17 March 2011

Valdés on doping: "We do not hide anything"

FC Barcelona goalkeeper sent a new message of support to his partner Eric Abidal and said "it would be important to dedicate the win against Getafe."

The players of FC Barcelona , who have lived one week in preparation atypical match against Getafe , have their minds set on the operation of Eric Abidal , who was removed this afternoon a liver tumor was diagnosed Tuesday by night.

Today he appeared at a news conference the meta Victor Valdes , who has returned to send a message of support to his partner and says that everything will be fine because "Abidal is a very positive person and has great strength to keep going." Valdes hopes to give joy to the side on Saturday: "It is important to dedicate a win. Certainly we will. The most important victory is the one to win it. is very strong and sure will succeed . The news was a blow to peer . His visit was important. We encouraged all doing even jokes. This will be recovered soon and fast, secure. "

Valdes faced a new question on the latest allegations of doping that have been made ​​on the Catalan club: "People can say. Do not know where it comes from, but we are all outside . What we do is have fun playing football and fulfill our obligation is to win titles. No one can doubt this team . People have freedom of opinion. Fortunately, the team reflects the values ​​that go beyond football. We do not hide anything. If we have to go twenty controls, we will make . "

Champions on the draw tomorrow, the goal is not opted for any of the seven potential opponents: "I do not. If you see the list of competitors, everyone is very strong. Anyone will be tough and I have no affection for any team. From the outside it appears that is not known, but the coaching staff is a very good job. "

Víctor Valdés continues the storyline of his coach Pep Guardiola and agree that League has always been: "We have very difficult games we and them. What is left is final. We must win and stop looking back. The greater the difference there, better. I want to win all three titles. "

Falling Abidal has been replaced in the club Fontás , that from now part of the first team but with information about the subsidiary, "Fontàs already demonstrated its potential in Almeria. There has to prove anything. The fans should be quiet . not only by those who must supply temporarily, but for the coming future, "he said. (via AS)

[Barça B] Fontàs, a replacement guarantee

Andreu Font remainder of the season features the work dynamics of the first team. Despite his youth (21 years), Font is a player who already has experience in all Guardiola.

The first team debut for Andreu Font , until now one of the defensive concerning Barça B of Luis Enrique , dates back to August 31, 2009, when he played the final minutes of Barça-Sporting in the first round of the 2009 season / 10. Since then, its shares with all Guardiola have been on time but more than correct. With him on the field, the team has not received a goal. It is a replacement guarantee for Eric Abidal.

Five matches

The Sporting is not the only game Fontàs with the first team in 2009/10. The player, born in Banyoles, repeated participation on Barca-Cultural Cup (5-0) in the Camp Nou. They play more than half an hour and again the team did not concede a goal.

It was the 2010/11 academic year, however, when Fontàs has been one of the most active players B in the first team. He played a total of three parties-one competition, and all starts. Barca are the Ceuta-Cup (0-2), the Almería-League Barça (0-8) and Barça Champions Rubin Kazan (2-0).

An assist and a goal

Sporting the dorsal '26 '(in the Barça B takes the '5'), Fontàs has had remarkable performances in these five games played . The day of 0-8 in Almeria, a pass that favors the 0-4, work of Pedro , it's yours. Displacement is a brilliant long left the canary alone. This is the first touch of the left-handed talent. The second arrives in Europe with his first goal as Barca: a shot of his, after a great move for Thiago, a defender deflects the opponent and is 1-0.

Fontàs in the Barca youth ranks since 2007, has also participated in the last two first-team tour in the United States in 2009 and Asia in 2010. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano and Alves work with the group

The presence of Adriano Alves with the rest of the group is the most important news of the meeting on Thursday. Have been exercised to prepare the match against Getafe 19 players, 15 first team, three of Barça B and one from Juvenil A.

FC Barcelona continues with the preparation of commitment League this Saturday at the Camp Nou against Getafe . Undoubtedly, the good news of the training that took place this Thursday at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper is the reintegration into the rest of the group of Alves and Adriano . Recall that on Wednesday the two players worked on the lawn, but independently and accompanied by a recovery to improve the nuisance which had the effect of the match at the Sanchez Pizjuan.

Five absences

As it did in the preparatory session on Wednesday, in addition to the known casualties injured Puyol and Abidal , who on Thursday will be treated surgically for tumor in the liver, have not jumped onto the pitch Messi, Pedro and Maxwell , they have been doing gym work . Recall that both Maxwell -with complaints of right thigh adductor, as Pedro , who has a serious groin injury, is doubtful for the commitment to Getafe. Messi , meanwhile, is recovering from a severe contusion on his right knee, and he shall evolution that marks the availability for Saturday's game.

Thus, Josep Guardiola has had fifteen players first team for this training. Have also been practiced by the same three players from Barça B that they have done in the last session, ie Miño, Montoya and Font , as well as Gerard Deulofeu of Juvenil A. In total, then, 19 players in the second-week training with a view to preparing the engagement Saturday at the Camp Nou.

The first team will work out this Friday , in a preparatory session will be closed and will be held at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper after 11 hours . Then, Josep Guardiola will address the media at the press conference after the match against Getafe on Saturday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

A feel good Messi Getafe

Leo Messi has scored in the last four matches against Getafe FC Barcelona. In addition, Argentina has been instrumental in the other four goals Barca team has scored against Madrid in recent games.

Four goals in the last four matches against Getafe. If there is a Barca player that defenses 'Geta' does not want to see even in a picture, this is Leo Messi. The Argentine has become a nightmare for the Madrid team in recent years. And not only for the goals he has scored at Getafe, but because their participation has been decisive in the last 4 wins Barca before Michel.

11/07/2010. Getafe 1 - Barcelona 3

In the first round match played in Getafe, Messi opened the scoring finishing off an assist from Villa. The Argentine was also decisive in achieving the other two goals for Barça. She attended Villa in the play of 0-2 and combined with Peter Barca's third goal.

02/06/2010. Barça 2 - Getafe 1

Barca won by 2-1 in an eventful match. The Catalans finished with nine players for the expulsion of Pique and Marquez, but he too worked up three points. Messi was again the most decisive player scoring the first goal and assisting on the play of Xavier 2-0.

09/12/2009 Getafe 0 - Barça 2

Barca equalized to zero at the break with Messi on the bench. The Argentine came into the second half and, along with Iniesta, revolutionized the game. Ibrahimovic opened the scoring finishing off a center of Abidal after Leo Messi action started from the midfield. The Argentine rounded off the victory scoring the second goal Barca to top off an assist from Ibra head.

12/04/2009 Getafe 0 - Barcelona 1

Five months earlier, on the same stage, Messi was again the nightmare of Getafe. Scored the only goal of the game with an action "house brand" with a powerful left footed shot from inside the area. It was the most dangerous striker a deserved thrashing Barca after a great display of football .

4 matches, 4 wins, 4 goals and 3 assists. A spectacular streak Messi certainly want to continue this Saturday to dedicate the win to Eric Abidal. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

UEFA have made a surprise doping test to 10 Barça players

Doctors of UEFA have made a surprise doping test today to 10 players in the club. Are routine and periodic checks. Messi, Afellay, Xavi, Villa, Jeffren, Pique, Pinto, Iniesta, Valdes and Mascherano have been chosen in the second UEFA's control. (via FCB twitter account)

Andreu Barca bid to lower Fontàs after Abidal

The decision is made. Barca will not go to the market in search of an emergency signing to cover the floor of Eric Abidal. Although international law allows federal contracting out of time to be a sick leave, the club immediately ruled out the arrival of center. The season has entered the final straight and it is time to improvise with players. The most reliable solution is in the subsidiary, as always, and Font (Banyoles, November 14, 1989) provides absolute confidence the coaching staff Barca in this final stretch of the season in which three titles are at stake.

No meetings or even a two or three days of reflection and mature to weigh the pros and cons. At the Nou Camp have all agreed that it is time to rush, Pep Guardiola was the first to discard the idea. Puyol is very close to returning to the pace of training the first team after almost two months out with a knee injury and the squad is ready to cover the remainder of its recurrence, or as a third central defender or as a starter. She has performed as the 'major' in all competitions, Cup, League and Champions League-known movements and systems to the point of having given goal and an assist Peter in Almeria and the coach pointed ago some time as a generational change. Yesterday is exercised in the Ciutat Esportiva will remain until the conclusion of the campaign.

So far this season, Piqué has become the central reference while playing 37 games of the 46 officers. Had all potential partners and agreed Fontàs holder in the match against Rubin in December. However, Pep has shown that it has many letters on the sleeve. Milito natural replacement, although his appearances dosing. Busquets is aimed as an alternative and Mascheranoya know what it is to play more delayed. And, of course, the return of Puyol. The center of La Pobla be in the final of the Copa del Rey on 20 April Mestalla. (via MD)

Barca controls Ezekiel, the author of the penalty can not

The names of FC Barcelona and Ezequiel Ezequiel Calvente , 20 years young talent of Real Betis Balompié, are being linked in the last hours in Seville because of an alleged monitoring the Catalan club would be making the green and white pearl. Ezekiel's case would have no greater significance than the hundreds of controls performed by the Barça players all over the world if not for this player starred in almost two years ago a curious story that was related to the FC Barcelona team, particularly with the then FC Barcelona player Thierry Henry.

All born in the European U19 Championship in July 2010. In a match of the Spanish team led by Luis Milla against Italy and 2-0 in the score, a penalty that led Ezequiel Calvente asked to pull. Was prepared to hit the ball with his right leg, but surprised everyone, including of course the Italian goalkeeper, when at the last moment did the leg support, achieving a goal. He soon tried to baptize this move as' Ezequinha ' and after the game the player admitted that he had been inspired by an ad featuring Thierry Henry.

Now, after and 20 months after that, the play has come to view memory information that are occurring around the player. Betis president, Rafael Gordillo, recently admitted that Benfica had made an offer of two million euros for him and the club had rejected, and late hours is the club which has jumped into the arena of information.

Ezequiel Calvente is considered one of the great promises for the future of Spanish football . He started playing at age four and their parents have had to falsify their file so that I could do at that age. Its great virtue is the one on one, something they say Denilson learned in the home garden as practiced as a child. It was the Brazilian's agent, Antonio Barrera, who welcomed this draft does not go unnoticed phenomenon at Barça. (via MD)

[Selection Under-21] Call for the France - Spain

And you can consult the list of players called for the international friendly match between the Spanish and French teams U-21, which will be held March 24 in Auguste Delaune stadium in Reims (France). (via RFEF)

CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: Joel Robles Blázquez y Francisco Mérida Pérez
FC BARCELONA: Marc Bartra Aregall y Carles Planas Antolinez
DERBY COUNTY FC: Daniel Sánchez Ayala
HÉRCULES CF SAD: Francisco Femenia Far “Kiko”
LIVERPOOL FC: Daniel Pacheco Lobato
MÁLAGA CF SAD: Ignacio Camacho Barnola y José Luis García del Pozo “Recio”
REAL MADRID CF: Sergio Canales Madrazo, José Ignacio Fernández Iglesias “Nacho” y Juan Carlos Pérez López
REAL SOCIEDAD F. SAD: Asier Illarramendi Andonegui
SEVILLA FC SAD: Rodrigo Ríos Lozano
VILLARREAL CF SAD: Mario Gaspar Pérez Martínez, Iago Falqué Silva y Diego Mariño Villar

The above players will focus on Monday 21 March at 13.00 am in the Hotel Tryp Alameda Aeropuerto, Avenida de Logroño, 100. Phone 91. 747. 48. 00. fax 91 747.89.28, Barajas (Madrid).
On Tuesday March 22 at 9:10 pm in the flight IB3436, will travel to Paris / Orly, arriving at 11.05, continuing the road trip to Reims.

Rosell: "We will do everything in our power and more"

The president Sandro Rosell has shown full support and solidarity of FC Barcelona to Eric Abidal, to be operated on Thursday of a tumor in the liver. "Abi, the club you want," said the president.

Sandro Rosell , accompanied by Vice President Josep Maria Bartholomew, the director Jordi Mones , and technical director Andoni Zubizarreta , he moved to the homes of play Tuesday night, to air support for the player and his family. Also, made ​​available to Éric Abidal all medical resources available to the Club to contribute to the recovery of French defender.

After this visit, the president of FC Barcelona said that "Barça is at 100% with the person of Eric Abidal. The Club will do everything within our institution and more so that he can recover. " Sandro Rosell is clear that "health is above any aspect of life." He added: "Abi, the club wants you."

As reported by the Club Medical Services, the player will eventually underwent surgery on Thursday at 16 hours in Barnaclínic, Hospital Clínic group. The reason for further intervention (initially planned for Friday) is that Barnaclínic has re-engineered its agenda of operating rooms.

The professional football team manager, Andoni Zubizarreta, he spoke to Barça TV and state www.fcbarcelona.cat Abidal after to talk to him on Tuesday night: "Who knows Abidal know it's optimism, vitality, joy. This is not a joyous occasion but it is very full, very focused. " He added that the player "has taken us all this sense of peace and that we must address as before."

Éric Abidal this morning visited his colleagues in the Sports City. Zubizarreta has explained that "although one is never prepared" to receive this news, believes that "being together has a certain point of therapy." Besides sporting director hopes that this situation "join us and make us stronger."

As for the sporting aspects, Zubizarreta knows that for a while may not have to Abidal on the computer but have team players such as Font or to replace Montoya.

During these months the sport of professional football management is working on the renovation of Eric Abidal. Zubi said that "continue to work. The situation is rare but will continue working as normal and move forward with other renovations. "

From 29,904 to 4,019 request, to Valencia

Members of FC Barcelona with a request number between 29,904 and 4,019 have been fortunate in the draw for tickets to the Cup final in Valencia.

This Wednesday at 10 hours has taken place in the Press Room Ricard Maxenchs notary to draw the allocation of tickets for the final of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid . The number of applications from which they have begun to award entries is 29,904 . The latter will be the 4019 .

Bear in mind that each partner could make only one request for an entry to his name, but in one form had the opportunity to register up to four requests of members, in case they wanted to travel together.

For the party of Mestalla , next April 20 , sought 72 767 entries encompassed in 32,514 applications . The Club offers 13,406 tickets for members for this match. The great excitement that has generated this end has made ​​the assignment is in need of a drawing made ​​by a computer program, in this case, validated by the notary Gerard Conesa.

On Wednesday evening we will know the final request number that will travel to Valencia.

From that day until 16 and March 18 , the Club will contact members through the mail graceful that occurred in the time of registration to request tickets.

The first step in the allocation of tickets after the first number of request will ensure that partners are aware of payment and have not opened any disciplinary action by the Club.

With partners that meet these requirements, they will begin to award the routes to requests fortunate. Notify the Club members awarded the process to be followed for the tickets.

The collection of these entries will be from 4 to 12 April (except the 9th and April 10th is a weekend) at the desk of FC Barcelona. Monday to Thursday, 8.30 am to 18.30 h. and Friday from 8.30 pm to 14.30 h.

At the time of registration, data entry is called a bank card. If it is graceful in the draw will be charged automatically and immediately the amount of the reservation. If you can not make the payment, you will lose the vested right of purchase.

Recall that the price of tickets for the final of the King's Cup in Valencia against Real Madrid is between 60 and 250 euros . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Leo Messi, the star of the new Adidas ad

Leo Messi , one of the best players in the world, is the star of the new Adidas ad campaign. Under the motto "Adidas is all in ', the German sporting goods firm has launched a new spot with which purport to reflect the plurality of brand products.

To make visible the presence that has this signature sport in different areas of society, the spot has merged the worlds of sport, music and fashion, and has had the participation of many internationally known faces.

In sporting terms appear next to Leo Messi , the fellow footballer David Beckham and NBA star Derrick Rose . The scope of the song is represented by singer Katy Perry and rapper BoB . And finally, the designer Jeremy Scott as ambassador to the world of fashion.

With the song "Civilization" of the French group Justice background, the ad wants to convey the message that the protagonists of their spot whatever the challenge, always give everything together with passion. " (via MD)

Dismissed the action against Villa

Victory for David Villa in the courts. Judge of First Instance and Instruction number two Avilés has decided to reject any request made entirely by Barca exrepresentante José Luis Tamargo .

Judge Ricardo Bardas has also imposed the payment of court costs to plaintiff, the player exrepresentante José Luis Tamargo, Villa claiming that six million euros on the grounds that there had been a breach of contract and had taken advantage of his work to be transferred from the Catalan club Valencia.

In particular, Tamargo claimed 15 percent of 40 million euros of the transfer to conclude that the conditions were negotiated by him in the summer of 2009, frustrated after talks with Real Madrid and an English club, and Spaniard player had broken his contract unilaterally linking its representative.

In the trial on March 2, both Villa and the former Barca president Joan Laporta and two club sports administrators denied that there had been a Tamargo brokerage in 2010, while the president and vice president of Valencia, Manuel Llorente and Javier Gómez, respectively, said their action had not been influential player for the transfer of Asturias.

At sentencing, the judge held that Villa lost their confidence and terminated its contractual relationship with Tamargo before his contract is extended automatically and that it was after that decision when he decided to hire another agent, who was in charge of managing the signing of the player for the club. (via SPORT)

Getafe come with four low

Oscar Alfredo Ustari, Getafe goalkeeper, trained normally for the first time after suffering a broken jaw and could return to the call to visit with his team to Barcelona .

The Argentinian goalkeeper was injured during the match played in Madrid set against Malaga on 13 February when Julio Baptista struck. Since then, and after going through surgery, has missed five league games.

Two weeks ago he began to train alone on the lawn of the Sports City of Getafe, last started playing ball and it worked with their peers.

The rest of the day was also marked by the presence of José Manuel Jiménez "Mané", which looks set to recover from a torn muscle in his right leg semimembranosus and now runs a solo on the training ground of his team. The left-back will definitely play in the Nou Camp.

In Barcelona's stadium will not be injured Jaime Gavilan, and Rafael López Adrián Colunga. Through suspension, will not travel Derek Boateng, while Nicolás Fedor "Miku" return to the starting after seeing the game against Athletic from the stands having to complete the cycle of five yellow cards. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Henry and Marquez enjoy together in the NBA

Rafa Marquez and Thierry Henry lost no time in New York. While enjoying their American adventure in the MLS leading the New York Red Bull also have time to share their free time.

The French striker and the Mexican defense came to Madison Square Garden to watch live the appeal of the NBA meeting between the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics.

Both enjoyed the spectacle in the front row but far from satisfied gained access to the locker room to be seen with the top stars who gathered at the meeting.

Marquez Henry and squandered the opportunity to be photographed with some of the players as the basis of the Celtics, Rajon Rondo, who hung up instantly on your Twitter account.

"Thierry Henry stood in the locker room after the game ...", wrote in the network.

And is that the basis of the Celtics seemed to recognize the French striker but did the same with Mexican defender ...

[Former player] Saviola positive for a breathalyser test

Javier Saviola, who plays for Benfica Lisbon, was intercepted by police in Portugal at the wheel of his car with an alcohol level above the permitted level, which is 0.5 milligrams.

According to several Portuguese media reported the incident occurred last week in the streets of Lisbon after a dinner which celebrated the birthday of the bride Saviola, Romanella Amato.

"It's very sad and sorry. He did not realize he had drunk more than usual. They grabbed him with 0.8 (milligrams)," he told the newspaper "Correio da Manha" a source close to the front.

Benfica confirmed the case and said he is aware of everything that happened. "It is an exemplary player and an ideal man, who just made a mistake that will not recur," said a spokesman for the law club.Según Portuguese, Saviola, who played among others in the River Plate in his country, as well as Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​is at risk of losing your driver's license for a period of three months. It is not the first time a South American player of Benfica is intercepted driving with a blood alcohol level is not allowed.

In January 2007, the Brazilian international defender Luisão recorded a rate of 1.33 milligrams of alcohol per liter of air respirado.En that occasion, the Brazilian was sentenced to 40 hours of community service. (via SPORT)

The next league, from 21 August to 13 May 2012

In 2012 there tournament. Four-day championship will be played midweek. The Cup final will be played on May 25 and the Champions League, the 19th.

The draft calendar for the 2011-12 League that advanced the director Javier Hoyos Carrusel Deportivo SER will be conditioned by the final stage of Euro Nations Championship in Poland and Ukraine. The League would begin on 21 August and end on May 13 . There would be four days on Wednesday. The final of the Copa del Rey be played on Friday 25 May. On Wednesday, 9 of the same month is the final of the Europa League and on Saturday will play the final 19 of the Champions League . From 11 to 18 December is set by the Club World Cup.

In principle, keeping the Christmas break of two weeks, but will have to wait for the negotiations of new collective agreement must maintain with the Football Association, as the former has been reported by the clubs themselves. Nor can we forget that the group of top teams at this time wanted to follow the example of the Premier, which do not rest and play various games.

The promotion of promotion from second to first will begin play on Wednesday, June 6 and end on 17 March. And left to fix the dates for friendly matches and preparation for the European Team who wants to include the Spanish Federation. In July, the Assembly would make the final draft. (via AS)

[Ex player] Stoichkov shows his more caring side

The Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov exfutbolista has shown its support for relief efforts of the European Union (EU) and the UN Organization for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for those affected by the food crisis in 2010, the region suffered African Sahel.

FAO said in a statement, the former player of Barcelona has recently visited several projects funded by this UN agency in Burkina Faso, with a delegation of the European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL, its acronym in English) .

There, Stoichkov has seen first hand the effects of the crisis in the Sahel last year, which particularly affected the rural population depends on agriculture, and the work that both the EU and FAO carried out to help thousands of families affected by drought and torrential rains.

"It is vital to ensure that disaster-affected people can return to feed again. A good team wins. Together we can defeat hunger," said the exfutbolista in Burkina Faso, in a statement that includes the FAO statement.

"Football gives hope. As a kid, I was starving. While you're playing, not think about it," he added.

For Burkina Faso, FAO has received around 1.8 million euros from the EU, which has been used for livestock feed supply and to support the creation of urban gardens and the development of training programs, reaching 80,000 people .

"We need to do more and we must act quickly if we are to prevent adults and children die of starvation," the note said the European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Assistance and Crisis Response, Georgieva.

"In times of economic crisis and a growing number of disasters, good coordination between the various humanitarian actors is not only necessary but essential. This is even the way better-and cheaper-to fulfill the commitment they have assumed world leaders to end hunger, "he adds.

EPFL joined FAO in 2008 to launch the campaign "Professional Football Against Hunger", which also recently joined the EU as a new partner. (via SPORT)

Xavi: "It's the hardest hit"

FC Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez spoke on Wednesday about the tragedy being experienced teammate Eric Abidal, who has a tumor in the liver, and stressed that it is "hit harder" than he has lived in a locker room.

"It's the worst situation I have lived in a locker room. It is a very sad day for us all. They are very difficult times for them and their family," said Xavi Hernandez on the disease detected teammate Eric Abidal.

The French defender visited his teammates Wednesday, a day before the operation, and Xavi said: "We asked that everything remains the same. Almost he gave us more encouragement to us than we to him."

The Terrassa confessed that few had the desire to exercise but said: "On Saturday we will try to dedicate the victory." "Abidal is a very strong person and an example to the locker room," he said.

Regarding the controversy generated by the insinuations of doping practices expressed by the Cadena COPE, Xavi said "are spending a few limits." "They are very strong accusations that have nothing to do with sports, football and the club. Have been told lies very large but we are very calm," he said. (via SPORT)