07 April 2011

[Barça B] Soriano and Geijo, silver scorers

Granada striker Geijo with 22 goals and Barça B Soriano striker with 21 goals, are the scorers in the second division A. Both will face in the game this Friday at the Miniestadi.

Barça B, with 62 goals, is the top scorer in the Segunda Division A. El Granada, with 55 goals, is the third team has scored more goals behind Barça B and Betis.

Teams and scorers front

The offensive bet both sets is reinforced by the effectiveness of the two center forwards these teams that will face this Friday (21 h) in the Miniestadi.

Alexandre Geijo is the top scorer with 22 goals II A, while Jonathan Soriano is the second highest scorer with a goal less. Javi Guerra, with 19 goals, is the third top scorer in the category.

Similar paths

Geijo, 29, has participated this season in 28 league games and scored 2,353 minutes in which he has scored 22 goals, which equates to a goal every 84 minutes.

Soriano, 25, has performed in the present course in 27 games and scored 21 goals in 2,126 minutes, which is a goal every 101 minutes.

Experience in the First Division

Geijo acts this season at Granada on loan from Udinese, while Soriano living his second season at Barca B. Geijo debuted in the First Division in 2003 and has accumulated experience in Neuchatel, Xerez, Malaga and Levante.

Soriano has been reunited with the goal in Barca B after failing to win at Espanyol, the club was formed and which debuted in the First Division in December 2002. Soriano also played in Almeria, Albacete and Poli Ejido. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Maxwell: "It would be dangerous to think now in Madrid"

"Now comes the best. There is no fatigue, no nothing. We took a gamble in all competitions and we must be prepared," said the Brazilian player.

Barcelona defender Maxwell Scherrer warned today that "it would be very dangerous to start thinking about the Real Madrid" when there are still two tough matches against Almeria and Shakhtar Donetsk.

Maxwell pointed out that the whole of Almeria has "good players" and "a new coach (Roberto Olabe) that can motivate them well" and that "the goal is to get to the stadium to eight points or, hopefully, a little more", which going to win on Saturday.

Concerning the return of the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Shakhtar, the Brazilian side is convinced that of Donetsk "will be an uphill battle, despite the 5-1 achieved in the Nou Camp and that" although the team took a big step yesterday, nothing is guaranteed. "

Only after these two meetings Maxwell understands that the club can afford to think about is quad showdown with arch-rivals, this exciting stretch in which he invited his colleagues to keep "cool head."

"Now comes the best. There is no fatigue, no nothing. We took a gamble in all competitions and we must be prepared," he underlined.

In the finals, Maxwell hopes the team can count on Carles Puyol, who last his tune after spending more than two months in dry dock for a left knee tendinitis. "I think it will be soon with us. Hopefully, he is our captain and we always needed," stressed the side of Barcelona, ​​who added that "Carles spread to his desire and his will and is a leader in the field."

On the other hand, Maxwell has said the visit during training this morning, Justin Bieber,''cule recognized follower.'' "Football gives you these opportunities to meet celebrities, idols of many people. It was a pleasure to see you here, you see that you like sports and have spent some time to be with him," he explained. (via AS)

Justin Bieber is trained with the club

The young musical star has attended the training the first team and played a practice match with some of the Barca players.

Justin Bieber filled the Palau Sant Jordi in the concert he gave on Wednesday, coinciding with the club, Shakhtar, and Thursday has seen the team's training which is a follower confessed.

And not only that. The Canadian singer, 17, is dressed in uniform stand of Barca and jumped to the lawn of the Sports City to make a few touches of the ball and, after training , do a practice match with several first team players.

The practice match, within an area of the pitch, has faced Justin Bieber, Thiago and Benja with a friend of the musical star, Bojan and Font . All of them attacked the defending goalkeeper Rubén Miño. Bieber has shown good technical details with the left leg. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Input the fourth-best season

The Camp Nou on Wednesday reported fourth-best attendance of the season, behind the games with Real Madrid, Arsenal and Valencia. Now reviewed all the match details.

against Shakhtar, attended the Camp Nou to 86,518 spectators, entry only to the days of Madrid (98 255), Arsenal (95 486) and Valencia (87,975).

Although the quality of team Lucescu, the outcome does justice for the auction to-door (19 to 5).

Messi was the man who finished off a door (3) and Pique, who more turnovers (12).

Andres Iniesta the only Barca who received a yellow, not play around in Donetsk. For Ukraine, is suspended left-Rat.

The manchego, premiering paternity, took less than two minutes to score. No it did in Europe from the famous goal at Stamford Bridge (1-1), two years ago.

The Iniesta was the first goal that made the team in Europe during the first quarter-hour mark.

Iniesta opened not only in this edition of the Champions League. Pique and Keita signed its first goal in Europe this year.

After three weeks absent through injury, Peter Maxwell reappeared against Shakhtar. They played the last 23 and 16 minutes respectively.

The team did five goals from 26 January when he endorsed five to Almeria in the first leg of the quarterfinals of Copa (5-0).

In Europe, the last hand of goals came against Panathinaikos (5-1), the September 14, 2010.

The victory marked the triumph of Guardiola number 125 with the first team after 170 games managed. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The 5-1, a guarantee of success in Europe for Barca

After Wednesday's game, FC Barcelona has won the same event eight times all continental football competitions. In all cases of elimination rounds, the result has served to overcome round.

So much in the Cup of Ferias, it Surrounds of UEFA, in the old Gup of Europe and of Champions, FC Barcelona has obtained goleadas for 5-1 that have solved the corresponding ones eliminatory.

Barca won their first game 5-1 in the return of the second round of the European Cup against the Lombards. On November 25, 1959 the Camp Nou Barça filled with more than 80,000 spectators. Helenio Herrera Barça had won the first leg. Kubala, with a hat-trick, was the star of that great game.

The 1961/62 season was played in the Nou Camp in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Cup against Dynamo Zagreb. Evaristo Macedo scored three times and placed the marker at the Nou Camp in a 5-1 that left half settled the tie, which topped the club with a draw for two in the Croatian town two weeks later.

Fifteen years later, history repeated itself with the Norwegian Tulevik. In this case, the 5-1 was in the back of a match that the club had left Rinus Michels sentenced in the first leg 0-3. Asensi scored two of the five goals of the club.

The year 1977/78 was confronted for the first time the club with the Romanians Steaua. The 5-1 result left end of the first round of the UEFA Cup. The Catalans, also led by Michels, again won by 1-3 in Bucharest. The Argentine 'Milonguita' Heredia scored twice in the Nou Camp.

Barca won, during 1993/94, Champions League, the first game 5-1 in a group stage. The Russian Spartak Moscow that lived a win away from the finals and closer to Johan Cruyff's team top spot. The Catalans went up the opening goal from Russian Karpin and in the second half, Koeman (2), Romario Love and thrashed to Moscow after the tying goal made by Stòitxkov.

In any case, the 5-1 most memorable is the one that occurred in the quarter-finals of the Champions for the 1999/2000 season. The team of Louis van Gaal had resolved a very difficult tie after suffering a leg 3-1 in London. Figo, Rivaldo (2), Dani and Kluivert thrashed, with extension included, to get to the semifinals. (via FCbarcelona.cat)

Inter does not remove the eye Guardiola

The Inter European debacle against Shalke 04 have given rise to begin the dance of names to succeed Leonardo on the bench 'neroazzurro'.

The Brazilian, who came to replace Benitez at midseason, has succumbed after the win at the Giuseppe Meazza embedded leaving them with foot and a half out of the Champions League. Moratti is starting to move their pieces back to reset the project interest.

In this line, according to 'El Corriere dello Sport', Guardiola is one of the best positioned especially after his recent remarks to the RAI in stating that his time at the club was running out.

Moratti is with an eye to the Nou Camp to try to recruit technical Santpedor but not waiver to reinstate Mourinho. The estimated neroazzurra professes love to Portuguese after their successful seasons in Milan placed him as the next preferred candidate to replace Leonardo.

Even in a possible dance bench, Guardiola and Mourinho are face to face. (via SPORT)

Recovery in Ciudad Deportiva

Barça's session this morning in Sant Joan Despi has helped the players rallied muscularly Champions Party and to begin thinking about the next match of the season.

Hours after the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, the players who participated in the impressive win against Shakhtar Donetsk have carried out a remedial work, some on the grass and others in the gym of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper.

At the same time, the team has begun preparing the next day of the season, which will face the USA in the Camp Nou on Saturday at 20 hours . Carles Puyol has done specific work in the gym, while Éric Abidal has continued to room with a stove.

Group completed the four team players: goalkeepers Oier y Miño , midfielder Thiago and striker Benjamin . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Wenger confirmed that Xavi Quintillà is the cadete

Various British media confirmed Monday that Arsène Wenger, Arsenal has now set his eyes Xavi Quintillà, 15 Cadete B as Miguel Rico moved on the back of MD. From Lleida, the defense came to La Masia two years ago and since then its performance has been increasing. Has a precise technique is powerful and knows how to make the ball very well from behind. Arsenal will want to free this summer and still not old for a professional contract. (via MD)

Leo is reserved for the clásicos tetradosis

Not marked but in a rush to put it Keita and overcame the worst moment of the night

A 51 days of the end of Wembley, the longest, fast-paced and intense live on Barcelona on 27-A and 3-M next, the dates of a semi-final yesterday and began to breathe in the Nou Camp against Real Madrid, the biggest battle of giants that is remembered in soccer.

Guardiola will not agree to give and eliminated Shakhtar, who yesterday condemned his attackers fault, but it is written, for better or for worse, the Barcelona-Madrid that come in four games to decide the three competitions, will test nervous system, the personal and collective, of millions of fans.

As sensing one end of the season, Barça decided to save the trip to Donetsk in the next week, there where the club will mainly concentrate and prepare for the visit to the Bernabeu on 16 April.

Best for Messi, who yesterday was the silent protagonist of 'moment' of the game, when to go enraged chute advertising side a ball that he could not control. Minute 59. He was also angry because the club had conceded the 3-1. Leo stayed to press, stole the defense portfolio, he went on goal and when he had drawn the entire defense was put to Keita to be shot at Shakhtar.

Dance renewal

A crack team knows how to win. And marked. Villa, Pedro and Messi himself abstained jointly do so in the past few weeks, perhaps because they reserve their goals to those parties who, without naming them, shrink the stomach. But Leo was delighted with the happiness of Alves, who first apologized for missing a pass and then scored a dance after the 2-0, a goal of faith and heart with all the Nou Camp have held for life renewed Barça. And Leo smiled like a child when repeated Piqué goal and great joy to 4-1, the same way as before, when he scored Iniesta, had begun to see a great victory. The shot that put Xavier in the win came when the stands it was a cry, a roar of enthusiasm and confidence.

Pedro reappeared amid cheers, the same as was Abidal, setting the stage last night with Puyol, both suffering because the team misses his speed. The 86,518 spectators slept, like all Barca, mired in sensanción disturbing finding himself in a horizon that focuses clásicos overdose ever lived.

E Iniesta left with all the honors after spending her newborn daughter Valeria a goal. They want more, Andrés. (via MD)

Valeria, more inside than outside

The newborn daughter of Andrés brought to his father under his arm an early goal and a great turnout. The damn question.

"Valeria of my life," Jose Antonio Camacho would have cried if, of course, it is not Barca, the eternal enemy of his beloved Real Madrid, who it appears will duel in the semifinals. The fact is that the baby daughter of Andrés Iniesta on Sunday tried to lend a hand to his father and change the "more out than in" with Pep Guardiola had alerted all the FC Barcelona the day before for just the opposite. Just over a minute match wore when newly minted father took the ball rebounded to Srna, with his usual skill, placed at the bottom of the net on the near post. Iniesta ran to celebrate with his finger in his mouth, giving a logical twist to the usual celebration of its previous 7 goals this season, all in the league, and he used to touch their bellies simulating pregnancy. With 8 'targets', Iniesta and only one of his personal record, 9, achieved in 2006-07.

So Andrés has already changed the 'hype' for the pacifier. Valeria is no longer in the belly of his mother Anna and was born with a loaf under his arm. Had it not been for that early goal from his father, the first mark in the Champions League from the unforgettable Stamford Bridge, might not have been the same. It was not the only pearl. After Shakhtar Guardiola gave the reason for 20 minutes in which very clear chances created and proved to be a great team despite the final result bulky, Iniesta gave another wonder: a nice long pass from the left (in attack position you started, but enjoyed great freedom of movement) that was well controlled by Dani Alves and become the second goal after goalkeeper Pyatov bargain. Assistance was number 11 of La Mancha this season, including four in the Champions League, leaving aims which provided a tie would give more headaches.

Andrés still had to be more character sets. After Piqué Alves exploited a playfulness to the exit of a corner to put the third yellow card Iniesta forced to miss the return necessary to impede the throw of a fault, but in the confusion of the play, his team conceded the Shakhtar's only goal. Keita Luckily I managed only a minute later and Xavi put the 'little hand' a bit at the end. The festival allowed Pep had a detail with the genius, replacing it with Afellay for the Nou Camp could honor him. Just missed that chanted the name of Valeria. (via MD)

Four Clásicos in 18 days!

Only a surprise comeback Shakhtar Donetsk or Tottenham could avoid the two Champions.

All indications are that Barcelona and Real Madrid will face four times in the next month. The party of the second round of the Liga and the final of the Copa del Rey are insured. The two semi-final of the Champions, both practically and also as targets Barca left by the quart only track.

The 5-1 Shakhtar Donetsk Barcelona in the Nou Camp makes the quarterfinal second leg next Tuesday April 12 in Ukraine a formality - although in the Barca dressing room the message of caution. "There are 90 minutes and we must be careful. If we score a goal soon touch us suffer," said Pique after the win at Shakhtar.

The Real Madrid, meanwhile, will jump on Wednesday April 13 at White Hart Lane turf with the clear advantage of 4-0 at the Bernabeu. However, Mourinho does not are still in the semifinals. "It's a great result, but we can not underestimate Tottenham," said Cristiano Ronaldo after the first leg.

Therefore, except for a surprise comeback or Shakhtar Tottenham next week, both Barcelona and Real Madrid will be in semis of the Champions League and, because the draw threw up their quarterfinal heats were crossed, there will be a Classic Europe and, therefore, a Spanish team in the final at Wembley.

The semifinals would be the icing to a marathon of classics which will begin on Saturday 16 April at 22.00 hours with the Real Madrid-Barcelona in the second round of the Liga. This encounter at the Bernabeu is as much a 'Classic decaffeinated' by the thing that the club has the league in his pocket , as white revenge by 5-0 in the first round at the Camp Nou. A Madrid-Barcelona is always a Madrid-Barça.

However, if one of these classics that Real Madrid and Barça are marked on the calendar for that play time is four days later. Then, play a title in 90 minutes. This is the final of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday 20 April at 21.30 at the Mestalla. Almost nothing!

And if this were not enough, the hard work of both the Champions and a wayward kick that may have allowed two Classics. The semifinal round of the continental showpiece would be on Wednesday 27 April at 20.45 hours at the Santiago Bernabeu, and return on May 3 at the Nou Camp, also in times of Champions. At stake is a grand final against Schalke 04 Champions League, Inter Milan, Chelsea or Manchester United. Almost nothing too!

In total, four Classics in 18 days and, surprise, fifth on the horizon! Super Why Spain will also be a Barça-Madrid as the dispute the Liga champions against the Cup holders King and in case of being the same team, against runner-up butler. (via Marca.com)

[Rating] FC Barcelona - Shakhtar Donetsk (5-1)


Valdés 8, Alves 7, Piqué 7, Busquets 7, Adriano 7, Mascherano 7, Xavi 8, Keita 7, Iniesta 8, Messi 8 (MOM), Villa 7, Pedro 6, Maxwell unqualified, Afellay unqualified. (via SPORT)

Pep models and Mourinho, to debates

LThe Tower Banc Sabadell welcomed a new day of its program for executives' formation.

The difference between the methods of Josep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho for success was the theme of the new session of the Executive Training Programme organized by the Association for the Advancement Directorate (APD) in the auditorium of the Torre Banc de Sabadell .

Under the heading 'Mourinho versus Guardiola, two methods for the same purpose ", intervened Juan Carlos Cubero, president of Eurotalent and professor at the University of Deusto, Joan Golobart former Espanyol player, Antoni Gaso, Director General of GAES, and Gabriel Masfurroll, Director General of the USP Medical Group and responsible for APD.

During the debate, Golobart considered that "would be interchangeable since both the same characteristics as leaders and managers of people." Cubero disagreed: he considered that "both are brilliant" but the Real Madrid "is a multinational culture (external transfers) while Barcelona has a culture of family business (drive up to the house)." Masfurroll Gabriel Guardiola said she considers it "more difficult to manage the team of collaborators that the players themselves." (via SPORT)

Camp Nou, euphoric, danced to the madridista rhythm the one that doesn't bounce!

The 86,518 fans who attended the Barcelona site gearing up for the semifinal.

Barca took a giant step towards Wembley final next May 28. The call came Pep Guardiola effect and 86,518 fans turned the stadium Barca keen to push the team to London showpiece. It was a full, but an entry just remarkable and, above all, the fans went psyched, wanting to cheer as the big European nights.

Without doubt, the best help to raise the spirits of a Catalans fans usually cold was the only goal to start the match Andres Iniesta. The Manchego took a rebound in the area and opened the scoring. The fear with which some followers have come to the stadium after Pep Guardiola's statements to the maximum extreme warning of the dangers of Shakhtar was soon dispelled and lived a great party.

The fans chanted the hymn of Barça, up to the players when the Ukrainians enjoyed scoring three consecutive times and was always excellent. A nearly full Nou Camp and the followers can dump with any rival and with a little more accustomed to these environments in their championship. Yesterday's was the fourth best entry of the season, surpassed only by the registered against Real Madrid, Arsenal and Valencia.

The give and take in that he had become the party opted Blaugrana side thanks to a goal by Dani Alves and then I flew the most likely European semifinal against Real Madrid. An important part of Camp Nou started screaming "the Real Madrid boti not" as a warning to the set target. At Mourinho will wait for a true back in the second leg of the round to be determined by the team that played at Wembley.

The Catalans enjoyed and not even noticed it had come close to a thousand fans at Camp Nou Shakhtar. Rival supporters left unoccupied sites and also ran the 'seient lliure ". In total, the club sold 14,300 tickets, an unusual figure in one of the important part of the season.

The fans who attended did so with some courageous and banners relating to the final. "Wembley was tornarem !!!", one could read in one of the funds. Also appeared on the side of 'Catalonia is Not Spain ". With the passage of minutes the banners disappeared since the UEFA required to cover all the spaces with the symbol of the Champions League.

The Nou Camp, as it did in the previous game at home to Getafe, also remembered Eric Abidal. Then had to undergo surgery in the hospital and met the support they had shown the fans. Yesterday he noticed the baby in person and who came to the stage. Both the 22 minutes of his back, each of the parties as in other phases of the game was heard shouting "Abidal Abidal" that give wings to the French insurance to start with enthusiasm recovery.

The directive has created this week the commission should promote the 'Grada Jove ", needed in most games, but not on nights like yesterday. The Catalans went to shout "Real Madrid do not throw that" after the fifth goal of the game and sent the key player to break the game, Andres Iniesta, with a standing ovation to get goosebumps. (via SPORT)

Keita: "This goal is for my brother Abidal"

The staff noted that despite the score, the Shakhtar Donetsk had been a very difficult opponent.

Barça players were especially pleased because the result was excellent and facing a very difficult team. The autographs could be varied.

Thus, Seydou Keita, for example, the author of 4-1, was very happy with the importance of his goal but also because he had been able to devote his partner Eric Abidal. Still wearing the shirt on that read `s to you, buddy, come back soon". "Yes, the goal is to` Abi "is my brother and I hope to get back with us soon." And after remembering how much it took to get the 5-1 found that "will be key to the classification."

Gerard Pique was also able to score a second consecutive time and again resorted to 'DIGITAL 2-2 for a double dedication, to Abidal and Shakira. "I guess the coach and Titus (Vilanova) celebrated it because it was a set piece that we rehearsed in training on Tuesday and this morning (Wednesday) and is the result of a job well done." As your partner, predicted that despite everything, in Donetsk "touch Curran and work" and made memory of what happened in the Betis camp where they quickly made it 2-0 in the Villamarín.

Another scorer with special dedication was Andrés Iniesta could devote his daughter Valeria 1-0. "I'm happy. It was a great night, "he acknowledged," I have been lucky enough to score the first and help the team. " Like his teammates, the Blaugrana midfielder Guardiola recalled that he had warned of the difficulties of mourning. "We've seen all the times you've created and this is a test case for the return. If we believe that it's done, we will be wrong. It is a cliché but it's reality. "

Adriano reassured everyone by explaining that the change was due to some discomfort in the tendon but had made only a precaution. "I'm happy with the ovation and the minutes of the game, every game I feel better," he said. (via SPORT)

Iniesta to miss return through suspension

Andrés Iniesta will miss Tuesday’s game in Donetsk after getting booked this evening for not respecting the distance at a 58th minute free kick. Iniesta was the only player on two yellows going into tonight’s game. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça equal record for consecutive home wins in Europe

The 5-1 win against Shakhtar Donetsk was the ninth European win in a row for Barça, something they had only achieved twice before.

Barça’s new record dates back to October 20, 2009, when they lost at the Camp Nou to Rubin Kazan, 2-1 in the Champions League. They haven’t lost at home since.

Their nine victims since then have been Inter Milan, twice (2-0 and 1-0), Arsenal, also twice (4-1 and 3-1), Stuttgart (4-0), Panathinaikos (5-1), Copenhagen (2-0), Rubin Kazan (2-0) and Shakhtar Donetsk (5-1), all in Europe’s premier club competition.

Barça last won nine home European games in a row between December 1977 and November 1979, in the old UEFA Cup and Cup Winners Cup. The Dream Team repeated the feat between March 1993 and November 1994, in the Champions League. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Lucescu: "We lost us, Barcelona didn't win us"

Shakhtar Donetsk coach Mircea Lucescu, has been sentenced by the quarter-final of the Champions League after falling thrashed today (5-1) against Barcelona, ​​which welcomed "because they already qualified for semis.

Lucescu has lamented the "childish mistakes" he has committed his team that, in his opinion, he pulled the tie: "We were the ones we lost, not Barcelona, ​​we won."

In any case, the Romanian coach has called the Catalan side's "racing machine" and sees him as the clear favorite to win the title. "I do not see a team that can beat them this season. They know no errors and force the opponent and use them. And the opponents come out scared when they play against them," he stressed.
Lucescu expects at least recoup the loss next week in Donetsk. "We hope to create an enabling environment, with 50,000 people, just like you have created here today and play better than we did today," he concluded. (via SPORT)

David Villa: "All we had signed a 5-1"

Striker David Villa said of the win over the Lucescu is very important because this team is "very dangerous." According to Villa, "all would have signed it 5-1 before the game." For him is very favorable but "we have to travel to Ukraine to compete." And, despite the considerable difference of goals, "are 90 minutes of a very exciting match," said Villa in Barça TV.

The Spaniard also indicated that we must go game by game and that Shakhtar are a team that has reached the quarter-finals of the Champions "on its own merits." In fact, according to the Spaniard, those Lucescu "are a very good team, a clean sweep of its league and we knew we had to do a lot of pressure so that their top players do not connect." Now, David Villa hopes to win at Shakhtar field, where the Ukrainian team has not lost.

No worries about the lack of goals

Villa has stated also that Iniesta's goal has been instrumental in putting things straight and subtract whole Lucescu confidence. Instead, the front door has not been made that does not worry the Spaniard: "Obviously you always want to score but after a 5-1 think if you checked or not is illogical." Villa said further that "the gusts of the scorers and the know" and that while not mark the front, "and so will the others."


"It's a very important goal for this game."

"We expect that five to one today is key."

"Shakhtar is a very strong team."

"With the luck we had today we played a very important game"

"There are still 90 minutes, the tie is not closed."

"The shirt is for Abi. It's for my friend to come very fast, it's like a brother.


"We always try to play the ultimate strategy."

"I've been lucky enough to score in the last two games."

"I'm very happy with the win, against a team with good quality."

(On his goal) "It's a play that we have tested this morning

"There has been a triumphal. Despite the result currar Tuesday we will play well. The score is very good, but we should not have any important out there.


"There is doomed. We knew it was a very difficult "

"There are still 90 minutes, we know that Shakhtar has not been beaten in their field. We have to go with his feet on the ground. "

"I'm happy for the game. We have taken an important step. The important thing is the team's victory, no matter who scores, we are happy for those who have marked today. "

"I'm happy for the minutes they've been playing, every time I try to improve, keep up with peers. But there are still things to improve. "

"I've carried a bit of the Achilles tendon, I have uploaded the twins, I went more as a precaution"

"From the beginning we have been very good, we kept possession. We've just made a very good game. "

"You have to enjoy, to be 100 100 in every game"


"I'm happy with how everything has gone, the party ... has been a great night."

"I've been lucky in the first game I played after that he was born (his daughter, Valeria) I made the goal"

"We have a great result for the second leg

"The boss is tired of saying it would be very difficult"

"He has had many opportunities Shaktar"

"The important thing is that we can all help. No looking anything because no mark goals front, they have done all season, "

"We would be wrong to think that this is already done"

"I've changed a diaper, I'm good"

"I think everyone has seen the opportunities of Shakhtar. The result is that it's very difficult.

"They have created many occasions. They have created the bat, had the one on one .... In the second leg we have to be outstanding. "

"It's always good to score the first goal very fast, makes you more comfortable.

"We had to run a lot."

"The yellow one is not forced. Nor do I expect the sacase "


"In football anything can happen, we can say we have a foot in the semis but we have to watch.

"They also have pressed us, we have made many individual markings."

"The team has done an excellent game. We have been more effective than other days"

"People who came second line went better. We've had more participation"

"We have complicated life in the past"

"We always go out to win the game, to have control, we analyzed it in videos, images, and is a team to be reckoned with. To me it is a great team."

"This morning we have been training the set pieces and we were fortunate to have come today." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “I’m happy, but I know this isn’t finished”

After admitting he was delighted to win 5-1 in the Champions League quarter final, Josep Guardiola added that caution was in order as the job is not done yet.

He had already warned about how dangerous Shakhtar can be, and the game was indeed fast and furious with chances falling to both sides. So he was naturally happy that a game he described as an ‘exhibition’ had ended in such positive circumstances on Wednesday night at the Camp Nou.

He couldn’t deny that 5-1 was a good result, but Guardiola added that “we have to be very prudent because this is not the final result … we need to keep our feet on the ground. I’m very happy, but I know the job hasn’t been done. We have to take this very seriously.”

But he didn’t agree with his peer on the Shakhtar bench, who declared that as far as he is concerned, the tie is over: “I don’t think so, mark my words … We still remember beating Betis 5-0 and then the way we suffered so much in the second leg of the cup tie.”

Guardiola went on to say that “I didn’t expect to get five goals. Normally they don’t let many in and generate lots of chances. You need to have the game in your hands by controlling the possession.”

Asked why they conceded so many more chances than usual in this game, the manager put it down to defensive shortcomings. “Without Abidal and Puyol we were lacking legs and speed, and so we have to replace that with other virtues … but the players are physically like animals … if they know how to do one thing, it’s compete”.

Finally, Guardiola spoke about Leo Messi: “Leo has been fundamental in three games in which he didn’t score: Madrid, Espanyol and this one. He is an impeccable player in every sense. He put on another great display today. Sometimes it’s a joy to be able to coach a player like that. He is always happy when we win, and his ambition infects the other players and the coaches. He is a huge competitor. He’s happy, but of course he’d like to score goals.”(via FCBarcelona.cat)

[UCL quarter-final Leg1] FC Barcelona 5 - 1 Shakhtar Donetsk

FC Barcelona have a foot and a half in the semi finals of the Champions League thanks to a 5-1 win over Shakhtar Donetsk at the Camp Nou. In a gripping game, all of Iniesta, Alves, Piqué, Keita and Xavi found the target.
Guardiola meant it when he said he feared what Shakhtar Donetsk are capable of doing. Barça and the Ukrainians produced an electric game with chances falling to both sides and plenty of intensity, which brought to mind that epic game between Barça and Dynamo Kiev nearly two decades ago. But this time it was Guardiola who came out on top, for his side were far more effective in front of goal. Iniesta, Alves, Piqué, Keita and Xavi all scored, while plenty of Shakhtar chances went begging.

Shakhtar’s goal, scored by Rakitskiy, one of the better visitors at the Camp Nou today, gave his side some momentary hope for next Tuesday’s return leg in the Ukraine, but at 3-1, FCB still found time for two more, and Lucescu’s side now need to win by at least 4-0 in the second game. Barcelona look safely qualified, but no doubt Guardiola will rightfully argue that the job Is still only half done.

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[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Víctor Valdés; Dani Alves, Piqué, Busquets, Adriano; Xavi, Mascherano, Keita; Messi, Villa (Pedro, min.70) e Iniesta (Afellay, min.90).

Shakhtar Donetsk: Pyatov; Srna, Ishchenko, Rakitskiy, Rat; Mkhitaryan, Hübschman (Eduardo, min.83); Douglas Costa, Jadson (Fernandinho, min.70), Willian (Alex Teixeira, min.75); y Luiz Adriano.

Goals: 1-0, min.2: Iniesta. 2-0, min.32: Dani Alves. 3-0, min.54: Piqué. 3-1, min.59: Rakitskiy. 4-1, min.61: Keita. 5-1, min.86: Xavi.

Referee: Craig Thomson, of Scotland. It showed yellow bristol board to Rakitskiy (min.51), Iniesta (min.59), Rakitskiy (min.65) and Fernandinho (min.76).

Incidences: Party of going of the rooms of final of the League of Champions before 86.518 spectators, according to official data.