15 March 2011

[Barça B] Luis Enrique will season finale

Andoni Zubizarreta has announced that Barça B coach, Luis Enrique, will leave Barca at the conclusion affiliate this season.

The Professional Football team manager, Andoni Zubizarreta , announced today that Barcelona B coach, Luis Enrique , cease to be subsidiary coach once the season ends. After revealing that the coach let him know his decision on Monday, Zubizarreta has emphasized that "the Spaniard's desire was to let them know the Club as soon as possible" in order to work as quickly as possible in planning for next season.

Accomplished stage

Zubizarreta , who appeared at a news conference with the secretary and spokesman of the Board, Toni Freixa, wanted to make clear that the decision to Luis Enrique, who still had two seasons left on his contract, has to do with the fact who "believes he has fulfilled a personal and professional stage and wants new goals."

"He will continue giving the best of itself"

At the same time, is convinced that the return of Barca B to the end of the 2010/11 academic year will not be harmed in any way: "His decision is the fulfillment of professional and personal cycle. I know and am convinced that not loosen. Now he wants to seek new goals for personal growth. " In the same vein, said that "the objective of the subsidiary is finished" and reiterated its belief that the Spaniard will "continue giving the best of himself."

Soon to discuss alternatives

For Zubizarreta , communication by Luis Enrique of his decision is "a sign of generosity" with the Club , which now can plan the next season knowing they need a new coach for the subsidiary. When asked what could be his replacement, sports director of professional football has simply stated that "we will look at home first, study what we need, and then have the responsibility for choosing the best coach in the face of the 2011/12 season ".

The Club will make a recognition

Andoni Zubizarreta has also explained that, once finished the season Barça B, the Club intends to acknowledge Luis Enrique by this time as coach of Barça B comes to an end. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Intolerable Campaign against Barca!

The COPE dropped the bomb meanest welcomed by the president and the white coach.

Al omeone has to say: Enough! The campaign orchestrated by the trident antibarcelonista Mourinho-Florentino Pérez-'caverna media 'has crossed the limit of meanness. The doping allegations leveled against the club through the COPE by Night (Sunday, the program 'The party of 12', presented and directed by journalist Juan Antonio Alcalá) and malice (citing "sources in the Real Madrid" ) are the straw that broke the camel of rudeness. And the patience of all Catalans.

Madrid has two and half years under the brilliant command of the football club. Given the ineptitude of Florentino Pérez (who has spent more than 400 million in signings) and Mourinho (who has been unable to stand up to the Blaugrana in the league), the only alternative has been found madridismo thrown into the arms of the 'cave media' meanest in a desperate quest to destabilize the team Guardiola. Even with the most disgusting lies.

For what has now become beyond the ridiculous campaign 'villarato'. And the embarrassing complaints about the calendar. The attack enraged, unconscionable, against the ship's doctor (who, according to the COPE, Madrid considers "objectionable") is an intolerable argument that only serves to try to challenge, once again, wins Blaugrana. According to this information, the request raises Madrid hardening of doping controls in the Spanish league because he is suspicious of medical and dietary practices that are carried out at Barca.

Information that, despite the criticism, the journalist Juan Antonio Alcalá confirmed yesterday afternoon, saying that "comes directly from Madrid, though my source is hidden." And the white club, being aware of the enormous gravity of the accusations, declined to comment using the old and cowardly tactic of throwing the stone and hide the hand. A demonstration of the current 'lordship' Madrid.


And is that the Madrid and Real Madrid have lost forever the roles this season. The first mistake was hiring Florentino Pérez Mourinho's controversial, thinking that the Portuguese coach's methods serve to end the triumphs of the club. The white club he bumped against the harsh reality when the club endorsed him on 29 November in the week 13 championship, a 5-0 to Madrid at the Camp Nou. A 'little hand' of goals contorted Florentino Perez and he was the starting point of media harassment and demolition against Barca. Mourinho went crazy accusing the rival clubs, referees, the federation, the Professional League and television to promote the club. Mourinho invented a nonexistent conspiracy that still remains. Meanwhile, the team was adding Guardiola sweeping victories and a league that only color Blaugrana. Months and months of campaigning, lies, truths measures of veiled accusations, always with the support of the 'cave media', which have not been for nothing.

Until Saturday, there was an unfortunate turning point. Florentino Perez, who until then had been the margin of the dirty war, entered fully into the mud to cover a desperate Mourinho: "Real Madrid is a show of defending that which is unjust, illegal and arbitrary." From that moment, the facts have been unleashed at a breakneck pace: on Sunday night, Perez Lasa nefarious arbitration against Barca at Sevilla (Messi goal disallowed at minute 7 and no penalty whistled in 73 Bojan ) lapidary phrase Guardiola later in the press conference ("can not be 12 points behind Madrid with all the power it has in every way") that it presaged a resurgence of attacks antibarcelonistas and, at dawn pump with doping allegations released by Cadena COPE citing unidentified sources of Real Madrid.


An allegation that the club can not afford and are willing to take to court, as he said in a statement issued yesterday morning. According to the Catalans club, "hints at the serious broadcast by Cadena COPE, FC Barcelona wants to publicly express his utter indignation at these unfounded allusions linking the club with doping practices and wishes to express its rejection of attitudes that have nothing to do with fair play and seriously affecting the image of sporting competition. " Barca, in its public notice, demanded an immediate correction, which did not occur, and announced that their "legal services already considering legal action to be launched to defend the honor of the club, its coaches, players and medical services" with the intention of reaching "to the end." Barca also sent to the COPE burofax to amend the information and reveal the source.

This statement, born of the anger the president Sandro Rosell, the campaign seeks to end antibarcelonista unleashed in Madrid. Barça has had enough to fit all the lies always putting the other cheek and decided to take action, taking the case to court. But it's hard to think that with the implementation of the legal way to get the club Catalans antibarcelonista stem the tide. The strategy of attrition, as well implemented by the 'cave media' will be maintained because it is the perfect excuse to divert attention from the real problems existing at the Bernabeu, the total absence of a club project and a style of football itself and triumphant.

In addition, Florentino Perez and Mourinho want to go 'live', at least to the League-Cup double duel with the club in mid-April (days 16 and 20). And keep your strategy, even though nobody believes it. Today, Mou, which must provide the official press conference prior to the Champions League match against Olympique Lyon will, no doubt, questioned about this latest attack against Barca excessive. We'll see if it is more courageous than it was yesterday his club.

Barça can be a champion with 102 points

FC Barcelona is grown in adversity. His strength is unlimited and you prove it again, breaking the scoring record in the league.

Again the same romance. Click the club (or do they click because the nonsense arbitration) and is grown around Madrid, which does not dispense missiles to blow up the stability that prevails in the Nou Camp for years. Again the mantra is always, despite the five-point lead that still pulls the box Catalan to Madrid. What if instead of five is three? What about two?

Obviously, in this game everyone has to compete with the cards in hand, but the fact is that Barca is still the leader, has five points over second place and followed in the current path has all the numbers to win the league again.

So far, the numbers of FC Barcelona are as follows: 28 games, 24 wins, 3 draws and 1 lost. That is, has won 75 of 84 possible points. It has been his locker 89.2%. If this continues, in 10 games remaining for the league down the curtain, 26.7 points to win the 30 remaining. In other words, the statistics say that eventually the championship with 101 or 102 points, so it will be left on the road 3 or 4. And the gap with Real Madrid is 5 ...

The accounts, therefore, indicate that the FC Barcelona, ​​if you are able to maintain regularity that has shown so far, not fear anything. You can lose a game or draw both. And do not miss your opponent in a duel of high voltage, such as those that are pending at the Calderon (March 20), San Mames (April 10), Mestalla (April 24), Sánchez Pizjuán (May 8) and the Madrigal (15 May). In addition, its field is pending the visit of FC Barcelona (April 16), a team that has won the past two duels at the Santiago Bernabeu: 2-6 and 0-2. And in both games the match was of paramount importance to the League ... In the first boat was 4 points higher (salil to 7) and the second the two teams faced the classic level on points, so the ship left Madrid with 3 units more than its enemy number one sport. It follows that if the classic arrives April 16 in similar circumstances, Barca know handled as it has in the last two occasions.

Reaching the 101 or 102 points would establish a new scoring record in the league, surpassing the 99 achieved last year (2009-2010). One League, on the other hand, would be the third consecutive technical Santpedor, the only one who had won three titles in the first three years and the second after Johan Cruyff, in chains of three crowns. (via SPORT)

The end 'polluter' means

The use made ​​by the Real Madrid of its most related media is not new. Now was the Cadena Cope responsible for voicing their attempt to destabilize the Barça with hints of doping, but recently saw a comic episode in the context of a crazy strategy white club Gerard Deulofeu trying to sign striker Barca youth which has already debuted with the subsidiary of Luis Enrique in the second division A.

A 'news' suspect

In Esportiva Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi and sensed something strange when Marca devoted its cover last February 28 at a news nonexistent: "Barca wants to swipe the jewels white. Jesse and Morata are in the spotlight Barca. International Sub 19, are the two biggest talents Valdebebas. Love, director of the quarry culé them heels. " Those in charge of football at Barca realized that there was a purpose behind a cover as well. In the best moment in the history of the quarry Barca, it is unthinkable to go to Madrid to find the two players as reinforcements 18. And if that were not enough, there was a non-aggression pact between Sandro Rosell and Florentino Perez for this type of situation.

Only two days later, on March 2, came the second part, Make another cover devoted to the same subject: "Barça, you're out of Jesse. Madrid jewel attached to his notice after the mark. The youth will have a clause anticulé 30 million. Sign up to 2014. " In the club there was laughter. And they tied ropes ...

Jesse, in this story, is not to blame. It really is an end to a bright future. But the two covers devoted to youth football had only one objective: to 'prove' that the club had broken the pact of non-aggression to justify an approach from Real Madrid to Gines Carvajal, Gerard Deulofeu representative, authentic Spanish youth soccer crack the turned 17 Sunday. And so it happened, but through covers with a flat denial of the player and his environment change of scenery. Clearly, for this Machiavellian Madrid, increasingly identified with Mourinho thought that the end justifies the means even if it is polluting ... to communication. (via MD)

Foul play Real Madrid with hints of doping in Barcelona

Real Madrid last Sunday gave a further twist, perhaps already in a path of no return in its strategy of dirty tricks to try to destabilize the FC Barcelona . And is that from the white club was leaked to the Cadena Cope would ask the Spanish Football Federation for more rigorous drug testing is wary of Barca and Valencia . According to Cope progressed citing "sources of Real Madrid in the Bernabeu is wary of the methods of preparation and physical recovery both Pep Guardiola as the Unai Emery. A hint of poison charged against archrival Madrid sports that he has no intention to destabilize Guardiola and his men in the final stretch of the season.

In Cope information, disclosed by the journalist Juan Antonio Alcalá , it was to ensure that "the club works with doctors of dubious reputation" and that Valencia had been on the payroll at the time of greatest hits to Eufemiano Fuentes, of course Guru of doping in sport.

The news of Cope, early Sunday to Monday, a bomb fell within the first team Barca, who knew just landed from their trip to Sevilla. Quickly, and commanded by Pep Guardiola , the Barcelona FC mechanisms put in place and yesterday morning the club issued a strong statement in calling for a revision to Cope and warned that studying legal action to defend his honor and that of professionals.

Barca this reaction, Alcalá, the journalist Cope, apologized in a speech to Catalunya but insisted that the information reached him from a very high instance of Madrid policy. And is that the news of Cope has been, as has been told MD, rounds off a string of leaked information and encouraged from the Bernabeu in recent weeks. First, in a cover of Brand stated doctors Delbarco as responsible for much physical performance of the team, and sowing doubts about his methods. Last Thursday, Mark also made ​​a report which said that the Spanish football doping controls are "laughable" . And on Sunday, in Cope, and finally opened a Pandora's box Barca put on the target of doping. (via MD)

Alexis Sánchez costs 30 million

Alexis Sánchez scored this weekend, a goal that went around the world. The president of his club, Udinese, was compared with Leo Messi, and although he said non-transferable, put a price on his hypothetical transfer in the future: 30 million euros.

"Alexis Sánchez is our Messi". Such confidence was expressed Giampaolo Pozzo at the end of the match against Cagliari, in which Chile scored a goal through midfield and served two assists (4-0).

Pozzo told the Italian daily 'La Repubblica' which does not arise Udinese pass on to his star because of the possibility of qualifying for the Champions League next season. The FC Barcelona was one of the teams interested.

According Pozzo, Inter have offered 16 million euros for him in January, and Chelsea still in their footsteps. The head of his transfer Udinese should rated at 30 million, but does not contemplate if qualified for the Champions League.

Sánchez, nicknamed 'The Boy Wonder' in his country, arrived at Udinese in 2008 from River Plate, and this campaign is that of hatching in calcium. At the moment, has 12 goals.

Barça registers to the pearl of Málaga

Obviously, the great work carried out by officials and educators from The Farm and the opportunities they were given the first team have meant that as the basis for the current squad. So the Catalan club wants to keep working on this project already established and many successes have been reported.

This is the reason why, as reveals the daily As , the FC Barcelona has its eyes on one of the promises of Malaga . It's called Brahim Abdelkader Díaz has 11 years and is one of the jewels of combined Martiricos , which has already come to the fore.

The newspaper says the table culé remains from last year and also reveals that attempt to sign him next summer. Also, pick up a few words of their teachers in which they compare with Lionel Messi : "It has a supernatural condition for their age. Messi reminiscent of the early years " .

[Selection Under-17] Call for mini-tournament in Belgium Elite

Now available the list of players invited to compete in the mini-tournament in Belgium Elite X concerning the UEFA European Under-17, which will be held from 24 to 31 March 2011. The preparation phase will be in the Football City of Las Rozas from 21 to 23 March. Also available is the match schedule.

A proposal for the national team, la Real Federación Española de Fútbol has called for the mini-tournament of the reference to the following players:

ATHLETIC CLUB: Iker Undabarrena Martínez
C ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: Saúl Ñiguez Esclapez
FC BARCELONA: Pol Calvet Planellas y Gerard Deulofeu Lázaro
RC CELTA DE VIGO SAD: Denis Suárez Fernández
CÓRDOBA CF SAD: Federico Vico Villegas
REAL MADRID CF: Alfonso Herrero Peinador, Diego Caballo Alonso, Iván Sáez Jiménez y Raúl de Tomás Gómez
SEVILLA FC SAD: Antonio Luque Quintero y Carlos Garrido Serrano
REAL SPORTING DE GIJÓN SAD: Sergio Menéndez Fernández
REAL SOCIEDAD DE FÚTBOL SAD: Iker Hernández Ezquerro
VILLARREAL CF SAD: Pablo Iñiguez de Heredia y Moisés Gómez Bordonado. (via RFEF)

Barca matches unbeaten record

Recently won the tie in Seville is the 26 th game in a row without losing the league championship. Thus, Guardiola have matched the club record unbeaten so far 73/74 Barça owned.

In the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán could not win but at least the final tie at 1 allows Guardiola continue to make history. At the moment, has already reached a particular record again this season, accumulating 26 consecutive days without losing in the League. A figure which until now had only managed the legendary Rinus Michels Barca in 1974.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

Bojan is reunited with the goal three months after

Three months ago that Bojan did not mark, particularly from the goal he scored against Real Sociedad on 12 December. This Sunday, at the Sanchez Pizjuan, the Linyola left the field in place of an injured Pedro and was reunited with the goal.

Bojan Krkic opened against Sevilla in front of goal in the 2011. Although the party began following him from the bench, the problems in the pubis of Peter when he ran 13 minutes made ​​him jump onto the field to serve as the canary player. '9 'Barca, very active, very well took the first ball in a position of danger that came to open the scoring.

In minute 30 of a very demanding game and marked by the strength of all Andalusian, Iniesta made ​​a great pass to Dani Alves , who attended both horizontally to Bojan , who only had to control the ball and him to the line goal, protecting the attempted rejection of Martín Cáceres . A golden goal, after the reply of Jesus Navas, allowing FC Barcelona would eventually be a point of always complicated Sánchez Pizjuán, and that probably accounted for the player a boost of confidence. Bojan smiling again.

He scored against Sevilla is the fourth goal from Bojan in the league, and fifth overall in the season, scored one more in the Copa del Rey in the game against Ceuta and ended with a score of 5 - 1 -. Until Sunday, Barca striker had been doubly goal in the win against Almeria ( 0-8 ), and also in the match against Real Sociedad ( 5-0 ), in which he scored the goal that closed the account scorer of the group led by Josep Guardiola . That of Sevilla is therefore undoubtedly its most decisive goal so far in this course.

So far this season, Bojan has had a total of 21 shares with the team in the regular competition. Of these, five times he has done as owner, against Hercules , the Sporting de Gijón , on Mallorca , the Levante and Zaragoza . To date, the sum Linyola 647 minutes played.

Injury list grows after Seville game

Dani Alves, Adriano, Maxwell, Pedro and Messi all came through the game in Seville with various knocks, but only Maxwell and Pedro are doubts for the Getafe game, whilst the other three will be receiving treatment all week.

The Club’s medical services have released the following medical bulletins:

Dani Alves

The player has a knock on his right ankle tendons- his availability for Saturday’s game will depend on his progress during the week.


The player has a calf strain in his left leg and his availability for Saturday’s game will depend on his progress during the week.


Maxwell finished the game with some discomfort in his right thigh and although tests carried out today show no muscle damage, he is a serious doubt for this Saturday’s game.


Tests carried out this morning confirmed he is suffering from a sports hernia and is a serious doubt for Saturday’s game.


Messi suffered a bad knock on his right knee - his availability for Saturday’s game will depend on his progress during the week. (via FCBarcelona.com)

FC Barcelona was an anti-doping test of the UEFA

Following the information provided by various media that point to a possible relationship between Barça and Valencia with doping practices, it should be noted that, although in football, these controls are less common than in other sports, FC Barcelona spent less than a month a surprise control of UEFA .

It was precisely the same day he announced the renewal of the technician's FC Barcelona , Josep Guardiola , when a group of anti-doping Commissioners UEFA surprise came in training Barca to submit to a urine test.

The control was carried out by surprise in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper , before training on Wednesday 23 February. The commissioners selected by lot ten players who had no opposition to the test.

The players selected were Dani Alves, Gerard Piqué, David Villa, Andrés Iniesta, Jeffren Suárez, Maxwell Scherrer, Gabi Milito, Pedro Rodriguez, Ibrahim Afellay and Eric Abidal. (via MD)

The Cope accuses Madrid Barca hint doping

Journalist Juan Antonio de la Cadena Cope Alcalá announce this Sunday that Real Madrid have thought of pedir antidopaje elderly controls and ensures that the set of white doctors with Tilda "dudosa reputation" to the doctors who trabajan for FC Barcelona.

Once you are realizadas statements, quis Alcala noted that this Monday is a trafficking information "that reached me from Real Madrid" and admitió: "Maybe I pecado of pardillo. I myself get a rate facilities make the information and I am transmitting. If tengo pedir Perdón ponerme of that and I do it rodillas. "

Y stands: "My fountains are esconde y yo Estoy convencido of that Barcelona does not do nothing illegal. It is our intention you put into doubt the triunfos Barça."

Apparently, a chain emitirá pidiendo communicated officially apologize to the ofendidos but that information is necessary to keep Real Madrid. (via SPORT)

Gerard Piqué defends himself: "He who doubts what we make, is playing with fire"

Gerard Pique was the first Barca player on evaluating the doping controversy launched by the Cadena Cope Monday night. In a promotional event for Mango, which has participated this afternoon, the central Barca says its views on the controversy.

Alert defender who return to Barcelona to win by cheating "is playing with fire" and shakes that take only "take vitamins." "We can take vitamins that everyone, no one can doubt that. We have a doctor who specializes in nutrition and shows us what is best for the body. The one dude is playing with fire, because it is not."

Barca took the chest and announced that "we won because we are the best, not for anything more," and joined the petition that his club has made ​​it official this morning : "Everything is false, that he has to rectify rectify."

He said that the template is not worried about refereeing decisions. "Sometimes whistle for, sometimes against. We do not have to put in and let them do themselves. In the end, the referees make decisions depending on how they see the plays, you rate in milliseconds and can make mistakes, as worldwide, "he said.

"For us the only thing that matters is what happens on the pitch. What matters is to be every game better than others, that's all that counts. We find ourselves playing against very strong teams, which are played down, and games will be very complicated. In Gijón nobody expected it and we lost two points. Winning is always difficult, you have to go game by game, "he said on what remains of the season. (via MD)

Outrage culé for the umpteenth excuse 'blanca'

The alleged accusations from Madrid filtered by Cadena Cope did not sit well within the club. What will be the next nail to which he grabs the Bernabeu? His imagination seems to have no limits.

This Sunday the players found out in the plane which was already the most popular topic in social networks: the new excuse from Madrid to discredit the club. This time there is 'villarato' nor the 'calendariato', it is alleged accusations pointing a finger for no reason at the club's medical staff, who have dubbed as 'dubious' to administer shakes recovered footballers.

Although there were no statements by any player faces reflected outrage. At the moment, Real Madrid has not confirmed or denied the leak that the journalist Juan Antonio Alcala carried out in the Cadena Cope, but if so, would not only whites against Barca and Valencia shooting the other team, which also doubt- but on the Spanish football team, world champion multiplayer Catalans but also with a large representation of players from Madrid.

On Monday, the FC Barcelona will meet in regular meeting and it is quite probable that this new allegation is one of the topics. Has lit the fuse ... (via SPORT)