22 March 2011

Iniesta on doping, "Do not think about who is behind"

"I'm fine where I am and hopefully I can stay for many years," said the Barcelona International manchego during the discovery of her statue in the Wax Museum.

Andres Iniesta , international player of FC Barcelona , has described as "very serious" allegations of doping against Barca , but has not wanted to refer to the possibility that Real Madrid is behind them.

" It's very serious, what we like to play, make things right, everything else is pretty " said Iniesta, introducing the figure in the Wax Museum of Madrid.

The Fuentealbilla avoided referring to the eternal rival, after it was unveiled in the press that Real Madrid had requested that more doping controls, "Do not think about who is behind or who do not."

"They're ugly things and more in the world of sport and football, I think I would go with a little more care," added the player of FC Barcelona.

Moreover, Iniesta said he did not know how is the question of the possible suspension of the next game of the season, recognizing that in this case is "offside."

Thus, also commented on the possibility that the Real Madrid forward to Friday his match against Sporting Gijon on the eve of the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Iniesta would not assess the possibility that both teams will see the faces in the semifinals of the European competition , which would mean two direct duels. "Let's see what happens, first we have games before, then the Bernabeu and also a Champions League qualifying , "he said.

Finally, the player, very "proud" that the fans you have chosen to be part of the museum , said she loves her figure is in Madrid, but he does not intend to move to Barcelona . "I'm fine where I am and hopefully I can stay many years," he said. (via AS)

Joint session with the subsidiary

The six first team players who have not joined their teams have trained together with Barça B. Barça rest on Wednesday.

Tuesday in Sant Joan Despi has not produced a family of Barca training because players do not enter their selections or they will later have exercised jointly with the subsidiary . Have jumped to the grass the same as on Monday: Pinto, Alves, Fontàs, Keita, Jeffren and Bojan .

Adriano has continued to work in the gym , while Pedro, Maxwell and Puyol continue their recovery process .

Thus, the session has been conducted in field number 2 of the Ciudad Deportiva by Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique . It is recalled that the Second Division is not stopped by the international commitments and that the Barça B on Saturday will receive 20 hours of Alcorcón.

The first team, meanwhile, will rest on Wednesday and will resume business on Thursday at 11 am to carry out the training week before last. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

On Thursday, inauguration of XICS Carmel and Environment

Sandro Rosell i Jordi Hereu chair on Thursday the opening of XICS Caramel and Environment, the first center of the city of the 'International Network of Solidarity Centers for Education and Sport', driven by the FC Barcelona Foundation.

On Thursday 24 March at 12.30 am in the Institute Carved Ferran (Gran Vista, 54), the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, and the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Hereu, will preside over the opening XICS downtown Caramel and Environment, the first of the 'International Network of Solidarity Centers for Education and Sport' in the city of Barcelona ¨, driven by the FC Barcelona Foundation.

The ceremony was also attended by the vice president of FC Barcelona Foundation and member of the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona, ​​Ramon Pont, the Right Honourable Josep Lluís Cleries, director of the Department of Social Welfare and Family, the Councillor for Education and Vice President Education Consortium of Barcelona, ​​Montserrat Ballarin, director of social action area of ​​the Social Work Foundation 'La Caixa', Xavier Bertolín, and other representatives of local authorities.

The XICS Caramel and Environment, is driven by the FC Barcelona Foundation in collaboration with the City of Barcelona, ​​Department of Social Welfare and Family (Generalitat de Catalunya) and Obra Social "la Caixa". The center can accommodate about 75 boys and girls, ages 10 and 16 years, social status or personal vulnerability, and offers extracurricular activities such as tutoring, sports activities and psychosocial care. Seiniciaron center activities in late 2010.

XICS Centers are an initiative of the Foundation FC Barcelona currently has a network of thirteen facilities of its kind in different countries in order to provide vulnerable children in social or personal psychosocial support and access to sport and leisure. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Falcon Travel start operating in April

Falcon Travel start operating as a new official travel agency for FC Barcelona from April, after completing the transfer process with RACC Travel. His first posting will be in Villarreal, the weekend of 2 and 3 April.

In parallel, Falcon Travel has launched the whole operation with a view to the final of the Copa del Rey to be held in Valencia on 20 April. Members and fans who are interested in this move can make reservations at any office or Viajes Halcon Viajes Ecuador de Catalunya, or by calling 93 300 64 63-93 300 90 92-93 300 48 73 .

Will be possible to move to Valencia by bus for 30 euros per person departing from Madrid, Girona and Lleida. In the case of from Tarragona price is 20 euros per person. A price that includes round-trip travel on the day of the final breakfast, travel insurance, an escort agency official in each of the coaches and some gifts.

In the case of choosing to train movement, Falcon Travel offers it on a train chartered by 95 euros per person in economy class and 135 euros in business class. In this case the only exit from Barcelona. The price includes round-trip travel on the day of the final breakfast, travel insurance, the presence of companions agency officials and some gifts.

With this proposal Falcon Travel and FC Barcelona are launching a joint strategy to ensure significant savings in travel, to make them available to everyone, guaranteed fixed price of 120 euros for members, 160 for club members and 250 for other fans in the flights of the first team in the league and Cup

The will of this agreement is that the members, supporters and club members have more presence in the areas you visit your computer and convert the displacement into an act of Barcelona, ​​also in the case of the sections. It also works well for the club members come from outside of Catalonia to the stadium to support their team with the best conditions for transport, accommodation and entry.

All this, with a vocation to close, thanks to more than 1,400 travel agencies Falcon Travel is in Spain, 146 of them in Catalunya. Bear in mind that, in addition, FC Barcelona partners can benefit from the advantages Falcon Travel offers for trips and family holidays, with maximum discounts and credit facilities.

Messi earns more than anyone else: 31 million euro

Lionel Messi was in 2010, for the second consecutive year, the highest-paid player in the world with 31 million euros of income for wages, bonuses and other items, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo, according to the classification published today by the French magazine 'France Football'.

The Barcelona player pocketed 10 million euros by the salary you pay your club, one more for premiums and $ 20 million in endorsement contracts and other financial transactions, the newspaper said.

Ronaldo reached 27.5 million, which placed him second consecutive year in the second position of the table, with 13 million salary that Real Madrid paid € 500,000 bonus and 14 different advertising contracts.

The third classification is the English Manchester United Wayne Rooney, with 20.7 million in revenue divided by 13.2 million salary, € 500,000 bonus and $ 7 million for advertising.

Kaka (19.3 million), David Beckham (19 million), Ronaldinho (18.3 million), Carlos Tevez (15.4 million) and Frank Lampard (14.2 million) complete the top eight places.

Next in the ranking the former Barcelona Yaya Toure (13.8 million) and Thierry Henry (13.2 million).

Spanish Fernando Torres is the best paid, with 14 million euros over 8 million salary, 800,000 euros and 5.2 million premium advertising.

The following classification Spanish, Carles Puyol, who pocketed 11.4 million, 8.5 million salary, 1.4 million bonus and $ 1.5 million of advertising contracts. (via Marca.com)

[Barça B] Endorse Fontàs

With Puyol still no date for return to the team and Abidal low for the remainder of the season, the club faces the crucial stage of the season with only three first-team power: Piqué, Milito and Sergio Busquets converted, plus a booster of filial Andreu Fontàs.

Of the four, a priori Pique and Sergio Busquets is emerging as a partner in the eleventh gala, but both Gabi Milito as Fontàs should be prepared when Guardiola should draw on them in the month of April madness to come. In the dressing room, both the technician and his colleagues support the arrival of the first team Fontàs youth squad as a replacement for Abidal. "Fontàs is more than ready. He has starred in an excellent progression.'s A player with great ductility that can play center and pivot. We have used it in the Champions League and the League and has always responded very well," explained Guardiola Fontàs on the eve of Saturday's clash against Getafe.

Guardiola is not the only one who has faith in Fontàs. Gerard Piqué, the current model of the defense Barca to the absence of Puyol and Abidal, also supports the arrival of Fontàs. "Obviously Fontàs not have the experience of Jamie, but it is a good player and his head is well furnished.'m Sure you will do very well," Pique said.

For his part, Dani Alves to obscure the fact that so far has had little first-team matches, as it has been featured with the reserves in the second division. "Despite not having a lot of continuity is working very well. A part of quality also have experience," said the Brazilian side. "In Fontàs highlight the desire to succeed that is, is very ambitious," stresses.

Mascherano it is prepared

Javier Mascherano, in addition to his compatriot Gabi Milito, has faith in Fontàs. "Andrew is also a very important player. He and Gabi are two of the four players we have in the team and that means from now on are important between now and the season is over," the 'jefecito'. Also Adriano, who has been gaining space on Barca behind as the season has progressed, believe in team players. "It has been demonstrated in a game that can play to perfection on defense," said. (via MD)

Dilemma Neymar for Guardiola

The FC Barcelona still has long Neymar da Silva (19 years), the last major appearance in Brazilian football and a forward in which many followers of the 'canarinhá see a clone of Robinho and others, even at an Pele future. It helps, in addition to his class, the fact of belonging to Santos, the club where he made ​​his career 'O Rei'. Today, Neymar is only a project of crack, a promise with very good press and has already left flashes of a technique and an ability to balance available to very few. Now it's time for a major European club bet on it, before you forward a competitor in weight. FC Barcelona, ​​who are looking forward to next season , is among the clubs that still has long Neymar and now comes the moment of truth: to bet or not the crack of the Saints because, apparently, leave his country this summer to Europe.

Conditions not missing the number 7 of Santos. While not a physical prodigy, at 19 years you have years of growth both in stature and in muscles. In any case, what is beyond doubt is that is a different player. You can play the whole front of attack and excels at dribbling, overflow and definition to the goalkeeper. In the Brazilian championship has proved to be one of those players that go over the technical merits . In the country of artists like no upsets. Break waists with little effort and such is his speed and confidence that sometimes waiting for a defense that seeks to re-sit. Front of the goalkeeper is also a spectacle. Dribble and shoot with his right and left, and gives both define class and placed with the inside foot as shooting break. That is the face of Neymar. The cross is so good that it is sometimes believed beyond good and evil . We know the real crack of the team and treat others with sufficiency. Even he has rebelled against a coach, leaving the technical unfavorably because the Saints are clear that they must go along with his "pearl", a player who hope to get many millions of euros.

Barca, as in many other cases, can not go to any auction or bidding for a player. If he is going to be because the player is firmly committed to the Catalan club, refusing to go anywhere else. And above all, what has to happen is that Guardiola gives the OK for his signing . Pep always values ​​the artists (Robinho was reached last summer), but more value there is a good atmosphere in the locker room. That, with Neymar, is unknown.

Valentine Buenos reports

All would depend on how to address a hypothetical arrival at Camp Nou in Ibra plan (with lots of smoke, which would rule out) or Mascherano plan (with all the humility of the world, which would help). Whatever happens, Albert Valentine, head of scouting Barca have your name entered in your calendar in red. Already knew, but when she saw him out at the last South American Under-20 (nine goals) and eventually to become convinced. But it does not require or choose to only bring their reports. Barca must decide: Neymar costs about 30 million but the Catalan club has mechanisms to lower the price. (via MD)

Cesc press harder than ever

At nearly 24 years, Catalan believed it was time to make the return trip. Want to go home.

Cesc Fabregas believes that his time at Arsenal is over, despite having a contract with the Gunners until June 2015. His desire is to return to Catalonia, his house, and to slip into the tee shirt that began to emerge: that of FC Barcelona. And does not trust his coach, Arsène Wenger, or its repeated promises to build a team that aspires to win everything. Longs for a change and want to make it happen this summer. Will do everything in their power to leave the Emirates and land at the Camp Nou.

With the present are now eight seasons at Arsenal, whom he joined in 2003, just when Joan Laporta became president of FC Barcelona and in the state ruled a power vacuum. Cesc, since then, has progressed dramatically. London gave final passage to devote. The proof of this is that, over time, has become a local hero, a distinction that has led him to the captaincy.

But now that Cesc has made a name in world football, wants to taste the sweetness of victory. Titles wants to extend the meager record that has been achieved in the Arsenal Community Shield (2004) and FA Cup (2005). Think more about them than the money you can win ...

For Wenger it has no credit. Always been convinced to stay, do not listen to siren calls for him because it will be a championship team. But the reality, year after year, is the same: the projects are left at that, projects. And the titles do not arrive.

This season is no exception unless things change in the Premiership, where Arsenal is second to 5 points behind Manchester United, albeit with a game in hand. But the Gunners have been fired from the Champions League, FA Cup and Carling.

Cesc, who received good news yesterday and was able to start running to get past the injury suffered, was given this season to clear doubts, to believe in the words of Wenger, but the reality is still that of a year. Tired of the titles do not arrive, determined to make his way back after eight years 'immigrate'.

In this sense, the player expected to coach Frenchman to keep his word and as he said last season, will open the exit door of the Arsenal, where he believes he has already peaked. Understands that it is now when you should make the decision. At 23 years, very close to 24 (the will on 4 May), is in the prime of his career and is hoping to prove just as wearing the shirt of FC Barcelona.

The player also knows that FC Barcelona will not reach 50 million euros to start asking for giving Arsenal a free agent, but he also knows that the player will always prevail when he has just encountered this type situations. This time the machine would force more after giving the 'year of grace "that he asked the coach in the summer of 2010. (via SPORT)

Log in Pep plans
Cesc knows that landing the next season at FC Barcelona, ​​would do with the approval of the coach, Pep Guardiola, who has already committed to the organization until June 2012. He also knows that would not suit the style of team play because, in addition to practice with the selection, knoweth those who were his new teammates. Some have agreed with the lower divisions ... The Arenys, formed in the quarry, is one of those players with DNA Barca players trying the ball well, are committed and believe in the collective.

The best present for Abidal

Eric Abidal was Monday's visit Andoni Zubizarreta, who came to the clinic with a good gift under arms.

Gradually, Eric Abidal will receive the visit of more people, including people from FC Barcelona. On Monday at noon has been the athletic director, Andoni Zubizarreta, who has presented at the Hospital Clínic and for about five minutes has been in the room of the French player.

And Zubizarreta was the Clinic with a gift that is sure to have done enough Abidal illusion: the video of the match against Getafe. In addition to watch the match, Barcelona defender can see the many displays of affection from both their peers and the fans, who could be seen in the Camp Nou on Saturday night. After leaving the hospital, Zubi said he saw the defense well and sent him all the affection of the club.

Moreover, the website of FC Barcelona has confirmed that the sale of T-Eric Abidal has increased significantly since it became known the bad news of his tumor. No specific date has been set, but it is insisted that his shirts are sold more and more fans call the number 22 and stamping the name of the French on their shirts. (via SPORT)

Leo Messi: 20,000 miles to play two 'bowling'

Barcelona to New York and New York to Costa Rica. Then, in Central America, the United States again and then to Barcelona. Almost nothing.

If all international matches are inconvenient from the standpoint of the interests of the clubs, what will happen from today to three players from FC Barcelona goes beyond the 'inappropriateness'.

One thing is that the players selected with their respective teams will play official games classification, either for the European Championship or World Cup, but quite another to take advantage of these dates reserved by FIFA for national associations 'squeeze' a making the players play friendly matches in different corners of the globe.

That is what will make the AFA, the Argentina Football Association, which not think anything should be removed from the sleeve two friendlies, one in New York and one in Costa Rica. Yes, yes, you read very well, New York and Costa Rica. Obviously these meetings have nothing to do with preparing the selection ahead of Argentina's Copa America this year, what exactly takes place in Argentina. For that, it would have sufficed to make a concentration in Buenos Aires or even schedule these friendlies in any European city, as virtually all international albiceleste play on the old continent.

This is simply to make money, and much, signing contracts without regard to the great figures of Argentina (Messi, Di Maria, etc.) are at this stage of the season being played all the titles with their respective teams.

No kidding. Leo Messi, Javier Mascherano and Gaby Milito, leave this morning from Barcelona to take a very long journey, taking into account that we are at the end of March, does not make sense.

Three Barça players traveling back to live from El Prat Airport New York-Newark, will they go after little more than eight hours. After landing in the United States will be available to the AFA.

Messi and his colleagues will fly unaccompanied, as usual, by the trainer Juanjo Brau and recovery, which will ensure good physical health of the Catalans, especially from Messi, who 'watch' since I was practically in the subsidiary.

Argentina will face the United States next Saturday in New Jersey and he finished the meeting (start at one o'clock in the morning GMT), a charter flight chartered by the AFA will head to San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America, where Argentina will face the national team on Tuesday, June 29.

The great physical beating Messi, Mascherano and Milito will return to Europe, because from the Central American country will have to fly back to America to make a connection, this time in the Olympic city of Atlanta and from there take a direct flight to Barcelona . The tour will end on Thursday the 31, only forty-eight hours that the club is measured at Villarreal. In total, they have gone under his belt to the tune of 20,000 miles, halfway around the world. And have spent over 27 hours stuck in an airplane.

Therefore, Guardiola can only train a day with Messi, Milito and Mascherano. And thank goodness that the Barca team will travel to Villarreal the same party. (via SPORT)

Puyol will be in the final rush

Many weeks of solo work of the master to overcome tendinitis in his left knee.

Carles Puyol expects to be ready for the 'rush' end of the season, when they decide the titles. The Blaugrana captain will step up its work this week in order to be able to join training with the rest of the group when the template is back in full after the break motivated by the selections. His desire is to return to the team for the match against Villarreal and if not, play and the first leg of the quarterfinals against Shakhtar Donetsk.

Since he was injured on 18 January, the fall in the match against Racing Santander, Puyol has been working hard to overcome in the vastus lateralis tendinitis in his left knee. It seemed that his return to the team could take place shortly before the tie against Arsenal but in the days before the training session prior to the clash against Zaragoza suffered a relapse again postpone the date of his return.

Now, the central intention of Barcelona is to increase the workload in the coming days, while the bulk of the staff serving the international commitments of the selections, it seems that developments in their discomfort is very positive. The aim is not to bring about a new setback, be tested on Wednesday, March 30, when Josep Guardiola will be available to all players and will hold the first training with all staff.

If all goes as expected by the player, technicians and doctors, Puyol then incorporate the discipline of team training and for responding positively to the efforts Josep Guardiola would assess the possibility that the central de La Pobla de Segur came into the squad for the match against Villarreal in El Madrigal and even that is the holder to take minutes if the feelings were very positive and felt a hundred percent.

If Barça defender advised caution and doctors to slow down, the date for the return would be the clash of the Champions League against Shakhtar Donetsk on 6 April.

If the absence of Puyol has been a significant drop for Guardiola at the time of preparing their defensive line, it is clear that the presence of the master key is now reaching the decisive stage of the championship. Especially taking into account the absence of other similar defense-speed characteristics, physical strength and versatility, as is Eric Abidal, who, because of the disease was detected last week will be several months in dry dock.

The calendar will become particularly difficult Barça from now they will face all fronts competitive as possible with at least one double clash with Real Madrid in the final of the Cup and the Classic League, and the possible pairing with the whole Madrid in the semifinals of the Champions League. The incorporation of the first team Fontàs has partially cover the low level at least numerically. But it is clear that the young canterano still treasures the experience of Puyol and Abidal in the most demanding games like that will play Barcelona in the coming weeks.

Moreover, the requirement of the competition takes a toll on the workforce and this week also recorded low of Maxwell Scherrer. Alves and Adriano also had to overcome some slight discomfort recently. Puyol is aware of these circumstances and hence tried to force his return a few weeks ago, when Barcelona was measured with Arsenal at the Camp Nou. However, the persistence of symptoms advised Carles delayed his return and continue with the specific work to regain his knee. Now it seems the captain is going to see the end of the tunnel and may return to the pitch, which is where the better it operates. (via SPORT)

Pedro hopes to recover to go to Villarreal

The Tenerife these days wants to overcome the groin injury that keeps him on the sidelines after being injured in the Sanchez Pizjuan.

Another international blaugrana to build on these commitments days to recover selections overlooking the match against Villarreal is Pedro Rodriguez.

The Tenerife suffering a groin problem that forced Josep Guardiola to replace the eleven minutes from Sevilla-Barça and prevented him from playing last Saturday against Getafe. The young striker has been noted in recent days the demand of the season, filled with top-level commitments and hence had to stop. This groin injury is the second injury suffered Pedro this season after the break in the femoral biceps of his left leg which was on sick leave between 3 and 16 October last year which also coincided with two meetings of the selection Spanish valid for qualifying for the European Championship against Lithuania and Scotland. (via SPORT)

Laporta: "Madrid is after allegations of doping

The former president azulgrana believes that Madrid is behind the accusations and it criticizes the attitude of the directive current meeting.

Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta said on Catalunya Radio that "it is abundantly clear that Real Madrid is behind the accusations of doping against Barcelona," a reference to the suggestions expressed last week that during acute drug testing, especially which are carried out at Barcelona and Valencia.

"It is high time to apologize. And I can not use that (Sandro Rosell) acquitted the president of Madrid because he had a telephone conversation," he said, referring to a telephone conversation between Rosell y Florentino Perez, in which the second, according to Barcelona, ​​denied that he leaked any information to the media.

In addition, Laporta believes that the current board is acting improperly and asks for more action. "It's a shame the board has to defend his players most of the accusations and angry less," he said.

His discomfort with the current policy Sandro Rosell and hints beyond "pressures of the current board over the judge forces us to endorse the 23 million euros." This process began in 2006 when the Pla Vicenç partner filed suit against Joan Laporta board not to endorse the budget from 2004-05, after the previous Board withdrew the approval for a move after loss in the season lead 2002-03 to the previous policy, chaired by Joan Gaspart. (via AS)