18 March 2011

Shakhtar opponent in the quarterfinals of the Champions League

FC Barcelona will meet in the quarterfinals of the Champions League Shakhtar Donetsk. The first leg will be played at the Nou Camp on April 6. Guardiola would be in the semifinals with the winner of Madrid, Tottenham, being back in Barcelona.

FC Barcelona's ballot was the fifth to come out in Nyon (Switzerland). When he has done has been to decide that the club would play the first leg of their quarter-final at home to Shakhtar Donetsk of Dmytro Chygrynskiy, the next team that has appeared in the draw. The way the Nou Camp will be played on Wednesday April 6 (between the party in the visit of Villarreal and Almeria) and return on Tuesday April 12 , four days before the visit to the Bernabeu and after having received at Almeria.

The other quarterfinal pairings were these: Madrid, Tottenham, Inter-Schalke and Chelsea-United.

The Madrid and Tottenham in the semi-finals

If the set of Guardiola than Shakhtar Donetsk, will meet in the semifinal round against the winner of the tie between Real Madrid and Tottenham. In this case, the first leg would be played in Madrid and London on 26 or 27 April and the return at the Nou Camp on 3 or 4 May .

If the qualifying teams are Madrid and Barca could live four classics in 19 days , the first being April 16 (League), the second on 20 April (Cup final) and for the last two semi-final Champions League.

In a hypothetical case to the final classification, FC Barcelona and knows it would be the home team in the final at Wembley, which will be played May 28. Guardiola whole avoided, then, to the final to Chelsea, Manchester United, Inter Milan and Schalke 04. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Juvenil B remains intractable

Juvenil B victory against the Hospital consolidates the Sergi Barjuan in front of the classification. A 7 games for juvenil B final eight points ahead at Espanyol.

In a day marked by the suspension of matches in the rain , these are the games of the quarry that played between Saturday evening and throughout Sunday.

FC Barcelona 2, L'Hospitalet 0

The rain did not affect the dispute of a match dominated by the guys from Sergi Barjuan. Cadete A midfielder Sergi Samper debuted with a Juvenil B hit that won thanks to auctioneer Bako in the 8th minute and David Babunski two minutes remaining.

EF Prat Blaugrana, 1 FC Barcelona 11

H have scored 11 goals till the boys Marc Serra. Guille, with five goals, was the top scorer. At the party were also targeted Iván , Nil, Adrià, Roger and Marc With all these goals, the guys have brought Marc Serra victory Blaugrana Prat field.

FCBarcelona C 2, Fontsanta-Fatjó 1

Benjamin C players are tax-Fatjó Fontsanta 2-1. Although at the start of the match both teams had several chances, was finally Aitor Lopez, who advanced to the Catalans. Shortly thereafter, Cornella have tied the game. Following a strategy to move from a corner, Jose Martinez scored the second goal of the players of Jordi Puig. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-21] Squad by Luis Milla for the match against Belarus

The National Coach has offered in the morning on Friday the list of players summoned for the friendly international match played Spanish selections and Belarus on 28 March 2011 at the Municipal Stadium Virgen del Val de Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). (via RFEF)

The players called up by national coach Luis Milla are:

ATHLETIC CLUB: Mikel San José Domínguez e Iker Muniain Goñi
CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: David De Gea Quintana y Álvaro Domínguez Soto
FC BARCELONA: Bojan Krkic Pérez, Thiago Alcántara Do Nascimento, Ruben Miño Peralta, Martín Montoya I Torralbo y Andreu Fontás Prat
RC DEPORTIVO DE LA CORUÑA SAD: Adrián López Álvarez y Rubén Pérez del Mármol
RCD MALLORCA: Emilio N'Sue López
GETAFE CF SAD: Daniel Parejo Muñoz
UD LAS PALMAS SAD: Jonathan Viera Ramos
AC MILAN: Didac Vila Roselló
SEVILLA FC SAD: Diego Capel Trinidad
VALENCIA CF SAD: Jordi Alba Ramos
REAL ZARAGOZA SAD: Ander Herrera Agüera.

Guti does not know about Abidal

José Manuel Gutiérrez " Guti "still did not know that happened to Abidal after 24 hours of hearing the news and despite having been around the world and have received support from players and athletes from various countries.

The former Real Madrid player, works as a sports commentator on the cadena SER for a couple of months, assessing the performances of their former teammates. The current player of Besiktas Turkish asked at the end of the p arty between Real Madrid and Olympique Lyon , "what about Abidal ? "before assessing the impact athletically.

" Guti "was surprised after the wonderful gesture of Real Madrid and the Olympique de Lyon who wore shirts with a message of support to the player of FC Barcelona . After a few seconds of silence and disbelief by the speaker, this ended up saying that it "summed up quickly."

Sweepstakes Champions: Guardiola is motivated by Tottenham

Pep Guardiola is, above all, a Barça 'sick' of football. So, as you would Rijkaard special pleasure in today's draw the rival of Barça was the Tottenham . A Pep motivates him about the possibility that his team play at White Hart Lane, one of the most legendary stage of the Premier . A stadium where, in addition, the Barça and played a Cup Winners' Cup semi-final of the season 81-82. At that time, Pep was only 11 years, but remember the game White Hart Lane with a lucky goal Olmo which served to tie (1-1) in the first leg. The round ended 1-0 for Barca , with a goal from Simonsen . In the final, which was played at the Nou Camp , Barca team won 2-1 at Standard Liege .

That tie against Tottenham is stuck in the memory of many Catalans as they were active in the England team good players as Hazard, Hoddle and Archibald , who years later ended up in the Barca . Today, the Tottenham is one of the top teams in the form of the Premier . With Bale , Van der Vaart , Lennon , Defoe , Modric and Crouch as top players, is characterized by an intense game and offensive.

When you do not want to be Pep Shakhtar 's Chygrynskiy , a team without complex that grows every year, with Brazilian winger of high quality and spectacular as Srna , and already has done a very bad time at Barça in both Champions and in the Super Cup of Europe . (via MD)

Used a less aggressive technique to operate Abidal

The procedure only requires practicing three or four incisions located to remove damaged tissue.

The surgeon who operated on Eric Abidal, Josep Fuster Obregón, performed laparoscopic intervention after checking the location of the tumor in the liver of players allowed to perform this procedure. This is a much less invasive technique that allows a faster postoperative and more bearable for the patient. Abidal is a week in Barnaclínic before returning to his home.

In practice laparoscopy incisions, three or four, depending on the needs observed by the surgeon between 0.5 and 1.5 centimeters to allow inserting a tube with a camera operative field (the laparoscope) and the instrumental required for removal of the damaged part. The entire team to perform this operation consists of a lamp (the light is transmitted by optical fibers), video equipment with displays that have the ability to record the proceedings on DVD and the part that is inserted into the patient's body .

It is standard procedure to carry out operations in the abdominal area, such as resection of gallbladder or appendicitis. The surgeon did not need to make an incision in the rib, which would have been approximately 25 centimeters, to practice the operation, which was performed under general anesthesia given the significance of it. Fuster Obregón made a partial hepatectomy, the technical name of the operation to remove the damaged area, a tumor of less than three inches which is already being studied. The tissue was transferred to the Department of Pathology, Hospital Clínic to proceed to the histological study, ie the organic analysis of the tumor.

Unlike laparotomy (open surgery), laparoscopy significantly reduces discomfort and possible complications during the postoperative process. It also shortens the period that the patient must spend in the clinic after surgery. Is a more comfortable and less traumatic for the person undergoing the surgery. During surgery, laparoscopy reduces the risk of bleeding, a very important aspect in all processes related to the liver, the organ responsible for clearing the blood, among other vital functions of paramount importance.

The costumes were very aware

The staff was very aware at all times of the Barnaclínic news coming about the operation of Abidal. Andrés Iniesta no doubt during the launch of the campaign "SOS Baby 'in sending the greatest encouragement to the French, who just then was in the operating room. "I send a big hug," said the midfielder. A message prompting applause from the attendees. (via SPORT)

Iniesta: "It is a pleasure to help people

Iniesta gave his support to the campaign "SOS Bebé 'from the Fundació Rosa Oriol and MRW for collecting diapers and baby formula for families in crisis.

Andres Iniesta took part yesterday in the presentation of the campaign "SOS Baby ', a project of the hand of the Foundation and Rosa Oriol MRW courier company aims to collect baby milk and diapers for families in crisis.

The midfielder went to a ceremony held at Children's Hospital of Sant Joan de Deu de Esplugues and was happy to put their two cents. "First of all thank you for the invitation. It's something nice to be here because it's always a pleasure to help people in need, "he said in his opening statement. At noon he was reminded that soon become a father. And Andrew confirmed that "a month" will be born first child. "I'm happy to live this experience," he said.

The Fuentealbilla stressed that "we have a privileged position" and he hopes the project "SOS Baby" will wait "a great future." Iniesta also remembered Abidal, who yesterday was operated for a tumor: "I send a hug," he said to applause from the audience. Among them was no Guardiola, but coach wanted to leave a message on a special day for Rosa Oriol Foundation. In some images that were projected in the room, the technician was committed to the campaign, "happy to help in an effort to make a better world."

Pep also referred to the importance of the smallest and the need everyone has the right to receive an education. "The future depends on children. We have a duty to them. Education is key to have a fairer society. " In this regard, he stressed the role of sport: "What I've learned most is that sport is the best educational tool for projecting values." For technical projects such as SOS Baby 'return to the world's faith in human beings. "You have to trust the only man missing!" He said.

The Dakar motorcycle champion Marc Comas also supported the campaign. The pilot was present at the event and was the last speaker, also highlights the importance of the project. "I am proud to put my two cents in this. It is a day to join forces. There is a long way to make an ever better. " (via SPORT)

Gerard Deulofeu, of class of matés to the orders of Guardiola

Young striker received the call to train with the first team while in college.

Had to be a day like any other for Gerard Deulofeu. Get up early, take the bus to school Leo XIII, eating and, in the afternoon, train with the Junior A Oscar Garcia. But an unexpected call changed plans Riudarenes player early in the morning, while attending a math class. Pep Guardiola required to train with the first team again, and now they're six, despite the promising end just turned 17 years (03/13/1994).

Gerard had to leave school at full speed and go immediately to the Ciutat Esportiva. But despite the rush could not avoid being five minutes late.

Obviously it was not his fault, he had been warned with little notice. However, skip the pitch five minutes later, the jokes easily holds some veterans like Victor Valdes who yelled pointing at the clock.

The new crack 'made in' club has come to a good start in the Barca dressing room. Aware of his enormous talent and meteoric progression, the older you have been treated with special delicacy in the six times he has shared a dressing room with them. And experts say that the young striker is set to become the future Messi Catalan, by their individual, his dribble and a way to meet one on one out of the ordinary.

The case of Girona player, runner-up in Europe with the sub 17, is exceptional. Barca came to youth football at age 9 and has since been burning at a higher rate categories that corresponded to age. Without going any further, Deulofeu would correspond to be in the Junior B, to be young freshmen. However, just half a month ago, on February 28, Catalan in the Barcelona B debut of Luis Enrique to the Córdoba, becoming the second youngest player in history to debut in the subsidiary.

Brash and off the field, his play has not gone unnoticed by some big European. But the fans are quiet, the club has no intention of letting him go. (via SPORT)

New opportunity for defense Milito

Maxwell and Adriano will take turns on the left side and Fontàs becomes new option as central .

The low indefinitely Eric Abidal opens new questions on the Barca defense: Andreu Font rising to the first team will supply the gap of the French player in the global template, but starting tomorrow, against Getafe, opens a new opportunity for Gabi Milito can enjoy quality minutes now and the end of the season. The Argentine, who has had little prominence this season, opted to stay in the winter market waiting for more opportunities and against Getafe could return to central defense in the starting lineup in the company of Gerard Piqué. Milito does not hold since the game that the club tied Gijón (1-1).

Adriano and Maxwell relieved to occupy in the absence of left-back Abidal, but Maxwell still has trouble after the match against Sevilla and is difficult to get to the game tomorrow in the best physical condition.

Carles Puyol is still injured, Gerard Piqué is the only undisputed center of the template, so it will Fontàs Milito and take turns as a couple of Catalan defender in the starting lineup, according to the plans of Guardiola.

Barça coach, however, and Sergio Busquets has been used as an option for the central defense in games like Athletic Bilbao and against Arsenal in the knockout round of Champions League final.

One of the most remote Guardiola could consider, depending on the opponent's body and casualties due to injury or penalty, is to place Mascherano in the heart of the defense, a position he has played sporadically. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "I always have a great love affair with Barcelona and Catalunya

Barça B coach this afternoon explained the reasons for his farewell in front of the subsidiary. The Spaniard has admitted that always have "a love affair with Barcelona and Catalonia, this is and will always be my home."

Luis Enrique has been fired from journalists at the press room of the Sports City with a "Visca Barça!" after appearing for nearly three quarters of an hour to explain the reasons for his farewell. "I always have a love affair with Barcelona and Catalonia, also with the Principality of Asturias and Gijón. Always keep it wherever you are. "

Guardiola, for many years

Affiliate coach, asked if this could harm him goodbye in their legitimate aspirations of someday coaching the first team, is clear that "Guardiola is the ideal person to be the first team now and in fifteen or twenty years: "Our personal and professional relationship has been perfect in three years. Help the first team and work all in one line is what we have done. It is worthwhile because we knew for many years and our relationship goes beyond the technical work between two of the same club. "

The group, above all

Luis Enrique thinks teamwork above individual interests has been the key to sporting success of the subsidiary in three years "is what I'm most proud of."

In this sense, the coach of Barça B until 30 June this year indicated, as a concept that causes most proud of his stage in front of the bench of the subsidiary: "The collective feeling that we had on the team since my arrival and to this day. Everyone has worked very hard and very well and the team's interests at all levels. This is the one that fills me with satisfaction. "

13 games and Huesca

The future beyond June 30 is not important. "For me the only concern from now until the season ends is, first, the game against Huesca, and then the 12 that remain. I move through challenges, and now we have all together a very interesting being the best branch of Barca in the second division of all history. "

Luis Enrique has stated that twice a subsidiary of Quique Costas finished in sixth position. Therefore, "to finish the season between the first and the fifth is the goal."

Not worried about their future

Many of the questions to Luis Enrique have focused on their future after leaving the bench of the subsidiary. "I can only control the last thirteen games. Then I do not know anything, not me pose to continue training. In summer, the family and then see what. I have been and am a different type. I can not afford to train more, or workout where I claim my work in very specific conditions. I do not rule my life continue to do marathons, bicycle races or return to as 'amateur' in the 'Ironman'. Again, do not know anything about my future. The family will, without doubt, the most important. "

With regard to journalistic speculation about his immediate future in some teams in the First, said that "if I do nothing": "All the teams that have come out [in the media] have very great coaches, all under contract, including the Sporting with Preciado. I repeat that I know nothing about my future. So I can continue to train many more years, and never return to a bench. "

Very happy Fontàs

The incorporation of the first team Andreu Font has been highly valued by Luis Enrique: "I think it's more than ready for this challenge. If Guardiola has considered is that it is. It is also a player with a human and sporting values ​​beyond any doubt. Working long, sometimes with the first team and know him. Is an example of patience, a term that many players and parents of these players would have to be considered. Messi has just uploaded the first team with 17 years. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa: "Here the players have a gear"

David Villa, one of the reinforcements of the season, becomes the guest of the 'Estació Camp Nou' which airs this Friday after 23 hours on Barca TV. The player talks about his time at the club where he is living the best moment

It is one of the front of reference in the current football scene. His style of play fits perfectly into the club, so Guardiola was clear: the 'gourd' had to be part of the project. Nobody doubted that Villa assimilate the philosophy of Barça game quickly. It is an old friend of the League and the selection where I had played with other players in the first team, but not everything has been so easy: "When you get to play alongside these colleagues, you realize it's difficult because they have a up more than the rest. You have to adapt very well and do well to play here. "

David Villa has very good friends in the template. Some already knew them, with others has started a good friendship. This is the case of Víctor Valdés: "We have our lockers next to each other and it does a lot, really enjoy it."

"It's a privilege to wear the Barça shirt."

The companions of clothing, first team coach, the greatness of the club caught the attention of the player always Spaniard is already an idol of the fans: "It's a privilege to be a member of staff because it's Barca difficult to get here, and any player would desire. " Villa is delighted with the Club and the city, and wants to live every moment intensely.

Confesses that he is very demanding of himself and his goal is to improve every day: "This is a very nice life and I have to make the most, I do not want to criticize anything the day I have to withdraw." But for David Villa hangs up his boots is still by far the player lives the peak of his career: "Thinking about retirement makes me sick", a gesture of anguish on his face attached to this comment.

"Traveling the same game day has given me quality of life"

Fully integrated into the discipline of the club, one of the elements that have been positively surprised by the fact of traveling on the same day of movements out of the League or Copa del Rey: "It's the biggest change I've experienced over the other clubs, I appreciate it a lot, gives you high quality of life. " The 'gauge' is a very familiar for that says: "There is nothing like sleeping as long as possible with my wife and my daughters, and if one day this changes do not know how I will adapt."

At home in the Villa and are all Catalans, their eldest daughter asked for a kit when he saw his father dressed for Barca. It was the day of his presentation, one of the happiest moments for the player. 35,000 people waiting for him at the Stadium: "I did not expect so many people, I was impressed." He added: "I get the willies when I see the pictures." And is that Villa is one of those people who live fully. David, as he is known in Tuilla, his people grew up with soccer ball on his feet, tenacious and a fighter has managed to grow and overcome any obstacle, now it's the reward. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Eto'o, more than a 'killer'

Having won three Champions League , two of them consecutively with Barça in 2009 and Inter in 2010, do not satisfy the hunger for titles Samuel Eto'o . A just turned 30 years, Cameroon is reinvented every season and his performance suffers only play '9 ', by the band or lagging position. Still fighting every ball as if it were a promise but does not live only on the goal: the experience allows you to expand your repertoire of resources.

On Tuesday, in Munich, Eto'o just caught on a great match. Met 0-1 with a goal of 'killer' and, while not ceasing to be a constant nuisance for Bayern, gave two assists to Sneijder and that allowed the Inter Pandev starring in a historic comeback and continue to defend their crown.

'Samu' is not just, with 8 goals, the top scorer in the Champions League alongside Messi and Mario Gomez. It is the third player with more assists (4) behind Carlos Martins (Benfica) and Aaron Lennon (Tottenham), 5. Eto'o fell out with only behind the German team and colleagues infected the courage and unwavering faith in the comeback. The result was the ball swiped it and gave in to Pandev Breno to Bayern knocked out.

The arrival of Malpensa International Airport caused delirium among the fans of Inter. Eto'o was one of the most acclaimed. Hero, huge, gigantic and legendary are adjectives that the media focuses on a player in 2010, besides winning five titles, edged out Peter Barca and became the first to score in seven different competitions, World and Africa Cup including Cameroon. This season totaling 36 goals. Serie A is the third leading scorer with 19, five more than Ibra, and also has six assists.

Julius Caesar wanted to vanish

Who will not forget the tie, for his mistakes, is Julius Caesar. And missed the first leg at San Siro (0-1) and, overwhelmed, the target returned home on foot after the game. On Tuesday admitted that miscue seconds after the 1-1 "wanted to return to Milan with my family and outside, walking horse ...", but the rest cheered his companions. (via MD)

Milan do not forget Maxwell

'Tuttosport' ensures that Milan has become interested in ...

The group has allegedly asked rossonero Maxwell in the market last winter but not in detail, finally happens.

The Brazilian has experience in the Calcio, after playing for Inter and the Italian newspaper claims that Guardiola prefers Adriano now and that, therefore, would welcome a transfer at Barça.

Either way, the truth is that in San Siro have not been forgotten and left back Maxwell could return to Italy. (via SPORT)

The drop of Abidal could accelerate the operation Bale

Falling Eric Abidal , who now will have surgery to remove the tumor located in the liver , could precipitate varaniegos reinforcements in the FC Barcelona ahead of next season, and in particular that of Gareth Bale , the left side of Tottenham which also intend to open the Inter Milan and Manchester United.

Pending the outcome of the biopsy of Abidal, the Catalan club , through its vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu, says he will not sign any players to fill the vacancy that will leave the French , whose position in the first team will be occupied by defender Andreu Font subsidiary.

Still, Bale has become one of the most cherished signings ahead of next season, and depending on what happens to the health of Abidal, negotiations with Tottenham could accelerate, especially taking into account that Barca already have two serious competitors left in the operation such as the Inter and Manchester United , a fierce competition will force up the bid for the Welsh international 21.

From England claim that the transfer will cost a minimum of 46 million euros , an offer already covered the Inter last January. The opposing coach of the Spurs, Harry Redknapp, stopped the transfer. (via AS)

Abidal, operated

The player had surgery this afternoon to Dr. Josep Fuster Obregón Barnaclínic, the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona group, the tumor in the liver.

During the intervention, which has lasted approximately three hours, he has been able to practice, laparoscopic complete excision of the lesion without further incident.

Depending on the clinical outcome, the player may discharge from hospital in approximately one week.

At the express wish of the player, the Club requests the utmost respect for the right to privacy and confidentiality. (via FCBarcelona.cat)