08 March 2011

Barça trained and returned to the hotel without Guardiola

Barca have made a gentle workout in Camp Nou before the match against Arsenal and returned to the team hotel to rest before the game.

The Barça squad has exercised this morning at Camp Nou turf to finish preparing the match against arsenic in a smooth session in which 19 players participated the squad for the match by Josep Guardiola. 18 of the first team most of Barca Thiago B.

The team, which remained focused yesterday in the Hotel La Florida, down to Camp Nou for training but once finalizao have returned to the hotel to rest before the game.

The only player missing in the return to Florida has been that of Josep Guardiola who has returned home to rest from the troubles caused by a herniated disc. Guardiola happened tonight at home. (via SPORT)

Del Bosque and Hierro travel to Barcelona to watch the game

Want to see the eight international players from Barça and Cesc Fabregas. Also particularly interested in the state of Puyol, with discomfort in the knee.

The national coach Vicente del Bosque, and the Federation's sporting director, Fernando Hierro, departed this morning for Barcelona with the intention to attend tonight's Champions League encounter between Barcelona and Arsenal.

The aim is to see the eight international players Guardiola team and Cesc Fabregas. Be particularly interested in the fitness of Carles Puyol, you can not jump to the Nou Camp turf since a few days ago suffered from a sore left knee.

Also, Del Bosque and Hierro want to convey to players the importance of the shocks that have the selection this month of March, against the Czech Republic (25) and Lithuania (29). (via AS)

[Youth] Friendlies, tournaments and parties postponed in the cantera

The Infantil and Benjamin A smooth beat two league commitments that had been postponed. The Juvenil B and cadete rested but the rest of teams played several friendlies and tournaments.

Gramenet 0 - FCB A, 4

The Barca Infantil A, first in the league, has played a game ahead of the day 28 of the first division in the field of Gramenet. Fran Sanchez boys have won by a resounding 0 to 4. The first to open the scoring has been Adrià Vilanova. Carlos Martinez is the author of the second goal and then made the third Ayoub penalty. Alexis Meva has signed the final target of the meeting.

FCB A, 11 - PB Anguera, 0

Benjamin A has received the Barcelona Penya Anguera, in a postponed match corresponding to the fourteenth day of the championship. Marc Serra boys have worked out very well this game, taking possession of the ball, creating chances which resulted in 11 goals. Ivan Bravo (3), Adrià Altimira (2), Marc Tenas (1), Roger Vegas (1), Guille Amor (1), Eric García (1), Nilo Fabregó (1) have signed the 10 goals Barca, the eleventh has been a player in Anguera own goal.

FCB B, 7 - FC Corfu, 0

Rout of the Infantil B Denis Silva has been imposed on Corfu by a 7 to 0 in a match where Barca boys sentenced soon. Giorgios (3), Javi Puado (2), Daniel Olmo and Marc Catón were the scorers of the match.

FCB A Y B, 15 - FC Corfu, 0

A combined fry Barça played a friendly in soccer-11 format. Luis Mangas was the scorer of the match with 5 goals, the other authors of Barca's goals have been Juan Fernandez (4), Camara (1), Joel Vallejo (1), Juan Cruz (2) and Julio Berenguer (1) .

Alzamora A, 2 - FCB C, 11
FCB C, 7 - Gramenet, 0
FCB D, 3 - Damm, 0
Semifinales: Plegamans, 1 FCB D, 3
FINAL: FCB D, 10 - Gramanet, 1

Barca Alevín D won the championship of the tournament Ramon Guillen Football 7 to be held in Can Drago. The final, Alex Gomez boys faced with Gramenet, finished with Barca victory by 10-1. Barca boys concert, Alex Calatrava (1), Víctor de Joaquín (1), Carlos Portas (1), Albert Portas (2), Miguel Sénder (2), Zhenya (1) and Daniel Media (3), which have were the scorers in the final.

[Torneo Benjamín F-7 Semana blanca-CE Manresa]
FCB B 2 - Jabac y Terrassa, 0
Pallejà, 0 - FCB B, 0
FCB B, 1 - Manresa B, 0
Semifinales: San Cugat, 0 - FBC B, 0
Final: Nàstic de Tarragona, 2 - FCB B, 2

The derby between Barcelona and Gimnastic I decided the champion of the tournament week White has opted for the Tarragona. Although the match finished with a tie on the scoreboard, the penalties decided the outcome. Marcel Sans kids after the game came with a favorable outcome 2 to 1, goals from Joan Capdevila, Garrido Nile, but in the last minute Nastic de Tarragona have tied the game. The penalties have been decided by 4-3.

Martorelles 2, - FCB 5

The friendly faced the smaller boat with Martorelles finished with a 2 to 5 in favor of the Barca team. The game was hotly contested, the Martorelles, leading the league, has made things difficult to Barcelona but the guys have resolved Cristian Catena Pleguezuelo goals, Toni Gomez, Xavi Simons, Jonathan and Sicu.

Jesus y Maria 0 FC Barcelona 14

Goals from Jordi Ventura boys in a festive day at school Jesus and Mary. The party Barça goalscorers were Carla Armengol (4), Laia Castillo (2), Anna Artigas (2), Marina, Andrea, Alba, Judith, Sofía and Pilar.

[Youth] FC Barcelona Junenil A 2 - 2 RCD Mallorca A

Oscar García guys have not been able to add their tenth consecutive victory, but at least they have avoided suffering the first defeat of the season in a very open game against Mallorca.

No luck Estate

The Juvenil A Barca dominated the game during the first 20 minutes with a careful control of the ball. She has been Deulofeu Dongou and opened the scoring but the closer the first goal seemed culé, Mallorca took advantage of two counters to get ahead. Tito, in minute 19 and Sastre, the 26 minutes became the first arrivals Balearic goal.

The two goals from Joaquin Lopez team have made the Juvenil A Barca lost the tone in the game. Patience and developed the traditional game of Barca football gave way to a vague and full of plays where anxiety was quickly reach the common denominator.

The entry of Pol Calvet and Etock to break favored a better version of Juvenil A. Oscar Garcia has set his team to a 4-2-4 where Gustavo was false left-back and team with two strikers risked centers, helping Etock two media.

Deulofeu Etock and were able to score but the strength of the Balearic and playing against Barca mistake.

The success of Pol Calvet in the last few minutes has been key. Barca midfielder has been subject to a penalty that has transformed Gustavo eight minutes remaining, and has invented a scoring pass Etock 87 minutes.

The Juvenil A national champion could be next week if he wins in the field of Damm (Saturday 12:15 h) and Espanyol lost in his own half against Lleida.

Technical Data:

FC Barcelona A: Carlos, Dalmau, Gómez, Rosell (Ayala min.85), Balliu (Etock min.45), Palau, Masó (Calvet min.45), Gustavo, Ella (Ernesto min.67, Dongou, Deulofeu.

RCD Mallorca: Yeray, Adrián, Víctor, Pere, Jaume, Sergio (Gabri min.70), sastre, Nico, Roger (Cristian min.88), Alejandro (Vidal min. 77), Tito (Javier min 86).

Goas: 0-1 Tito min.19, 0-2 Sastre min. 26, 1-2 Gustavo min. 83, 2-2 Etock min. 87

Referee: Castaño Coso

Mascherano is Xavi and Iniesta "unrepeatable"

Javier Mascherano gave rave reviews to his colleagues in the Barca midfield in an interview published Monday by El Pais. The Argentine midfielder goes on to say that "never saw a team like Barça" and that therefore "it would have been easier to stay at Liverpool, had secured site." So claims to be "happy" with what he plays, although "in Argentina want to imply that little game." 'The jefecito' assumes that competes with the midfield "world champion of the best ever seen in history." "Xavi and In IEST, the best designers in the world, are unique and unrepeatable and unfortunately for football never see anything like" and "above all is Busquets, who is the perfect player for this club, was born to play here . It has everything you need to have the Barça midfielder, remove, good technique and a perfect tactical order. "

Mascherano Pep Guardiola reminds that "now I run less" by the "positional play." He defines his stay in England as "the best" of his career. "There is no cheating, pure innocence, play to win", she said. And before you get to remember that Arsenal Gunners almost always "made me run". (via MD)

Arsenal-Barca: Messi plays comeback with a Playstation

Round of the Champions League and Barcelona already facing his first final of the season. Much earlier than expected, and even more so when a goal seemed sentencing Villa round at the Emirates Stadium. But the Arsenal Barca caught the distracted in the final minutes and now, in turn, traced the 2-1 plays in another of those magical nights aa painting, large headlines, Pride FC Barcelona. When the Team Pep it up the voice, leaving rival ridiculed.

It is enough with a 1-0, as in the last two games against Valencia and Zaragoza, but the club will often resolve situations in a big suspense. Since last April 6, 2010 , when it rose to the Arsenal first-leg 2-2 and 0-1 in the Nou Camp with a Messi touched by the gods, signing four goals in every possible way, laughing and carrying the ball home. "He's a PlayStation" , he then defined Arsène Wenger. I did not know then the Frenchman is that Argentina has improved crack this version, a second star. Hipermotivado, his head is installed in a chip that allows you to overcome any challenge with as brutal as countless records. A Pep will urge their goals and Leo, a player cartoon is on track to beat his record of 47 (43), pines for his third top scorer in Europe. It does not take poker as ever. Or a trio. Not a couple. With a sufficient if not marked. Santpedor So, back on the bench after five days in hospital, he remembered the lesson will be learned before the Inter Messi already been brought face of evil. As his teammates. We have to win without obsessing over time. 90 minutes is too long. Vale to administer the country and the pace factor.

But all need a feat of heroism plus and casualties due to suspension of Pique and Puyol injury put it. Pep deck several alternatives. Having never been aligned to two lefties in the shaft, would be delayed a natural to accompany Abidal Busquets. Mascherano in front and all the artillery later. The choice is yours. Thiago takes and discards one.

There will be an Arsenal as low as bruised by Wenger, who also must like the drama of good , has tried to make believe. Walcott will not or Song Wilshere but the ankle is perfect and Van Persie with a knee-length, the plane ended up miraculously. We will have to watch out for cheap English today if, as yesterday warned Pep, can get some discarded incognito.

In his book French route, a statement: "We will not betray our offensive philosophy." Knowing their frequent fluctuations, these words could hide a full-scale retrenchment waiting for the backlash. Play well with the impact that will cause view debut at the Nou Camp Cesc, the prodigal son Barca.

There is much at stake and Arsenal just have credit. Accused of failing the major events and mental weakness comes from losing the Carling Cup and unable to catch the show atop the Premier. Two wins, two draws and a defeat have shaken the morale of his hobby, he has not forgotten the review of last year and that 2006 Paris final. (via MD)

Arsenal will weigh all

The big day came and I, as always, I see really well for Barca, with all due respect for Arsenal, it is very clear. The two teams have low weight but I see enough potential in the two teams to meet them with guarantees, especially in the club. Arsenal can accuse a little more.

It is not normal to the two main owners fail on the eve of a great party, as has happened with Puyol and Pique, but more than a quality problem I see that alternates may be problems of automation. Whenever a team line missing two starters, the automatic or suffer in greater measure phenomenon. So I am in favor of playing the least possible things to find solutions to lower the club. I had a coach Vic Buckingham, who had a significant drop when I made the following reflection: "If I hurt the left side I can put in his place at center forward, but if I do that may have to move to the extreme right to position of 'nine'. And then, you may have to put an end inside, and then ... Well, better to alternate the left end and that's the problem. " For this example I want to clarify that for me the best, if low, is to put a natural substitute. That lack a central, because another central. More than anything because if you try to move the team position players may end up resenting. Also, if needed and do not put the center stand can be traumatized.

Personally, I see a game of many goals. For Barca will be very important to keep ball in dangerous areas, not to horizontal passes and finishing the play whenever possible with trigger or center. If they come to get scalded because the game will suffer and no spaces. And if you want to change the script and be defensive, they are not accustomed.

Arsenal are in a difficult phase: March wants to reach live in all competitions but in ten days they can go around and that makes you play much more conditioned, anxious. They were so painful escaped the Carling Cup, Premier has lost momentum and come to tie against Sunderland, and the Champions now have an entire front Barça. Several players are young and inexperienced in big games, are low, the intimidating Nou Camp and know they can not fail. Today I weigh everything and the club will take advantage.

My thoughts

Wenger is a gentleman, a guy who knows how to be polite, which gives good image of their club. But it is more attractive than cash. I mean, if you look at the years he has been at Arsenal and he has won, see it is not so much. It has always been a Poulidor. The final of the Carling Cup has been a new proof that their teams play very nice but at the moment of truth, struggle to give the C's. In short, Wenger has a large cache internationally more for their image, their poise and style of play that suggests that the titles he has won. Hopefully this season's Champions not smell.

A very difficult game to play for Cesc

It will be interesting to see for the first time Cesc play against Barça. I am sure that he will also be a difficult day. On the one hand, you want to prove themselves, which for me is beyond doubt. But as it is supposed that this year the club will again he is a bad game play. In London was much calmer than they do today, for sure. As a player want to be in the field because it is a great event, but may be rare situations. And if by chance a crash injures culé? What if you check scores a goal Barca in the Champions? And if you are removed and the fans will pita? To Cesc, today is one of those days when you can only lose.

The increasingly confused Madrid

Every time I see the Real Madrid more confused. Van bumping, flying blind. Now it turns out his best game have done so without Cristiano Ronaldo, 96 million. Does it have to be a backup now the Portuguese, being the best they have? I think a schizophrenic situation. Banter also has now give up the game of touch of Santander where many have spent hours and hours saying that the Barca game bored the sheep. What will they say now?
Also beginning to look bad as Mourinho. With so many complaints, there will come a time when nobody will listen to tiresome. It takes more of a timely complaint that many repetitive and paws. (via MD)

Wegner: "We want to win"

Arsène Wenger has expressed his wish that the team continue the good line-up: "For we do not lose eleven games in the league and are alive in three competitions. Against Barca want to keep winning."

Arsenal is here willing to stand up to the club. The Gunners have a good chance of passing and did not want to miss, says Wenger: "We approach every game like it was the best and, in the case of commitment to the club, just think about winning and continue the winning streak results that we have in the other competitions. "

Wegner has been very clear about the possible presence of Van Persie when playing against the club: "I do not like gimmicks or trick people. His performance over the last three days has been very favorable. The Wednesday tomorrow we shall examine and, if it is finally good play. It's up to him but if you are not one hundred percent will clearly not the pitch. "

Arsène Wenger is convinced that "the two teams seek victory without giving up our philosophy of play. We practice a very similar football. We like to have the ball and go for the attack. Neither speculate sets with the score." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca ahead in the race for Pastore

Barça controlled the market for Italian Serie A and has three of its most valuable parts identified to work towards the near future: Alexis Sanchez (Udinese), Marek Hamsik (Napoli) and Javier Pastore (Palermo)

In this line of work, the FC Barcelona wanted to make a move to ensure preferences in possible negotiations, and according to Sky Italia unveils the Catalan club have reached an agreement with Palermo to get priority in the transfer of Argentinian star Javier Pastore.

The Italian channel has reported that the emissaries of the FC Barcelona have made initial approaches to the president of the Italian side, Maurizio Zamparini, to probe what the possible transfer of the player prices.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid have also shown interest in Pastore, who, however, has ever shown a preference for the FC Barcelona. The Palermo player is one of the jewels of the market and the club wanted to be in an advantageous position in the race for a possible signing. (via SPORT)

Zenit asked for Abidal

The current champion of the Russian Premier wants to bid for the French international, who nevertheless is a critical piece Guardiola.

Zenit St Petersburg are thinking of Éric Abidal for his defense. The current champion of the Russian Premier wants to present a firm offer to gain the services of French international, as has been pointed out on Monday in the Italian press.

Although the market in the Russian league still open, it is unrealistic that the team can sign coach Luciano Spalletti French side now, but do not rule their incoroporación in the future. However, the club has the situation under control, and Abidal's contract does not end until 2013. What is clear is that Abidal, who arrived in Barcelona in 2007 and is 30 years old, is living a second youth and is being reassessed due to its versatility, combining parties and central lateral. (via SPORT)

Van Persie gets Arsenal in the call along with Cesc and Wilshere to play against Barca

rsène Wenger , manager of Arsenal , has decided to take the Dutch striker Robin Van Persie to Barcelona for the match on Tuesday at the Nou Camp for the return of the knockout stages of Champions League , where the Gunners' start to advantage of the first leg 2-1.

Van Persie, in principle completely ruled out injured and the match could be the 'ace in the hole' of a Wenger still playing with the presence or absence of Cesc Fabregas is also in the squad. Although the Dutchman was injured in the knee on 27 February in the Carling Cup final which the Gunners lost to the Birmingham (1-2, with goals from Van Persie), and was diagnosed three weeks low, has trained with the group Monday and travels to Barcelona.

Without Walcott and Song, injured and discarded , the list of 19 invited (must discard one before the game) is formed by Manuel Almunia, Wojciech Szczesny, Johan Djourou, Gael Clichy, Emmanuel Eboue, Kieran Gibbs, Laurent Koscielny, Bacary Sagna Sebastien Squillaci, Cesc Fabregas, Andrei Arshavin, Jack Wilshere, Tomas Rosicky, Samir Nasri, Abou Diaby, Denilson, Nicklas Bendtner, Marouane Chamakh and Robin van Persie.

Guardiola leads training ahead of Arsenal game

After his discharge from hospital this morning, Josep Guardiola led the squad in this evening’s training session at the Nou Camp ahead of tomorrow’s game against Arsenal.

Pep missed the final session before last Wednesday’s trip to the Mestalla, though he did make the game itself, and then spent five days in hospital receiving treatment for his bad back. He was discharged this morning and after speaking to the press this evening, he was back on the pitch with his players as they put the finishing touches to preparations for the big game against Arsenal.

With just Carles Puyol missing, all 19 available first team squad members plus B team midfielder Thiago trained this evening. Puyol was finally ruled out by the club doctors yesterday, whilst Gerard Piqué, who did train, misses the game after his yellow card in London.

The players began the session at 18.00 with their usual warm up and possession exercises, before working on a number of tactics to help maintain possession under pressure and in reduced spaces, as well as some shooting practice.

At 20.15, the 20 players and the technical staff, with the exception of Guardiola, left the ground for the hotel where they will be staying overnight and until kick off tomorrow. Guardiola will sleep in his own home and join the squad in the morning. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Guardiola: "The fans will carry us into the quarter finals"

Pep Guardiola knows that the role of the FC Barcelona fans in the game against Arsenal will be key to achieving the goal of reaching the quarterfinals and the manager insists that staying alive in the tournament is a "wonderful challenge."

It’s almost 10 days since Pep Guardiola has spoken to the press. The last time was after the match in Mallorca, on the 26th of February. This Monday he appeared again after the doctors discharged him from hospital after he’d recovered from the discomfort caused by a herniated disc. "I'm better. Not good but better," Guardiola said, and only wanted to talk about the big game on Tuesday against Arsenal.

In the full to overflowing press conference the Barcelona manager spoke about the crucial Champions League match on Tuesday against Arsenal..

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.com

Busquets: "We have to stay calm"

To qualify for the quarter finals Barça have to overturn the first leg result. Sergio Busquets pointed out the importance of "staying calm and being ourselves. 90 minutes is a long time and we shouldn’t get nervous".

The Champions League returns to the Camp Nou after three months, and does so with the main course, Barcelona v Arsenal. The 2-1 defeat in the first leg means that Barça have to overturn the adverse result if they want to be in the draw for the quarterfinals of the competition. Sergio Busquets, although aware of how difficult that will be, is certain that "if we play our football, we have a good chance of qualifying. We have to set out our stall from the kick-off, but we must stay calm and try to be patient. We have to win but we don’t need to rush as a 1-0 win will qualify us".

The absences of Puyol and Pique have forced Guardiola into looking for the best options to cover the centre of the defence against Arsenal. One of the better options could be Sergio Busquets, who has played there already this season. "They are important players missing but last year we won without them. I have offered to play there as, wherever I play, I feel pretty good, but other teammates can also play there" Busquets said.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.com

[Barça B] CD Tenerife 1 - 4 FC Barcelona B

The subsidiary of Barcelona continues his scoring form and in Tenerife, was shown to Nolito as a star, a team that is anchored in the bottom of the table. Barça B has scored 14 goals in their last three league games.

Technical Data:

CD Tenerife: Sergio Aragoneses; Juanlu Hens, Pablo Sicilia (Omar, min. 53), Ezequiel Luna, Beranger; Kitoko, Antonio Hidalgo (Kome, min, 81); Natalio (Igor, min. 64), Julio Álvarez, Dubarbier y Nino.

FC Barcelona B: Olazabal; Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Abraham; Fontás; Jonathan Dos Santos, Roberto (Ilie, min. 46); Edu Oriol (Tello, min. 71), Soriano (Benja, min. 53) y Nolito.

Referee: Pedro Jesús Pérez Montero (Andalusian Committee). Dubarbier expelled the local player, receiving the second yellow card (min. 74). Admonished the local player Ezequiel Luna, as well as visitors, Fontás.

Goals: 0-1. Min 22: Edu Oriol crosses to Aragon. 0-2. Min 41: Nolito end an excellent move of Font. 0-3. Min 79: Nolito end a counter, instructing the post and refused to back Aragon. 0-4. Min 81: Nolito, petrolatum, from midfield. 1-4. Min 86: Nino, taking advantage of a rebound goal of Olazabal.

Incidents: Meeting held at the Stadium Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez, Tenerife's capital, before some 17,587 spectators. He made the kick off, the queen of Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Naomi Cabrera Pulido.

Cesc: "I feel good and I want to go all out"

"I'm not here to shut mouths, I'm here to win for Arsenal. The fact of playing against Barca is special because it is a great team, but nothing more," said the captain of the Gunners.

-Arsenal have said that in big games have trouble concentrating.

I think this team has proven many times that it is able to play against any team. We adapt to all. There were key times last year. We started winning 0-1 and was key that we tie the few minutes. They were very lucky and the marked difference Messi. We'll see tomorrow. Anything can happen and we must be prepared for all. We have to be ourselves and to our football.

-What is fitness?

My form is good. The last six days I have noticed now. It was something muscular and I feel like everyone else. We want to do something big. Just want to win and make the quarter.

-What would it mean for you to win tomorrow in the Nou Camp?

I'm not here to shut mouths, I'm here to win for Arsenal. I just feel I want to win for Arsenal. The fact of playing against Barca is special because it is a great team, but nothing more. I do not like people talking about what I feel they do not know how I feel. I do my best for Arsenal, to further improve and collectively individu.

-What must change for Arsenal last year not to fall back to Barcelona?

We can not leave spaces on Messi, who last year we scored four goals. But the rest did well. We need to focus on making our game.

-Your family will want to win the Barcelona or Arsenal win?

My family always supported me. It is normal that my family wants the best for me.

-How important is Van Persie for Arsenal?

It is a very important player for us. He understands the game well and for a midfielder like me is fantastic to have him by my side. Let's see how it feels tomorrow. Has been lifted this morning and said he wanted to try. It was a great surprise for all the dressing room because we've been sold the ankle.

-What did you feel when you enter the Camp Nou?

What I feel is clear. It is a very big game for the team. This type of matches are not played every day. The two teams are in good time and will be a tough game. We want to do our best to move forward. I am very happy to be here. I have really wanted to play here.

-Have you forced to stay at Barcelona?

I have not forced anything. Have forced if he had played before. The team is what matters most. I feel good and all I want is to take the field at one hundred percent and give everything. (via AS)

Nasri: "I hope that Messi is as quiet as in the way"

Nasri does not remember the last game of the season in which Messi scored all four goals for Barcelona against Arsenal. "Messi can score 100 goals in the league if he wants, that's OK, not our problem ... I hope she will not do like last year, it was unbelievable. Scored four goals fantastic and showed why he is the best the world. I hope tomorrow is just as quiet in the first leg, "said UEFA footballer.

The French did not rule out a surprise and eliminate the Catalans. "Barcelona are favorites, as it is the best team in the world. But we have a good chance of eliminating them, because we start to lead after the first leg. When we play, we just think in our party. And we have many areas because Barcelona is devoted to attack, not defend as a joint Italian. We have an opportunity and I think it can happen. " (via Marca.com)

Pedro: "Do not stop breathing at Arsenal"

Pedro hopes to turn the tie against Arsenal tomorrow in the Nou Camp. Laments the outcome of the game in the first leg, but is convinced they will be quartered. "With motivation and concentration we can repeat what we have done in the past and through the tie," said the striker.

"I know that first game was great for neutral fans to enjoy football, but we have lost very annoyed. You will not believe that the meeting was good, with great intensity and many occasions. Only you go thinking 'we lost', and feel a great desire to take the next opportunity, to get a better result and reach the next round. We wasted chances to score more goals in the first half there, they could have done the game was very different, "laments Peter in an interview with UEFA.

The canary cautioned not to give respite to their rival. "It was a strange result, because we deserved to win. You also need a little luck, but we suffered a comeback against Arsenal in the final stage and go back home to get through the tie. In the Camp Nou, we must be prepared so we would not hunt with their quick counter-attacks, press them high up, and do not let them breathe. " (via Marca.com)

Pep Guardiola: "I know people will lead to rooms"

"Wenger said it was low and now is high. The same thing happened last year with Nasri. There is still time for Walcott arrives on a private flight," said Barca coach at a news conference.

"We know that people will help us in the first and the second part. The fans will take us to the quarterfinals , "said Josep Guardiola , coach of Barcelona at the press conference prior to the second leg of second round of the Champions League. The coach left the clinic in the morning and today will be on the bench, "Barca kill all, but I'm better. Do not make me a hero, I'm not a cripple . I'm here because I feel better, is a back pain and that's it. "

Guardiola was not surprised by the call for Van Persie , because there is something new Barça coach, " Wenger said it was low and now is high. The same thing happened last year with Nasri . nNo came and played at the end, and Cesc in the first leg, was certainly well played. There is still time to get Walcott on a private flight , "said Guardiola ironic and referring to the dismissal of the technical maneuvers of rival : "I have much respect for Wenger. Like Van Persie only comes from tourism . Anyway, I hope they are all to play against Arsenal the best possible. This is a show for people. "

Barca coach believes the game will be matched and warns of the danger of Arsenal on the counter : "It will be a game with few opportunities and we have to attack with more order than ever, because it is a very dangerous counter . And when they catch Cesc, Nasri, Arshavin or Rosick and have to take special care because they have that others break out. It is true that lost their Carling , but were better than Birmingham . "

The British press has emphasized the mental fragility that has shown in recent seasons, Wenger's team in big games. Guardiola disagrees: "Yes I have heard, but I do not think so. The Arsenal is doing a great season, maybe they miss a step, but it's a young team can improve. Every year competitive. always remain level despite to sell players . "

"If we lose tomorrow, it will not be low"

Regarding casualties, said: " Puyol has made a great effort, but sometimes recovery takes time. Not long ago we played a cup final and the Champions League with another very important low. If we do not tomorrow, not because there are no Piqué Puyol. A great team can not depend on low. "

Guardiola known to be a tense match what is at stake , but the coach turned to send a message of confidence to his players: "In these games there is always tension and stress, but we must be focused a playoff know of no return . You lose your head ten minutes and you're out. But I have confidence in these people tell me I will make an important game. Have no doubt that we will continue to attack, go for the game, "he said.

About Wilshere and his style of play

" Wilshere is a great player, a big surprise. Esexcelente and will be important in England. suestilo We have players in the Barcelona B . The Arsenal can be a starter and is a great global football noticiapara "he said of the new pearl of Arsenal .

Asked about the error in the final of the Carling that made the target very young Szczesny and the handicap of inexperience of some players of Arsenal, said: "To this I always reply the same way. The Milan 's Gattuso, Inzaghi, Seedorf, Maldini and Pirlo , people very veteran, lost a final Champions League winning 3-0. Football is a game of mistakes and has nothing to do with youth. "

The first leg 2-1 and playing style of Arsenal threaten to Barcelona, who will try to pass a key to the future elimination of the season and the Champions: "I am convinced that if tomorrow we'll get a great competition and very far, "concluded Guardiola. (via AS)