03 April 2011

Sandro Rosell apologizes: "It was not my intention to offend"

The president of FC Barcelona , Sandro Rosell , has apologized for the controversial club of the final of the Copa del Rey, in which he predicted that it would endorse another 'little hand' to Real Madrid , during the event's 50 th anniversary of the Penya Barcelonista arena.

The Barca president explained to football fans that it was "my intention to offend" , while he has apologized "to those partners who were offended Barça" . Rosell also recalled that "our values ​​are humility and work" . (via MD)

Lead is now eight points

The win over Villarreal, combined with Madrid’s defeat at home to Sporting, means Barça now have an eight point lead at the top of the table.

That’s one point more than the team had managed so far this season – having enjoyed a maximum seven point advantage before now. The win was also the team’s 13th win on the road and came as Madrid lost their unbeaten home record. There are now just 24 points left to play and Barça visit Madrid in a fortnight’s time.

Madrid had kicked off four hours before Barça and were unable to score against struggling Sporting, who managed to get their goal on 78 minutes through De las Cuevas for a famous win. Valencia meanwhile, overtook Villarreal to move into third after Soldado scored all four goals in their 2-4 win at Getafe.

Guardiola equals Venables

The Villarreal game saw Pep Guardiola match Terry Venables’ 169 games in charge at the club and the Catalan can now set his sights on the records of Johan Cruyff (430), Frank Rijkaard (273), Rinus Michels (264) and Louis Van Gaal (200). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Match the 13 wins at home

El Barça de Guardiola has 13 victories away from home and even the records of the 2008/2009 and 2009/10. The Catalans have four games to overcome a historical record.

The victory in the Madrigal could not be explained without the stratospheric performance Valdés. He held the team in the first quarter of an hour with two prodigious actions. And after the game, after the goal of Pique, saved the tie by stopping a goal sung Cazorla. Barca extends the distance to Madrid to 8 points and reached a figure that is already registered record: 13 wins away from home.

4 points escape

The club has played 15 games away from the Camp Nou, and the balance is honors: 13 wins and two draws. Guardiola has only missed 4 points: the first two in the Molinón, after a break for team matches and the last two in Sevilla at the Sanchez Pizjuan in a meeting that Guardiola would have deserved more .

Three times

With the victory over Villarreal, Barca matches a record he shares with Atletico Madrid in the 1995/96 season, the Pellegrini Madrid last year, and with the same Barça de Guardiola. And in the last two years the Barca team has reached the same number of wins away from home.

Four games to record

Nobody in the history of the League has added 14 wins at home. And the club has four opportunities to reach yet another record. Madrid, Real Sociedad, Valencia and Malaga are the latest displacement of the Catalans in the league.

Messi: 15 games, 15 goals

The Argentine striker is the top scorer of the team. And so is away from home. Has added 15 goals away from the Nou Camp: three doubles against Zaragoza, Osasuna and Hercules and a hat-trick in the area of ​​Almeria. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdes saved the team in the final minutes

Valdes was again Paradon key three: two at the beginning and one at the end.

Five minutes from Victor Valdes got a ball that only the great goalkeepers, who have blind faith in each of its movements can be stopped. FC Barcelona goalkeeper did not remove eye on a ball that fell from the sky inside the box after a rebound Santi Cazorla. Victor sensed where he was going to go the auction before the Villarreal player's foot touched the ball. Once he saw her come, with your right leg cleared. The reaction of his closest companions spoke for itself. They ran to hug him and congratulate him. It was the culmination of the huge party that returned to complete the Barca keeper. One more, and since there are countless that Valdes has been known to be at the right time to avoid the fate of his team was different.

If the final play of the goalkeeper was a clear example of something that has been common in recent times, what happened at the beginning but even more so. For if there was any moment that could threaten the integrity of Barca last night at the Madrigal was in the first quarter of an hour, not so much about the trend of the game but in regard to a couple of mismatches that back I almost cause the Villarreal on ahead on the scoreboard. But there was Valdés to avoid further before a Rossi surely have to dream about as a companion Gavà next year and not as a rival again. With two massive interventions, Valdes Italian bitter night, sticking out two balls on goal, especially a heads up that had all the earmarks of the deadlock. Not so, Valdes gave oxygen to their colleagues and those not wasted. Piqué scored (another who needed a shot of encouragement and to end the malicious comments of some) and the club scored three points that smell League. Staged so Valdés himself, perhaps the most elated when the referee signaled the end of the meeting. The goalkeeper was the one who led a big hug from all Barca general and an image that reminded the Santiago Bernabeu last year, when after the 0-2, pineapple made final the players on the pitch was a sign that faithful had won the league.

Valdes was again silent hero, perhaps the most crucial player in this template with Leo Messi. His numbers are impressive: 14 goals conceded in 27 league games (Pinto he was supplied in three games and received a little) but they are still most important moments, key in the path of the Blaugrana. (via MD)

Thiago claimed in his debut as a starter

Guardiola opted for a Spanish-Brazilian decider and behaved at the height of a veteran.

Thiago was a member of the first team in the first third of the competition. With the advent of Afellay seemed to have taken a step backwards with his back to the subsidiary, but in reality was a way to gain momentum to improve their level and meet when needed Pep Guardiola. The Spanish-Brazilian Barça B won their presence in El Madrigal and assumed the responsibility to be for a day substitute Xavi punished significantly.

The youth was placed inside right and assumed most of the game in midfield as Andrés Iniesta was placed heeled boot over the band, while Mascherano Keita and acted as scavengers.

The largest of the Alcantara called the ball, offered to their peers and showed his one on one in the first part in a brilliant action in which he dribbled past two opponents, played the ball with outside of foot to win the online Iniesta background. The move did not end in goal for the intervention of Gonzalo Rodríguez slicing the ball from the ground with his head.

Thiago was comfortable on the field, but said the corrections of Pep Guardiola in the band to find always the best option. The player and dosed resonsabilizó greatly his dribbling and watermarks. At stake were three points of gold and could not lose balls in sensitive areas. The oversights were minimal and could complete the 90 minutes.

The party was complete and that ended the clash with his "brother" Jonathan dos Santos on the field. Two players based on their effort in the Barça B received their award. (via SPORT)

Valdes shines again with another stellar performance

The stated goal Barca saving several balls on sticks and acting almost as a third central team.

For much of the game played almost free, very attentive to the progress of the front of Villarreal, as fast as incisors. Between Pique and Busquets, Víctor Valdés appeared as the third central to nullify the progress of Villarreal, leaving the area more often than usual to avoid risks and nip the progressions of Villarreal. But also in the field he knows best, the area under the sticks, Valdés Valdés was the best of the season, to the point of holding the boat in a major victory for the league title.

Barça goalkeeper showed that he would sign a great performance from the start of the match when Giuseppe Rossi was able to nullify a hand in hand with the Italian-born striker would have complicated the party Blaugrana. Another shot of Rossi, also in the first half, eventually rejected by the hands of Valdes.

But it was in the second half when Valdes was uncovered in a big way. He showed that he had studied acting almost perfectly the opponent as central third, leaving the area to stop the advance of Villarreal, head first and then with his foot, sending the ball out of bounds.

Working outside the box and hand to hand, Valdes also served when more is demanded, the party was almost over, and with the score 0-1 when Santi Cazorla Barca pressed with a shot hit the bottom . There appeared again impassable, the leg of Victor Valdes, who showed he is one of the highlights of his career although the Spanish team was still the third goalkeeper behind Iker Casillas and Pepe Reina.

His last major stop of the game was as important as the goal to secure three points Piqué, well worth the league. Valdés, usually drab, was released late in the game, warmly embracing his companions, was the first to know that victory in Villarreal is a virtually definitive step toward third consecutive league for Barça windows. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "That of Pep does not take away even a minute of sleep"

Andoni Zubizarreta played down the significance to the statements of the interview Guardiola and defined "theft".

Pep Guardiola statements made in the Italian RAI were the main topic on Friday and still colearon Villarreal yesterday. Made headlines because the manager does not give interviews and it said that its cycle at the club would not be long and may be near an end.

The club's sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, he wanted to subtract significance to the words of the coach and told the rest of the encounter between the yellow and the club is very relaxed about the immediate future of Guardiola: "You know that contract and wants to be with us and that's it.

All this takes me a minute of sleep. Is now on the bench? Yes Do you have contracts next year? Yes What more do we want? "Explained Zubizarreta. The athletic director elaborated on the issue calling for calm to the environment: "We were concerned because there had been renewed and now it says I do not know why ... What is certain is that contracts and everything else does not bother me at all, "he reiterated Zubi.

Zubizarreta also assessed that Real Madrid defeat suffered in the Bernabeu against Sporting Gijon. The triumph of Asturias was the news on Saturday, although the executive was awaiting blaugrana other issues: "The truth is that the club was looking B. I welcome the victory of our subsidiary. In regard to Madrid are not playing games and the ability to intervene is none. I worry about winning our points and our games, everything else is just curiosity, "he said. Yes, welcomed the role that many of the rare players in the team were at the Madrigal: "They dare to play football against a team of great authority. We expect nothing less of them and fills us with joy. " (via SPORT)

[Rating] Villarreal CF - FC Barcelona (0-1)



Valdés and Busquets, sanctioned

Victor Valdes and Sergio Busquets will not play the game next Saturday at the Camp Nou against Almeria. Both have been the fifth yellow card in the final league match. Now, only Mascherano and Messi are at a card game suspension. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "If with eight points and eight games to go see you can only lose the champions league"

After describing as "very great" victory at El Madrigal and increase the gap to eight points behind Real Madrid, Guardiola warned that "if you see this advantage can only lose the champions league."

Barca's victory against Villarreal, coupled with the defeat of Real Madrid against Sporting, has not only reaffirmed the Catalan side in front of the League qualifying, which takes eight points set to white. However, Josep Guardiola warns that "leagues are won when you win, and if you do it in advance you can only lose."

In this sense, the Santpedor, after noting that "we have taken the greatest advantage of the season, and is very good, but in sport bigger things have been" recalled that "Real Madrid is always and fight until the end. " He added: "If with eight points and eight games to go see you can only lose the champions league. At the end of the league are won when they have earned. Come awfully tough matches."

Over the course of the party that took place this Saturday night at El Madrigal, Guardiola has been particularly welcomed the fact "of having passed the third place, a fantastic team and it makes a great game." "We passed the third place, we did run. They have created scoring chances because they are very good, and we've been very attentive to the contras. We have not had too many chances, but we have prioritized the control. It is a very large victory, "he explained.

Noting the great performance by Valdes , who with his interventions have been key to the victory of the template, Guardiola has had a few words of praise for Thiago: "In general, all players have been at a high level. Thiago has this personality not afraid of asking. It has been wonderful, and gives very good signs for the future. has done an excellent match. "

Once again, Barca coach has expressed its full confidence in the subsidiary: "At a big club is very sad to complain about the absences. We will roll the subsidiary if necessary. We employ a very short but we have team players, who will like a shot. It is a guarantee to have them. "

Guardiola wanted to clarify statements in the RAI filtered by pointing your cycle at the club was ending: "I have not said anything new. The journalist did not meet what was agreed. I spent a fool and he's ready, let's leave well. collaborated with him for the affection with Brescia is great. I thought I made ​​is that when you have four years is closer to completion. This is normal. Then comes another. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Thiago: "It was a great day"

Thiago Alcantara, who on Saturday played his first game as a starter in the league this season, has a degree with a major meeting in El Madrigal. After the victory, said: "It was a great day."

And is that a player like him, who has been riding the first and second team for many months, there will be doubly enjoyed this Saturday Barca triumph for football. "We had two joys in the afternoon. Above all, the victory of Barça B, which was even better than the defeat of Madrid," said one after the game he has played entirely in El Madrigal. It has offered a recital: 136 passes, of which 123 have been good. He, however, has been modest: "The veteran has been noticed in all who have been on the field less in me."

The following is the most important statements of the players of FC Barcelona.

Gerard Piqué:

"It's a very fast move. I think that strikes me in the chest, do not know if also in the arm. It's gone very fast and I have not stopped to think."

"They are eight points, eight days left ... It's a significant distance, but we must stay the same."

"We depend on ourselves."

"La Liga is not impossible for Madrid. It's not yet sentenced."

Víctor Valdés:

"We knew that winning was a giant step towards the title."

"I'm happy with how the team played with an impressive football, with great intensity and spaces without rival."

"I swear that I pushed the yellow card."

Andrés Iniesta:

"It's one step more, important, but there are still many points. We must congratulate the team for the effort against a great team."

"We are the number 1. Too often Valdés is there to stop it. For me is the number 1."

"It's a very difficult, because Villarreal played very well and had chances to win."

"Now it's Champions, a tough tie, but this victory gives us a lot of faith." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué: "The league is not doomed, but we have taken an important step"

Defender Gerard Piqué FC Barcelona refused to celebrate the league title even though it has eight points clear of Real Madrid , and said that the championship is not sentenced, but showed his happiness because after beating Villarreal (0 -1) are "an important step." The defender, scored the only goal of the Catalans, wanted to be cautious. "We have a very important step, but there are eight days and many points. This is not convicted, we have concluded is a very important victory," said Catalan. In addition, Pique appreciated that "play who you play" does well at Barcelona. "The level is always maintained and we must be proud of the game yet on Saturday," said the Spanish international in laSexta statements.

On the other hand, Pique also referred to the defeat of Real Madrid against Sporting Gijon. "I always wonder the Madrid lose at home because it almost never does. We know that all rivals are complicated. It can happen to anyone, but today it fell to Madrid," he added. Finally, the Barcelona player, who declined to give a forecast for the final of the Copa del Rey, has doubts about whether or not hitting the ball with his hand in the action of FC Barcelona goal. "I have to see it on television. It was a move very fast and now we look, but I think that with his chest," he concluded. (via MD)

Pep Guardiola: "We have not won any, this is a very great victory"

The technician explained that Messi book was already agreed before knowing the defeat of Real Madrid.

Josep Guardiola was satisfied with the very important victory yesterday in El Madrigal but, true to form, refused to consider that the title is sentenced despite the eight-point advantage over Real Madrid.

Santpedor coach considered it "a very good advantage but have more fat in football," he said. "We compete with a very strong opponent", referring to Real Madrid. And put in value the victory against Villarreal. "We did not win any but a fantastic team that we have been running. Although they have had chances in the first half because they are very good, we've taken control. We have not had too many chances but it is a very great victory. " Still, it was blunt in his reflection: "If an eight-point advantage with eight conference champions and you think you can only lose the league." He also mentioned the excellent performance of Valdés - "Victor stops have been crucial."

Of course, Guardiola had to explain what happened to the statements in the "RAI" in which he referred to his future. "You know I have not said anything new. When you take three or four years at the club are always close to end that proceeding. I'll go when you see that the results are bad and I have no strength, but nothing more. " Explained that it was a commitment related to the centennial of Brescia "and told him clearly that only talk about that. RAI imposed (the journalist) delivered. Maybe I'm young and in the future learn, but that is it is portrayed. Another day will come and will not interview or presence. I spent a fool and he went from ready, "said Pep annoying.

Guardiola said the decision to substitute Messi was taken off before the occurrence of the defeat of Real Madrid. "I was previously agreed. I had no doubt that it would be nice but was not injured but came with a sore adductor and a hell of a ride, preferring to have it cool for half an hour in a lower tone throughout the game. "

Pep once again assessed the competitiveness of his team because "this year we won the Super Cup and competed in three competitions. And we have avoided making a fool is left to many points in the first. In eight days we have taken the greatest advantage of the year but we know that Madrid will fight until the end although it is better to be eight to five or two. "

Finally, he spoke to the players still in recovery, as Peter and Bojan. "Above are a bit lame but in a big team is very sad to complain because the subsidiary accounts. Now it is trying not to force and not fall because this is the decisive phase. "

WHAT WE LIKE: The performance of Thiago and Afellay

"Ibi and Thiago have come to get the ball to Villarreal. Thiago deserves particular mention because there are details that make, how you behave when you return to the subsidiary. He has shown that head is very stable and has done an excellent game. "

WHAT YOU DO NOT LIKE: "You should not cry champions

Guardiola said that the cries of the Blaugrana fans of 'Champions' "entiusiasma me not because I think a lack of respect for the Villarreal and Real Madrid, but I can not control the fans" (via SPORT)

Sporting explodes La LIga

The hopes that he/she still had Madrid of winning the League are stumped almost completely with this defeat. De las Cuevas ended Mourinho's record of nine years without being at home.

The Real Madrid left the League the day most unexpected, but can not say that did not merit it. Mourinho , who so often saved his team with their alignments and their changes, made ​​a mistake this time to design the starting initial ordering replacements, that ended up misleading a team even more focused than ever. The Sporting did his job, and did well, made ​​the most of its resources and was able to control the Madrid, to which he was the championship in his hands as he went to Mourinho his record of nine years without losing at home in League .

Madrid may be excused for its many low or that penalty the referee did not see the hand of Lora, but the first answer to their problems should look at himself, his inability to generate football. The Madrid showed that the ball be worth nothing if you do not know what to do with it. Its dominance in the first half was as intense as inconsequential, with Sporting comfortably back waiting, waiting for their opportunities. And had the clearest mano a mano of Novo with Casillas , which could not say Real Madrid, he played, tried to create and combined, but with little sense and more horizontal than vertical. Combinations without order, which only served to awaken and see how the yawning boredom spread through the stands, he enjoyed more seeing the great Ronaldo again treading the turf at the Bernabeu with the game on your computer. I consumed the first part without the Madrid agreed to shoot on goal and Adebayor living disconnected from the rest of the team, like a strange entity.

The alignment of Madrid did not invite happiness. It was not a question of drawing the usual 4-2-3-1 Mourinho, but the pieces that made ​​up this scheme. The defense was not that strong and powerful line that allows the computer to live more comfortable. Ramos and Arbeloa occupied the side and forgot there was life on the rival camp, while Albiol spent the game trying to fix the messes of Carvalho .

Much worse were the feelings that left midfield. Lass , which the cables cross him with increasing frequency and returned to pardon the expulsion and Khedira , dribbled genes whose talent, formed less creative midfielder, flat and bland that you can submit Madrid. Their presence in this key position until darkness crept to the team, which failed to overcome the burden of not having anyone able to create the post game. Each absence of Xabi Alonso is a demonstration of how essential it is their presence.

Ahead of them appeared Barn , which was not his day inspired, but at least tried to create something different with his play between the lines. In the bands, Özil not appear directly and Di Maria also tested the individual solution with no luck. Adebayor was the worst team.

The first installment left two controversial actions. González González reversed in the second minute goal to Carvalho to understand that the ball had already left when Albiol gave it back. Impossible to know if you were right or not. There did seem to be wrongly failed to hand penalty by Lora just before the break.

In the second half, chaos reigned, with Sporting not much effort defending the crazy rush of Madrid, more tangled and at times conveyed a sense of neglect that did not correspond with what was at stake. Nothing less than the league.

The disruption of Madrid in the second part, which has given up on any kind of football developed and delivered without shame to the game live, was of enormous proportions and a lot of the blame for it was Mourinho , that if in the past helped with its changes and tactical inventions win games, this time gave his team the boost he needed to crash so dire.

The reappearance of Higuain illusions Bernabéu , who spent the morning fearing the worst and was puzzled to see that was replaced Barn , one of the few with the capacity to invent. It was Higuain who squandered the best chance of your computer all afternoon, a shot which deflected the inspired Juan Pablo after a fine counterattack led by Di Maria.

The chaos in Madrid was multiplied with the last two changes of Mourinho , who ushered Pepe and Channels by Arbeloa and Di Maria . He went on to defend the three central and left lateral Sergio Ramos and channels, which in the 20 minutes he played was the best of your computer.

In Madrid believing there was more output than the heroic, the resource that is left with only pride to capture the victory, came the goal of Sporting . A well-crafted action culminating De las Cuevas . A goal that silenced the Bernabeu, the League broke and awoke to Madrid, which only reacted when he saw all was lost.

The last minutes were a siege continued, with the players of Madrid turned into a firing squad, and Juan Pablo dodging all the bullets. Catching balls and solving the impossible easy. Goalkeeper was immense, escorted by Botía and Iván Hernández , as huge was that little genius that is Rivera managing the team in midfield.

The Sporting knew how to do their work, squeezed their resources and took the opportunity he had. Unlike everything Madrid. (via AS)

[Ex player] Ronaldo: "It would mark Messi goals from Cristiano Ronaldo"

Ronaldo has declared "Madrid" but refused to feel in love with the game displayed by the club.

Ronaldo will receive a warm tribute from the Bernabeu in the meeting between Madrid and Sporting Gijon which recognized his career in the Primera Liga club after the Brazilian star has left football practice.

The Brazilian was delighted with the moving ceremony scheduled for Real Madrid and has not been slow to uncover a more Madrid in an interview with the newspaper 'AS' inthe claiming to be "Madrid" cycles cycles that "the Madrid win the treble ".

However, although delighted with the new style of all the Portuguese Mou head does not hide his devotion to the Barca game.

"I would love to play in Madrid but I have not seen Mou play nigún team like Barca play," he says.

And in the comparison between whites and Barça, Barça seem to come out ahead compared to the likes of Ronaldo who also addressed the particular duel between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

"They are quite different although both are making a lot of goals. Although I mark Messi goals from my side," he admits. (via SPORT)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 30] Villarreal CF 0 - 1 FC Barcelona

Barca stepped practically vital to win the league standing Madrid eight points after beating Villarreal in a pulsating game that decided a loner but valuable goal Piqué.

Barca are closer to getting its third consecutive league after winning the decisive game of El Madrigal. Guardiola and the players knew that was going to win middleweight title at Villarreal, but if we add a Madrid inesperadísima home defeat of the result is even better.

At this time the eight-point gap to Madrid final eight days of competition and a much lighter schedule than whites to say that half the league is 'Butxaca' FC Barcelona is not at all no nonsense .

This time it was Messi, Iniesta or a genius, but a goal from set pieces Piqué who gave Barca the three points in one of the most complicated fields of Europe. It was a very mental in Valdes emerged as the great hero of the night to avoid two goals in the first half sung and miraculously stop Cazorla shot a poisoned almost time served.

[Tecnical Data]
Villarreal: Diego López, Mario, Gonzalo, Musacchio, Catalá; Marchena (Cani, m.70), Bruno, Cazorla, Borja Valero; Rossi y Marco Ruben (Nilmar, m.56).

Barcelona: Valdes, Dani Alves, Piqué, Busquets, Adriano; Keita (Messi, m.53), Mascherano, Thiago; Iniesta, Afellay (Jonathan Dos Santos, m.84) y Villa (Bojan, m.70).

Goal: 0-1, m.66 Piqué.

Referee: Ramírez Domínguez (C. Andaluz). Admonished by Villarreal Bruno and Marchena, and the Pique Barcelona Valdes, Busquets and Alves.

Subs: Party for Week 30, First Division match at the El Madrigal stadium before 23,000 spectators.

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 32] Villarreal CF B 2 - 3 FC Barcelona B

The Barcelona B was (2-3) a spectacular duel of subsidiaries in which B was to put Villarreal ahead on two occasions.

The game started with great pace and opened the scoring after three minutes with a goal from Hernan Perez Paraguay. The match was fast-paced half-hour after the game was a draw.

A loss in zone defense committed yellow Tello allowed to make a pass inside to Jonathan Soriano, the top scorer in the category defined in peace.

Barça B seemed to continue with its drive to find the second goal, but it was Villarreal B who scored again just three minutes later.

Center from the left past Gerard was lowered to category Castellani for Hernán Pérez scored his second goal of the match with a crosscourt to which nothing could be done Oier.

The match was also very intense after the break, although in this period chances opted Barcelona side branch.

Barca team came back to tie the fourth hour of the second half. A corner kick from the left wing of the attack was visiting his head topped by Ilie to send the ball into the net.

Barça B was not satisfied and managed to flip the score on a play in which a lucky shot from the edge of Saul finally became Marin's goal on a defensive rebound.

[Technical Data]
Villarreal B: Mariño, Mano, Carlos Tomás, Dervite, Héctor, Natxo Insa, Marcos Gullón, Castellani (Marquitos, m.68), Iago Falqué, Hernán Pérez (Nicki Bille, m.82) y Gerard.

Barcelona B: Oier, Edu Oriol (Armando, m.81), Bartra, Marc Muniesa, Abraham, Ilie, Carmona, Víctor Vázquez (Sergi Roberto, m.56), Tello (Saúl, m.46), Nolito y Jonathan Soriano.

Goals: 1-0, m.3: Hernán Pérez. 1-1, m.31: Jonathan Soriano. 2-1, m.34: Hernán Pérez. 2-2, m.60: Ilie. 2-3, m. 67: Saúl.

Referee: Valdés Aller (College Castilian-Leonese). He admonished the local Hernan Perez, Marcos Gullón and Iago Falqué and visitors Tello, Abraham and Nolito.

Incidents: match at the Sports City stadium Villarreal before 4,000 spectators.