09 March 2011

UEFA opens proceedings against Wenger and Nasri for his conduct against Barcelona

The European football's governing body has decided to open disciplinary proceedings against Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger and midfielder Samir Nasri for "misconduct" in the Champions league match played yesterday at the Camp Nou against FC Barcelona.

On Tuesday March 17 will have their cases dealt with by the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA, explained himself in a statement. (via MD)

UEFA Charges Arsenal duo Wenger and Nasri, evaluating official now

UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against Arsenal FC coach Arsène Wenger and midfielder Samir Nasri following last night's UEFA Champions League game at FC Barcelona.

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The press sees Barca in Wembley

Barcelona sports papers now agree when extolling the virtues of a Barça who managed to pass the quarter-finals of the Champions League after winning 3-1 at Arsenal , with headlines like "huge Barça "on the newspaper Sport and "Step to Wembley!" in El Mundo Deportivo.

Both agree the photo of their cover, in which Sergio took the Brit Argentine striker Messi , who again was the best player in the alignment of Josep Guardiola and scored twice, the second one from the penalty spot.

" Messi , top scorer in the Champions , and Xavi pass signed by Barça to quarters ", titled in El Mundo Deportivo, while the Sport noted that" Messi led a victory to the champion. Leo and Barça took their talents to overcome the adversity of the own goal by Busquets .

In Madrid sports daily, AS put a strip on top, next to the header, to indicate with a picture of Messi lifted his arms, "The expulsion of Van Persie marred display of Barcelona , with six inside pages for information of the party that begins with the headline "The ball did justice."

In a lower panel of the cover, the newspaper Marca the match report titled "SuperMessi gives the pass to Barcelona which again played against ten, with six inside pages providing information that the confrontation and a first owner who asserts that " No shooting is impossible to eliminate Barcelona . "

In Italy highlight the wonderful game of Barca and highlight the spot in the quarter to cover the daily "Corriere dello Sport" and the "Gazzetta dello Sport." The first also excels in its online edition the "amazing goal from Messi . " For its part, the "Gazzetta" clu Catalan defines as "Martian" on par with the Argentine star surrender: " Messi and the Martians leave out the Arsenal ", title.

In Germany , according to SportsBild also emphasize the devotion to Messi , are surprised by the defensiveness of Arsenal and define the party as follows: An incredible Messi breaks into an Arsenal of concrete.

In Holland , the sports press statements gathered up Van Persie but just recognize the victory of FC Barcelona , among them the stronger the VK that titles like this: " Arsenal , beaten by the football superlative : Barcelona "while stressing that Messi and is the top scorer of Barca in European competitions.

Barca for classification quarterfinals of the European Cup also had its echo in the American media among which are the Argentine Olé, he welcomed the superb performance of Leo Messi and entitled: "I, the best of all "in reference to Argentina and is" Messi returned to dazzle the world. "Moreover, the Argentine newspaper devotes an exclusive cover in landscape with the name of the newspaper trebled 'Ole, ole and ole' while throwing live's to "the Barca game."

In the U.S., the USA Today stink by a holder of minimum: " Messi gets to Barca in the quarter, "although in the text body field to give the controversial expulsion from Van Persie . The same shade is found in Brazil where the "Show Messi" which includes O Globo, is accompanied by another piece that described the "forced expulsion of Van Persie . " (via MD)

Mascherano wins over the fans

FC Barcelona's big win against Arsenal Mascherano crowned as the player most valued by the fans.

'The jefecito' captivated with her delivery and tactical rigor to sweep any counterattack Wenger set. Not to mention the extraordinary opportunity which saved on the discount when Bendtner was planted just before Valdés.

Mascherano was assessed with an excellent 8.8 bigoleador surpassing even the night, Leo Messi. The Argentinian star again retold in favor of FC Barcelona fans who has placed as the second most notable player with 8.7.

Finally, Eric Abidal, who was found to be an insurmountable wall for the attack 'gunner' back to see their work rewarded and great form to win in third place with 7.9. (via SPORT)

"Van Persie, eat a meatball"

Barca's victory over Arsenal in the Champions caused SPORT.es readers sent many headlines for his tale. Some of them, very original.

The most frequent were those related to the lack of sight of Arsenal, as the English team is known as the Gunners' (gunners).

For example, we find the headline "Two guns of the Gunners Messi annihilate" or "With the wet powder, Arsenal did not know either how to load the gun."

Others, however, wanted to praise the talent of Messi, especially in the implementation of 1-0 with a subtle touch over Manuel Almunia. "A Barca hat, offers the reader Rafa Miret.

Wenger's complaints about the arbitration or the expulsion of Van Persie has also been taken up by the fans. Thus, besides the "Van Persie, eat a meatball," another fan proposes to Arsenal that his relationship with Mourinho reconduzca off the pitch, "Wenger Mourinho go to the theater," he says. (via SPORT)

The French press and the "Undisputed" Barça classification

The French press highlighted the superiority of Barcelona against Arsenal to become "undisputed" qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Champions League despite the "expulsion stupid" Robin van Persie.

"19 shots against 0! That is more revealing than the score (3-1) allowed Barca logically eliminate Arsenal in the Champions League despite the expulsion stupid Robin van Persie at the start of the second part disabled the London team, "writes on its front page sports L'Équipe" under the heading of "Undisputed."

On the inside pages, the paper believes that "Arsenal paid dearly" and refers to his "obsession to defend" and the expulsion of the Dutch striker "very severe."

"Although the night was marked by errors of arbitration, the Catalan club was rewarded for his ambition, while Arsène Wenger's players seemed to play 'against nature'" he writes.

The newspaper believes that it can "answer" the classification of the Blaugrana, because if it is considered unjust expulsion from Van Persie was also not reported to Messi penalty in minute 32.

The conservative Le Figaro is more categorical and considers the expulsion of the Dutch was "too hard" Arsenal "sank" in the next few minutes, ending with his tactic of "fierce defense" against the "anger Barcelona ".

Also the popular "Le Parisien" considers that the referee hurt the French team led by Wenger.

"The best team in the world qualified for the quarterfinals of the Champions League Arsenal eliminated. But the circumstances of the classification prevent all lyricism and leave a bitter taste. Because the referee spoiled the party for football fans driving foolishly Robin Van Persie, "writes the newspaper you just saying that" the Catalans did not need it and not football. " (via SPORT)

Barça-Arsenal: Night for brave hearts

Camp Nou roared and it suffered I never eat, aware that nobody had been able to overcome an elimination psychologically. It would have been incompatible with a major exhibition of the best boats of all time. Last night, and after scoring three goals, ten fail to have cornered the enemy to embarrass footballing stadium was in Barcelona with a single heart rate stabilized.

But after an interminable first half because of bad style and piracy of Wenger , who not only played a little football team 'interruptus', fate played it to the British. Thanks to this accumulation of extra minutes it was Barca who arranged for a fleeting moment of clairvoyance. The stadium fell down, thinking it was worth so much impatience momentarily giving back to the tie.

The stand had been under the command of Pep from the start, cheering, screaming, accompanying each move and every action of a boat as obsessed with playing more than to score. Hence the 'u' and 'ay' continuous, the sighs of despair before you catch air, puffing and singing again. The 1-0 value but because they sense these situations and breathe, the atmófera went back to breathe. Something was wrong.

As much as the club seemed to dominate the score written in the stars that demons and evil forces were last night on the side of an enemy that did not need or shot at goal once to score a goal. Nor did the tie flagging spirits, on the contrary. Not one doubted the team Barcelona . Another thing was the terrible sense of doom lurking, lurking somewhere in the ballpark.

That was not the traditional ancestral pessimism or creed of Barcelona sufferer what became dominating the scene but, paradoxically, the sum of such good news as the expulsion of Van Persie and immediately scored two goals Xavi and Messi. While the match to top it off was when, as in the first part, over this strange nervousness spread from the missed opportunity after another.

And that time came, Iniesta, tragic and magical at once. Arsenal could uncork for once the center of defense and stand in front of Valdés. That's it! The 3-2 and the end of the world. Then Mascherano appeared to stretch his leg beyond the limits of their muscles and starring in the play that will immortalize him as surely as Baker in Kaiserslautern or Iniesta, the miracle worker at Stamford Bridge. For many, every reason, the Camp Nou celebrated with the thunderous joy of a great goal. It was an exorcism. With such intensity, the 'release' of Cesc in the stadium went, four whistles and applause when they changed four completely unnoticed. (via MD)

Rivaldo and Ronaldo with Barca hallucinated

The match between Barcelona and Arsenal was followed with great interest worldwide. In Brazil, for example, Rivaldo and Ronaldo commented on Twitter their impressions of the shock.

Rivaldo was impressed with Leo Messi's first goal in the first half. "What a great goal by Messi. You deserve the best in the world for two or three years. May God continue to bless you," wrote the exazulgrana.

For his part, also exblaugrana Ronaldo could not believe the level of play displayed by the club. "Barcelona makes football seem easy. Finding that level of play is virtually impossible," he said.

Other players like Lucas Leiva, who plays for Liverpool, also marveled at the "football lesson" given by the club. Marc Crosas The youth, now in the Russian Volga FC also closely followed the game and regretted his exequipo British complaints about referee Massimo Busacca. "Arsenal had no chance of scoring and the club had 19. Tomorrow the entire British press will complain about arbitration. Control you!" (via SPORT)

Messi praises England ... and burns against Busacca

Messi's masterpiece, the goals, the expulsion, the tension in the dugout ... many attractions for a great evening of football has not gone unnoticed in the major capitals of the press the day after the classification of Barca.

The British press does not hide his disappointment with what happened at the Camp Nou and the newspaper 'The Times' refers directly to the words of Wenger to title with a resounding "The referee killed us." Another newspaper reference Anglo-Saxon press as 'The Guardian' also looked at the expulsion of Van Persie but not fled the quality of Messi to head with "The ten men of Arsenal look like Messi weaving his magic for Barcelona ".

More dramatic is the newspaper 'The Sun' who called a huge "Hunted" on its website regarding Bussaco and wonder where their readers if they "feel robbed at the Nou Camp." Also in the tabloid reports claim that "this time was not the genius Busacca Argentine who left the Gunners without the dream of the quarter-finals."

The 'Daily Mirror' had no remeido to surrender to a "Messi and Xavi Barça lead the charge" but noted that "10 Gunners could only ultimately make target for 'Catalans'

France also praised the Barca game against Arsenal but the newspaper 'L'Equipe' believe that fate smiled with expulsion Barca Van Persie determining a parallelism to a dice roll with "The Barça wins with a bang dice. "

The 'Gazzetta dello Sport' would not turn his attention to the arbitration proceedings and simply surrender to the top of the ship with a "Fanta-Barça's always sweeps the Arsenal" but did not forget Bendtner the chance that might have saved Mascherano changed the course of the tie. (via SPORT)

The statistics give reason to Guardiola against Wenger and his 'poor' Arsenal

The cries of Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger after being knocked out in the Camp Nou in the second round of the Champions received a resounding response from Pep Guardiola: "There have been three consecutive passes and have never once pulled a door" . And the official statistics of the UEFA confirms the findings of the Barça coach ... and most fans who watched the game.

The data are overwhelming and strongly refute the apparent equality offered by the aggregate score of the tie (4-3). The FC Barcelona Kick it in everything except on the scoreboard and the negative statistics as misdemeanors or cards. In Wednesday's match, players from Pep been kicking up to 17 -10 times a door between the posts, with 0 Arsenal. Do not forget that the goal was scored visitor Busquets own goal at the exit of a corner. In addition Almunia saved up to 7 chances in the framework of the Gunners.

The possession has opted culé also clearly on the side, with 68% versus 32% of Arsenal. Barca have whistled offsides 8, 4 to his rival, and has released 5 corner kicks, 2 opponent.

As for the passes, Barca got an effectiveness of 85% in the 872 they made, while the British were at 59% with 339 passes totaled. Xavi Hernández , made of 127 passes (108 completed) is placed well ahead from Cesc Fabregas , who was replaced in the second half, with only 27 (19 good).

Finally, Guardiola players have traveled almost 116 km during the match, while Wenger has been at 111 km. In this aspect highlighted Dani Alves and Jack Wilshere, with more than 12 km cumulative.

The London club just above the Barca in the number of misconduct, 19 vs 8, and Crushed in cards: 6 (including the Van Persie red) to 0. While some data showing clearly that the coach has raised a party Alsatian clearly on the defensive, more focused on the destruction of the Barca game and forgetting the taste of good football that distinguishes the Gunners and caused so much trouble to Barça in the first leg.

You only need to take a look at the statistics of that game at the Emirates, much more balanced than the Camp Nou, to see the difference in approach to Wenger. (via MD)

Cesc's forgiveness, the cries of irony Wilshere and Nasri

Arsenal's players returned to use their social networking profiles to allow more direct impressions after the match against Barca.

Cesc was more depressed than ever in their Twitter and went to Arsenal fans to apologize after removal of the Gunners at the Camp Nou:

"Great support from the fans of Arsenal. I take all the blame for the result tonight. One of the worst moments of my life. I apologize"

Wilshere and Nasri also joined the bandwagon of forgiveness but do not forget to refer to the referee Busacca against which turned part of his dececpción.

The England midfielder, Wilshere, recognized the superiority of Barca who also wish them luck in the Champions League. "The Arsenal fans were as big as ever. Sorry for the result and good luck to Barca. Great team! And the referee also was good ... Now we have to get up and go for the win on Saturday to continue fighting for League. can be our year, "he said.

For his part, Nasri shot of irony to justify Barca victory. "Thank you all for your support once again. You have been amazing. I'm sorry for the result but now we have to think because we still have the Manchester League. To win, Busacca is the best way ... pff" he wrote in Twitter. (via SPORT)

[Rating] FC Barcelona - Arsenal FC (3-1)


VALDES 7, ALVES 8, BUSQUETS 7, ABIDAL 8, ADRIANO 7, MASCHERANO 8, XAVI 9, INIESTA 9, PEDRO 8, MESSI 9 (MOM), VILLA 7, AFELLAY unqualified, KEITA: unqualified, MAXWELL unqualified. (via SPORT)

Abidal: "Who I want in the quarter final? Lyon!

Eric Abidal was very explicit at the end of the game when asked what he wanted to rival the quarter-finals.

Eric Abidal, FC Barcelona's French international said after the match of the Champions League against Arsenal at the Camp Nou, "now in the quarter-finals," expects Lyon "because that would mean that Real Madrid would have lost."

Abidal in Tve stressed that "the expulsion of Van Persie are things that happen in football, there are rules in football, the decision is theirs." "It was a tough game, we played well in the first half. We are all happy," said Abidal. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "The only reality is that there have been three consecutive passes"

The coach of Barcelona , Pep Guardiola , has replied to his colleague on the bench for Arsenal, Arsène Wenger, that "the only reality is that his team" has not been three consecutive passes and has not even once kicking a door " . Guardiola has responded this way to Wenger, who has been responsible for the removal 'gunner' the match referee, Massimo Busacca, for having expelled Robin van Persie , for wasting time, in minute 56.

The Barca coach recalled the many occasions that his men created in the Emirates - "a game where they spent too much," said the big meeting, and they returned to do tonight: "We're back to play very, very well football. "

While acknowledging that his players deserved to "win by a larger income," also pointed out that in Europe, everything is decided by small details. "So if Mascherano is not faster on a fifteen-meter race with Bendtner, we're out," she added.

Guardiola has likened this match with the semifinal of the Champions League last season against Inter - "last year, another party of ten against eleven we were not quite right," he recalled, "and pointed out the presence in eleven key Andres Iniesta. "A lot Andrew threw him kick in the semifinals last year. Fortunately, this year is very strong, because for us it is a very important player in the balance inside," he explained.

"I knew we did not fail"

The coach of Barça also highlighted the advantage of Mascherano - "a player who knows the job done, who knows what will this invention," he noted, the goal by Messi in the 1-0 and the role of the fans who Today is the Camp Nou: "I knew it would fail and we want to thank the ninety-odd thousand who have supported us."

Finally, he said no preference in the quarter-final draw to be held on 18 March in Nyon, although he admitted that prefer not to interbreed with Shakhtar Donetsk, "because I know him well and I like it." (via MD)

Alves: "It has been who has deserved"

The costumes, including the lateral Dani Alves said after the match to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Champions League is all "earned" by both the good job done in the return leg.

Dani Alves

"It was a very difficult tie. But in a general context has been who has deserved."

"The game and sometimes we have us."

"I have not seen jeopardizing the tie. Before the break we had controlled the game. They have come to defend the result. We have a philosophy and die with it."

"From the outset we have shown that 90 minutes go far."

"At no time has jeopardized the game."

"In the first part and Van Persie should have been expelled for giving me a slap in the face."


"It was fair. We have been much higher here and there. Justice football."

"They had clearly come to defend and have virtually no shot on goal. I expected more from you to play you."

"Mascherano, and Busquets are amazing for the team."

"Leo has returned to make a difference."

"The only thing we have lacked is the goal again. And we have suffered too much."

"It's just a knockout."

"I always try to help by entering the second line. We had plenty of chances to kill off."

"The age of 10. Can tell it's Champions and we played a lot."

"We have become the goal of us. They have had some time alone. They did not want to play, wanted to defend. Expulsion is affected but fair."

Éric Abidal:

"It was a tough game especially after the defeat in England. We played well. We did a good job."

"I hope the opponent in the quarterfinals is the Olympique Lyon." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola and Wenger had them in the tunnel

It was a tense match and the tension spread to the locker room tunnel after the match.

There was everything in the tunnel. As reported by people in the verbal clashes took place between Wenger and Guardiola, Wenger and the referee and Iniesta and Arshavin.

Who else was Arsène Wenger was angry. It went straight to the referee Massimo Bussaco and shouted that "we respect them, I can not believe." The coach also is also faced with Pep Guardiola, to the extent that Javier Mascherano had to intervene so that things will not pass to higher.

The third contest of which is known to have starred as Iniesta and Arshavin, who discussed but fortunately, the thing was over. (via SPORT)

Mino Raiola, "Ibrahimovic could return to Barça"

The controversial Zlatan Ibrahimovic agent, Mino Raiola, has reopened the door to a possible return of the player to Camp Nou.

"Zlatan could not finish his career in Milan. Is decisive in 2012 according to the results achieved here (in Milan)," said Mino Raiola told '7 Gold'.

The always controversial Mino Raiola was speaking even though the player is on loan at the Italian team has on it a commitment to purchase at the end of the season by the Italian club.

"I could go back to Barcelona and stay the five-year contract that still remain," Raiola speculated in his statements about the Swede's return to Camp Nou.

Cesc: "You can not drive out Van Persie for throwing the ball"

Cesc Fabregas , Arsenal's Spanish international midfielder, has deplored the expulsion of Robin Van Persie, ensuring that "you can not be expelled for throwing the ball" and revealed that his hamstring injury suffered in his return to Camp Nou, saying that he noticed a shot at fifteen minutes of the game that caused him to play before being replaced diminished.

"It was a shame because I felt really good start, but after fifteen minutes I felt a pain and I knew it ended for me. The desire to play has allowed me to follow, but then I had to change" , said TVE.

Cesc Arsenal lamented the elimination of the expulsion of Dutch and Van Persie missed scoring opportunity for his team in the closing stages of the match. "start doing everything right, we cover them, but it's a shame. There have been" , said .

"They meet a lot of things that are things of football. Sometimes you will benefit and harm others, but you can not expel a kid for throwing the ball, is very rare. We have not had nearly opportunities. Although today were better, we've played one on one, to defend everything we could and we ended up taking a chance that we could have given the classification " he added.

After removal of the Arsenal, Cesc wish the computer on which it formed. "Good luck and come as far as possible," he said. (via MD)

Iniesta: "They have arrived to defend six"

The player of FC Barcelona Andres Iniesta said after qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Champions League after defeat (3-1) Arsenal that Londoners "have arrived to defend six" because they were forced to long retreat. "Many times they have defended with six players because Rosicky and Nasri coming down to help the defense and because we have been forced," said Iniesta told the Catalan club's official television.

In addition, the Spanish international was "very happy" and "proud" to be traced. "The team deserved it and we succeeded. In the game there have been times in all, with great intensity and in a tie for the Champions League there are always many players and very good," he said. "We could guess that play pushed back, as many teams play well. Arsenal have to make another football players, but we tried to do things right. We have had the misfortune of scoring an own-door and we were able to trace," he said.

On the other hand, manchego midfielder explained how they came to defend the counterattacks of the Gunners. "We knew we had to be near them when to attack us, because they were taken down. The backline has been great and we have done much danger," he said. "We were in the first half very well, we intend to continue well into the second, but once the goal tie occurs, you look at the scoreboard and realizes that there is time. Except the last chance to have Shiites and Bendtner us, especially in the second part, we've done a lot for sentencing, "he said.

Finally, Iniesta said that for him, is always ahead of the team than individuals. "Sometimes there is assistance that I do not end up in goal, but I always put the team above and today has made the effort and deserves the standings," he added. "The outlook is good, we are where we wanted to be. It is the last stretches of the season, which is the hardest, yet most beautiful. We have to keep doing what we're doing," he concluded. (via MD)

Wenger: "Busacca has killed the game"

Arsenal coach, Frenchman Arsene Wenger has blamed the Swiss Massimo Busacca collegiate elimination of his team at the Nou Camp, "Busacca has killed the game. The expulsion of Van Persie has been frustrating."

"Arsenal fans and football in general should be sad. Anyone who has ever played football would ever do something like this," lamented the Arsenal, who has scolded the college this action after the meeting.

Wenger has admitted that his team has lost "a great Barcelona", but pointed out that the Catalan side is good enough to beat anyone "without the referee will take a hand:" We expected at least the opportunity to face them in a normal game, not lose that. "

"It is true that in the first half we dominated the Barcelona, but the second had more space, I knew I would return to the game and I am convinced that, with eleven, we would have won," said Wenger. (via Marca.com)

Alves: "There's only one Barca"

Dani Alves has said that his team has been "outstanding" victory over Arsenal (3-1) that has given passage to the next round of the Champions League. "There is only one boat, and in a two-legged match rivals have very difficult," said Alves to Barca to compare styles and London.

Alves said he could not highlight a single player of Barça, as they have all performed at a high level and also praised the attitude of the Camp Nou.

"It was a very nice atmosphere. People have been able to read the game very well and has been very important," he stressed.

For its part, midfielder Sergio Busquets has indicated that they have done a very good game and have come to attack because they can not do otherwise.

"Our philosophy is this, and with it we will die," Busquets has sentenced a surprise because I expected Arsenal to so many men in defensive zone.

The midfielder has said he has felt "comfortable" in the central position, and both Eric Abidal and Javier Mascherano have helped you in your new location.

Finally, the forward Pedro Rodriguez has said that Barcelona has won the victory by the number of times that have shaped. Pedro highlighted the good work of the referee and has indicated that the penalty which has caused has been "clear." (via Marca.com)

100,000 euros for the Red Cross

Carles Puyol before the game will receive a check worth 100,000 granted by UEFA after it has been named captain of Team of the Year 2010 for uefa.com users. A check to donate to the Red Cross.

The '5 'from FC Barcelona will be awarded this prize after having received more than 230,000 votes to be elected captain of Team of the Year 2010 by users of the website uefa.com. The advisor to UEFA president Michel Platini , William Gaillard , delivered the check to Puyol just before the start of the decisive second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League between FC Barcelona and Arsenal , in particular at 20 hours. The first team captain will give the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

This year's is the fourth time that this money will go directly from the hands of the captain of the uefa.com Team of the Year one of the oldest members of UEFA, the Red Cross. The grant will be an aid to program physical rehabilitation for victims of landmines that have the International Committee of the Red Cross in Afghanistan .

Speaking to uefa.com, and the donation of this award to the Red Cross , Puyol is proud to contribute to this cause: "It'sa great honor to have been voted captain of the Team of the Year uefa.com users . I am privileged, and not only play football for my health and have two good legs. I'm happy to make this contribution to help people less fortunate than me, and I hope that somehow this will improve your quality of life .

The director of financial resources and logistics of the ICRC, Helen Alderson , meanwhile, stressed: " Carles Puyol not only helps us economically, but also gives us moral support, a fact which is also very important because it has many followers in Afghanistan ". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça-Getafe on Saturday 19 at 20h

Barça-Getafe for the 29th game of the season will be played on Saturday March 19 at 20 hours.

The Camp Nou will once again host a match of FC Barcelona on Saturday March 19, at 20 hours , just before the last break for teams that will take place the weekend of 26 and 27 March. The opponent will be Michel Getafe.

Guardiola's team, then have five days to prepare the commitment, as the previous game, the Sevilla-Barcelona, it will be played on Sunday 13.

The rest of the day

The day was completed with the Mallorca-Zaragoza, Atletico Madrid-Real Madrid, Sporting, Almeria, Osasuna Hercules, Racing, Real Sociedad, Malaga, Espanyol, Deportivo-Levante, Athletic Club-Villarreal and Valencia-Sevilla. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "This is a sweet moment"

After the rout in the field of Tenerife (1-4), coach of Barça B acknowledged that the team is a great time. The subsidiary has chained Barca three consecutive wins with 14 goals scored.

Luis Enrique did not hide his satisfaction with the image offered by the subsidiary in the stadium azulgrana Heliodoro Rodríguez . Scoring efficiency and competitiveness of its players was what stood out most Asturian coach: "We are in the sweetest moment of the season in creating goal situations . We scored 14 goals in the last three games. This is a very good dynamic for players as young as ours. "

As for the game, Luis Enrique said the high concentration of equipment at all times: "We have always been engaged in the party, creating good chances and we managed to reach the break with a 0-2 in favor. They also have had opportunities to reduce the gap but we've been more successful. "

One of the aspects that was useful to Luis Enrique Barça B game is the ability to overcome the different approaches of the opposing teams: "The Numancia pushed us out of the ball and they scored six goals. The back and waited for us Córdoba we won 4-1. The Tenerife also has tried to pressure us up at times and we won by 1-4. I like my team has the resources to overcome rivals, comes not only playing from behind, but also try to find opponent's back. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[ChampionsLeague 1/8final Leg2] FC Barcelona 3 - 1 Arsenal FC

Barça play host to Arsenal in the Champions League last 16 (20:45, TVE1) aiming to overturn the 2-1 result at the Emirates. Barça are without Pique and Puyol, whilst for Arsenal Cesc and Van Persie are doubtful.
Barça are on a mission: Overturn the 2-1 defeat by Arsenal in the first leg 3 weeks ago. If they succeed they’ll reach the quarterfinals of the Champions League. It is, therefore, the moment of truth, where failure is not allowed. They won’t be alone, as they will get the support of a packed Camp Nou crowd, faithful to the team that has helped them dream over the past three seasons.

[Technical Data]
Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Busquets, Abidal, Adriano (Maxwell, m.90); Mascherano (Keita, m.88), Xavi, Iniesta; Pedro, Messi y Villa (Afellay, m.82)

Arsenal: Szczesny (Almunia, m.19); Sagna, Djorou, Koscielny, Clichy; Wilshere, Diaby; Cesc (Bendtner, m.78), Rosicky (Arshavin, m.73), Nasri; y Van Persie.

Goals: 1-0, m.45+3: Messi. 1-1, m. 53: Busquets (propia puerta). 2-1, m.68: Xavi. 3-1, m. 71: Messi.

Referee: Massimo Busaca (Swiss). He showed yellow card to Koscielny (M16), Sagna (m.29), Wilshere (m.36), Van Persie (m.45 +1), who drove for two bookings on 56 minutes.

Incidents: 95,486 spectators attended the match in second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League match at the Camp Nou.

Rosell: "What today is defined by the word pride"

Sandro Rosell, Barcelona president was optimistic about the classification of his team to the quarterfinals after beating Arsenal. The president believes that the club was awarded the victory: "This is football. Watching the game I think, trying to be objective, we passed the qualifying deserved"

Finally, Rosell said the word that defines the game against Arsenal is "pride." "This game defines the word pride. We are proud of this club, team, this coach, this hobby. That's what I like to define today what happened today. Pride to be part of this family culé" he said. (via AS)

Van Persie: "Arbitration has been a joke"

Van Persie, Arsenal, was outraged with the referee following his sending off in his team's defeat against Barcelona. The Dutch do not understand the decision of the collegial Busacca, "would understand the referee's decision if they had spent six or seven seconds after he had whistled and had sent the ball into the stands. But I only spent a second since he whistled"

"It was a joke. He whistled all night all fouls against. It was a total joke," he said. (via AS)