20 March 2011

Pedro joins the 'fever' by social networks

The craze for social networking continues to grow in the Barca dressing room. The latest to join the trend has been Pedro, who just released Facebook profile.

Barca forward, who in just three days and has more than 3,000 followers, has begun to make their first steps in this popular social network, where this Saturday made their views on the Barca game against Getafe.

"The fans once again, has been incredible," said Pedro in his personal Facebook page . "We have to pursue this line here at the end of the season and squeezing more and more rivals. Today the team has played at a good speed," the Barca also ensures that wants to be "soon to 100% for final tranche of vertigo. "

And remember that Pedro was unable to attend Saturday's victory against Getafe Barcelona because of some discomfort in the pubic bone. (via SPORT)

Pedro Rodríguez Facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pedro-Rodr%C3%ADguez/116208915122186

Chygrynskiy: "The club is a real challenge ..."

Dmytro Chygrynskiy explains that the duel will face Shakhtar convencido that their choices have.

Dmytro Chygrynskiy believes Barca the best team of the moment. The Ukrainian defense, which motivates the Sorte with the Champions atendió to the web site of UEFA and Shakhtar, age-restricted to consider removing the club "is like Win the Champions League." Mircea Lucescu has the mentalizado. "No. We have nothing to lose you," warn "Dima. "Will be a real challenge and we are prepared. If derrotamos podremos Shakthar say that is the best club in Europe. It's like playing the final! ".

Chygrynskiy warns, no obstante, exceedances of the capacity of its former PARTNERS. "Hare three years the club was considered a machine. Pero el tiempo y-pass mejorando. Almost Changed the template and not have every time best asimilado system.

Is why, and, although cuente with Barca star Messi and Iniesta as singles, 'Chygry' talks about the strength of the group that Shakhtar logistics needs for success. "Do not we have to face the starting functions u Messi trabajar Other singles but as a block. The tie will not be against them duelos Pedro Xavier vs. Hübschmann or Rat. Because the path is not immediately exploit any debilidad Barca. "

Dmytro have not we acknowledge that in reparos le hubiera liked "enfrentarme Barca in the semis or the finals now and not in rooms." Despite everything, the duel does not deal with complex inferioridad. "I think what we have potential for superarles and reach the semifinals of the Champions League, something that has conseguido solo before a Ukrainian team, its great rival Dynamo Kiev on three occasions.

Past weights defeat in front of the club, especially in the European Super Cup, Shakhtar believe in its options "Because We're a more experienced team conjuntado and more, much more solid and heme earned in trusted," says former central position. Strong points stands as "that our organization is very good juego del ataque y somos muy in Quick. And besides, is the contributions of the six brasileños template.

The Impact of Jadson, William and Luiz Adriano is indudable "But I would like brasileños Speaking specifically of them, but the good balance that has conseguido con los futbolistas Ukrainians. Ello aportan speed and good technique, but also must be guided by that adapt to European football and also trabajan very hard to defend. "

Another of their arms is like your local solidez barbed takes two years and the middle without losing at home. Brome 'Dima': I can not say that the Donbass Arena Sea 'the hand of God', but our fan are closer to the Olympic Stadium in the absence of an athletics track and is indudable que su da Support us wings. " (via SPORT)

In the interest of Italy insisted on Juve by Javier Mascherano

The Italian press vuelve a place in Barca centrocampista Javier Mascherano on the agenda of the possible refuerzos Jueventus.

The bad situation in which atraviesa Juventus Calcio, where is located in the seventh position of the tabla, which makes them possible Rumours strengthened for the Italian squad at the end of the season Sean continuos.

Andrea Pirlo, Michel Fernandes Bastos Alberto Gilardino ... are just some of the possible players that, according to local press, Juve could try to close the ficha summer. A list where you have to show up around the azulgrana Javier Mascherano.

According an article Saturday in this publication 'The Gazzeta dello Sport' where are exposed the club's uncertain future 'Bianconeri' centrocampista of the club will be one of the main objetivos the whole Italian market in the summer. De done, ensures that the rotary Italian Juventus already studying a possible offer and that is rotten to arrive in Barcelona in the UPCOMING weeks.

The lack of minutes from the Argentine player in Guardiola's team, the football and the Made in Italy that develops will go to its best characteristics are the main argumentos that shield them in the press with the Italian Centre SOÑAR fichaje of Mascherano. (via SPORT)

[Rating] FC Barcelona - Getafe (2-1)



Rosell: "We can not slander"

The president of FC Barcelona has been very blunt about the allegations that the club has received about alleged doping: "They slander. And that can not afford."

In an interview for Barça TV after the game against Getafe (2-1), Sandro Rosell has been very blunt: "I am very angry about what happened this week. One thing is complaints without arguments calendar items and referees , as seen in Seville tonight, and something very different is the slander. "

"Around here we do not go"

Barca president recalled that the club, which announced legal action against Cope, will act firmly, "When a club slander, its players, coaches, doctors ... do not pass through here and go to the end . It harms the image of Barcelona and the Catalans. We do not want this to continue. "

"Whoever who has done"

"I am very angry with the whole atmosphere has been created, no matter who you are done: media, people who are behind ... We're going to end," said Sandro Rosell. And he stressed the 'fair play' club: "The boat can not allow this to happen, because it deserves it. Because it is a very clean facility, we are very proud to belong to it."

Barça Envy

For the president of Barca's sporting good team is one of the reasons that ignite the spark of tension: "There are people who want to win on the field, like us. And there are people who want to win off the field. And this is not 'fair play'. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves: "We saved the match with a note"

The right side of the ship has been the architect of the first goal of the team. The Brazilian, who believes the team has achieved an important victory against a well organized Getafe, has played at a high level during the 90 minute match.

After this week Dani Alves suffered a bruised right ankle, the Brazilian has not only emerged in the starting recovered but has also been one of the major players in the game. Alves has been responsible for opening the can in a game that was finally won by the least: "The most important thing is the victory in the league and we managed to save the match with a note. I think we deserved to finish with more ease but I'm happy for victory, "said the player minutes after the end of the meeting.

Dani Alves has said that it is a victory "for neglecting the run run these days." And this week, marked by the insinuations of doping equipment and Abidal disease has not affected the performance of the Catalans: "People want to destabilize us but we are very quiet. We have to continue with our game and not off- , which ultimately is what they try. "

"I have my wife's name tattooed and I have dedicated a gift for her but today is the day of the parents." This has been shown Alves asked about the dedication of the goal in minute 16 of the first part. On his good play, the Brazilian states that always puts the good play of the team: "I always look continue to make things, I stay with the team's work."


"(On this week) are spells that happen. The important thing is that the team have too much play, creating chances. Obviously during the week had a hard time concentrating and thinking in this game, when one partner has a hard time is no stranger to us. "

"There were many situations during the week meant that we were not thinking about the team. It was the best week we ever spent. "

"You can always improve, day after day, try to make things better. I'm in a dream team to improve, the next great players have will help me grow as a footballer. "

"We had a difficult week, obviously the important thing was to win, but if you look at the game we have created many opportunities."

"Before I came and now they are not getting many. Probably because we re-enter the best players in the world and return to score very quickly. "

"We must do our job. These matches are always difficult because there are double FIFA date, especially at a club like this that has many international players. You have to face the last leg of the League and Champions League quarter. "

"We know what we do and we have nothing to hide, the club has taken a step and you have to stick with it. When one knows what he does has nothing to hide "


"In the end we suffered a bit. We have had many opportunities. We have made a great effort to finish. What matters are the three dots left at home. "

"A tough week, we played by Abidal, we dedicate it to him."

"Every time I play more I'll be taking more pace. Maintain the level and that's important. The important thing is to make a good team and help the team. "


"Three points that help us to keep adding. We want to dedicate this victory to Abidal.

Gerard Piqué:

"We've had a couple of minutes but that's it. We have enough strikers for not suspicious."

"With every game that we meet from now suffer. With Shakhtar need to do a good result at home if you do not want to suffer there. The Shakhtar is a tough opponent and we know from experience of other years."

Guardiola: "We have responded very well"

Guardiola not worried about the lack of success in front of goal in recent games and knows that "the key moment of the season and we will." The coach also believes that "we responded very well" after this busy week.

One of the questions the game against Getafe was how the team react after the week that has known liver tumor Abidal and allegations of doping by the COPE. But Pep Guardiola has said that "the week has been very long but we responded very well. We played very well." And it has highlighted the reaction of his men that "there has been apathy or bad game" and has defined it as "fantastic ".

Given the numerous occasions that the team believes that in recent games but the lack of final success, the Barca coach will not be shown at all concerned. "We will continue to generate game playing well and eventually we unlock" said Guardiola. The coach recalled that throughout the years the team has done a lot of goals and said that "in the key moment of the season and we will."

Two of the additions this summer, Mascherano and Adriano, have a great performance tonight against Getafe. Guardiola has valued his party as "fantastic as Gaby (Milito)." The coach thanked the contribution of players who do not have too many minutes during the course and said "no setbacks during the year and that can help as they do help us a lot in every way."

Three minutes of Applause for Abidal at the Camp Nou

The Camp Nou ovations during three minutes before the start of the game against Getafe Eric Abidal.

Shortly before the start of the game between Barcelona and Getafe, so the scoreboard at the Camp Nou is a video of Support happened to Eric Abidal. The video work of the PARTNERS program TV3, "Hat-trick". And during the time that lasted the video about three minutes, it ceased the Applause of all the public present.

It was one of the moments of the late-night emotivos, Dedicated to Eric Abidal. The second moment was when saltaron ambos equipos con camisetas de Apoyo al Campo on defense. In the case of the players, yours rezaba an "I love you Abi (Abi We like tea) and Getafe in the shirt that was routed usaron the players of the sections on soccer and its Balonmano PARTIES. Cheer Abidal (Animos Abidal).

Also, and as to Checkout There was during the weekend in the social networks, in minute 22 (the French player's backend) all the Camp Nou to devote an le volvió cheering for something more than a minute.

In addition, the Nou Camp is full of pancartas Support of the player. "Abidal was for you this recital (t Abidal was afraid this concert)," Not Move or Cope, Abidal butt, "Abidal recupérate" decían some of them. (via SPORT)

Bojan, striker, the youngest to reach 100 games in the League

Bojan Krkic became the youngest player of FC Barcelona who reached the figure of 100 games in the league. Celebrated its centenary with a title, a goal and a victory over Getafe.

In Pizjuán, Linyola striker played his game number 99 in the league wearing the Barça shirt and Saturday, with Getafe, has become a centenarian. Just 20 years but the figures could sign a veteran perfectly.

Bojan History

With 20 years, 6 months and 19 days, Bojan Barca becomes the youngest to reach 100 games in the league. The earliness record until now was Leo Messi, who made it to 21 years and 250 days.

First of all

Catalan striker played his first game in the league a September 16, 2007. It was a clash played at the Reyno de Navarra against Osasuna that ended tied at 0. The first goal of the competition did not come until the eighth round against Villarreal, which Barca eventually falling by 3 to 1.

Always scorer

Since then, the '9 'Barca has always shown he has a great eye for goal. A good example of this are the 25 goals he has achieved in the 100 parties that until now has played in the league. The final, against Getafe. In 69 minutes received the ball in the area, has entered Shiites and after touching a defender. In the end, this action would give the three points to Barca.

Almeria, the perfect target

When shooting at goal, Bojan shows that has a special aim Almeria. Against the Andalusians and has scored 5 goals, being the team who has done more. Followed by the Athletic Club of Bilbao, which has dipped on three occasions.

Bojan figures in the League

10/11: 23 games, 5 goals
09/10: 23 games, 8 goals
08/09: 23 games, 2 goals
07/08: 31 games, 10 goals

Bale extends his contract with Tottenham

Gareth Bale for another year renewed his contract with Tottenham Hotspur despite reported interest from several major clubs, including FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, by signing him.

The Welsh side, 21, had his vículo with 'spurs' in June 2014 and will now continue for another season: 2015.

The news was greeted with joy by the England team coach, Harry Redknapp: "It's great that Gareth sign a new contract."

The player, who will face Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Champions League was also pleased and explained the reasons for his decision: "I'm enjoying at Tottenham and I want to continue to evolve. We can achieve great things," he said.

"We have a great team and still young. We fight for a title soon. That's why I signed," he said.

The extension of contract with Tottenham Bale, in any event, no obstacle will if a club wants to sign him next summer. (via SPORT)

[Pictures] FCB - Getafe(2-1)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 29] FC Barcelona 2 - Getafe 1

In a week marked by the news of the tumor in the liver of Abidal and its operation, the FC Barcelona has given the French and all the fans a victory that one step closer to the title. Alves and Bojan local scorers.
The League break will be sweet for the club, which tonight has set comfortably at Getafe after a new coral exhibit a team which had operated casualties Abidal, Maxwell, Puyol and Pedro . Without these, the FC Barcelona sent as usual and plunged at Getafe thanks to a shot of an auction of Alves and Bojan , who celebrated a hundred games in the league. Very end, Manu del Moral pulled one back.

The win Barca back to winning ways, to keep the lead in the top of the standings and give the fans the best possible news after a day marked by the disaster in Japan and the tumor in the liver of Abidal.

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Milito, Adriano, Mascherano, Xavi, Iniesta (Afellay, min.81), Messi, Bojan (Keita, min.68) y Villa (Jeffren, min.89).

Getafe: Codina; Víctor Sánchez, Cata Díaz, Marcano, Miguel Torres, Borja, Casquero (Miku, min.60), Manu, Parejo (Mosquera, min.75), Albín y Arizmendi (Sardinero, min.67).

Goals: 1-0: Alves, min.17. 2-0: Bojan, min.50. 2-1: Manu del Moral, min.88.

Referee: Muniz Fernandez (Asturias College). Alves showed a yellow card (min.2), Cata Díaz (min.25), Villa (min.30), Mosquera (min.87), Xavi (min.90 +1).

Subs: Party of the twenty-ninth day of the season played at the Nou Camp before 81,913 spectators. Before the start of the meeting, there was a small tribute to the Barcelona defender Eric Abidal, recently operated on for a tumor in the liver, and a minute of silence for the victims of the earthquake in Japan.

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 30] Huesca1 - 1 FC Barcelona B

Luis Enrique's team was unable to add the fifth consecutive victory in the league but has scored a valuable point of his visit to field a fighter Huesca.

[Technical Data]
Huesca: Andrés, Molinero, Echaire, Rigo, Marcos, Sorribas, Helguera, Iñigo (Robert, min. 65), Camacho. Gilvan (Jokin min.29), Tariq (Roberto min. 45)

FC Barcelona B: Olazábal, Edu Oriol, Bartra, Armando, Abraham, Ilie (Vázquez min.55), Jona (Carmona min. 81), Thiago, Benja (Tello min.69), Soriano, Nolito.

Goles: 1-0 Tariq min. 19, 1-1 Benja min 53

Árbitro: Gil Manzano.

"Chygrynskiy speaks highly of Barca and Guardiola"

Dmytro Chygrynskiy fond memories of his short time in the Camp Nou. Shakhtar Donetsk defender faces without any bitterness the quarter-finals of the Champions League against FC Barcelona ...

Chygrynskiy could only meet one of the five seasons he signed after joining the Catalan club in the 2009/10 season. After a year, returned to the Ukrainian team. And, of course, is best known the insides of his next rival.

William, Shakhtar striker, says' Chygry 'only has good words for the club: "Now he is at a high level and always speaks highly of Barcelona, ​​his former teammates and Guardiola," he said in remarks to the program' the stands' Ona FM.

The Brazilian is not afraid to admit that his team will play the 'catenaccio' on the way: "In the Camp Nou and we will defend ourselves to the contras. At home, we will attack more," he confessed. And is very clear the dangers of his rival, who praised, among others, "Messi is the best in the world, Xavi, which is the most important."

William also did not mince words in admitting that, like 'Chygry', someday you dress like Barca: "Every player dreams of playing for Barca. And I'm no exception." (via SPORT)