25 March 2011

Messi: "It is wrong to compare Argentina with Barca"

Leo Messi Argentina enjoys again after a few years when everyone doubted him.

Confirmation at the club as undisputed number one and his last major encounters with the albiceleste have returned the smile every time dons the shirt of your choice.

Messi dreaming that things will go to Argentina as well as it will work at the club but warned in an interview published in 'The Nation' should not be compared to the other team.

"It's a mistake to compare the selection with Barcelona. We tried to make the best game possible, we do many things in Barcelona, ​​but we're still just beginning and much work and time," he admits.

Despite the coaching change in the albiceleste, Messi denied that his selection has been deterioriado Maradona and Diego himself revealed that he welcomed the achievement of the Golden Ball as they post often.

The crack Barca proves to be totally involved with his selection in the same way it is with the club. Nothing disturbs their attention, not even Mourinho's outbursts.

"There is much talk of Mourinho, but at this point neither I nor anyone in Barcelona gives importance. He says many things that we do something else," he explains.

'The Flea', also had words of praise for his partner in Argentina and FC Barcelona, ​​Javier Mascherano. 'The jefecito' is reaching its highest level as Barca since he landed at the Nou Camp but Leo is not surprised his performance after a period of adjustment required.

"Mascherano is growing in other things that maybe could not carry on in Liverpool. In Barça is bound to change, such as rapid exit," he says. (via SPORT)

Physical work focuses the last session of the week

The first team is at its lowest level since the team matches. This Friday, 5 players and goalkeeper Jordi Masip B, have been training the last week in which the physical work has been the protagonist.

Unlike recent days, the team has been trained in conjunction with the subsidiary, the five first team players - Pinto, Jeffren, Keita, Adriano and Bojan - you have exercised in field number 2 of the Sports City without presence of players B. And it is that young Luis Enrique train in the afternoon to prepare for Saturday's game in the Mini to the Alcorcón.

Only goalkeeper Barça B , Jordi Masip , has completed a session of the first team, while Andreu Fontàs be exercised in the afternoon with the subsidiary.

This is the last session of the week the team, as players will have the holiday weekend. That is why the coaching staff has decided to do more intense training focused on physical labor. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pinto, about to sign for another season

After getting the coveted signature of Dani Alves renewal until 2015, the next stop by the offices of the club to extend his commitment to FC Barcelona will be Jose Manuel Pinto.

It is the wish of both the coaching staff and the player himself Barca Linked continue for the next season. Andalusian goalkeeper commitment ends this coming June 30 and undertake a campaign, until June 2012.

The representative of the player, Juan Maraver, has been this week putting the final touches and has met with leaders Barca. In principle and according to some sources, the agent's intention was that only the commitment for next season, there is another option up to June 2013, according to a set of objectives.

However, the entity culé not be willing to accept this condition and limit the duration of the contract year has been offered. Pinto, who is very happy in Barcelona and Barca team would have no problem in engaging only for next season. The parties are waiting to make room in their respective agendas for solving the process of signature, that would result from today anytime. (via MD)

The Palermo recognizes the interest of Barca for Pastore

Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini, acknowledges that several European clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona were interested in the signing of Argentine midfielder Javier Pastore.

In an interview published in the Italian sports daily Corriere dello Sport ", the leader of the Palermo says, for the moment, the player, 21, will stay at least another year in Sicily to continue to mature as a player, but does not rule out that you can then get to leave the club.

Asked about the rumors circulating in Italy about a possible deal with Barcelona, ​​Zamparini responds: "But no. There is talk of it. The big clubs are awaiting him, but Pastore has not only been interested in Barcelona."

This is when the president of Palermo also brings out the names of Manchester United and Real Madrid as clubs have been interested in the player, and when he says that the Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti Italian, Argentine midfielder is a likes.

"I spoke recently with the representative and the player. They believe that to complete the maturation process of Pastore has to stay here at least another year. And I fully agree with it," said Zamparini.

Pastore arrived in the summer of 2009 to Palermo from Club Atlético Huracán in Argentina and in December renewed his contract with the Sicilian club for another season as originally planned, by 2015, with a break clause at 70 million euros. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-21] Spain fell to France 3-2

The Spanish Under-21 side lost to France 3-2 in friendly match in the town of Reims. After the team ahead triply Gallo, Fran Merida and Rodri scored for Spain, who played with ten from the 40 th minute for the expulsion of Juan Carlos.

Technical Data:

FRANCE: Gorgelin; Gorgelin; Corchia, Stambouli, Mangala, Makonda; Guilavogui, Pajot (Varane, 70’); Saivet, Griezmann (Sylla, 87’), Gueye (Cabella, 59’); Riviere.

SPAIN: Diego Mariño (Joel, 46’); Mario, Marc Bartra, Ayala, Nacho; Camacho (Illarra, 46’), Recio (Rodri, 58’); Fran Mérida (Dani Pacheco, 46’), Canales, Juan Carlos; Álvaro (Iago Falqué, 74’).

GOALS: 1-0, minute 10: Riviere. 2-0, 17 minutes: Riviere. 3-0, 34 minutes, Gueye. 3-1, minute 36: Fran Merida. 3-2, minute 59: Rodri.

Referee: Richard Liesveld (Netherlands).

CARDS: Expelled with straight red Juan Carlos (minute 40). Yellow to Stambouli, Guilavogui, Camacho and Dani Pacheco.

STADIUM: Auguste Delane (Reims). 14,000.

Valdés: "I assume the cost of Abidal"

Víctor Valdés explained how the news affected his disease Eric Abidal to be an unexpected injury and non-sporting NATURE.

"I found out shortly before the club issued a statement" on Tuesday, 15, "was alone, watching the game in the Champions League (between Bayern and Inter Milan) and I was thrilled," confessed Barca goalkeeper. "I could not discuss it with anyone and it cost me take it. It was very hard, "said the goalkeeper in the program 'The Rail' of the Cadena Ser

Valdes went on to explain that when they redid the psychological impact that was supposed to know that a colleague and friend was hit by a serious illness "could contact Xavi (Hernandez) was also very touched by the news."

Victor said that he and the rest of the squad were left comforted when the next day Abidal moved to the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper to talk to them and explain your situation first hand. "The only good thing was seeing the next day and see how well he was a soul level." Valdés sensations are similar to those that Xavi had taken the day of Eric's visit to the training session when midfielder Vallès commented that "it was he who encouraged us" to give others peace and optimism. (via SPORT)

Tribute to Ramallets in Mediona

Antoni Ramallets, one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of FC Barcelona, ​​will be honored at Saturday Mediona. The year 2010 agreed to be named adopted son of the town and now the new sports center of town bear his name.

Mediona has turned in organizing this tribute to Antoni Ramallets. They want to be a holiday, sport, culture and encounters culminating in the baptism of the new sports center with the name of Antoni Ramallets.

The events begin at 11:30 am, with reception by the authorities in the plenary hall of the City of Mediona and book signing in honor of the municipality. At 12. FC Barcelona veterans and veterans of Mediona played a football game that will have the honor of Antoni service Ramallets, one of the great myths of FC Barcelona.

Then the procession, accompanied by the 'Gegants' and grallers Mediona, will move to the new sports hall, where the same Antoni Ramallets cut the tape and find the plate with his name.

A guided tour of the new compound, adorned with some pictures of the Barça of "Five Cups", is the preamble before the parliaments of the authorities, the mayor of Mediona and the great protagonist of the day, Antoni Ramallets.

A popular food in the Casal Medionenc can enjoy the reunions that will occur this Saturday. The day will end with a panel of veterans of Barcelona, ​​in the presence of the same Ramallets, moderated by journalist Pitu Abril.

[Ex player] Rivaldo: "In Barça I knew I could be the best in the world"

Rivaldo seems to live a second youth to its 39 years in its new adventure in the Brazilian football.

The exazulgrana is a charm in Sao Paulo where he began to notice the respect of his career in the eyes of their opponents every time you jump on the field.

"The opponents want to exchange the shirt after the game. Sometimes I play a player that is making me hard and I apologize, 'is that the coach has sent me to stick to you and be your shadow, because he knows that you play a lot' . And I say that I feel good, to do their job, "he explains in an interview with FIFA.com

Brazilian striker recalls his career in that stage is particularly important for FC Barcelona. Rivaldo remembers "meaning a lot of pressure" on his arrival at Camp Nou for landing as the successor to Ronaldo and he always told himself: "No, Ronaldo is Ronaldo and Rivaldo Rivaldo is. I have to make me want to play my way" .

However, over time, the Brazilian star recalls how he gradually began to acclimate to the Catalan club to become one of the relevant players in the world.

"Little by little, things were improving, the balloons were coming and peeked I could become the idol of Barcelona, ​​who could become the world's best. The events were giving me the reason," he explains.

Just in Barcelona where he lived was one of the best seasons of his personal life and sports, and so some of his memories are best kept as a Barca player to star.
Rivaldo set in the select list match against Valencia in 2001 where he scored three goals with that famous Chilean Joan Gaspart was crazy and the match in San Siro against Milan in 2000 where he scored a hat- trick in the Champions League to tie 3-3.

Historical Xavi

Xavi Hernandez is already a legend player. Not only has made history with Barcelona this season to become the player with more official meetings on his back, but now also cross the barrier of 100 Spanish international games in the match against the Czech Republic in the New Los Cármenes of Granada.

Zubizarreta (126), Casillas (117) and Raul (102) are the only ones that still has overcome, but soon will become a field player with the most matches with the 'red' in front of the current Schalke 04. The SPORT Terrassa reviewed for a long career that has spanned the last ten years.

-His last stage in the selection is proving the most sweet, but is their home and internationally was not exactly a bed of roses?

The first 30 games were the toughest. He did not play regularly. Sometimes it was called, some not. Out in the second part. I was in the 2002 World Cup with Camacho and was a good experience, but not just to participate. Euro 2004 did not play a minute with Inaki Saez, who had great confidence in me, but the team was done. Everything changed after that Luis Aragones gets the team. It gave me an added confidence, not only me. He talked a lot with the players, went to the room to discuss things on your computer.

"The turning point was the World Cup?

Luis behavior was impressive. I broke the cross and told me to be quiet, I expect. I called, sent to the physios to Barcelona ... All this motivated me to recover, but I got the World Cup in poor physical condition. So I said to myself that should restore confidence and abroad. The team started to win, reached the European Championship and went on a personal level my consideration. I went from being, in the eyes of the press, a normal player or a good player to be a mainstay in Spain and worldwide. I owe much to Luis Aragones in my career.

-Luis I urge you, but what's debut recalls Camacho against Holland in Seville?

He was 20 years. It was a nice feeling, a desired moment, although we lost the friendly. The coach said "play like you know boy, as in the club, go out and play calm, I trust you." Camacho was the style of Luis Aragones. He was unlucky at the 2002 World ... and an unfortunate arbitration rooms.

-You took responsibility for launching one of the penalties against Korea.

I threw the third just before Joaquin fail. They marked the five, was a bitch. Team had to go far, and more playing against Korea. But, of course, the referee two goals we set aside the law.

-Is this your worst memory or not play at Euro 2004?

Yes, the game against Korea was the worst. In the European Championship in Portugal did not get in a great moment. You will always hopeful, but we were not favorites. In the World Cup if we had a great way players like Raul, Baraja and Valeron. Fernando Hierro was still playing a World Cup ... to do things, but we were unlucky. Then came Luis Aragones, who is the key to success in Spanish football and was not sufficiently valued. The media have the power of the word and when you catch one hobby, so you kill. For you, Luis Aragones is the ogre of Spain, for the players is the football itself. In the dictionary, the word football review would have to leave Luis Aragones.

-What highlights the 'Sage of Hortaleza'?

At all: in the mood, tactical, spiritual, on the requirement. It was amazing.

-Among the features of Louis always stressed the deal he had with the players, do you share this common view?

Luis is worship. It gives you an incredible love, requires you and say things to the face and this is what is most grateful for the player. Many people are afraid today to say certain things in our figure. He did not care. Look what happened to Raul ... No matter your name was Antonio and Pepito. You could say Johnny, you are doing the mug. He does not care that he was Christian or Messi.

-Was especially brave to withdraw the 'old guard' like Raul, Michel Salgado or Cañizares?

You have to do what you feel. He felt he should do his team, and he did. Joined us and gave us much confidence brutal. We said, you go out to the field that I have broad shoulders. Come and do it as you know. Here I am guilty. Your coach I will defend to death in press conferences, do not worry.

-Is the environment before winning the Euro was too tense?

We had a lot of pressure. I remember a sign that read: 'Contador, Nadal ... when will you? " It was a banner that followed us all the fields of Spain. Now everything is very nice, but it was not easy to hear how money-grubbing or call us mercenaries.

-Is qualifying for Austria and Switzerland was particularly sensitive?

Lost in Northern Ireland and Sweden, plus a friendly against Romania. Iniesta's goal at Old Trafford, in a friendly against England, helped us start again ... It was not easy. Luis is unjustly undervalued in Spanish football

-What Del Bosque said the group formed by Aragones?

Vincent is a healthy person, very human. When he got hit the least. He made a couple of changes, Busquets and Pique type. Moreover, some variation introduced tactic, but let us follow the same line. It is a fair person, very intelligent. He met a group winner and had to play a few things. It is very human, dialogue and appreciated having the spirit so humble. Another person had changed things, be it above everything, but Vincent is not selfish.

-Moreover pulse trembled not to trust the Blaugrana block, despite its past Real Madrid and the pressures they could receive from the capital.

It is not easy, but after all has been carried away by what he sees. A player like Peter you have to play well as Busi or Pique. There are no better.

-Does your management of the defeat to Switzerland was critical to winning the World Cup?

Between him and Fernando Hierro were very good. They told us we were wrong at all, that football was a disgrace. We saw the game and not repeat what you said. In a group as important is the talent and be good people.

-How long is the rope to continue in the selection?

Until you feel. Now I am well and enjoy. European Championship ahead and think where. I do not know if after Euro legs may not hold and let him or the opposite happens, I want to go. I game to game. Take one hundred and from here we'll see. I am very happy, proud, I have complied with injuries, have told me ... that I am very heavy. I want to play forever!

-Did you notice you've uploaded a hierarchical step after Euro?

People are resultadista. It's reality, I have always felt valued by coaches and teammates of a lifetime. Know the importance and role of a midfielder, a defender ... Another issue is the media.

-What do you mean?

Well, actually there is a football and other media. I remember an anecdote at the beginning of my career when I called my mother before a Barca game. "Van Gaal told me that game," and she replied, "you do not play, you have said on television." Imagine! I feel valued by my family, they are the ones I have nearby.

-And valued by the likes of Platini, who gave him the shirt that won the World Cup.

I do not remember what I put. President Villar told me that Platini was there and, of course, it had to give.

-These days not to receive praise. The last of his teammate Javi Martinez, who compared him to Zidane.

Is too big and I thank him say a companion with whom I have a good relationship.

-Do you think that time will be considered the best player in Spanish football history?

I do not like to talk about who is best. I think it's the best selection of Spain's history. We have worldwide recognition and we have all won European Championship and World. Each has its merit. (via SPORT)

Barca unemployment secondary to be consistent

The soccer bosses remains firm and is still waiting to accept their demands Lissavetzky.

Barca is at the core of teams close ranks with the Football League in its attempt to force a stoppage of the next day if not attended to the claims of the employer-match suspension in the clear right to information regulations and percentage of Internet gambling. However, Barca's support is not unconditional. Barça Can you remember the vote against the overwhelming pressure measurement at the meeting of 11 February. However, in view of the majority who ran in support of the strike, the entity will comply with the weight of democracy.

Barca at the time defended the continuation of the negotiating process, arguing that the one-day strike would have detrimental effects not only at sports but would harm the already battered image of football clubs. The proposal has won over the majority of the members of the LFP, which opted for the threat of unemployment in the 30 hours scheduled for 2 and 3 April. Yesterday, during a representative from the League ratified the agreements of February 11 and, therefore, the suspension is more relevant than ever.
At present only two barriers intuit how to prevent the League suffered a setback of this magnitude. First, the most desirable, I would emphasize an emergency meeting between the LFP and the Government.

The second major open front is a court order. The six clubs that have contested the stand before the judge waiting to be sentenced immediately and that this rule on the obligation to challenge the day 30. (via SPORT)

Barca stops the speculative market for fertilizers

The tighter regulation has restricted membership high that only sought to enter the raffle tickets.

The new social policy promoted by the club has reduced by one-third the number of members on the waiting list to get a seat at the Camp Nou, to stand at present about 7,200 people, and curb speculation in the transfer market fertilizer.

Since 2003 it launched the campaign 'The Big Challenge' census skyrocketed to 185,000 and 13,500 members signed up for the waiting list to get a subscription. Sandro Rosell policy has sought ways to remedy the situation, including curbing the number of discharges. "In the period 1982-2002, the average was 106,000 members, with some 86,000 subscribers," says vice president of social, Jordi Cardoner. "Subtracting the cards for children, had a ratio of one seat available per member."

By firing the number of partners in the period 2003-2010, the 'ratio' blew. "We are the club in the world with the worst ratio, more than two partners per seat." This occurs even after excluding the 17,000 members of the rest of Spain and 13,000 from abroad "which at first did not demand a payment," he recalls Cardoner. A rotary fertilizer formula, such as Manchester United, is unthinkable.

The period closed on February 28 to regulate the waiting list reduced from 13,500 to 6,073 the number of interested partners. With subsequent additions arrived in 7191. "A third did not remain on the list, suggesting that we have failed to curb speculative activities. We will not use the club to profit by selling subscriptions to absurd prices, Cardoner impact. Now, the member can see every day the waiting list through the club's website, but also required each year to renew in person at the Office of attention being FC Barcelona (OAB) their desire to become a subscriber.

The board also wants to break with the idea that they want to close the club to new fans. "Neither wanted to dissatisfied members unable to attend the Stadium, nor people were discharged today morning to enter the draw for the final entries." Hence, soon be put in place the 'fourth way' with the 'commitment card. " With a price of 125 euros per year, requires fidelity three seasons, renewed annually in person at the OAB to achieve membership. Five years later, he achieved the status of subscriber. In parallel, the club will promote the figure of the 'fan', Barca fans will be linked to the entity and tenir some benefits but without becoming a member. (via SPORT)

Doping: Barça prompted million

The FC Barcelona is due to receive the study it has commissioned a specialist firm to calculate the moral damage caused to the image of the club by the Cadena COPE defamation by false accusation of doping. Once you have received this calculation, will make an appropriate claim for compensation. The COPE so far received an order to rectify and to disclose the source of the information that led to the defamation. Once the club has a professional estimate of the damage request, through a lawsuit, it is repaired.

The Barcelona club's image has been seriously damaged internationally by numerous media outlets. Even on the Internet last week the club appeared in the first innings when typing the word 'doping' in google. The consequences of the infamous broadcast by Cadena COPE are much broader than might appear and the club will require repair in accordance with those consequences.

In other words, the club will not take action to the gallery, but the economic demand is very high, as the damage. From there, the COPE shall pay or 'understood' with its source, the Real Madrid as the journalist who spread the lie. (via MD)

MundoDeportivo.com spectacular moves of the sport across the internet

Sports world becomes more global adopting the '. Com' in its online version.
Comes with new sections, more videos, photos, large, new forums and improvements in the feedback system.
Today begins a stage in the coming months we will expand the supply of information to its readers.

Today is born a new world. It's not just a slogan. Mundo Deportivo is updated with the launch of a new website more media, more orderly, more participatory and more spectacular. The dean of the daily Spanish sports newspaper with more than 100 years of history demonstrates, once again, its ability to innovation .

Mundo Deportivo professionals have worked in recent months to present its readers today a website that reflects the tradition of sports daily briefing Godo Group to adapt to new narratives of Internet journalism.

This launch is the end to a project, but it is also the beginning of a new phase of new development that will enrich this new website to meet the informational needs of the audience. We look forward to the support and understanding of our loyal readers and those to be incorporated into MundoDeportivo.com for this process to be fully satisfactory. (via mundodeportivo.com)

MORE: www.mundodeportivo.com

Xavi: "The worst moment? When he did not believe in us"

The Barcelona player Xavi Hernandez, who play their game tomorrow hundredth with the Spanish national team went through his best and worst moments with the national team at the press conference at the team hotel in Grenada.

"The happiest moments are evident, Euro and World Cup. I've always had a lot of happiness in the selection. The bad moments were those when he did not believe in us. We were able to win anything," he said.

Asked if he considered the best player in the history of Spain, Xavi rejected that title: "I do not like to say who the better. This was the best selection of Spain's history. It is a world recognition, European , but all we won and each player has his mértico. All have been important. "

On the reception in Granada, Barcelona footballer said: "Very good, actually. We have been great. In a packed stadium is planned, so great. Try to get it right, people see a good game and you enjoy. "

About the League and Barcelona

As for the League and the slowdown of the employers, the FC Barcelona player would not make too many assessments and limt to say that "it is good to play and that is resolved as soon as possible."

Did want to comment on the recent renewal of Dani Alves with FC Barcelona: "This is fantastic news for Barca. For me is the best side in the world, brings many things to the game. It's a fantastic footballer." (via AS)

Valdes is on track to win his third consecutive Zamora

The goal Barca won the trophy in 2005, 2009 and 2010 · has conceded 14 goals in 26 games • An injury forced him to miss three league games (Athletic, Mallorca and Valencia) • If Guardiola does not change its philosophy, you see the end of Cup from the bench.

Víctor Valdés is on track to win the Zamora for the third consecutive season, a trophy which was already recognized in 2005. The footballer, who has missed three league games due to injury (Athletic, Mallorca and Valencia), received 14 points in 26 days or, which is the same, an average of 0.53 goals per game.

Although it may seem otherwise, the goalkeeper is not a minor figure in Barcelona, ​​a team clearly offensive and has in its ranks with the backbone of the national team.

Barça may not currently leads the Liga it not been for goalkeeper Hospitalet. His performances have reported a number of points at the Catalan side, and without them, would not have been possible to achieve the latest titles that adorman the windows of the club.

In league games, and although Pinto is a replacement guarantee, Valdés has been part of the starting XI if the injuries have allowed it. In total, 2,445 minutes, in which he has made 58 stops, one of them after a shot from the penalty spot.

Their participation in the Champions League is also notable. In European competition averaged a goal per game conceded. Guardiola to be seen if given the responsibility to rein in the players of Real Madrid in the final of the Copa del Rey. It seems unlikely, because the KO competition is reserved for José Manuel Pinto.

His 29 years will still lie in Ecuador of his career. At the moment, is already an undisputed in the plans of national coach Vicente del Bosque. The goal of the Red is still owned by Iker Casillas, with fighting for the title of best Spanish keeper. Let's wait a while to see if Valdés fulfills his dream and just under the best defending team in the world. (via Marca.com)

[Youth] Barca knocks the young Joel Valencia

he young player of 17 years is being followed by Barça scouts who have considered his talent to make landfall in La Masia.

As reported by 'El Periódico de Aragón', FC Barcelona has pulled their nets on Real Zaragoza midfielder, Joel Valencia.

Its exquisite individual technique and projection fit perfectly with the criteria that are marked from the bottom and you could be starting to bring contacts from Zaragoza.

However, the whole hand is not the work to get rid of one of the best players from the youth with whom they have had in recent years and that is international with the lower echelons of the Spanish team. (via SPORT)

Oscar Grau T, in the museum

ne of the historical section handball, Oscar Grau, has DGD his first Barca shirt at the Museum of FC Barcelona. With the number removed in Palau, Grau thanked the Club to have representation in their cases also.

Accompanied by the manager of the handball section, Eduard Coll, and two other former players also with T withdrawal, Enric Masip and Xavi O'Callaghan, Oscar Grau and his family visited the Museum of FC Barcelona, ​​where they enjoy Camp Nou Experience and new windows, which displays the trophies.

With explanations of the director of the Museum Barcelona, ​​Jordi Penas, the procession came to the window of the handball section, where a representation of the most important titles and where there are already exposed the shirt of another historical, Enric Masip. After a lifetime in the club sports and 27 titles under his belt, the manager Eduard Grau told Coll that this shirt is a symbol for all children and Barca fans see that Oscar Grau has done something great for the Club " .

"A pride for FC Barcelona since childhood"

The shirt, with the number 2 retired in Palau, is worn by Oscar Grau his first season at the club. "It's an honor for someone who has been culé since childhood, your shirt is in the museum, which can come with my children and see," said former Barca player, thanked the Club for this initiative.

Oscar Grau, T-shirt who gave the museum has a special detail. "I had the logo of the candidature of Barcelona 92, which carry only one year, until October 1986 when he won the Olympics to the city. Now as managing director of Barcelona's bid Pyrénées 2022, has a more emotional attachment" said the former Barca player. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Abidal is discharged from hospital

The FC Barcelona has announced that Eric Abidal is already resting quietly at home after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor in the liver. As reported by the club's medical services, there has been no problem in the postoperative period and the side could be discharged last night.

Thus, it fulfilled the expected recovery period and is expected in four weeks to physical exercise, then join the group dynamics. (via MD)