09 April 2011

The fans trust Fontás

SPORT.es readers believe Fontás must hold against Almeria to meet the low-defense.

The low injury Puyol Abidal and Busquets through suspension and make the fans have opted for the squad as his favorite Andreu Font Pique accompany the shaft behind FC Barcelona. Fontàs votes outnumber Gaby Milito, who would see the game from the bench.

The other two major developments in the eleven, Pinto and Mascherano, are bound by the sanctions of Valdes and Busquets, leaving the starting Barca at the discretion of the fans, the following: Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Font, Adriano , Iniesta, Mascherano, Xavi, Pedro, Messi and Villa. (via SPORT)

Pending of Pinto

José Manuel Pinto has participated normally with their peers in the last test before receiving the Almería. This evening will finish assessing the availability of players for the match.

The group led by Josep Guardiola, as usual on game days at the Nou Camp, made Saturday afternoon a final preparatory session, which was closed to finish preparing the party tonight at the stadium against Almeria, corresponding to the 31 th day of the league.

Participated in this training a total of 22 players. The 19 available first-team-only missing Carles Puyol and Abidal Éric and Oier subsidiary Porters and Minho, as well as Thiago.

José Manuel Pinto, who in training on Wednesday suffered a sprained left ankle that prevented him from entering the squad for the Champions League match against Shakhtar, has continued with the soft normal training session this Saturday at noon. Not until this afternoon when done to assess the availability of goalkeeper for engagement against Almeria. In this regard, recall that Victor Valdes can not compete against Almeria commitment through suspension, nor, and for the same reason, Sergio Busquets.

It is envisaged that the staff lunch at the Camp Nou and then have free time until the time of concentration in the stadium where, after 20 hours, played the game against Almeria. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Barça Cadete A, league champion!

Cadete A azulgrana, coach García Pimienta and Ramón Ros, the title of League to five days of the final. (via SPORT)

Almeria is grown in complex fields

Almeria is not the worst team in the league away from home. Despite being the bottom team, the Andalusians in areas rated as difficult as the Vicente Calderon, Sánchez Pizjuán or the Reyno de Navarra.

There are six teams in the League that have worse statistics away the Almería Hercules, Zaragoza, Deportivo, Real Sociedad, Osasuna Sporting de Gijón. Barça's opponent this Saturday at the Camp Nou is the League's bottom club, but has been able to win at home to Sevilla or draw at the Vicente Calderon.

Almeria has three wins away from home. The first was in Riazor, the fifth day, with Juan Manuel Lillo on the bench. The Andalusian team won 0-2, both goals scored by Kalu Uche.

Josep Lluis Oltra Lillo replaced in the 13 th day after the defeat by Barca 0-8. With coach Valencia, Almeria was able to win in a field as complicated as the Sanchez Pizjuan. The Andalusian derby ended in a 1-3 away win. Fabian and Piatti (2) scored for Almeria, while Kanoute, who had earlier missed a penalty, scored the only goal for Sevilla.

Almeria's last victory was away for four hours at the José Rico Pérez stadium before the Hercules (1-2). Oltra those turned him over to a 1-0 win against thanks to two goals from Feghouli and M'Bami.

The only two ties summed over Almeria at home were with Lilly on the bench and with very strong teams at home. In the debut in the league, Atletico won a valuable goalless draw at the Reyno de Navarra to Osasuna, and the ninth day added a point at the Vicente Calderon (1-1), which until then had only managed to score the Barça (1-2). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Planned the transfer policy

Technicians reaffirmed their desire to strengthen certain positions, with Cesc as a priority.

At the meeting there was time for everything and, of course, addressed issues relating to the preparation of staff for next season. Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova restate its senior management needs to have an even stronger team for the 2010-11 season.

Sandro Rosell knows that the priority of the coaching staff is Cesc Fabregas, a mature player with leadership skills and can adapt to any position in midfield. Tito Vilanova reflected in an interview with Spanish television lanecesidad to incorporate the Arenys: "It's a player who would fit very well. Holds the concepts of the team when he has the ball and defending in the attacking half. " The budget set by the board signings is 50 million euros and a crack Fàbregas level is expensive, but as reflected all his team-mates, would give a qualitative leap to the template.

In any case, leaving aside the role they may have some homegrown, Guardiola believes that the defense needs some retouching. The technical secretariat is very attentive to the central market. (via SPORT)

Barca has won 21 million on the Champions

Good sports career in Europe is also a great relief to the coffers of the institution.

Barca has already secured a stock of just over 21.2 million euros in revenue for its good track record in the Champions League. In addition, contest the final of the Copa del Rey will around one million euros. Revenues can be increased by up to 16.7 million if he completes other excellent track record in the Champions lift the European Cup at Wembley.

So far, in Europe, Barcelona entity has secured 10.2 million for participation in the playoffs (3.9), in the second round (3) and in the quarter-final (3.3), 5.5 million by the ten games he has played in competition, 4.8 million for the six victories and two draws by 0.8.

He still has a profit margin of between 4.3 and 16.7 million euros depending on the harvest results in the foreseeable team semifinal against Real Madrid, with permission from Shakhtar and Tottenham. The maximum amount that would raise total revenue to 38 million euros, would occur if the 'Pep team "was proclaimed champion of the tournament at the Wembley final on May 28, winning all four games that remaining until then.

With one foot in the semifinals, participation in this phase, 4.2 million warrants to each of the four teams, plus another 1.1 for the two matches. The draw is priced at 400,000 euros and triumph, to 800,000 euros. Therefore, even falling defeated at that stage and losing both games, the club would ensure 4.4 million.

If you reach the final, ensuring a stock of 5.6 million and if a champion, it shoots up to 9 million. These numbers contrast with the modest stratospheric income can make the final of the Copa del Rey on 20 April despite being a classic against Real Madrid. It is estimated that revenues will be about one million euros. (via SPORT)

Chygrynskiy not be able to play back

The former Blaugrana still receiving medical treatment in France and is expected to return tomorrow to Donetsk.

Bad luck continues to persecute Dmytro Chygrynskiy, who exhausted their options in France measured at Barca in the second leg of the quarterfinals despite every indication that not arrive in time. The Ukrainian international Donetsk did not return to the issuing officer and went to Gaul to undergo various tests to shed light on its persistent discomfort in his right ankle.

The brother of former Barca player. Vikhtor, confirmed yesterday that SPORT Dmytro Donetsk is scheduled to arrive at noon on Sunday so that will cause low this afternoon before Obolon. And it looks like it may not be available to Mircea Lucescu on Tuesday, as well as their anger will have lost all training. (via SPORT)

The club will provide a solution to summer Jeffrén

Canary end this season has played only 63 minutes spread over eight different meetings.

Jeffrén Suárez is living a very difficult season. In addition to the four injuries he has suffered his share of the equipment is being residual. In fact, the last two games against Villarreal and Shakhtar Donetsk has seen from the stands, one of the players discarded by Pep Guardiola.

The canary has only played 63 minutes spread over eight different parties. In the League, for example, has only played 9 minutes, by 12 and 42 Champions Cup His last appearance was in the 89 minutes of league encuentor against Getafe.

The club expects to offer a solution to end the season. Andoni Zubizarreta, manager, met yesterday with his father and agent, Efren Suarez, in the Ciutat Esportiva. Zubi told that their future will be discussed at the end of the season and that, for now, wait how the season progresses and see if the player can have more participation you are having.

The club runs several firm offers from several European clubs to sign the player. For now, the club does not contemplate, but the view will be key Pep Guardiola at the end of the season to see if Jeffrén follows blaugrana or should seek the future away from the Nou Camp. His intention is to stay here unless you communicate otherwise. The end does not give up and wants to prove that it is valid to play at Barca. Both sides have called a further meeting after Easter. For now, the player is under contract until June 2012. (via SPORT)

The Ajax of Johan Cruyff and the flourishing of 'total football'

There was a time when the Netherlands did not have the international football scene. A not-so-distant period in which to meet with a team in any competition tulip was synonymous with formality. That was until a physical kind of awkward and tenuous than 17 years, back in 1964, made ​​his debut in the Eredivisie. A legend was born, came one of those considered 'big four' and with it, appeared the roots of a team destined to make history. Holland was no longer a mere carnival and football for the first time greeted Johan Cruyff .

MORE: www.marca.com

Madrid wins in Europe for two preliminary rounds to one

Thanks to its goals in Europe to Tottenham and Shakhtar, Madrid and Barcelona have once again cited in the European Cup for the fourth time in tournament history, which began to be played in 1955. Only three in 56 years previous. The excitement generated is warranted. Whites (nine cups) beat the Catalans (three) for two rounds of a dispute. And that took the club (60-61) went down in history as one of the biggest robberies of football referees Leafe Mr. Ellis and starring (snapped a streak of five consecutive Cups for Madrid).

In the duels of the Di Stefano, Puskas, Gento, Ramallets, Kocsis Suarez or passed to Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Raul, Kluivert, Puyol and De Boer. The final version will have to Cristiano, Messi and company as protagonists. There are four Classics in 20 days: League (16-A), Cup Final (20-A) and, above all, return to the semifinals of Champions (27-A and 3-M). If history shapes the character of the teams, the Madrid knows better way to glory ... (via AS)

[Barça B] Stoichkov, Bakero, Unzué, Sergi y Lillo sounded for Barca B

Following the departure of Luis Enrique del Barça B, who made the decision in March to abandon ship subsidiary team despite having a contract until June 30, 2012, there are many technicians who have sounded to fill the vacancy left by coach Asturias. The has been for all tastes and even some people still have a say in Barcelona.

The reality is that B has become a promising team, which surely can finish at the end of the season occupying a place of ascent, which would have to resign for being a subsidiary of FC Barcelona, ​​but nobody can deny the value of ending a record breaking score. And this is what has motivated many to be the technicians who have knocked on the door of the boat to be offered as replacement for Luis Enrique.

We have to Hristo Stoichkov, Jose Mari Bakero, Juan Carlos Unzue (who has not acclimated to Soria and would be happy to return to Barcelona), Sergi Barjuan and to José Manuel Lillo, a close friend of Pep Guardiola, were willing to take the reins the subsidiary, but at present these appear are discarded.

There are other names like Eusebio, who was second on Frank Rijkaard, Chapi Ferrer, who currently trains the Vitesse, Lluís Carreras (technical Sabadell), Raul Agne (Girona coach) and Oscar Garcia, current coach of Barça youth are on the list of future events. A priori, it appears that one of the latter will be chosen, but the reality is that whoever it is, it is important to know that the chosen line perfection Barca first team philosophy and the automation of each of they play in different positions for years introduced Johan Cruyff. Barca's youth system has to continue paying off the first team. (via SPORT)

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 33] FC Barcelona B 1 - 2 Granada

The Barcelona branch lies third in the waiting to know what this day the Celta. Barça B has added a new victory, and for eight consecutive games and not lose, which makes adding 57 points. Pep Guardiola has followed the victory of the Catalans with Andoni Zubizarreta and Narcis Julià.

Barça B has not cost anything to make the first serious warning to Granada. It was only when wearing Nolito played a minute when a ball sent to the bottom. This has been a good example of how concentrated is out of the team coached by Luis Enrique. The Catalans have no options in this first installment of the party to Granada, which has seen had trouble reaching the goal tonight has been advocated by Jordi Masip to the absence of Oier y Miño, concentrated in the first team.

The Barcelona branch opened the scoring on 15 minutes. From left, Jonathan dos Santos, very careful, has crashed the ball into the area and there Nolito has given the ball to center Marc Bartra, that his head has passed the goalkeeper Roberto.

Despite not being a tough game, the first part is done with the player Siqueira Granada expelled, yellow card, and the coach of Granada, Fabri, also expelled for protesting. In addition to these cards the Granada has gone to rest with four more players were disciplined.

However, the Granada has had a few minutes I was able to even the score. It was after the goalkeeper stopped a penalty Roberto Jonathan Soriano. With 10 players, the Andalusian club has grown and created opportunities that could not materialize. The most obvious has been 39 minutes after dismissal of the Barca defense. Orellana cross shot, but given the post.

The intensity shown by the Granada in the last minutes of the first part has not been nervous on a boat B which has seen before reaching the break extended the difference. The Luis Enrique have retaken control of the game and when they met the three-minute mark off by the referee, Jonathan Soriano set the second for Barca. Has come after a cross from Jonathan dos Santos. Another gift from Barca midfielder took the striker to finish off the match head and front of the scorer Geijo Second.

After the break on the pitch has only been a team, Barça B, he has not given any option to rival. Jonathan Soriano, who starred in the second half, has been very close to the goal in the 49th minute but his shot has gone to the crossbar of the goal. Then on 54 minutes, Carmona has posted a bit crossed the ball that has been set in the bottom left of the goalkeeper.

The scorers duel tonight between Geijo and Jonathan Soriano it has led Barca striker. In 70 minutes Soriano has decoupled itself from the defense of Granada, has spared the goalkeeper and scored the third. With this goal the '11 'from Barça B leader stood alone in the classification of pichichis Second A with 23 goals.

And Sergi Roberto closed the scoring with the fourth goal of the night on 80 minutes. Terrific pass from Victor Vazquez, who has entered the second part of Carmona, and Roberto, his head, has a goal.

El Granada finished the match with nine men after the expulsion for a second yellow for Nyom. (viaFCbarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona B: Masip, Montoya, Bartra, Edu Oriol, Nolito (Saúl, 75''), Jonathan Soriano, Carmona (V. Vázquez, 63'), Sergi Roberto, Abraham, Jonathan dos Santos (Ilie, 73') y Muniesa .

Granada: Roberto, Nyom, Mainz, Benítez, Mikel Rico, Siqueira, Orellana, Lucena, Juande, Geijo y Abel Gómez (Ighalo, 66 ).

Goals: 1-0, Bartra (15'); 2-0, J. Soriano (45+3'); 3-0, J. Soriano (70'), 4-0, S. Roberto (80')

Cards: Nyom (20 'and 89', expelled), Siqueira (23 'and 33', expelled), Benitez (23 '), Abel (28') Orellana (35 '), Bartra (36'), Sergi Roberto ( 62 '), Muniesa (64'), Geijo (81 '), Ighalo (89') .

Referee: Iglesias Prieto (committee Navarre).

No one can with the Madrid ... after Barça

Sporting and Tottenham thermometers were confusing times that carry the current Real Madrid.

On Saturday, cursing. On Tuesday, elated. Two times, two moods. Sporting and Tottenham, and the Champions League. Thermometers were confusing times that transported to Real Madrid. What now? "Party to 16-A? It seems so. Athletic and Tottenham, predecessors of the quadruple tie against Barca go into the background. Is expected to serve to keep morale high, because Barca is so eager as you fear. Two games to save if possible note before addressing the 'final war'. Because after Barça no one can with Madrid.

Barcelona is the rival that clouds his present. He who steals qualifiers. It degrades the background. The triumphs with identity that were once theirs. Which has patented a style of football admired and indestructible. Wins. The children choose a model. All that and much more is known, is recognized and envy. But it is also muted. It avoids the hype. It is the eternal rival and that no water. In all cases small defects and enlarge their invisible allies seek to minimize their successes. And besides, because not a financial wizard as Florentino Perez are able to break the bank. I checked in the league last year in which almost broke all records. But they were seconds. And Mourinho said, "the second is the first of the last."

Such is the respect that Guardiola's team has not spoken of revenge for the 5-0 final del Camp Nou. That would be more logical. Fear only allows for the illusion of winning. Just once. But winning the best boat in history! Therefore, the expected four games surely sacrifice three to one, a result that would eliminate the Champions for the final. Because, it said, after Barça no one. (via SPORT)

Twenty days all or nothing

A triple crown 'Pep team' does that mean a 'Florenticidio', the collapse of the second draft Florentino?

Some raised the Barça-Madrid in the first round of the League as a settling of accounts. The new project by José Mourinho was going to put in place to Barça Josep Guardiola. However, the overwhelming 5-0 of 'Pep team' became the group of 'Mou' on a computer under construction while many questioned whether the Catalans were the best eleven of the story. What happens then if, with permission from Tottenham and Shakhtar, there are four direct confrontation?

Barcelona and Madrid will be played in just over two weeks, three major titles this season and much more things, institutions and actors risk prestige and hierarchy in the 'Planet Football'. Are the consequences of a duel between the two Quad biggest clubs of the moment, as opposed to projects that have in their squads with some of the best players in the world.

No one is aware that the organizational models of Barca and Madrid are global benchmarks. The Blaugrana entity, protected by an idea that football has developed the ultimate consequences, is seen by many as an example to follow. Florentino Perez's model, not a sports project defined a portfolio beyond inexhaustible prodigious football recruit, has been questioned. Another season 'zero', especially at the hands of the great rival, could be lethal for President merengue.

Everything has been taken to the ultimate consequences. Barcelona's front bench is a genuine product of La Masia, Pep Guardiola, football faithful to a conception that the president Sandro Rosell has remained unchanged. In front of Royal hired the best professional in the world, Jose Mourinho, whose credentials are a showcase full of titles at every club that has stepped ... and his success with Inter in the semi-final against Barca. If 'Mou' not yet digested the 'little hand' of the Nou Camp, it is clear that the ways of Pep Versailles hide just want to spend blaugrana apparel accounts.

And subtract the duel on the pitch. The pique between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is long and in recent years has opted for the Argentine. Leo thrashed in the final in Rome and took from 'CR7', not just the scepter of Champions, also the crown of best player in the world. Since then, the Portuguese sought to regain the number one and their grief at a distance, the top scorer in dispute, are merely maneuvers with live ammunition waiting to get those eighteen days that will be played the triple crown hegemony in the 'Planet Football'. (via SPORT)

The clubs say 'no' to the Copa America

The Federation has not even pressed the availability of the players, it is almost impossible to go to the tournament.

Despite CONMEBOL's invitation to participate in the Copa America has been very well received at the offices of the RFEF, the federal agency are aware of the problems of South America attend the event. And the clubs are responsible for remembering all the 'buts "in the Board meeting scheduled for Wednesday in which to make a decision. The clubs, led by Barcelona and Real Madrid, communicate their resounding `no" to yield to his players.

Internationals have three summers, including Euro, the Confederations Cup and World, linking one season to another and clubs believe their players need rest. Barca and Real Madrid, and have also hired by America and Asia tour in which they must present their best players. If Spain will participate in the Copa America, the international would be on vacation while their clubs go to these tours, with the economic damage this entails for its coffers.

The clubs are not only morally permitted not to yield to his players, but also believe the reason they attend, as this is a very abrupt and unexpected participation dates. In other words, do not believe they are obliged to release their players for this appointment. AFE also, through its president, José Luis Rubiales, recalled that the obligation to protect the players.

In parallel, the RFEF rule out the possibility of going to Argentina with a `B" team, as a matter of prestige, given that Spain is the current World Champion. Evidence that Spain's participation in the Copa America is almost ruled out is that since the RFEF not contacted with the international press availability. Officially, no one opens his mouth until Wednesday and both the manager, Fernando Hierro, as the coach Vicente del Bosque came out yesterday showing tangent honored by the invitation and recalling the difficulties.

Meanwhile, from CONMEBOL, trying to convince Japan to reconsider his resignation and has been given until Friday to margin of a response. Television rights have already been sold to Asia and if Japan does not attend, the contract would be significantly affected. (via SPORT)

Iniesta 'sell' ice in summer

Fuentealbilla midfielder yesterday began shooting a TV commercial ice cream brand Kalise that will begin airing soon on a regular basis. The spot is part of the summer campaign of the brand.

Andres Iniesta took part yesterday in a first photo session with some touches delighted. It was the day after he starred in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Shakhtar. The Catalans took a few minutes to celebrate his recent fatherhood with a goal. Iniesta opened the scoring in the 1-0 and put his thumb to his mouth, dedicating the both his daughter Valeria, newborn. Andrew lives a great time in every way and next summer will also be the image of Ice Kalise, which has 26 branch offices and over 100 distributors in the Iberian Peninsula. The player has already announced the campaign through social networks. (via SPORT)

Valdes: "When Real Madrid beat us was in color or black and white?"

Víctor Valdés is motivated by the prospect of four classic play against Real Madrid in less than a month. The Barcelona goal was taken with humor that whites have won more derbies throughout history ... and Pep Guardiola praised.

"It would be nice to play four classic against Real Madrid," Valdes said in an interview comedy show "Buenafuente" de La Sexta.

Valdes said with irony when the show's host, Andreu Buenafuente, sarcastically reminded him that the balance of the Barcelona-Madrid throughout history is favorable to whites, by 63 wins to 68. "But are color or black and white," said Barca goal in relaxed atmosphere.

The L'Hospitalet, immediately afterwards, he recalled that the line off the field between players of either team is very cordial, "With team-mates there is good understanding, but there is always rivalry," he said.

Valdes also spoke of his coach, Pep Guardiola, who last week said in a RAI program cycle is limited at the club: "I do not see a ship without Guardiola," said the goalkeeper. "It's a crack. Since arriving established habits and methods are the results are there." "He spends 24 hours watching videos, looking to rivals, is welcome," he added. (via SPORT)

Wenger wants to 'fish' now Milito

Arsenal's French coach wants to strengthen its defensive axis with experience, and would welcome the arrival of Milito.

The focus of Arsène Wenger is set at Barça. If Arsenal are used to catch Barca youth players, now seems to have shown interest in a veteran of the first team, Gabi Milito, as outlined in Calcio Mercato. The Argentine is enjoying a very few minutes this season and has only appeared in the league eight times this season.

The central fact is that after recovering from a long injury, has never found the continuity at the club and despite Guardiola has stressed its importance in the team most likely to go to the end of the season. The destination could be the same who once chose Cesc Fabregas, or that Toral will Jon this summer: Arsenal Wenger. The Gunners are in their favor that, surely, from Barcelona not ask a lot of money to transfer, and strengthening Pearl could use to add experience to his back. (via SPORT)