29 March 2011

[Barça B] Fontás: "It's the perfect time, I'm ready"

The Barcelona player Andreu Fontás says he is ready to replace Eric Abidal, who is recovering from the operation where they removed a tumor in the liver.

The FC Barcelona player Andreu Fontás has said it is "ready" to tackle the task of replacing the French defender Eric Abidal, while he recovers from the operation where they removed a tumor in the liver .

"I have wanted to add and provide whatever is necessary, work and commitment. This is the time, I'm prepared, it is a dream come true," he said in an interview with Barça TV gathered by Europa Press. In this regard, he added that reaches the first team with extensive experience having performed all these months in the Liga Adelante.

"It's much more competitive than the second B and that has given me more experience, "he said. He explained how he received the news that replace Abidal after detectársele their liver tumor.

"The day after what happened to Abidal, Guardiola called me and told me that until the end of the season I joined the first team, " he said.

"I will always be for what we need , "noted as a possible return to the subsidiary. (via AS)

Bojan, with a sprained ankle

Tests conducted this morning by the Club Medical Services have confirmed that the player suffers a Grade 1 sprained right ankle. Its clinical course marked the availability for the next game.

Bojan was injured in Monday's commitment from the Spanish Under-21 selection against Belarus. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Return to work under minimum

The first session of the week has had the first team players Adriano and Pinto. Without selection, the injured, limbo, in the gym, and Keita, who has not arrived on time, Guardiola has conducted a training to a minimum.

After three days of working party returned on Tuesday morning at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper . With the internationals still concentrates with your selections , Pep Guardiola has conducted a session with only José Manuel Pinto and Adriano 's first team. Given the numerous absences, up to 10 team players have completed the training, which has been carried out in field number 2 - Oier, Víctor Vázquez, Ilie, Saul, Tello, Carles Planas, Bartra, Sergi Roberto Carmona and Abraham .

On the pitch was not limbo , which has been in the gym doing specific work. Nor was Seydou Keita , who these days has taken to visit his country, Mali, and lost again when connecting flight in Paris. Player is expected to arrive in Barcelona this afternoon.

For its part the injured players Pedro and Maxwell have been outside the group doing rehabilitation work for training. Captain Carles Puyol , who has also worked solo, has continued its recovery plan.

It is envisaged that in the coming hours to reach Barcelona Bojan after being injured in the match of Spain Under-21 played on Monday , which also involved the Catalans Montoya, Fontàs and Thiago . When the front Linyola be examined by team doctors to know the exact extent of the blow.

The team will train on Wednesday afternoon. It will be in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper at the 18.30 hours and it is expected that Guardiola can already have great part of the international ones. The first 15 minutes will be open to the press. Earlier, around 17.30, Dani Alves, who will join training on Wednesday after playing with Brazil on Sunday, will appear before the media. It will be his first press conference after signing their renewal until 2015 .

La Liga, Villarreal-Barça will play on Saturday at 22:00

If the judge Purification Pujol League avoids the break Villarreal-Barça and has time.

It was originally scheduled to be on Tuesday when they knew the same sentence but eventually there will be no verdict until Wednesday. If you finally finish the day vying for league play Barca in El Madrigal against Villarreal on Saturday at 22:00.

Purification Pujol Judge summoned the parties at 10:00 am before deciding on the adoption of precautionary measures claimed by six teams, Athletic, Real Sociedad, Zaragoza, Espanyol, Sevilla and Villarreal, for that agreement is not binding and to declare it null.

On 11 February the Assembly of the League decided overwhelmingly "open a period of negotiation with the Government and political parties and do not celebrate the day on April 3, 2011 (30th in 1st and 32nd in 2nd) in the case of produced no significant progress in relation to the claims of the Professional Football League. "

The main aim is to end the legal obligation to televise a game at first open every day but claims also cover the return to football should receive the revenue from the betting (10% now) and on-line betting . (via SPORT)

England is inspired by the Pep Barça

Barcelona has become an indisputable reference in the world of football.

So much so that technicians who handle concepts as different as Capello football use all Pep videos to inspire yours. This was revealed yesterday Jack Wilshere.

The latest sensation 'gunner' Capello said they were forced to see the ultimate triumph of Barcelona against Arsenal to prepare for the clash against Wales. "All our selection watched the game against Barcelona and the way in pushing them. In the game trying to do the same. " For the England midfielder "Barcelona is the best team in the world and no pressure on that level. We must learn from teams like that, "he said.

The English seemed to take note and took the match against Wales 0-2 with goals from Lampard and Bent. Wilshere was one of the most prominent. (via SPORT)

Vilanova: "We dope the ball to go faster"

Tito Vilanova currently reviewed Barca and responded to suggestions of doping that have arrived from Madrid.

Tito Vilanova shot of irony to answer to the insinuations of doping in FC Barcelona. "We dope the ball to go faster," Guardiola said second program in La2 'Sempre Positius'. " Vilanova also highlighted that shares the club's decision to bring the matter to court and regretted that such insinuations are made under the premise "that something is slander." Asked about the constant references to Mourinho hinted that "we're used to, because it has always been." For Barca coach of Portuguese theories fall under its own weight. "You say it and then checked that neither favor nor the referees we have more days to rest." In this regard, he insisted that "if you think is the best way, if you please, for me perfect." Vilanova, however, noted that "for us is not worth it. We earn doing things. " Al Barça coach not concerned about the Barcelona to Madrid to face up to four times in less than a month. To Vilanova "Real Madrid can win four times because everything is possible in football." On the next play in the Champions League, Shakhtar Donetsk, coincides with Guardiola in that it is "the worst rival." "We preferred a team of the strongest of the big competitions," he said. Vilanova also had praise for some of the first team players. Among them, Piqué, Puyol and Messi: "Maintain a professional level the same level as when they were young. This is the big difference. " Of Argentine, applauds the decision to locate a false Pep striker: "It is true that I told Guardiola that this was a good position to Leo because he's got a goal."

Another player who was also lower than the orders of Vilanova, the 'Gunners' Cesc would be a great signing as coach. "The first is his contract situation with Arsenal. But Cesc would fit very well because it holds the concepts of the team when he has the ball and defending in the attacking half. " Vilanova noting that "now do not think about the possibility of training the youth team, also admitted his surprise at the news of Abidal. "Pep told me and hit me, but is in good hands." (via SPORT)

COPE apologizes, but the club remains firm

A representation of the Cadena COPE, formed by President Fernando Giménez Barriocanal and director of the station in Catalunya, Jordi Casoliva, asked yesterday to meet with the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, to apologize for the information that once offered this station in which, among other things, was unfounded allusions linking the club with doping practices, they doubted the professionalism of the staff questioned Barcelona and medical services in Barcelona.

Unable to serve you the president, was the general director of FC Barcelona, ​​Antoni Rossich, who received them. The meeting lasted about an hour and a half, after which the club Catalans showed their intention to continue the process initiated on 15 March, after the journalist Juan Antonio Alcalá claimed that Real Madrid were willing to ask the RFEF that Stronger measures will be taken in doping controls.

Remember that day Toni Freixa spokesman announced the filing of a complaint against Cope and parallel legal services sent a burofax to the station asking for a correction and information specific source of serious defamation.

A position that, despite yesterday's meeting with the representation of the COPE, FC Barcelona maintained. Same lawyers also have filed lawsuits against several websites that also wanted the club Catalans invulcrar doping. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Valencia redoubling their interest to hire Montoya

Barca are aware of the interest that keeps Valencia on one of the important parts of Barça B, the right side Martín Montoya.

At 19 he is a player of undoubted future projection, but that is a virtually insurmountable obstacle, the evergreen Dani Alves who recently renewed until 2015 and is a safe bet in the right lane.

Valencia closely follows the steps Catalan defender is under contract in place with Barcelona until June 30, 2012 but can be tempted with the possibility of making the leap to the First Division, and could even pay the clause three million euros. In the case of agreeing a transfer, the club would try to include a clause playoffs. (via SPORT)

Santos put on the market for star striker Neymar

Rossi is not the only name on the list of possible reinforcements Barça.

His fellow Villarreal, Nilmar and Borja Valero, also referred to as players with a profile that could be adapted to 'Barca Style'.

It also sounds Neymar Brazilian striker who, after a friendly between Brazil and Scotland played last week in London has been in Britain a few days. Santos striker is in the British capital accompanied by a manager of his club and his agent, Wagner Ribeiro, who is also responsible for the interests of the former Real Madrid player Robinho, now in Milan.

The aim is that the attacker, 19, author of two goals against the overall Scottish media have a greater appreciation in the market as a possible move to medium term. His 42 goals in the Brazilian championship and his ability to play in the band have already drawn the attention of several technical secretariats in Europe and in fact Chelsea have already made an offer of 30 million for him months ago, an offer that was deemed insufficient by the saints who claimed 45 million. In England did not rule out the possibility of taking advantage of his stay in London could go through the training center of the 'blues' in Cobham.

Barca and Madrid have also been reports offering their services. (via SPORT)

Mascherano: "Barça forces me to learn"

The 'jefecito' albiceleste captain, is where he wanted: in the club, a club, he says, which makes it better player.

Javier Mascherano foot touches the ground. It is realistic. Know you are in another stage of his career, other than that he lived in Liverpool, and faces with great professionalism and commitment. "I'm glad I got to where I wanted to be. I know I came to Barcelona more for the dedication, work that talent. So, playing in a club soccer practice other than I had practiced helps me grow in football and try to be more complete. Barcelona forces me to learn, "he says.

The midfielder understands that the club has to "practice" and that means you have to "learn" that "encourages me a little more and pick a side of me that was not exercised."

Confess now run "less" because it plays on a computer that "playing with the ball, the ball is over."

Says it has no regularity that you would like, despite "a big games," but "must be understood that Busquets is ideal for the philosophy of the club and Xavi and Iniesta a midfield of Spain. And play some time together. "

He also spoke of the coach, Guardiola, which said he appreciates "what makes me feel ... And it makes me feel confident in me, anytime I can use. It gives a technical solutions. " Add the Santpedor that "represents exactly the Barcelona. He was captain, player and now technical emblem. Conducts values, philosophy of play and football matters that occurred after the stage of Cruyff. "

As for Messi's teammate and selection, as well as friend, said, "never ceases to amaze. Perhaps the daily value makes it much more what it does and it still has not reached its ceiling. Because Messi can be better. " (via SPORT)

Villarreal will listen Barça for Rossi

It is a young striker, mobile and eye for goal, who value technical virtues of Barca.

Villarreal is not closed to discuss the future of one of its star striker Giuseppe Rossi Italian American, although the bar is located in a very high starting point. The CEO of the Castellon club, José Manuel Llaneza, recalled yesterday that rejected an offer from Tottenham Hotspur for 33 million euros. From here, the economic availability of Barca and the wishes of the player, through his representative and has indicated its willingness to listen to the Blaugrana entity calling at his door at the end of the season, will be crucial.

Those responsible for the technical area of ​​Barcelona, ​​in line with the needs of Josep Guardiola, and prepare the next campaign. The tip of Villarreal is one of the players whose reports are more positive and so I personally told the president Sandro Rosell Pep summit held last November at the home of the leader and ahead SPORT blaugrana at the time. Mobility and eye for goal are some of his virtues, as evidenced by the 15 goals he has scored in the League and its eight goals in the European League.

Blaugrana true that the economy is highly conditional and that the budget to strengthen the staff facing the 2011-12 season is 40 million more that can be achieved in the transfer of a player that is not in the plans of the technical. Also, the Villarreal announced on January 25 an agreement with the player to extend his contract until 2016 and raise his buyout clause to 50 million euros.

However, these tactical moves in the offices of 'Yellow Submarine' to shield your player can also be interpreted as a way to prepare in the best possible way for possible negotiations if the end has to give it away. At least, the statements of Jose Manuel Llaneza to 'COMRadio' seem to go in this direction. "Any player can sign with any club, but we are not a selling club," Simpson said, adding: "If we make an offer for a player and it's important we're willing to listen." And after that of lime, sand.

"It is frankly hard to say what figure would accept to sell because the Tottenham offered 33 million" and not done the transfer. Simpson concluded by explaining that by the time the club has not contacted them. "We have not reached any interest, it is clear that if there Rosell sit with Roig (Villarreal president) or call him by phone." The starting price is 40 million, though the club hopes that could be reduced including the sale or transfer of a player that could be interesting to Villarreal.

Giuseppe Rossi has not closed the doors to the club. "No player can refuse to listen to Barca if they knock on your door," his agent Andrea Pastorello admitted days earlier. "Right now, Giuseppe is focused on doing our best in the remainder of the season. Then, when finished, we'll see. " (via SPORT)

"Neymar is Brazilian Messi," says his agent

Wagner Ribeiro, Neymar agent, said yesterday that his MD player "would be delighted to play a big team and the club is." Although only 19 Neymar, Ribeiro admitted that it is now ready to take the leap. "He is very young but he's used to handle the pressure in Brazil, both the Saints and in the 'seleçao'. For him there is no pressure," added the striker's agent São Paulo.

Regarding his technical qualities, and what you say to Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola if he had to convince them to signing him, Wagner said, "Messi is Neymar Brazilian." "It's a fast forward, with great overflow, with a goal and can play in any position to attack, with or without Messi," he specified, after confessing that one of Barca has led him to ask him now.

One of the negative points in the curriculum of Neymar are his acts of indiscipline, something that became a section of his coach Dorival Santos Júnior. "Who does not know says it is undisciplined. May or ask a Mano Menezes Dorival Junior, who is his friend," Wagner Ribeiro said in reference to the coaches of Brazil and the former coach of Santos, who was dismissed from his post after Neymar divert the insults he uttered the striker in a game for not allowing a penalty throw.

One of the handicaps with which the club would be in case you want to go for the player is the clause: 45 million euros. Neymar rights belong to the Saints by 60% and 40% to a company called DIS (Department of Incentive Esportivo)

Rosell not received the COPE

The station requested a meeting with President.

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, yesterday refused to accept a delegation of COPE, which had wanted to deal with Barca president the thorny issue of the complaint initiated by the FC Barcelona against this station, for having suggested and propagated the first team performed better due to substance use.

The COPE raised and requested the meeting last week, apparently for the purpose of explanation and dialogue to avoid a lawsuit in which the club could get to apply for up to 50 million euros as a result of the dissemination of these charges throughout the world through news agencies and networks. Rosell For President FC Barcelona has already made its position public in this case by an official statement and the statements of representatives of club diferenres both the costumes and the policy, announcing his intention to reach the final. Finally, by courtesy, the delegation of the COPE was treated yesterday at the offices of the club by the general director Antoni Rossich, who reiterated the executives of the station's tough stance of FC Barcelona. (via MD)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic wants the Barcelona win the Champions League

Milan's Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic wants his former Spanish team, Barcelona's Pep Guardiola, win the Champions League this season because he believes "the best" all those who still aspire to the top European competition.

"Since we (Milan) and we are not in competition, would like the best team win and I think that is the Barcelona " , said Ibrahimovic in Sweden, published today by leading Italian sports daily.

The Swede, who last year starred in a controversial exit from the club 'asshole', recognized in their home country may be "strange" that choose to Barcelona as a future champion of Europe, but has insisted he is a person who " if "want the best man win. (via MD)

Barça: So Neymar

Martínez Vilaseca, former Barca coach, analyzes the Brazilian ace. We compare on a technical level with Ronaldinho and sees him just below Messi.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior (Mogi das Cruzes, 5 February 1992) is the new Brazilian soccer sensation, how could it be otherwise, the FC Barcelona is very attentive to their development. Among other things, for the Catalan club are looking forward for the next season and Neymar, at age 19, promises a lot. To know at length, MD has been in contact with Joan Martínez Vilaseca , who was head of 'scouting' Barca between 1998 and 2008, and a rock-solid technical reputation. Among other things, was the big right hand Oriol Tort, so you know exactly what is DNA Barça. Vilaseca, who was watching live last Sudamericano Sub-20, it is clear that Neymar fit perfectly into this sublime Barça de Guardiola.

Without going to dictate to the technicians and managers of FC Barcelona what to sign, Martínez Vilaseca gives his opinion "strictly as a coach." And it is also clear that Neymar would be technically and tactically prepared to play at Barca. "Neymar is, above all, very technical. For me as a coach, so you must have a forward is speed, one-on-one 'and definition, and Neymar is a series out of these three concepts," says the man who was a 'heavyweight' of the technical secretariat Barca until 2008.

For Vilaseca, "Neymar is one of those players who would foot the Nou Camp . To play in this stadium and this team should be very technical and very classy, ​​because if you are very fine 'buzz' is installed all around you whenever you get a ball. In that sense, I would compare on a technical level with Ronaldinho . "

According to the former Barça coach, "Messi is the undisputed world number one but after a technical level and to balance opposing defenses, among which are just a step below and you can quote Neymar . "

Vilaseca is clear that "if, at age 19, owns with Brazil's left over quality. As seen in the South American Under-20 and Scotland's friendly, has art, imagination, personality and ability to unbalance and define before the goalkeeper. " And as an epilogue, an anecdote: "In the South American, the rest of the matches were exhibitions of skill with specialists who crossed the field from one side to another by tapping the ball without falling. One day, I saw beside Neymar peers and, in jest, began to imitate them. A show ". (via MD)

Bojan gives the shock to the under-21

FC Barcelona striker Bojan Krkic injured over the first part of the under-21 friendly between Spain and Belarus. The Linyola requested the change and on Tuesday we will know the extent of injury.

A tough Veretilo Belarusian entry in the first moments of the U21 friendly played in Alcalá de Henares was the cause of the injury Bojan. This was achieved at the ankle and although he could continue playing, requested the change to coach Luis Milla before finishing the first half.

The Linyola was replaced at halftime by Iker Muniain and Tuesday, on his return to Barcelona, ​​will undergo tests to see if you have only tried to scare their discomfort or pose another setback for Pep Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Six plants with Barça profile

Three factors have come together to reaffirm that the competitive demands of a club like Barca require the presence of five central defenders on the template.

These three factors are the long-term tendinopathy to have Puyol, dramatic surgery that has been alarmingly low Abidal and Milito physical form. Solved the riddle of the continuity of Alves for next season, it seems clear that Milito will be part of the three or four casualties that will have the equipment, which should lead to the inevitable signing of fifth central accompanying Piqué, Puyol, Abidal and Fontàs , whose presence in the first team seems likely.

Among the many plants that are more in world football, we selected six of them, who meet the following parameters: high technical quality, excellent physical condition, adaptability probable style of play blaugrana and some experience in football class.


Brazilian, 26 years (24-Nov-1984). 1.83 m. and 79 kilos. Plays for Milan, his contract ends on June 30, 2014 and its market value is 23 million euros.

We are central to the probable owner of Brazil's 2014 World teaming up with David Luiz. Less powerful in all facets of it, Thiago highlighted by a superb ball out. Of all the candidates who have analyzed the 'scouts', is one of those closest to the central defense profile that aims to Barca: knows the virtues of the position, knows beat lines, dominates the air, has an appropriate speed and compensates ahead of a lack of forcefulness. She loves to join the attack and to demonstrate their individual technical delicious. If Piqué was not in the ranks Blaugrana, the signing of Thiago be essential. Brazilian defects reside in their own virtues, may not have the grip of a Puyol to become the ultimate lifesaver of the rear, or the speed of a sprint to release Abidal preventing egregious shocks. But it has a little of each one of them and the security of already being filmed in top level competitions. Its cost is very high, because for the key piece in Milan is behind it.


French, born in Senegal, 21 years (13-February-1990). 1.87 m. and 83 kilos. Play with Paris Saint-Germain. His contract has just been renewed until June 30, 2014 and its market value is appraised at 13.5 million, but asked for more money for it.

It is a physical marvel of precocity. Burning stages with the same voracity with balls slicing rivals. Debuted at age 17 in the first team to Paris, with 18 playing in the Under-21 French and 20 years, has been called by Laurent Blanc to be part of the new France. It has a tremendous personality and a hierarchy that, today, makes him one of the greatest left-handed central Europe conditions. First of all, is a defensive talent. Iron marker, is imposed in duels thanks to its defensive instincts and sense of anticipation. Positions with authority and shows a determination and courage in cutting relentless. Very hard to beat in the melee, becoming a tacky central to his rival as asphyxia range when you over. It has a remarkable ability to accelerate recovery and a powerful stride. Dominates the air and does not neglect the focus on aid and defensive coverage. Despite its excellent condition, still must gain more consistency in his game, improve your concentration and without having to be a creative center, improve their output and their ball short game.


Serbia, 22 years (10-Dec-1988). 1.93 m. and 88 kilos. Plays for Borussia Dortmund and has a contract until June 30, 2014. Is valued at 15 million, but the German club asks more for it.

We face the perfect central biotype. It has the exact features to star defensive great things: big, but fine, forceful, yet stylish, excellent in the touch, remove the ball well, moves great in both areas, dominates the area and going great overlooked. Subotic is, right now, one of the great pearls of predictable Bundesliga champions, along with his partner behind Mats Hummels, another European central bright for those who desire the big clubs. But Hummels, closely linked to Borussia are intransigent in their willingness to stay, so is the piece Subotic fishing. There remains the question of how mix with Pique, it also features a good start of the ball, superb diagonal long and effectiveness in the air. But the Catalan than speed, which would be another plus. Ideal to accompany Puyol and Abidal in central couple. Their anxieties are competitive and has demonstrated extraordinary character in adversity.


Belgian, 23 years (24-Apr-1987). 1.89 m. and 79 kilos. Plays in the Ajax of Amsterdam and the contract ends June 30, 2012. Its market value is 10 million euros.

Is the prototype of modern central lines with the ball bat control. Lefty equipped with a good technical quality, dominates almost all records in the game. Passes the ball to test and show calm and comfortable when you must deal with it. It has a technical gesture unusual for central and this is due to its multipurpose football profile: you can develop as midfielder and even as a third central corridor lying to the left side. Played with remarkable determination, is used to fund the fight for the ball. Blunt the impact, assertive in the tackle, its greatest virtue is the placement. His knowledge of the game in more advanced positions allows you to anticipate situations and thus help the defensive line to pull forward. No difficulty passing in the air, nor is it a marker to use, but acts harshly when the situation requires it to stop opponents in their tracks. It has a great shot from a distance and their diagonals are accurate. Its versatility has made him a very complete player but not specialized in any particular aspect, touching the most remarkable attributes but not protruding, today, the defensive side. This lack of expertise often leads to wrong measuring their actions and use too hard to defend the defensive zone or find by joining the attack too much risk.


Brazilian, 23 years (12-Jan-1988). 1.92 m. by 82 kilos. Play in Twente, contract ends in 15 months and is priced at 8.5 million.

Came to the Netherlands two years ago and since then has continued to grow in footballing terms. It is tremendously powerful in the air: mark the territory in defense and dangerous on set pieces in the attack. It has a good ball out, rightly dividing the ball and has a remarkable shift in length. Commits a few mistakes with the ball at his feet and connects with peers with relative ease. Right, can occupy either the central axis both profiles. Far from being a central problem in one-one because of his size, it is a defense that handles quite well in positioning and anticipation. He likes to try to anticipate their rivals getting into the body forcefully to steal the space. Reliable and sober, maintains a very high level of concentration throughout the matches. Its powerful stride prevents rid of it with a simple acceleration. Its greatest virtue is his intelligence when positioned in the field. Often sin of wanting to be on all fronts, which makes him lose his position and leave an outdoor area in excess momentum for bailing. In addition, you must work harder at their defensive tactical sense, especially in tight spaces, since they do not always make the right decision.


Brazil (with Italian), 25 (21-September-1985). 1.87 m. and 79 kilos. Play in the Colony, who is under contract until June 30, 2014. Represented by Jorge Mendes, is valued at 8 million.

Before arriving in Germany, Geromel was called to repeat the story of Pepe. The central spike came to Portugal from Brazil and it seemed that his next destination would be a top team, but eventually ended up in Cologne. The treasures italobrasileño a remarkable physical condition. Quick race with a good timing for jumping and a good balance. This is a central defensive profile whose greatest virtue is the anticipation and level of activity. Always concentrate is difficult to overlook and overcome him waver in that facet. Always in tension and waiting in anticipation on the court, is an expeditious and decisive player. Without having a ball out gorgeous, has a nice touch of the ball in short and not used to complicate your life. Significant player in the marking, never loses sight of his pocket and prints behind quiet as always appears to protect the area. Against this, the qualitative and competitive distance would make the leap from Cologne to a team of up worldwide. As for the technical section, should improve and adjust its position in the field, both sides as aid in measuring and making decisions.

The network of "scouts" of the club has discussed many other central defenders, among which we quote some more: Portuguese Carriço Daniel (22 years, 13 million, Sporting Lisbon), center right a lot of character and grit, although short stature , the Danish Simon Kjaer (22 years, 11 million, Wolfsburg), promising qualities, but far away from major competing demands, the Netherlands Ron Vlaar (26 years, 4.5 million, Feyenoord), tanning, covering defense all facets corrected, the Colombian Cristian Zapata (24 years, 9 million, Udinese), perhaps the most telling of all, but also the least technical excellence, and the Mexican Héctor Moreno (23 years, 4.5 million, AZ Alkmaar ), in line with the great Rafael Marquez, but still many lessons to learn, and even the Czech Marek Suchy (22 years, 4.5 million, CSKA Moscow), taking the ball great, or the ex-centrocafricano Mapou-Yanga Mbiwa (21 years, 4.5 million, Montpellier), a lateral-central Puyol style, that will someday be a permanent fixture with France. Any one of them has qualities to be chosen by the club. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Fontàs: "I'm not Piqué nor Puyol, the comparisons are not good"

Andreu Fontàs will be responsible for covering the floor of the template Éric Abidal FC Barcelona until the French defender recovers from his illness. The squad hopes to fulfill the orders of Pep Guardiola ...

Fontàs is defined as a player "with good ball placement output, which has its own style, and it overwhelms you try to compare him to his new colleagues:" I am neither Pique and Puyol. Comparisons are not good " COM said in statements to Radio.

The Banyoles central confident that, based on "work and effort," when you get your chance to be "well prepared." "I hope everything goes well with Pep Guardiola and learn much in the best team in the world," he said.

Fontàs regrets that its entry into the first team, with whom he had previously debuted in La Liga and the Champions "was produced by an event such as low Abidal. "We want to dedicate all the victories and titles that we can achieve a 'Abi'" he said.

In this sense, the defender takes to achieve the 'triple' "will be very difficult, but for now we are alive in three competitions."

Also, Fontes said he was "surprised" by the departure of Luis Enrique as coach of Barça B at the end of the season. A technician, he recalled, he reconverted from midfield to central defense. (via SPORT)

The international ones play almost everything

Eight of the ten international FC Barcelona who have had international commitments this weekend have played every minute possible. Valdés only has not played.

The freeze League has not served to the players of FC Barcelona can rest. At least the international ones, as in the first day teams have participated in almost every minute they could.

The selection of the Forest, which has more representatives Barca, is also the most presence of the boat has had. Piqué, Sergio, Xavi, Iniesta and Villa took over 90 minutes of Spanish victory against Czech Republic ( 2-1 ) without being replaced, and only played Valdés. In total, 450 minutes.

In principle, Spain play again Tuesday in Lithuania , in another qualifying match for Euro 2012 , but the poor condition of the lawn makes the game to be suspended. On Monday we will know the final decision.

Similarly, the three Argentines who played Barca in the USA ( 1-1 ) could not break anything. Milito, Mascherano and Messi played the 90 minutes, although they could have fewer minutes on Tuesday in Costa Rica . Brazilian Alves, meanwhile, also played the entire match against Scotland ( 2-0 ), although no party should not play more with the selection this week.

Afellay , then, is the only one of the Catalans who started with his selection was replaced early. The final signing of FC Barcelona played 63 minutes in Hungary.

Yet, they will play on Monday, are those organized by Luis Milla and the U-21, which are Miño, Montoya, font, Thiago and Bojan . Belarus will play against Alcala. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Agreement with Pinto

FC Barcelona is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with José Manuel Pinto to renew his contract with the club for one more season until June 30, 2012.

He will sign his extended contract on March 30 at 12.30. After that, he will appear for a photo session in front of the FC Barcelona offices, and which will be open to the media. (via FCBarcelona.com)