21 March 2011

Zubizarreta visit Abidal

If Sunday were with him, the president and vice president Sandro Rosell Josep Maria Bartomeu, Monday, the director of professional football, Andoni Zubizarreta has visited the defense.

Around 14 h. pm, Abidal has been visited by Andoni Zubizarreta. The director of professional football drew out that the defense was good and he has moved all the affection of the club and the team. It has also given the video that was projected through the stadium scoreboard in the Barça-Getafe.

On Sunday, Barca defender and received a visit and support the president and vice president Sandro Rosell Josep Maria Bartomeu sports. It was they who, Abidal sent surprised by the response of appreciation and affection of all the fans.

Another sign of support from the fans has been recorded in the official store sales. At the Nou Camp Megastore, for example, the number of French sales of shirts to wear them during the Barça-Getafe. They are also the times that have molded the dorsal '22 'in recent days.

Iniesta and Villa incorporate to the Wax museum of Madrid

The Spanish international's FC Barcelona Andres Iniesta and David Villa will come on Tuesday (10.15 pm) at the opening of his sculptures in Wax Museum in Madrid .

Both players will join the gallery of famous people of the Museum , which already contained the players Casillas and Fernando Torres, also champions of Europe and the world, Raul or Butragueño and other athletes like Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol, Carlos Sainz and Miguel Indurain. (via AS)

Alves: "Barca have not worked to renew"

The Brazilian press to the club: "If ultimately not my continuity is finished, give thanks for my years here and I'll go somewhere else." The club wants to resolve the matter in this break.

The agreement for the renewal of Brazilian defender Daniel Alves to Barcelona is again unlikely, since the player back to complain that the Catalan club's lack of willingness to move his proposal as published several Portuguese media.

"I think that Barcelona made no effort to try to renew my contract. If not finally finished off my continuity, give thanks for my years here and I'll go somewhere else." Dani Alves scored on Saturday an excellent goal in Barcelona's win against Getafe.

Manchester City is the club that has been harder to hire you and is willing to meet their financial claims.

Alves, whose contract with Barcelona ends on June 30, 2012, today told El Mundo Deportivo "that" for better or for worse, I would like to decide by the end of this campaign. " The club intends to use this break in the club competitions to tackle the issue definitively. (via AS)

Session in family

Six first team players and eight of Barça B have been exercised Monday morning on the lawn of the field 2 of the Ciudad Deportiva.

The first training of the four that make FC Barcelona this week has been a family. Only six first team players (Pinto, Alves, Font, Keita, Jeffren and Bojan) and eight of the quarry (Miño, Muniesa, Sergio Gomez, Montoya, Tello, Carmona, Rafinha and Víctor Vázquez) have done fieldwork under Josep Guardiola orders.

Milito, Iniesta and Mascherano, also

Have been more, however, the players of FC Barcelona who have trained on Monday in the Sports City. Adriano, head against Getafe, has made Post-work in the gym, while Milito, Mascherano and Iniesta, who had a party and join Tuesday with their respective teams, have also come to work.

Moreover, the injured Puyol, Pedro and Maxwell have continued their recovery work on a day where there has been no press appearance. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi, Keita and Pique, against the racism

Messi, Keita and Pique, star in a spot under the slogan 'Put Offside Racism' in the framework of the alliance between the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNESCO with the aim of raising awareness about this scourge.

Each March 21 marks the World Day Against Racial Discrimination and, once again, the FC Barcelona Foundation and Unesco want to position themselves against this scourge.

Campaign Put Offside Racism "

To demonstrate the commitment of both entities, on Monday launched a spot featuring Leo Messi, Seydou Keita and Gerard Pique in which three players from FC Barcelona paint a large graffiti that reads the campaign slogan "Put offside Racism "'(" Leave Racism Out of Bounds ").

The spot is a metaphor in which Unesco Barcelona and want to make clear that everyone has their role in the fight against racism and only in a constructive spirit and with the joining of forces will be able to eradicate this behavior reprehensible. The piece, produced by Barça TVV contains fragments in Catalan, Castilian, English and French, with the aim of giving to the cause the greatest international impact.

Active fight against racism since 2007

In recent months the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNESCO have organized a series of talks against racism in European cities that have participated in youth and adolescents, members of the ECCAR (European Coalition of Cities Against Racism).

This partnership, signed in 2007, also led the European Parliament a series of recommendations emerging from the program 'The voice of young people against racism' in which a group of young people from the political ECCAR the ideas suggested to eradicate aquestra scourge. The result of this pioneering initiative, the clubs belonging to the ECA (European Club Association) agreed in 2008 to include anti-racist clauses in the contracts of its football players. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Ahead for Cesc

These two weeks can be used for the reinforcement Pep Guardiola's dream come back to Camp Nou.

The signing of Cesc Fabregas to Barca looks set to be unlocked and that the obstacles placed by the Arsenal will become more accessible to be drawn. The club 'gunner' is plummeting at the sport in recent weeks and their financial situation also happens for a long time, so that the transfer of its big star at the end of the season begins to seem inevitable.

Arsenal is running out of arguments to retain the player for another season. Arsène Wenger had tried to motivate the player after the negotiations were thwarted by appealing to the big choices in their view had the team win a title. The Frenchman boasted of having built a project that had overtones of hope, above all, to the Premier League. Cesc, once thwarted a move to Barca, put batteries and led the team to break the six-year drought without winning anything. However, the house of cards built by Wenger has collapsed in the decisive part of the season when he has run out of Arenys because of injuries. Fàbregas behind there was nothing reliable and technically aware of the dependence of Catalan, which squeezed the most in January to be alive in all competitions but he was not in good condition for the outcome.

Cesc was poured into the endless rounds of the FA Cup and League Cup to lead Arsenal to the final round. However, an initial hamstring injury caused him to miss the decisive match against Birmingham City Curling and subsequent relapse in the Nou Camp not allowed to be at Old Trafford in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup The result was two losses and two titles that do not go up the windows. The hopes were placed in the Premiership and without Cesc two setbacks have come straight against weak rivals Sunderland and West Bromwich Albion that greatly complicate the goal. Arsenal is five points behind Manchester United with the advantage of having a game, but Chelsea is coming after their win against Manchester City and the Blues have been at four points behind the Gunners.

The team sports fiascos are wiping out the patience of Cesc. The midfielder is no question seventh year without winning a trophy. For now, the player has not spoken to Arsene Wenger about his future. Fabregas is focused only on the recovery of his latest hamstring injury. The player is following the guidelines set by the doctor Ramon Cugat and running again today after taking yesterday off Sunday. Cesc wants to isolate itself from rumors and take advantage of the break to fully recover.

For its part, the club has not moved forward to tab to be any movement from the Emirates. The evidence coming from the islands suggest that Arsenal's economy is going through a delicate and the club could consider the transfer of 50 million euros. An initial figure in the negotiation that is not far from the 35 million plus five of incentives raised by the Catalans club in the summer. The outlook, therefore, are much more optimistic than in summer.

The ideal scenario for Barca would be Cesc Arsenal press again to lower the price of the transaction. The freeze could be used, although the Catalan puts her profession to any other consideration and priority is recovering from his injury.

Barca has not received any call from Arsenal to reopen the negotiations did not succeed in the last preseason. Neither party seems in a hurry to make a move, but the London club's crisis could accelerate a move. The construction of a new project would build on the proceeds from the sale of Cesc and this could allow Guardiola's dream was finally a reality.

Arsenal have put a price on Cesc. The negotiation would leave 50 million euros and the player, but not publicly say it again, just be leaving to play for Barca.

Alexis Sanchez keeps the calm before the Blaugrana interest

Although only 22 years old, Alexis Sanchez is towering at Udinese and is known piece coveted by the great Europeans, including FC Barcelona.

The Chilean international multi is performing at a star level and has scored 10 goals in 2011 (the second best scorer in Serie A so far this year.)

However, Alexis Sanchez keeps calm and remains focused on its Udinese, a team that is causing a sensation. "For me as usual," he said. In addition, avoids comparisons that resemble Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. "They are great and I know who I am. Work every day to improve, "the Chilean. (via SPORT)

Rossi is as crazy to dress of azulgrana

With 24 years of age in February, the progression of Giuseppe Rossi is meteoric and this season has already become one of the biggest stars in world football.

Neoyorquino living a romance with a goal and score 26 goals in all competitions. In the League is the fourth best director with 15 'targets' (also has five assists) is the top scorer in the League with eight and Europe also marked three in the Copa del Rey. And is as crazy play for FC Barcelona.

"No one could refuse to play in the club," said the representative of Rossi, who maintains a close friendship with Pique from common stage at United. (via SPORT)

Nilmar, a great desire to love blaugrana Pep Guardiola

It might seem that Nilmar is a veteran, but is 26 and going through their best moment.

Nothing to do with the player who came to Lyon with 20 years and was in the orbit of the club.

This season has 15 goals and has been key to Villarreal is in quarter-finals of the European League with two goals in the fief of Bayer Leverkusen and decisive goal in El Madrigal against Napoli.

Brazilian striker really like Pep Guardiola, who never misses an opportunity to praise its quality. Nilmar is a 'rara avis', a pure striker able to master all facets of the game. (via SPORT)

Barca intensify contacts with Alves

Both sides maintain the desire to find the formula that is good for the club and the player.

The renewal of Dani Alves can have a new momentum in the course of this week with the aim of finding an agreement that could settle a renovation to be getting longer than desired by both the club and the player.

The club has remained the basis of the initial offer was conveyed to the Brazilian international in the final stretch of the 'age Laporta. " It was from these figures have moved the negotiations, with new proposals but so far it could reach an agreement.

The meeting between Rosell and Alves in Paris for the France-Brazil, was used to refloat the negotiations. And the brief meeting between the two on Saturday to end the match against Getafe has returned to the launch. Although not dined, as initially planned because the president shared a table and tablecloth with several managers, they do chatted. Rosell he reiterated the club's desire to continue to have what they see as the best in the world in his position. Alves, meanwhile, his intention to stay in Barcelona is his home and expects to make a last gesture. At the end of the match FC Barcelona defender, who starred with his great goal, again was "optimistic when things are resolved."

Now, while Dani joins Brazilian concentration for the friendly against Scotland at the Emirates Stadium in London, the negotiations will remain with the player's agent, Joaquín Macanás, Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu and Andoni Zubizarreta and executives Sanllehí Raül . All parties are aware that this week is almost the last one that offered a quiet room to work before Alves and the rest of the team entering the maelstrom of the final fight for the titles. Hence, try to use it to close the deal he craves Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Fontàs and Thiago, 'signings' home for the 2011-12 year

Guardiola "Thiago is unique and gives us things that we have" and Andreu Font "is more than ready."

The decision has been taken: Thiago Alcántara and Andreu Font will be the first team next season. The club has already communicated the news to the two players, who are delighted with the idea.

In the case of midfielder Guardiola moved a few weeks ago that it would be the first team for all purposes during 2011-12. Pep official did the same week he announced he was returning to the affiliate Thiago remainder of the season after a few months in the dynamics of the first team. "It's a unique player in many ways, is special. We know of his talent and personality. The club should be understood that the first team and it will. Has made things that may not have had, is important in defense and will be closed, "he said.

Since then, Thiago has been a fixture in the lineups of Luis Enrique, where he is serving with the aim of becoming the leader of the subsidiary. Mazinho's son is the 'playmaker', the majority of balls go through their boats in the team of Luis Enrique. Thiago's next challenge will be to a place in Guardiola's rotations.

For Font, the plant is heavily involved for a few days in Guardiola's overall dynamic. Abidal disease has accelerated deadlines technician, who was already planning to give the final chance next year. Pep is convinced of his chances: "It's more than ready to play with us." It is also the same opinion Luis Enrique: "He has unbelievable conditions." (via SPORT)

Messi ate with Galliani

Surprise lunch on Sunday in Milan. Adriano Galliani, Milan administrator ate with Leo Messi, who was visiting the Italian city.

Leo Messi has happened this Sunday in Milan. The Barcelona player, who is the image of brands such as Dolce & Gabanna, was in the Italian city for business reasons but was surprised to eat with Adriano Galliani, administrator and strong man of Milan.

As reported by the web SportMediaset, the meeting took place at the restaurant "La nuova arena", very near the center of Milan. And there is nothing to worry about. Milan has no intention of trying to sign Messi (the may have the desire but not the money) and the only Galliani intention was to maintain a good relationship with the Argentine player. In addition, the player insisted this week that he wants to end career at Barca and, at best, maybe play some years when a team leaves Europe in Argentina. (via SPORT)

Pep does not have the club transferred and the transfer just think

The loan players do not fall into the plans of Guardiola and the club and they are looking for a way out. The aim is to achieve a transfer because they are believed to be a gap in the workforce in the near future.

Neither Hleb (Birmingham), and Cáceres (Sevilla), or Henrique (Racing) or Keirrison (Santos) are liked by Guardiola and his future lies away from the Nou Camp.

For Riverola, on loan to Vitesse, is different and will make a decision when the season under coach subsidiary, yet to be decided after the announcement of Luis Enrique to leave in June. Catalan has become a permanent fixture in the team Ferrer and recently debuted as a scorer.

The club is hopeful about the possibility of Hleb box, a player with special offers in Russia. The Krasnodar is the team that has shown far greater interest to seize their services and may offer an amount close to five million by the transfer of Hleb. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "I appreciate this point"

Barça B coach takes for good draw in the field of Huesca after a game in which players "have the level" against a team "has not given us any easier."

The objective in the field of Huesca was to add the fifth consecutive victory, but the draw (1-1) managed by the subsidiary in Aragon has met with Luis Enrique.

The Spaniard had been prepared by the party taking into account the qualities of Huesca: "We knew we were expecting a tough game. They push ever, and practice a very direct football, are a very difficult opponent."

The attitude in the field of Barça B players to overcome a whole has not disappointed Onesimus Luis Enrique: "We have given the level, players have shown ambition, wanted to win, but we found a rival who has scored in on the only occasion where we have come in the first half. "

Despite reaching the break with an adverse outcome, Luis Enrique has not finished the game disappointed with his men in the first 45 minutes.

However, the Spaniard admits that "a man in the second half, we completely controlled the ball and we could draw, all we have left over after it has been a bit of precipitation in some plays."

This has meant that Luis Enrique will go home with good feelings: "I appreciate this point against an opponent who knows what plays and a crowd that pressed a lot." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The League hiatus marks the weekly schedule

FC Barcelona will train four times a week in which the League because of commitments to international selections.

The team will train Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and Wednesday and rest over the weekend, will exercise these days with fewer components than usual first team. The international flight is the reason.

After enjoying a Sunday holiday, after passing the Getafe (2-1), Josep Guardiola's men back to work Monday at 11 am in a session at the Sports City. Are invited to this training 10 first team players (Pinto, Font, Bojan, Jeffren, Alves, Adriano, Keita and Maxwell injured, Puyol and Peter). On Tuesday, at the same time, will repeat session.

The team will rest on Wednesday, but back at work on Thursday and Friday, with sessions scheduled again for 11 hours. In these sessions, as in the first, will not be any of the six called for Spain (Valdés, Piqué, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta and Villa), Argentina (Milito, Mascherano and Messi) and Holland (Afellay).

In addition to these players, they are also called Alves (Brazil), Bojan and Fontas (Sub-21). These three players, however, did participate in the first sessions.

Sergio: "We must continue as at present"

Once completed the match against Getafe, only nine games before the end of the season. Together the three points against the people of Madrid, Sergio Busquets has explained that "we must continue as before."

The Ayuntamiento de Badia del Vallès was christened with the name of Sergio Busquets Burgos. A homage to the hometown of a Sergio who used to tell us the feelings of the team in the final stretch of the season: "We must continue as before. If we keep winning our games and trying to make our football do a very good season. The truth is we face the final of the League eager and illusion. "

Barca midfielder has been very satisfied with the three points scored against Getafe but mainly to dedicate the victory to his teammate Eric Abidal: "The week did not start well with the news of the disease after Abidal but luckily everything gone well. It is a very strong player physically and mentally safe and speedy recovery. It is clear that the victory was dedicated to him. "

Against Getafe gained but ended Barca suffered in a match that was pretty controlled. The numerous missed opportunities and the team's final goal Michel put a heavy heart: "There are parties that goal harder to see and others that marks more easily. We are not concerned about the lack of success as this will how it goes. What really matters is that we generate occasions and in this sense we must be calm. "

Iniesta: "We face the end of the season with optimism and hope"

In the presentation of the book for charity 'Héroes del deporte', Iniesta appreciates the 3 points earned on Saturday, while considering the current distance to Madrid, "we can face the rest of the season with optimism and hope."

This year, Andres Iniesta is the godfather of Solidarity Book VII sports journalism that is titled "Heroes of the sport." In the presentation that took place this afternoon, the Fuentealbilla has discussed the situation of FC Barcelona in La Liga. The midfielder, aware that this week has been difficult for the team, has highlighted the importance of having got the three points against Getafe.

On the struggle for the league title, Iniesta believes that the five points behind Real Madrid on "allow us to face the rest of the season with enthusiasm and hope in the face to get the title."

After the emotional tribute on Saturday, Iniesta has acknowledged that the team has Abidal status information through physicians who treat. They know that it is on the ground and saw the game against Getafe, and as soon as they let us go to visit him, "said the Barcelona midfielder.

'Heroes' sport', a book written by sports journalists and this year has Andrés Iniesta as a sponsor, will be released on March 28 in all El Corte Inglés in Spain. The profits from their sale will go to Barcelona Sanfilippo Association, an organization that fights against Sanfilippo syndrome that affects children.

Iniesta, who is the author of the book's foreword, is actively involved as it has bought 100 books that allocated to the various members of the farmhouse. "Being a footballer is not just out on the field. We have a privileged life. We must help." In addition, Iniesta is committed to spreading this joint action led by sports journalists through social networks. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bojan: "I need games like Getafe"

Bojan Krkic, author of Barca's second goal against Getafe, acknowledges that "I need games like Getafe to remain confident in myself and feel important in the team."

In an exclusive interview with Barça TV program 'The Score' , Bojan Krikic wanted to share with viewers the joy of having scored a second consecutive day in a state of grace: "I am very happy. This has been a round. It is a party needed for me and for the team. Being in the field and partners to help with goals fills me with joy. "

Catalan striker became on Saturday, the youngest player in Barça's history to reach the 100 games in the league championship : "It gives me goosebumps when I realize I've reached 100 matches League, and also playing with the club. I'm very proud of the work done until today. "

Against Getafe, Bojan scored his fifth goal in the league having played as a starter in only six games. A statistic that shows that the Linyola not forget the goal: "I am very satisfied, especially in these last few games, in which I was lucky enough to score. It is very important to enjoy regularly, and more for a striker. Now I have confidence in myself and I feel very good physically. "

Bojan Krkic has admitted that "one of the factors that has helped me reach 100 caps and never lose the hope to be on this team is the public's Camp Nou. I've always been very dear to them and that gives me strength to keep fighting, " said Bojan.

On the rival that Barca will face in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, Shakhtar Donetsk, Bojan has said that: "It will be a tough tie. Once you get to the quarter-final opponents are all very complicated. Try get a good result in the first leg to be more relaxed. "

"We love you, Abi, a special T-shirt

These days, the Barca players have been very aware Éric Abidal, and against Getafe wanted to join emotional tribute at the Camp Nou and off to the pitch with a shirt with the inscription "We love you, Abi."

A shirt that the team would also like the French defender had worn, but still in the hospital recovering from surgery that was done to remove the tumor in the liver. So FC Barcelona players kept him engaged in one of the shirts, which could be read "We love you, Abi, and left the box office before the player has in the locker room at the Camp Nou.

In the mixed zone after the game against Getafe , Barca players wanted to send all the forces at his companion. Indeed, Dani Alves explained in the program 'The Marker', Barça TV, before the game that could talk to the woman of Abidal, who "told us he'd see the game and we had to win." Therefore, the French could get through the TV every encouragement to his teammates, opposing players, and the public the Nou Camp before the match he was sent through t-shirts, banners and a moving video . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Iniesta: "The team played a good game

Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta was pleased by the victory won by his team on Saturday against Getafe in a week that has been assessed as "very complicated" for clothing.

Iniesta has analyzed the league match which Barcelona won on Saturday to Getafe at the Camp Nou (2-1) and has played down the last minutes of trouble experienced by the team after a goal from Manu del Moral and one last chance Albin, who failed to control when planted alone at Valdés.

"I think it is suffering or uncertainty to the end was basically because we could not take our chances we had to make it 3-0, but those three points keep us up and we are happy because the team returned to play a good game in a week complicated for us, "he stressed.

Iniesta has proved doubly pleased because the team could dedicate the victory to Barça Eric Abidal, who on Thursday underwent a liver tumor. "I could not speak directly with Abi, but with the doctors, who are in contact with him, and knew it was going to watch the game, because it is already on the ground. I think that soon we will go to him," he explained.

On the other hand, Iniesta has been rated as "important" short of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo, who will be between two and three weeks away from the pitch with an injured hamstring in his left leg.

Iniesta has pointed out that Portuguese is one of the best players in the world "and therefore" it is always important for any team not being able to have a player like that. " "I do not know how they will foot the Madrid, but has a very good staff and players to meet any lower," has clarified, however.


Finally, the Barcelona midfielder has said his upcoming fatherhood: "I am happy, eager to be a parent and have that experience so pretty. I'm excited and I'm excited about it, because I do and more and he was playing."

Andres Iniesta was speaking at the launch of a new edition of the book written by sports journalists solidarity and, on this occasion, is godfather to Fuentealbilla.

The book titled "Heroes of Sport ', at the same time have also helped the journalists in Madrid, not only Catalan, and their income will go to combat Sanfilippo syndrome, a degenerative disease in children.

This joint initiative, which is six years, with the sponsorship of Caixa Penedes social work and collaboration of the English Court, whose establishments may buy this book, for ten euros, as of March 28. (via SPORT)