11 April 2011

[Youth] Rafinha, the saga continues Alcántara

Rafa Alcantara, or Rafinha as is becoming known professionally, youngest son of the great Mazinho and therefore brother Thiago Barça player, begins to appear as one of the strongest promises of La Masia.

Born February 12, 1993, Rafael Alcántara do Nascimento came to Barcelona five years ago to Barcelona, ​​one later that his brother Thiago, who wins and the first team of FC Barcelona. Like him, was born in Bari (Italy) and has decided to play with the Spanish team despite having also Brazilian and Italian nationality. He has been capped sub16, sub17 and now it is for the under-19 selection despite having just turned 18 years.

Rafinha stands out in the field as a player of great work in midfield, good ball feel and a lot of arrival to the area. It has a great shot, medium and long distance, besides being an excellent free kick taker, which makes him a constant threat to opposing defenses. His natural position is the interior, but also can act as false nine.

His promising future has not gone unnoticed by scouts from major league teams in Europe. Many English and Spanish clubs have asked about his situation, but without success. So far, as it did his brother to lucrative offers from the Premier, has not wanted to know about other clubs. The youngest of the Alcantara wants to succeed at Barca.

This season Rafa has played for Junior A Blaugrana, where he has been instrumental to achieve the league title scoring the goal that led to the tie it takes to be champion against Cornell in the final day. His coach, Oscar Garcia Junyent, he has brought out an unfamiliar position for him in the field, making him act for much of the season as false nine. Emulating the role of Leo Messi in the first team, the experiment has had an excellent result, as has thirteen goals and numerous assists.

The high level shown by the Youth Rafinha led to Luis Enrique tell him at several meetings of Barça B, in which even had the chance to debut as a scorer. Guardiola is also a player to keep in mind for the future, so they decided to award their daily work and great season with the possibility of training with the first team on several occasions, a dream for all players who play in the categories the FC Barcelona.

Many people wonder if Rafa is a new Thiago Alcántara or like him. The truth is that no, the differences between them are numerous. Rafa is a lefty, has more punch than his brother and as defined by his father: "Thiago is better tactically, a little more work and advocacy. Rafa is more like my football. " Rafinha himself states: "I am a player who works defensively and offensively, my brother is pure quality." Are very complementary players in the current team of Pep Guardiola, both could agree on the field, as they have done in the Barça B, the positions held by Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta.

After the recent renovation of Thiago for two seasons, the club has already made contact with his father and agent, Mazinho, to ensure continuity of Rafinha, whose contract expires in June 2013. Next year, the largest of the Alcántara be part of the first team and the youngest of Barça B, patience to wait for a chance to be important in the first team will be key to success in the Camp Nou, conditions for it have no doubt. (via SPORT)

Shot at the house of the brother of Messi

The house of the brother of Leo Messi in Rosario (Argentina) was shot at by unknown assailants causing no casualties, police said.

The attack on the house Matias Messi, 29, was carried out from at least one motorcycle in the early hours of Saturday. The police acted ex officio in the absence of a formal complaint of the brother of Barcelona player.

The house, which received at least four bullet wounds, is located in a residential district of Rosario, 380 miles north of Buenos Aires, and Leo Messi often stay there when visiting Argentina.

Several shots also struck a house next to the player's family. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Chygrynskiy: "Barca sold me for my mistakes"

"If I played well I would not have crossed again. It was my fault, but it is not easy to adapt to the Barca game when you come from outside," he said in an interview with Don Balón.

Shakhtar Donetsk player Dmytro Chygrynskiy, former FC Barcelona, ​​has given an interview to the magazine Don Balón, which recognizes that triumphed in Barcelona because it gave the class despite being a personal commitment of Pep Guardiola "The coach treated me very well at all times. He taught me many things, the year I was at the club and was very concerned for me and for me to improve many aspects of my game."

The centerback does not shirk responsibilities and recognizes that fell short of expectations: "It is easy to learn to play like he does for Barcelona, ​​that fast, and it takes an adjustment period as the other players who have not come down but other leagues and also had to live through difficult times. And even acknowledges that not weighed the 25 million it cost, but no triumph for his poor performance: "If I played well I would not have traded back to Shakhtar. I do not think that the money they took my move had nothing to do. "

After a year after its sale, he returned to Shakhtar playoffs for 15 million. Some said that the club was sold because he needed the money. But Ukraine is realistic: "I made mistakes in my time in Barcelona, ​​and it was only my fault, so I transferred, but that's football. I've never thought that I sold for money. If you play well you follow, is well. Again, I was responsible for making mistakes. "

Chygrynskiy is "highly unlikely" to return to play FC Barcelona, ​​and is glad to be back to the computer that became known in the world of football: "I'm happy with how the year is progressing. I go right things this season both personally and within the team. In the league of our country we will be champions and we were having a good season in Europe to the Nou Camp match, but we are still among the best in Europe, "said the magazine Don Ball.

With regard to the tie with Shakhtar faces his former team, Chygrynskiy lamented missed opportunities in the Camp Nou and not being able to help their peers due to an untimely injury that seems also going to stop playing around. "One should be realistic and letting a companion who is in the best condition to play a game of maximum demand. "

The Ukrainian central believes that "Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world" and sees him as the clear favorite to win the Champions: "Yeah, I see him as a favorite to win it. When I see Real Madrid not so strong as to Barcelona and Manchester United also will be a tough opponent. " (via AS)

[Barça B] Granada challenges the game against Barça B by improper alignment of Jonathan Dos Santos

The Andalusian club to claim the three points RFEF of grief when he lost 4-0 in the Mini Estadi. Mexican midfielder, Jonathan Dos Santos failed to meet one-match ban by playing with the first team Villarreal. (via MD)

Undiano Mallenco lead the final of the Copa del Rey

The Technical Committee of Referees of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has appointed Alberto Undiano Mallenco, the college of Navarre, to direct the final of the Copa del Rey soccer played for Barcelona and Real Madrid on 20 April.

Fermín Martínez Ibáñez and Jesus Calvo Guadamuro aribtral complete the trio. Fernando Teixeira Vitienes, Cantabrian school will be the fourth referee.

Undiano Mallenco (10/08/1973) debuted in the top flight on September 10, 2000, on the first day of the season in the match-Oviedo Numancia (1-0) before started in regional categories (1989 / 90 to 1993/94) from which he rose to third (1994/95), 2 ª B (1995/96 and 1996/97), 2 nd (1997/98 to 1999/00).

International from January 1, 2004, this season has refereed 17 matches in the Liga and four in the Copa del Rey, plus seven international. (via Marca.com)

Shakhtar's defense, the big query

The rival FC Barcelona on Tuesday reached the duel with a handful of questions and absences on defense.

The 5-1 first-leg is an important stone for Shakhtar Donetsk , team debut in a Champions League quarter, but the thing is even more complicated for Mircea Lucescu , who will face the second leg with a total of five absences in defense . The rear is a great unknown Ukraine.

And is that Lucescu has neither the former Barcelona Dmytro Chygrynskiy or the injured and Chyzov Kuchen , three missing in the first leg at Camp Nou. At this low was added on Saturday for Srna , who was injured against Obolon Kiev two weeks and will be KO. In addition, left- Rat can not play due to suspension, and he saw a round yellow, as Iniesta, will prevent you play the second leg.

Despite the 5-1 and many absences, Shakhtar's comeback hopes . Above all, thanks to the magic of Donbass Arena , stadium where the team had 17 wins until this Saturday when he was defeated against Obolon Kiev ( 0-1 ). Shakhtar to four times this season has been a result that this Tuesday will classify for the semifinals. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique donates his collection of shirts to a charity auction

The former Barca player and current coach of Barça B, Luis Enrique, wanted to donate his collection Ànima Foundation of 76 shirts collected throughout his career and professional sports to raise money for charity.

The coach has selected 76 players from 46 t of national and international teams which played to auction and thereby promote solidarity projects dedicated to children who Ànima Foundation has set up in different pediatric hospitals.

Within the range of T-shirts can find some lots with the emblem of the Champions, two World or shirts with a special meaning. Angulo, Michel, Kiko, Puyol, Luis Garcia and Ballack, among many other players have been exchanged with Luis Enrique their shirts, they can now be achieved through the auction. The same Luis Enrique will sign with your name to the buyers.

This beneficial activity will take place between 16 and 24 April for the Trofeo Conde de Godo Banco Sabadell; Ànima Foundation raffled at Barcelona Tennis Club stand part of the shirts, while the rest will be auctioned through the website : www.socialbid.org. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "Nothing is won or lost"

Before leaving Donetsk Andoni Zubizarreta has spoken to the media and called for caution in the face the second leg against Shakhtar despite 5 to 1 to take advantage.

The sporting director of FC Barcelona Professional Football, Andoni Zubizarreta , he said from Barcelona airport to the team travels to Ukraine aware that the tie has yet to finish closing. "Football teaches us that nothing is won or lost" , Zubi said, later adding that "we have to play every game and every minute."

In this sense, the sports director recalled the quarterfinals of Copa del Rey against Betis where Guardiola went to Benito Villamarín with a 5 to 0 in the first leg, and watched as the diabetics were two goals in the first seven minutes . A duel that ended 3 to 1 . Asked if prudence is key to face the back in Donetsk, Zubi has said that "it is not prudent, but to respect the game and every opponent."

Bojan was the last player to fall injured Barca. In view of the low that has the team in this final stretch of the course, as Zubi says, "at this point I always like to look back and find that we have a lot of merit to be where we are." "We're leading the league with eight points from the second, we are in the Cup final and likely to get another year to the semifinals of Champions," Zubizarreta said. However, the executive is aware that Barcelona "April and May are critical months, we hope to live up to and what I find more positive this time is that the team is adjusting to low."

Zubizarreta will Donetsk just thinking around the quarter-finals of the Champions League . Although Saturday is the Madrid-Barcelona , Zubi said the questions will answer el Classico "On Tuesday night." "We just mind spending the tie and nothing else," he said.

What has been the athletic director is noted that the noise generated in Madrid "can not control the environment and the rest called, so far we do not." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Iniesta has only missed ties that the team have ended up winning

Tuesday’s game against Shaktar will be just the second match in his career that Andres Iniesta has missed through suspension.

The other games he’s missed this season have all been in the Cup competitions and Barça have always got through despite his absence. Iniesta has been an ever present in the league so far this year and he’s only missed out on the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup, a Champions League Cup game and four Spanish Cup matches.

Iniesta began the season late as a result of his efforts in South Africa and thus missed the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup, when Seville beat Barça 3-1 and was also left out of the squad for the two Spanish Cup games against Ceuta. He missed the dead Group game against Rubin Kazan (2-0) when he was an unused substitute and the second leg of the Spanish Cup quarter final against Betis, when Barça lost 3-1. All of those games were missed to give him a break, but he missed the second leg of the Spanish Cup semi final against Almeria, which Barça won 0-3, through injury.

Tuesday will be only the second time in his nine year career with the first team that Iniesta has been suspended for a game, having missed the 2007/08 defeat at Deportivo (2-0) for running up five yellow cards. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff explains how to deal with four games against Madrid

In his weekly article in 'El Periódico', Johan Cruyff believes about how the club should play marathon matches against Madrid.

Barca have the unique opportunity to settle scores with their rivals, but this must be victorious in more than one stake and that, at this stage of competition, not at all easy.

Cruyff believes that the club would adopt to note the subject of classico, winning two of the four, as long as one is the final of the Copa del Rey and the other semi-final round (except disaster) against Real Madrid in the Camp Nou.

As for el classico, next Saturday, Cruyff does not believe that Barca have the pressure because white is the club who must risk if you still have options.

"What we aim is to compete well, not show off. For style, for its players, coaches, Barca and Real Madrid are very different.

But in the end, the only difference between them, now, are the 8 points separating them in the league. In other competitions, independent, being 90 minutes, being at 180 minutes, to win you know better compete. And that includes the first game of all, the supposedly inconsequential Madrid-Barcelona at the Bernabeu. For the club, compete well in this game is not winning or yes.

The draw is as good and defeat is acceptable. Compete well this Saturday is another matter. It is making the Madrid wear and give it everything and more. Then, the result will be will be, but at this stage of the season any extra effort you can scratch your opponent can make a difference when you have to cross three more times with him. Guardiola will be the one deciding who goes, if you save one or not, and that will see it, notice it in the faces of his players in the coming days, "said Cruyff. (via SPORT)

The team fly to Donetsk

The FC Barcelona first team flies from 10.30 am to the airport in Donetsk, a city that will play on Tuesday around the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The trip will take about four hours.

With almost an hour late, due to the loss of 'slot', the turn-off flight MMZ 7311 charter flight that has to go to the Barca players to Donetsk. The expedition is headed by the president Sandro Rosell , the vice president and senior Vilarrubí Carlos Eduardo Coll, Pilar Guinovart and Javier Bordas, apart from professional football athletic director Andoni Zubizarreta and CEO of relations with the UEFA Amador Bernabeu. Traveling along the 20 summoned by Guardiola , including a Thiago Alcántara that on Monday met 20 years .

The team, which will stay at the Hotel Donbass Palace, the last train before the match on Tuesday, at 19.00 hours (GMT). 45 minutes before the start of the session will appear at a press conference Josep Guardiola and Seydou Keita .

The big news of this trip, compared with the other team, is that the issue will be night after the game and not return until Wednesday at Barcelona. Before returning, FC Barcelona will on Wednesday training in Ukraine. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bojan, sunk by fatality

Forward sensed a sprint finish as starring in the League 2009-2010.

The fatality is primed with Bojan. Just when it owned and was completing a great first half-hour to Almeria, a bad sign not only broke his knee but also hopes to star in a memorable sprint season last year that anointed him congratulations. Is depressed and not without reason.

Partial rupture of the posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee kept him sidelined six to eight weeks, but could cut the time a week or ten days. Input will miss this month of April and the first half of May, or what is likely the same four classics with his Cup final and Champions League semifinals such potential. The best of this long campaign.

Pep drama called personal and collective absence. Personal because in its previous three games had been door to Sevilla, which was an excellent point, and against Getafe, which earned three with help from Alves. Bojan came into his head that end 2009-2010 when he helped win titles with three goals in the last four games. Until this March had not played with any regularity. And it is a collective tragedy for Pedro, Villa and Messi have been left without replacement to any adversity. At other times, the team has removed Pep pulling Afellay, Iniesta, Víctor Vázquez and Nolito, but now has another name to add to the list: Jonathan Soriano, current top scorer in Division II. (via MD)

Mourinho, the account pending Messi

Leo knows what defeat but wants to break his spell of nine games without scoring before their teams. His record of 47 goals motivates him to break his duck.

Leo Messi is back ... if some day he left. The Argentine recovered Saturday's smile scorer with two goals against Almeria at the right time. A week before the first of four classic almost certain to come to the May 3, the top scorer caught the ghost of the anxiety that might have pursued against Real Madrid in the absence of drought have cut their four games. Now, once again atop the rankings for the Golden Boot with 29 goals (one more than Cristiano Ronaldo ) and having matched his career high and Barça in a season (47), Messi is between the eyes to break the curse on Jose Mourinho .

Not to mention, much less tomorrow's European event in Donetsk, where Leo wants to certify the passport semis of the Champions League and, hopefully, expand your account filmmaker (8) in the tournament and take off Eto'o and Mario Gomez will return to the Bernabeu especially motivating. Sentence outside the chaining Alirón third consecutive victory in the stronghold Madrid, he intends to remove a thorn after nine games against teams coached by Mourinho. Although it has been very close to doing so and has been instrumental in getting key wins for Barcelona and very painful for the Portuguese, Leo has not been able to celebrate a goal with 'Mou' on the bench rival.

Messi's brilliant career will always have the technical Setúbal indirect protagonist. Its release in the first team by Frank Rijkaard took place on November 16, 2003 in a friendly in Porto. In just 15 minutes, that 'flea' 16 years revolutionized the attack. 28 months later, prompting Leo partidazo Mourinho won the enmity of FC Barcelona, ​​which only increase. The expulsion of Asier del Horno was clear but the 'Mou' by the evil arts then accused of 'teatrero' Messi, who returned to the Portuguese crossed seven times. In the penultimate, Leo cried after being tied up in court for almost every interest in the abortive comeback last continental semifinal. Of course, on 29 November, '10 'did not spare a humiliating 5-0 lead without seeing door. Mourinho was obsessed with Leo but he forgot his jinx against the Portuguese serving two superb assists accurate and David Villa.

The Madrid fans has also suffered in the flesh. In the unforgettable 2-6 of May 2, 2009 debut as false '9 'getting two goals before being hailed as Maradona and Ronaldinho and yesterday was a year of another great goal in the 0-2 Barca. He has been three goals at the Bernabeu, as Asensi, Zaldúa, Rivaldo, Ronnie and Henry himself. Beginning Saturday may be the Barca has scored most goals in the league there. (via MD)

Nine power stations in a season

Nine different stations, six first team players and three subsidiary Pep been used in the 50 official matches this season. The last one was improvising Mascherano in the second half against Almeria. There are many causes to this number as high as unusual. The long-term injury Puyol, all three games through suspension of Pique, limited fitness of Milito and Abidal disease are the main but also due to start pre-season strongly influenced by the celebration of World Holidays of international and logical rotations heavy schedule. No wonder, then, you have aligned 23 different defenses.

In summer, the Barca coach decided to have only three central staff and emergency use or recycling fourth to one side or one from recruiting subsidiary. Pep Abidal saw in the position to play this role and if the circumstances were aggravated, always resort to the disciplined Busquets. Except for specific exceptions, the idea was working during the first half of the season. Pique-Puyol The tandem was the most used. Abidal gave time for the world champions to get fit and Milito, Font and gave air Bartra Cup, while that covered the holes in the sanctions. During this period, however, there was a critical game. It was Jan. 2 at Levante in La Liga. Piqué was punished with a match, Milito Puyol was injured and out of an injury to him again to knock in nine games. The solution was to improvise the duo-Abidal Busquets and won.

Everything changed with the first game of the second round of the League when Puyol suffered from discomfort in his left knee. Since that January 22, changes have occurred. Pep seemed to find the formula to Abidal but the tumor was diagnosed in the liver will not want to obligóal dilemma: Milito and Busquets. We alternated until he fell to the Badia. But of course, 'Busi' was also sanctioned. The last, Mascherano. Will there be a next? (via MD)

A week with the Champions League at stake

Barca faced a decisive week, where they play qualifying for the semifinals of the Champions and the derby against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, where you can give a definitive blow to the League.

The team Guardiola faces one of the most intense and decisive weeks of the season. The first challenge of the Catalans is to qualify for the semifinals of the Champions League. On Tuesday will play the return match in Donetsk Donbass Arena where he will try to uphold the 5-1 first-leg against Shakhtar. The Barça expedition will depart at 9.30 am from the airport of El Prat bound Donetsk, where he is due to arrive to 14.30 .

Once in the Ukrainian city, the team plans to train in the stage of the match at 19 pm (Catalan). Earlier, at 18.15, Josep Guardiola and a first team player will appear at a news conference. The next day, the team will rest at the team hotel and the afternoon will move to the Donbass Arena to play the game against Shakhtar from 20.45.

Guardiola does not have much time to prepare el clásico on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu nor to recover the team effort of the match in Donetsk. Therefore, Barca spend the night in Ukrainian lands after the match and will train the next day at 11 pm (Catalan) in the Olympic Stadium in Donetsk. At 14.30 pm (Catalan) take the plane that will take them to will they go to Barcelona at 18.45.

On Thursday, the team will enjoy a rest day and Friday will be the final preparatory session at 11 am. After training, Josep Guardiola will appear at a news conference. The expedition will travel to Madrid the same day of the match. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi the best, go for the treble

Leo woke up from slumber scorer with two goals against Almeria. Two goals that made him one of the best strikers of Barca.

He had taken a few days break, but Messi is back at the time the team needs him most. Just when they begin to play the titles. Three. The coveted treble: Cup and Champions League. As in 2009, two years ago. And the crack, the best player in the world, back in goal Saturday night against Almeria to grow his legend. Scored two goals to lead him to be one of the greatest strikers of the Catalan club. The Argentine, besides collecting impossible dribbling, assists that he alone is capable of seeing, titles and accolades from around the world, never tires of stacking goals in his already long list of conquests. Their numbers began to be unique considering his age: 23 years old (turns 24 next June).

Leo has now 47 goals in all competitions this season, the same as achieved in 2009-2010, then tying a mark that was in possession of Brazil Ronaldo (1996-1997). Obvious to say that with games still remaining to bring down the curtain on the period 2010-2011 (seven league games, one and three Champions Cup, which could be four if the team advances to final at Wembley), Argentina will to be the best director of FC Barcelona in a season.

More Messi also became Saturday at the Barcelona player has scored most goals in the Nou Camp (in official matches) in one season. Take 29. He left behind a record that had it was Barca fan favorite, the unforgettable Hansi Krankl, who scored 28 during 1978-1979. Austrian striker beat in time to Manolo Clares, who had finished singing the 1976-1977 season 24 goals in Barcelona's Coliseum.

Messi outdid himself in the number of doublets made in a season. If last year scored two goals in ten times in one game, now adds eleven games filled the face of goal on two occasions. Also excelled in the pursuit of pokers, triplets and doublets. If the 2009-2010 season reached 14 between the three categories (1-3-10), now has 15 (0-4-11). And with Saturday's Messi already has 36 doubles with the shirt of FC Barcelona.

In addition, Messi is 4 goals from signing the Camp Nou 100 official matches. Right now takes 96, so divided: 60 in the league, 20 in Champions League, 11 in the Copa del Rey and 5 in the Supercopa of Spain. Away from the Coliseum Barcelona has signed 78, four of them in the end (one in the final of the Copa del Rey and the Champions League and two World Club Championship). Its director is 0.67 average goals per game (174 in 259 duels). Awesome. In his seventh season, and the first participation was brief, is breaking all records have or might have.

4 goals is also to be the best striker in an edition of the Champions League. At present total 8 goals, 4 of the record set by Ruud van Nistelrooy (12) for the 2002-2003 season.

The Argentine shares the top position in the scorers table with Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich), which can not increase the account, and Samuel Eto "o (Inter Milan). With seven appears Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea) and six Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) and Roberto Soldado (Valencia). The latter can not climb more positions in the ranking.

Messi 8 goals already signed the 2008-2009 season, in which the champion FC Barcelona in the Champions League in Rome after beating Manchester United (2-0).

In the League the `Flea" also sends with 29 goals, one more than Cristiano Ronaldo, who has 28. This difference allows the player to lead FC Barcelona also the classification of the Golden Boot with 58 points, ahead of Portugal (56). The fight in this chapter is looming between the two figures exciting League All-Star. For now, Barcelona's advantage.

And in the King's Cup `10" FC Barcelona is the best. Bring 7 goals, 6-Cristiano Ronaldo and Ulloa (Almería). In this competition, in the absence of a party, you can still increase your score.

Messi, who since the arrival of Pep Guardiola has a strong and fruitful relationship with the goal, not content with what he has achieved so far. Starts now know the good, the thing worth fighting for. And when there are rewards to share with the team and the fans are growing, always gives his best. Good news for FC Barcelona. The best in this month of madness that awaits the champion. (via SPORT)

And the next one, in Camp Nou

The historical encounter that has catapulted USAP Perpinyà to the semifinals of the Cup of Europe is an entire lesson for the future...

Barcelona had a historic weekend. The exciting and grueling match between USAP and Toulon in the Lluís Companys Stadium in the quarter-finals of the Heineken Cup was the perfect excuse to merge the two Catalunya in Barcelona on a spontaneous popular event. It exceeded all expectations. The Olympic Stadium with 55,000 seats remained small. The resale worked as if it were the final of the Champions and many Catalans rugby fans or not, they were not able to attend the event. If the meeting had been held at the Camp Nou, a possibility which was rejected by the competition schedule and the needs of FC Barcelona, ​​the festival of rugby would have been complete and, of course, also have been filled to the brim.

Sandro Rosell left the Olympic site in the belief that events like those she had just witnessed are those who make more than a club Barca. " That is his thinking since the party planned and presented jointly with the chairman of USAP, Paul Goze.

The Camp Nou, no doubt, had been assigned the event even more special aura, both for its greatness and in the opportunities and services offered by the environment. Undoubtedly have become more comfortable visiting the 30 penya and 33,000 fans who traveled from Perpignan, in addition to the 6,000 hard-core Toulon. Everyone toasted the sun to enjoy the activities held in the forecourt of Montjuïc at the Palau Sant Jordi in the early hours of the morning. Catering services were conspicuous by their absence. The Stadium Lluís Companys, no doubt, is an Olympic symbol, but under a heat of punishment and with minimal infrastructure was an ordeal for everyone. Ran out of bottles of water just start the game. The security measures slowed both input Stadium fans missed most of the run game. And despite all odds, won the illusion to shape a historic day. (via SPORT)

Jeffren, shampoo and cologne

Barca have made analysis of shampoo, gel and cologne that used to rule out chemical reactions.

Jeffren wins this season four injuries of some severity. Together the four processes, the canary has spent 115 days low. If all this time justify the 63 minutes here in eight games he has enjoyed on the pitch is another matter. His last appearance was in 89 minutes against Getafe. Since then, in the area of ​​Villarreal and the Camp Nou against Shakhtar Donetsk has watched the game from the stands.

His latest injury was a broken left rectus femoris in a workout and was discharged on March 3. Since then, he has only played one minute against Getafe. While waiting for his chance, the club has to work for Pep Guardiola if he requires it can do regularly without fear of further muscle injury. Of the four suffered this season, three have been of that type. Only in Ceuta, Barcelona, ​​Copa was for another reason. On that occasion, after an input of Cañas, landed awkwardly and suffered a dislocated left shoulder. That kept him 28 days low. Prior was injured during training with the Spanish sub 21 "in late August (22 days). The penultimate time I had to be stopped was after a stretch in the hamstring of the left leg was done in the club-Rubin Kazan.

Both setback alerted the club and, following the latest injury, medical services Barca sought answers through a series of extensive tests to rule out possible causes beyond the physiological player. It is not the first time that a study carried out so deep. Before had been done with Leo Messi, who also went through a difficult period in terms of muscle injuries. In his case, the solution was to change the coca-cola for water and meat for fish. In addition to a specific physical key to work their muscles. Another went through detailed analysis was Andres Iniesta. In both cases the results were swift and both Andrew and Leo as long playing regularly without problems. In fact, this season has only been ten days off because of the input wild Ujfalusi at the Vicente Calderon in mid-September and five days by a blow to the Sevilla-Barcelona in March. A Iniesta no known injuries this season.

The objective is the same limbo and has even analyze your usual shampoo and the colony that you commonly use. There is evidence that certain chemicals and their reactions may be partly to blame for some injury or tend to suffer from them. The club also has done extensive blood tests and even hair. All with the aim of ruling out possible causes of muscle weakness called. However, the results were all negative and the next step was to plan for the end canary a specific work plan. His muscles sprinter, as happens in the case of Messi, it should work in a special way. In fact, the player is taken very seriously the issue and is giving everything in their power to repeat injury. The club has assigned Juanjo Brau as a person of confidence in the locker room and all the physical work is done with it. Jeffren including holidays go to work in the Ciutat Esportiva and accompanied by the recovery does Blaugrana. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "We can not be trusted"

The coach wants to avoid at all costs that his players be in relaxation, while traveling with a large margin.

With the final stretch of the season in the spotlight, the psychological factor becomes an aspect sometimes of more value, if possible, than the physical. Overcoming complacency and anxiety has emerged as one of the main challenges of Pep Guardiola, who in recent days has struggled to convince everyone that the tie against Shakhtar still has 90 minutes to play.

A 5-1 first-leg allows Barça travel to Donetsk with a "foot in the semifinals," said Xavi Hernandez and after the meeting at the Camp Nou. However, the coach wants his players not to fall into relaxation. "We can not trust" is the message that has repeated in recent days Catalan coach. In the dressing room in the press room in his inner circle. Guardiola has already accumulated enough experience on the bench to know that Shakhtar will not lost the tie until the German referee Florian Meyer beeps at the end of the second leg.

Lucescu, meanwhile, began the psychological battle from the final at the Camp Nou, saying that the club had managed to pass. Suspect that the role of victim of the veteran coach has Shakhtar Guardiola alerted to avoid at all costs that the message of Romanian coach or heating between the fans, the most dangerous among its players.

"I have strange sensations, I do not like what I see," warned the coach before the game against Ukrainians as a wake-up call. Interestingly the more favorable is the situation for the Barcelona ¿8-point lead in the League Cup final just around the corner and Champions League tie on track is the more tense "Santpedor. And because of that character in the dressing room have not been back to play certain chapters of complacency that once sentenced to Barca's Frank Rijkaard.

The costumes are aware that Barca are playing the semifinals of the most prestigious competition, where they would face stiff competition from Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho. Precisely the emotional connotations of this tie make the Catalans not get carried away by the desire of another scenario even more significant for the history of the club, Wembley, which will host the Champions League final on 28 May.

So far the path of the Catalans in European competition can be optimistic. First in the group stage spot in the quarter going up a complicated tie against Arsenal and decided by a 5-1 first-leg quarterfinal against rival with the least wanted to see the faces on Mr. Barca. However, in football what is done in the past does not guarantee anything, so the team will keep fighting until the end with the same intensity of the first day.

Guardiola has called 20 players to travel to Donetsk, where he will land today to the 14.30 pm where they will receive the rain and cold. Beyond the known absence of the injured Eric Abidal, Bojan Krkic and Carles Puyol, the branch manager called the Jonathan Dos Santos and goalkeeper Oier Olazabal, in addition to the usual and Andreu Font and Thiago Alcantara. The state of José Manuel Pinto ankle is unknown, so preferred to be tresporteros Ukraine. For his part, Sergio Busquets and Víctor Valdés returned to the team after missing the last league match through suspension. Faced with Shakhtar, Pep could retest tandem and central Piqué-Busquets, a defense that has many repeat numbers at the Bernabeu on Saturday. (via SPORT)

Barca has never failed with four-goal lead

Although all precautions are few, the story does not provide such a debacle culé.

Are ninety minutes to play and nothing is written in advance, but the European football history indicates that Barca has ever traced a rival side four goals in a game back. The numerous precedents and tear with the first editions of the Fairs Cup and a playoff against the selection of Copenhagen. Deeds and stories that last up to two more recent match against Bayern Munich. In all cases, more or less suffering, Barca always went on to assert the weight of the scoring in the round commitment.

Shakhtar Donetsk will only recourse is to appeal to the epic to not follow the path of other ten teams that hit the face of such heroism. Besides the selection of Copenhagen, failed Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, the Králové Spartak Wolwerhampton and had no luck in the Champions League, Dinamo Zagreb and Odense ended up leaning back in the Fairs Cup. With the advent of the UEFA Cup, disappointments moved to Levski Sofia, Steaua Bucharest.

As for the Champions League, the last two above are relatively close and you have to Pep Guardiola and Barça player on the bench. The first was in a previous tie against Wisla Krakow. It was the debut Santpedor technician in the Camp Nou. He finished in style thrashing (4-0) and the way is great competition in Europe. Bayern Munich with Van Gaal directing their destinations, also issued his death sentence in the feud culé. The 4-0 first leg was a burden too heavy to overcome at home. Now is the turn of Shakhtar which includes as a mission impossible to break the story.

[Youth] Real Madrid registers Dorian Babunski

Real Madrid has "fished" in Catalunya again. In this occasion it is about a Macedonian forward of the cadete of Cornellá, Dorian Babunski.

Dorian, the brother of David Babunski, Juvenil B player of FC Barcelona, ​​was rejected two years ago by FC Barcelona after conducting some tests. Dorian footballing known for being a skilled player, fast, with good play with his back to goal and with great goal.

There were many teams who longed for their services, including Espanyol, but has been the Real Madrid who has made his signing for next season.

Babunski has become the third signing of Real Madrid from Catalonia, after Joshua Reus and Oscar Athletic Vilanova del Segre.

Dorian and David are both sons of a former player of Lleida Logrono in the nineties, Boban Babunski. (via Airfutbol.com)

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 1-1 Cornellá

Óscar García's team has added the point they needed to be crowned champions. Rafa has scored three minutes into the game but the Cornell tied with a goal from Cristian.

Gerard Pique and Thiago Alcántara have followed since the Camp 7 City Junior Sports A's game against Cornell has decided the league championship for the Catalans.
Nor have missed the conclusion of the boys sporting director Oscar García professional football club Andoni Zubizarreta, Narcis Julià, Luis Enrique, Joan Barbara or William Love, among many other technicians Barça.

Barca has secured the league title in the Division of Juvenil Honor until the referee has blown for the end of the game.

The Catalans had to score in the last day of the season to finish first and have gotten in a game marked by warmth and the nerves of the Catalans who have been threatening the championship.

Oscar García's team has gone all out and the first minute Deulofeu Gerard has been about to beat the goalkeeper Toni. The first goal has been reached within three minutes of the meeting. Dongou been kicking the stick and the rejection sent it to the network Rafa Alcantara.

With the passage of minutes, Cornell has been able to control seizures and minute Barça progressed with few chances. This came to rest, with a deserved victory of Juvenil A.

A rigorous penalty three minutes into the second side has transformed Victor. With the tie, the club did not want to speculate and has been released for the win but the team has not had the success of other parties.

Dongou, headache, and after a big Deulofeu salalom have had a very close decision but the party has been complicated in the last moments of the players tired and suffering for a goal conceded just lost the league.

In the end, the Junior A won the championship and the euphoria unleashed in the locker room of the Sports City where Oscar Garcia has led his players in these terms: "to let you know that what you have lived in these last days you will well for the future. This is the reality of professional football. Thank you for your dedication in every practice and game. "

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Carlos, Bako, Gómez, Ayala, Balliu, Gustavo, Ernesto, Pepe, Dongou, Rafa y Deulofeu. También han jugado Masó, Calvet, Espinosa y Etock.

Cornellà: Toni, Lalo, Cano, Meca, Cristian, Jorge, Amir, Luis, Manel, Pla, Luque. También han jugado Ballos, Guinovart y Àlex.

Goals: 1-0 Rafa min.2, 1-1 Cristian min.48.

Referee: Fernández Pérez.