19 March 2011

Barça complaint to UEFA in the final control

The draw for the quarterfinals and the semifinals of the Champions League yesterday in Nyon was used by several "heavyweights" of the FC Barcelona should give a 'touch' to UEFA by the latest anti-doping control for which it took ten players from the Barca team.

That happened last Thursday, oddly enough after that since the chain Cope will launch the canard that Real Madrid wanted anti-doping controls tightened in the Spanish League because the club worked with doctors apparently objectionable.

The arrival of these doctors to the Ciutat Esportiva of Barça caused misgivings among coaches and players of Barca , who quickly sensed a possible causal relationship between intoxication from Madrid and the reaction of their own UEFA .

Yesterday, before the special envoys of Barca to draw representatives of UEFA defended themselves by ensuring that the players control Barça planned beforehand, was not after reports in the Cope , and so preferred to keep avoid possible misunderstandings in the event of being suspended. That is, the UEFA chose to proceed because of having stopped and have transcended this decision could have fed the 'hoax' above. In any case, the leaders of Barça continued to show his surprise.

Highly questionable Interview

For its part, the medical leaders of the UEFA were more than upset with one of the doctors who made ​​the last doping test in Barcelona . It is to be aware of who was interviewed in a Catalan radio station and did not like anything that's been given a bath prominence at the expense of work that must be, above all, discreet. (via MD)

Arsenal gave increasingly out of Cesc

The comings and goings that make up the magic triangle between Barca, Arsenal and Cesc, do not stop.

The future of midfielder 'gunner' continues to be linked to Barca and the latest information coming from England back to clarify the will of the Arsenal to establish a dialogue possible if the starting price to fit your needs.

As reported by the web Goal.com , Arsenal are willing to negotiate the departure of Cesc from a price set at around 50 million euros.

Arsenal believe that the club could tackle the signing of Fabregas especially after the agreement reached with the Catalan club and Qatar Foundation has reported a significant economic boost.

According to this information points, sources very close to Arsenal have already made clear its willingness to reach an agreement.

"Arsenal are a selling club and every player has his price," said a source close to the board of the London club to Goal.com. "They were strongly opposed last summer because the club did not comply with its price. If you have an offer that fits the value of Cesc could let him go," he revealed. (via SPORT)

Villa: "My style is better off for Barcelona to Madrid"

The player of Barcelona , David Villa , explained in BarçaTV : " Guardiola is one of the major culprits, not the most, he decided to come here when he was so well in Valencia. "

Already in the Catalan club, there have been many that have helped: "He had many friends before coming here, plus a good atmosphere and good people in here helped me decide. In sporting terms it was also good to have played before many of them. "

"Everyone helped me a lot, if I said one who knew less would Valdés, although he had agreed in the lower echelons of the selection . We're in the box office and does a lot in my day to day be around. "

Asked about the reasons that led him to accept the offer from Barcelona, ​​rejecting and play for Real Madrid responded: "I decided for three reasons: to have so many friends, Guardiola desire for some time and I always thought my style of play, and thinking was more like Barcelona to Real Madrid . "

As for your stay at Barça has stressed: "What surprised me most was the team every day, is the biggest change, eat together at the Sports City, it is important for the proper functioning of equipment. Traveling in the day gives you quality of life, of emotions, there is nothing like being able to sleep at home with my wife and daughters. "

"Of course I've improved as a player with the jersey of Barcelona . It is a profession for me. I love both this sport because you can improve every day. It's a short life and must take advantage, I do not reproach me, "he said on stage in the Barca team.

About his future when you need to leave the sport said: "I can not imagine the day you have to stop playing. I get sick.'m Sure I'll be in football after my retirement."

Lastly, he reminded his former team: "I like to see the path of Valencia , Zaragoza and Sporting , I like to see how they play and win when they face us, I have many friends there. " (via AS)

[Barça B] The future of B passes Huesca

After a week marked by the departure of Luis Enrique at the end of the season, Barça B focuses its efforts on winning the Huesca. Carmona and Vazquez back to a call where there are Montoya, Fontàs and Muniesa.

On Tuesday Luis Enrique announced that this will be his last season in charge of Barça B.

The Spaniard was on Thursday, all kinds of details at a press conference on the reasons for his decision, but from now on the coaching staff just wants to focus on the thirteen league games remaining to finish the championship. The first commitment will be in the field of Huesca (Saturday 18h).

The coaching staff of the subsidiary does not believe the news of the farewell of Luis Enrique at the end of the season to affect team performance: "The coach has made ​​clear, we want to finish the league as high as possible, and get it there is room for any relaxation. "

The opponent on Saturday, a Huesca is located in place 14 with 37 points, Barbara pointed out the progression: "They have improved a lot compared to the first round, dominating a very good two or three concepts that exploit perfection."

Luis Enrique lost for the game this Saturday Muniesa, sanctioned, and Montoya and Fontàs defenses, with the first team.

Sergi Roberto still recovering from a muscle strain, while Oriol Romeu is routed to the last phase of his recovery from injury.

Rubén Miño, that during the week has trained with the first team, has been in Barcelona. The Junior A has only been called the central Sergi Gómez.

Carmona and Vazquez returned to the squad after not participating with the team in recent weeks.

The list of 18 players
These are the 18 players who travel, from 4 pm on Friday, in Huesca.

Goalkeepers : Olazábal, Masip
Defenders : Armando, Gómez, Planas, Abraham, Bartra
Midfielders : Ilie, Jonathan dos Santos, Carmona, Thiago, Vázquez
Forwards : Tello, Benja, Soriano, Saúl, Nolito, Edu Oriol.

Messi: "Go to Madrid? Only play in a European club"

were already well known, but rarely expressed them as clearly as in a recent interview with 'Sky Sports'. The Argentine talks about the steps the expected running career and although he takes precautions not to shoot himself in the foot, is blunt in a case. The target does not sit well.

"My goal is to always be in Barcelona. I would end my career at Barca and then maybe fulfill my dream of playing in Argentina. But I would like my career in Europe was developed entirely in this club," he says, to what question which must. "Go to Madrid? No, never go to Real Madrid," he says with apparent determination before qualified. "I know you can never be sure what happens in the football career."

About discutidísimo FIFA Ballon d'Or Award 2010, which will recall the Argentine was ahead of his teammates Xavi and Iniesta, Messi admits that "not expecting to win. All were favorites to Xavi and Andres and I think they They deserved it because they made a fantastic season and won the World Cup. "

Following Barcelona, ​​Leo talks about his early years in the first team and their biggest supporters. "I had a fantastic relationship with Ronaldinho. His advice was important, as well as Deco, Sylvinho and Motta. Everyone always had time for me, and that the thing that always grateful."

Turning to the side merengue, Argentine claims to have "a normal relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. When we meet, we greet you and no respect, but nothing more. We have a special bond as I have with my teammates. Do not we have deepened our relationship both ". (via AS)

Guardiola: "Abidal is only one of us so good person who is"

Pep Guardiola talked about his feelings about the recovery of Abidal and how the news affected the group.

Pep Guardiola made it clear that Abidal is probably the soul of the Barca dressing room and the player wanted. The news hit all staff and no wonder.

"We all got very sad. A Abi I think one of us as good people who are, by giving us inside and especially outside the field," said Pep. The coach trusts the central recovery but wants to be cautious "because these are known as health issues." "It's a very strong guy, the trend is correct but I think it will because it is in good hands," he said.

The technician said that before anything else you want Abidal as a person recovers, "you can lead a normal life because in this case the sport is the last thing to watch."

He reminded that with the formidable quarry that has the club "will pull ahead," Andreu grateful to have Fontàs remainder of the season to replace 'Abi'.

Pep wanted to thank Iker Casillas, captain of Real Madrid and their players - "and say to players," he pointed out have been agreed by Abidal in their match against Lyon.


Asked about the other 'run-run' of the week, accusations of doping relating to Barca from COPE and / or Real Madrid, Guardiola said that's something you have to ask the President of Real Madrid.

"It's a question for Florentino Perez was not for me. When you agree with Cope that let us know. The Cope accused Real Madrid and says he has been," said Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Messi training with the group

Leo Messi trained for the first time this week with peers.

The striker has trained normally with the team after recovering from his bruised right knee. It was the penultimate session before the Getafe.

The Barcelona players did not want to lose the draw for the quarterfinals of the Champions League 12 hours and therefore advanced training.

Guardiola trained with 18 players the first team and two subsidiary: Montoya and Font.

For their part, still working on the sidelines are Peter, with a groin injury, Maxwell, with complaints of right thigh adductor, and Puyol. These three casualties must be added the absence of Abidal, underwent surgery on Thursday of the tumor in the liver. (via SPORT)

Iniesta: "What's Abidal will make us stronger"

How is the locker room after knowing the condition of Abidal?

It is very sad news. We hope all goes well and can leave without sequelae. Know that we have for what you need as far as we can.

What was your first reaction?

You stay fatal. You never expect something like that and my body was very bad feelings.

Relativized Is it?

Maybe. We are involved in football, that means everything to us, our work and our enthusiasm, but in the end what really matters are things how are you.

What distinguishes him in the locker room?

Always with good humor, looking for the group and works as anyone. It is an exceptional athlete and that will help him mentally as well as being very positive and have great vitality.

What is the best tribute we can make the team?

Trying to achieve the goals we set this season. He, with all that has contributed, has already done enough. Hopefully I can celebrate with us.

How can this affect the clothing trance?

Hopefully things, starting the match with Getafe, go well and get around this, although it is difficult to abstract from something so negative a partner because the body does not have for other things. We will make them stronger and fight for another reason.

Is the group more united than ever after Abidal and allegations of doping?

Yes, but all those things that are uncontrollable and speak out like but not everyone can say whatever he wants. This is mounted so and we must play well and that is that the only explanation for the victories and the only way to win.

Where does it doping?

I do not know, nor is it something we need to import. We know it is something that exceeds the limit estáhablando everything, but we can not do anything else.

MORE: elmundodeportivo.es

FCB-Shakhtar: entries from March 23

From Wednesday 23 March, members without credit to the Nou Camp will have priority to purchase the tickets available for the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Shakhtar.

On 6 April the club will host Shakhtar Donetsk in the first leg quarter-final of the Champions League. The Club will open a sales process with input coming from the Seient Lliure, giving priority to members without credit, making available all the tickets available at all times.

The availability will vary depending on the pace of releases made through the Lliure Seient for members with credit who can not attend the party. The ticket price will be from the 48 euros for members and 60 euros for the public.

On Wednesday March 23 at 10 h, the Club opens exclusive sales for members without payment. Tickets may only be purchased online at the club website, the ServiCaixa and that of Ticketmaster. You can purchase up to six tickets per membership card, a discount of 20% of the first inning. The sale will remain open as long as ticket availability.

On Friday April 1 at 10 h, will open a second term ticket to all partners and the general public. Els partners and the public can buy tickets online at the website of the Club, the ServiCaixa and that of Ticketmaster, the ticket offices of FC Barcelona in FNAC and Carrefour, or by calling 902 1899 00. You can buy up to six tickets per membership card, a discount of 20% in the first inning. Fans can also buy six, but no discount.

The availability of tickets will vary depending on the pace of releases of subscribers partners who can not attend the party and give up their seat through Seient Lliure. The sale will remain open until kickoff. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "A lot has happened this week"

The operation of Abidal and prosecution of doping have made a very intense week and analyzed Guardiola told a news conference. The coach has stressed the good character of Abidal and has warned of the danger of Getafe.

Josep Guardiola is optimistic with the total recovery of French defender: "For all we know, the intervention has been very good and the evolution of Abidal has been correct. We must thank the good work of the doctors who have operated and I hope that you respect their privacy as requested by his family. "

As for the impact of the disease Abidal, Guardiola was keen to emphasize that "problems remain in the background sports and the person goes ahead," Abidal is a player who is willing and that many years ago who is with us. Positivized try this and see that we are affected as little as possible. "

Guardiola deeply thanked the support he has received worldwide Abidal Sport: "I want to thank Captain Iker Casillas of Real Madrid and his colleagues for their wonderful performance and also to Xavi Pascual and the handball team for detail they had on Wednesday. Thank you all for the many expressions of support that makes us proud to be athletes. "

The week's events have left in the background Saturday's match against Getafe at the Camp Nou. Guardiola believes it is vital three points: "It's one of those games that can make you lose a league. The three points do not give you the title, but you can complicate it a lot. It's been a week that saw many things and is a party prior to a break in the league. We are about to enter a phase of the season 'all or nothing' and the team must keep the tone of recent matches and reaching the decisive stage even stronger. "

Asked about the accusations of doping to the players of Barca, Guardiola has called ask the two parties involved in this case: "Ask the COPE and Florentino Perez. When both parties agree on who is right and we inform. " The Barcelona coach has said that the Club has done the right thing in light of these accusations: "The Club has done well and has been quite clear. He made ​​a statement and has filed a lawsuit , could not be clearer. "

In this regard, and before the press conference Guardiola, the press room of the Sports City has given prominence to Ramon Besa, a member of the Governing Board of the Journalists Association. In a brief speech, Besa has read the statement the Association of Journalists issued yesterday, stressing the need to respect the code of ethics of the profession. A member of the Governing Board of the College insisted that "does not point to anyone" but noted that journalists "are responsible for what happens and we must be faithful to the truth."

Zubizarreta: "Shakhtar is a tough team"

Zubizarreta has valued the quarterfinal draw of the Champions League where the club has been paired with Shakhtar. The athletic director does not trust the Ukrainian team, as they are "tough, tactical work, with fast players up."

of the Professional Football Club, Andoni Zubizarreta , spoke of the crossings for the program Barça TV 'The Score' . Zubi has been one of the representatives of FC Barcelona in Nyon sports along with Vice President Josep Maria Bartholomew , the director of football, Raul Sanllehí , and the head of institutional relations with UEFA, Amador Bernabeu .

This is the first time the Shakhtar Donetsk reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League. But Zubizarreta not consider that this will benefit, and that despite the "inexperience", the athletic director believes that "have enormous enthusiasm." It also analyzes the Ukrainian team as "a tough team, worked tactically, with fast players up."

If Barca go to the semifinals of the Champions could be found on Real Madrid . Zubizarreta, but does not want to guess and just want to think about the Shakhtar: "We must move first quarter and then see what happens. It's a tough tie against Shakhtar."

During the press conference Pep Guardiola this noon FC Barcelona coach also spoke of the opponent in the quarterfinals. " Shakhtar and was pleasantly surprised. It is a rival of some names but he has done an excellent and will be playing Champions strive. " Guardiola And do not forget who know the Donetsk team and recalls that "we know how we took in Super. "

Guardiola also praised the fact of playing around was: "What we try to play well against Shakhtar. Do not have the field factor but the first year we had played against and the final."

The tie will serve to reconnect with Dmytro Chygrynskiy. The coach said the player who "coast is me playing a good standard and is happy. It's a special player in many things."

Sports Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu also spoke once known rivals FC Barcelona in the quarter. The Barça manager believes that playing the first game at our stadium "is a handicap" and adds that "we prefer to play the second game in our stadium, but this is the picture we have to accept and fight as much as possible."

Bartholomew has also recognized that waiting another rival: "Shakhtar was not our favorite because we played very well."

[Selection] Del Bosque announces six Barça

Six players from FC Barcelona have been summoned by Vicente del Bosque for the matches against the Czech Republic and Belarus for the Euro 2012 qualifiers.

The Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque has called up six players from FC Barcelona for the games that the selection will play against the Czech Republic and Lithuania for the qualifiers for Euro 2012. The invited are: Valdes, Pique, Sergio, Xavi, Iniesta and Villa . Two regular players in the calls for Del Bosque, Carles Puyol and Pedro Rodriguez, were not included in the list because it still recovering from his physical problems.

The Spanish team will face the Czech Republic on Friday, March 25 at the stadium in Los Cármenes of Granada. The second match against Lithuania will be held on Tuesday 29 March in Kaunas.

Four Barça players in the under - 21

This Friday, the Under-21 coach, Luis Milla, also announced the squad for the friendly match against Belarus on 28 March in which there are five Barça. The first team players and Fontàs Bojan and the Barça B Reuben Miño, Thiago and Martin Montoya . Remember that Milla called Marc Bartra and Carles Planas for friendly against France to be played March 24 in Reims. Under-21 coach has made ​​two different calls for these two games, so Bartra plans and will not play against Belarus. (via FCBarcelona.cat)