can.”

The following is a selection of other comments made by the FC Barcelona players after the game.


“Now we can relax. We’re in the semi finals, which is what we wanted.”

“There’s a thrilling April ahead. We have fought for this and now football had thrown up an incredible challenge.”

“The most important game is always the next one, which is Saturday’s. We’ll have to play well to win.”

“We know that Saturday will be a difficult game. But it’s also going to be very a very nice game.”

“Mascherano was superb at centre back.”


“Right now we’re thinking about the league match. And when that’s over, we’ll start thinking about the cup.”

“I think Madrid have a considerable lead [against Tottenham], but anything can happen in football.”


“We have taken an important step forward. It is always hard to get to the semi finals.”

“It is always nice to play like we did today. It gives us confidence.”

“The team is feeling great.”

“Mascherano is a fast, intelligent player, he can adapt to any position.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "What comes is a gift, given with great joy"

Qualified for semifinals of the Champions Cup final with very close, and leaders in the league. Guardiola, be well in this stretch of the season is a gift, given with great joy. "

For the fourth consecutive year, and after satisfying a rival, Shakhtar , who Guardiola did not tell expects to find the next year, FC Barcelona will play the semifinals of Europe's top competition. "It's a complete success, demonstrating the stability and well done on the part of all. It is a global success, a great story. I want to note that after much effort. We are very happy to be back there," Barcelona coach has valued in this regard.

Champions League semi-finals, in addition to the final of the Copa del Rey the next day 20 and a good position in the league with eight points over second-placed Real Madrid. That's why Guardiola believes the team has met, and that means it comes to the template from now on is a gift: "No matter how we got. What matters is the mentality and desire. This is a gift that all athletes receive with an immense joy. The situation means that we can only thank the players, and live it as a gift. "

Finally, if the Real Madrid on Wednesday is classified for the semifinals of the Champions , the two sets will face four times. "We owe it to take as a gift, an opportunity to compete against more powerful." He added: "Hopefully we can play more often against them. Basically they are the most powerful team in every sense, the stronger it comes at the right time, and has a staff unstoppable. Accept the challenge to try."

In the same vein, Santpedor pointed out that his players will live the last mile "very quietly, trying to compete in the best way possible, and trying to be us." "More than this can not be done. Now compete against a very strong rival. The feeling of inner peace that we all for bringing this institution so far in all competitions is indescribable. Now we just enjoy it. It is a pleasure to enjoy this opportunity, "he concluded.

After publicly congratulate the players, Josep Guardiola has chosen to dedicate the victory on Tuesday and the subsequent qualification for the semifinals of the European showpiece Bojan Krkic, who was injured against Almeria, "I want to dedicate this victory to Bojan. I hope you give strength to recover as soon as possible. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[UCL quarter-final Leg2] Shakhtar Donetsk 0 - 1 FC Barcelona

Barça made it into the semi finals of the Champions League without having to suffer for it by winning 1-0 away to Shakhtar. A Messi goal before the break banished any fears of the Ukrainians putting together a comeback.
Barça stayed solid and made sure of their Champions League semi final place in convincing fashion. With the safety net of the 5-1 win at the Camp Nou beneath them, they dealt with the situation intelligently. Once the early flurry from an enthusiastic Shakhtar had been nullified, they settled into their trademark possession game and a 43rd minute goal from an outstanding Leo Messi coupled with some extraordinary saves from Victor Valdés meant it was plain sailing through to the final whistle.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

[Technical Data]
Shakhtar Donetsk: Pyatov; Kobin, Ishchenko, Rakitskiy, Shevchuk; Hübschman (Fernandinho, min. 75), Mkhitaryan; Douglas Costa (Eduardo, min. 58), Jadson, Willian y Luiz Adriano (Marcelo Moreno, min. 65).

FC Barcelona: Víctor Valdés; Dani Alves, Piqué (Milito, min. 70), Mascherano, Adriano; Sergio Busquets, Xavi (Pedro, min. 65), Keita; Afellay, Messi y Villa (Jeffrén, min. 75).

Referee: Florian Meyer (Germany). Showed yellow cards to Mkhitaryan and Ishchenko, by the Shakhtar and Milito, by the club.

Goal: 0-1, min. 43. Alves pass to Messi , who goes into the area and shoots Pyatov.

Incidents: Almost completely in the Donbass Arena. 51,579 spectators. 3 of temperature at kickoff.

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiqY1LUhwC4