16 March 2011

Rosell, "Barça will do everything and more for Eric Abidal"

"Barça is at 100% with the person of Eric Abidal. Health is above any aspect in life. Abi, the club you want," said club president.

The Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has ensured that the entity that presides will do everything in its power "as long as Eric Abidal , who tomorrow will be involved to detectársele a tumor in the liver , "they can recover."

In a statement made ​​to media Barca, Rosell said that Barcelona is one hundred percent "with the player .

Precisely, the chairman, accompanied by Vice President Josep Maria Bartholomew, the director Jordi Mones, and technical director Andoni Zubizarreta, Abidal visited last night in their home to convey its support to the player and his family.

At the same meeting, Rosell told the player that the club would make its "all medical resources available" to assist their recovery.

" Barca is 100% with the person of Eric Abidal . The club will do everything within our institution and more so that he can recover.'s health is above any aspect in life. Abi, the Barcelona loves you , "said Barcelona president.

Since he has known the news, social networks have turned to infuse courage to Barcelona player , who has received expressions of support from fellow players, officials and a large number of fans.

Finally, as reported by the Club Medical Services, the player will eventually be operated on tomorrow, Thursday at 16 pm in. (via AS)

Session with many absences

The club has resumed training on Wednesday to prepare for the match against Getafe. Have jumped to the grass of the Ciudad Deportiva 15 first team players, telling Alves and Adriano, who have done work outside of Barcelona, ​​and 3 B.

After the draw in the Sánchez Pizjuán and have enjoyed two holidays, the group led by Josep Guardiola has returned to training on Wednesday in order to begin preparing for the next game that will face league on Saturday at the Camp Nou , against Getafe .

The Wednesday's meeting has been heavily influenced by the absences. And remember that up to five players - Alves, Adriano, Maxwell, Peter and Messi - ended with discomfort after the match in Seville. Nor have they been on the pitch the injured Puyol and Abidal , who on Thursday will be treated surgically for tumor in the liver.

Adriano Alves and work outside

Participated in this preparatory session, which took place at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper after 11 hours, a total of 18 players , 15 of the first team and three of the subsidiary. However, it is notable that the group's first team Alves and Adriano , the first with a bruised tendon in his right ankle perineal, and the second with a contraction in the soleus of the left leg, has done field work outside the rest of the group and accompanied by a stove.

Treatment Maxwell, Peter and Messi

As for the other three players now, that is, Maxwell, Pedro and Messi, in the three cases have been doing treatment . Recall that both Maxwell -with complaints of right thigh adductor, as Pedro , who has a serious groin injury, is doubtful for the commitment to Getafe . Messi , meanwhile, is recovering from a severe contusion on his right knee, and he shall evolution that marks the availability for Saturday's game.

16 players available for Guardiola

Thus, normally worked 13 first team players, in addition to Montoya, Fontàs y Miño of Barça B, which completed the group. Under an overcast day without rain, the club has started the session with the usual warm up and the Rondos.

Abidal visiting fellow

Tuesday was known as Eric Abidal had been detected in the liver tumor to be treated surgically on Thursday. The French player has passed Wednesday by the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper before beginning training for their peers. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[OFFICIAL] Abidal to be operated on this Thursday

A tumour in Barça’s French international defender Eric Abidal’s liver has been detected and the player will be operated on this Thursday.

A tumour in Barça’s French international defender Eric Abidal’s liver has been detected and the player will be operated on this Thursday. Following the detection of the tumour Eric Abidal will be operated on at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona this Friday by Doctor Josep Fuster Obregon.

In accordance with the specific wishes of the player himself, the Club would like to demand the maximum respect for his privacy at this moment. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Shock in the world of the sport for Abidal

The world of football and sport turned to the French defense against perilous plight they face.

Eric Abidal is not alone in its fight against liver tumor has been diagnosed. His family, friends and colleagues in the Barca dressing room turned to the French international only aware of the news. They were not alone. On a night of Champions, the world of football and sport only had words for a man: Eric Abidal. Social networks were filled with messages of support to the defense.

"I show my love and my support for Eric Abidal. Sure everything will go well, he deserves ...", wrote his partner Andres Iniesta on Twitter. "Ànims Abidal," he added the president Sandro Rosell. "We're all with you. You are strong and get over it for sure! "He urged the captain Carles Puyol. "All the love in the world to Abi. 'll Recover, crack! Many force kid! "Wrote Gerard Piqué. "The super safe, you are very strong. Abidu encourage ...", said Adriano. "Many spirits. As always win. A hug, Abi, "I wanted Joan Laporta. "Courage and Strength! We are all with you! "Signed Ferran Soriano.

"What news so bad," said Luis Enrique, Barcelona coach B. "I encourage Abi. In such difficult situations, the rivalry no longer exists. "What more sad news about Eric Abidal, a tumor in the liver! Let's pray for him. May God bless you! "Wrote the Madrid Kaká on Twitter. "I hope all goes well and come back soon," he noted Cristiano Ronaldo. "A lot of very strong mind and Eric Abidal. Bad news for football. You have to enjoy every day forever, "noted Cesc Fabregas. His partner in Van Persie Arsenal wished him "a speedy recovery. I wish him well. " Spain's Javier Chica wrote: "A lot of force! Hugs! ".

Luis Filipe (Atletico Madrid), Abidal referred to as "a phenomenon in and out of the field, no doubt you're going to overcome." "We do not make for trouble .... Abidal ... Much luck!! "Escibía Andrés Palop (Sevilla). The former Barcelona Marc Crosas claimed to be "in shock, but still strong as it is, I have no doubt he will recover soon" Ronaldo said he was "very sad" and wished him a speedy recovery. Forlan (Atletico) wrote: "A lot of courage to Abidal and his family. Sure everything goes well. Luck. " De Gea, Atletico Madrid goalkeeper, gave encouragement to 'Abidal and Miki Riqué (Betis), two great athletes, "which added support to the Rossi (Villarreal) and even Rio Ferdinand (M. United):" My thoughts are with you ".

Capitalized on social networks

Eric Abidal's illness sparked a wave of solidarity in social networks. A few minutes after hearing the news, Twitter had created a 'hashtag', a kind of label, with the heading 'ànims Abibal. " In less than an hour, the message of support became 'trending topic', or what the same, on the topic of the moment, the world's most widely read. Facebook also occurred in the messages of support to the French international defender, a guy who has been wanting both in the dressing room at the Camp Nou and between Catalans fans around the world. (via SPORT)

Continue samples of athletes and celebrities love to Abidal

Many athletes and artists used the loudspeaker network that represents the 'Twitter' to send their support for Eric Abidal Barcelona player, who on Friday will have surgery on a tumor in the liver.

Juanjo Brau: "Abu, you know that this template you want. We are on your side!

Joan Laporta: "Eric, many minds, as they always win. A hug Abi! Jan"

Luis Suarez: "I have bad news for Abidal. I send all my love and support. I wish you all the luck in the world"

Dani Martínez: "As I'm sorry about Abidal, FCB's best player this season. Grande Abidal and much encouragement from Nonsense The Fair."

Jeffren: "Abi, you always brother! It loves you"

Kun Agüero: "Courage Abidal! We are with you! We can overcome!"

Alejandro Sanz: "All the love and support for Abidal. A hug and strength!"

Codina: "Much encouragement Abidal I hope he recovers quickly!"

Elsa Anka: "All the support and love for Abidal. Everything will be fine!"

Manu Tenorio: "All the love and support for Abidal at this very hard"

Andre Castro: "A big hug, Abidal, everything will be okay. Many strength."

Cuellar: "On days like today we are all people and we are not fans ... you crack! Abidal Courage!"

Edmilson: "Much I encourage my friend Eric. God bless you very much." (via SPORT)

Barça players will also show support for Eric Abidal

The world of sport, in particular, football has turned to Eric Abidal as a result of the difficult situation that is going through. His teammates have been quick to show their support.

- Carles Puyol @ Carles5puyol

Barca captain says through his twitter: "Abi mood!'re All with you. You are strong and this is super safe!

- Andrés Iniesta @ andresiniesta8

The manchego was the first Barca who wanted to show their support to his companion: "From here I would like to show my love and my support for Eric Abidal.'m Sure everything will go well, he deserves it, is a beast!"

- Luis Enrique @ LUISENRIQUE21

Barça B coach has not forgotten the French player and has dedicated a few words of encouragement: "That unpleasant news. Abidal Courage!"

- Gerard Piqué @ 3gerardpique

Barca defender has also shown their support. "All the love in the world to Abi.'ll Recover crack! Lot of strength, man!"

- Adriano @ AdrianoCorreia6

The Brazilian player is joining the bench of his companions: "Abi! We are with you.'ll Get over insurance are very strong and everything will be fine. I encourage abidu ...."

- Jeffren @ jeffren11

The youth has also sent his encouragement to his companion: "Abi you always brother! You want a lot"

- Juanjo Brau @ JuanjoBrau

The Barça trainer writes in his twitter: "Abu know that this template you want. We are on your side!"

- Sandro Rosell @ sandrorosell_es

The president of FC Barcelona wanted to join the campaign to give encouragement to Abidal through hastag # animsAbidal

Eric Abidal has a tumor

Bad news for Eric Abidal and FC Barcelona. The club confirmed that the French player has a liver tumor.

FC Barcelona has announced through a statement that the French player Eric Abidal has a tumor in the liver. In the same press reports that this Friday will go under the knife.

The full text of the communique is as follows:

"The player was Eric Abidal was found a tumor in the liver, to be treated surgically next Friday in Barnaclínic Grup Hospital Clínic de Barcelona by Dr. Josep Fuster Obregon. At the express wish of the player, the club asked the utmost respect for their right of privacy. "

Leaving aside the fact that at present the most important thing is the recovery of the person, it is clear that Abidal not be able to play at least the remainder of the season. (via SPORT)

The player of Barça Éric Abidal has been detected in the liver tumor to be treated surgically next Friday, as reported by the club itself on Tuesday night.

This is the statement that was prepared by the Catalan club:

The player Eric Abidal has been detected in the liver tumor to be treated surgically next Friday at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona by Dr. Josep Fuster Obregon. At the express wish of the player, the club asked the utmost respect for the right to privacy.

The club wants the fans is next to the French player in these hard times and for this reason has created hashtag # animsAbidal to support the player, through which the club will forward the messages of support from fans. (via MD)

Messi: "The league will not be decided at the Bernabeu"

The Argentine striker, Messi, says that the difference of 5 points with Madrid is an "advantage" and says that Guardiola is the best coach in the world. "

Paseo de Gracia has stalled this afternoon. Leo Messi had a promotional event and his followers did not want to miss the opportunity to see the best player on the planet. After the tie in Seville, the '10 'Barca has served as leader: "We are calm."

Have 10 games to finish the championship. 5 points. And the team's mood is the same for seven days. "We see the league as last week," said Messi. "A decision in recent games and we rest. Five points is a major advantage. We have to see how we come to the Bernabeu but for me the league is not decided in this game."

With the Catalan coach on the bench, the progression of Messi has been spectacular. To the extent that will exceed the record scorer last season. "I've been lucky to be great technicians. Rijkaard debuted me and helped me fulfill my dream." And the Argentine added: "Pep has given me a lot and made me improve my game. For me it's the best coach in the world and proves it every day."

Everybody says so. It's the best player in the world. But he did not believe it. "I see one more of this great squad." Even their Argentine coach Sergio Batista, said to be the greatest of all time. "I am very young and I have a whole career ahead. Maybe when we finish we can raise that." (via fcbarcelona.cat)

FC Barcelona will sue the Cadena COPE

The secretary and spokesman of the Board, Toni Freixa, appeared this afternoon at a press conference to announce that FC Barcelona will sue the Cadena COPE after the information appeared the morning of 14 March.

Freixa, accompanied by Andoni Zubizarreta, Pro Football sports director of FC Barcelona, ​​has described the recent decisions taken by the Board of the Club: "During the day yesterday, the FC Barcelona issued a statement and simultaneously sent to a burofax Cadena Cope's asking for a correction and specific source information of the serious libel. The rest of the day was hoping to get this correction explicitly and strongly by the media. "

Lawsuit to protect the honor

"Given that this correction has not occurred satisfactorily and whether they can finally be produced, for the serious attack on the reputation and good name of FC Barcelona, ​​for their athletes and doctors, a fact that we can not want go unpunished, FC Barcelona announced that act with firmness and force that the gravity of the offense deserves. In the coming days brought before the courts of first instance of Barcelona is a demand for protection of their right to honor claims for damages and damage caused by those responsible for libel, "said Freixa.

Florentino Pérez Call

The secretary and spokesman of the Board has also revealed a call from Florentino Perez to Sandro Rosell: "Real Madrid president has been in contact this morning with our president to give explanations and express that has nothing to do with it. fact that our president has listened and, of course, has no reason not to believe. "

Focus on competition

Asked about a possible attempt to destabilize, Freixa and Zubizarreta has been overwhelming. "We are fully focused on the competition. We are in a critical months of the season and there to assess the motivations that may have others," said the secretary.

In this sense, Andoni Zubizarreta added: "I think the motivation we have as a team and club will be beyond this sort of thing. There should be a direct connection. I think it is one element of what we call 'environment '". What has made clear Freixa is that "it is evident that for the FC Barcelona is not anything goes, and since yesterday we have been acting on these facts with the utmost forcefulness and strength, defending the good name and reputation of us sportsmen and physicians. "

COPE Pending

Freixa reminded that the club is due to receive a response from the COPE with respect to sources and responsible for these events: "Depending on the response we received we decided to specifically passive standing, ie concrete subjects against whom it is directed liability actions, which should obviously be linked to the media. "

As the journalist Cope, Freixa said that, apart from conversations that you could be, is not officially aware of any correction or any action to rescind the seriousness of the facts. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Abidal to be operated on this Friday

A tumour in Barça’s French international defender Eric Abidal’s liver has been detected and the player will be operated on this Friday.

Following the detection of the tumour Eric Abidal will be operated on at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona this Friday by Doctor Josep Fuster Obregon.

In accordance with the specific wishes of the player himself, the Club would like to demand the maximum respect for his privacy at this moment. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Ten league games to go

Seven months on, the league season is drawing to a close. There are ten games in April and May and 30 points to play for. Barça have led the way since beating Real Madrid 5-0 in game 13 and will be looking to hold onto that position and conquer the third consecutive championship of the Guardiola era.

FC Barcelona still have to travel to Villarreal, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Levante and Malaga. But all the time they’ll be looking over their shoulder at José Mourinho and his team, whose remaining away fixtures include the derby against Atlético Madrid at the Vicente Calderón as well as trips to San Mamés, Mestalla, the Sánchez Pizjuán and the Madrigal.

But home games also matter, and in Barça’s case that means dealing with the visits of Getafe, in March, and then Almeria, Osasuna, Espanyol and Deportivo. Meanwhile, Madrid entertain Sporting, Zaragoza, Getafe, Almeria, and also have the clásico against Barça on April 16.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.com

A smoke-free Camp Nou

FC Barcelona is about to start a campaign called ‘A smoke-free Camp Nou’ to encourage members and fans not to smoke in the stadium.

The last meeting of the Board of Directors decided to set up this initiative in the coming weeks. "It supposes FC Barcelona’s awareness of the values of health, sport and respect for children, as Barça is eminently a family club” said spokesman Toni Freixa.

Proposal for Assembly

Beyond this campaign, FC Barcelona will be going a step forward in the fight against tobacco by proposing a total ban in the stadium. This will have to be put to the Assembly of Representatives, and would mean no smoking not only on the terraces, but in all of the indoor spaces too.

Immediate ban in indoor passages

In his talk, Freixa pointed out that due to new regulations, smoking is already forbidden in all indoor passageways in the stadium. The new legislation specifies that smoking is illegal "in all public or collectively used enclosed spaces located in sports facilities or leisure centres where food is served ".

Other club facilities

Smoking has already been forbidden for several years in the Palau Blaugrana and the new law has also meant that smoking is outlawed throughout the Ciutat Esportiva 'Joan Gamper'.

European regulations

The FC Barcelona initiative is in line with similar campaigns around Europe. In the United Kingdom, the 2007 law banned smoking in all enclosed spaces, and any premises with more than 50% of its surface covered is considered enclosed. As some football stadiums are semi-covered, the British decided on a blanket ban in all sports stadiums.

Other countries have not taken such extreme measures and it is the clubs themselves that have placed limitations on smoking. Two examples of this are Ajax Amsterdam and Bayer Leverkusen. FIFA is also in favour of prohibition, and all World Cup stadiums in 2002 and 2010 were no smoking zones.

Public presentation of campaign

As well as the announcement by Toni Freixa on Tuesday, in the coming days the club is also preparing a public presentation of the initiative, which will detail all of the different actions that FC Barcelona has implemented in recent months. (via FCBarcelona.com)

The motivation of goalkeeping record

Despite the successes, both individual and collective accumulation, Valdes says is finding the motivation "in the day to day" with the club, but also "in the memory of the titles won" and "at work to try to repeat it" .

With only 13 goals conceded in 25 games he has played league so far, Valdés has at its disposal which would be the fourth Trofeo Zamora-and third-row individual under his belt. A fact that, plus the number of groups that accumulates titles give an idea of progression of a goalkeeper bound and has become a guarantee under the goal posts of FC Barcelona.

His motivation and hunger for titles, however, remains intact. In an interview with Canal + Sweden, the BBC and Al Jazeera, Valdes makes clear that in different areas of her life: "Sale of the day to day, each workout, to learn new things thanks to the coach we have. also to assess where I live, I have, to value my family ... It can add more things and remembering the great moments I lived with the fans celebrating the titles we have achieved, and work to try to repeat it. This is the motivation we have. "

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat