27 March 2011

Deulofeu polished to be like Messi

Deulofeu Gerard, a native of Riudarenes (Girona), is the jewel in the crown of FC Barcelona's youth system. After a somewhat difficult start in the club, their coaches and daily work have enabled him to lead a similar progression to that of Leo Messi, making it the largest promise of his club just turned 17.

In football, the position that is more comfortable Deulofeu is the far left, the place from which has the ability to bargain for both sides to his defense, can also play as a winger or right midfielder.

Gerard is right and noted for its speed, ease to overflow in one-one, verticality, and in this past year has added to his game the only feature that was missing, the ability to score goals ('s top scorer with 15 youth A targets).

Within the framework of the first team, could play on both sides of attack, resembling the game of Messi in its infancy. It's a special player, like Argentina, capable of unimaginable things.

"A player lethal and unpredictable"

Gerard, as defined by their coach in child A and Cadet B, Sánchez Fran "is a different player from the rest. In the beginning was very individualistic, which is inherent to its characteristics and is well that it is, but now knows which areas should be and what others do not. Is lethal in one on one and unpredictable. "

It is not easy to digest for a guy known only 12 years had already been hired by Nike in exchange for a large sum of money and that caused wars representatives to gain their services. Fortunately for Deulofeu and FC Barcelona, ​​the boy followed the steps prescribed by the club.

Inside Barca are aware that they are at a draft global star, so that from day pamper and polish the young Catalan end, aiming to take as an example of Gerard behavior Leo Messi, Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez to well able to exploit their talents in the field.

Barça B debut at age 16

Deulofeu 8 years ago came to the quarry Blaugrana, from the Penya Esportiva Bons Aires, club belonging to Girona. For the general public, "Deul" was released in 2006 in the Christmas Tournament Arona (Tenerife), where FC Barcelona was the champion and Gerard was named best player.

Thereafter always competed with older players, to debut a few weeks ago with Barça B of Luis Enrique just 16 years. After the meeting, the Spaniard said about Gerard that "it is still very young, you need to train and make it much attention to their coach in the juvenile Oscar Garcia. No rush to climb players, but we need to go checking Gerard feels that a more professional level, whether in training or competition official. "

Guardiola, attentive to developments

Pep Guardiola is a close, value their talent and try to take their progression in a manner as close as possible, there are several who have completed training with the first team despite his young age.

Gerard is international with the Spanish under 17, who was runner-up in Europe last summer. Despite being a year younger than the other players, became a key piece to lead Spain to the final. In a few months will have a new test with the red, under-17 World Cup played in Mexico.

The following video shows his best actions from his time at Barça B Alevín up his debut for Barcelona B. The future is yours, succeed and to do so in the Nou Camp will depend on him. (via SPORT)

Week with four trainings.

FC Barcelona will train up to four times next week before the Villarreal game, scheduled for next weekend, if there is no strike.

Josep Guardiola and his players, after enjoying three days of festivities, from Saturday to Monday- Tuesday back at work , thinking and the commitment of the weekend against Villarreal, third in First.

The meeting Tuesday will be at 11 am , at the Sports City and will serve to allow players present to start preparing the engagement. On Wednesday, for once the commitments of selections, training will be at 18.30, while on Thursday the team will work out in the morning (11 hours).

The final week's training is scheduled for Friday afternoon, again at 18.30. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Chygrynskiy: "The pressure of the Camp Nou could be me"

In ten days will return to Barcelona Shakhtar's shirt. What is your feeling on the other side of the phone?

I am delighted to return and reconnect with old friends but I'm not crazy and I know that Barca is the best team in the world. It is very difficult to beat but not impossible and we will take a final eliminator. For us this is not some quarters but the final Champions.

Already he has struck fear in his friend Maxwell?

I called the day of the draw and joke but I said Guardiola's first reaction was noted in the locker room would be a tough tie.

How do you play him at Barca? Attacking "as he likes to Shakhtar or defending as well can you do?

Play him offensively is complicated, so we analyze it well but a good defense and counterattack may be the best weapon.

As a centerpiece, Messi will face along the axis of attack. Have you discovered a secret to stop him after nine months training with him?

There is no secret. If you know it, tell me. Is the number one but will not stop you just a matter of a player but the whole team.

Guardiola Has spoken since he left?

No, he wished me luck. It will be nice to enjoy it. I have only words of thanks.

You have said in several media that his errors resulted in his departure. Were you one Chygrynskiy at Barca?

I do not want to sound like an excuse, but some factors hurt me. I did the preseason with the team, I spent a month injured shortly after arriving, I knew the language and lost time finding floor until I was received very well by my neighbors Turo Park. The way to play was different and if I was Shakhtar who should start building game, the club should always make the first move to Busquets, Xavi or Iniesta. All this took me confidence and freedom to be myself.

Can you come over the Camp Nou?

When Barca fans will watch games, you show because you are used to that and if you do not like what you see, whistles. He has no patience. Xavi told me one day and that pressure was something new for me. It was not easy and it affected me. In Ukraine there is less demand. Did not expect this pressure, I ended up getting it.

Do you think the penalty he committed on Diego Capel in a Barca-Sevilla Cup was a burden to you?

Maybe it was the beginning of the end. After that, the audience hissed me.

Pep What did that night?

Always supported me. He did not lose confidence in me and told me to have faith in me.

Did you feel alone in the club?

Never. Besides my brother, colleagues, technicians and other apparel always helped me. I never cried or anything like that but it's part of football and now I am stronger mentally.

Is it difficult to play in this boat?

Much but I was convinced he could play there and I think I could have done if I had stayed.

What did you learn of Barça?

Many things. The experience of being the best team in the world with Xavi, Messi and Iniesta is incredible.

Still young at age 24. Can you imagine that the club wanted him again in the future?

That's impossible. Barca would not do well in life. I already had my chance, I lost and also they spent a lot of money for my move.

Do you like Western football again? The Premier, the 'calcium' ...

Now I am happy in Donetsk. The team is growing very, very young and we're in the quarterfinals of the Champions for the first time.

What Shakhtar player is now in better shape?

Douglas Costa is going through a great moment. He is young, fast, dribbles, shoots well but I speak only of him because the whole team is at a high level this season.

How he got the news Abidal tumor?

I was very shocked and I sent a message of encouragement to your mobile. He could not answer because you will have received hundreds of messages but more importantly, recover from this trance. (via MD)

Neymar is left wanting by the FC Barcelona

Neymar is left wanting by the FC Barcelona.

Unless last-minute news, Neymar will own this evening (15.00 hours / Nitro) in a friendly Brazil - Scotland , in which the explosive striker controlled Santos Barca match Dani Alves . In his third game with the 'seleçao' absolute Neymar be the main focus of attention in a big-name private attack: Pato and Nilmar are leisonados and Mano Menezes has no Ronaldinho and left out by technical decision Robinho. So the young talent of 19 years will have a golden opportunity to redeem themselves.

MD has already reported this week that Neymar on the agenda of Barcelona . On the Internet there are numerous videos with compilations of his performances, but today there is a great opportunity to see him in action live with the 'canarinhá.

"I want to make history

Neymar is aware of the interest aroused by the Barcelona and other 'major' European countries, including Chelsea and Real Madrid . Speaking to Brazilian media made ​​clear his ambitions: "It is my dream to someday play in Europe , but now I owe the Saints "he said. Neymar is signed through 2015 with a buyout clause of 45 million euros, but negotiable: the club owns 55% of their rights, which has the upper hand.

The attention of the great European Neymar spurs. "I'm flattered that teams like Barca follow me and stay tuned for my progress, "he said. And while always insisting that "I am still very young and I have much to learn," the fact of being in the spotlight Barca, among others, "an honor and something that drives you to want to improve every day." "I'm going step by step, but it is clear that projection military I would like a 'big'. Football is my life, I enjoy playing and try to do also enjoy the other. Things come naturally to me," he added.

A Neymar would like to "make history, as otrosfutbolistas of my country and go as far as possible." To achieve this goal, all in Brazil know that it is unavoidable prácticamene anchor in European football and certainly recommend signing for Barca .

Cautious because as repeats is due to Santos, Neymar also admires the Barça . "The Barça football practice is very attractive and a pleasure to see them play." The future is written. "We'll see what happens in this sport you never know," he said.

While Barça decide whether to bet heavily on him, Neymar want to bring up today in London all the talent in him, with Dani Alves as a witness of emergency. (via MD)

Barca have 50 'kilos' to sign

The amount could increase if selling.

Barca has 50 million euros to strengthen the staff, an amount that could be increased in the case of transfer of a player. In principle, there is no one proposes to dispose of, but the market rules and if you got any interesting offer for a player that is not essential to the coaching staff would be considered.

Obviously, if consummation of the signing of Cesc Fabregas (40 million at least) is almost completely exhausted the money in the box. With the remaining ten would be almost impossible to undertake other operations such as Neymar, Rossi or Alexis. But the Catalan club is saved several aces up his sleeve. It is not excluded that some recruitment to lower end including a large sign players with international and Afellay or Thiago Alcantara, which would lower the quality noticeably the financial claims of the original clubs of the above, especially in the case of Own Arsenal or Villarreal.

Guardiola believes in Dutch and in the squad, as well as other highly praised team players at European level, but sometimes to make a big squad you have to make tough decisions. Another dilemma. (via MD)

Liverpool wants to take Jeffren

As reported in the English press, Liverpool are interested in signing the limbo in the face Barca next season.

Kenny Dalglish, technical 'red', is seeking an extremely skilled and fast and that's where it fits perfectly Jeffren Blaugrana, which could be chosen on Sunday explains the 'Mirror' English.

Although Guardiola decided to give him a place in the first team this season, has played just seven Jeffren official matches, of which in only two of them had begun as a starter. That circumstance could exploit Liverpool, who would be willing to pay even the termination clause of the youth squad. (via SPORT)

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 1 - 2 Espanyol

Oscar García boys have lost 1-2 in the derby against Espanyol in a match unfortunate. The Junior A will have to wait if you want to be champions. Will have to win its remaining games to follow depending on himself.

The Youth A was found with a closed Espanyol ago, just offensive but well on defense and counterattacks pending. The first part has color Barca, although boys Oscar Garcia could not create many chances.

In the second half is revolutionized the game

For two minutes the referee had blown for the start of the restart when she moved to Barca with a left foot shot. The League was close to Barca but after a turnover in midfield, Pau has tied the game for Espanyol in the first chance of the opponent, blurring the illusion of the Catalans. But Barca players have not dropped their arms and, just as they practiced the best football and showed the purest version of the Barca style, an unfortunate slip in the central circle has enabled Espanyol to a counterattack that has ended due to a lack Barca area. Thus has emerged the second goal, the work also of Pau, which was up 1-2 in the score, which does not vary more.

The first defeat of the season on a bad day

Oscar García boys remained unbeaten at the top of the standings, four points ahead of second-placed Espanyol. With this defeat, the club still in the lead and become the champions if you follow the line that has been good throughout the season, without giving any point of the games remaining to play. There are only two days to finish the league and the club has an outstanding match against Damm, to be played this coming week. Not be an easy match because of Nou Barris are rooms, but the Catalans have to win to continue to rely on themselves to gain the coveted league title. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[echnical Data]
Barça: Carlos, Dalmau, Sergi Gómez, Oriol Rosell, Balliu (Gustavo, 86’), Palau, Rafa, Jordi Masó (Ernesto, 68’), Dongou (Etock, 79’), Espinosa y Ella.

Espanyol: Edgar, Bonilla, Rubén (Albarrán, 82’), Héctor, Blanchart, Pau Senent (Darder, 59’), Paul, Gabi, Thiewy (Kilian, 76’), Pirulo (Gil, 88’) y Eric.

Goals: 1-0, Ella (47’); 1-1, Gabi (57’); 1-2, Gabi (67’).

Referee: Jorge Conejo. yellow cards to visiters Gabi, Paul, Darder and Edgar.

Campo: Ciutat Esportiva ‘Joan Gamper'. More than 800 spectators, including Luis Enrique Quique Costas and Ivan de la Peña.

Keita: "There comes the most difficult moment of the season

Seydou Keita Barça says he is prepared to face the final stretch of the season with an eye on all three competitions.

In an interview with Barça TV, Keita speaks at length on the final stage of the season, in which selections after the break, Barca team will face League, Cup and Champions League with the highest aspirations. "Now comes the most difficult moment of the season. We have options in all three competitions and a good lead over Real Madrid will try to maintain," says Mali.

"We have the ambition to win everything, but there are many games and we work very hard," says Keita, who despite not being among the most used by Pep Guardiola is pleased with his role within the team. "I am ambitious and like to play every minute possible, but I'm here to help and if we win, everyone will be happy at the end of the season," said Keita, who believes that "there are colleagues who are playing better and that's why his minutes have declined relative to other seasons.

Happy for the renewal of Alves

In another vein, Keita was satisfied with the renewal of Dani Alves for their excellent performance both football and for the good atmosphere that follows the Brazilian culé costumes. "Dani is a very good player and an excellent companion. Is the player who 'warms' the dressing room playing music and dancing.'s A good kid," said Barca midfielder who has not seen Alves change the sense of humor despite its renovation has become too long.

Do not want to think about Madrid

One of the strengths of the season will be the two-maybe four-Barça and Madrid clashes between now and the end of the season. However, Keita prefers to go game by game and six points to first ensure that the club has to play before heading to the Bernabeu. "We'll have time to think of Madrid," said Malian aware that since the 5-0 in the first round, "Madrid has changed" and that future commitments "will be very difficult games."

Shakhtar is wary of

Neither trusts Keita's next opponents in the Champions League Barça, Shakhtar Donetsk, an old acquaintance of the Barca team in recent years. "I still remember the game played in Monaco, where we won in the last minute," says Keita, who does not hesitate to praise his former teammate Chygrynskiy, with whom he will be reunited soon. "It's a great person and a great player, but here he had no time to adapt to the language and style of play." (via SPORT)

Keita: "Abidal was making jokes about an hour before the operation"

In an interview with Barça TV, Seydou Keita could not stop talking about his teammate and friend Eric Abidal, which highlights all the time his psychic strength.

"He and his family are going through a difficult time, but is happy as ever. I was with him the same day of surgery and one hour before entering the operating room was doing the same jokes as usual," says Keita, who does not forget moral blow which meant hearing the news.

"The day I knew I called him and told him that was impossible. I was sad, but seeing him calm, I knew it was best to be happy to give my support," he tells the Malian, who also stresses the involvement of the entire clothing to help the French defense.

Precisely on the Barca dressing room has great words Keita. "I've played in many teams, but the humility of this costume is absolutely incredible," said the midfielder, who does not forget, for example, that in its first year the entire staff went to Navarre to attend the funeral of the father of Juan Carlos Unzúe when he was the club's goalkeeping coach. (via SPORT)

Mascherano: "My mentality is to beat and striving to improve"

The FC Barcelona's Argentinian midfielder admitted in an interview with the website 'www.canchallena.com "that" has the support and confidence "by Pep Guardiola and used to highlight the figure of Barça teammate Sergi Busquets.

FC Barcelona midfielder, Javier Mascherano, concentrated with Argentina, admitted he has "the support and confidence" Pep Guardiola in an interview with the website 'www.canchallena.com'

On his decision to leave Liverpool for FC Barcelona, ​​the Argentinian was blunt and said he needed to grow as a player. "I could have stayed at Liverpool, where everything was easy and nobody would touch me. Whatever happened, nobody was going to remove the post. In Liverpool I forgave anything, had a good contract, and that was not my mentality. My mind is lost and strive to improve in my profession, "he said.


The Argentine, a major point in the center of the field in white and blue, has regularly denied that the Catalan club. "It is incredible that little game. I played 31 games since I arrived. I've played many games and important," admitted Mascherano.


He highlighted in particular the figure of his team-mate Sergio Busquets, and he praised to his game. "I have the support and trust of the coach, but you have to understand what is Busquets, which is ideal for the philosophy of Barcelona, ​​is removed, good technique and seems to have born to play for Barca," he admitted Mascherano.


For Argentina, their arrival at FC Barcelona has been, without doubt, a great change. "As football has changed a lot for me. Barça has a culture of balance," said the former player of Liverpool, also admitted his role in the field has not changed to Liverpool, but stressed that involved "a lot More on the game and the movement of the ball. " (via SPORT)

Sandro Rosell, "Do not pay 50 million for Cesc"

Sandro Rosell explains how the club is changing its model in an extensive interview with SPORT.

Silence does not conflict with firmness. Sandro Rosell has so far been avoiding the spotlight and acting forcefully on issues already announced in his election campaign. Outstanding issues have been solved (Alves renewal or Guardiola, the honorary presidency of Cruyff, the action for damages against Laporta ...) from a second term. Now beginning to openly explain the reason for their decisions, many of which are conditioned by the economic situation.

Nine months after winning the elections, how are the club's coffers?

Same. The patient is still sick, but now we know what the problem is and what medicine to give to heal. Will heal within three to four years.

Does it affect the sports theme?

No, because within the business plan is a provision that apply to the needs of technicians.

Does this mean that the club can sign Cesc quietly?

The maximum amount in the transfer market is 50 million not counting the casualties. If not vendiésemos any player would not be possible signing anything above this price.

But with those 50 million could be to sign Cesc?

No. At this price there is no single request Guardiola this player.

So how much are willing to pay for it?

We'll talk but it is impossible for 50 million who joined to Cesc. It's a matter of consistency. Last year we offered 40 million euros. Each passing year, and if not set in clause Dani Alves, the price falls.


The player's price low because they have less years of contract and you've been paying off. A Alves we have put a clause interested in putting a downward because the final price if someone comes in for the last year and pay. Think of the number of the clause in the last year. The first does not matter.

"Cesc is in danger of overshooting the rice? Is it now or never?

It is a decision that will depend on the technicians. If you request this year and we can not reach an agreement with Arsenal so maybe next year we do understand. Then, we may be better off financially. The first step is that you want and how we communicate it. For now, have not told us anything. After that we would speak of the economic issue.

MORE: www.sport.es

Rosell: "Guardiola is the smartest person around the club"

Rosell is aware of the importance of Pep Guardiola in the success of club and values ​​into perspective.

A Sandro Rosell differences have assigned to several coaches. As vice president complains that it will be loaded with Frank Rijkaard in his first season, being a candidate for president many said they did not get along with Pep Guardiola. Months after being elected president has lived with both rewarding experiences to renew Guardiola and Frank Rijkaard's visit this week. Rosell is devotion to the FC Barcelona current coach to the point of him as their next president.

-What would the club today without Guardiola?

Today, we imagine it. It will take many, many years back to have a technician like him. For me it's the best coach in the history of Barcelona by title, by way of behaving, its history and its ease of communication. It has all the pack. It is very difficult if not impossible, that someone can improve it. That said, the club was founded in 1899. All of us here, we will die one day and the club will be around for many years. This is why the club is above people.

-It is said that Pep president also exercises to draw the line, to rebut criticism from Madrid ... What do you think?

What does the president?

-Yes, before the president went out to all and now you, the exposure is less ...

Pep is a phenomenal person. It's probably the smartest person in the club and is surely the best communication. Undoubtedly. I think it goes to the president, makes a coach but he does so well ... Anyway, if one day comes I will vote for president.

-How does the schedule presented to the club, with so many games against Madrid in such a short time if both exceed the quarter-final?

I see it, though perhaps not optimal for the world of football. Any exceptional loses interest when it becomes routine. For Barcelona, ​​if everything goes well we hope, will be fantastic.

-Rather than eliminate Totemham to Madrid to meet a weaker opponent in the event that you pass to Shakhtar?

When in rooms all the teams are very strong. If we move into semifinals me as our rival. Goes on to pass. If it were the Madrid will try to put in place ...

-Should be as custards after 5-0 ...

I think in this case ... Nobody likes to lose but I think they have more to lose than us.

-In Villarreal, if league debut a new travel agency like Travel Falcon. What do you expect from it?

To give better service to members, which is cheaper and the first team is well served. In any case, the first game should not be complicated.

-One last question, now comes to the Foundation?

There is a plan designed but have inherited not know how many agreements with many foundations I do not know ... This needs to stop but there is a process and should be respected until the end. (via SPORT)

Busquets drag physical problems

Given the state of the pitch to be found in Kaunas, the RFEF has requested an inspection of the UEFA.

Sergio Busquets ended the match against Czech Republic with physical discomfort. A big hit in the closing stages sequelae in the midfielder who had to apply ice with urgency. Barça was sore, but admitted he hoped to be in perfect condition for the match against Lithuania on Tuesday.

For now enjoy a few hours of rest. After returning to Madrid, Del Bosque gave holiday to all international issue and not return to work until this afternoon. Shortly after a light workout, will fly towards Kaunas.

The main concern now is the poor condition of the stadium's turf San Darius and San Girenas, according to the federation technical reports. The winter has wreaked havoc in Lithuania and the field has many irregularities. The Spanish Federation has requested an inspection of the UEFA but do not expect any changes.

Del Bosque is expected tomorrow to step in training camp before the game. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-17] Spain 3 - 1 Belgium

The goals of Moses Gomez, Gerard Deulofeu and Federico Vico gave the victory to the U-17 Ginés Meléndez in the first game of the Elite round. The Belgian team took the lead on the scoreboard early in the second half but the deployment of the Spanish game this victory allowed them closer to European Serbia.

[technical Data]
Spain: Alfonso Herrero, Óscar Arroyo, Carlos Garrido, Iván Sáez, Saúl Ñíguez, Raúl de Tomás (min.54 – Iker Hernández), Denis Suárez, Pablo Iñíguez de Heredia (min.48 – Moisés Gómez), Iker Undabarrena (min.62 – Federico Vico), Gerard Deulofeu, Diego Caballo. Seleccionador: Ginés Meléndez.

Belguim: Sven Dhoest, Ibrahima Cisse, Jordan Atheba, Bernard Malanda-Adje, Marvin Ofori-Appiah, Tika Musondo, Jordy Croux, Umberto Carvalho, Didier Cabumi, Tortol Lumanza Lembi, Nicolas Ducatteeuw (min.52 – Seppe Brulmans). Seleccionador: Eric Abrams.

Goals: 0-1 Carvalho Umberto head, to center on the right wing of Croux.
1-1: Moisés Gómez, after collecting a rebound in the Belgian goalkeeper, after an inmate by the center of Deulofeu (min.71)
2-1: Goal Gerard Deulofeu (min.76)
3-1: Gol de Federico Vico (min.84)
Cards: Saul Ñíguez (min.32), Seppe Brulmans (min.78)
Referee: Kenn Hansen (DEN). Assistant referees: Martin Wulff (DEN), Semen Shlonchak (UKR). Fourth official: Mozharovskyy Yuriy (UKR)
Stadium: Georges Claesstadion - Mol (Belgium).

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 31] FC Barcelona B 2 - 0 AD Alcorcón

For weeks that the main objective of Barça B in Second A, permanence, has more than fulfilled. But Luis Enrique are homeless and are still overcoming barriers. And although the subsidiary Barca can not rise to the First Division, FC Barcelona B at the moment would be a strong candidate to do so and who is fourth in the standings with 51 points. The ruling party before the Alcorcón Miniestadi has been a good proof that these guys ambition remains intact in spite of everything.

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona B: Oier, Montoya, Armando, Edu Orio, Muniesa, Fontàs, Thiago (Carmona, 80’), Dos Santos (S.Roberto, 61’), Nolito (V.Vázquez, 80’), Soriano i Benja.

AD Alcorcón: Manu, Nagore, Babin, Rueda, Ángel, Alberdi, Montañés, Borja (Gerardo, 60’), Quini (Nino, 74’), Samuel i Carlos (Jeremy, 60’).

Goals: 1-0, Soriano (5’); 2-0, Nolito (51’)

Rferee: Pedro Sureda Cuenca.