28 March 2011

Blatter: "Iniesta saved the World Cup"

"Having to decide the world champion with the penalty has not been good. Convert the ultimate team sport in an individual sport has not been any good," said Blatter.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter said today that the Spanish player Andrés Iniesta "saved" the World Cup by scoring the winning goal in the final, it would have been "harmful" to decide the world champion on penalty penalties.

"Fortunately, in minute 114, and in overtime, Iniesta scored the goal, because having to decide the champion of the world with no penalties would have been nice. Convert the ultimate team sport in an individual sport would have been nothing good, "said Blatter at a press conference.

The FIFA president recalled the last paragraph in the story where the world champion was decided on penalties: in the United States in 1994, when Brazil beat Italy Roberto Baggio failing launch. "It is always better than showing leadership team," he said. (via AS)

"Please do not smoke in the stadium"

Under the motto "also on health, rather than a club ', FC Barcelona today launched the campaign" Smoke-Free Nou Camp' which has a twofold objective awareness of the dangers of snuff and recommend not to smoke on the steps of stadium.

Smoking is an addiction beyond highly harmful for smokers, a public health problem. And apart from the direct effects that affect consumers, secondary smoking is found in the source of two deaths per day in Catalunya.

Sensible and responsible to this issue, the Board of FC Barcelona has decided to act. Thus, following the decision taken at the last Board meeting, this Monday morning press room Maxenchs Ricard has hosted the presentation of the campaign 'A smokeless Nou Camp' , an initiative that aims to raise awareness and recommend to the mass Barcelona's social not to smoke in the stands.

The explanation has been in charge of the executive responsible for the Medical Area and Performance, Jordi Mones. The president Sandro Rosell, the Minister of Health, Boi Ruiz, president of the College of Physicians of Barcelona, ​​Miquel Vilardell, and the president of the Catalan Society for the Control and Treatment of Tobacco, Josep M. Ramon Torrell, also participated in the act.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "It's a very happy day for all who are part of the Barça B"

With the win against Alcorcón 2-0, the branch of the boat reaches the permanence mathematically, the main goal of the season.

Luis Enrique was pleased by the image that have offered their men from the first minute of game against Alcorcón ( 2-0 ): "We started as best as possible, because we scored very early and because they controlled the game." Though he finished the first half with a bolder Alcorcón has provided some occasions, Barça have been able to straighten the game: "The second goal gave us confidence. I think the second half was totally ours and we dominated all aspects of game. "

After adding the fourth straight home victory, the team led by the Spaniard has been the main target for this season, when there are still ten days to finish: permanence. "is a day to be more than happy, now certify the stay , which was the key objective when we started the season. It is a great day for the players, assistants and all who are part of Barça B. It is a very happy day. "

Despite getting the most important milestone, the coach of Barça B does not lack ambition: "From now on, we firmly toward the goal we have set ourselves: to become the best branch in terms of classification the history of FC Barcelona B. Getting in a position superior to that of sixth-placed is a very attractive target for us, and would improve the team classification Quique Costas. The aim is rather complicated to feel more than satisfied. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player&coach] Johan Cruyff: "The Folly of the lockout"

"The problem with clubs is not income but the money management. No more will automatically receive more sanitized," Cruyff said in his column in 'El Periódico'.

The Dutchman Johan Cruyff is shown in its weekly column in 'El Periódico' contrary to the halt in the league, without going "who is right." " Let the Government quiet, which has enough headaches , "said the Dutchman.

"Football is not a bank, it is a pleasure. A distraction, an entertainment for the fans. And a career for a footballer. Fans and players will be affected if the league suffers some kind of variation depending on whether there plant or not, strike, lockout or whatever you call those who defend that way. I will not go into who is right. But I have clear that things have to speak and then take a measure of strength when he plays, no after-hours . Not with the calendar closed. No two months of completing a season that offers few open dates, "begins his article the Dutch.

"The problem with clubs is not income but the money management. Not receive more (television, betting, gambling, advertising ...) will automatically be healthiest. Yes, it is logical that clubs discuss how to divide the cake television. The bulk of its revenue comes from television. Assuming that no one should be happy at all with this paragraph, I would look a little more for the amateur. And for the player. I do not drag on the fan to professional football in times of crisis. I am well aware that the League is the only major European tournaments held in open part of football. And it is very sweet to see how the neighbors ( England in the lead, Italy , France , not so much Germany ) but you enter by the television. And if there is any payment, as here too, right? "he continues.

"In these times where people go through serious economic difficulties that weigh even assistance to the camps - is it not filled, the vast majority? - Not an expense to bring him more. Do not remove a pleasure, a diversion which is free. For this is not a rule of three. The poor remain poor managers entering 5 or 25. And let the quiet government, which has enough headaches, "warns Cruyff.

"It will be nonsense if the topic triggers a stop and runs the league schedule, with the nonsense that is playing the last game after a hiatus of 21 days. For the security of a few extra euros will not make you a better manager." (via AS)

Fernando Torres: "Cesc would be a great signing for Barca"

The Chelsea striker is past his prime, but still retains its aura of stardom. In Granada spoke to SPORT.

-"Barca give a qualitative leap with Cesc?

I do not know. It is a question for Guardiola. I do not follow much the Spanish league, but I think Barca is a tough team to improve If Cesc who comes off?

-I was referring to his style and carry the DNA of the club.

It would be a great signing, of course. Cesc is more valued and respected in England than in Spain, where he has never played. Discuss Fàbregas in England is to refer to one of two or three best players in England. In the club would do well, but insist that it is very difficult to improve their level. It is also true that if we signed him, all teams would like to have these problems. (via SPORT)

Platonic love between Torres and FC Barcelona

"I always felt a great admiration for this club and very dear to the Nou Camp," says Fernando Torres in his interview with SPORT.

-Has taken the train from Cheslea, how many times I walked past the Barca?

Never. Much has been said, but has never been anything. I've always had very good relationship with Barcelona, ​​a good relationship both personally and professionally.

-You always said, when he was at Atletico, the only major Spanish club that he wants to play, if not the mattress, would the club.

Sure. I felt very valued, loved, and I've always noticed Camp Nou respect and admiration. Exactly, more or less the one I have at the club, but I think even my admiration for the club is superior. I do not say now, it's easy to jump on the bandwagon. When Barça and Madrid had trouble winning, I also felt a great admiration. That does not mean that there were bids or negotiated. Barça is a club which negotiates with great honesty. When we talked about a possibility, not out anything. When I was at Atletico could not because he was a Spanish club and Liverpool never thought of moving. There was never anything serious.

-But the interest was rising self-esteem as a player?

Of course, when the Barcelona is interested in you, you sound or taste, what more could you ask?. That a club like Barca have you among the names when you think someone is amazing. A source of pride, self-esteem rises. (via SPORT)

Remember to the 'meringues' Rubalcaba that "went with Iniesta."

It happened yesterday during the presentation of the candidacy for re-election of the President of Castilla-La Mancha, José María Barreda, Alcazar de San Juan (Ciudad Real).

The politician, very proud of his countryman Andrés Iniesta, Barcelona FC, had been the author of the goal that gave Spain the title of world champions South Africa in 2010, reminded Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, vice president and spokesman of the Government, present at the event, I attended the first since his illness, which despite being a known supporter of Real Madrid in the World Cup final was "going to Iniesta, went with the team."

Rubalcaba did not let the ball come out at the sideline ... Followed the play and when he had the word said the government has done "a great signing" with Rose Aguilar, Minister of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs of Spain, in office since last Oct. 21 and confessed fan of FC Barcelona .

Rubalcaba, who at one point the rally heard some shouts of "chairman, president," is ready to face the upcoming events that will Barca and Real Madrid face to face. The first, as long as they call off the strike will take place on April 16 at the Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid will host the league match Barca three points of importance for both teams. After cross again on 20, at the Mestalla. This time with a title at stake: the Copa del Rey.

And if both teams advance to the semifinals of the Champions, two classic view (April 27 and May 3). Overdose classic for fans ... and for many politicians. (via SPORT)

Barca, pending if unemployed, four coaches program

The AFE failed in his attempt to strike earlier this year and the LFP could know today if their strike is carried out.

After a week marked by atypical international commitments of the selections, the new syndrome is filed under uncertainty. Today, the dispute the next day league is a mystery to the decision of the Professional Football League (LFP) to conduct a lockout and the complaint filed by six clubs.

The LFP requires a sign to the Government's demand to eliminate the requirement to issue each time a match in open and guarantees on the percentage required to receive in respect of betting and gambling. It has therefore decided to stop competing in First and Second A day in the 2nd and 3rd of April, but Athletic, Espanyol, Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Zaragoza and Villarreal have filed a lawsuit challenging the suspension and request precautionary measures that do have football or at least the matches involving these six teams.

In this sense, the head of the court of First Instance number 63 of Madrid decided to hold a hearing Tuesday morning from 10.00. The solution is posted the day after tomorrow, but everything points to that special circumstances make it possible that even along this afternoon may have white smoke and is known for sure whether or not there's League.

Faced with such uncertainty, Pep Guardiola has chosen to design the week with the normalcy that allows for the fact that most of the staff have to play a game tomorrow with their selections. It is not even fixed with certainty the time of the match against Villarreal in El Madrigal, but all indications are that, if there is no unemployment, will be played on Saturday at 22.00 hours.

After three days off, the computer returns to work tomorrow in a session scheduled for 11.00 am, which may already be Dani Alves and that may not reach the two under-21 international, Bojan and Font, who play tonight against Belarus.

The afternoon session will be Wednesday, from 18.30, so that the main bulk of international time to join (the six Spanish play tomorrow in Lithuania if the state of the turf allows play).

The team will train Thursday at 11.00 am and Friday at 18.30, this time with the idea that both Leo Messi and Javier Mascherano to participate in the session. And, in theory, the Saturday game in Villarreal. And on Wednesday, Day 6, this time safely, the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League at the Nou Camp against Shakhtar. (via SPORT)

Rossi, mad to come to Barca

In addition to Neymar, the club has on its agenda at the end of Villarreal.

Giuseppe Rossi (24 years) is a professional in the strict sense of the word. Therefore, if the dispute is finally Villarreal-Barça Saturday's League, will fight until the end of their strength to rout at Victor Valdes . Is due to the Castellon club, in that a couple of months renewed until 2016. Of course, Rossi is also so professional that if FC Barcelona is going to pick next summer, put all the eggs in one basket for the Villarreal agree to sell to Barca. And is that Italian-American striker knows that Barca is a train not to be missed, mostly because I do not get to spend more you can be repenting all life. Therefore, if the club lunges for Rossi, the player and the environment will on their part.

Along this line a few days ago said the Villarreal striker representative, Andrea Pastorello , who spoke openly in an Italian radio station (Radio Mana Mana) the supposed interest of the Catalan club: "At the moment everything is rumors, but no player may refuse to play for Barcelona and Giuseppe would have no problem in playing there. "

"I know that is centered at Villarreal, but when the season ends there will be time to think about other options," said Pastorello, who is clear that the possibility was presented to the player would be one of those who have to take it with both hands . It is true that for two months (ie on 25 January) Rossi Castellon renewed with the club until 2016 , with a buyout clause of 50 million euros, which would never get the FC Barcelona. But the fact remains that the player's agent has been used to open hostilities without complex stating that his client would rather dress Barca next season.

By the way, FC Barcelona is silent. MD has been told, the Italian-American is a list of strikers who handled the technical secretariat with a view to strengthen the front line facing the next season. A list in which, among others, are also Brazilian Neymar da Silva (Santos) and the Chilean Alexis Sanchez (Udinese). However, the final decision on which player is the ultimate goal of the club will take Pep Guardiola after the summit shortly signings should have with Sandro Rosell, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Andoni Zubizarreta.

This season, Giuseppe Rossi has already signed more than respectable figure of 16 league goals. In total, since I arrived at Villarreal in 2007 from Manchester United has played 118 league games (49 goals), 34 of European competition from UEFA Champions League (16 goals) and 14 Copa del Rey (4 goals). Against Barcelona has played five matches with a record of two draws and three defeats, without having scored a goal. For he values ​​his mobility, his scoring, his adaptation to the Spanish league game and good first touch key to fit in a virtuous plagued Barça. (via MD)

Transferable, but less

Although the club has not nor will anyone in the market, several clubs prepare bids to the Catalan club would listen.

The strategy of Barcelona for the remodeling of the template that will take place next summer includes the possibility of transferring some players who, without being transferred, the Barcelona club listen to offers. The board chaired by Sandro Rosell and technical direction they want to change the historical trend of club Barcelona to buy high and sell low. When defining the list of signings, the club hopes to increase due to transfers, the figure of 50 million planned in the business plan to invest each season.

Next summer, the club can spend that capital gains figure that involve transfers. Although the Barcelona club has not placed so far none of their players in the market, several European clubs are willing to bid on some of the players for which the club could get to listen to offers.

The objectives

Keita, Mascherano, Maxwell, Afellay, Jeffren and Milito , very valuable players Guardiola but important object of desire for top-level clubs. Bayern Munich, for example, that next season will face a remodeling of its workforce with the technical relay (Van Gaal-Heynckes), walk in the footsteps of Seydou Keita . The German club are willing to make a significant investment already put enough money on the table. Anyway, this is a key player in Guardiola, that the relief should be clear before giving the 'yes' to a transfer.

In similar situation is found Javier Mascherano , slightly less than Guardiola untouchable, especially now that the lack of central forces the delay to technical Sergio Busquets. Juventus have it in your agenda to lead the team next season. The Italian club is willing to make a good offer, but of all the players likely to come into a move the 'jefecito' is the one most difficult to move the Camp Nou.

Another case is Afellay , investment in the future with a feature: it is in the list of players who follow the Arsenal, which gives possibilities for entry into the Operation Cesc. " Also Kenny Dalglish Liverpool has on its agenda the Dutch and, as the British press said yesterday, is another target Jeffren 'red'. Side Maxwell , meanwhile, is objective Zenit S. Petersburg Russian, according to some sources provide 12 million, and Milito and has many numbers for a change. Was on the point in winter, although the club does not intend to make money by central. (via MD)

Iniesta, the king of social networks

Neither Cristiano Ronaldo and Lady Gaga above their levels of interaction with Facebook fans.

That Andrés Iniesta leave the stadium applauded the League is not coincidental. The author's goal that gave World addition to Spanish football also deeply human quality. This humility has established a link with their fans to erect the king of social networks. The Fuentealbilla is the leading player interactivity and an addict to update your comments from your iPhone and before boarding the plane after playing outside.

Iniesta had its website on 31 March 2009. At nine months, 'bore' their Facebook, whose number of fans has soared up to 4,791,818 yesterday. His followers even triple those of Gerard Pique in the middle 'effect Shakira. " Also on Twitter, one of the platforms that hang from your website with exclusive video in a Youtube channel, whomp 859,440 followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo is number one with over 21 million fans on Facebook and just over 2 in Twitter. However, neither he nor any other celebrity music or film resist comparison with Iniesta in a 'feed-back' to its fans. Each 'post' Christian in Facebook, there is a mean return of about 30,000 by adding the popular 'I like you' or a comment. The percentage is 0.22% of total fans, while Iniesta average amounts to 35,000 being 1.37% of the overall (six times the overall return on CR7). Lady Gaga Nor can with Barca as only 0.38% of the 31 million fans respond to what he writes. The NBA LeBron James also is light-years (0.16%). The record of reactions to Andrew (90 944) came when he hung a picture in the locker room after beating Arsenal, beating the 'I like you' from time confirmed his paternity (88 527). The day they are born Valeria is brutal.

With the Media Base Sports Management (Pere Guardiola and Joel Borras), Andrew will release shortly a video game application for Android iPhoney. The Iniesta's Goalbreaker, with the logo of your website inspired by the goal against Chelsea, will cost just 0.79 euros with links from your website, Facebook and Twitter. There may also be purchased the documentary 'From the Streets to the Fields', where he collaborates with the Richard Allen Foundation in Cape Town and NGOs aware. And in his desire to come to his people, organized a Christmas contest that allowed him to play a pachanga in the farmhouse. This week we gave away two tickets and paid travel and hotel to watch the Spain-R. Czech Granada. For the Cup final even more surprises prepared. (via MD)

Arsenal wants Afellay ... but does not budge with Cesc

Ibrahim Afellay would be welcomed with open arms in the Arsenal. However, Arsène Wenger would not agree to include it as a bargaining chip in the possible transfer to FC Barcelona Cesc ...

Afellay has failed to win the title in the Barca starting line, and in England speculate that Pep Guardiola accept his transfer ... Cesc Fabregas change if signing for Barça.

According to the Daily Star Sunday ' , Wenger would be happy to sign the Dutch, believing it would fit perfectly on your computer, but under no circumstances would include it in the Operation Cesc. " A player who does not want to let go in any way.

"Arsène is adamant that Cesc will not leave next summer," said a source at the London club.

Afellay arrived in Barcelona in late December from PSV to reinforce a comprehensive template, but short on cash. Barca paid 3 million euros for him and try to lower the signing of Cesc offering it at Arsenal. (via SPORT)

Xavi and Villa were applauded by their peers

Xavi Hernandez, who on Friday celebrated 100 games for the squad, and David Villa, whose brace to the Czech Republic became the top scorer in the history of the 'Roja', were applauded in the new stadium's locker rooms Cármenes by all his colleagues.

"It was a very special day, reaching a hundred games is a fact that makes me very happy. I feel comfortable in the selection, an important player who has the confidence of his teammates and the coach," said Xavi.

Xavi The secret is to keep the same enthusiasm that ten years ago when he debuted with the senior team. "I have spent many years working to get as many games and now faces all enjoying what I have. I'm having fun like a kid."

At 30 years, the Barcelona midfielder is not there an expiration date, despite being the second player in the field that reaches hundreds of games. "I is here to stay," he jokes.

"I have the fortune of incorporating a great group of people. Queen an incredible atmosphere and end of the match with the Czech Republic into the locker room and I spent an ovation that always grateful. I'm very happy with what I bring. It makes me happy "he said.

Villa makes history

David Villa, meanwhile, beat top scorer Raul Gonzalez and handed it cost a barrier to overcome.

"I want to keep scoring many goals, satisfied with the work done so far, by my numbers and the short time that I needed to get such a high number of goals. What matters most to me is the group and that Spain continues to make victories" acknowledged.

Villa reached 46 goals in 72 games and spent great time to his close friend Pepe Reina. "I dedicate it to all my colleagues I've had since my debut and coaches to his staff.

"Pepe was promised a piece of success would be for him and finally I could make," he added.

Villa admits that became obsessed with a goal and has removed a burden. "When a brand is not always worry but my goal is to make many more goals because I am able to be many more years on the team." (via SPORT)

Barca set to Gastón Ramírez

The list of future events Barca register a new name: the young Uruguayan midfielder Gaston Ramirez, now in the Bologna.

The news portal itasportpress advanced. According to this site, the FC Barcelona has sent observers to follow the footsteps of Bologna midfielder Gaston Ramirez, 20 years old. Uruguay also is in the orbit of the Inter last summer and rang for clubs like Milan or Villarreal, but finally joined the club Peñarol from Bologna.

Ramirez is one of the pearls of Uruguayan football, although the biggest handicap you have to join Barca is the extra condition because it only has the Uruguayan. This season he has played 19 official matches in the -18 Bologna in Serie A and the remainder in the Coppa Italia, scoring three goals.

Versatile playmaker, Gastón Ramírez price could be around "15 million euros," according to his agent, Vincenzo D'Ippolito, the portal 'FCInter1908.it' last January, when it began to speculate about the interest interest for their services. The Uruguayan out of contract with Bologna in June 2015 and now, since Italy is seen as an alternative to the club if it finally fails Cesc next season at Camp Nou. (via SPORT)