04 April 2011

Piqué: "Messi is crucial, Ronaldo spectacular

Gerard Pique is interviewed by 'L'Equipe' and displays the nearest profile.

Defender Gerard Pique Barcelona said that both his partner in the Barcelona's Lionel Messi as the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid "are extremely strong," but the former is decisive "and the second" spectacular. "

" Messi has more. It is crucial when Ronaldo is spectacular. Ronaldo dribbles well, has an excellent head game, but Lio is more direct with the ball.'s going to overcome just to score a goal, "said Pique in an interview published today in L'Equipe. " Barcelona's acknowledged that "both are difficult to mark" but that " Ronaldo is a little easier to defend "that Messi .

"You have to make her play with her ​​left leg, with which it is not as good as with the right. That is taking him to the band and preventing it from going to the center," said the player in an interview that was made ​​in January . Piqué recalled the arrival of Messi to "The Farm" and how there was a gap in the group.

"It was small and weak. With that point we were wondering what to do with us. But from the first session was done with the ball and we could not remove it. Still can not. Its weakness was his physique. In the second game broke his leg "he said.

Of his English experience Piqué says he learned to "use the body in one-on-one and increase their fitness. He said that the differences between Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola are not as great as it seems.

" Guardiola can scream as loud as Ferguson , but almost not. Looking for more dialogue, explanation of what works and what does not. Ferguson is more impulsive, "said the footballer, who said they both" have the capacity motivate his men. "

Pique said he prepared the final World Cup "as a normal game" and that afternoon the meeting took a nap for three hours.

Catalan said that during the season does not go out for drinks and never conform to "dinner with friends in Barcelona . " "To go for a drink I hope the summer. Even then it is something you do not do much," he said. (via MD)

Cesc Fabregas suffered a minor traffic accident

The collision occurred with another car on the A41 road in Hendon, northwest London, near the site of training of the team that Arsene Wenger.

The captain of Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas has been involved Monday in a slight accident in which he has not suffered any serious injury, police said. The accident occurred on the A41 road in Hendon, northwest London, near the training camp of the England team.

"Police received a call at 9.53 am reporting a collision between two cars on the A41," said a spokesman for the Guard. He noted that those involved did not need to be taken to the hospital. (via AS)

Villa: "Now we can only lose the league"

David Villa, Barcelona striker has said in a press conference this morning that if the League is slipping the conjutno 'Barça' is the sole responsibility of themselves, after the defeat of Real Madrid against Sporting that left white 8 points behind in the standings.

"Right now we can only lose the league," said the Spaniard when asked about the status of the domestic tournament. Yet the striker urged to forget the league and focus on the next commitment Barça. "The weekend has been very good, but now we have to change the competition. Against Shakhtar need a good result to return does not suffer too much," he said.

About his lack of goal for Barcelona (with the national team scored a double against Lithuania), Villa said he hoped that will not last long and was convinced that the goal "but eventually it will arrive and another partner. The important thing is that the team wins. "

A Villa also questioned him about the gesture of the Barcelona youth B, that in his meeting with the left Castelldefels score a goal after scoring one with the goalkeeper on the ground after being hit. "It's a gesture of what this club instills in kids. It is important not only grow as athletes but as people." (via AS)

Shakhtar Donetsk, unique in the knockout victories in Champions League

The next rival FC Barcelona in the Champions League, Shakhtar Donetsk, is the only team that was able to win both games of the second round. The Ukrainians beat Roma at home and at home.

Of the eight teams who boast of having reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Shakhtar can only say that exceeded the second-round opponent in the two games. Lucescu those were the surprise in Rome's Olympic by winning by 2 goals to 3 in the first leg. And in turn certified the move to the next round of the competition beating the Italians by a clear 3 to 0.

After an initial goal for Shakhtar Perrotta, far from being discouraged, rallied to stand 1 to 3 in the scoring with goals from Jadson, Douglas and Luiz Adriano. Menez, minutes later, scoring differences shortened 2 to 3 final. Ukrainians went home with half tie sentenced.

In the return match Shakhtar confirm the classification for the quarter-finals of the Champions for the first time in its history. This time, Rome had no choice. 3 to 0 with that ended the game did not give rise to any doubt. Hübschman, Wilian and Eduardo were the scorers of the match. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pedro and Maxwell join the group, Puyol trains apart

The squad were back in training this morning, with Maxwell and Pedro joining the main group, whilst Puyol again trained apart and Abidal got changed and walked around the training pitch.

After a well earned rest day yesterday following the win over Villarreal , the team were back in training this morning with their focus very much fixed on the Champions League quarter final first leg tie against Shaktar on Wednesday, Today’s was the first of three sessions the squad will have before the game.

The session saw the return of Maxwell and Pedro, who both missed the trip to Villarreal, as well as Puyol, who again worked apart with physios Paco Seirul•lo and Lorenzo Buenaventura.

Another welcome return was made by Abidal, who visited his teammates on Friday for the first time since his operation and who today put on his track suit to stroll around the pitch.

Only Leo Messi was not to be seen on the training pitch, as the Argentinean stayed in the changing rooms for some specific recovery work.

As well as the 20 first team squad players, Guardiola also called up nine B team members - Armando, Sergi Roberto, Planas, Tello, Saúl, Miño and the three who made the squad for Villarreal, Thiago, Jonathan dos Santos and Montoya.

The session, which was held with the Champions League ball in preparation for Wednesday, started with a round of applause for Andres Iniesta, whose wife gave birth on Sunday.

The team will be back for their next session on Tuesday at 18.00 at the Nou Camp. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Abidal short dress again after the operation

The Frenchman has started to recover after removal of a tumor on 17 March. Pedro and Maxwell have rejoined the group and could be available for Wednesday.

The FC Barcelona, ​​Eric Abidal has become a short dress after removal of a tumor in the liver on 17 March. The French player has started his recovery and has been walking on the grass of the Ciudad Deportiva.

On the other hand, Pedro and Maxwell have rejoined the group and may be available for Wednesday's match against Shakhtar, corresponding to the quarterfinal round of the Champions League.

Meanwhile, Carles Puyol continues its recovery from the group and Messi has worked in the gym. Guardiola has pulled the branch to complete the session. Thiago, Armando, Planas, Montoya, Dos Santos, Saul, Tello, I followed Roberto y Miño have exercised with the first team. (via AS)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff: "When I see him safe in Madrid semis; with the club I have not so clear"

Analyzes the quarterfinals of the Champions League in 'El Periodico de Catalunya'

Johan Cruyff looks at the quarter-finals of the Champions League in his weekly column in 'El Periódico de Catalunya', ensuring that have little doubt that Real Madrid and Barcelona meet in the Champions League semifinals. "For sure I see white people in the semifinals. With the club I have not so clear. Because I do not trust Shakhtar hair. The Spurs, for style, English, Pearl is going to Madrid soccer, broken times, but always quick and direct. The Shakhtar's another story. and much more dangerous, "he said.

For Cruyff, "the arm inflicted by the Real Madrid Sporting pain is minimal" because "you clarify the objectives, and thus your mental strength. All the drinks. A single party (Cup final) and double duel (semifinals Champions League, if need be), anything can happen. "

And is that Cruyff believes that the League, after the defeat of Real Madrid against Sporting, and has become a mere formality as both Real Madrid and Barcelona will focus on the Cup and the Champions League. "Real and Barca are going to go drinking. Mathematically, Madrid has not lost the league, but he knows that it will rather fail at Barca, but as the white team is going to stop adding from now. Right now, San Mames, Athletic Bilbao, is more of a hassle for Real than anything else. Will he lose the match? "he asks. "That never. Compete," he answered himself.

Furthermore, although Barcelona has four points more than last year at this point, Cruyff would "be surprised if there were a league record for points. I'll be the first to take my hat if it exceeds the 99 last year." (via Marca.com)

[Youth] A lesson in fair play (Juvenil B)

On Saturday, he lived in the area of ​​Castelldefels is an example of fair play by Sergi Barjuan boys when, after a controversial play marked the rival left unopposed.

This gesture shows that beyond the sports scores, the values ​​of the quarry Barca go much further.

The boys played Juvenil B this Saturday, a match against Castelldefels corresponding to the 28 th day of the season. The meeting raised difficult from the first minute, because neither team managed to reach a determinant of goal. Sergi Barjuan, told Barca TV, said: "It was a carbon copy of what happened last year. They have used the same style of play, and the same intensity. In the first half we had two clear chances, and the second we had more. We could have signed the victory, but the ball has not come. " She was also happy and optimistic: "The boys have worked hard, also last year's result was the same (1-1) and won the league, hopefully repeat itself."

The controversial play came a few minutes from time when defender Carlos Julio Martinez fired the ball almost from outside the area while Castelldefels goalkeeper was lying on the ground. Fans and players claimed the referee's decision as valid to the goal. Sergi Barjuan from the bench, ordered his players to give up the victory and left Dani Lopez signed the tie. "There was nothing, we had to leave tie. We are a model team in the Catalan, Spanish, European and global and these facts help to make strong the quarry."

Finally, el'speaker 'field of Castelldefels thanked "the gesture" and the home crowd cheered the departure of the Barça players. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] San Francisco 0 - 0 FCB Juvenil A

The Juvenil A scoreless draw in the area of ​​San Francisco and be patient to become champion.

With a color first part of Barca, the match seemed that sooner or later but chose in favor of Juvenil A. Oscar García boys attacked the San Francisco's obsession with the deadlock, but the Mallorcan closed behind the counter and waiting to get proper pear surprise Barça have not missed the three points.

The second part has had the same tone: Barça faced move after move the goal and the local, very well organized in defense, resisting the siege who were involved.

The last second party could trigger the euphoria of the Catalans when, on the last play of the game, goalkeeper provincial San Francisco has been virtually stopping point-blank shot that could have given the championship to the Catalans.

Espanyol with two points after winning the Manlleu by 6 to 2, Oscar García Cornellà must defeat or tie the game to be champions and that in the event of a tie in points between the two clubs of Barcelona, ​​the average goal is favorable to the Catalans.

Not only the Juvenil A league can be done the next day but also the Cadete if he wins his match against Vilassar be proclaimed champion of the Cadete Honor Division. Pepper Garcia's boys have won in the field of Nastic (1-2) with goals from Mamadou Tounkara and Jon Toral. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
San Francisco: Kike, Juan (Miguel min.70), Tolo, Álvaro, Vernop, Ciscu, Ortega, Edu, Dalmau (Héctor min.70), Siscu (Sergio min.84), Pla (Luis min.61)

FC Barcelona A: Carlos, Bailen, Sergio Gómez, Oriol (Etock min.61), Sergio Ayala, Palacio (Cristian min.83), Dalmau, Espinosa (Pol Calvet min.63), Dongou, Rafa Alcántara, Gerard Deulofeu.

Referee: Rico Gomis.

Sandro Rosell: "We do not like to offend. Our values ​​are humility and effort"

The president Sandro Rosell has referred to its forecast for the Cup final in the context of solidarity and the club has apologized for offending anyone if he could.

"We do not like to offend our values, which we represent, is the humility and effort . In this act of solidarity we were not lucky and I know very bad, "Rosell said in his first public remarks after predicting a 5-0 for Cup final at the launch of the campaign 'We sent the hungry to hell' , on Thursday.

These words have come to the event to mark the 50 anniversary of the Rock Barcelonista arena. Laporta added: "I know very bad because a football fan was offended and I apologize. never to my club was to offend anyone. I only had a joint purpose . "

During his speech, Sandro Rosell has also sought to refer to fair play Juvenil B this Saturday in his commitment against Castelldefels. "Yesterday was a very important day for Barca because in the Juvenil B game otherwise injured goalkeeper at the time that the club scored the 1-0. Sergi Barjuan decided that the team had to left to score a goal. This example is Barca and values. This is priceless, "he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Jonathan has already played all competitions

As Thiago Alcantara, Jonathan dos Santos is also starring in a great season with Barça B, and it went through a slump that took weeks to the bench. The Mexican, in the current campaign already joined the first team in the Super Cup, Copa del Rey and the Champions League had its first minute against Villarreal League.

Thiago confirms that it is prepared

Its role in the branch gave his party dreamed in league play, strong rival, 90 minutes.

Pep Guardiola knows that the rush is the worst enemy of young talent. He learned more than 20 years ago when he started in first team and Johan Cruyff returned strategically subsidiary. That December 16, 1990, after debuting with a 2-0 at Cadiz, Guardiola said something that today helps to understand its decisions as a coach: "I will return to the subsidiary and now I know that I will require much more in the Mini. "

That lesson is one that has been applied, two decades later, Thiago Alcantara. Accustomed to praise a child, the Italian-Brazilian (Bari, Italy, April 11, 1991) had to earn it, since its debut almost two years, with ratitos who know little to enjoy your party to dream in First team: strong rival, league game, 90 minutes and the 'brown' to make up a Xavi Hernandez. Went out. Played more ball than anyone, up to 139 times, and recovered 11 turnovers. Guardiola hailed Thiago slipped while its qualitative leap in the Mini has been a key: "The test of mental strength is that when you should return to the subsidiary does and put the team back." A message that gave continuity to what he said 24 hours earlier: "I trust more than his father Thiago" (via MD)

Alves recorded a notice of Big Cola

The player was running an ad that will air starting next month for the South American market.

Dani Alves was an actor for several hours. The charismatic Brazilian player spent much of yesterday afternoon to shoot the 'spot' TV with Big Cola in South America announced its sponsorship deal with the Blaugrana player. Alves was on the beach of Castelldefels between 13.30 and seven in the evening, about rolling the energy drink ad that will start broadcasting within a month in several South American countries, especially Brazil.

He did so dressed in the colors of the Blaugrana, with her shirt, another way to export the Barça brand in other continents, and at no cost to the club, and playing with a soccer ball antique style. Also fits old style boots (in a sober black but with yellow laces) and some stockings that resemble those of Barça's equipment to star in the ad.

Alves instructions carefully attended those responsible for the shooting and did not hesitate to repeat the shots when the director of the ad and his colleagues asked. Brazil enjoyed the shoot on the beach, even though the sun means only accompanied throughout the day Sunday, and fled in a white bathrobe during times of rest breaks and requiring the shooting.

The Alves ad will begin airing in the coming weeks and will be accompanied by any explicit presentation in Barcelona, ​​last week, the player had a meeting with a dozen Brazilian journalists to publicize his relationship with Big Cola.

The beverage company keeps on expanding in Europe with the agreement remains in force with the Football Association to sponsor the England team in Southeast Asia and India. Big Cola also sponsored the World Cup for England in 2010 and ended its management satisfied that sponsorship agreement.

Big Cola bears part of the tab for Dani Alves in exchange for marketing their image in Brazil and several South American countries where the company has been installed since 1988. The mark, in fact, belongs to Ajegroup, a Peruvian company that has spread throughout South America (changing the name on the country) and even Thailand, Vietnam and India and plans to open new markets to become a major multinationals in the world in 2020.

The agreement between Alves, Big Cola is closely related to the recent renewal of the player, who now return to training with his teammates after a victory in El Madrigal, leaving Barca close to the league title. "Nevertheless, we want to go with us," said the Brazilian, "because if we continue in this line end up partying together."

Like its peers, Alves has a neat line of prudence. "In football anything can happen, and knowing the world in which we move, we know that we can not give up. This is the line that we follow. "

No truce in the calendar, Alves already thinking about the next match Barca next Wednesday against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Camp Nou in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League. "Playing at home is vital not to concede goals, but we know it is a two-legged game." The Brazilian will not be surprised by the Ukrainian team. "We know he has quality, he likes the ball and can play football. In front we will have a very ambitious and want to take a major step towards qualifying for the semifinals on Wednesday, "added the Brazilian international, whose image, always linked to Europe because he left his country when only 19 years old and had completed a Esport season at the Bay Club, will be relaunched in Brazil with the campaign of 'Big Cola. " (via SPORT)

A League of color blaugrana

'Mou' has achieved a new milestone, transforming the 'Scottish League' Barça-Madrid Pellegrini in a 'Cup Catalans' with eight days.

Josep Guardiola and his players will say that nothing of singing "Champions!" In the League or Party can calculate the 'Alirón' (is the derby against Espanyol? ...?). Against Levante From the costumes blaugrana defend eight points with eight days is nothing, but can not even fool Florentino Perez, Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho has loose hands long before Manuel Pellegrini. The numbers of 'Mou' are worse than the 'Engineer' as the 'Pep team' keeps breaking its own records.

In the last league, Real Classic came to Santiago Bernabéu (0-2) of the 31 th day as leader of the standings, level on points with Barca (77). Barca snatched the first position, but could not sing the Alirón until the last day. Not only that: he had to spray the points record (99) to overthrow the Real (96).

A year later, although much noise that was issued from Chamartin throughout the season, Mourinho press conference after the defeat against Sporting (0-1) sounded like a white flag, but without the shield Madrid. "If the distance is increased to eight points, the League is lost," accepted the Portuguese. Barca won 0-1 at Villarreal and confirmed the worst fears of Portugal.

It was a tricky day, complicated. Embedded between a break of selections and the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, the Blaugrana back to prove they are a more solid as the repeated errors like Madrid against Osasuna and Almeria.

The statistical parameters confirm this impression. After the 0-1 in El Madrigal, the club matches the record of wins on the road, thirteen, in one season. Only yielded nine points of the 90 he has played (10%) and now has four more than last year at this time. Won two more wins and only lost one match, the 0-2 away and the second day against Hercules. Similarly, their goal difference is better because it has scored 82 goals (75 in the past year at this point) and 15 (19 during 2009-10).

The Real Madrid, however, has not kept pace with last year. In this league has four points less than in the previous (77 of 73), has added two wins less then (23 for 25) and go through with a defeat over three. Similarly, records of the team scorers trained by Mourinho are poorer than the entire coaching Pellegrini, has scored 14 goals less (69 to 83) but also something more solid in defense (22 goals against, 26 last year .) Allow the records to leave the Santiago Bernabeu Barça as a leader no matter what happens against Almería and the classic. (via SPORT)

Barca Goal: The Treble

The work is done: Barça will fight for everything until the end. Now is the hard part, turning it into titles.

All livestock. Everything to gain. " That was the motto that the players of Barca looked at a brand new blue shirts with gold letters and pleas.

That night in late December 2009 after the world champions crowned club in Abu Dhabi, completed a historic hexacampeonato, unpublished to date and that allowed them to enter the legend.

Since then, the 'Pep team' has not lowered the bar on their level of need and for the third consecutive season reaching the final stretch of the course with options to reap all the possible titles. Judgments can the next few weeks, but again Guardiola, Messi, Xavi and company have achieved the goal: to fight for the treble until the last minute.

April, especially the fourteenth day ranging from 6 to 20, are presented as crucial to the team's fortunes. In those two weeks the club will live a double clash with Shakhtar and one with Real Madrid, in addition to the game against Almeria. In these duels the 'Pep team' can emerge as Cup champion with the league definitely on track and qualified for the semifinals of the Champions ... and doomed to a possible clash against Real Madrid when Jose Mourinho's team than Tottenham Hotspur.

It is clear that the costumes do not want to get into the trap that would be required treble. The bulk of the workforce lived the 2008-09 campaign and knows full well the enormous difficulties involved in winning three major titles of the course. The theme continues to go step by step, game by game, to get rid of extra pressure. If you win a trophy and is very complicated, being able to prevail in the three represents a tremendous wear can hardly be repeated in just three years.

That does not mean that indoor players do not do the math. If the competition keeps its current course and the club is imposed on the Almería next weekend, the league match on April 16 may be final for the championship. If the Blaugrana maintain the current eight-point lead after going through the Santiago Bernabeu, would detract only six games (18 points in dispute) and timing of the Catalans is more affordable than that of Madrid.

The set of Josep Guardiola should receive Osasuna, Espanyol and Deportivo and Real Sociedad visit, Valencia and Malaga. Royal, formerly of the classic travel to San Mames ahead will travel to Valencia, Sevilla and Villarreal, and receive a Zaragoza, Getafe and Almeria.

If Barcelona's chances of success in the league championship seem very high, it is clear that the final of the Cup in Mestalla is another different story, a coin flip on neutral ground against Real Madrid that will no doubt be very marked by what may have happened four days before the league match at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The most optimistic imagine faced the semifinals of the Champions League against Real Madrid in the Cup in the bag and grabbed by the ears League after giving a good account of Shakhtar in the quarterfinals. Perhaps this is the riskiest outcome of all that can be done now because it presupposes a superiority Blaugrana on the Ukrainian who has been very competitive in both its domestic competition, which has bowed to Dinamo Kiev, as Europe where it has the best stats of all quarter-finalists.

Assume also means that Real Madrid will get rid of Tottenham Hotspur, despite the Londoners, as the Ukrainians in the case of Barcelona, ​​have the field factor in favor. The return of both ties will be played in the Donbass Arena White Hart Lane, respectively.

If Barca and Madrid are finally able to get rid of the 'mine' and 'spurs', then yes you will live another double duel between the two giants of the league, from 26 April to 4 May. Two new fighting football that would be definitive for establishing the supremacy of either team and with a spectacular prize for the winner: the May 28 final at Wembley. (via SPORT)

Valdés going for the record Liaño

Deportivo goalkeeper only got 18 goals in 1994, a figure the reach of goalkeeper Blaugrana,

Víctor Valdés is on track to become the best goalkeeper in the history of the league. Beyond the feelings or likes and dislikes of each, the numbers speak for Barca goalkeeper as one of the most reliable in the history of the league tournament.

Throughout this season, conceding 14 goals in the league in 27 games (missed three because of injury, against Athletic, Mallorca and Valencia), allowing you to enjoy a rate of 0.51 goals conceded per game also aspire to beat a record high, which established the goalkeeper of Deportivo La Coruna in the 1993-94 season: Paco Liaño only conceded 18 goals in 38 league games he played. It was the League of Djukic penalty, which the club Deportivo snatched the last sigh.

Liaño not win the League, but signed a season to remember. Continues to own the best percentage of goals conceded by a goalkeeper in the history of the league, with a coefficient of 0.47. Logically, this season he won the Trofeo Zamora. Betancourt followed, Madrid goalkeeper in 1965 with 15 goals in 22 games (a coefficient of 0.56).
Valdés can still improve on that record: you have left to play eight games in the league should not receive more than four goals, that is, it needed only to maintain its current average of 0.51.

Interestingly, Valdés does not appear in the official classification of the Zamora Trophy, which annually awards the newspaper 'Marca' and has won three times already. To claim the prize you must play at least 28 games (and at least 60 minutes to compute and match played) and Valdés only takes 27. Turn 28 in the Santiago Bernabeu as he will be punished in the Barca-Almeria on Saturday.

As you near the end of the season, Valdes will 'mirror' with its ratio to beat the mark of Liaño, because at the time you reach 28 games will officially become title contender that distinguishes the best goalie in the league.

If Barca win the championship with just two or three days, Valdes could rest for secure Zamora ... and it also has a historical record.

Among the other goalkeepers in the league, only Iker Casillas looks ready to fight him the award. Madrid goalkeeper has conceded 22 goals in 30 league games (a coefficient of 0.73). Diego López, the Villarreal goalkeeper, has received 31, more than double that Valdes.

In addition, the Barca keeper Villarreal became the third player in club history with more wins in the league: he became a decisive player to sign his win number 196 in the championship, which allows you to overcome and close Migueli historic podium shows the level of current boat, just behind Xavi (225 victories in the league) and Puyol (211). (via SPORT)

Dad Iniesta

Barcelona's Andres Iniesta has confirmed on its Web site Facebook and Twitter that Sunday was the father of a child after birth when the mother and the newborn are well.

"Our child is born Valeria. Her mother and she is great! It was wonderful!" Wrote in his Facebook wall fashion player in Spanish football, while thousands of fans have sent their congratulations.

Author of the goal that gave the Spanish team the World Cup last summer, the player manchego has become a benchmark both in the national team and in his club FC Barcelona.

Iniesta played the game against Barcelona at the Madrigal against Villarreal, which again put together some outstanding performance. (via SPORT)

Piqué, the flower of 'Pep Team'

Gerard Piqué has collected Cruyf witnessed in the 'Dream Team' and his presence ensures good luck.

There are guys who are born with a star. From little charisma emanating generate adhesions, are predisposed to win, play with marked cards. Pique is one of them. She is 24 years and only handles the speech of the winners. No trace of cynicism, Gerard exudes a contagious optimism and an image ad. "Ohhhhhh, moc, moc," says every time you make a prank. "Sometimes it's a bit sick in the head" when asked Guardiola slides. "It's a celebrity," says Xavi to joke to refer to the whole thing with Shakira.

So Pique, likes the limelight. It's pure excitement. In the field has become the flower of 'Pep Team. Just as Cruyff was the talisman of the 'Dream Team'. Since returning to Camp Nou, Barcelona plays more cheerful than ever. He is married to victory. And Piqué is a real charm.

Has angel. Manchester won the treble. With Spain World Cup. In the Barcelona has eight titles in three seasons. "Gerard has a flower. I say it's like me. My friends tell me that with me always win. And Gerard is lucky in everything, "Joan recalls her father in the program 'Robinson Report'.

Piqué live without fear, as there is no defense to take such risks when going up the attack. In his private life out with Shakira, a relationship that promised a lot of noise. From childhood, seemed more interested in scoring goals that avoid recalls seeing Cesc both 2-6 in the Beranbeú. "I've seen this many times already in my life ... these excursions that grabbed the backpack and all crazy coach yelled, 'Where are you!', then got two goals per game ... A lot! ".

With ten years with Cesc Piqué lost the final against Madrid. And then made it clear he does not like losing. His brother says he does not know anyone so competitive. And his mother recalls the incident: "There was no comfort." To Piqué was normal: "I was not used to losing. Did not lose a game from fry to cadet, five years without losing, "he recalls in 'Robinson Report'.

As a professional also lives with the defeat evil. Occurs that is not something that happens very often. It is hard to hide the smile that has won over his teammates. "My feeling when it comes to Barca's Gerard soaking the joy as his apparel. We are all more natural for the character of Pique, "said Xavi. The youthful character of Pique, sometimes a nice mug, it took a touch of clothing in its infancy. "Gerard came to have fun, but football is not only that. In short it is also a job.

Puyol, Valdés, myself, masters, instructed him on that, "said Terrassa. With the captain their relationship now is very special: "Gerard has given Puyol youth," said Cesc. "He's rejuvenated." Gerard acknowledges that "we're doing stupid things all the time" and notes that Xavier is the captain-general of the jokes, hidden phones, shoes ... So Piqué: fun with him and victories are always insured. (via SPORT)