06 April 2011

"Barcelona-Madrid semifinal would be a very morbid"

Previously, the FC Barcelona midfielder provides a very tricky tie against Shakhtar, "We will suffer and be decided there," he said in an interview on Cuatro.

The resounding victory of Real Madrid yesterday in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions , about the hypothetical Spanish semifinal between the white set and the FC Barcelona this afternoon is measured at Shakhtar Donest in the Nou Camp . In the case of the Barcelona-Real Madrid match in the semifinals of Europe's top competition, Xavi portends "a knockout with great curiosity and a lot of tension," but says "it's always nice to play against Real Madrid. They're big games," said in an interview on Cuatro .

But before that can semifinal, Madrid has to ratify their lead against Tottenham, and FC Barcelona beat the "Rocky" Donest Shakhtar in Ukraine: "Little is known of them, but we know that is a very difficult team .'ll be a very tough opponent, we have to compete at the top, keep a clean sheet at home and go there to spend the tie, because there sure is decided , "he said.

Xavi spoke about his former teammate Chygrynskiy , again in the ranks of Shakhtar after the club shooting happened blaugrana: "I felt bad that he could not succeed here. It's a great guy and a great player who is again a high level" he said. (via AS)

The club has passed December 10 quarterfinal knockout European Cup

Tonight begins the path to the semifinals of the Champions. Throughout history, the club has played 12 knockout quarter-final of the continental showpiece. In 10 cases agreed to the semifinals.

The percentage of success Barca in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and European Cup is high. In ten of the twelve knockout disputed by different teams of Barcelona, ​​has passed round. During 1959/60, the club he first came to the quarterfinals, beating Wolverhampton English. Last year was Arsenal Barca who underwent removal of the penultimate round of the Champions League.

24 games and 13 wins

The numbers along the history of the European Cup are spectacular. 13 wins, 7 draws and 4 losses only are the results of the quarterfinal matches for the Catalans. The club has received 20 goals and scored 49. Juventus was the only team that has been repeated against Barca (seasons 1985/86 and 2002/03) with a tie and one loss earned by side.

English clubs-three times - have been the most represented ('Wolves', Chelsea and Arsenal). Only three times the club has been able to win both matches, against Wolverhampton (1959/60), the Swedish Atvidaberg (1974/75) and Schalke 04 (2007/08) - and only once has been missing overtime (against Chelsea during 1999/00).

Messi, top scorer

The Argentine, with six goals, is the top scorer of Barca in the quarter-finals of the continental showpiece. The four goals last year against Arsenal at the Nou Camp broke all records. Followed Koksis (4), Villaverde (3) and Kubala, Evaristo, Tejada, Saviola, Luis Enrique, Figo, Rivaldo, Eto'o and Ibrahimovic, all with two goals scored.


A During these parties have been busy and stories hard to forget. For example, the first goal in the Champions Bojan - to Schalke 04 (2007/08) - or comebacks against Chelsea (5-1) and Panathinaikon (3-1, during 2001/02) or the unlikely goal Steve Archibald in Turin against Juventus (1984/85).

The two losses were against the French PSG (1994/95) and Juve (2002/03). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi has just opened his official fan page in Facebook

Leo Messi has just opened his official fan page in Facebook.


Barça-Shakhtar Donetsk: Did you know…

The Champions League is back at the Camp Nou on Wednesday and there is plenty of trivia attached to the game. Did you know the following?

► This is the thirteenth time that FC Barcelona have made it to the quarter finals. Until now they have qualified ten times and gone out just twice.

► This is the first time the Ukrainian club has got this far in the Champions League.

► Only one of the eight teams that made it into the quarters won both games in the previous round. That was Shakhtar Donetsk.

► The last time the Catalans and Ukrainians met here at the Camp Nou was in December 2008, and Shakhtar won 3-2. Although Barça had already qualified as group champions.

► They also met in Monaco in August 2009. An extra time goal from Pedro won Barcelona the European Super Cup.

► In total, the sides have met seven times, with four wins for Barça, two for Shakhtar and just one draw.

► FC Barcelona have won all four of their European home matches so far this season (5-1 against Panathinaikos, 2-0 against Copenhagen, 2-0 against Rubin Kazan and 3-1 against Arsenal).

► Barça’s worst ever home defeat in Europe was against a Ukrainian side. They lost 4-0 to Dynamo Kiev in the 1997/98 season.

► Tonight’s game marks the return of Dmytro Chygrinski to the Camp Nou. For Barcelona, he played 12 league games and 2 in the cup.

► Andrés Iniesta is the only FCB player who will be suspended if he gets a yellow card tonight.

► But Shakhtar Donetsk have all of Chygrinski, Gay, Luiz Adriano, Mkhitaryan, Rat and Srna one game off a suspension.

► David Villa scored two goals against Shakhtar Donetsk when playing for Valencia (2-0 in the 2006/07 season).

► Tonight’s referee is Scotland’s Craig Thomson, who has never refereed either Barça or Shakhtar Donetsk. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça de Guardiola going for another record in Europe

The technical team will match the longest winning streak Santpedor European Barça at home if they beat Shakhtar today.

Accumulated eight consecutive victories in Champions League FC Barcelona in the Nou Camp. One of the all-time record, achieved only twice: between seasons 1977-78 and 1979-80 and 1992-93 and 1994-95. Pep Guardiola, who is signing a remarkable season, aims to be the third link Blaugrana in nine European triumphs at the coliseum Barcelona. Since the table Santpedor technical fall against Rubin Kazan (1-2) on October 20, 2009, matches in the group stage, adds his European appearances at the Camp Nou by wins, eight of eight. Is therefore one of the best run in history. Have fallen, one after another, Inter Milan, Stuttgart, Arsenal, Inter Milan (season 2009-2010) and Panathinaikos, Copenhagen, Rubin Kazan and Arsenal (season 2010-2011). Now, if the team does the same with Shakhtar Donetsk, match the marks they achieved together coaches Rinus Michels, Lucien Muller and Joaquim Rifé between December 1977 and November 1979, Johan Cruyff, between March 1993 and November 1994. Interestingly, in both spells Barça also won 9 games, he scored 28 goals. In the first of them fit only 3 and in the second, 4. At present, the number of goals scored is 23 and the embedded, 3. To achieve even this brand, Barça de Guardiola will be the first to do so in Champions League. Cruyff won the match by winning a European Super Cup (Werder Bremen) and eight of Champions, while Michels, Muller and Rifé reached nine victories in tournaments exintos UEFA Cup and Cup Winners Cup. In the spate of Pep shows the solvency with which the club has won the last European duels. In fact, only one (Inter Milan) won by the minimum and was, in fact, an advantage enough to advance the final that season was played at the Bernabeu. In any case, as the Catalan coach said yesterday, adding that victory will not be easy for the power and strength of opponent today. But to win, Barca's Guardiola, if confirmed days after qualifying for the semifinals in the Ukraine, would in his power to break the record for winning the semifinal round on May 3 at Camp Nou. Then would add 10 wins in a row at home. But as Pep, better not run.

More joys of penalties in the quarter

The quarter-finals, both of the European Cup or Champions, have always given more joy than penalties to FC Barcelona. Twelve rounds played at this level, from the semi-finals ten times and bending the knee only two (PSG and Juventus). In other competitions, Cup Winners Cup and Fairs Cup / UEFA had many successes. In the Cup Winners Cup quarter-final played six (from four) and in the Fairs Cup / UEFA played 14 (passed in nine and fell in five.)

The teams bit the dust in the quarterfinals against Barca (in the C-1) were the Wolverhampton (1959-1960), Spartak H. Kralove (60-61), Åtvidabergs (74-75), Juventus (1985-1986), Chelsea (99-00), Panathinaikos (01-02), Benfica (05-06), Schalke 04 (07-08) Bayern Munich (08-09) and Arsenal (09-10). PSG (94-95) and Juventus (02-03) KO left Barca. (via SPORT)

Barça With all the ammunition possible to relax

Barcelona needs to regain the joy of face-to-door to face the tie against Shakhtar.

The missing link. The duel more uncomfortable. A necessary evil to get to Wembley ... through the Bernabeu. This presents the dual match against Shakhtar with the possibility of a classic in the semifinals in the waiting room. Pep knows that yesterday acknowledged having "strange feelings" aware that the environment assumes a pass from Barça.

Guardiola wants the team focused. Tense. With the requirement of large stakes, because it knows that Shakhtar is a formidable rival for this Barcelona. The background to prove it. With Lupescu the Ukrainian tax Barcelona has once and lost twice the minimum.

The feeling has always been that Barcelona could not deploy its best version. Pep So will the best possible staging. Play the best you have available. Will the team which he sees as more competitive.

So Pedro is expected to be the big news after being down the last few weeks. The canary was discharged yesterday. Trained with the group. And today is heading. Play up with Villa and Messi. Bojan will fall from the eleven. Nor is waiting for news on boot Afellay party. Pedro has had trouble the last few weeks the result of a groin injury and now hopes to show that is ready for the final stretch of the course.

Guardiola afresh with a trident able to compete in numbers "scorers" with all Madrid. The objective is to recover the joy of a team that has lost freshness in front of goal. The goal is to get a good return of goals for the meeting in Donetsk promises surprises.

A part of Peter Maxwell also received good news yesterday. The Brazilian has no muscle discomfort and is available to the technician. The former Inter has lost the last league games and has taken note Adriano on the left side. Today you have many numbers to remain in the starting lineup.

Mascherano also has become a basic piece. Without Puyol Abidal and the team has lost players can edit, save second choices .... but Mascherano has multiplied in these tasks. The Argentine is the order, a spell in a very splendid as the adventures. Busquets will again be the companion of Pique. Absent Puyol and Abidal, Pep has opted for 'TOUR formula.

The Ivorian, a manual midfielder went on to play central stretch of the course the past. Since then, injuries have made that bet on Busquets Guardiola in the same position.
Milito has lost weight change on the computer. The central Guardiola has not counted for the most demanding games and are not expected to leave in the team today.

In midfield Xavi returns to the team after serving one-match ban in the league. The Terrassa will be essential to counter the Ukrainian approach, hopefully, be conservative. Next to Iniesta, who has released this week paternity leave, will take its natural position. In midfield, Messi after exercise in El Madrigal. As false nine.

Barcelona need the best version of Leo to shake Shakhtar defensive gear. Messi does not arrive in the best conditions the match after suffering muscle aches with Argentina. The fans have no doubt however. Today is one of those nights for Messi.

Six warning over Shakhtar

Shakhtar live the verge of a nervous breakdown around the game against Barcelona. Beyond Bracelona hazards, all Lucescu has six players ready against sanctions. Chygrynskiy, Oleksiy, Adriano, Henrik Mkhitaryan, Razvan and Srna will fart the second leg if they see a yellow card today at the Camp Nou.

Ukraine is a whole eleven desmemoronaría the case that some of these players see poker there are card players of all equipment lines. Especially in the team's defensive line, one of the most demanded by Barcelona. Shakhtar will be forced to not take risks with aggressive play if you want to keep options in Donetsk. At Barcelona, ​​the opposite happens. And Iniesta comes only to meet today at the Camp Nou apperceived penalty.

Other players like Puyol, who is still recovering from his knee injury, or Busquets are within target of the sanction. The center will not be today's game, but is expected to be ready for the semifinals if the club beyond the crossing. Busquets will vest in the center of defense. (via SPORT)

The keys of Barça - Shakhtar

arca will not have it easy against Shakhtar Donetsk. Beyond the usual warnings Guardiola, the fact is that the Ukrainian is a very dangerous opponent and that the hand of an 'old fox' as Lucescu, can cause many problems for the Barca team.

This is seen by analysts polled by SPORT.es and, just as they did before the Barcelona-Arsenal round, quarterfinal clash analyzed in detail.

"Maybe it's the day that wolf"

Beyond the usual Pep Guardiola praised his nearest rival, against Shakhtar Barca coach was much more suspicious than usual and perhaps more reason than ever.

So you see Daniel Cana , Sportyou collaborator, and considers that this time "may be the day that cried wolf." "It's an opponent that should not be forgotten," said Cana, which means that the precedents against Shakhtar Donetsk in recent years are quite right to be wary of Santpedor nor hair of a Ukrainian team showed against Roma and in the last round, than it is capable.

"Shakhtar have technical players that can control the game against most opponents," said Fernando Gospel , a specialist in international football Cadena Cope. "Guardiola should seek the goal with quiet and not make mistakes in areas at risk because not forgive Shakhtar with spaces" also details Alfonso Callejas , a specialist in international football program "Ona SPORT nit '.

And in recent games between the teams, "the European Super Cup won by the club in 2009 is one example, Shakhtar showed that it is able to create you a whole lot of problems very well culé closing gaps and making the from where players like William and Douglas Costa can do much damage. "One of the best weapons from Shakhtar shield with a double wall and get out fast to finish out the inside. His game of containment and counter-Barca always hurt, "argues Martí Perarnau analyst SPORT.

In the same line are expressed Toni Padilla , editor of Ara Diari sports, and Bruno Alemany , a specialist in international football in the Cadena SER, which coincide in highlighting that Shakhar submit a profile much more defensive than usual at Camp Nou . 'I play a 4-2-3-1 offensive, but offensive against teams have modified the schema. They know that an open game eliminates "said Padilla. "Lucescu is old cat, knows how to do damage to the boat and in the face to face has little to do. So try to be perfect defensively, "said Bruno Alemany.

The Nou Camp is to decide

Another important aspect of the game on Wednesday is the camp factor. Barca will play back in the Donbass Arena complicated and that means it can not afford to miss the first leg at Camp Nou. The strength of its stadium talks Shakhtar Sergio Santomé , partner in the program "International Marker ', and stresses that the Ukrainian champions do not lose at home since October 2008. "For almost two and half years without losing in their field and that makes the game at the Nou Camp will be decisive," he recalls Santomé.

Charles Roseberry , an analyst at the blog 'The Divan of Football "also believes that the club should" knock "at the Camp Nou Shakhtar, Donetsk as a scenario is hardly conducive to flip a tie." Similarly, Bob Brown , a partner in the program "This is football 'Chain Cope, notes that this need, combined with the theoretical favoritism makes Barça Barça may be pressured by the need to leave everything sentenced this Wednesday.

In short, there will be an easy match for Guardiola, who will take the theoretical dominance of the ball to get a positive result for the return. Effectiveness in front of goal Ukrainian and few errors which could be provided to the dangerous front of Shakhtar may depend on the presence of Barça in the semis. (via SPORT)

Shakhtar Donetsk 1x1

Barca are playing qualification for the semifinals of the Champions League Shakhtar is a much more dangerous than its name suggests. This is the Ukrainian, player by player.

Andriy Pyatov: It is an excellent goalkeeper alternating high performances with a tragic mistake, like the one committed against Barcelona in October 2008 allowing Leo Messi to complete the comeback (1-2). However, through the prime of his career. Noted for its good location and does not clash in the air, but sometimes seems too slow and indecisive.

Darijo Srna: It is the true soul of the team and the highest paid player of Shakhtar. It's a total side capable of entering the attack risk, anticipating the defense and display as acting in the midfield. It takes years in the agenda of the major European clubs and canvassed his signing Barca last summer before starting negotiations with Dani Alves. At 28 years old and lives a very sweet and very complicated life Adriano Maxwell or the right wing attack 'mine'.

Dmytro Chygrynskiy: For obvious reasons, is the least known player of Shakhtar. Barca disbursed 25 million euros for his transfer in the summer of 2009 as a request of Pep Guardiola. However, among the few opportunities and few bugs of the package, 'Chygry' did not meet expectations and made ​​his way back to Shakhtar, where there has been slow to recover gallon, although it drags a right ankle injury, should lead behind 'mining' in the dual match against Barca.

Tomas Hübschman: As Srna, the language is not a problem for him and this season is uncovering its versatility (can play as a pivot also solvency) and its ability to correctly coverage when Srna and Rat join the attack, which happens very often. These plants is smarter than fast that they always know where to stand. Although barely reaches 1.80 in height, not
does not hold water in the air and could even be said that Gabi Milito style of his heyday, may be dangerous from set pieces.

Yaroslav Rakitskiy: It is one of the great revelations of the team. Chygrynskiy progress Barca Lucescu forced to take prompt action to fill his absence and decided to climb to the first team to Rakitskiy, which by then had just turned 20. The International Young sub'21 with Ukraine not only managed to forget the then Blaugrana, but became a regular in the absolute. There is so high and perhaps not so output quality of the ball, but instead is more solvent on the defensive and both are a couple of very interesting plants.

Razvan Rat: Although already 29 years old, his progress does not stop until the Real Madrid was interested in signing during the winter of last season. Is a regular player, not as offensive as Srna and perhaps less spectacular player on the defensive line. Like Alves Barça, Shakhtar more attacks by the right wing, so Lucescu prefer a stronger side on the left.

Fernandinho: It is, with permission from Srna and Douglas Costa, unbalancing the team player. So much so that Lucescu takes several weeks trying to speed his recovery to get to point to face at the club after a severe injury he suffered in September. Best player in the Premier Liha in 2008/09, is a master of the game combined and joined the attack with great danger. He has also matured and changed Shakhtar and bicycles that made ​​him famous in Brazil for a football far more practical and useful for your team.

Douglas Costa: It's another of the great figures of the team and one of the best bargains Shakhtar future as a player is called to go to one of the greats of European football in a few years. It has one of the best left-handed world football and usually played by the right wing, a leg changed. Among its many virtues include the ability to end, as in the game to the counter and excellence in the last pass which is used over and over compatriot Luiz Adriano.

William Borges: He is 22 years and football practice quite similar to Robinho. As the former Real Madrid, has also been on the agenda of Txiki Begiristain Barca and even came to meet with your representative. Very skilled at dribbling and one-on-one, is very technically gifted and great 'must' is the irregularity. As soon refers to a level three games as outstanding a month goes' missing in action. " It is his fourth season at Shakhtar and was the hero in the back of the second round with goals against Roma in the Donbass Arena.

Jadson Rodriguez: Although already 27 years old, is one of the new faces of 'canarinhá directing' Mano 'Menezes, who made ​​her debut at the absolute last Feb. 9 in a friendly against France. His natural position is attacking midfielder and Lucescu usually given much freedom to fall to the bands or down almost to the defensive line to receive the ball. By the way, he shares with Dani Alves goal: winning the Copa America in Argentine territory.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan: It is without doubt the great revelation of the season. Armenian, 22, arrived at Shakhtar last market day last summer signings from the other team Donetsk, Metalurh, and has quickly become a cornerstone for Lucescu. It is a complete midfielder, offensive-minded and able to deal when it comes to regaining possession. You have to find the net very easily, but sometimes the lack intensity in some stages of the match.

Luis Adriano, is one of the players with a 'profile Barça "accentuated the team and its 23 years, called to force the Brazilian team. Is a striker able to function with competence in the two bands of the attack and added 16 goals already this season. Noted for its versatility and the power of their movements near the opposing goal. On the contrary, it moves much spells and sometimes fails goals sung.

Eduardo: It's risky bet Mircea Lucescu. After spraying all records with his 34 league goals in Dinamo Zagreb in the 2006/07 season, Arsene Wenger opted for him for Arsenal, but a serious knee injury slowed and became an ordeal his three seasons on land London. With patience, the Romanian coach begins to make the best of Brazil, which may be one of the alternatives Lucescu during the second half if you need more 'wood'.

Alex Teixeira: last season came from the Basque range and, at just 21, he is finding it hard to adapt to Ukrainian football. After failing to intervene only in the previous year, this season has become one of the favorite revulsives Lucescu. It is a future project that responds to what you are looking for Shakhtar in their offensive players: versatility, skill and ability of overflow, but in this case has a long goal.

Marcelo Moreno: After playing in Vitoria and the Brazilian Cruzeiro, Shakhtar took its service in May 2008 for nine million euros. However, it was still too green and went on loan to Werder Bremen and then Wigan, but spent more pain than glory in the Bundesliga and the Premier. However, he returned last summer to set 'mining' and is performing at a high level. Its main virtue is the goal and ability to play with his back to goal, taking advantage of nearly reaching 190 cm in height.

Mircea Lucescu: Pep Guardiola said it is "a wily old cat." And not without reason. And, Brazilian and 'grivnas' apart (the currency of Ukraine), the main architect of the growth of the Romanian Shakhtar 65. Since his arrival, has ended the 'dictatorship' of Dynamo Kiev and has placed on the European map Shakhtar, who was champion of the UEFA Cup in 2008/09. Little by little, has created supercomputers based on the creditworthiness of the defense formed by players of the East and the magic of the Brazilians, who populate the midfield and up front. (via SPORT)

Eye with Shakhtar

Capable of closing this item and attack with Brazilian fantasy.

The Ukrainian Pyatov (26 years) has progressed a lot since he faced for the first time in Donetsk Barcelona (01/10/2008), when he escaped from a center incomprehensibly Bojan Messi pushed the network to start the comeback (1-2). He was also struck his ruling at the end of the 2008-09 UEFA Cup against Werder Bremen Naldo's shot that he slipped his hands, while Shakhtar won the title (2-1). Insurance high (1.90 m) with good reflexes, has won regularly. In the European Super Cup in Monaco stopped a lot.

The Croatian Srna on the right, is the soul of the team at 28 years. In Donetsk since 2003, is a total lateral style Dani Alves. Come up with determination and criteria for the band, focusing with remarkable technique and throws very well the faults in the immediate area. Guardiola has always liked. On the left, Romanian Rat (29) also have the quality to join the attack, although it contains more because Srna has more freedom.

If the final play Chygrynskiy (24 years), Shakhtar ball will win out, especially for the pass along the former Barcelona, ​​but may lose a point about the explosive speed of Messi and Villa. Rakytskiy, a rising value of only 21 years and claimed by the largest in Europe, which offset. The two Ukrainian penetrate well. Possible replacements Chygrynskiy (Kryvtsov or Chyzov), would provide firmness, but less control.

The Czech Hübschman, central old, has developed over the years (has 29) ideal tactical sense for the position. Able to do a man marking Xavi, like in Monaco, also to be only aware of your area and make the coverage increases to Srna. Is fixed and the choice of partner will depend on whether the Shakhtar is more offensive or less. If you play the Ukrainian Olexiy Gai (28 years), Lucescu will be conservative. If it does the Armenian Mkhitaryan (22 years) will be more daring. He is a player with more coming. Fernandinho (25) be sure not to play by mid-year inactivity. Has recovered, ready to display their technique, style and travel. He lacks pace.

In the extreme transformation begins Shakhtar's Brazilian. William (22 years) is the clever, but comes from the left leg changed. And Douglas Costa (20), lefty, he does the right. They are skilled, fast, accurate, have goal and work for the team trying to cover the rise of rival sides, as would happen today with Alves.

Jadson (27 years), the average tip is the Brazilian talent for the final pass or unbalance more directly. And Luiz Adriano (24) is the classic shooter, ideal for its power to get balls back and enable Wilian, Douglas or Jadson. In the bedroom, two Brazilians: Eduardo (29 years), former Arsenal and Croatian international, and young Alex Teixeira (21)

Guardiola returns to Pedro and Maxwell, with the discharge, for Champions

The club has made the penultimate training plans before facing the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Shakhtar. 20 are the players invited, including Peter Maxwell, with the discharge.

The Barcelona coach has benefited the entire first team on the stadium's turf. In this sense, and certainly, the good news of the day was that both Maxwell and Peter, who on Monday trained with the group, have been discharged from hospital and therefore may be available to Josep Guardiola commitment towards this Wednesday at the Camp Nou. Recall that in the case of Maxwell dragging discomfort in the right thigh adductor, while Peter the suffering in the pubis.

Carles Puyol , meanwhile, has continued with the process of recovering from injury outside doing specific work. Abidal , who yesterday had a first contact with the short dress Sports City since his surgery, has been on the bench and has walked a while following the evolution of their peers.

The players jumped into the pitch at the Nou Camp on schedule, at 18 hours, and began training with the usual warm-up and round. Josep Guardiola , who has finally responded to the media before the preparatory meeting and not later as planned, was added to the group minutes later.

In this way, have been on the pitch at the Nou Camp's 20-member first team football and Fontàs and the three players who were summoned by Josep Guardiola at the last game of Barca in the league on Saturday Villarreal, like Montoya, and Jonathan Dos Santos Thiago.

At 20.15 hours, the players and coaching staff members will leave the Nou Camp to go to La Florida, which will be focused tonight and throughout the day Tuesday. The Barça squad just leave the team hotel to go to the stadium where, as usual the days when one party, will hold a final session scheduled for 12 hours and will be closed.

Oliveiro Jesús Álvarez González, known as Oli, and former player of Oviedo, the Betis and Cadiz, has followed this practice from the stands. As has been Juan Carlos Unzue , former Barca goalkeeping coach and current coach of Numancia.

The squad for Wednesday's game against Shakhtar is comprised of the following 20 players: Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Xavi, Villa, Iniesta, Bojan, Messi, Jeffren, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio Busquets, Pedro, Milito, Maxwell, Afellay, Adriano, Fontàs y Thiago. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Joint commission working to promote the project of 'degree of animation' of the Camp Nou

FC Barcelona has formed a joint commission working to promote the project of 'degree of animation' the Camp Nou.

As the Board recently approved the committee is composed of two areas, social, consisting of FC Barcelona vice-president responsible for the social area, Jordi Cardona, and the representatives of the Fanatics, Carles Lluís Vidal and Sabates, and the security, made by the manager of FC Barcelona safety officer, Jose Ramon Vidal-Abarca, and two representatives of the Catalan police, one of which is the safety coordinator assigned to FC Barcelona.

The implementation of this project is to revitalize the animation in the Camp Nou with a commitment to zero tolerance for any kind of violence. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola has a bad feeling

Pep Guardiola is worried about Shakhtar Donetsk, which he qualifies as a great side. He is also worried that people are getting too excited about their strong league position and a theoretically beatable opponent in the Champions League.

“People aren’t saying much about Shakhtar and are saying the league is over”. But the manager doesn’t think Wednesday night’s game will be easy at all and confessed at his pre-match press conference that “I don’t have a good feeling about this.” He feels people are celebrating wins before they have been achieved, but going eight points clear of Real Madrid doesn’t mean the season is over.

But Guardiola has no complaints about his players. “I believe in this team a lot” he says. “But we still have to win things, and nobody is giving anything anyway … we need to play a good game or the tie could get complicated … I’ve already told my players we have to do well because it will be much more dangerous when we have to go there”.

Guardiola added that “if we take our feet off the pedal against Shakhtar, they’ll walk all over us”.

This is the fourth time Barça have faced Shakhtar Donetsk since he has been in charge. The first encounter was in the 2008/09 season, in the UCL group stages, and then they met in August 2009 in the European Super Cup Final. On the latter game in Monaco, which Guardiola has been watching again over the last few days, he said “we were the fair winners”.

The FCB coach demands the utmost respect for Lucescu’s side, saying “they are a very strong opponent who have improved in recent years … it’s a great side, a super-team, they’re aggressive, they defend well and work likes animals … they’re a top side and that’s why they’re in the quarters, and that’s why they walked all over Roma and came top of their group ahead of Arsenal”.

He also spoke in defence of Dmytro Chygrinski, who is returning to Barcelona after representing the club last season. “People have looked down on Dima in a very rude way” he said.

Guardiola also had a word for the fans. “We can’t go far in big competitions on our own. We can only win big tournaments like these if we have everybody’s help … The players feel it when their people get behind them. When the stadium’s full, we’re much stronger, we play more intensely”. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Messi: "It's a very tight game"

Leo Messi remembers the recent fighting against the Ukrainians and that is why he warns: "It's a very even match. You just have to look at what happened in the final of the European Super Cup."

In the press conference after the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Shakhtar, Leo Messi has said to expect a tough game and matched, "We know it will be a tough game because we face against a team has great players and can play very good football. The games against Shakhtar are always very close. Just look at the outcome of the final of the UEFA Super Cup and the last matches we played against them. We will have to leave very minded, because it can surprise us. "

The Argentine star, who faces his third quarter-finals of the Champions League, knows that a good result in the first leg may be a key concept for the trip: "We hope to leave a good game and we can win. The important thing is to get a good goal difference and able to travel there with more tranquility. "

Barca striker is the team's top scorer with 45 goals this season official. When asked whether he worried about the lack of success on goal in recent games, Messi has responded clearly: "I have controlled the game makes no frame. I wish I could score against Shakhtar and to help the team and continue to goals, but it is an issue that worries me. What matters is not who does them, but they are made. "

Leo Messi, who was played after playing a friendly match with Argentina, has admitted he is still not one hundred percent, "In Villarreal I just feel good. I will work the best for the inconvenience they leave and I slowly will find better. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Justin Bieber, Barca fan

Justin Bieber playing Monday a pachanga in Alcalá de Henares dress Barça.

The famous singer Justin Bieber playing Monday a pachanga at the Sports City of El Val in Alcalá de Henares. His fans will find the singer began several multisport why he was in a van with a soccer ball.

And finally he found, was in the Sports City in the Val when he saw the Barca shirt playing a pachanga with people who were playing at the sports center. Bieber had the full kit of FC Barcelona and his friend who accompanied him, Ryan Butler Real Madrid's equipment.

Was quoted by 'The Diary of Alcala' the boys who played against them said they "have eaten a lot of goals" and said that they were playing as they do habitually employed and Justin came "with three other people." "We said if we wanted to play and when I asked if it was Justin Bieber, he told me no, I just wanted to play football," said one of his opponents. (via SPORT)