02 April 2011

[Barça B] Gustavo and Ernesto, news from the subsidiary to Villarreal

The call for two players from Junior A is the big news in the list of 18 players who will travel on Saturday to land Castellón. Luis Enrique will be without Montoya, and Thiago Dos Santos, concentrated in the first team.

The field visit of Villarreal B (Saturday, 18 h) can be an opportunity to see two newcomers over Youth A. If in the past has called for Luis Enrique Gómez Sergi, Dalmau, Rafa or Deulofeu, for this match has been the Spaniard Gustavo Ledesma and Ernesto Cornejo.

The subsidiary coaching staff has decided on these players taking into account all the circumstances: "We assessed that the Junior A play on Sunday at 12 pm against the San Francisco an important game while we wanted to reward the work of the whole year of two players who had never yet been with us. " Barbarà pointed.

Gustavo Ledesma is a lefty midfielder 18, with Portuguese passports, which can act as a pivot and inside left. Highlighted by a very powerful shot. Ernesto Cornejo, born in Chiclana de la Frontera 18 years ago, is a right winger who stands out for a fast game and very vertical.

Jonathan dos Santos, signed, and Thiago Montoya and called to train with the first team, will miss the match of subsidiaries which will be played this Saturday at the Sports City's Villarreal.

Luis Enrique recovered, in contrast to Abraham, signed with the Alcorcón, and Oriol Romeu lost in the final stage of recovery; Benja, with muscle aches. Miño, for technical reasons, not travel with the issue of the subsidiary.

The subsidiaries duel between Barca and Villarreal promises to be a good show, as expected the second coach of B Joan Barbara: "We are talking about two of the clubs that work best based, two teams with an attractive football proposal young players that want to get a place in the tough world of professional football. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

List: Olazábal, Masip, Bartra, Armando, Muniesa, Planas, Abraham, Ilie, Carmona, Vázquez, Sergi Roberto, Gustavo Ledes, Edu Oriol, Soriano, Tello, Saúl,Nolito, Ernesto Cornejo

The team arrives by train to Castellon

Barça is in Villarreal. The set of Pep Guardiola has moved to Plana Baixa by train on Saturday morning. At 22 hours visit to the Yellow Submarine.

The output of the first team at the Camp Nou Barca occurred at 10 hours. Thirty minutes later, the ship departed by train to Sants station and 13 hours will be planted in Castellón, where he expected sunshine and over 500 fans who have cheered .

Vice president leading the expedition and Carles Jordi Cardoner Vilarrubí , managers and Pilar Moix Jordi Guinovart , sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta and Area Coordinator Professional Football Narcís Julià .

At 14.30 hours are planned a traditional lunch with directives , to be held in Entrelínias Restaurant, located inside of the El Madrigal stadium.

The team, meanwhile, has moved directly from the station to the Hotel Luz Castellon, who was a mere fifty yards away, and stay focused until moments before the game tonight will face with Villarreal (22 h). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola betrays RAI

A courtesy interview granted by Guardiola to discuss Brescia has become the pump of the day information. RAI broke a pact with the club and launched the technical words which he said that his time at Barça "is running out"

Although Guardiola does not grant interviews since joining the first team bench, the coach agreed to a request from Brescia to participate in a DVD to commemorate the centenary of Brescia, the club where he played as a player.

During the interview, conducted in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, the journalist asked Severini Piergiorgio things about Brescia ... and other issues. Including his work with FC Barcelona. Guardiola will not shirk any issue and even said that "I think my time is ending here in Barcelona. I'm fine here, but when you're at a club like this for a long time you can not get much."

At the end of the meeting, club members and Guardiola own pact with the journalist that these statements would be made public and would be collected only those related to Brescia, to which the reporter agreed. However, upon returning to Italy, RAI Severini compelled to disclose such technical words, despite the negative reporting by the agreement itself that arrived in Barcelona.

Guardiola Severini even contacted to explain the situation, but despite it all went ahead. The words of Santpedor not cease to be a repetition of something that is often repeated in all the press conferences given. Pep always says he does not want to renew their contracts for a long period of time and likes to go year to year. In any event, the first interview granted by the Santpedor since it is Barca coach came to light by a betrayal of the Italian public television. (via SPORT)

Refference: www.sport.es

El Madrigal, a springboard to the title for Barca

Last season the club gave a final blow to the League in El Madrigal.

Last season the club took a near-final step in El Madrigal to win the league title. After being eliminated in the semifinals of the Champions League at the hands of Jose Mourinho's Inter, Barca team was able to overcome at the next meeting. Villarreal visited with two goals from Messi, Xavi and another one of Bojan and maintained the advantage over Real Madrid Pellegrini just three rounds remaining the championship. Ibrahimovic gone, Bojan was uncovered and was instrumental in the last three games.

Bojan, the youngest goalscorer.

On October 20, 2007 Bojan joined the Barça history by becoming the club's youngest player to score in the league. With 17 years, 1 month and 23 days, the 'Noi Linyola' scored the only goal of the Barca team in a match that the club lost 3-1 at El Madrigal.

The spoilers Villarreal.

On May 10, 2009 Castellon all spoiled the party of the League to Barcelona and all the Camp Nou. Win, Barca had sung the Alirón. However, Villarreal managed to tie (3-3) and postpuso the conclusion of the title a week later. The Catalans managed to finally hold the title the following Saturday and before the club disptuara his big game against Mallorca 36 by the Madrid stumbled before.

Harvey saw his first red card.

Xavi curiously suspended today had its first ejection as a professional in the El Madrigal stadium. Terrassa Al showed him the second yellow for dissent. Still, with 10 players, the club, then headed by Rexach, got over and signed a sustained victory (1-0) with goals from Kluivert.

El Madrigal waited a year

Villarreal-Barça's first in El Madrigal had to wait a year behind schedule in place. Because the Competition Committee clausurópor a match El Madrigal, the meeting between yellow and Barca had to be held at the Mestalla on May 9, 1999, with victory Barça (2-3).

Kluivert, Trigolo Release.

In the first meeting that disputed Patrick Kluivert against Villarreal in El Madrigal, the Dutch striker failed to score a hat-trick in a crash that ended up tying the club (4-4) battled back from 3-0 start. The other was Barca striker Rivaldo.

Jinx less than before.

Although in the beginning, the Villarreal team became almost a damn for Barca in El Madrigal, gradually Barca team has managed to roll over the situation. Since the 2007-08 season, when Barça lost 1-2, Barça has not fallen back defeated the La Plana. In the first decade of the twenty-first century is 8 background Barça wins, 5 draws and 6 losses.

Just to go home

Of the 23 games that Barca and Villarreal have played throughout history, Barça has made these wins over the Castellón playing at home, it was. Five victories in the Nou Camp and five wins in El Madrigal. Today it's tie. (via MD)

Chygrynskiy are 'cross' on Tuesday with Barça

Will be Tuesday in connection with training in the Stadium. The Ukrainian travel and Barcelona on Sunday.

The players of FC Barcelona will be cross- Chygrynskiy in the Nou Camp on the eve of the Barcelona-Shakhtar next Wednesday: Barca train at 18.00 at the Stadium, while the Ukrainian team will do after 19.15 hours, which the central meeting with his former teammates and with Pep is virtually inescapable.

The very Guardiola will address the media on Tuesday after the last training session and make it alone, as the player of Barcelona designated to appear at a press conference opened fire at 17.15 hours, ie before the training and before talk Lucescu and one of his men.

As I walked MD yesterday, Shakhtar arrive tomorrow and be exercised in the Mini on Monday. This session will be closed. (via MD)

Messi and Villa want to re-mark against Villarreal

Leo has three games without scoring and Guaje, five official matches.

Rare is the high-flying game in which Leo Messi and David Villa back to the locker room without having pierced the rival network. Nights identified as those of Real Madrid , the Espanyol or Arsenal in the Emirates in the '10 'did not feed his romance with the goal, broke his role as assistant to lethal Guaje as the best partner and let's not forget the eleven matches in which both scored. His performances of the course allows Barcelona hopes that the two or at least one break today in El Madrigal the curse that haunts them in recent times.

Messi has spent three days stranded on the 27 goals that allow you to share with Cristiano Ronaldo the leadership of the ' scorer 'and the Golden Boot . It is their longest losing streak in the league since April 2010. In the case of Villa, is the first time since stringing Barça wears five official matches with Barcelona without having registered their name in the record as a gunner. Its worst drought in this exercise should only amount to three games to zero in October and January.

The Argentine, who wants to take advantage of the absence through injury of Cristiano against Sporting , and truncated at El Madrigal refusal of that series three games in the past Championship over the fateful two European semi-final against Inter. Messi came to Vila-real with filmmaker longest streak in two seasons, injured by leave of the dream final of Champions at the Bernabeu and the 'submarine' as a rival he had never beaten in five games. And Leo did not fail. Just took to make their mark with a goal on 18 minutes a pass from Xavi and finally closed the account with a signing a double Vaseline you said the first round of the League frustrating the resistance of Villarreal at the Nou Camp (3 -1). With 45 goals in 42 official engagements, the star Rosario is still two behind record of Barcelona in a season shared with Ronaldo Nazario da Lima (1996-97).

Villa also want to settle outstanding accounts in El Madrigal . Just got there two goals in six visits to Zaragoza and Valencia but none served to win. Four defeats, one draw and one victory short its stock in a feud nails used to receive the 'che'. As Barca does not mark since February 26 in Palma when making was four, his best series in Barcelona . Of course, their morale is higher since he left the team after beating Raul as top scorer with his historic two goals for the Czechs. (via MD)

Víctor Valdés: "The issue of doping does not harm the ship, but the Spanish football"

Valdes expressed his anger at the accusations made the Cadena Cope, but insists that did not affect the group.

The goal Víctor Valdés has returned strongly after losing his post by José Manuel Pinto injury to Athletic, Mallorca and Valencia. The youth discussed the main aspects of the present blaugrana for 'The Confidential' and was aggressive with doping accusations poured Cadena Cope. "The group is unaffected, but it is charged to a Spanish team and also unfounded. Barça not only damages, but to the Spanish football, and especially when there is no proof, "he said the goalkeeper.

Valdes praised the style that has become known to the team and therefore the club. "Barca transmits values ​​that go beyond the game. The coach introduced a philosophy of decent behavior height representing the club and a touch football, trying to create a very attractive football. The results are a mixture of these two components and not other things, "continued L'Hospitalet.

In another vein, Valdés emphasized the importance of not trusted. "Do not look at recent history. We have to win every game or yes. The Real Madrid is very competitive and always will be there. Now we depend on ourselves and if we won it all, there is no doubt. In Champions, if we eliminate our opponents, is another story and a very hard crash. And the Cup final will be different, "said the squad.

"Real Madrid has improved and is at his best this season, but I trust my team. We must look forward. We can live a month very hard in the media, in football ... everything, "said Valdes.

Finally, technicians noted that Barca and Madrid have nothing in common. "Pep and Mourinho are like night and day. They have nothing to do and are very different clubs. I do not dwell on my incident with Mourinho. It is as if he had been with another rival. Chapter closed," the goalkeeper. (via SPORT)

With Messi but without Pedro

Pep must exercise juggling to find solutions to all absences. His only consolation is to have Leo.

Falling Leo Messi late for the second meeting of Argentina's national team against Costa Rica was set off alarms at the Camp Nou. The hours passed and the news that came from the concentration albiceleste served to reassure the Blaugrana technical. Pep calmed down completely when the Barcelona test a thigh injury ruled. Leo and will today be asked to play in Villarreal. '10 'Does not want to miss the first final of the season.

The presence of the Argentine's any consolation to a technician who must juggle work out solutions to all problems. Barca confirmed yesterday through a statement that Peter, like Maxwell, still drags now and they remained in Barcelona as a precaution. Without the canary in the team, Bojan seems the obvious option to complete the attack with Villa and Messi. The sprained Linyola first grade playing for sub'21 Spanish, but has worked hard to not miss a vital meeting. On a personal level has also helped performance over the last two games against Sevilla and Getafe, who scored twice. A forward on a roll is never willing to quit. And in this case, the many casualties in the force template to make an effort. Another account options that Pep Guardiola is Ibrahim Afellay, who alone could dismount Bojan's starting lineup. The Dutch come to a large part in the 'Oranje', with a goal included.

The quarry made yesterday featured in the list of 19 men who travel to Villarreal. Up to four players from Barça B will be part of the expedition Blaugrana. Fontàs Abidal cover the lower end of the season, while Montoya, the absence of Maxwell, will also be at the Madrigal. Jonathan dos Santos Thiago and complete the quartet of home-grown with Guardiola has had to have so essential in order to pass the test in Villarreal. (via SPORT)

Fontàs, the best option to keep the style

Guardiola must distribute their cards to compete at a high level with Villarreal and Shakhtar, so it now expected an eleven unconventional.

Parties following a break for international commitments have become a huge issue for Pep Guardiola during his time as coach of Barcelona and more this time because of low key players. The defense is the line that most suffers from the absence of Abidal, Puyol and Maxwell, while the punishment of Xavi also directly affects and influences behind the alignment to be measured today at Villarreal.

Garrido whole is very dangerous when it seized the ball and the best way to ensure possession is counting on Busquets and Iniesta in midfield. A combination that will leave the Manchego as a single 'gamer' with Mascherano and Keita could cause the ship was in tow. The inclusion of Sergio in midfield, therefore, we rule out as a defender. It is more likely to occupy this demarcation Badia on Wednesday before a backlash Shakhtar will seek to give greater output of the ball and Mascherano would be the pivot in the Champions League.

This formula would give today more options to Fontàs like companion of Piqué. The Banyoles is cooler and in better shape than Milito, who comes to play 135 minutes to Argentina, to stop Nilmar and Rossi. (via SPORT)

Messi, Valdés, Mascherano, and Busquets, threatened

The Blaugrana are four single-card suspension in the absence of two days to visit the Bernabeu.

And just missing nine games to finish the season and every detail counts. Pep Guardiola will manage the various absences using the imagination and providing solutions. In Villarreal will not Puyol, injured, or Abidal, recovering from the operation or Xavi, punished. Terrassa saw the fifth yellow against Getafe and will miss the match at El Madrigal, but on the other hand, comes clean on the finish line and, except surprise, will be in the Santiago Bernabeu.

Em hand, the presence of Valdes, Busquets, Messi and Mascherano is not one hundred percent insured. All four come with four yellow cards to the crucial match against the team of Juan Carlos Garrido. And while Pep Guardiola asked to act naturally, the fact is that his absence through suspension at the Santiago Bernabeu would be a major setback. One possibility is to force the fifth play in Villarreal and Almeria visit the Nou Camp.

Given that Xavi back would be an understandable option for Mascherano. And is that the template does not want to speculate on this, but no one wants to miss a classic that can be final for the third consecutive league win with Pep Guardiola on the bench.

Other options, if no one sees the fifth yellow, it would rest against Almeria not to run any kind of danger. Concerned about all cases in a time when the template is not about the troops, but it is clear that the possibility of reaching the Santiago Bernabéu without Leo Messi is not the most ideal. The Argentine wants to play at the Madrigal and the team needs its best player. No one would take a dim that forced the fifth card and lost the match against Almería. It would also be the way to rest a player who gets very full of matches. (via SPORT)

Rossi will pass the test that can take you to Barcelona

The Blaugrana should closely monitor the Italian striker, whose future could be close to Camp Nou.

Villarreal is one of the most promising teams in the League and more dynamite in the final meters, thanks in large part to Italian Giuseppe Rossi.El marked fifteen goals in the championship, and eight in the Europe League, so is a serious threat tonight. To these figures must be added the extra motivation to face a team that has a portfolio as possible reinforcement for next season.

Rossi will try to demonstrate that it is level enough to play for FC Barcelona and also marked his first goal in the first division. The Blaugrana box is the only of those who currently are active in the top flight at the Italian was unable to overcome on any occasion. Betis and Recreativo Xerez are the other teams that noa has scored since he reached the Spanish League in the 2007-08 season, but the three currently militate II A. Rossi has not only been beaten in no time the Barcelona goal, but that has not been able to get a win with the shirt of Villarreal in direct confrontations. The five games resulted in three defeats and two draws.

The front of the Yellow Submarine wants to show off to Barca in a spectacular season. Rossi is making history and, if mark tonight, would reach 50 days with the team Castellon. In this way, the striker would be closer to the player who holds the record, as Diego Forlan, 54 goals.

The player forms a deadly duo with Nilmar in all yellow with the clear objective of getting the director to spend the next edition of the Champions League. Villarreal aspires to this goal and then listen to offers for Rossi from 40 million euros. (via SPORT)

Garrido: "It's a duel between two great"

Villarreal coach talked about high-flying party and warned that his team would rise.

Juan Carlos Garrido, Villarreal coach faces the match between his team and FC Barcelona convinced it will be the first to bend the knee to the Catalan table away from the Nou Camp. There came to list the qualities of Barcelona because "that's been done many times and not add anything to this point." But they said that this is a team that "has the full range of alternatives" because "in their ranks has the best players in the world." Garrido said that Barca is a team that "knows how to defend very well, hence no surprise that has in its ranks players like Keita and Mascherano, but said that tomorrow, for tonight," must do things its best level if we want to win. "

For the coach of the Yellow Submarine a key will shock the mentality with which we address their disciples. "In big games you must try to be a big team." In this regard, adding that he has not thought of "using tricks like other teams too let the grass grow or shorten the field. We will play as great in a large. Not change our style of play, "he said.

To Garrido the show is always: "We face the first against the third. And that, in a league like ours is synonymous with big game. " (via SPORT)

With 19 players at Villarreal

Pep Guardiola has called up 19 players for the league match in Villarreal. The list includes 16 players the first team with Messi and Bojan, and three team players, Montoya, Thiago and Jonathan dos Santos.

The Camp Nou has been the stage on Friday afternoon, the last session before the match Barca's league on Saturday (22 hours) at Villarreal . Pep Guardiola has decided to change the field number 1 Sports City on the grass the stadium. With Éric Abidal spectator , the team has finished working the game against the whole 'yellow' in training with a few innovations.

Messi travels

Leo Messi is one of the main novelties of the squad. Remember that doctors ruled out any muscle injury after the Argentine player was submitted on Thursday to various medical tests. Who will also travel to Villarreal is Bojan , once recovered from the sprain, grade 1 in the right ankle.

For his part, Maxwell still dragging discomfort in the right thigh adductor is low as a precaution for the match against Villarreal. And Peter also drag now, in this case in the pubis, and is low as a precaution for Saturday's game

FC Barcelona coach has decided to include the team players Montoya, and Jonathan Thiago dos Santos in the notice.

Who would not be in Villarreal's Xavi Hernandez , who will serve a one-match ban for accumulation of yellow cards. Terrassa midfielder, who missed training on Thursday with the permission of the engineer, has done so this evening with their peers.

After many weeks without seeing him on the pitch, Carles Puyol was again this afternoon. The captain of FC Barcelona has made ​​a personal training along with team trainers.

The expedition will leave Barcelona this Saturday morning for Villarreal by train. Barça players leave the stadium at 10 am to Sants station, where a train will leave at 10.30 hours. Team is expected to reach at 12.40 Castellón and move directly to the team hotel. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

List: Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Milito, Piqué, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio Busquets, Iniesta, Messi, Bojan, Villa, Jeffren, Afellay, Adriano, Fontàs, Thiago, Montoya y Jonathan dos Santos.

Abidal at the Camp Nou

15 days after his operation, the French defender came to the club to visit his team mates and watch the training session in the stadium.

After his operation on March 17 and being released from hospital a week ago, Éric Abidal returned to the Camp Nou for the first time today. He walked onto the pitch and greeted all his friends at this crucial time of the season. Everybody was delighted to see that he was his usual cheery self, and is recovering well.

Abidal got to the Camp Nou shortly before they started training and there were hugs and kisses all round from the players, coaches and other members of staff. He walked onto the pitch shortly after the rest of the squad and made jokes with everybody before closely watching his colleagues train for the crunch game with Villarreal.

Abidal’s appearance was a morale booster all round, and his team mates were visibly thrilled to have their friend back. When he saw him, Valdés immediately stopped the exercise he was doing and gave the Frenchman a huge hug and a long kiss that goes to show just how much affection the players feel for the man. Abidal has won everybody’s hearts.

Abidal has been resting at home for a week. His post-operation progress has been good and today was his first public appearance since being released from hospital a week ago. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Puyol was about to undergo surgery

Was discarded and now hope to return in 15 days.

The success of the team has covered some extent what is happening with Carles Puyol. The captain was injured Jan. 22 against Racing (diagnosis, vastus lateralis tendinitis in his left knee) and, since then little or nothing has transpired on that condition. At the time of the injury, doctors at the Barcelona turned their back for the knockout round of Champions League against Arsenal. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Just before that game felt a pain in the knee, a circumstance that was off the alarm permanently. He did so much so that medical services proposed will undergo surgery to eradicate once and for all the injury. The problem is that opening the knee tendon to act meant to say goodbye to the season. That's when the player, along with doctors, decided to opt for conservative treatment, it seems, is producing the expected results. The most optimistic forecasts are saying that in about 15 days would receive the discharge. That would mean they could arrive in time to the decisive encounter at the Bernabeu and logically to the final of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid.

Pain. Puyol works hard to be in the decisive stage of the season but the knee does what he can. Captain is not characterized by being a bad patient. On the contrary, has a shooting pain threshold high, has come to play with the broken nose and cheekbone, and has not hesitated one time or another to infiltrate. Until recently, the leg just did not respond. Now start it with a growing optimism about his comeback. It could be against Madrid. We'll see.

Bojan trained with the rest
Bojan started training in the gym yesterday but I ended up with the rest of his teammates. The striker, who returned injured from his encounter with the U-21, is developing very well of his ankle injury and it appears to be in the squad for the match against Villarreal. Peter Maxwell, the other two injured were just warming to the thickness of the template. Mascherano and Milito worked in the gym, while Xavi was absent from the meeting. Terrassa The club was allowed to rest (is suspended and will miss at El Madrigal). (via AS)

Pedro: "We are ambitious and want to continue growing as a team"

Pedro Rodriguez , who plays for Barcelona and World Champion with the Spanish in South Africa, gave an overview of the current football in UEFA's website and said that his team are "ambitious" and will "continue to grow."

"You can always improve with the team , especially in the tactical aspects, the definition in front of goal or gain speed. We are a group really ambitious and want to win trophies and keep growing, " said Pedro.

The player has always shown gratitude to his coach at Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola , who she said is "bright and a very intelligent person who has everything under control. "

Pep, all under control

"Pep talk a lot with the players and knows the club a long time. He knows what's going on from youth to first team and that is why I think he is doing as well," he said.

The way to play for Barcelona is praised worldwide and many teams are looking how to cancel their virtues.

"Many computers come with many players behind the ball and that's hard to play because space is limited. This season we've had to play games like this. We have to overcome that system, use the space well and play the ball fast one around. We must learn from those games, because in the future, many teams play well against us, "said the Spanish international.

PR17, prudent

Pedro, who has scored three goals in this season's Champions League chose not to set goals and focus on distant cross-quarter-final with Barcelona have to play Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine.

"I think we have a great team and that p odem get things important this season, but it is still early to talk about it, " he concluded. (via MD)