01 April 2011

Nilmar may be against Barcelona

Garrido will be missing for this match with three players through injury such as Angel Lopez, Marcos Senna and Xavi Oliva.

Villarreal coach, Juan Carlos Garrido, offered on Friday a list of players named to the league match against FC Barcelona on Saturday will be played in El Madrigal from 22.00 and in which is Nilmar. Highlights the return of Brazilian striker Nilmar, who missed the last game against Athletic Club league for a stretch in the vastus medialis of the right leg.

Garrido will be missing for this match with three players through injury as are the canary Angel Lopez, hispanobrasileño Marcos Senna and Xavi Oliva Catalan goalkeeper. Thus, while the former evolves favorably of his anterior cruciate ligament tear in his left knee, the latter recovering from a strained hamstring in his right leg. For its part, Xavi Oliva suffered a sprained left wrist is recovering favorably.

The full list is formed by Diego Lopez, Juan Carlos, Mario, Gonzalo, Musacchio, Catalá, Capdevila, Marchena, Cicinho, Kiko, Borja Valero, Bruno, Cani, Santi Cazorla, Wakasa, Rossi, Nilmar and Marco Ruben. (via Marca.com)

Pep Guardiola: “The difference is the desire to be champion”

Barça manager Pep Guardiola believes that what wins a title is not fitness or tactics, but “the desire to be champions”.

Several days have passed since we heard from Pep Guardiola. After the international break, the FC Barcelona manager was at the Ciutat Esportiva today to speak about such matters as the game with Villarreal and the run in to end of the season. Said Guardiola “we have done things well … we have competed very well, if we hadn’t we wouldn’t be where we are now”.

Although many might suppose that fitness and tactics are what matter most, Pep Guardiola argues that “what makes the difference is the desire to be champion”.

He also refuses to accept that the international break will have a negative effect on their performance against Villarreal. “It is not good for a big team to complain. It’s just the way it is … We have to live with this and we have to try to compete as well as we can”.

On Villarreal, Guardiola feels the side has consolidated their place in the league, and not just this season. “They have been among the top team for years … they are always difficult opponents”.

Some are saying that this is the most decisive game of the league season, but Guardiola believes that there is “another that will be more important … we have to go to the Bernabéu and win again. We’ll be trying to go there with as big a lead as we can”.

Guardiola is pleased that Messi “has played a lot of games and is not injured, that’s a good sign” but will have to wait before deciding what to do against Villarreal. “For him, Gaby and Mascherano, it has been a very tiring trip” he said.

On the other injured players, Guardiola revealed that Pedro and Maxwell “are better and this afternoon we’ll see if they are ready or not” while Puyol “is almost fit, but not quite yet”.

Guardiola also spoke about Sandro Rosell’s comment, when presenting the Get Rid of Hunger campaign , where he predicted a 5-0 win in the Copa del Rey final. He said that the idea of collecting as much as food as possible “is a brilliant idea” but on his comment about the final, Guardiola said “he has given me his arguments, but if you want my opinion, that could have been avoided … It is a charitable cause and the better the result, the more there will be for people in need … the president has behaved impeccably since the members elected him”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Thiago Motta: "There is nothing that can compare to a Barcelona-Real Madrid

Inter's Brazilian midfielder Thiago Motta says that there is nothing you can buy a Barcelona-Real Madrid.

The so exbarcelonista said in an interview published by Italian daily 'La Repubblica' on the occasion of the derby will face this Saturday against Inter Milan, both teams in this thirty-first day of the season leading the Italian classification.

The player admitted that winning at San Siro would be a "great moral boost" in the fight for the scudetto, but when asked if the Inter-Milan derby is the most sense to have played, the Brazilian did not hesitate to say that this regard it should be a Barca-Real Madrid.

"The biggest derby derby of all is the Barcelona-Real Madrid. There is nothing that can compare although not a city derby in the strict sense," he said.

On whether he feels Brazilian footballing, Italian or Spanish, the midfielder said that "Spanish" because he was in Barcelona where he learned everything he knows.

"I left Brazil at age 15 when a player starts to form. It is in Barcelona that I learned everything. To have the ball and develop the game in attack, defend well," said Mott, who last debuted on March 9 the Italian in a friendly that the 'Azzurri' played against Germany.

Asked about Inter's former coach Jose Mourinho, now in Madrid, Motta said he always appreciated him because he took and gave Inter the chance to play right away.

"It was important for my career and I will cherish forever, but the treble (in 2010) was not only his credit. It came at the right time and had the support of the management and players. Also the game is important," said . (via SPORT)

Pep Guardiola: "Rosell could have been avoided"

Barcelona coach relates to the prediction of "5-0" made yesterday by its President for the Cup final against Real Madrid: "5-0 is not lightly to say. I would not have said."

FC Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has assessed the words of its president Sandro Rosell, who yesterday in a charity event on the club made the Cup final against Real Madrid and said: "I put a 5-0, not losing usual. " FC Barcelona coach has been more cautious and has revealed the explanation that you did the president afterwards: "The president is the head of the institution. He explained why yesterday I made this prediction, it was a charity event and the higher outside bet, the greater was collected. I think could have been avoided if you ask me. Rosell do not know too much but I think it is consistent, I'm not here to justify not being for or against but I get impression of sensible person. We all learn from everything and this is sensitive material. 5-0 to the light not to say, I would not have said. Everything costs. Nothing is achieved without effort or dedication, there still may not go well. Yesterday Barcelona basketball competed to the fullest. is to be congratulated Pascual and players, but came out of Europe. " (via AS)

Will the new Messi in Japan?

Do not know your name or that team plays. Only 9 years old and that is Japanese. But look how he plays football.

"Ho haveu vist? Ho haveu vist?" (Did you see? Did you see?) Who says this is Francisco Javier García Pimienta, current coach of FC Barcelona cadete B and a good knowledge of youth football through Twitter. And his words of admiration (taken from a program known TV3, the Catalan television, called "Any Questions month?") Let go after seeing the video that accompanies this information. Is video of a 9-year-old Japanese, which is a marvel with the ball at his feet. Enjoy it because it's worth. (via SPORT)

Reference: @GarciaPimienta

Bale: "I'm not at the level of Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo"

"If I say I'm a superstar, because the truth is I do not see it that way," values, was quoted on espn.com''.

Tottenham footballer Gareth Bale, one of the revelations of the season, says he still has "a lot" to be at his best and closer to the stars of world football like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

"I'm young, I'm still learning. If you look at the likes of Messi and Ronaldo, this is the level to which we must aspire. It's nice when people say nice things about me, but I try to ignore it," said the Welshman, who next Tuesday visit to Real Madrid in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

"If I say I'm a superstar, because the truth is I do not see it that way," values, was quoted on espn.com''.'' "I'm more concerned with what is to come and I think there a lot," he adds.

Thus, it stresses that "a lot to learn" and must "work hard in training and matches", "What do I have to improve on and what does not I have?, There is much, much." At 21 years, is one of the stars of Tottenham, and believes it has changed a lot since coming to the club in 2007. "I think I'm physically and mentally tougher, but that's only part of the growth," he says.

"I was 17 when I arrived and it is not easy moving to London at that age. Maturity comes naturally, a matter of time and I hope you're showing on the field now," he desired.

Of the hatching season, the player is "with the hat-trick against Inter and then beat them at home." "They were the highlights of the season, but I hope it is much more to come," he adds, confident overcome Real Madrid in Europe's top competition. (via AS)

[Former player] Eto'o: "No Ibra's fault that the club would pay so much"

"When I talk with Guardiola, which is something I never talk about the past. What happened, happened, today is friendship," said Eto'o.

Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto'o Inter Milan said that when speaking with the coach of Barcelona , Pep Guardiola , "never" touch the past.

" When I talk with Guardiola, which is something I never talk about the past . What happened, happened, today is friendship, "the striker said in an interview published today by the Italian sports daily ' La Gazzetta dello Sport . "

Asked about the negotiations that took him from Barcelona, ​​where he played between 2004 and 2009, to Inter , Eto'o said they were the directors of the clubs they decided and that his only condition was to go to a computer that "being good "and to" do good "work.

A deal in which the Inter Barcelona offered 50 million euros Eto'o in exchange for Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who after a year wearing the Barça shirt he transferred to Milan in a controversial departure.

Etoo regard stated that "everyone makes money what they want" . "If tomorrow my president wants to offer one billion to Barcelona (Leo) Messi is free to do so and Ibrahimovic was not his fault that the club pay much for it, " he said.

Cameroon also referred to the Milan derby on Saturday, before which he was confident of his side's chances, but did not miss the opportunity to relativize the importance of the meeting.

"The derby is a game that can change the outcome of the championship but only for a week. After seven games and will only last four league truly decide," he said.

Inter and Milan will face tomorrow in the thirty-first day of the season, in a meeting that will bring major changes at the top of the standings, as the Milan leads with 62 points, while Inter is second with 60.

Eto'o also referred to the Inter coach, Brazilian Leonardo, and explained that his team arrived in place of Spanish manager Rafael Benitez has changed the "dynamics."

"Before I trained with brake, now it works without fear. Before there was pessimism now have rediscovered the confidence", said the striker, who, however, stressed that he had to thank those who had played those first two months the fact that Now the team is fighting for the league title. (via AS)

Real Madrid also continues to Neymar

Florentino Perez has set his sights on the very young pearl of Brazilian football. Barca and other European clubs will also closely follow.

The Real Madrid has set his sights on the very young Neymar da Silva Santos. White's interest in the new jewel of Brazilian football, just 19 years, has entered the fray shortly after it became known that the FC Barcelona manages his name as a future for the next season. The striker has been followed by technical Barca long and could now undertake its signing, also pursuing other 'big' in European football.

Florentino Perez , aware of Barcelona's interest, has launched its machinery immediately. It has also been on the possible operation of your signing an ideal outlet for Kaka , who still does not convince anyone and is of injury to injury.

The signing of Neymar is estimated at 45 million euros . An amount that Real Madrid, accustomed to large payouts, could pay but little difficulty would be reduced if Florentino finally Kaka could include surgery.

At 19 years, with an extensive tour to grow, noted for its speed, strength and change of pace. Against this, the Brazilian pearl has a very strong character. However, 60 goals in 120 games with the Saints and his two goals for Brazil in the recent friendly against Scotland at the Emirates Stadium have skyrocketed to stardom. (via MD)

Inter Milan is ahead of Barca and Madrid

The victory over Bayern Munich in the Champions League table allowed the interest to maintain the lead, but with just two points ahead of Barcelona.

The Inter Milan continues to head the ranking of best club in the world of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) , ahead of Barcelona and Real Madrid , while Porto, fourth, has been the best March.

The Real Madrid, Inter and Barcelona and also made ​​it to the quarterfinals of the maximum continental tournament, confirmed the third and the Villarreal enters 'top 10' first four places in the progress of the British leaving Liverpool (from eighth to eleventh) and Chelsea (from tenth to thirteenth).

Internacional of Porto Alegre Brazil remains fifth, sixth Manchester United, Bayern Munich going from fourth to seventh place, the Zenit St Petersburg Russian progresses from eleventh to eighth and Argentine Estudiantes down from seventh to ninth.

El Porto was the best March in front of Real Madrid. The Lusitanian progressed from ninth to fourth place after continuing their relentless march in the domestic tournament and the European League.

The 'drag' relevance in this classification also Portuguese Benfica, the best in February and the Milan, the first of January. (via AS)

More difficult alignment

Secure three casualties and five 'hits' in a different account complicate the work of Guardiola at making a starting lineup for Villarreal.

The uncertainty created in recent days by the flood of players 'touched' causes the alignment Pep Guardiola decided to stage tomorrow against Villarreal in El Madrigal is one of the most complicated of the season. The discomfort of Messi, Pique, Bojan, Pedro and Maxwell, with different scope, and low Abidal, Puyol and Xavi, the latter through suspension, paint a disturbing if not at least disturbing. In principle, the players who have small physical disturbances who have virtually all options of play are Messi and Pique, while somewhat more dubious are Peter Maxwell and Bojan, although so far none of them are discarded. Will be during the training session this afternoon when it cleared some unknowns.

If all goes as planned and final absences are the lowest, Pep will have to resolve two issues. First, choose the companion of Pique in the center of defense. Milito and Sergio Busquets are the two options. If you prefer the Badia, the more likely the form at midfield Iniesta, Mascherano and Keita. If Gabi, then 'Busi' happen to the pivot. Alves and Adriano seem fixed on the sides. Upstairs is where the other unknown. Villa is safe, Messi nearly as well and is in third place in art where there are more doubts. The discomfort of Bojan and Pedro are kept in cotton, while waiting for an opportunity Ibrahim Afellay. The future involvement of the Shakhtar Donetsk Wednesday to also play a key role.

Xavi Hernandez is the only absences that Barca Villarreal will miss the match through suspension, having seen against Getafe fifth yellow card of the cycle and be 'punished' with a game suspension for accumulation of cautions. The meeting in El Madrigal is a danger added to see how Real Madrid were on the leaderboard. The team has four players ready against Barca and if they saw a yellow card would be lost the next game. This is Victor Valdes, Sergio Busquets, Javier Mascherano and Lionel Messi. On the horizon is the match against Real Madrid in two days.

Messi, a visitor terrible

Messi has 15 goals away from home, double CR7.

Villarreal bad thing for Leo Messi is able to play tomorrow. Since this is the best in the world and because this season is far from infallible showing Nou Camp. Not only is the top goalscorer striker as a visitor (15) but folds to Cristiano Ronaldo, his rival for the top scorer this season. In his particular side by side, Barca and Real Madrid are level on 27 points.

The distribution also shows their greed parties wherever he goes. The stages of Racing, Athletic, Zaragoza, Getafe, Almería, Osasuna, Deportivo, Hercules, Mallorca and Valencia have succumbed to its power. Athletic only (not play), Espanyol and Sevilla Sporting have been saved from his genius, but neither could win at Barca. Total, 10 games of 14 and he still plays go through the fields of Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Valencia and Malaga. Leo has already tasted goal at El Madrigal. Last season contributed to the triumph of Barça (1-4) with a double that led them to the title. (via MD)

Rossi's friend Piqué

Italian and Catalan coincided in their professional start for Manchester United and destination could meet again in Barcelona.

In football, usually have a wonderful destination. He likes to weave ideas impossible and unexpected end truffles. As history has caught up with Gerard Pique and Giuseppe Rossi. Italian and Catalan, born on 1 and 2 February 1987, they forged a strong friendship links with Manchester United, when they were very young and living away from family. Tomorrow it will pass rivals in El Madrigal, one, the boat, trying to prevent goals. The other, Villarreal, manufacturing. The curious thing about this case is to be measured again, have done so four times, but could still write together a chapter if Rossi finishes last landing at Camp Nou. His name appears at the top of the list of reinforcements managed Pep.

In 2004, playing in Barça cadets, Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester almighty, Piqué hypnotized with a golden future at Old Trafford and now Barca essential defense decided to take the plane and move to England. There, his adaptation phases consumed as realata in his autobiographical book 'round trip', by language, unpleasant and rainy weather, the food and stay at the home of a foster family. Alone, without anyone to guide him emotionally, he was making friends in the ranks of ManU. Three in particular. The first was Markus Neumayr, a German who years later would make him the godfather of his son. Another was Floubert N'galula, an African who he discovered black music. And the third was Giuseppe Rossi, Rossi himself the same, "with which to connect at the same time I saw him." The defense also made friends with Cristiano Ronaldo but it was not comparable.

Gerard and Giuseppe drew pararelos roads. Debut in the Premiership and the Champions, transfer to a computer, the first to Zaragoza and the second to Newcastle and Parma, and return by the command and control of own Ferguson in 2007. Pique was a season waiting to break into the best ship ever seen. Villarreal Rossi came before the most ambitious known. When the Catalan back in the summer of 2008, it was clear Italian. "He has great talent. We expect many years ahead of personal and club success. How else? As a person is excellent." Just tell the excellence of 'Pep Team. (via MD)

Guardiola prepares the Villarreal game as a final

Barça will begin tomorrow in The Madrigal a month of April of vertigo. The team plays half League against Villarreal and Pep called to maintain the requirement.

Maximum concentration against Villarreal. This is the message for a meeting Guardiola gets agitated by the 'FIFA virus', with the shock of Messi, and is also starting a month very hard, with a particularly demanding schedule. Well understood by the technician who knows that a defeat would be a setback uncomfortable, especially now that the match against Real Madrid is very close. Five points are a significant income and Pep knows that a win against Villarreal would be a victory balsamic. Firstly, because the team would overcome one of the toughest tests remaining in the league this year. And secondly because it would be a triumph for the group. Without Xavi, and Messi 'touched'. Less common with some players in the team against a formidable rival. Certainly reinforce the Pep speech about the importance of all employees in the titles.

For now, coach and trained yesterday behind closed doors. And now the team repeated. This time in the afternoon. And the coach is managing the hours before the final match with treatment. Guardiola has changed some routines aware that commitments to the selections called dispersion. The precedents speak clearly: Barcelona has only managed 49.1% of points in the league in games played after internationals. Instead, the whole sum Guardiola 81.2% of points in the league when there is no selection days. The last few days the team also lost joy in the game and misses the less easily. Technicians believe however that this is an understandable dip just before tackling the final stretch of the season. Messi muscle discomfort, however, have strained to Barcelona, ​​especially when the mishap occur with the albiceleste. The Argentine should be available to the technical but the team needs the best version of 'The Flea' for the demand of El Madrigal.

Pep must deal with more cases of players 'touched' and others are not in the best time for the accumulation of matches. Maxwell and Peter did not come to meet in the best condition after a few weeks 'touched'. Nor Bojan, who suffered a sprained ankle with the sub 21. Milito and Mascherano arrive with many miles in the legs and the team will be without Xavi, a key player in Barça gear.

Nonetheless, Guardiola convene all the players for tomorrow's meeting in El Madrigal. Only Abidal will miss the trip, an unequivocal message to the staff of the importance of the match against Villarreal. The team will travel by train the day of the game. On Saturday at 10.30 to catch the train to play a game that promises a duel even, in front of one of the few teams in the league that has wicker to embarrass the champions. Pinto yesterday stressed the importance of starting the month with a win. Be the first obstacle of April vertigo. El Madrigal will be the first final of many.

Fate has led to a curious coincidence in the calendar. This Saturday, the same day that Barcelona plays Villarreal half league, the subsidiary faces a subsidiary culé yellow in Sports City set Castellon. The first meeting will be held at 18.00, while one of the highlights of this mourning day in La Liga, Barca-Villarreal will play four hours later. The subsidiary will move to FC Barcelona Villarreal at 09.00 am by bus. Some players of B could stay in the city to watch the match live from El Madrigal, although much of the group will soon have more time for recovery. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "Cesc and Thiago are compatible"

Andoni Zubizarreta calls for patience with the progression of sub 21 and asks not to speculate with Catalan.

One of the planners template Barça for next season, Andoni Zubizarreta, believes Cesc Fabregas and Thiago Alcantara can be perfectly compatible with the first team Blaugrana. With Thiago, the environment of the club must have patience. With Cesc, Barca do not want to speculate. "This is an issue seriously enough to play the speculation," he said yesterday 'Zubi' during the interview with 'Radiogaceta of Sports', the Radio, in which he also urged patience with the evolution of Thiago. "If we look to the past", he added, "we will see consolidation in the first team of the major players have left the quarry occurs around age 23. Do not run too much or pretend that the players are formed before their own maturation process. "

Thiago, Under-21 international, will turn 20 next Monday 11 April. Many experts believe that its growth could be cut if Cesc joins Barça-both occupy a similar position, a creative midfielder, with arrival and a special final pass, "but Zubizarreta said that" the talented can always play together, "a philosophy improved thanks to Barca. "Years ago it seemed that a talented player, and was unnecessary. Now you do not, "he recalled.

'Zubi', also played down the importance to the forecast released by Sandro Rosell to the Cup final, a 5-0 dared to former goalkeeper did not bring good memories. "I was near that resulted in a final," she said about the 4-0 in the Athens final against Milan, "but they are things of the past century and we have erased from memory," he joked. (via SPORT)

Borja Valero: "I'm flattered that the club is talking about me"

Midfielder Yellow Submarine is on the agenda of the greats. He has earned.

Borja Valero (Madrid, 1985) is one of the players with more weight of Villarreal. Midfielder will not stop raining praise for the great work done in the wide area. Fight, retrieves balls, throws his teammates ... A 'bone' with which you will find the FC Barcelona's visit to El Madrigal to face before in the classic melee with rival behind.

-First vs. third. La Liga and Champions League place at stake. Almost anything ...

Yes, it is a party with many incentives. Both lead a team fighting for very specific goals and are in a position to assume. Moreover, in Europe also continue in the race.

-By the way, influence the party's imminent appointment League against Shakhtar Barcelona and Villarreal before the Twente?

I understand that it is immaterial. This is another type of game, a tie in this case. In addition, technicians and will ensure that it is not.

-How do you play him to Barca to be successful?

Not losing our way. Is basic. As far as possible we have to play our game. Everyone knows that the club knows very well handling the ball, so try to remove it in order to win the game.

-So far this season only the Hercules, and the Camp Nou has been able to get the three points against Barca ...

We know, we know ... Outside only lost points in Gijon and Seville, so try to give of their own medicine in order to win and be the second team to defeat him in this league. To do this we must push them, try to plug all the holes, it will be difficult, and having to run because they, if they have to go after the ball, they feel very uncomfortable. Barca If you take away the ball, he suffers.

-There is much talk of árbtiros and his coach, for example, claims that when they have to Barcelona or Madrid before the judges are afraid ...

As far as players are concerned, try not to be the protagonist. We will go on with it. On occasion, however, that when a referee whistled to Barca and Real Madrid is more tense because, for them, there is one more game is a game that has more impact. But I do not be afraid.

-"Playing against Barcelona is special to you? His name is related to the entity Barcelona lately ...

For any professional it's always a compliment to the great teams are set to one. It is a sign that I'm doing things right. Anyway, just keep on working intend to continue in this good line that I am. What we have to go, come, but for now just think about my current team, Villarreal, with which I reach a place in the next Champions League and go as far in Europe.

-What have you done for the major are fixed on you? Because Real Madrid also continues despite letting him go in his day ...

I try to do things right, like always ... It is true that first with Garrido Manzano and now I have much more confidence, more security. Which they have sent me over the years.

-It seems that Messi will not arrive in good condition to the appointment. A relief?

One thing is what else is said and what will happen ... Anyway, if it can be, hopefully not force it to start on the bench, relaxed ... Because what is clear is that Messi is the best player in the world and proves it every day, game by game.

-What is your favorite to win the league?

Barca now have an advantage. Five points with nine games are many, and not loose, it got easier. But on the other hand, we see that Real Madrid does not give up ... Come to a very exciting championship final. (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Prosinecki: "I think Barcelona will win the league"

Robert Prosinecki, former player of Real Madrid and Barcelona and coach three months ago, Red Star Belgrade, said that his heart leans towards the Real Madrid ", but" the League to win the Barcelona ".

"They are the two biggest clubs in the world. I have been fortunate to play in both. Barcelona loves everyone. I see him whenever I can. But I am inclined to Real Madrid," said Prosinecki a interview with 'Terra'.

"Everybody would like to play like Barcelona, ​​but only one team in the world can do. It is very difficult to imitate. I want my team to dominate the game, holding the ball. We can not do like them, but we must try "said the technician now.

Prosinecki declared follower of the Spanish league and did not hesitate to identify more with Pep Guardiola as coach than Jose Mourinho.

"I identify more with Guardiola, I like more, but that does not mean anything. Mourinho is one of the best coaches in the world, make him his qualifications and experience, but I like the game Guardiola team," he said.

And do not hesitate to give the Catalans the favorites in the league. "I think Barcelona will win the league. They are five points on goal difference. Many things can happen, but for me it is a short distance. The Cup is different, is a game where anything can happen. Here's your chance Madrid, "he said.

In the Champions League, the Croatian coach former player and now further expanded the range of possibilities. "The favorites are the Spanish teams, Madrid and Barcelona along with Chelsea and Manchester United. One of these four will be champions," he noted.

As for Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Prosinecki immediately ran for the Argentine player. "Messi, no doubt. I'm from Messi because he is the best, but if you ask me who my team would you say to Iniesta. Christian is a very good player. Real Madrid without him is not the same. The check miss her class, his goals. A great footballer, "he said.

Prosinecki also noted his desire to train "some day in Spain, a country that" no "forgotten. "Every year I go at least a month. I have a sister living in Oviedo and then I always stay in Madrid or Barcelona," concluded Robert Prosinecki. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-17] England 2 - 1 Spain

Despite getting beat Belgium and Northern Ireland in the first two games of the Elite Round of Belgium, the U-17 men led by Ginés Meléndez has been unable to obtain tickets for the next European Serbia, after losing to England 2-1.

In the first half started very strong Spanish team. It was Denis Smith who initiated the hostilities in the third minute with a deflected shot left of the goal of Jordan Pickford. Minutes later, Gerard Thomas Deulofeu and Raul would seriously embarrass the English defense in both cases that could not materialize. Deulofeu which would have the best chance of the first act, when after a great combination with Denis Smith, stood before the English goal, which could not beat on low, after a major intervention of Pickford. Britain's best chance came after a cross from Jordan Cousins, who failed to clear the Spanish keeper and arrived at the foot of Sterling, whose shot was taken by Arroyo on sticks.

In the second half, Nathan Redmon goal on 54 minutes broke the game and seven minutes later, would the sentence with a goal from Adam Jackson to finish in the goal area after a good stop Alfonso Herrero. Already in the discount, Paul Iniguez de Heredia Spanish scored the only goal. (via REFE)

[Technical Data]
England: Jordan Cousins, Samuel Magri, Adam Jackson, Bradley Smith; John Lundstram, Nathaniel Chalobah; Nathan Redmond, Nicholas Powell (Jake Caskey, m.74), Raheem Sterling; y Hallam Hope.

Spain: Alfonso Herrero; Óscar Arroyo, Carlos Garrido (Pol Calvet, m.72), Iván Sáez, Diego Caballo; Saúl Ñíguez, Pablo Íñiguez; Gerard Deulofeu, Denis Suárez, Moisés Bardonado (Fede Vico, m.62); y Raúl De Tomás (Íker Hernández, m.56).

Goals: 1-0, m.55: Redmond; 2-0, m.62: Jackson; 2-1, m.84: Íñiguez.

Referee: Martin Strömbergsson (SUE). Showed yellow cards to Chalobah, Sáez Garrido.

Incidencias: Meeting for the third round of Group 5 of the elite round of European Championship qualifying match at the stadium sub'17 Claesstadion Georges de Mol (Belgium).

Already referee for the Barça-Almería

The referee Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez direct encounter between the Catalans and Almería for the 31 st day of La Liga.

The referee Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez, will be responsible for leading the match between FC Barcelona and Almeria, corresponding to the 31st day of La Liga at the Camp Nou on Saturday April 9 from 20 hours, according to Technical Committee of Arbitrators.

For its part, the referee Villanueva Ignacio Iglesias, will be responsible for arbitrating the Hercules-Espanyol on Sunday April 10 at 17 hours. (via SPORT)

Descriptions and schedules of the 31 st day of La Liga:
Mallorca - Sevilla: Turienzo Alvarez
Zaragoza - Getafe: Fernández Estrada
Valencia - Villarreal: Muñiz Fernández
Barcelona - Almeria: Ayza Gamez
Sporting - Osasuna: Teixeira Vitienes
At.Madrid - Real Sociedad: Alvarez Izquierdo
Hercules - Espanyol: Churches Villanueva
Racing - Levante: Pérez Rubio
Malaga - FC: Pérez Lasa

As a supplement to Xavi

Barca midfielder has missed nine games this season and the team has added seven wins. Keita has replaced Xavi eight times.

Xavi is the player who best represents the Barca game. Xavi is the pause, the wit and magic. Is an example of hard work and commitment. And Guardiola will have to replace him at El Madrigal.

No one can play as midfielder Xavi is unique because Terrassa. But the club knows how to win without Xavi and Xavi can play well without. This season the team has added seven wins in nine games without the '6 'Barca'.

In the League, four games

Catalan footballer has lost four games in the domestic championship. The draw against Mallorca at home and wins against Real Zaragoza, Deportivo and Mallorca away from the Nou Camp. And technicians have always opted for Keita and Iniesta in the interiors.

In the Cup, also replacing Xavi Keita. In the tie against Ceuta, both at home and abroad, the Malian was accompanied by Thiago in the midfield. And in the second leg of the semifinals against Almeria, Busquets forward position teaming up with the African player. Three games and three victories.

The last two games has been lost in this course Xavi were the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain with Sevilla and Barca-Rubin of Champions. Two parties with very special circumstances. First, because the world champions did not. The technicians stationed by Keita, Jonathan dos Santos and Oriol Romeu. Barça lost that game 3-1.

And in the last match of the group stage of the Champions League, Guardiola opted for midfielder Mascherano's interior and the couple were Busquets and Jonathan dos Santos. The ship was classified as group winners and beat Rubin 2-0. (viaFCBarcelona.cat)

Pinto: "The good feelings Messi"

José Manuel Pinto has spoken with Messi and you believe your feelings are good in order to be able to play this Saturday in Vila-real. Cadiz goalkeeper has said that it is "here to stay" after renewed until 2012.

Pinto is a good friend of Leo Messi and as soon as the Argentine has come to Barcelona have spoken about your physical condition. Pinto is optimistic Messi options of playing this Saturday at El Madrigal: "I have spoken to Messi and your feelings are good . He is well despite the little annoyances that suffers. The doctors will assess whether you are ready to play against Villarreal.'ll wait to see what happens Saturday. "

Tail does not play by Messi

Despite his optimism, Pinto is not clear as to "play queue" on the presence of Messi in Villarreal, as he asked a reporter during a press conference after training on Thursday: "My butt is not me the game for nothing, "he said, laughing. We all know Messi and competitive spirit, but the first thing is your health. He is best known and will know if you will be able to play."

Barca begins this Saturday a very demanding month of April and that Pinto has described as "crazy." Despite the intensity and timing requirement, FC Barcelona goalkeeper assumes the level of stress that awaits the whole team: "The life of an athlete is stressful when you win. It is true that most of us play in this month April, but this should not make things change. We must work as always, with patience and calm. "

On the game against Villarreal, Pinto does not believe that is decisive: "It is very important, but the League is not played in one game. 'll be far ahead and what happens in El Madrigal is not definitive. "

As told Barca TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat, after renewing with Barca until 2012, Pinto has again highlighted his happiness by following a season to defend the Barça shirt and did not rule continue even more years, "I am very well physically. I have to thank my parents for the genetics that have given me. I'm very lucky and I hope to be here to stay. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sandro Rosell commitment to a worthy cause, 'Let's send hunger to hell'

This afternoon presented the campaign "Let's send hunger to hell 'with the presence of President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Artur Mas, president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, and chair of the Food Bank Foundation.

The campaign "Let's send hunger to hell ' was made ​​in the headquarters of the Food Bank on Thursday at noon. This is a campaign led by the FC Barcelona Foundation for the Food Bank Foundation, with the collaboration of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Also, the campaign is sponsored by: Pastas Gallo, Arros Montsià, Oli Borges, Sorli and Llet Discau Nostra, and with the support of the Foundation The Love Comes.

In this presentation, the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell , stressed the importance of this campaign and its meaning: "We will help the people of our not forgetting the international character of the Club" . A campaign that the most representative of Barcelona has described as "fantastic." "We are very happy to launch the project with these fellow travelers," he said Rosell.

For his part, President Artur Mas also defended the uniqueness of this campaign to raise the most basic foodstuffs necessary to help those people most in need of Catalunya, and raise awareness in society of a nearby food poverty: "We must help each other and this campaign is a good way to show solidarity in the country," said Mas.

The entities involved are exemplary as President of the Generalitat. "We have put together a body of first-Food Bank," a club first and a first class country "summed Mas.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

Adriano: "Barça is the best team in history"

Adriano is the guest on the program 'Estació Camp Nou' on Friday after 23 hours. The versatile Brazilian footballer explains your feelings and reveals her dreams as Barca.

This summer was packing to travel to Barcelona. His response was immediate interest from Barca. Six years he was in Seville, where he was part of a historical team to win two UEFA Cups, and wanted to open a new stage. It was the Andalusian club president Jose Maria del Nido, who told him the offer Barca. Adriano did not hesitate: "Barça is the best team in football history, has achieved many things. "

The lateral, born in Coritiba, Brazil, is a cheerful as her good friend Dani Alves , who played for Sevilla and who has returned to find at the club. They combine quality and joy in the field. When Adrian talks about his first season as Barca used phrases that reveal his optimistic mood: "Every time I feel more joy, I'm more suited to the group, with more confidence in myself, and the coach is also giving me confidence."

Of Pep Guardiola , Adriano speaks wonders: "It's a father, a player in the dressing room, has been a great player and now knows how to run a locker room," adding: "It's an honor to have Pep Guardiola as coach. "

At 26, Adriano know what it means to win major titles. With Sevilla won two Cups and two UEFA Cups, among others, but the player is aware that Barca have made ​​a qualitative leap: "I want to win the league and the Champions League and following many years here in Barcelona" .

It is the dream of this 26 year old, who knows what the pressure of this club: "Barca have the pressure to win, but in the dressing room can see a great peace." Adriano admires his teammates and when it comes to clothes Barca highlights the fact of being on the same computer as the eight world champions and the three finalists for the Ballon d'Or has a good relationship with the world, Brazilians have helped integrated and the Catalans will help with a language that you learn, with Keita and Maxwell shares proximity to the box office.

The signing of Adriano for Barca was accompanied by a great surprise to the Correia family. Once in Barcelona, ​​his wife learned she was pregnant. Just over three weeks was born in Barcelona their second child, Azhaf. To Adrian 's family is very important. Became a father for the first time at age 22 and that changed: "My family was very focused and helped me a lot at certain times in my career, I was very stubborn and my wife and my family helped me focus." (via FCBarcelona.cat)