08 April 2011

Del Bosque recognizes that Sergio Busquets has asked to go to the Europeo Under-21

Barça, world champion with la 'Roja', have asked to go to the continental championship for under 21.

The national football coach, Vicente del Bosque has admitted that Barcelona FC footballer Sergio Busquets told at the last pre-match concentration of absolute Lithuania would like to contest the Europeo Under-21 next.

The coach has said he told Busquets you talk to the athletic director of la Real Federación Española, Fernando Hierro, so he took the decision that he saw fit. Del Bosque has made ​​this request as an example of "commitment" to maintain players that currently comprise the senior football and won the World Cup in South Africa last summer.

As stated during his speech at the Workshop "Sport and Communication 2011 'at the School of Communications at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (UPSA), an initiative that has also had journalists and other professionals in the sports world. The initiative, organized by the English Court in collaboration with Radio Marca and the Pontifical University of Salamanca (UPSA) has sought "to combine the promotion of sport and the media through their professional best," according to the organization. (via MD)

[Busquets insists on playing the European Under-21]

The combination led by Luis Milla played Euro more in Denmark during the month of June.

Sergio Busquets has marked between the eyes of the U21 European Championship next June, which takes place in Denmark. Barça midfielder hopes to help all trained by Luis Milla in their European adventure and it has been so made known to the absolute coach, Vicente del Bosque.

The Salamanca has openly acknowledged. Former Real Madrid coach said Busquets made it known at the last pre-match concentration of absolute Lithuania. The coach's response was that the decision was to take the athletic director of the Spanish Federation, Fernando Hierro, although yesterday it was learned that former Real Madrid central had resigned immediately and not continue in office.

In this way, should be another member of the Spanish Federation, who make the decision. Del Bosque gave as an example of commitment to Busquets, who, after winning the World Cup, has also called for help at the European under-21 selection. It is not the first time the midfielder asked to be in a competition that is not strictly in the national team.

In fact, also said more than once his intention of being at the London Olympic Games next year 2012. Busquets wants to live a unique experience. (via SPORT)

Guardiola responds to Mourinho ... and think about Rosell, RAI and TV3

Pep Guardiola is not an issue left to address in his long news conference on Friday. The Barcelona coach said about Real Madrid, José Mourinho, Sandro Rosell ... and its recent and controversial interviews to television channels RAI and TV3.

Guardiola continued his usual caution by referring to its main rival, which currently faces twice in less than a month: on April 16 League and Cup Final 20-A. A figure that could double in the case Catalans and meringues are classified for the semifinals of the Champions League.

"We expect both parties, not four," Guardiola said when a reporter was assumed that four derbies. "At the Bernabeu you can not get a joke. Madrid is the best team in the twentieth century. We have to go with the best team and compete the best we can."

The Santpedor not aware of symptoms tenión time in the environment ahead of the derby's 16 and 20 April. Something that reassures: "Everything is normal as far as it goes, nothing has happened. Here and there we had some other things, is part of the game. Let's live a football match between two good teams, nothing more," said.

Guardiola took drama to the rivalry, and insisted that any rival team is equally important: "We've always taken that way. Seeing how the players compete, how they play ... is to demonstrate maximum respect for the opposite. Because if not, go with shades of arrogance. No matter the opponent or situation. always compete well, "he said.

"In Valencia we will be 20,000 people in a very passionate against 20,000 of other very passionate team. We are two very good teams that want a trophy for the Cup must be very responsible, always. I want everyone to behave, as they have always Indeed, with great respect and unlike rival. That is not to be cooler tempers, "he said.

Mourinho and Karanka Response

The Barcelona coach also praised comments by his homologate Madrid, José Mourinho, and his deputy, Aitor Karanka, who on Friday returned to the club suggest that forced some warnings against Shakhtar to pass 'clean' card to the next phase of Champions. Something that Madrid was sentenced last year: "Just ask the committees. If you think Busquets tries to get the yellow, they say, has nothing to do with us, ask the referees. We just played , and then they whistle penalties for us and against. Well, for few, "he joked.

His statements of RAI and TV3

Guardiola did not ignore the recent controversies in 'can Barça. " First, the prediction made by its president Sandro Rosell on Barça-Madrid (predicted a 5-0). Pep then recalled that Rosell nuance their statements and that their behavior is usually very athletic.

Also worth mentioning the recent interviews given by the coach to RAI and TV3. In the first, Guardiola hinted that its cycle at the club was running out. And in the second, at the end of Barça-Shakhtar, was very elusive to the reporter who asked him: "My pitch is that it is. In Italy, I said nothing that has not already said. I was brought there by a means of responding a few questions. I asked him not take out those statements. If you do not keep your word is your problem. If I was not happy here I had not renewed. I just said that when you train a big team, after four years you go closer to of stay. You also have to be more happy days or less. The tone I use it as I think the media deserves. I'll go when you play. They can also give me one day if results go wrong, "he said. (via SPORT)

The options without Valdes

The FC Barcelona first team keeper will miss the Almeria match due to suspension. Valdes has missed 14 games this season and the balance is more than positive: 10 wins, 2 defeats and 2 draws.

Valdés received a yellow card in the Villareal game, almost in stoppage time, and will not play in the Almeria match due to suspension. It’s not exactly a new situation. In fact, this season, Valdés has missed 14 games: 8 in the Cup, 3 in the League, 2 in the Champions League and the first leg of the Spanish Supercup. Guardiola has three options as goalkeeper: Pinto, Miño, or Oier Olazábal.

A Valdés injury (the first of his career in the first team) meant that Jose Manuel Pinto has played more games than ever for the club. In the 2007/08 season he played 3 matches; in 2008/09 he played 11; last year he participated in only 4 games, but this season he’s already played 13.

Pinto’s stats are impressive. 13 matches, 10 wins, 2 draws and a single defeat, and only six goals conceded.

Pinto was not in the squad for the last game against Shakhtar due to a left ankle sprain, and the injury could make it necessary to play one of the two Barça B goalkeepers: Rubén

Both have already made their debuts in the first team. Miño debuted in the Spanish Super Cup against Sevilla. He had a great start to the game, and could do nothing about the 3 Sevilla goals..

For his part, Oier made his debut under Frank Rijkaard in the Spanish Cup against Alcoiá and also played a league game for Guardiola. With the league in the bag, the coach gave him the goalkeeping position in Mallorca. Barça drew 2-2. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell-Guardiola Summit in the Ciutat Esportiva

They meet after the controversy over the president's club cup final and technical statements RAI.

Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola will face off in a matter of minutes in the Ciutat Esportiva of FC Barcelona for a summit with substance. And the president and the coach will meet after the 'club' (5-0 to Madrid in the Cup final) and Rosell made so little liked to Guardiola, and then also the statements of the RAI Pep .

The meeting was also attended by the manager, Andoni Zubizarreta, and general director, Antoni Rossich. Also expected to participate Tito Vilanova, Pep second, and Manuel Estiarte, external relations of the club. (via MD)

Guardiola: "We can not leave points against Almeria"

Josep Guardiola has come to curb the excess of confidence before the visit of Almeria. Football is full of surprises and Sporting Gijon and Schalke 04 are a clear example. It will be a game with three points can not escape.

"The league is the most important competition of the season . The Champions League is more glamorous but the competition to mark who the best team of the year is the league. " Remarks by Josep Guardiola . Barca coach calls the greatest respect to Almeria to the fundamental qualifying match: " I ask everyone to help us, that people come to the Nou Camp . is a fundamental game. We can not pass up points against Almeria.

Guardiola knows how modest spending teams that play against Barca with water neck. Almeria at Camp Nou come stay and risking further with a new coach will be an extra motivation for players. "These are teams that play it all in every match from now. Last year we had many problems with the Tenerife Xerez and at home. And I have not ever seen any game under new coach and I have no idea of its" .

The recent victories of Sporting Gijon at the Santiago Bernabeu and Schalke 04 in San Siro reaffirm the thesis Rijkaard: "Everyone wanted to Schalke 04 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and look what happened against Inter. Nobody thought that Sporting would score in the field of Real Madrid and won 0-1.'d rather spend the short stay prudent. "

With Valdés sanctioned, Guardiola is very aware of the physical state of Pinto. The Cadiz improvement but still doubt: "Today is better than yesterday . Tomorrow I'll do one last test and if well played. If not, you do one of two porters of the subsidiary. "

As low Puyol and Abidal and its effect on the team's defensive game, Guardiola does not want to dramatize "We Shall Overcome. Against Barca all teams play in space, not because he made the Shakhtar we take extra precautions. To avoid this we have to tackle better and lose less balls. It is not new now. Three years ago we played well. "

On the physical state of the Barca captain Guardiola asks for patience: "Take two steps forward and one back. Now is the same as last week. It's a complicated lesion wants patience

Given the importance of the next two games against Shakhtar Almeria Guardiola has refused to dwell on their answers to numerous questions about the two matches against Real Madrid and even less, with a hypothetical crossover in the semi-final Champions.

The Barcelona coach has wanted to warn of the danger of overheating of encouragement ahead of the final of the Copa del Rey: "If you wish to claim the role of mood I assume cooler with ease. We think that in Valencia will be 20:00 supporters of two teams that are historic rivals. We are all responsible for what might happen. I as a coach and my players. I want them to behave with the utmost respect for the opponent and quietly. Since I coach, have shown abundant, respect for opponents and a very special way to Real Madrid . " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Atlético wants Luis Enrique

Atletico Madrid are looking to substitute Quique on the bench and has six candidates. The list of future events is formed by Caparros, Manzano, Luis Enrique, Luis Garcia, and Jorge Jesus Villas Boas.

Atletico Madrid are doing their particular 'Operación Triunfo', but not to choose a figure of future performance. It is more important than that, Atletico are doing a casting call to choose a replacement for Quique Sanchez Flores on the sidelines of the Vicente Calderon. While still not official that Madrid will not continue, it is clear that everyone takes for granted his motion. The club obviously has not stood idly by and has already begun the search has to command the draft next season.

Today, there are six candidates on the list of future events without, at the moment, there is one more important than another. This Spanish sextet is formed by Joaquin Caparros, Gregorio Manzano, Luis Enrique and Luis Garcia, who is in addition to the Portuguese André Villas Boas, Porto, and Jorge Jesus, from Benfica. The first two are two experienced coaches in the First Division and are very difficult to follow in the Athletic and Sevilla, respectively. Caparros has going for it, apart from its record at Sevilla and Athletic, a technician used to working with the quarry and get much performance computers that have been. Manzano, meanwhile, already know what it means Atletico Madrid coach because he coached in the 2003-04 season.

Joaquin Caparros and Gregorio Manzano mean a commitment of two contrasting coaches in First. But within the club there is the position of relying on two young technicians, one of them without even experience in La Liga. This is Luis Enrique (40 years) and Luis García (38 years), with whom Garcia Pitarch environment has already been in contact for as many as are in the field. Luis Enrique is doing a great season in second division and has already said he will not be in the Mini Stadium. Getafe looked like she could be his destination, but interest from Atletico Madrid can do to change the Alfonso Perez for the Vicente Calderon. Luis Garcia, meanwhile, has spent three seasons in the Levant, who returned to first this season. Former Atletico B from 1992 to 1996, is doing a very good season in his debut in First Division, as evidenced by the tenth place now occupied the Levant, with the remaining almost assured.

Jorge André Villas Boas and Jesus are the two options that are driving foreign in the club to replace Quique. The first is the coach of Porto and the Portuguese football revelation. Mourinho's former assistant and many predict the same professional success coach Real Madrid, Villas Boas, 33, is about to win the Portuguese championship in his first year at Porto, which previously only had Mourinho . The great rival sport in Portugal Villas Boas is Jorge Jesus, coach of Benfica, which is postulated as coach of Atletico. At age 56, is an institution at Benfica, the club won the league and cup last season and is poised to lead the Lisbon team to the final of the Europa League. Experienced coach can make this your last chance to train abroad (via MD)

[Barça B] Barbarà highlights the potential offensive Granada

Barça B receives this Friday and another computer on the top of the table second division Granada. The coach Joan Barbara has warned that it is a rival with the fastest band of the category. "

The duel between Barcelona and Granada B will kick off the 33 th day of the Second Division championship. The Minestadi will host this Friday after 21 hours of the confrontation of the fourth with the fifth . The coach of the subsidiary, Joan Barbarà, predicts that "the two teams will search the goal."

Barca coach has analyzed and the opponent: "It's a team that is making a great season. The team that has the fastest bands category with Dani Benítez and Orellana, and a great goalscorer, as Geijo. has a great offensive potential. "

Luis Enrique Martinez and Joan Barbarà lead a talented and ambitious block, which is still one of the sensations of competition. "We carry a large line of play. Our goal now is to go game by game and the nicest thing is that kids are competing very well and it's funny to be the best branch of history , "said Barbara.

The team has continued to develop this morning at the Ciudad Deportiva's visit Granada. The second spoke of Luis Enrique Oriol Romeu , in the final stages of recovery. "Begins to participate with the group and has advanced recovery" , said, not wanting to set a date for the return of midfielder. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

UD Almería: Olabe, third coach this year is facing Barca

The League's bottom club, Almeria, arrives at Camp Nou with Basque Roberto Olabe rookie on the bench Andalusia. It is the third coach of the Mediterranean Games Stadium in the season.

The rojiblancos pulled in many minds this year with Juanma Lillo in front of the bench. Despite starting the season on a regular basis, the results of Almería twisted slowly, and after the rout of FC Barcelona 0-8 in the twelfth game of the season, Lilly was removed. The Andalusians began to approach, with danger, towards the relegation zone. With Lilly, Almeria won just one league match, drew six and lost five. In any case, the most positive was to eliminate the Royal Society in the first round of the Copa del Rey, winning both matches to San Sebastian.

Turn to the Valencian Oltra

Juanma Lillo progress causes the arrival of former Levante coach Josep Lluís Oltra Almeria on the bench. The team, led by new coach in 17 games of the season, gets a better than Lilly. With Oltra the team wins four games, drawn five and lost eight. Within these results show the victory in the field of Sevilla (2-3) and a tie against Real Madrid at Almeria (1-1).

The Copa del Rey, as in the case of Lilly, is the best competition also Oltra and his team. In the eighth and fourth, respectively, eliminate the Mallorca and Deportivo, winning all four games and making history and reaching the semifinals for the first time, but the club were left out of the final after a comprehensive eight to zero in the two games.

The loss this past Monday at the Athletic Club (1-3) has made the Almería has reoccupied the red lantern first. The sporting situation has thus led to the second dismissal of the season, and Roberto Olabe, former coach of Real Sociedad, who has occupied the sports management, among others, the same Royal Society of Valladolid and Almeria also has been appointed to try to achieve permanency.

Olabe already has experience in similar situations. He was coach of Real Sociedad in the last matches of 2001/02 school year, replacing an institution as was the Welshman John Benjamin Toshack. (via FCBarcleona.cat)

Juve enters bid for Neymar

Juventus are willing to pay 30 million euros to Santos to secure the services of striker Neymar da Silva ahead of next season, said Friday the Italian sports daily Corriere dello Sport.

The newspaper says the young player of 19 years of age, would be "the man and the ideal image" for the new club project "Bianconeri" Italian Giuseppe Marotta, who wants to renew the team's style for next season and return to Champions League place.

The offer of 30 million, however, raises some doubts inside the Juventus, whose new management pledged not to spend such large amounts in a single player that also has no experience in big European teams.

However, the Italian newspaper notes that the contradictions that may occur this move are "apparent" because Neymar "is destined to be one of the best players" in the world, and insists that the offer of 30 million has been carried out to convince the president of Santos, Brazil's Luis Alvaro Ribeiro Oliveira, who will not let go of her attacker.

"It's the number to convince President Alvaro Ribeiro Luis Oliviera to abandon his romantic and audacious project: a player imitates the 'O Rey' fight to the finish, becoming the best in the world without leaving your home country," referred to daily.

"Corriere dello Sport" also recalls that other European clubs interested in Neymar, including London's Chelsea and Barcelona's Pep Guardiola.

"Chelsea has the advantage, but the Juventus relies on the privileged relationship with the Saints, at least in terms of the golden boy who has been interested early," the newspaper said.

It also points out as another point in favor of the Italian alliance of Nike brand with the "Vecchia Signora" and the young Brazilian: "Obviously, the sportswear giant notes the marriage with good eyes."

On how to get the Juventus 30 million to pay the Saints, "Corriere dello Sport" says that on the one hand, Marotta use of the money raised after the transfer of some of the current players and the other, draw on the first income obtained from the new stadium.

"The amount to be contributed by the company come with a great expense", says the Italian newspaper. (via SPORT)

Pinto "look like" bad to play against Almeria

The goal is not yet ruled out, but has little chance of recovering in time for your relaxation.

It is not yet officially ruled out, but the feeling about goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto is certainly not good to face the game against Almeria. Remember that last Wednesday during the morning workout at the Camp Nou, the goalkeeper Andalusian noticed some discomfort in the left ankle that forced him to leave the meeting. Subsequent testing found that the goal was suffering a sprained ankle, leaving him out of the squad for the quarterfinal match against Shakhtar. Pep solved this setback calling subsidiary goalkeeper, Rubén Miño, who sat on the bench on Wednesday.

Pinto's injury would in any case a minor problem if it were not for the Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes, is suspended for tomorrow's game after watching the fifth yellow card last weekend in El Madrigal. Obviously the penalty Valdes with Pinto's injury will force Guardiola to resort back to the subsidiary. On this occasion it seems that the elected will Rubén Miño, who on Wednesday joined the call and yesterday trained with the first team along with another goalkeeper Barça B, Oier.

Obviously, the loosening of Pinto is a very minor injury, but with a very tight schedule as it is coming to Barcelona in the month of April, their options very morning to arrive in time are extremely rare, as only 72 hours have elapsed since I noticed discomfort in his left ankle. He is currently working closely with the stove Juanjo Brau.

There is no doubt that the goalkeeper could infiltrate to force his title against Almeria, but in this case would risk further injury that could leave ahead of the Copa del Rey final against Real Madrid on April 20. Nobody in the club want to take unnecessary risks, starting with the very Pinto.

In any case, not until the day of the party who takes the final decision as to play at home, Guardiola never does call, so waiting a few hours before playing against Almeria to check the status of Pinto ankle and if it finally may be under the sticks and have to dip into one of two goalkeepers in the subsidiary.

Oier and Miño will not be today before the Granada

The two goalkeepers today Barça B will not be in the big game before the 33 second in the Mini Stadium Granada as Pep Guardiola has demanded to train today in the morning session of the first team in the Ciutat Esportiva overlooking the party tomorrow against Almeria. Evidently, this citation can venture the few options that Pinto arrives on time. Luis Enrique will Jordi Masip title today against Granada. (via SPORT)

Reference: http://www.mundodeportivo.com

Alves, a Ferrari on the right wing

Brazil enjoyed the European Surf behind the wheel of a spectacular car loan from the prestigious Italian brand.

Alves rarely goes unnoticed. His explosiveness on the field and his outgoing personality out of it makes him one of those guys that always attracts attention. And yesterday it was because double. First, and most importantly, discuss the big game was made against Shakhtar. However, the presence of Brazilian driving a flashy Ferrari also generated huge buzz. A vehicle all power and speed that may well illustrate some of the virtues adorn the footballer.

Dani facing the final stretch of the season at the peak of condition. The defense is that it comes out and the physical data bear this out. Without going any further, set against Ukrainian, Alves broke his band and ran over all his rivals with a total of 11,084 meters. A brand only available for a physical marvel as he is.
With or without Ferrari, Alves looks the best of their smiles, the recent renewal contributes to it, "and warns that the Barça squad dreams of accumulating more degrees and awards. "The word waste does not exist in this locker room, is something that can happen but this team has only positive mindset," said the footballer. Dani is the most ambitious, but does not want his desire to be confused with arrogance or a tone of bravado. Nothing is further from the truth. "The greatest danger we have is believing that everything is done, we've won at Madrid in the Cup, the League is also ours. It is important not to deviate from our line humble and keep doing our best in every game because it's hard to get here. "

How could it be otherwise at this point of timing, Real Madrid has emerged as the major obstacle of the club. For Alves, the best is to approach the classics with absolute normality. "In the Champions League, in case we have to play against Real Madrid, is best done in semis not the final." So in short, among other things, because Brazil defends the need to maintain full concentration until it has played the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals. "The first thing is to prepare the return match to settle the tie, then will come the time to think about the semifinal opponent. In football you can not expect anything before the hour. " (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Jonathan Soriano, who else offers you the Barca B

Barcelona B striker at the moment have their eyes on the Blaugrana subsidiary and will have none of it raining offers many clubs, since he is still one year left on his contract with Barca B. Soriano is in the spotlight of Zenit, Gante, Levante, Racing Santander and Zaragoza. (via SPORT)

Barca repechage to Botía, Sporting Central

Barça has the repechage intention to Alberto Botia who the last season was passed over to Sporting to cost zero, although a repurchase option was reserved it foresaw payment of 1.5 million euros. (via SPORT)

Valdés was left the skin

A 3 games of 400, took a gamble with Luiz Adriano.

The explicit images captured by our colleague Peter Puntí established once more why Victor Valdes is and will be undeniable in this club. In his better-known ability to pay the few cold-sometimes only-sometimes the opponent at the most committed, the Gavà has excelled in the last two meetings by reading his great game came to play physical.

As much Villarreal as Shakhtar tried to find the back of Busquets and Pique and speed found by his forwards. Repeatedly stroked her objective but always anticipated Valdés. If at El Madrigal gave a lesson to reach all the balls and pitching forward to eliminate the hazard, on Wednesday also saved some tachycardia at Camp Nou the skin literally left when he left the area to prevent ladesesperada Luiz Adriano will take the ball. The Brazilian striker tore the right middle presenting him with a gift in the form of injury. The photos below show the consequences of the entry '9 'from Shakhtar.

Although interventions like that are right who have always argued that "the best goalkeeper for the club", its decisive Paradon equivalent to points on the road to Alirón have opened the debate even in the capital over who is the best goalkeeper in the world . Iker Casillas is another big but Valdes, who will play tomorrow against Almeria through suspension, will win his fourth Zamora and Holy Saturday Osasuna to reach 400 games with the Barça.Y only 29 years. Victor is priceless. (via MD)

ottles, sausages and head of Cruyff

Sadurní, Victor and mythical three finals they remembered Salinas.

Three players of only three Cup finals played between Barça and Madrid in which Barça imposed. Sadurní Salvador, Victor Munoz and Julio Salinas they remembered during the presentation of the book of Mundo Deportivo some of the moments I lived in those games.

Sadurní was Barca goalkeeper that won the Copa del Generalissimo 11 July 1968 in the Santiago Bernabéu himself thanks to an own goal Zunzunegui. That final was known as the 'bottle' by the many glass containers that white fans jumped on the lawn. Sadurní recalled yesterday that "it was not easy in 68, at the height of Franco, beat Real Madrid in their stadium. We must thank the referee, Antonio Rigo, who was brave in his decisions. I remember well was the white front to be aware of the bottles that I fell. It was a shame. We are not even allowed to give a lap of honor. " The legendary goalkeeper was not only in this encounter. "I also remember Mendibile Ortiz, who reached 10 minutes a game for the Madrid mark. It was the government team. We deserve the 'Creu de Sant Jordi' after all that," he joked.

Victor, who played and scored the first goal of the end of June 4th, 1983 in Zaragoza (2-1), recalled that "it was a tough game, tense, at the time of Maradona, which had emergencies. Finished with that header by Mark Schuster and sausages. It is one of the best memories I have as well played in my country. "

Julio Salinas, finally, was the author of the disputed second goal of the April 5, 1990 in Mestalla (2-0). The striker recalled that "it was the turning point of the modern era Barca saved Cruyff. Now there tension between management and technicians. If we had lost, there would be new equipment," he said. The three stories rediscovered thanks to the book of MD. (via MD)

Barça and Madrid could face up to four times

With two clásicos insured by the League and Cup, Barca and Madrid are about to repeat Champions. 18 days ahead to be played at a frenetic pulse record a historic season.

It may be the ultimate, a pulse to the story. A clásico bleeding, rather than undermine its power by so much repetition, multiply exponentially. There is talk of a face to face Barça-Madrid to NBA, a kind of Lakers-Celtic version of soccer. Fall short. This has all the earmarks of being a lot stronger because instead of a ring at stake, will be a whole cabinet. And in just 18 days.

For now, already confirmed are the party that can finalize or extend the fight for the League, on Saturday 16 at the Bernabeu. Four days later, on Wednesday 20, Barca and Real Madrid will play the final of the Copa del Rey. And, last but not least, the quarterfinal round of the Champions League has left more than the possibility that aimed both to be seen again after the Wembley final of the Champions League. If Barca and Real Madrid confirmed the clear forecast to Shakhtar and Tottenham will be measured again on Wednesday 27 Chamartín and May 3 at the Camp Nou.

For now, all the players on either team shows politically incorrect. Is one more game for the crossing Europe, which would be the fourth between the two clubs, is official. On the other side Barca goalkeeper Victor Valdes admitted the night of 5-1 at Shakhtar that "if there are four clásicos, will be very good, is what the people want."

Gerard Pique, who posed with the great book of images of clásico Mundo Deportivo has already released, that "now we have two clásicos, but if we get two more preparadísimos to face them with full confidence the world."

Dani Alves, RAC1, launched an idea that could have signed their coach, Pep Guardiola: "For us, the clásico is the most important first, because we're playing a title and is to leave your opponent without options."

Andres Iniesta was cautious while not officially confirmed that four clásicos in this hectic month, "because I still can not be taken for granted." He did it in Catalunya Radio, where Iniesta accepted a Barça-Madrid multiplied by four "is a situation that history has not been given." In the unlikely assumption that there are four clásicos Barca midfielder recommended "tomárnoslo as a challenge and enjoy a unique moment, fighting for three titles, a unique opportunity to re-make many people happy. Betting very hard for it" . Iniesta assumed that Real Madrid is "a very strong rival, but the time has put us there." The theme for this final season will be "maximum illusion maximum motivation" and happy about his recent fatherhood has a target share any culé: "It's been a fantastic year in the absence of top it." (via MD)

Xavi awarded in Terrassa

The titles with the club, the World Cup and third in the Ballon d'Or has been instrumental in his election.

Xavi Hernández was yesterday named best athlete of Terrassa 2010, an accolade achieved by the second year running. His campaign at Barca, the third in the Ballon d'Or and, above all, the World Cup with the state selection, he was left without a rival among the ten candidates for Trofeu Francino i Lluís Riera.

The Blaugrana player attended a gala held at the Imperial Restaurant which hosted about 350 guests. The award, presented by the City of Terrassa and the Diari de Terrassa, recognizes the best athlete of the year and the success of Xavi Hernandez during that period are indisputable. The organization, which regularly celebrates the show on Friday, ahead of the party so that the midfielder could come to collect the trophy. The player was a little contrary to his coach on the tie against Shakhtar, who believes it is very expensive: "The result is very favorable, and obviously has to play in football and sport you never know, but the team is very confident and said after the game if we had foot and a half is because I believe so. "

The next meeting of the Catalans is played tomorrow against Almeria, "We must be cautious and try to come to the Bernabeu with the 8-point lead, though, of course, if you can extend the lead, the better." Xavi said that "Puyol is progressing well and work to return soon" and stressed that "Piqué leads quite naturally the whole issue of his relationship with Shakira." (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Ilie Sanchez, the true heir of La Masia

Luis Enrique gave as an example of some media player, but professional from head to toe.

La Masia is a reference for any footballer in the grassroots juguen Blaugrana. One of them is doubly so. Ilie Sanchez has not ever lived there as a resident, but the Barcelona B midfielder has spent many hours playing in their small gardens. Joan Farrar, who was his grandfather and also acted as director of La Masia, had much of the blame.

Ilie recalls that used to go often to the facilities attached to the Camp Nou when the activity was lower as to not disturb. Had the opportunity to visit the rooms of those who would end up idols in the Nou Camp. The Barcelona B midfielder today speaks of that time with nostalgia, with a smile every time he thinks about his grandfather. Joan Farrés he stood far four of the players who had more affection: Santamaria Cuadrado, Ivan de la Peña and Guillermo Amor The then head of internal spend much time there ("spent almost 24 hours a day" said Ilie) and it is logical that their grandchildren they did if they wanted to be with him.

Farres Joan died four years ago and was lucky not to see her grandson blaugrana dress. Ilie enjoyed his first year at the Cornell youth when his grandfather disappeared. Within a week, except there had been no rumor, the club, among other teams, we came for. Since then adds two years in juvenile and two more in the subsidiary, in which it has always won the trust of its technicians with a constant and regular. Luis Enrique came to make this season as an example of perseverance: "Everyone should look at Ilie, is not the media, but is a professional from head to toe," it said. " This season has been good and bad times for the midfielder. Now it seems they play good times and the Catalans managed one goal last weekend against Villarreal B. It was his second goal and as the first, also came to the exit of a corner. Ilie has a contract until June 30, 2012 and has no intention of leaving the club, the club of his life since his grandfather bequeathed him a sense of belonging Blaugrana. Long as it is, will be here. The goal now of the whole staff is striving to be champions. Luis Enrique have been infected by its ambitious and the team has picked up the gauntlet. (via SPORT)

Checking the return of Carles Puyol

The captain is living his particular ordeal, as the pain in his knee does not just refer.

Carles Puyol is clear that not having any luck with your injury. When the discomfort seemed they were sending and hours to return to the playing fields were being cut at a steady pace "as evidenced by the fact that he was exercising the last few days with the group much of the training", the captain turned to notice bad feelings this week, leaving a bittersweet taste in the mouth both technicians and doctors already expected to announce soon his medical discharge.

In fact, it was speculated that Puyol returned to Almeria to test your fitness to face the second leg of Champions in Donetsk. Well, at the end or Almería or Donetsk. Today, the return of Puyol is raising blisters on 'Can Barça', especially as the player begins to be desperate to both setback that is preventing her return to the pitch.

Everyone hopes to have the captain to major parties. Obviously the League at the Bernabeu on April 16 or the Cup final on 20 citations are presented as unavoidable for the player to start helping the team in the final stretch of the season.

What is clear is that Puyol is doing everything and more to solve the tendinitis in his left knee dragging since 22 January. almost two months. Earlier this week went to Madrid for a visit by the physiotherapist of the selection, Miguel Gutierrez, and he did an assessment of his knee.

All experts agree that is very close, but little is turning into a nightmare. (via SPORT)

Barcelona and Sabadell study a collaboration agreement

The coaching staff of the entity is composed of former players vallesana formed in the quarry Barca.

The tensions have traditionally presided over the relations between Barcelona and Sabadell have passed away. Currently, both institutions have a very smooth which is reflected in specific agreements, such as transfer of Cuenca Isaac Barca this season. The result has been excellent and the two institutions already working in various ways to strengthen ties in the future.

"It is normal for the third club Barcelona and Catalunya soccer maintain close relations. We are not talking about money but also agreements in the sports that benefit all parties, "said the chairman of Sabadell, Joan Sotelo. The head harlequin warns that circumstances have changed in recent months. "First, with Sandro Rosell and his team of managers and employees there is a big deal. In addition, our coaching staff, with people like Lluís Carreras, Roger Garcia, David Pirri and Xavi Roca, has a past culé is there a specific moment and can help with whatever it takes. "

The future agreement should be reflected at the end of the season, taking into account that the Sabadell is immersed in the battle to return to the Second A. "We support an agreement strictly sports. Let's Play in Two A or B, we are ready to collaborate and, in some ways, foguear some of the most promising players of Barca's subsidiary that have no place in the B. This model benefits from Sabadell and Barcelona. "

Barca especially values ​​the proximity of Sabadell, high competitive level and the presence of the Nova Creu Alta. Harlequin Stage provides an ideal framework, both for its size and the fact of having natural grass to contribute to the evolution of the promises Barca.

Races to decide in a week

Sabadell coach, Lluís Carreras, is immersed in the pools as future surveys of Luis Enrique in front of the Barça B. However, Joan Soteras cautions that, by now, is not far from the Nova Creu Alta. "We want to stay, he wants to stay and there are many differences. Next week the issue should be closed. He knows that we never closed the doors to go to Barca. There will be no problem. " (via SPORT)

Rosell Summit - Guardiola

This Friday will meet the president Sandro Rosell and first team coach, Pep Guardiola, to review the club's current situation and prepare the final assault on the season.

After a few hectic weeks now of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, and Josep Guardiola will meet this Friday, as announced by Quique Guasch in 'El club de la mitjanit'. "

The main purpose of the meeting is to review these hectic weeks after Sandro Rosell forecast for the final of Copa del Rey and to develop the final stretch of the season and all four shocks are anticipated against Real Madrid.

Guasch also commented that the Barca coach Josep Guardiola is gathered last week for lunch with the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta. (via SPORT)

Barca will have his revenge nine years after

Unless major surprise, Barcelona and Madrid will face in the semifinals, in a cross that can be used to Barca to be a rematch of that fateful 2002 removal.

Barca and Madrid are on track your pass to the semifinals of the Champions League after a 5-1 win broad and 4-0 in the first leg of the quarterfinals. Now, unless major surprise, will face before the Wembley final. The two sets have the great opportunity to knock his main rival in the continental showpiece, and to demonstrate their superiority in two clásicos that focus the eyes worldwide. No doubt there are reasons for both teams wanting to reach the crossing, but if someone can have an extra motivation, that is the club. Nine years have passed, but many Catalans should remember how hard it was being knocked against Real Madrid in the Champions 2001/02, precisely in the semifinals. On that occasion, Real Madrid won the ninth, and with its European drought in subsequent years have not given the opportunity to Barca for revenge.

On April 23, 2002, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid were measured in the first leg of the Champions League. In the Camp Nou, everything was ready to hold a party that had to be the chili to the 'National Day of Sant Jordi', but nothing went right. The Madrid's Vicente del Bosque, with goals from Zidane and McManaman, was of Barcelona a 0-2 almost decisive. Nothing could make the club in a round that also started badly (1-0 Raúl min 43) and that did not improve despite a draw that was just starting the second half. The end of the whole world knows. Real Madrid won the cup in a final emerged the figure of a young Iker Casillas, and where it appeared Zidane's mastery.

There is no doubt that all players would go all out Barça to face Real Madrid. But there are two that still have nailed the spine of those semifinals: Puyol and Xavi. The two Catalan first and second Barca captain now, not part of the defeat in the Nou Camp, but they were back home in Madrid, which confirmed the deletion. Surely for them, these two European clásicos have added value, they would play with the memory of that Champions 2002.

If Shakhtar Tottenham and not countered by a great game in its strongholds, the club will have the option to demonstrate the forthcoming April 27 (9 years and 4 days later) is now the principal ruler of the Champions League and hit return to Madrid . And is that a deletion in Europe, and more at this stage of competition, it is always painful. (via SPORT)

The international press eager sighting a potential clásico

The ever closer European semi-final between Barca and Real Madrid after the coup of Barça and white authority in the first leg of their quarter-final against Tottenham Shakhtar and fills the pages of the international press after the bright day of Champions.

The most important headers match the international press in approaching a new clásico in the battle for a place in the final in London as published by the 'Gazzetta dello Sport: "With an eye on Real Madrid." The Italian newspaper notes that the club "overwhelmed" in his match against Shakhtar and made an appointment to visit Madrid Mou. In the same line lies 'The Corriere dello Sport' who called with an emphatic: "If the flame Madrid, the club meets." He also noted that the Barca team is "too powerful to young talent Lucescu."

In the British press and also suggest a possible clásico in the semifinals. The Daily Mail says the "brilliant success" of the ship that "outlines the rival Madrid." Goes beyond the Daily Mail who suggests that "anything I can do Real Madrid, Barça can do better" in reference to the response to white on the eve rout against Tottenham. El golazo de Iniesta also had its share of ownership for the 'Daily Mirror' who noted that of Fuentebalbilla as the "star" that guided the club.

In Argentina, the prestigious journal 'Olé' digital edition opens with a clear "We are on the Royal ..." and notes that "already beats the clásico" making your mouth water with the potential duel between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The newspaper 'L'Equipe', also marveled at the Barca game which he defined as an actual concert offensive "to which Shakhtar could do nothing. In the same line is positioned in the magazine 'France Football' who sentence with a resounding: "Barca a lesson." (via SPORT)

Guardiola, pending Pinto

Pep Guardiola is pending in the evolution of José Manuel Pinto to face the game against Almeria, and Valdes is sanctioned and can not play on Saturday. The porter, who was low against Shakhtar with a strained ankle, is undergoing treatment in order to be ready for the said meeting.

By the way, the coach has decided that the goals of the subsidiary, Oier and Miño, are exercised this morning with the first team. Yesterday's headlines are conducting a recovery session after the win achieved with the Ukrainians.

The story of the day starring Justin Bieber. The singer was this morning at the Sports City of Barcelona to witness the training of the first team. The teen idol, who yesterday gave a concert in Barcelona, ​​greeted the players and was photographed with them.

The singer also played a small sided game with several players. In particular was a three against three. Bieber trio with Thiago and Benja. Opposite were Bojan, Fontas and a friend of the artist. (via Marca.com)