12 March 2011

Guardiola: "I had my worst moments as a coach at the Sanchez Pizjuan"

Barca coach warned of the dangers of playing in Seville, where last year passed the worst moments of his coaching career.

"It's one of the greats, a classic that has very good players who can play well with their attackers. Rakitic's arrival has given a lot more continuity. Furthermore, it is a complex field and has a great passion" Guardiola recalled.

Although it is a field that gives it to Pep, the technician did not forget that last year at the Sanchez Pizjuan spent "the worst twenty minutes of his life as a coach. With 0-3 and playing against ten, the game was complicated to Barca. "We could lose the league, which proves to be a very good team in the game live," he said.

Guardiola said the Seville comes "in very good shape" and took the opportunity to thank the striker Luis Fabiano, who has signed for Sao Paulo, his time in Spanish football, especially with all that has contributed.

Barca coach, will meet this Sunday thousand days in front of first team, commended the work done by the players at this time. "The tone has been very good. Overall, I think we did have a good time to people, that's the best at this time," he said. (via SPORT)

Manzano: "We envision that the club does not have his best night"

"The fans have to give that extra to be the first to Barcelona wins away from home," said Sevilla coach at a press conference on tomorrow's match.

The coach of Sevilla , Gregorio Manzano , acknowledged today that "dream" that the Barcelona , Sevilla tomorrow's rival, does not have "the best night" and to achieve three points closer to the Seville set to play in Europe next year .

Manzano recalled at a news conference that the Catalan "has not yet lost out" and has " record numbers ", so he was" convinced "that tomorrow will be the best Barcelona in recent years."

"Let's wait and give the good image of the last games. is the only way to dream about goals and the fans have to give that extra to be the first Barcelona beats away. "

Sevilla coach has said that " no special marking Messi "so that" no attack dog "because it" would need two or three players to score, "as advocated by" make coverage "because to Argentina's "unstoppable."

"Those who are not Barcelona hope that tomorrow there league but we will work for our interest and we do not make anyone any favors, and that the League will win the team that deserves it, "said Manzano.

Regarding the progress of Brazilian striker Luis Fabiano to Sao Paulo , Apple has said that "it is a big" he was "pretty good" but the decision of the player and the Sao Paulo "compels us to reach the league final without He "stressed the coach, who has warned that" the player says that is not comfortable in a club it is best to offer the exit. "

Finally, Apple has maintained that the players "have given everything to be right now otherwise" after the irregular season, so that "nobody can deny that the work done in the last four starts was for more than two points together, "he concluded. (via AS)

Guardiola: "There are two leagues"

The coach of FC Barcelona has been forecast at a press conference a hard crash in Seville since, there, "I had my worst moments as a coach." Guardiola was referring to the 20 minute game last season in which he traced back almost a 0-3 that would have cost the League Barça a "90-something points."

Despite having won all their matches in the Sánchez Pizjuán , Pep recalled that field is a complicated and long that Sevilla play as a "very direct football," noting this as one of its greatest strengths of the team rival, while almost everyone has praised the players for their staff. The Blaugrana coach also wanted to thank Luis Fabiano , all he has given "to the Spanish football", after learning of his departure to Sao Paulo .

"More is Less"

In relation to the solo career League Catalans are doing, Guardiola has said that "there is a league before the Bernabéu "in which competitors have to face very complicated - Sevilla , Getafe , Villarreal , Almeria - and would be advantageous to get the classic with more points than whites. That of Santpedor not lower our guard, also states that "there are still 33 points" and that "we all know what it means to deal with teams that play the decline", although he boasts that "if something has never made ​​the team at the two and a half has been relaxing. "

1,000 days

Saturday precisely 1,000 days met Pep Guardiola as coach of Barcelona , a date which has been used to highlight the have "done a good time to people," as the main achievement of his time at the helm. In relation to the last performance of the Catalans against Arsenal, Pep has repeated his "pride" for the team as they "overcame all the setbacks that arose."

On the injury Puyol , the technician has not dared to give a date but hopes to "have it again in the not very long." He has also repeated that he is "delighted with Afellay "and asked him to" patience "," I put it all very difficult, "he concludes. (via MD)

Barça trained with Pedro ... and under the deluge

Barca on Saturday was brought under the deluge that fell in Barcelona and the presence of Pedro with the rest of the group once overcome their discomfort.

Barca continued to prepare the match on Sunday against Sevilla with the presence for the first time since the Arsenal game, the canary Pedro Rodriguez, once you've exceeded their physical discomfort.

Who was not heavy rain fall on the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper was Carles Puyol, who is still recovering from his knee injury. Barca captain works with the mind set on the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League once earlier this week were borne of their problems. (via SPORT)

Guardiola takes all 19 players available

Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Milito, Adriano, Maxwell, Abidal, Sergio, Mascherano, Afellay, Keita, Iniesta, Xavi, Pedro, Jeffren, Bojan, Messi and Villa are the players named.

Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, today made public the list of players summoned for the match between Barca at Sevilla tomorrow Sunday at 21.00. The coach has summoned the 19 players you have available, with the only casualty of Puyol, which has not yet discharged.

The call is: Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Milito, Adriano, Maxwell, Abidal, Sergio, Mascherano, Afellay, Keita, Iniesta, Xavi, Pedro, Jeffren, Bojan, Messi and Villa.

The template culé was brought this morning at the Sports City in heavy rain. These 19 players were those who were under the command of Guardiola. The good news was the return of Peter's work group, after the Thursday train them on the sidelines.

The expedition of Barça fly the same Sunday morning for Seville, where they arrived about 12 hours. (via AS)

The goal is to Cesc, but looks Zubi Duck and Nilmar

Pep Guardiola and Andoni Zubizarreta heads are visible in the preparation of the next template Barcelona, ​​but without forgetting Josep Maria Bartomeu (VP Sports) and Tito Vilanova, right hand of the coach. Knowing that they will have a competitive workforce in the title that hunger is the modus vivendi of the group, Guardiola aims to make an expenditure for a single player, ending the group with truffle quality based Barcelona B.

Cesc Fabregas is the player I most like and the end piece that can complete the puzzle. Barça DNA eyebrows and verbalized desire to call at the Camp Nou on leaving Arsenal, technicians and managers should study well the situation with patience and care to another delicate and extensive negotiations with the Gunners. Guardiola and Vilanova believe that Cesc would be an important part in future frameworks, although there are voices of weight that just will not see so clearly. Nevertheless, the wish of their decisions, if the club is safe solvent, the squad emigrated to London would be back home.


But just in case and taking into account that Pep is demanding at the time of request, Zubizarreta has ordered his men to battle closely monitor the AC Milan Pato (are seeing a couple of weeks, in addition to reports and computerized) and Nilmar, excellent Villarreal striker and that whenever they can, they will see it. Why? Simple. Cesc If the operation is failed, the investment would be directed to a tip that could act born from the right or from the attack. There, the young Brazilians, more than a third (a coat that is now playing in England) have won the coach's eyes, do not forget the players of the subsidiary, which in the end, and eventually will be the basis for future projects.

Everything is to be decided in this way, but Guardiola is already thinking about the next.

Guardiola is the choice to elect

The club sports management knows for sure how it works and the demands Guardiola has at all times. Hence, when cited in a few weeks to begin realizing the piece to attack, the coach knows it will have various plans (names) and the relevant reports based on written documents and images that tend to be delivered on DVD for final review . The final choice is up to Guardiola, who will have several names for midfielders (including those of subsidiary) and the attackers. Depending on how the season ends, the range could be increased. (via AS)

Pinto and Abidal, upcoming renewals

The goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto , the contract ending June 30, and defender Eric Abidal , who ends his relationship with Barcelona in June 2012, are about to extend its contract with the Catalan club. Although yet to finish some details, both the Barcelona and the two players have already shown their willingness to stay together. In fact, next week, taking no sides or Tuesday or Wednesday, the public entity could Barca some renovation.

On the occasion of the visit of Barcelona to Sevilla this Sunday, Andoni Zubizarreta , Barca sporting director, intends to meet with the agent of Pinto , Juan Maraver , to lay the foundations of the agreement. Except surprise, Barca will offer one more year of contract and the player, if he values ​​his role both on and off the field, accept delighted. At 35, Pinto is living a second youth in Barcelona and his hope is to keep winning titles here and hang the boots to Barca.

Although at first it was expected that Abidal renewed for one year, is not excluded that the French defender could extend to "any more," as vice president unveiled the sporty, Josep Maria Bartomeu in Ona FM. At 31 years, the international 'bleu' confessed on Wednesday that "I am one of the highlights of my career." MD In an interview earlier this season, Abidal and made ​​clear that "or I'm in Barca or I retire. " Consequently, and seeing the player's willingness to continue and keep the club within its template, the two sides also could close the deal in the coming weeks. As renewals are closed Pinto and Abidal , the next to go through 'window' must be Dani Alves . Although there is no agreement, both parties are optimistic. (via MD)

Barca already out accounts

The Champions League is offering sports joys and economic entity Barcelona.

The board of FC Barcelona had made the budgets of the current season including income could receive up to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Not anymore. From now on, in addition to sporting success has been achieved, all the money to enter the club in European competition (for wins and ties and advance to the next stage) will go directly to the chapter of benefits.

So far, the Catalans have made a box of nearly 15 million euros (14.2 million) in the Champions League, that amount could increase depending on the results you reap from now.

Javier Faus, vice president of strategic economic and FC Barcelona, ​​and his team opted for a conservative estimate, containment and prepared the budget and now have been rewarded for his strategy.

The economic success that can lead the way on their route from now on the team in the Champions may be accompanied by the sport. Here the goal is to reach the final at Wembley. And win. (via SPORT)

Rosell: "The players speak in the field"

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, has been proud of the behavior of their players on the field. Rosell not believe the league is decided and highlights the 'fair play' as one of the great values ​​of the Club.

Sandro Rosell has been reviewed, before the media, some of the issues of the day after the paper-football conference has delivered on Friday at the Global Sports Forum held at the Palacio de Congresos.

Laporta wanted to highlight the behavior of members of the first team attempts to detract from the victory against Arsenal because of alleged support arbitration: "I'm not angry. I'm pleased and happy with how the country have talked about our players and our coach . I'm very happy with how spoken Messi, Iniesta talked about how, for how Pep preparing talked tactics and talked about how our goalie stopping all I had to stop. I'm not angry, I'm happy for us qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions. "

Sandro Rosell has proved wise about the difference of seven points from Real Madrid. The League is not won and you have to go game by game, "Until the mathematics do not send, here we take nothing for livestock. Seven points is nothing. This is very long and have to go step by step and game by game . Now we just have to think about the match in Seville, and so on until the end. "

Against those who believe the league competition is adulterated by the schedules of the parties or by certain arbitration decisions, Sandro Rosell has responded by putting forward the values ​​defended the Club throughout its more than 111 years of history, " I do not get too much into these arguments. As I stood at the Global Sports Forum, the club is still more than a club because it is defending values ​​such as solidarity, fair play and camaraderie between players , values ​​are understood if one knows what the club represents. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Day of rugby at the Ciudad Deportiva

FC Barcelona players have participated on Friday in the recording of a Barça TV spot to promote the game of rugby USAP Perpignan and Toulon played in Barcelona on April 9.

Before training in the Ciudad Deportiva , the players, who weeks ago and met the players of the USAP , have joined the campaign to promote the party to be held in Barcelona. For 15 minutes, the men of Pep Guardiola have experienced, with smiles, with the oval ball.

Frenchman Eric Abdial , that young man had practiced the sport, was the player who had more skill, while his teammates made ​​some shots and practiced some pass ball. Later, after soccer practice, players Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique and Eric Abidal have recorded a statement that later will be used to promote the game.

Apart from football players, the professional sections of the FC Barcelona have also been active in promoting the game on April 9 . In all cases, players from different teams practiced rugby shares the same Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona to record TV spots that will serve to publicize the event.

In one of these recordings, the basketball player Joe English took an unexpected role. The Australian forward made ​​a spectacular basket with the ball in rugby has been a hit on YouTube, where it has thousands of hits.

It is recalled that the party USAP-Toulon of April 9 , finally, to be played 16:30 in the Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium , as announced by the European Rugby Club, organizer of the Heineken Cup final which was played at the Millennium Stadium Cardiff (Wales) on 21 May. Barça partners can purchase tickets for this match, as a priority, until March 14 via Web sites and ticketmaster.es usapabarcelona.cat (via FCBarcelona.cat)

It remains Puyol

The club has resumed training on Friday with Sunday's league match at Sevilla in the field of focus. Have exercised the 19 first team players available, in addition to Jordi Masip, the subsidiary.

After enjoying a day off, the group led by Josep Guardiola , who on Wednesday had made ​​a recovery session to recover from the effort against Arsenal, has exercised this Friday at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper , in training started at 11 am and has been open to the media during the first quarter of an hour.

With the work done in the Champions League and now awaiting the draw for the quarter-finals of this competition, which will take place on Friday, the template is centered Barca again in the League , particularly in the preparation of the next displacement has to face on Sunday in the area of Seville .

1Have jumped onto the field all the components of the first team with the sole exception of injured is now the group, Carles Puyol. In this way, have worked a total of 19 players , as well as joint training young Luis Enrique , Jordi Masip . The session started with the usual warm-up and round.

Notably, in the case of Peter , worked separately from the rest of his peers and has been doing specific work on the greens of the Ciudad Deportiva training Joan Gamper.

Barca will exercise tomorrow, Saturday, in a preparatory session will begin at 11 am and will take place at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. Then, Josep Guardiola will address the media at the press conference after the match against Sevilla. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano: "It's one of the exits more difficult"

Adriano Correia, one of the headlines on the day of Arsenal, is back this Sunday which was his home for six seasons, the Sanchez Pizjuan. "For me it's always special to play in Seville, said at a news conference.

Not the first time play as Barca Adriano in Sevilla . It did in the first game of the season in the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain: "Whenever I play there is a special game. It was impressive in the Super Cup, when I received very well." The Brazilian, who knows the taste of Andalusia, is clear that this will encourage constantly. "There will be a ambientazo. At these parties people usually fill the stadium. No matter how is the Sevilla in qualifying, "he said.

For Adriano , of Seville "is one of the most difficult outputs" that are to Barca this season. Surely, along with the Bernabeu and El Madrigal, the most complicated. The side, however, believes a win on Sunday to decide anything. "There are now 33 points. 33 points are still a lot at stake," Adriano has secured a "happy" with their minutes with the first team.

'21 'Barca has recognized that in Sevilla always played under pressure. Enter the Champions is a priority and currently occupy the Andalusians seventh, 12 points behind this goal. "When I was there was always a team that was up. There is a pressure environment where you have to finish among the top four. This year we have had many injuries followed and is costing them back to his best level," he explained.

On their participation in the Arsenal game, one of the most important of the season so far, Adriano has acknowledged he was "satisfied" with the title and the match made, although he confessed with a laugh that he would "cut off the head" if its turnover in the final action of Bendtner in a goal. "Luckily, he had no consequences," he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Favorable statistical Manzano

Barca won out in duels to the Andalusian technical. Manzano has won three of the nine times he has faced at home to Barca.

Gregorio Manzano is a technical respected by his colleagues. His wide experience in the First Division benches make it an old dog. But his statistics with the club is not very favorable . Not only when you visit the Nou Camp but the home team.

The Sunday will be the tenth game they play at home in the league against the Catalans. And only won three. A color with a clear statistical culé, that the club will try to keep one of the most complicated fields First, the Sánchez Pizjuán .

The first victory of Gregorio Manzano against Barca was playing at home in 2001: a year to forget, Barça lost in the Sardinero 4-0. That season, Rivaldo end up classifying the FC Barcelona for the Champions League with a bicycle kick. And a year later, Rexach on the bench, Manzano Barca win again but as coach of Rayo Vallecano .

The ultimate triumph of Manzano with Barca at home, was the 2008/09 season in Son Moix . An insignificant loss because of Guardiola and were league champions. The shutters were down the hall to Barca. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca, with Japan

The Club is interested in partners, club members and athletes of the FCB Escola Japan. The north Asian country has been hit by an earthquake of 8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale has caused many deaths and injuries.

Sensitive to the tragedy in Japan, FC Barcelona has expressed its solidarity with the Japanese people. This is a country where the club has a strong presence and has visited on numerous occasions in recent years, coinciding with the pre-season tour of the first team.

Barca are interested in their clubs

In Japan there are now two rocks Barcelona Activa. Both are located in the capital, Tokyo. These are rocks and Peña Sol NAIXENT Japan. Chief Executive International Social Commission, Josep Maria Barnils, has contacted the heads of these two entities by e-mail to inquire about their status and to show the support of FC Barcelona at this difficult time.

It has not affected the FCB Escola

The headquarters of the FCB Escola Japanese in Fukuoka, southwestern country, it has been affected by this earthquake, which is the strongest in the history of this country. The earthquake has not come to this city where the club is located a branch of the School Club.

The technical director of the FCB Escola in Japan, Ivan Palanco, been able to contact this morning with officials of the FCB Escola Barcelona. "Both he and the technicians and boys as part of this school are in perfect condition", notes Xevi Marcé, director of the School of Football Club. Ivan Marco had traveled to Tokyo Palanco a week ago to try and increase international schools Club, but fortunately the earthquake has not affected them.

In Fukuoka the club currently has 300 Japanese students who train and play, as in all international locations, the method Barça.

Catalans second largest

Apart from having a FCB Escola, Japan also has a significant presence in the social club. This is the second largest partner Barca, with a total of 1,470 members. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves and the club are moving in the eternal renewal

Daniel Alves is so focused on day-to-day Barcelona left to his manager (Joaquin Macanás) negotiating a contract extension that ends on June 30, 2012. Although in recent weeks only action Sandro Rosell in Paris (after a commitment of the Brazilian team) seemed to temper the nerves, both sides are willing to announce a forthcoming agreement.

With the ticket for the Champions League quarter-secured and in full ascent of the queen stage, the movements are done quietly, peacefully and without raising dust. You have to be quiet. Hence the conspiracy of silence by both sides, while just concrete and iron out differences in private, all publicly verbalize the same script: "We want continuity, but there are differences to be corrected." We'll see.

Guardiola as both co-Alves have warned more than once the importance of the Brazilian in the team, a fact that escapes are not Rosell, Josep Maria Bartomeu (vice president of professional) and Andoni Zubizarreta (sports director). The triad of leaders of the club, responsible for buckling surgery, knows that time is running out and although not arrive as requested by the player, the amounts are not alienate so much and the deal could be close, news, of course, very expected by Barcelona fans.

Without a definite agenda, but things clearer, Alves will continue performing at a high level, now approaching the stretch more committed. His appearances are synonymous with performance and the willingness and effort you put into each game will make it almost essential in the plans of Guardiola. So much so that nobody can imagine a fourth draft of the coach, demanding to have everything under control, without the possibility of having achieved the renewal of the player.

Soon there may be developments and are expected to be positive. Alves wants to continue and the club continue.

The City has not moved tab
While a senior executive of the English team was in Barcelona and had contact with people close to the player, the reality is that Manchester City's sports officials have long been tracking the market willing to be a good million to strengthen that position and bring competition to Argentine Pablo Zabaleta English and Micah Richards. There was speculation a few weeks ago with an interest in Dutch Gregory van der Wiel (Ajax) as one of the great alternatives to strengthen the team. Alves expecting a gesture, but he and his family seem to have decided to stay in the league. (via AS)