24 March 2011

The referee for the Villarreal-Barça, designated

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) on Thursday announced the referees appointed to the thirtieth day of First, that most of the clubs that are part of the Professional Football League (LFP) wants to stay the first weekend in April.

The main objective of the position of the LFP is to end the requirement that it issue all weekend in a game open.

On Wednesday, Espanyol, Villarreal, Real Zaragoza, Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad Sevilla filed a claim for civil proceedings in the courts of Madrid, in challenging the suspension of the thirtieth day of the Premier League agreed to by the LFP on 11 February.

The lawsuit also requested the adoption of certain preventive measures to the dispute of that day as scheduled in the current calendar, April 2, or at least the six club matches applicants to report Sevilla and Villarreal in their respective websites.

According to the designations, the Andalusian Rafael Ramirez Dominguez Villarreal-Barcelona lead the Castilian-Leonese and José Luis González-González Real Madrid-Sporting. (via SPORT)

Referee for the 30th. First day:

Sevilla-Zaragoza Iglesias Ignacio Villanueva (C. Gallego)
Getafe-Valencia Delgado Ferreiro (C. Basque)
Villarreal-Barcelona Ramírez Domínguez (C. Andaluz)
Almeria Athletic Mateu Lahoz (C. Valenciano)
Real Madrid-Sporting González González (C.Castellano-Leon)
Osasuna-At. Borbalán Fernández Madrid (C. Andaluz)
Hercules Real Sociedad-Velasco Carballo (C. Madrid)
Espanyol-Racing Undiano Mallenco (C. Navarro)
Levante Málaga Iturralde Gonzalez (Basque C.)
Deportivo-Mallorca Vitienes Teixeira JA (C. Cantabria)

Referees for the 32nd. Second day:

Gimnastic-Tenerife Cerro Grande (C. Madrid)
Huesca-Córdoba López Lesmo (C. Madrid)
Torres Miranda Alcorcón vs Numancia (C. Catalan)
Villarreal B-Barcelona B Valdés Aller (C. Castilian-Leonese)
Jaime Cartagena Latre Granada (C. Aragonés)
Recreativo-Xerez Amoedo Chas (C. Gallego)
Betis-Celta Gil Manzano (C. Extremadura)
Valladolid-Ray V. Pineiro Crespo (C. Asturian)
Oscoz Sagués Salamanca Albacete (C. Basque)
Lopez-Girona Ponferradina Ontanaya (C. Castilian-Manchego)
Las Palmas-Elche Pino Zamorano (C. Castilian-Manchego).

Barça present and future

The successes, gambling and human quality of the first team have led the Club to shield the cracks of the best team in the world for the coming seasons.

When things work to care for and maintain. The club knows this and is doing homework to continue the best team in the world. And is that with the renewal of Dani Alves block team week after week and dreaming about enjoying your hobby is shielded at least for the next three seasons.

Seven men until 2015 and until 2016 Messi

With Dani Alves and there are seven first team players under contract until 2015. This is the very Brazilian, Iniesta, Piqué, Pedro, Bojan, Sergio Busquets and Afellay. For the best player in the world, the Barca fans have magic and talent for a while. And is that the names of Leo Messi and FC Barcelona will be linked at least five years since the Argentine has a contract until 2016.

Renewable contracts

If Barça be very proud, play in it is priceless. The players know it and therefore its future priority is to continue writing the history pages of Barcelona. Thus, the majority of contracts ending in 2013, is the case with Puyol and Maxwell, and in 2014, such as Xavi, Villa, Keita and Adriano, provide the possibility to extend in a season or two contractual longevity.

Four renewals and two-way

Busquets, Bojan, Keita and Dani Alves are players who this year have gone by Sandro Rosell's office to sign the renewal. On the agenda of the technical and the President still have two names. Abidal (contract until 2012) and Pinto (contract until 2011) will be the next to review its relationship with the Club.

And Guardiola, year after year

If the continuity of the block of the equipment is guaranteed for the next few years, de Guardiola of time is guaranteed for next season 2011/12. And is that Santpedor has chosen to review annually the relationship that binds him to the Institution. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Back to work with Adriano

The few players who have Guardiola has returned to work Wednesday after enjoying a holiday. In the session held in conjunction with the branch was Hadrian, who in recent days has made the recovery work.

Who no longer participated in this training has been Dani Alves , who after signing on Wednesday to renew until 2015 will be incorporated with the Brazilian national team to compete in Sunday's friendly against Scotland in London. Without the Brazilian, but Pep Guardiola has benefited from Adriano , who has been trained on the grass of the field number 2 of the Sports City after a day working alone.

Given the frequent absences of the first team because of international commitments has become the meeting to do with Barça B. Thus the five players available - Pinto, Keita, Jeffren, Bojan and Adriano - besides Fontàs have been trained with the team of Luis Enrique .

For his part, Pedro, Puyol and Maxwell are still working to recover from their injuries.

Xavi surprise tribute

ADIDAS surprised at a photo session at FC Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernandez, during its one hundred games for the Spanish.

Parents and a brother of Xavi appeared by surprise in the photo shoot that made ADIDAS Blaugrana midfielder because of his hundred games of the Spanish national team player.

Also in attendance were some of his fellow national team like Villa, Silva, Marchena, Llorente and Cazorla. Neither coach Vicente del Bosque wanted to miss the moment and each and every one of them spent some beautiful words of Terrassa. (via SPORT)

Reference: http://www.sport.es

Messi plays more than ever

Messi is like wine, improves with age. Each passing season, the '10 'Barca scores the most goals, assists and gives more play more games. The data do not lie, Messi is the player with more minutes in the template.

In the courtyard of the school the child who always called him playing better in every game because everyone wanted to play with him. Lionel Messi has already grown up, but still has the same trend in FC Barcelona.

'10 'Barca has missed just two games of Copa bit "dangerous" as the way in Ceuta and back in Almeria , the Primera Liga match against Levante with Guardiola permission to extend the Christmas holidays and the two parties was injured after the last entry Ujfalusi .

Pedro and Keita have played many games as Lionel Messi, but far fewer minutes because the Argentine normally plays 90 minutes. Barca crack has emerged as starter in 36 games and only one has been replaced in the 5-0 against Betis rested 5 minutes. This means that Argentina is the player who has played the team: 3,487 minutes . Is behind with 3,386 minutes Alves , Iniesta with 3,344 or Piqué with 3,318 .

Messi hat-trick of the year playing 53 games over the completed 50 games last season and this season is on track to exceed these records. At this stage of the season had played 40 games in previous courses and instead builds up this season and 42 games . Messi is becoming increasingly tough and can play more and more. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Negotiations to renew Alves were broken for 24 hours

The renovation and improvement of Dani Alves contract was signed almost did not yesterday, despite the note that brought the FC Barcelona on Tuesday morning announcing that it had reached an agreement to stay tied to the club until 2015 and signing his new contract would be on Wednesday, from seven in the evening.

From there, everything seemed normal, but not, as missing for attaching small fringe on the new document, which reflects the amounts to be received by each of the seasons (tax included), money for the awards made, and a set of clauses, which still did not agree to both sides or three. We know that the final agreement took more than childbirth and not only for its length, but also by the problems that arose in every moment of the conversation.

We know that Joaquin Macanás was late into the early hours of Tuesday trying to close the resolution, which ultimately had to be postponed until yesterday (all morning and all afternoon) because the contract he had drafted the FC Barcelona was not in line with what had been discussed at previous meetings. In no time there were problems in money to receive annually, but on other issues, which apparently concerns the games played, premiums for goals and points but did not like the player.

At the end of the day, touching the evening, signed the peace pipe, and the company may be carried out with some delay and with much suspense. The side finished fringe player, especially for that Barca did not make a fool of myself putting off signing the player a few days, especially when it was Barca who announced Tuesday that Alves will sign his new contract. (via SPORT)

De Vrij is left wanting for Barca

One of the rising stars of Dutch football dreams of playing for Barca. He's 19, plays for Feyenoord and is called Stefan De Vrij.

"My dream is to play for Barcelona. At some point in my career I want to play there," said the player, according to the website 'Intergoles'.

Despite interest from English clubs like Arsenal, the young defender he explained that "it would be best to go to Spain or Germany. In these countries, football is more elaborate than in the Premiership."

De Vrij Central plays at Feyenoord, where in just two seasons has established himself as one of the most promising defenses in the Netherlands. (via SPORT)

One step closer to unemployment

The day 30 is in the air, the Government appeals for dialogue and the chaos has taken over the LFP.

The league day scheduled for April 2-3 is a step of officially suspended. Far from occur Traditional approach postures latest hour the patronal footballing-with internal dissidence included-warns there reverse and that journey 30 must rethink again. Deportivo president Augusto Cesar Lendoiro, was the most eloquent. "It seems that people do not take it seriously, but I bet that will happen."

In recent hours onstage no has moved one apex. The Football League continues its agenda and the various messages that have moved from their various meetings indicate that the lockout commitment voted and approved at the February 11 will be held with absolute normality. Today hold a further summit LFP and despite that the topic contained in agenda is understood to be boarded.

The main problem is that the different actors of the conflict have not changed their position. From football bosses reiterates the requirement to eliminate the mandatory weekly open game from 2015. In contrast, from the Secretary of State for Sport, Jaime Lissavetzky, has been limited to "seek wisdom", "offer dialogue" and remember that just a year ago a law was passed in which no visual appeal to the elimination of party in open day. Lendoiro dared quantify economic losses issuance match open figure ranging between 200 and 250 million euros.

La main novelty has emerged from within League Fútbol Profesional where six clubs First Division-Sevilla, Villarreal, Athletic, Real Sociedad, Zaragoza and Espanyol-have rebelled before itself patronal and have shown totally opposite lockout in next Matchday. Espanyol CEO, Joan Collet, attacked vigorously against the measure. "Disagree with this strike and if a judge tells us is legal, we'll open the bowling." Several media reported that these clubs are in a position to challenge before a judge on the day lockout 30. They have also expressed their intention to go to the LFP and the Spanish Football Federation to demand arbitration and confirm appointment date and time for the dispute with absolute normality of their league games.

To complete the circle of warnings and threats, Lissavetzky, in the pre-election act, completely discredited the claims of most clubs in the LFP. "We've done everything that was in our hands and now this comes as a belated request, if not even a year has passed the approval of the audiovisual law. Can not be addressed by force a change in the situation. "

If discussion suppression match open weekly unleashed thousand and debates disorderly calendar garter 2010-11 generates much or more polemic. The simple shift would lead to endless hours planning problems in a few clubs that take months to concerted movement, transportation and hotels agreed.

Today the football strike continues. The core of the LFP, with the big clubs at the top, has no intention of backtracking and from government bodies is only appealing to reason and dialogue. The 30-time all eyes looking for danger and how they affect the possible schedule changes. The scope for agreement and is minimal.

A 'lock out' with unpredictable consequences

Whether running League one weeks by transferring Week 30 to final seasonal calendar competitive in store all situations of curious. Both alternatives are on the table of negotiation and is expected to open a new LFP internal debate to propose a solution to the championship in the case of a successful lockout 2 and 3 April. The solution of running the day, without changing the order of matches seems to have more followers despite the obvious problems of infrastructure for the clubs. In this case, as expected Barça-Madrid duels acquire a new dimension. The classic would be the first Cup final at the Mestalla as the league clash at the Bernabeu would be accompanied by morbid always the champion hall butler. Almost nothing. The second option, to convert the 30 on the last day of the championship, it also raises all sorts of suspicions. More than one since has dared to pass such a change would talk about handling and give rise to all sorts of demands. (via SPORT)

Bojan: "I am here because Guardiola count on me"

Although much has been said that Bojan would not continue next season, he is clear, wants to continue and succeed at Barca.

Bojan came against Getafe at 100 league games, the youngest after Raul (Real Madrid), Etxeberria (Real Sociedad and Athletic) - without question, true to his speech at every practice and every time you have the opportunity to continue to honor Blaugrana shirt. Now that you've done great and, as such, has supporters and detractors, still clinging to a goal as his best argument. Sanchez scored in the Pizjuán and against Getafe at the Camp Nou, the only way he knows to ask for continuity.

-Do they mean something the 100 league games for you?

It is important because to reach this figure as young reaffirms my confidence and expectations about me. I keep proving that I have to be at a club as big as this, which I hope to be many years.

-But the accumulated minutes do not correspond to that figure.

There have been moments of all kinds, in which I had minutes and others that are not. But during these four years, to participate more or less, is a value that have taught me many things in life. And this path that I had no one takes it from me. I'm happy about how it went and how I've taken everything.

-Did the first team too early?

I do not know if I arrived early. I came when I arrived because the time was one and the fate so willed it. I got prove that he had so much potential and I still have it and be the youngest to reach this figure means that everything has gone very fast. Is what we have and I am proud to have enjoyed every moment, good and bad, because thanks to the latter I can taste good.

-Do you play less than Rijkaard with Guardiola because he refused to go down to the subsidiary in its first year?

Do not think so much less. I have three years with him and if it had been told had not been with me from the beginning. There have been important and difficult moments in which he has told me. To this day I remain at the club and keeps telling me I can count on me.

--Are you angry with Guardiola?

By mister always be grateful for everything. In this life you must not only be grateful to people you do have fun, but in this case, although not that I do go bad or anything, it is true that when you do not play and you have minutes you're more sad , you are not so happy. And beyond these stages and these moments are values ​​that gives you life. Thank God I'm overcome with joy. I'm proud of how I passed.

Have you felt at some point that people are not taken seriously?

This year has been something ... has been a strange situation. It came from how I ended last season at a very high level, at a very important, and this year, whatever ... has been equally strange situations have given rise to it, but I know that life is never going to have everybody happy, and you assess everybody even if you do things right. Someone will always criticize you or tell you not to do things right. This year, in my case, was the first time that has doubted me, but it is law of life is football. It helps to appreciate many things to yours, which I appreciate. And do not be angry with the critics, but take the positive side.

-There were those who whistled at the Camp Nou. Did you see him right?

The theme of justice is very relative, I do not want to be thinking about whether a situation is fair or not, is there and understand it well. Just think of doing what I am asked, which are goals and help the team win. The whistles have been a difficult situation because I never had whistled at the Camp Nou. Even if a small area, I never had happened. I tasted this part of the profession. But it was not good for me always Stadium cheering. I also think this has gone well and that experience makes you taste the bitter pill to swallow, which I hope never again to taste.

-When you have not played to their usual level was not for lack of confidence?

I keep 20 years and I have four years, but there have been things that have come again and I struggled to understand, but I always try to take the positives negative. But it is true that I struggled a bit and clear that when a player does not play, and more than a striker, has no such confidence. No goal you are not comfortable.

-Do you think Pep is happy with you?

I think so, is what gives me. Yes there may be times when you are not happy because my performance was a little lower as it is, but always with the aim of wanting things to go well. In general, the coach knows that I always try to work and fight hard for the team and then they can do better or worse things. But attitude and delivery do not think I have no complaints.

-Are you a weak person mentally?

If it were not be where I am now. I have spent very complicated situations and people who can think to analyze and assess my situation if I am. If it was, had decided to take another easy way out, but I've always struggled to earn a place here.

-Inaki Saez said that if a regular jugase mark more than 30 goals a season.

Iñaki is very special to me, as Juan Santisteban and Ginés Meléndez. I got a lot to me as I lower selections. We were champions of Europe in the World Cup runners-up. They have good memories, I have worked since childhood, know what I can and I've always scored goals. Hence those words. Thank you, is that, after all, I appreciate.

-Do you feel just as loved here?

Yes, I go out and people stop me encourages me, tells me that I will never, I want ... I always receive positive messages. But obviously, before 100,000 people will be people who do not look the same. A case that has made me appreciate like football is to Benzema. In a cover page asking him to leave and now is proving to be a crack and a scorer. That gives me strength because I've scored goals throughout life and continue dialing.

-He has never considered leaving?

My goal is to focus on this season to the fullest, to do my best and we'll see. Last year the situation changed at the end and I stand by that. Fight in this regard, I want to stay here. When I go out major clubs shows that people appreciate me as a player, but I'm playing the best club in the world.

-So he stays.

My thought is to fight every day and prove once again that I have to be here and I can be, I have to play at this club. If tomorrow, and whatever I go, I'll see in due course. But it is not my intention, yes it is to succeed here and continue to demonstrate to people who doubt that I am important, I have the level to be here. At the end we'll see how everything ends.

Erik Lamela could go to FC Barcelona for 18 million

With the game just 12 impressed scouts from FC Barcelona. Today, at 19, his name will sound again at the Camp Nou. Erik Lamela River Plate could leave next summer, and several large pine for his move to Europe ...

Barca, Liverpool and Tottenham would be some teams that would have been interested by the young Argentine playmaker. River Plate accept transfer it for 18 million euros.

Barça probed the possibility of joining their football base in 2004, when Erik was still a child. Finally, the operation is not carried out. (via SPORT)

Cesc Barca only

FC Barcelona and Cesc Fabregas are bound to be sooner rather than later. If the Catalan midfielder's career was marked by successes and sweet moments at Arsenal may be more difficult than Arsène Wenger delayed his departure from the Emirates Stadium. However, the continuous failures of the team sports 'gunner', coupled with the yearning to return home from Cesc, makes the meeting between the player and his former club Barcelona in imminent. To this end, Fabregas (23 years) will have to bet big, like he did last summer by saying publicly that if he left Arsenal it would only return to Barça. So that statement of Catalan defused a possible bid, which the FC Barcelona want to avoid again next summer.

And is that the club is not for auction with clubs that discarded without shame and without complex book like Chelsea or Real Madrid. Both the club 'blue' as white and have started to wink at and even Cesc Arsenal, knowing that he assimilates the London institution that selling Cesc is irremediable.

In any event, the club expects that Cesc will stand and the player himself is clear that the only shirt you want to slip into when you stop being captain of Arsenal will be that of Barcelona. Club offers first class is not lacking, but what he really wants is a time to reconnect with friends Piqué, Puyol, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and co.

The blast from the fans who filled the Camp Nou in the Champions League final eliminator pitting Barca and Arsenal left something 'touched' midfielder Arenys. Not that you enter serious doubts about his intention to return to Barca, but it hurt to know that some of the fans FC Barcelona has not forgiven his departure to Arsenal when he was only 15 years. A hard decision at the time but she served in the elite parafoguearse very young and, over time, become, with only 23, one of the most sought after midfielders in the world. Something that perhaps the club would have achieved but which, he believes, would have cost much more given the quality of the players before him, including Xavi and Iniesta.

Now, having already established and with a clear conscience because she gave Arsenal some good years of football, he intends to return to the origins, Barca, so stay close with his family and close friends.

In the club nothing has moved since last summer. Pep Guardiola is considering Cesc priority and Sandro Rosell, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Andoni Zubizarreta and move to satisfy the desires of the technician. They know that Wenger is more 'burning' than ever with the club and not expect to easily put the handover of Fàbregas. However, rely on the player to make the technical strength and Alsace, finally, see in Fabregas over the person who the player and let him fulfill his dream of a time. (via MD)

Transfers and repurchase

Once established virtually the backbone of the template Barcelona for the coming seasons, the technical secretariat will face only a few minor adjustments during the long summer ahead. Pep Guardiola maintains its desire to work with templates that do not exceed twenty players, so that any new signings, such as Cesc, may force the departure of some players. Barca priority in their planning, transfers and repurchase agreements ahead of assignments, which in recent seasons have ended if bad operations.

Some of the players likely to come into a hypothetical transfer listed are players on whose future the club would prefer to retain some control. This would apply, for example, Jeffren or even Afellay (if any offers came succulent by the Dutch or enter into the Operation Cesc '), in addition to large group of players in the subsidiary which have extensive lists of interested clubs.

If necessary, the club would try to pass on the players 'B' to those who could not make a hole in the first team and that they were already too mature to stay in the Mini, but always including an option to buy. Policy assignments, such as signing players to sell them, has passed away after the experiences with Hleb, Henry Keirrison or, for those who have to negotiate every summer. A transfer with a repurchase option allows Barça win money, simply to monitor and, if there is a situation of need, get them back. These team players likely to come into a transfer option to buy would be Jonathan Soriano, Jonathan dos Santos and a comprehensive list of which, in principle, not part or Thiago Alcantara and Andreu Fontas, expected that they become part of the first team squad next season. Others, like Sergi Robert and Marc Bartra, it surely will, as Pep wants them nearby.

Each player is a case. Bojan, for example, has a long list of suitors. And as for Afellay, Guardiola has it, but if necessary that Arsenal had an interest in their services try to negotiate for inclusion in the operation Cesc. The English club and was interested in it not long ago. (via MD)

The more solidarity Eto'o

The Catalan artist he portrayed in his studio in Cameroon stands to his charisma and spontaneity.

Solidarity within and outside the field. Dealing goal assists and donating items to be auctioned by the Foundation. Here's Samuel Eto'o, a clear and straightforward type who never has not for anyone, nor hesitate this time to provide a collection of personal items to make possible the construction of area Laquintinie Pediatric Hospital in Douala (Cameroon) .

The more solidarity Eto'o made it possible for the last Thursday in Milan will collect 400,000 euros for the cause, at a gala in which were the owner and coach of Inter, Massimo Moratti and Leonardo, respectively, the model Esther Canadas, the Guillermo Amor former Blaugrana and almost all of the staff of the Italian champions, along with some players from rival city, Milan, and Seedorf and Inzaghi, and even Drogba from Chelsea.

Among the items auctioned was a Valentino Rossi helmet, t-shirts with Eto'o won the Champions League with Barcelona and Inter-shirts of his former teammates Xavi, Messi and Iniesta boots signed by the '10 'Blaugrana, Esther Canadas dress ... But above all, what caused most admired was a large portrait of Cameroonian footballer created by the Catalan artist Rita Martorell, who was bought for 20,000 euros by the Italian businessman Saverio Moschillo.

Martorell Rita had created a portrait of Eto'o in recent weeks in his studio, which moved the player to pose. Martorell has focused part of his work for years, in the portrayal of diverse characters, with emphasis on public figures who call attention "because of his personality, beyond their offices or positions." Pictures which always natural, after knowing the character and convince him to pose for her in order to "capture what really gives me." "De Eto'o always liked his spontaneity, although it may sometimes impulsive. But he has fought for his life and I consider exemplary, "says Rita Martorell, adding that the footballer had seemed" a very nice person and great charisma. " (via SPORT)

The 'glazos' by Victor Valdes

Beyond their remarkable technical qualities, the great virtue of Victor Valdes is the season to be exquisitely specific providential moments of games. And it's not an easy task but stop well short on a ship that dominates the party between 75 and 80% of the time. The rivals have just one or two clear chances on goal and that is when the target youth squad, usually bored, puts his reputation at stake. Paradon solemn and academics that become turning points in the script and that most of the time covered by the effective end of the front.

Are the other 'goals' that are also marked. Against Getafe last weekend, the Nou Camp saw the penultimate example. The score was undertaken (1-0) and Team Pep was displayed like any other day. However, the 'Geta' kickback was invented in the 34th minute by left Casquero, close-up, finished off a goal. Valdés avoiding stretched leg tie. The next time the team of Michel was not until 64 minutes and 2-0. A day earlier, in the Pizjuán, more of the same shot with a poisoned Navas prevented in 75 'the comeback of Sevilla (1-1).

Throughout this campaign and with one exception, the score has scratched the outstanding Valdés. Many years ago, no one disputes the ownership of a perfectionist goalkeeper spectacular one-on-one with an overwhelming sufficiency, excellent in the game with his feet and walked to his room Zamora (2005, 2009 and 2010). From September 1, 2002, the day of its debut in the league.

This campaign, up to 14 matches and two Champions League (not playing the Copa) can be found key interventions that could have changed the sign of the party. Getafe and Sevilla addition, some others recite it from memory because they are very cool: header that Ujfalusi (Atletico) at the Calderon 0-0 (1-2), shooting Depablos (Valencia) in the Stadium with 0-1 (2-1), that of Sinama (Zaragoza) also in the Nou Camp 1-0 (2-0) or the Callejón (Espanyol) at Cornell 0-2 (1-5) and may have emboldened parakeets. In Champions, the most memorable was that backlash Cissé at the stadium of Panathinaikos 0-0 (0-3). No wonder, then, that in the league has only conceded 2 goals and 5 Champions. (via MD)

Final summit to renew Pinto

Pinto will continue as the second of Victor Valdes. At least until 2012, although it could be two more years depending on the outcome of the summit that his agent, Juan Maraver will keep today's sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, at the offices of Camp Nou. Whether one or the other, the immediate future of goalkeeper Cadiz, 35, passes through the Barca goal. Pep Guardiola himself has spoken publicly in favor of its continuity.

The meeting will take place ten days after the possible in Seville, during the league match, and ultimately failed to be scheduled. The two sides hope to resolve differences quickly. There is an economic issue, have agreed to affirm both the MD as the player representative. Only time will assess the extent, but it looks to be another year. Pinto wants to stay. It is very comfortable in the club, feel loved by all and has proved to be a true keeper, "he told this newspaper. Maraver clarified that it is working on a draft contract. Signature is missing and little else. (via MD)

The French player of FC Barcelona is mulling the thank all the people that these days he has conveyed its support throughout the world. The honors to have "touched the hearts", according to statements by his agent, David Venditelli on "What have you Dinata?" COM Radio.

Venditelli also commented on the health of the Barca side, what's the moral good, although "we are awaiting the results of the biopsy to see if everything is fine." The representative added that currently are pending "health" beyond value "when you can return to play."

Although grateful for the gesture "smart" club, which offered automatic renewal for Abidal , the same representative said that "we prefer to await the results before discussing the extension of the contract." (via MD)

The possible signing for Barca Pastore is complicated

Javier Pastore is being a player in fashion in Italy and also in world football. Manchester United , City , Chelsea , Inter , Madrid ... and Barca are some of the destinations that sound like Flaco future. Barca follow the developments of the Italian but the operation is very complicated.

First by the Palermo. Maurizio Zamparini , president of the club up rosanero, wants to cash in on one of the most desired players. The Sicilian club's president is a great negotiator and is well marked strategy. In fact, is following the same script I used last season with Edinson Cavani , great scorer now Naples. He would not listen to offers in January, renewed in April and then spoke of an offer of 35 million before the World Cup. Finally he eventually sold the club Naples EUR 17 million.

The same is doing now. In January he steadfastly refused to pass a Pastore, renewed it when the January transfer window closed and now boasts a proposal on the table of 50 million euros. Open auction.

With your feet on the ground

Then there is the intention of the player. Pastore did not want to rush when making the leap to big. He knows he's young and has a lot of football ahead. The Argentine striker has always been. When I was in his native Cordoba Workshops chose to go first hurricane before a River Plate to take minutes. Just when he had to make the jump to Europe. His agent, Marcelo Simonyan acknowledged that Javier rejected a proposal from Manchester United to finally sign the Palermo because he wanted to play.

Now Hardy has in mind the same objective. Want to add to warm up matches before the bench. Know that only 21 years old and in no hurry to take hold in a top club.

Still, in "pole position" remains the club. Pastore dreams of playing alongside Messi at Barcelona, ​​but is aware that today in the Barca team is almost impossible to earn a place as a starter. So, be prepared to stay another year in Palermo to continue growing and reach the Camp Nou with more experience. But it depends on him, Zamparini probably will not have the same patience and want to pass it this summer. (via MD)