10 March 2011

Almunia accuses his colleagues of playing against Barca walking

Manuel Almunia believes that Arsenal could have done more to avoid being knocked out against Barca in the second round of the Champions League.

The doorman of the Gunners' is convinced that the tie might have been different if his teammates had not thrown in the towel after being 2-1 at the Camp Nou.

"Even with the 3-1 just needed a goal, do not understand how there can be players as they walked. With a little more effort, could have harmed the end," Almunia said in remarks published in The Guardian ' .

"Barça dominated the second half and had players who did not run. It seemed that all was lost, but you can always score a goal at any moment," he said.

"The only explanation I have is that we were tired and could not give more. And play with ten players makes the effort has to be double," he added, referring to the expulsion of Van Persie. (via SPORT)

Ashley Young: "I am 100% fan of Messi"

From England itself there are those who put aside the controversial arbitration to surrender at the feet of the Barca game excellence and, more specifically, Leo Messi.

The Aston Villa player, Ashley Young has been declared unconditional fan of the Barca game whom he considers "the favorite" to win the Champions League.

But who really love their game England player is Leo Messi. "I am 100% fan of Messi," he says flatly. Ashley Young says he was "fascinated" with the Argentina game and acknowledges that "if you can" try to watch Barca TV.

The skilled end of Aston Villa Messi sees a benchmark in which it set in his opinion, the game displayed by the Argentinian has no weaknesses.

"It has everything you need. You can dial, create chances, pass, dribble ... I've even seen marking head. People say that his height could be a weakness, but it is" details.

After the shower of praise, in the comparison between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo no doubt place. "There are many comparisons between him and Cristiano Ronaldo, but I definitely would say that Messi is the best," Case. (via SPORT)

[youth] The Shop of Stories, in La Masia

Residents continue their week quarry white with a story construction workshop with writer Santi Baró.

If Wednesday were in the Castellers Vilafranca , this Thursday the youth athletes participating in an activity of creating stories with the writer Santi Baró, author among other works of fiction as 'One-on-eleven'. In this book, Baro told the story of a boy from Cameroon who, watched by a scout for FC Barcelona, one become La Masia.

So this morning in a classroom in the same Mas, children have created their own story through a brainstorming session to go pick the players, their characteristics and actions developed in history.

They have done so in two shifts. The former have been the young athletes of FC Barcelona and then the rest. It was an activity that has made it possible one day to become writers of stories and were put into the skin of novelists.

Barca and Manchester United are set in the Turkish 'Messi'

His name is Mohammed Demirci. And plays for Besiktas, with just 16, already attracting interest from several major European football ...

His talent with the ball at his feet has done in his country would compare even with the best Ronaldinho or Lionel Messi. He is considered one of the best talent today, and the British press says the names of several teams that were interested in signing him. Among the highlights include the FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

According to the website 'TalkSport' , the Catalan club have come to make an offer, although the player would prefer to anchor in England, where the 'Red Devils' would receive him with open arms. (via SPORT)

Four years ago, when Demirci was 12, his name is already associated with FC Barcelona. At that time, played like this Youtube video:

[Selection Under-20] Koke, Morata, and 4 Barça called sub-20

Ignasi Miquel will also be one of the promises of Arsenal. The training will take place between 14 and 16 March at the Soccer City of Las Rozas.

Ignasi Miquel, one of the promises for the future of Arsenal, Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata, medium athletic Jorge Koke''Resurrection''and four players from Barcelona, highlighted in the list of squad for a training session of the national team sub''20. (via AS)

The national team will focus on Soccer City of Las Rozas from 14 to 16 March.


-UD ALMERÍA: Antonio Manuel Luna Rodríguez

-ARSENAL: Ignasi Miquel Pons

-ATLÉTICO DE MADRID: Jorge Resurrección "Koke", Jorge Pulido y Borja Gónzález

-BARCELONA: Marc Muniesa, Sergi Gómez, Javier Espinosa y Cristian Tello.

-BOLTON WANDERERS: Rodrigo Moreno Machado

-ESPANYOL: Edgar Badía y Albert Blázquez

-GIRONA: Sergio Gontán "Keko"

-REAL BETIS: Ezequiel Calvente

-REAL MADRID: Alvaro Morata

-REAL SOCIEDAD: Iñigo Martínez

-REAL ZARAGOZA: Alejandro Sánchez "Alex"

-SAMPDORIA: Pedro Mba Obiang Avomo

-VALENCIA: Francisco Román "Isco"

-VITESSE: Martí Riverola

Nolito don't want to continue at Barca

The club's vice president says he's been offered the renewal but the player Cadiz has refused to extend his contract.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, told Wednesday's program ONA FM 'grandstand', said the Barcelona striker B Nolito not want to continue next season at the club.

Cadiz player is experiencing a very sweet, so you just have to see it endorsed hattrick to Tenerife on Monday, and since the season began speculating about his future. It initially said the following in the footsteps of Benfica player, and had him tied for next season, but he sped to deny it. Whether true or not, Bartholomew has said that the player has the head away from the Catalan club for next season, but want to renew. "We have offered the renovation but did not accept it," blunt said the Catalan club's manager, who declared: "We want to continue, but we said no." (via SPORT)

Wenger dossier "inappropriate behavior"

The Frenchman has won three Premier Leagues and four FA Cups since joining in 1996, but their last trophy was the League Cup, 2005.

Arsène Wenger arrived in 1996 to London ready to change the foundation of English football. He replaces Bruce Rioch, who in his only season he finished fifth. A year later, the French improved two positions the team ranking. The following year he achieved his first double, which repeated four years later. His record is made up of two FA Cups and one more Premier. His last title was in 2005. A few days before facing Barca explained that "the time when a team is going to be a winner is difficult to predict." Years go by, but does not change the speech.

The patience of the fans 'gunner', for now, is infinite. One of the possible reasons, perhaps not the most reliable, the wikipedia says: "His name, Arsène is very similar to the coaching team, Arsenal FC." It seems a joke, but the club 'gunner' and inevitably associated with the name of Frenchman. The extinct Highbury team does not require titles, although still regarded himself as one of the 'big four' in England. And Wenger seems more important to train players to lift trophies, something that is denied seeing the images of Barca-Arsenal. His philosophy is doubtful a single species on the world stage, where the goal is to be number one regardless of the way shortly. The problem is that their players end up not believing the guru and decide to leave in search of titles. The trend praising his way to his project and its 'fair play' is being increasingly questioned. An example of this is that UEFA has opened a file both Wenger and his pupil Samir Nasri for "conduct unbecoming" for a few incidents that occurred in the tunnel of the Camp Nou and will be investigated by the Control and Disciplinary Committee of European body. According to the minutes, Busacca told that "your decision is a fucking disgrace."

And while the back pages of the newspapers were giving sensational ball from England, others more serious as 'The Guardian' unmasking him. "Wenger can imagine what would have happened if I drive out Van Persie, but can not ignore that the control and possession of the ship was from start to finish," argues Stuart James. The 'Daily Mirror' described as the expulsion of Dutch joke, but inside, Oliver Holt stated as follows: "The Arsenal found himself playing the role usually occupied by smaller teams that are measured at the English. Arsenal is still the younger brother of Barcelona ", stated, without naming the official. Mark Lomas, the English ESPN considers "repugnant" the apologies of the French. Nor 'L'Equipe' does not preclude the Blaugrana triumph: "Undisputed." Alsatian coach should learn from Manuel Almunia, who saved a rout of scandal and closed the debate: "The Barça has managed." (via SPORT)

[Former Player] Eto'o, the lion king turns 30

Eto'o, amounting to thirty goals this year is celebrating its anniversary with a review in which nothing is left.

Samuel Eto'o, the same amount thirty goals in official matches this season (18 in Serie A and 7 in the Champions League as highlights) celebrate thirty years. It does so in a key moment of the season, trying to chase Inter Milan in Serie A and pending a final real in Munich next week, where they will play their survival in the Champions League against Bayern same who beat him in San Siro.

And Eto'o, on balance, recalled his past Catalans, his relationship with Mourinho, with Benitez, the one with Leonardo ... And his belief of giving back to the continental tie against Bayern "because that's why we will travel to Munich."

Cameroon striker referred to the party next week at the Allianz Arena, where the Inter must overcome Bayern, warning that "we believe in the company. In football anything is possible and knowing it would be very difficult, we have reason to believe we can win in Germany. "

Beyond this game, Eto'o recalled his departure from Barcelona noting that "in 2009 forced me to leave the club and although there were several clubs that I wanted, I just thought of the Inter ... Who could tell then that would win five titles in 2010? The Cameroon striker also had a memory for Mourinho, who said: "We lost a match in Catania and the day the boss told me he had seen that we could win all the titles. I was saddened him to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season. "

Eto'o also had words for Benitez, who left in a better place many of his colleagues: "Despite all the criticism he received Rafa, he won two titles in five months and there was a time when we get to be nine holders together injured, removed from the nurse. " The Cameroon striker believes that all this took a toll on Benitez, while acknowledging that Leonardo "has restored calm to the team. With him breathing quietly, but we can not deny it. "

Regarding the pursuit of Milan in Serie A, Eto'o said that "in a few weeks we have to play against each other and this will be the final game. Now we have five points but if we win that game the league will be open until the last days. And in that spirit we play this game. " (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "Now everything comes out smoother"

Andoni Zubizarreta , sports director of FC Barcelona , has said in an interview with 'El club de la mitjanit' which airs tonight Catalunya Radio that the act of passing the quarter-finals of Champions competition supposed to be "easier" to face as all "get batteries and everything goes more shot." "This is the final phase, so the knockout are more complicated than quarters and semis."

On the controversy initiated by Arsene Wenger at the press conference later that the French complained of both the arbitration proceedings and the removal of Van Persie , Zubizarreta has held that "understands little excuses." "We do the rest also could have said that the referee was conditional on the match because he had not mentioned the penalty from Messi , but we did because you can not stay with it. But if you look at 180 minutes, I get another result "has been sentenced .

"The 'plan B' exists, the error is to name"

Asked about the possibility that Pep Guardiola longer Barca coach, former keeper explained that the current plan blaugrana policy is to "define profile" that needs the club and always know what they have at home. "It's what gives us security, although he has consierado that" the 'plan B' exists, the naming error. " It also noted that Luis Enrique , coach of subsidiary, could be a good substitute, since its path is parallel to Guardiola.

Advances in renewing Alves

Finally, about the renovations that the club has been secured pending that of Pinto is to be closed for a year, the subsidiary player Nolito is owned by the striker, who has yet to respond, while explained there is progress in the Dani Alves . "Rosell went to Paris to speak with Alves, for the player to notice a special gesture from the club and because we seek a different environment to Barcelona. Negotiations are only numbers and others that have other elements, the negotiation of Alves is of letters and numbers . But moving in the direction he wants, which is to stay at Barca. " (via MD)

The avalanche of Barcelona against Arsenal on data

There was no discussion. The only one who wanted the ball and looked for the goal in the knockout round of Champions League final was the club. The figures bear this meeting.

- Of the 56 minutes of actual play, at 42 the ball was in 14 of the Barça and Arsenal.

- Los de Guardiola had 75% possession.

- The Catalans made good passes and 798 English 204.

- The Barca players shot 19 times in the Arsenal goal. The Gunners shoot once Valdés .

- With two goals against Arsenal, Leo Messi is already the top scorer in the Champions 2010/11. Sum 8.

- The first goal, with a hat including the goalkeeper, recalled his first goal in the Champions League in the group stage 05/06, against Panathinaikos. So, before dialing, also lifted the ball over the Greek goalkeeper.

- Five seasons later, the Argentine accumulated 33 goals in the continental showpiece. Only 23 years.

- The of Xavi is the seventh to score in the Champions League.

- Andrés Iniesta celebrated his number 350 with the first team. Abidal, meanwhile, turned 50 commitments in the Champions League.

- As at the end of París'06, Almunia had to leave half of the first part to replace the Arsenal goalkeeper.

- Barça agreed to the quarterfinals of the Champions for the fourth consecutive year. Only Manchester United matches the milestone.

- Ibrahim Afellay is released with the club in continental competition. He played the final nine minutes.

- Pep Guardiola used the four signings of the season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mascherano: "We do not stop breathing at Arsenal"

Javier Mascherano was one of the best players of the game against Arsenal. Jefecito greatly appreciates the work of the team, which he said, "did not lose their identity at any time."

One of the signings of this season, Javier Mascherano , had its first European magical night in the Nou Camp after beating Arsenal in the knockout stages of the Champions League. "I am most proud of is how the team win the game, while maintaining the philosophy, and while breathing with Arsenal. "There are teams who leave their separate identity when they need to win, but the club is different," said the Argentine at a press conference.

Mascherano added: "The referee had no effect, as Arsenal did not shoot on goal. The team has achieved many things through his game and not by the arbitrators." In this sense, the '14 'did not want argue with Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger . French said that is his right to an opinion and that is a gentleman who has long been at Arsenal with good behavior " .

Crucial in minute 87 to avoid a frank auction Bendtner , possibly Mascherano played one of the most complete games of the season. Nevertheless highlights the work done by the team, drowning out the rival game with the pressure from the front to the defense. "Arsenal defended well, but we cornered. After the tie, the team showed its best side attacking from all sides" he said.

The Argentine was very comfortable in the field of play and each day gets more recognition from their peers in their daily work. Ensures that every time it feels more integrated into the team and that is felt in every game you play. "My goal is not to try to blend in this team of great players," he said with his usual modesty.

After wear this Tuesday, the team is already thinking about next league match in Seville. It is expected that the Andalusian pose a difficult game, but the club will prepare for the match ahead of time. For Mascherano , "the enthusiasm and the desire to achieve important things reduce fatigue, the regularity of the League will be key to achieving success this season." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mia Hamm: "Barça is the football standard"

The prestigious former American footballer and global ambassador of FC Barcelona and the Foundation feels "grateful and proud" to be part of a club that "works daily to grow in every way and make the world a little better."

On Tuesday, Mia Hamm was able to enjoy, invited by the club, Barça’s win over Arsenal, and the footballing exhibition provided by Guardiola's side. She had only praise for the team that “demonstrates the exact way of how to play football…Barça sets the standard for football. Everyone wants to learn from them and their game. They play beautiful football, skilful and sophisticated. I believe this team plays the perfect game".

The mirror for American football

The praise and admiration of the award-winning American former player for FC Barcelona’s football doesn’t end here. She places the Barça game as a reference in the United States: "When we refer to the kind of football we want to play, Barça is always the reference point, our example, the team that we want to portray. They always attack, don’t defend deeply and they always go for the opposition. Their technical skill and vision of the game are incomparable".

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.com

Afellay, Pedro and Mascherano, 'touched' after a big night

With the joy of having overcome Arsenal in the second round, the club made an uneventful recovery session Afellay, Macherano and Pedro, who finished the game with discomfort.

The three players were in the gym after they finished the game against Arsenal with some kind of discomfort, although in principle be available to the technician, Pep Guardiola, the session on Friday, when staff will start preparing the meeting League against Sevilla.

Who would not be in the Sanchez Pizjuan will captain Carles Puyol, who trained outside the resent after suffering tendinitis in his left knee vast more than six weeks.

The rest of the squad made up work and began preparing the next league match against Sevilla. The session took up to ten players from Barça B: Planas, Sergio Gomez, Armando, Ilie, Masip, Benja, Tello, Saul, Víctor Vázquez and Thiago. (via SPORT)