30 March 2011

Pinto: "I'm very satisfied because I feel valued"

This Wednesday at noon in the offices of the Club, Jose Manuel Pinto signed the renewal agreement to continue for another season with FC Barcelona. "I'm very happy because this is where I wanted to be," Pinto said on Barça TV.

On Monday club and player announced his renewal until 30th of June 2012. At noon today both parties made the agreement official with the signing of Jose Manuel Pinto’s new contract.

Jose Manuel Pinto came on loan in the winter of 2007 and has just renewed his contract until June 2012. His desires were fulfilled: "The truth is that since I arrived it was all very clear to me. I came for 6 months, but my mind was already focused on carrying on. In this respect nothing has changed. I am happy here and my family too, and when that happens you can’t ever consider anything but to carry on. "

This season Pinto has already played 12 games with very good performances and this makes him proud: "I'm happy to prove myself on the pitch, because sometimes what you do to help the team in training and not in games is not easily seen. I am very happy because I feel valued and I can contribute both on and off the pitch”.

The ceremony, held at the offices of FC Barcelona, was attended by the goalkeeper along with his representative, President Sandro Rosell, the Vice-President of Sports, Josep Maria Bartholomew, and Professional Football Sports Director, Andoni Zubizarreta. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano: "Vila-real in a lot at stake"

Adriano Correia said the team raises the week thinking that eventually there will be party and noting that "in Vila-real we play a lot. It is a very complicated and we have to play 100% for 90 minutes."

As part of the presentation of the MIC that has taken place at the Museum of Barcelona Melcior Colet, Adrian referred to the match against Villarreal, if the strike does not prevent the LFP will be played on Saturday: "At Villarreal us play a lot. We've played them and we know that this is very complicated game. We have to play 100% from the first minute to the last. "

With respect to a hypothetical deferred meeting, the Brazilian player said: "We plan to be played week thinking about the game. We will do what we say. If we have to play, play, and if not we will not play but it would be pity. "

As for a possible bias on the eternal rivals Real Madrid, Adriano said: "Before we have to play. It is true that we are in a good time and we have to take but always bearing in mind that other teams I want to win and we get very difficult. "

In addition to Adriano, who has attended the Museum Colet accompanied by Pepe Costa, the table on which the new edition of the MIC's have led the tournament director, Juan Rovira, the Secretary General of Sport, Ivan Tibau, the President of the UFEC David Moner, Vice President of the Diputación de Girona, Narcis Casassa, and footballer of RCD Espanyol, Javi Márquez. In the act have also been elected President of the Catalan Football Federation, Andreu went up, and the representative of football in the Senate Josep Maldonado, among others. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pep will be all to Villarreal

If it is finally playing the game, the coach would not let anyone in Barcelona, ​​as its primary objective is to 'pineapple' in the face of a meeting that considered a real final.

Pep Guardiola is making Saturday's game at Villarreal like a real final. So much so that today's plans to take the entire staff, including the injured and sanctioned, as is the case, Xavi Hernandez to make pineapple in a game that may end up giving a League. The only first team player prescription Castellón would not travel to France's Eric Abidal, who is convalescing at her home address after being two weeks ago removed a tumor in the liver. The other players, including captain Carles Puyol, the man expected by Guardiola, teammates and the fans facing the final stretch of the season traveling with the team the same day.

Another argument supporting the decision that all staff travel to Villarreal is Blaugrana coach does not want the aftermath of the team matches will distract his players. Keep in mind that, for example, will be without the Argentines almost to training on Friday afternoon, while the Spanish have not until today and taking into account the hardness of the game against Lithuania, it is clear you can not do much more than a gentle workout. Thus, Guardiola only have one day to train with all his men the game against Villarreal, a team that is third in the League and only lost one game in El Madrigal.

Hence the Santpedor has decided to take the bull by the horns and involve all players in the first team to feel involved and to promote camaraderie and team spirit, especially considering in April where Barcelona played virtually all season.

And the first great end of April will be this Saturday at Villarreal. Barcelona technicians consider vital this game in the race for the title. Why? Because if they win at El Madrigal will be presented at the Bernabeu with a five point lead at least, assuming of course that the Catalans do their homework against Almeria at Camp Nou, so that even a defeat would leave the White Coliseum Championship in the hands of Barcelona, ​​which would still two points clear at the worst. In contrast, a defeat at El Madrigal Real Madrid would come within two points and give 'life' at the prospect of turning the lead at the Bernabeu.

And Pep knows better than anyone the dramatic effect that the League would be a victory on Saturday. (via SPORT)

The MIC, 11 years generating talents

The tournament MIC (Mediterranean International Cup) this year will meet eleven years as regards the generation of football talent.

For the Costa Brava have passed in previous years the likes of Leo Messi, Sergio Busquets, Gerard Piqué, Bojan Krkic, Cesc Fabregas, Juan Mata, Jonathan dos Santos and Marcelo, among others, and between 19 and 24 April The MIC will be launched in 18 locations in the province of Girona, with teams reprensentarán 40 countries and an economic impact exceeding 1.5 million euros.

The tournament, presented yesterday at the Museum of Barcelona Colet, will start on 20 April, the same day they play the Cup final (we changed the order of a few games for the kids to watch the game on TV " said contest director, Juan Rovira ") and will have the presence of some of the best teams in the world (the Brazilian team, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Inter, Bayern, Ajax, Manchester United, Liverpool, Espanyol, Porto, etc) divided into five categories, female, juvenile, infant, cadet and youth. The Brazilian national team will attempt to regain the title they won last year in the cadet and youth categories. (via SPORT)

Barca in cotton and alarm Messi

His arrival at Barcelona is scheduled for tomorrow Thursday, pending Villarreal. Puyol is with pain in his knee and is doubtful Bojan.

Leo Messi touched. At least, that's the information that crossed during the afternoon yesterday the doctors of the Argentina team with colleagues from the club. Until then, everyone had assumed that the crack of Barca and selection albiceleste, who this morning played a friendly in Costa Rica, was to hold, as against the United States. But yesterday afternoon, Spanish time, began to ring alarm bells: Messi felt discomfort in his adductors and that was when he began to discuss whether to play or not the match for his country. At press time, had imposed the wisdom and all agreed that the wisest course was that the number 1 is to take a break.

The guideline was implemented. Sergio Batista, Argentina coach, yesterday announced the alignment of the crack in a country that had received him as Pele 40 years earlier. The stove Barca Juanjo Brau, always with Messi on the road with the selection, made a link between medical officers of the albiceleste and Barca, contacted by telephone. The AFA (Argentine Football Association) announced in a note that Messi had an overload in the right adductor and subjected to treatment kiniesiología.

The information we get the doctors made the selection to his colleagues in Catalonia was reassuring. According to his version was not an injury, but a nuisance that could be considered and, therefore, to choose the most prudent decision. In essence, the Costa Rica-Argentina was a very friendly and Argentina team is not interested in risking their best player, with the Copa America on the horizon as the host.

Needless to say that the club was relieved with this decision which all, including the player. Everyone knows that Messi is passionate about football and know what it costs to watch a game from outside the court.

Tomorrow, Messi will be in Barcelona. Then, upon examination, assess their condition accurately, especially with the game in Vila-real schedule, unless there is a strike, for Saturday night. Given the importance of this clash, crucial for the fate of the League, all will be watching FC Barcelona Messi and Purification Judge Pujol

The official silence about Carles Puyol's injury, minimally interrupted by Jordi Mones last Monday ("still feel pain," revealed the director in charge of the medical area), has practically become a state secret known physical evolution of the master. Today, the only certainty is that the concern in the locker room and the club increases at times, as the player to return back to work but the left knee pain persists, make it, despite much speculation , set the date of return.

Puyol is inevitable, and that still does not play ball, is low on Saturday against Villarreal in the Champions League and (leg quarters) against Shakhtar, two games for which he had a few weeks ago. Tendinopathy in the vastus lateralis of the left knee injury is becoming a damn. Just when Puyol was about to be discharged in the previous session to Barcelona-Zaragoza, suffered from the inconvenience and since then (March 5), there have been new medical statement. The player takes more than two months KO, classic approach and the club says not many.

Pinto: "I try to spread as much I enjoy"

José Manuel Pinto MD explains his feelings after renewing his contract until June 2012.

The Camp Nou has chanted his name after a great stop when it has supplied to Victor Valdes. How does it feel?

The feeling is different it feels after making a great stop to what it feels like when you chant the name. To stop because you get very happy to collaborate with the team keep a clean sheet and hear your name is a pride that moves everything inside you is a wonderful feeling and a recognition that people make to your work. There are no words.

Pinto and Víctor Valdés ended up with a black legend on the Barca goal. Before discussing the holder will now be up to the theoretical values ​​alternate.

That's good. I think we've earned that trust through hard work and thanks to the team's performance. The goalkeeper just never does anything, everything that is happening is because the team is a unit. Barca goalkeeping is one of the hardest things and has always said they had doubts, but I used to come and was very clear that Victor was more than enough and that the questions made no sense. At the end eltiempo puts everyone in place. Victor is proving its quality and then I have been fortunate that when I had to step things have gone well, the performance was very good and then people are more quiet.

In this context, everyone understands to be renewed for another year.

We had time to continue talking for another year, but circumstances is not something I worry, not urgent. First was the group and things have been a priority. We had talked before the round with Arsenal, but did not see fit because it was important to pass. The two sides were about the work and it was clear he would not be any problem. It's what we thought the two sides. For me is a reward and an evaluation on what I'm doing on and off the pitch as a person, as a worker, involved with the group ... And all this knowing that to continue would not be possible if my performance was bad.

It has even been talk that in the future to join the coaching staff ...

That I know absolutely nothing, only what has been said in the press.

MORE: mundodeportivo.com

[Youth] Deulofeu: Messi, Ronaldinho in the mirror in the mirror

Deulofeu grew up mimicking the dribbling of Brazilian.

The best Ronaldinho, who wowed everyone with the Barça shirt between 2003 and 2006, before its sharp decline, created a school for children of that time and now makes Leo Messi. One of them landed in the Barca youth football while landing at Brazil's first team. Deulofeu Gerard came in 2003 with just turned 9 years from the Penya Esportiva Bons Aires, club belonging to Girona. And did different things with the ball in the field of Riudarenes, Girona population of about 1,500 people where he was born. When they received the call from Barcelona, ​​Marcel and Maria Jesus, their parents, they understood that they could not say no. 'Deul' started playing in the Benjamin Felix Sanchez A dribbling and imitating the gestures of that Ronaldinho with '10 'on the back lit the world of football. Possibly the first 'child' soccer player of today's Flamengo or at least its most outstanding student.

"I only had eyes for Ronaldinho, was his idol," recalls his father in those early years he also played on '10 Gerard 'behind the three forwards. Interestingly, while the Sport model also changed its position varied in the field. The downhill from Ronnie coincided with the progressive step to the end of Deulofeu, which is increasingly more on Messi set, although eyed footballer future, teenage fan. Fran Sánchez is placed on the left leg affected (right handed) in the children and the cadet, taking advantage of his speed and ability to make unbelievable dribbling race.

Its explosion in grassroots football tournaments more media both with the club as Catalunya (Estepona, Arona, Spain Under 12 Championship ...) led to the battle for the major firms and representatives sports more popular. At the end he left Nike and Gines Carvajal, Raul's agent and Victor Valdes. But that process logic bill passed a child in full physical and mental. Impossible not to believe the best when all they tell you. That football became individualistic and crack gestures during a stage. Even studies left side.

But it is also unfair to hang a label for life for a sin of youth. Gerard is progressing with age, say the technicians see the sport growing with more humility and a collective sense of the game and the results are coming. He has also returned to class. Youth B age (17 years old on March 13) is instrumental in the Junior A's Oscar Garcia, has already debuted in second division with Luis Enrique and participated in training the first team with Pep Guardiola.

In the Under 17 Ginés Meléndez, with which they struck at the European Championship in June (he was runner-up), accounts for praise. But let no one doubt it: now you know assimilate. (via MD)

REFERENCE TO: www.sport.es

Neymar auction

A meeting in London with Chelsea in the shade and rising interest Juve competition for crack.

The two goals he signed Neymar da Silva in Brazil, Scotland, introducing in Europe, have triggered a race for his signing. Barca's interest in the Brazilian this week have joined Chelsea and Juventus. The launch of the crack of 19 years happy to Santos, rubbing their hands at the auction can be established in the coming months, in which situation Barca does not want to enter.

In England there was talk yesterday about something else: the Chelsea back to the load. In summer, when there was dazzled Neymar even in the South American U-20 with nine goals and with the recital on Sunday at the Emirates, and unsuccessfully offered 25 million euros to Santos for their recruitment. Yesterday there was speculation a proposal close to 30 million Roman Abramovich's club. The British press revealed a meeting of the player, his agent, Wagner Ribeiro, the agent Pini Zahavi when Neymar should be in Sao Paulo. Ribeiro then explained that if they stayed in London was for "a television interview with the idea that Neymar itself known." By the way, the Brazilian defender David Luiz, recently signed for Chelsea, opened the door of Stamford Bridge. "It will be one of the best in the world and would love to come to Chelsea."

While in Italy, also transcended the offensive Neymar Juventus. Scouts of the 'Vecchia Signora' saw live Brazil-Scotland and were impressed. 'Tuttosport' devoted its entire front page to Neymar and put money: 35 million euros. (via MD)

Barça: Opportunity Kun Agüero

The clause Kun, identical to that of Rossi and Neymar, invites us to reflect the signing of Argentine. The advantage is that Atletico is open to talks: better to see him that merengue culé.

Barca have planned to sign a class striker for next season. The names that have emerged so far are stronger Brazilian's promise Neymar da Silva Santos, and the emerging Italian-American striker Giuseppe Rossi, Villarreal. There is a very important detail that may invite the Catalan club to consider the inclusion of a third candidate to strengthen for the forthcoming summer offensive line, Sergio Agüero. The detail in question is a crack in the path of Kun has fixed in his contract with Atletico Madrid exactly the same termination clause that Neymar and Rossi, 45 million euros.

The ship, now, it has given ground in any way. Anyway, to defend a consistent course of dealing with any potential attackers Kun option is a powerful letter to be taken into account, even to fight for any of the intended impact.

Why? If the club takes a step forward for Rossi, Villarreal has shown in his recent past that can get to sell some of his cracks, but when I've done has been observing a management model very similar to Sevilla, ie no sales-stocks. The Saints, meanwhile, showed in August that he knew retain Neymar despite tempting offers from the billionaire Premier League, further evidence that Brazilian football is in line with the country's booming economy. And what about the Kun? The Argentine Atletico in January 2011 extended his contract until 2015 mattress, but for the first time since his move to cut its buyout by 25% from 60 to 45 million. All season long there has been talk in Madrid that the signing of media that you plan to Florentino Perez for Real is the Kun, paying the clause. That threat is precisely the best chance he could play the club to take the Kun. Without doubt, put in their place, any athlete would rather see their idol in Barca than meringue.

Officially, the club does not want to sell Manzanares Kun, Peron also said the same thing at the time of Fernando Torres and finished in Liverpoool 36 million in 2007, in a world economic situation much better than today. Today, Atleti, like most clubs, it Pearl would win in liquidity and, if possible, not to damage the pride of his loyal fans by selling its standard the great rival. Those 45 million could be marketable even if the club who wants it, never the Real Madrid. And, with five seasons in the league, Kun only 22 years old.

The size of the crack is beyond doubt. Maintains a good relationship with your fellow Leo Messi and that scores for Barca. In time, Kun is only a market opportunity. Not cheap, but clearly planteable. (via MD)

[Euro2012 Qulify] LITHUANIA, 1 - SPAIN, 3

The emergence of Juan Mata allowed the Spanish team, even with some fortune in the first two goals, the graceful exit 'potato fields "of Kaunas, Lithuania where he won by 1-3, and thus continue their triumphant march in the phase Euro 2012 qualifiers, the door is almost open.

A ball deflected by Andrius Skerlos meant the first goal from Xavi and an own goal by Tadas Mata Kjanskas to center, where the Lithuanians were growing up and dreaming of a heroic victory, cemented the victory of all of Vicente del Bosque, who rounded off the meeting with both beautiful Mata, after a move to tap the team mark.

As always in this Baltic country was a complicated victory, more so at a playground jokingly dubbed as the 'Kaunas Arena', where it becomes more difficult for a team like Spanish football display his usual touch.

This time Spain conceded the first goal of history in Lithuania, the work of Marius Stankevicius Valencia with a spectacular shoe distant surprised Iker Casillas.

[Technical Data]
Lithuania: Karcemarskas; Stankevicius, Skerla, Zaliukas, Kijasnskas; Edgaras Cesnauskis, Semberas, Panka, Mikoliunas (Radavicius, m.70); Danilevicius (Galkevicius, m.85) y Sernas (Labukas, m.74).

Spain: Iker Casillas; Iraola, Piqué (Ramos, m.89), Albiol, Arbeloa; Xabi Alonso, Javi Martínez, Xavi, Cazorla (Mata, m.66), Villa (Silva, m.54) y Fernando Llorente.

Goals: 0-1, M.19: Xavi shoots from outside the area, clearing the ball and go Skerlos Karcemarskas above. 1-1, M.57: Stankevicius, a powerful shot from distance that goes to the right of Iker Casillas on bass. 1-2, M.70: Centro de Mata from the left and an own goal Kijanskas. 1-3, M.83: Mata resolved auction for under a move by Spain's ruling pen.

Referee: Laurent Duhamel (FRA).

Incidents: Party of qualifying for Euro 2012 match at the stadium Steponas Darius and Stasys Girenas Kaunas before some 7,000 spectators, fifty of them Spanish. Pitch in poor conditions with little grass, lots of land and very irregular. Night very cold, around zero degrees Celsius.

Last batch of team matches

Spain and the Netherlands can take almost a decisive step towards the qualification for Euro 2012. Argentina, meanwhile, disputed a friendly in Costa Rica.

The focus of the previous match between Lithuania and Spain for the fifth day of the group stage, has focused on the state of the turf of the stadium in Kaunas . Inclement weather has left the field virtually no grass, although the game will be played at 20.45 (if not the referee Laurent Duhamel says otherwise.)

At this meeting may participate up to six Barça: Valdés, Piqué, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets and Villa . After the first round of the competition, the Spanish team leads the group I with six points ahead of the Czech Republic.

Holland also Ibrahim Afellay is well-placed to qualify for the next tournament. The Oranje are in the Amsterdam Arena (20.30 hours) to Hungary , which clearly defeated last Friday, with a goal included AFELL ay . The second in the world leads its group with five wins in five games.

The other Catalans facing international commitments in the next few hours are the Argentine Messi, Mascherano and Milito . The white and blue mini-tour ends in the United States began with a friendly against Costa Rica in San Jose (3.00, hour Catalan). Mascherano will captain the eleven Sergio Batista and Messi will be the main attraction.

The Major League Soccer announced the Barça-Manchester United

The American football and CAA Sports has announced that Barça-Manchester United will be played July 30 in the World Football Challenge 2011 tournament in Landover, Maryland.

The second edition of World Football Challenge, which takes place from July 14 to August 6, include the presence of Barca and Manchester United, and for the first time will have MLS teams as the Chicago Fire and New England Revolution, etc. .

For now, the MLS has announced the schedule of three games to play for Manchester United: the above mentioned against Barça, which will be played July 30 at FedEx Field in Landover, the opener against the New England Revolution at Gillette Foxboro Stadium, which will be played on July 13, and ten days later against the Chicago Fire at Soldier Field. The rest of the teams, the timing, format and sponsors will be announced soon.

In 2009, CAA Sports, media agency of the United States, announced the first World Football Challenge, and took three of the best football clubs in the world as Chelsea, AC Milan and Inter Milan, in addition to America to compete in a tournament held at venues in the United States. The success of the proposal, sold-out, helped to repeat the experience in 2011 with the addition of some MLS teams. "We are thrilled to have the MLS clubs competing in the World Football Challenge this summer, those who accept the challenge to play a tournament of international dimension," said Will Wilson, executive vice president of MLS.

Puyol could play the quarterfinal round against Shakhtar

The discomfort in his left knee dragging prevent him play the first leg of their Champions League quarter but could get back in time for Ukraine.

Carles Puyol is virtually ruled out the first leg against Shakhtar Donetsk to be held on April 6 at the Nou Camp but it is very likely to be for the second leg. The center continues to have pain in his left knee and will not arrive in time to the quarter-finals of the Champions.
The term most likely to Puyol to return to the pitch is within two weeks. That is, could return for the clash against Almeria and thus be ready for the return match against Shakhtar Donetsk. If the club does not leave the tie at the Camp Nou resolved, the central return can be critical in a field as hard as Ukraine, which does not yet know the Shakhtar defeat.
Puyol has alternated the treatment and training with the club physios with the usual exercises of Pilates. Disciplined and professional staff is doing its best to return as soon as possible, but the knee is giving war and is learning to be patient. (via Marca.com)

Barca need to raise cash to sign Cesc

It sells its middle class to fund the purchase.

Transfers such as Ibrahimovic or favors such as Marquez or Henry will take a long time to happen again. Barca advocates changing the chip or in the words of its president, "a position as a selling club and other clubs that we no longer see as an entity that provides players or let them go free."

Barcelona has 50 million euros to spend in the summer, but in no case shall fully intended to address the recruitment of Cesc, his great ambition. Consolidated (and largely renovated) the backbone of the team, Sandro Rosell idea is to sell to players of the so-called middle class (Keita, Adriano, Maxwell, Milito, Jeffren or Afellay) to raise cash and meet with greater assurance economic and sporting future of the entity. Afellay is exactly liked by Wenger and could facilitate the arrival of Cesc at Camp Nou.

And quarry.
The club, besides the previously mentioned players, shuffle palatable alternative: Bojan and Thiago would also be likely to leave the club if he were a good deal for them. Just in case, Thiago's father said yesterday that "Cesc, if he comes, it complicates the trajectory of important canteranos as Thiago or Dos Santos." (via AS)

Valdés: "Pep and Mourinho is like day and night"

Barcelona goalkeeper says he has no more desire to Real Madrid in the presence of Mourinho and that "as FC Barcelona has always been the white team as the great rival.

Víctor Valdés has granted an interview to the official website of the Liga . The goalkeeper of Barcelona , world champion with the Spanish team, living the best moment of his career, already established as one of the leading goalkeepers in the history of Barça. He, who also grew up in the quarry of La Masia, acknowledges that it is aware of the difficulty to take over that post: "The goal of Barcelona is a much discussed historically, have been through it many goalkeepers. I've been lucky enough to match with a period of teammates and coaches who have trusted me and we have achieved good results. "

As Barcelona goalkeeper, it is obvious that special passion lives on the rivalry with Real Madrid , more bitter since the arrival of Mourinho in the dock white. In fact Valdes says that among the worst sports memorabilia is "some elimination in the Champions" and talks about the final against Inter, which faced the Portuguese coach by holding it on the lawn: "At that moment I considered The players in football are the players. He wanted to get into a plot that is the players at the football field, and I tried it were not so. " However, do not believe that there is greater competition and ensures that "no" you have 'ganas' to Mourinho: "Real Madrid has always been the ultimate rival, the rival maximum. Culé As I've always had the same passion" .

Also makes clear that Guardiola is a concept completely different from football Mourinho: "They are like day and night. Pep does not allow relaxation and conveys a lot with tremendous conviction, Mourinho will not have had more than as a collaborator and assistant when was at the club. They are very different styles. " And do not hesitate to praise his current coach: "With the arrival of Pep the team won a lot. Conveys a philosophy of not only football but in behavior and values ​​to be passed on to generations to come."

And while ensuring that Barcelona has always been the best team in the world for him, has no problem praising the Real Madrid: "It's very competitive. For three years we're there to win both the league and requires multiple points. Now you can not afford ties that were once good average performance. " In addition to step gracefully out of the rumors of doping at the Catalan club, "That does not help at all, are false and baseless accusations. Spotting a team is not good for a team or the football or for the kids ".

On a personal level, the goalkeeper is aware that passes through one of his best moments : "In a few years this has changed the situation. The results have been better and the experience also helps you get less sticks. I've never had a problem to accept the sticks and move on. There was a turning point in the Champions League final in Paris in 2006 which meant personally to me and the club and its history. "

As for the Spanish national team, takes her role on the team and is happy to be part of a group that is making history: " The selection is a reference for what he has won and she has the best players in the world and deploys appealing and attractive football. I am very grateful to the coach for believing in me and to join the group. I am happy and excited to contribute in whatever, playing or coaching. " Finally, for the umpteenth time has come to the passage of his alleged problems with Reina : "I agreed with Queen at the grassroots and learned a lot from each other. There was always a rivalry in all sports and teams, but nothing more." (via AS)

Messi is injured!

Bad news. Leo Messi returns to Barcelona tomorrow injured with an overload in the right adductor necessary to assess.

Lionel Messi will head tonight in the match that Argentina will play against Costa Rica (0300, Spanish time), as noted in the press in Argentina. Argentina's Clarin newspaper notes that the Ballon d'Or will be replaced by Jose Sosa and Angel Di Maria in the starting lineup as the coach Sergio Batista wants to test.

What is not realized is that the reason that does not hold is that he is injured. SPORT has been told, Messi has some discomfort in the groin that is what has led to Sergio Batista, Argentina coach, had to change his mind. So if on Monday claimed that it would be the owner, on Tuesday and said otherwise. The issue is that he claimed he was tired when the reality is that you have an injury that will have to see the consequences.

The injury has been recognized later by the very AFA (Argentine Football Association) in a press release stating that the player has a "right adductor overload and is following treatment of kinesiology.

Remember that always travel with the stove Messi Juanjo Brau, trustworthy and who will undoubtedly already be working on the recovery of the player. (via SPORT)