23 March 2011

Barça will play the Audi Cup with Milan, and Bayern International

Despite being at the crucial moment of the season in which they are in game three titles (League, Cup and Champions), and begin to give clues to the next grade football preseason.

Building year which is not Euro or World Cup contenders Barca Audi to complete a lineup of luxury on the 26th and 27th July. The Catalans will compete against Milan, and Bayern Internacional de Porto Alegre.

The Brazilian group has been the last set to confirm its participation after the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) were released from their competitive in Brazil to attend the prestigious tournament.

International leaders believe that this is a great opportunity to sell the brand of the club and have struggled to appear on the poster for the tournament three of the most prestigious in world football. (via SPORT)

[Youth] A high-flying cantera

In a weekend where they competed in Juvenil A, Cadete A and Alevín A at the balance sheet for the youth teams Barca was very favorable. In the thirteen games played, the teams Barca won 9, drew 3 and lost 1.

Terrassa A 0, FC Barcelona B 2

The guys from Sergi Barjuan and Marc Guitart took all three points in the field of Terrassa. A priori, the party was affordable for Barca, but Terrassa motivated and pushed out a lot to Barça. Al final, 0-2 on the scoreboard, Dongou both goals, one on 24 minutes the first time and another after 32 minutes of the second half.

FC Barcelona B 1, Gavà 1

Draw one in the match between the Cadete B and Gava, ranked first and second respectively. A result that did justice to what was seen in the field, where the two teams were very close. The Gavà ahead at minute 5 of the second half and shortly after his coach was ejected. Then David Zalzman took one of the many occasions that he had his team, including balls to stick, and made the tie.

Marianao Poblet 1, FC Barcelona A 6

The infantil A scored a new victory in the field of Marianao Poblet. Although a lot of pressure rival, Barça dominated the game and at half time and won by 0-4. In the second half, the game was more even, although the club continued to have many occasions that it took to establish the final 1-6. The scorers were Alex Meva day with a hat-trick, Sergi Canós, Paik and Roger Figueras.

FC Barcelona B 3, Damm 1

New guys win Denis Silva and Carlos Lopez. The Damm was ahead in the score and created some problems for the Catalans in the first quarter. Then trace the club knew the game, as it has done on several occasions this season Carles Aleñá and Dani Olmo scored the three goals that gave the victory to Barça. Worth mentioning the performance of Dani Olmo, who gave assistance in the first goal and was the author of two subsequent targets.

Mercantil 3, FC Barcelona B 4

The Alevín B won by 3-4 to Mercantil, although it was a party that did not quite meet the coach Xavier Bravo. Barca was able to transform it 2-0 against a 2-4, with goals from Jordi Mboula, Xavier Manrique, and Pol Muniesa, who was the author of two goals. At the end of the match, a penalty pushed up against the 3-4 on the scoreboard, which did not move until the final whistle.

FC Barcelona C 5, Catalònia 0

The Alevín A managed to make a hand against Catalonia, in a clear dominance Barca game. The guys Jordi Font and Francis Pérez were comfortable in the field of play and it showed on the scoreboard. Oriol Solina made the first goal of the game, and Víctor Gómez scored the second just before halftime. After the break, Sergio Medina and marked the third target, and in the fourth quarter, Demba and Alejandro Marcos left the 5-0 final score.

FC Barcelona D 6, San Ildefonso 0

New landslide victory of the boys Alex Gomez. Although the game against Ildefonso came into halftime scoreless, Barca match on track and in the third quarter, scoring twice, and sentenced at the end of the meeting, with four more goals. In the end, then 6-0 in the scoring with goals from Álex Calatrava, Víctor de Joaquín, Dani Molina, Labinot Kabashi and Guillem Verdague.

FC Barcelona A 6, L'Hospitalet 0

Barca match color. The guys from Marc Serra and David Sanchez and the rest by winning 4-0 with goals from Roger, Antonio, Nil Fabregó and Nil Garrido. In the last two quarters, the Catalans are relaxed a bit and only scored one more goal in each quarter, the fifth Ivan and sixth Adrià. In the end, a convincing 6 to 0 on the scoreboard.

Manresa 2, FC Barcelona B 1

Barca could not bend to Manresa, losing 2-1. The Manresa came forward only in the first quarter. Marcel Sans boys and Isaac Garcia did not suffer, but also created dangerous enough to get back on track game. After the break, Barça dominated the game, creating more chances to tie, and Nil Garrido scored the only goal Barca. But late in the game, a point of failure of Barca premises allowed the win. With this defeat, the fifth of the season, the Benjamin B loses the lead and is just one point behind leaders Manresa.

Espluguenc 2, FC Barcelona C 2

Benjamin C The match started well he ran in the final minutes complicated. The first quarter was color and Marc Aranda scored Barca 1-0. In the second and third quarters, the boys of Jordi Puig and Albert Puig struggled to master the game, but it was not until the fourth quarter that tied Espluguenc. Mamadou's goal became to advance to the Catalans, but in the final minute as the premises were tied again and the score remained in the final 2-2.

FC Barcelona A 2, Barceloneta 1

Cristian Catena and Oscar Hernandez boys took the stand against the Barceloneta by 2 to 1. The age difference between teams was noted especially in the first half when the visitors practiced a very direct football and generate problems for Barca, that fit the 0-1. After the break, however, the dynamics changed and the smallest in the Barça deployed a high standard of play was reflected on the scoreboard. In the fourth, Eric signed the tie and, at the last minute, Nadir signed the winning goal. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Two plants, one right fullback and Rossi, 2012 FC Barcelona goals

DNA is seeking reinforcements resulting Barca and good, beautiful and, above all, cheap..

Barça has put its machinery in motion with a view to next season. The list of names is extensive and is already feeling in the market players, in addition to having DNA blaugrana must meet the three B: good, nice and cheap, because the Catalans coffers are not to shoot rockets. For the moment, 45 are the millions who are prepared to try to increase the template quantity can be overcome eventually consume any transfer, which is unlikely.

It seems that there are several significant holes and priority is the club 2012 and hence you're looking for right side, two plants and a striker or attacking midfielder, but has to take into account that they all have to have Guardiola's approval and, of course, have to have that style so peculiar to have all the players who currently play in the team Barca.

The names, for now, are sealed because this new board, Vice President, Josep Maria Bartomeu to the head and Andoni Zubizarreta sports director over his back, used to take these issues on the sly. Come on, you just enter the fray to report things when they come to an end, as in the case of the renewal of Dani Alves, who was settled yesterday after several conversations he had held the Brazilian player with the president, Sandro Rosell.

Anyway, we can announce that the prototype front Guardiola most pleasing to the '9 'Villarreal Giuseppe Rossi, an Italian footballer, an American who by the way they move over the counter area has the ideal profile to succeed in the team Barca. The reports of this player are excellent, for both the sporting and human field is a guarantee of success. Barca 2012, no doubt, will also make sure a lot of trouble, even though the Real Madrid continue pulling the boat out. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Edu Oriol: the last winger reconverted in fullback

The absence of Montoya in the field of Huesca was determined by the coaching staff a position change Edu Oriol. The Cambrils had played all season but has been adapted right end without problems instead of '2 '

In the mid 60's, was an extreme Rifé Quimet fast striker who over the years, in the 70's, was converted into an effective lateral defense and offensive to many resources. Rife has gone down in history as one of the best Barça side of all time.

This is not the only point in the history of Barca has finished acting often lateral. The Argentine 'bull' Zuviría in the 70's and 80's, Jon Andoni Goikoetxea in the late 90's and even the Dutch Zenden have walked this way from the front to defend.

This metamorphosis football was spent in the Alcoraz Edu Oriol, the subsidiary winger in the field of Huesca significantly paid right back. Montoya, called by the first team could not play in Aragon and Luis Enrique surprised with a change of position hitherto unpublished.

In the second season in Barca B Edu Oriol has earned the trust of Luis Enrique who valued the work of Cambrils, "is a player who moves very well the spaces and that makes it different."

Tom acknowledges that he is at the moment of his career and attributes "of the trust is showing me the coach and the great atmosphere that prevails in the locker room, the ambition that all showed in the field is contagious," said the 24 years that this season has added 6 goals in 19 league matches. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Javier Espinosa: another Iniesta is cooked at La Masia

Javier Espinosa, manchego and Andrew (born in Talavera de la Reina) and belonging to the FC Barcelona youth system since age 13, is one of those special players that form in the sports city of Sant Joan Despi.

When we speak of Espinosa, we mean a skilled player and can act both as a midfielder, playmaker or interior, with the latter position that usually takes at FC Barcelona since arriving regularly. Noted for his powerful stride, good shot from the edge of the area, ability to partner with other players and easy to reach the goal, both as a playmaking assists as completed by himself. In the current FC Barcelona style could play in the position of Xavi or Iniesta, looking more like their football to the player manchego. In addition, Javier Espinosa is shown as a good free kick taker and penalties.

Born 19.09.1992, currently playing in the Junior A Blaugrana, which is true captain and team leader Oscar Garcia, who is just a few days to go, near the league title. Its current season is still that of his consecration, 10 goals and numerous assists endorse him. The outstanding role played in the youth has not gone unnoticed by Luis Enrique, who made his debut last year in the Second Division B and Division II this season. His debut came in Soria II a few weeks ago, against Numancia, in a match that ended 4-6 for the Blaugrana, scoring a decisive goal Espinosa. Neither has happened has been overlooked for their good work Pep Guardiola, who has called several times to complete training with the first team. The manchego admires Santpedor coach: "Pep corrects you many things, you learn a lot from him. From day one we have had very good treatment, I felt one in the first team. "

Formed in the lower categories of Talavera, arriving in Barcelona came after positive reports Benaiges Albert (now director of the School of Barcelona) and Garcia Pimienta (former player of FC Barcelona current coach of the Cadet A) to see him in a tournament he played with the selection of Castilla-La Mancha. On his departure from home so young, Javier Espinosa said that "leaving home at 13 was difficult, but the principle is the club puts many ways to make things easier. It is a sacrifice that I hope has a future reward. " The club has secured its continuity until 2014.

Espinosa is grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of Barca's youth: "Every kid today would be in a place like mine, is a very nice opportunity not to be missed. You have to work every day, is a dream that I meet. "

Within the first team, who are congenial with Iniesta best: "I have a special relationship with Andrew, because we both Mancha. Whenever I see is to embrace and care about me feel good when I train with the first team "

Espinosa has also been international U-17 and U 19 with the Spanish team, with whom he has played an under-17 world, the one held in 2009 in Nigeria.

Many see him as the new Iniesta in Spanish football. Bridging the gap, things like his game, comes way of being and have many similarities with Albacete. Time will tell if it or not. (via SPORT)

Two months without Puyol

Works to be against Villarreal, but the club does not give clues and refer to a cliché: "Its development will mark the availability for the upcoming matches"

Carles Puyol meets today two months without playing for Barcelona, ​​since he did against Racing in Camp Nou, and no news of when you can return to competition.
Puyol is still recovering from the vastus lateralis tendinitis in his left knee and low has become a headache for Pep Guardiola.

Carles Puyol played Jan. 22 game against Racing teaming with Abidal, who until now had become his natural replacement. At the end of the first half, stayed in the locker room and left in place Gerard Piqué.

It marked a comeback for the second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League at the Nou Camp against Arsenal after missing six games, the Cup against Almeria (5-0 and 0-3), the league before the Hercules (0-3), Athletic (3-0) and Sporting (1-1), and the Champions League against Arsenal (loss 2-1).

But the captain did not recover and Guardiola fielded Abidal and Sergio Busquets in central defense, while Puyol and Pique watched the match from the first row of the stands of Camp Nou.

Their hope is once again the next league match, in which the club will play Villarreal in the field, but no one in the Catalan club has no clue, since all the information that transcends from the entity is a hackneyed phrase: "Its development will mark the availability for the next games." (via Marca.com)

Alves: "It's a dream to be so many years at the club"

The agreement was formalized as the lateral attended by phone to a means of communication in his country.

The news of the day was made public while attending Dani Alves phone interview with Brazilian media 'Globoesporte.com'. When asked about the deal, the side did not know what to say, "has been published somewhere?" He asked, unaware that the club had already made it official.

But Brazilian defender was not difficult to recognize that reaching an agreement with Barca was the closest thing to a dream for any athlete, "from the moment fits perfectly into the club's playing style and that's great because it has a similar profile to me, "said the side before recognizing that" being so many years at the club is a dream, I'm playing in one of the world's most desired equipment and above are making history ", he was glad the player who spontaneously said that" I seize this moment of my career as long as possible. "

Once agreement is reached, Alves did not hide his state of happiness to be able to stay at least until 2015 in the Catalan club, "the most important thing is that I'm happy and I want to make the most of it is a privilege and a joy to be here very large, "he insisted to reporters in his country. At the end of the day, at the club playing alongside the best in the world and has had the opportunity to be right tandem with Leo Messi, "I hope to continue on the same line so far to keep people admiring my work" . As for his relationship with the Argentinian star, Daniel admitted that "an extraordinary relationship, we get along very well since I joined the club and our relationship was always positive, helped me in my adaptation to the club and I hope our friendship lasts many years because we understand so well in the field and off. "

On the other hand, wanted to remember his teammate Eric Abidal, "We lived a difficult situation in Sevilla I went through a more traumatic, with the death of Antonio Puerta, and not wish it on anyone. The most important thing is that Eric has strength, is one of the most admired players in the professional and how it is out of bounds. " (via SPORT)

Sandro Rosell receives Frank Rijkaard

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, today received a visit from Frank Rijkaard, who will be the coach of Sporting of Portugal if the candidate José Dias Ferreira wins the election the Lisbon club.

This meeting took place Tuesday afternoon in the office of president in the Offices of FC Barcelona. Frank Rijkaard has told the president Rosell is immersed in the campaign to Sporting Club de Portugal, with the help of José Dias Ferreira, who aspires to the presidency.

On this visit, Frank Rijkaard, who coached FC Barcelona from 2003 to 2008, has also spoken at the club with the president Sandro Rosell. Subsequently, the Dutch coach has shown his admiration for the playing style of all Pep Guardiola, his predecessor in office: "The first team is doing a spectacular football.'s Congratulations to all players, technical staff and partners Pep . The work they are doing is excellent. "

Rijkaard believes that the club can claim the treble, but has recommended caution: "If a team in Europe who can re-do this year, that is to Guardiola. But they must go game by game. If we think too easily that can do is when they can anticipate problems. But I am convinced that from the coach until the last player, are aware of it. "

Days ago, the president received a formal visit Rosell Pedro Baltazar, also opts for president of the Sporting of Portugal and wanted to learn about the operation of FC Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[OFFICIAL] Alves to stay until 2015

FC Barcelona is pleased to announce an agreement with Dani Alves to extend his contract with the club for another three seasons, until June 30, 2015.

The document will be signed on Wednesday at around 19.00. There will then be a photograph session open to the media by the doors to the FC Barcelona offices.

“The news we were all hoping for”

Sports director Andoni Zubizarreta spoke about Alves’ new deal thus: “This is the news we were all hoping for, both the club and player. The negotiations were long but never tense and his performances on the pitch have been as good as ever. We have taken our time and we can finally announce that we have achieved the objective we set out to achieve”.

Zubi explained that “the contract will be until June 2015. We are convinced that Dani is able to stay on and that he is fit enough. We are all happy with him. We have found the balancing point between the years and the figures and so we were able to close the renewal deal to all of our satisfactions”.

Unique full back

“We always say that Barça has a very defined style and way of playing. Our philosophy has always been to go first for local talent, and also that any players that come from outside have to be able to make us ever better. Dani is a clear example of that.” The Basque had no end of praise for the Brazilian: “Alves is a different kind of player, he brings us a special dynamic, physique, ability to move up, developed skills … but most of all it’s the way he can change a game. He plays with an intensity that has nothing to do with tactics but is more about spirit. Alves had everything. We have looked at the market and there is nobody like him, he’s unique in his position”.

Now on to Pinto and Abidal

To end, Zubizarreta said that “one of our aims was to close this deal before the end of the season … Now we need to to settle terms with Pinto, but most of all, getting Abidal back for the final would be the best spring signing we could make. We want to plan sporting issues as calmly as we possibly can”. (via FCBarcelona.com)