14 March 2011

Dani Alves, Adriano, Maxwell, Pedro & Messi Medical report

Adriano Medical report: It has a contracture in the soleus of the left leg. The development marks the availability for Saturday.

Dani Alves Medical report: perineal contusion in his right ankle tendon. The developments mark your availability for Saturday.

Maxwell Medical report: It has trouble in the right thigh adductor. There is no muscle injury. It is very doubtful to play Saturday.

Pedro medical report: After the exploration and testing has confirmed that a groin problem and is very doubtful to play on Saturday.

Leo Messi Medical report: It has a strong right knee bruise. The development marks the availability for Saturday. (via FCB twitter account)

Real Madrid asked the doping control "more serious" in the league suspicious of Barca and Valencia

La Cadena Cope unveiled yesterday the last one, presumably, is plotting to Real Madrid to try to destabilize the FC Barcelona . According to the episcopal chain, citing "sources of Real Madrid," the white club plans to ask about drug testing "more serious". According to Cope, within the club chaired by Florentino Perez was suspicious of both FC Barcelona and the Valencia CF . Yesterday, during the program 'The party of 12', the editor of it, Juan Antonio Alcalá, linked to the club Levante with Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes (implicated in Operation Puerto '), while Barca said that "working with doctors of dubious reputation " and that "tomorrow (today) we will give names."

This information Cope on the next move from Real Madrid season, remarkably, after Marca sure its cover last Thursday that the Spanish football doping controls are "laughable."

Alcala's words had a major impact on social networks and the issue came to Barca, where he did not believe what they were hearing. Among other things, because challenging the 'fair play' Barca also put the Spanish team just won the World Cup with eight Catalans in their ranks, the base of the lineup. Following complaints by the calendar , of course favoring arbitration and 'friendly' rivals' to the club, comes the play dirtier.

LAST MINUTE: Barça issued an official statement to defend themselves and remember that it took legal action against the latest accusations of doping. (via MD)

Barca requires immediate rectification

FC Barcelona has not stood idly by doping innuendo that point to their players for medical services and require immediate correction and show their outrage at such events.

FC Barcelona has been quick to comment about allegations that tildan to medical services have a "dubious" regarding a possible doping of the players to support the recovery efforts with a few shakes to serve as an energy supplement after practices and games.

In this way, the club responded to the words of journalist Cope, Juan Antonio Alcala, who said the night program of Episcopal chain that sources close to Real Madrid would be looking to go to the RFEF to claim indicating more serious anti-doping controls directly to FC Barcelona and Valencia CF.

Given these advances, FC Barcelona has not stood idly by and has come his way to defend their image with this statement:

"Given the serious insinuations circulated yesterday morning by the Cadena COPE, FC Barcelona wants to publicly express his utter indignation at these unfounded allusions linking the club with doping practices and wishes to express its rejection of attitudes that have nothing to do with fair play and seriously affecting the image of the competition.

FC Barcelona requires immediate rectification and announced that their legal services and examines the legal action is needed to take to defend the honor of the club, its coaches, players and medical services, a goal for which you are willing to go to the very end. " (via SPORT)

[Rating] Sevilla - FC Barcelona (1-1)



[Ex player&coach] Cruyff: "The urgency of Madrid are enormous"

"After a lot of years falling in the second round, the emergencies are enormous. Beyond the history and honors, Madrid is the favorite," Cruyff said in his column in 'El Periódico'

The Dutchman Johan Cruyff discusses in his weekly column in 'El Periódico' the Champions League match which faces Real Madrid and Lyon on Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu . For Cruyff, Madrid is the favorite, but notes that his "emergency are enormous," after falling in the second round in recent years.

"After a lot of years falling in the second round, the emergencies are enormous. Beyond the history and honors, Madrid is the favorite. Have quality players and to prevail, but the handling of the pressure will be crucial. For the French, the pressure is on to regain their league, not to eliminate Real Madrid, "said Cruyff.

It also analyzes whether for Madrid Cruyff is best played with Christiano or not. "Having seen in the last two games of the whites, does better without Cristiano ? a reasonable doubt at all. Everyone wants his team to the best of your template. And Cristiano is the best of Madrid. "

"How do you explain that without CR7, Madrid play so well for many minutes, especially against Racing , and not pass any trouble against Hercules ? First, because the rest of his fellow treasure their own quality. Second, Özil has talent and made ​​it available to the rest. And third, because when your best player is, it is common knowledge. And here are those that know they have to give everyone, one more little point, "continues .

"Questions often arise when things go wrong. There raisins you will not miss anyone will miss much that decides for itself. Because he figures as Christiano, performance in hand, are spectacular . And this season even more than the past. It is so crucial, their strengths and weaknesses, that those around him have such confidence that literally give you the ball and forget to play themselves. Hence the surprise of how well they can play the day is not the Portuguese. "

"And Christiano? Christiano Can play less for him and more for the team? in full force, new as it is, is as capable of all that, its characteristics, is released again and again to myself against world. In this aspect will improve over the years. You will learn two things. One, which used to be able to do every three minutes, then go space, being more selective for dispensing forces which are not always the same. And two, being a great player he is, learn how to select its position in the field. He will participate less, but will do more with others ", continues Cruyff.

"Because, even now could cost him in the back the winner is the team, not his best individual. If you're good, you are, you will earn many times, but not always win. is a matter of adaptation comes maturity. And it can get depending on what you grow as a player. If you think you've reached your peak, you're wrong. A player can always learn things. I'm 20, have 30 or more than long this age. It's the hardest to see and apply: making others are better because of you, especially if it is detrimental to your brilliance in invididual "he concludes. (via AS)

Piqué: "We lacked a bit of luck"

Gerard Piqué said after the draw that the team has tried everything "to take all three points Sánchez Pizjuán. "We lacked a bit of luck," has recognized the central Catalan.

And this Sunday is that everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. First, the injury and the change of Peter. Then the bad goal disallowed for a foul Messi Busquets nonexistent on Alexis. Later, two sticks of Messi and Iniesta could have changed the game. Pique has summarized all talking about luck: "Maybe we lacked a little luck, in any arbitration decision in the posts that have taken the ball ... no luck today."

Beyond this luck, center believes that the team deserved the victory: "I think we made a first half performance. In the second we dominated a lot, but his goal has messed up a bit."


"I leave with a feeling a little strange. We created chances to score more goals."

"In the second part of the party has gained in intensity, has become a gathering round and we lost a little control."

"With a bit of luck we could have won."

"We have to keep adding to our line of threes."

"I have a pretty strong blow to the ankle. Tomorrow we will try to determine the severity of the injury."

"I'm always happy to return to Seville."


"We have missed making the second to take more advantage. I think we did merit to win."

"We played with the intention of winning, regardless of what happens. The referee can make mistakes one way or the other. Do not go into it."


"The team has tried, has been canceled occasions and goals. We've tried everything and go with a bittersweet feeling."

"Sevilla plays and is a great team."

"The referee must have seen missing, but I did not touch it. I just turn to see if it comes or not."

"We have a good income. Before we had seven points, but a good income." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pérez Lasa, why did you annul this goal?

The Barcelona fans still question the motives of an unpublished decision, the arbitrator overturned the Leo-kick for a simple struggle in the area!

A doubt and a sense of disbelief swept the steps of Sánchez Pizjuán and hundreds of thousands of homes when Perez Lasa gave to nullify the goal by lack Leo Messi who scored from the edge of the area at minute 8 of the party: why which has taken away? The question is extremely difficult to answer because it's hard to find precedents in the recent history of First Division.

Leo Messi ran a masterful failure, with the left leg and the bottom short of the goal of Javi Varas. Barca already celebrating the goal when Perez Lasa raised his arm to nullify the goal. The decision was taken by surprise not only to players from both teams, but a good number of fans who had never seen the annulment of a goal-kick for a struggle in the area in which no aggression mediated.

The referee interpreted the Busquets grab Alexis interferes with the trajectory of the ball towards goal from Javi Varas. Otherwise, I was supposed to ask Messi to wait several seconds before executing the release and warn Busquets, as the ball was not yet in game.

But the arbitrator's decision will only be understood from this interpretation: the grab of 'Busi' is important enough to prevent Alexis prevent the goal. But Alexis would have prevented the goal should not be grasped by Sergio Busquets? The question is far easier to answer: it was impossible.

Perez Lasa showed no yellow card for grabbing Busquets on the play of the goal disallowed, so that it could interpret his action was not serious and therefore not disqualified Alexis to defend the action.

Barca midfielder expressed his bewilderment by the arbitral decision after the meeting: "I do not play with Alexis, I just turn when I pass the ball and nothing more," said Busquets, which however did not elaborate on the Basque collegiate arbitration. "The important thing is that we have a good advantage in the league even though we have been two important points. In the second half we came out a little sleep and so we leave with mixed feelings, "he added.

Although the club protested the decision of Perez Lasa, the goal disallowed the Blaugrana not decentered, who signed one of the first complete parts of the season. Have been valid, Leo's goal would have meant the team 2-1 for the Catalans, but not Pep Guardiola and his players opened their mouths to ask for a public explanation to peer Basque, same as Jose Mourinho had criticized several weeks ago. "Let us not blow the whistle again ... and that no beeps Barça matches, "lamented the Portuguese.

However, Guardiola attempted to settle the debate arbitral in the press room, minutes after the event ended. Their motto is clear: it is worth looking under no excuses in arbitration decisions, even though some of them are very complicated antenna, such as lack of Messi, in full battle for the top scorer.

Coincidence or not, the fact is that Perez Lasa has been responsible for directing the referee to Barca in the only two shifts in who have not won: Gijón (1-1) and Sevilla (1-1). (via SPORT)

Pedro changed as a precaution

Pedro Rodriguez was replaced after 13 minutes because of some discomfort in the pubic bone. Messi and Alves have finished the match with bruises.

As explained Pep Guardiola told a news conference, Peter had noticed discomfort in the hamstring in recent days, after the Arsenal match, the result of a blow to the lumbar spine. Before the first quarter of an hour, the '17 'Barca has requested the change as a precaution, Bojan coming into place.

Moreover, Leo Messi has given a scare on the final play of the first half, when he collided with goalkeeper Varas and has been lying on the grass. Has been a big knee to knee in which Argentina has gone over badly. Anyway, was able to continue.

He has also suffered a concussion Dani Alves , in this case in the ankle. Has been in a raid in the first half. On Monday you will be more tests.

Menotti, hospitalized

This Sunday is also known that the former coach Cesar Luis Menotti was hospitalized in Buenos Aires as a result of severe lung disease. The Argentine went to FC Barcelona from 1983 to 1984. Under his command the team won a Cup, Super Cup and one League Cup.

Guardiola: "We have collected far too little for all that we have done"

Josep Guardiola believes that, with a balance sheet, the club has been little reward, a point-of Sánchez Pizjuán given during the match, mainly over the first half.

The Barcelona coach has shown pride in the attitude of his players on the field, who have tried to get the win until the final whistle: "We tried to win the game. We had sticks, goals canceled ... tastes bad, because is always better to win that match, but we tried to finish. It is clear that the League will continue until the end, as intuited. "

After asserting that Barça "has played well against a team, Sevilla, which is a big institution," Guardiola has been suggested that the staff has received little reward for that seen in the field. "In overall I am very satisfied after a requirement as hard as it is a Champions League match. I think that we have collected far too little for all you've done, " he commented.

In this line, the Barcelona coach has stated that "never forget that rivals also play and have standard." And he insisted: "We have a lot of game to have so little income to rest." To Guardiola , games like these show that "the league cost a lot to win them," and recalled that it was difficult to get points to teams "that have as many powers as the Real Madrid in every way. "

Again, Guardiola has refused to refer to the performance of match referee, "I am a coach who represents an institution like FC Barcelona and the referees try to make the best possible way. The coach of Barca does not belong " . In the same vein, he answered with a "less than ever" to the question as to whether he wants to strike a blow on the table by these arbitration decisions. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bojan: "There have been things we have favored"

Bojan Krick became the author's goal in Barcelona at the Sanchez Pizjuan tie against Sevilla. The striker believes that the Barca team did a great match: "We could do more. We played at a high level and have had many occasions. We have opened the scoring, something that was not easy. We had a great game, but have things happened that we have favored "

"Not that we could do more., We have done everything and more, but no luck," he added.

With this tie, Real Madrid is five points behind Barcelona. To Bojan League is still much to do calculations: "The league is long, and ten games remaining. Every game is different. We have very difficult games, but Madrid also have tough games, and will have to wait."

"This rivalry is a favorable environment for football. It's the magic, that people live and enjoy it," he said.

Barca striker jumped thirteen-minute replacement for Peter, who ended up injured. Bojan left satisfied with his performance: "I felt comfortable and I have struggled to help the team. Thank God I have been fortunate to score a goal, but you leave with the bitter taste of not having got the three points." (via AS)

Busquets: "Five points is still good income"

The Barcelona player Sergi Busquets was calm at the conclusion of the meeting between her and the Sevilla team despite not winning in the Sanchez Pizjuan. "Winning here was very important, but we have missed two points. In spite of this mantenermos five points clear of Real Madrid and that's a good income. Now we must try to maintain and even extend it."

On the development of the game the midfielder said that Barcelona dominated for much of the game, but we stayed at the beginning of the second half. The party has been our possession and chances. "

On the controversial play in which Perez Lasa annulled a goal to Leo Messi in the Barca first half said "not to say anything about the referee. I do all I can say is that I touch. When I turn the ball goes to see what happens and nothing more. " (via AS)

Del Nido: "In the second half fell short of the 1-1"

José María Del Nido has proved happy to tie in the Pizjuán against FC Barcelona in a game with which "every fan will be happy because it was a great football match, power to power."

However, Del Nido for the outcome of the meeting might be even low. "If the first part and it seemed short, yet seemed to us more in the second with a 1-1 draw." Sevilla president recalled that the Barcelona "has been noticed in the last half hour the effort against Arsenal, but still the best team in the world is at a level higher than you want to follow, so one must be content with Point made. "

Asked about the chances of Real Madrid's hunt for Barcelona in La Liga, Del Nido has been skeptical: "In football anything can happen, but a team like Barca, with their football gimmicky, with continuous and effective touch to despair makes it rivals the best in the world. "

On the possibilities of Sevilla stay in Europe because League, Del Nido is more optimistic. "We must strengthen the European league and we should not give up the fourth place, especially if we play like the second time today."

Finally, the president had words of praise for Luis Fabiano: "One of the best center forward who has had the Sevilla, all the titles of recent years have been achieved with nine of Luis Fabiano on the back." As for the disallowed goal Messi, Del Nido was blunt: "I do not think of the referees." (via AS)

Luis Enrique regrets not eligible for the play-off

Barça B coach praised his players after the victory against Nastic and explained that in this last stretch of the season we'd like to have the motivation to play the play-off. "

Luis Enrique is today a technician happy. The Spaniard handed compliments to the press room for his players after a convincing victory against Nastic: "They're winners. It is very easy to coach this group, and a pleasure to direct them."

Easy adaptation

Subsidiary coach said his team adapting to the rain: "We doubt if we could play, but drainage of the Mini has been spectacular. We have to play our style and not surprisingly the team has offered a comprehensive action."

Immediate objectives

The streak of four straight wins, in which the team has scored 18 goals, is result of our best, a sweet moment that comes at an ideal time, when we face the final leg of the championship ", explains Luis Enrique, who says "The ranking marks the reality of equipment. At the beginning of the season did not know what is our level in this category and now we can say that we have to fight for the chasing pack of three."

That is why the Spaniard regrets not being able to play the play-off: "For us and for the public would be a great motivation to contest the play-off for promotion to the Primera, but equally we have set ourselves the goal of trying to finish in the first six. "

Plan A

As to whether you would like to be part of a trio of coaches possible if there was a plan B to replace in the future Guardiola, Luis Enrique was clear: "Plan A is so attractive that I would continue with the plan at 50 years" . Lucho also added that "I can not deny that I like to speak well of me." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 28] Sevilla FC 0 - 0 FC Barcelona

Barça that has enjoyed the best chances are just wearing a tie in the Sánchez Pizjuán. The goals by Bojan on 30 minutes, and Navas at 48.

Barca missed a good opportunity to leave the hearing for sentencing League after not take all three points from Sevilla after a first half in which they were clearly dominant. However, no one stay calm because if we review the history of this team, we will realize that the five-point advantage over Real Madrid will not jeopardize the title. Now the club must win at Villarreal's home and of course, push ahead with the matches played at the Camp Nou against Getafe and Villarreal.

[Technical Data]
Sevilla: Javi Varas; Cáceres, Alexis, Fazio, Fernando Navarro; Jesús Navas, Medel, Zokora (Kanouté, m.45), Rakitic, Capel (Perotti, m.71); Negredo (Romaric, m.87).

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Abidal, Adriano (Maxwell, m.75); Iniesta, Busquets, Xavi; Pedro (Bojan, m.13), Messi y Villa (Keita, m.84).

Goals: 0-1, M.30: Bojan. 1-1, M.48: Navas.

Referee: Pérez Lasa (Comité vasco). Amonestó a los locales Cáceres (m.24), Zokora (m.27), Medel (m.61), Fernando Navarro (m.62), Capel (m.68), así como a los visitantes Adriano (m.39), Xavi, (m.61).

Incidents: Party for the twenty-eighth day of the first division league, played at the Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan in Seville in front of over 45,000 spectators.