07 March 2011

Mascherano: "Leo can repeat against Arsenal what happened last year"

Javier Mascherano , midfielder of FC Barcelona , has faith in his fellow countryman Lionel Messi , to the point that has ensured that 'The Flea' may well repeat his performance last year against Arsenal , which scored four goals as you will recall .

" Nothing surprises me about Leo . He can repeat what we did last year or even improve it . No one can put limits on the level that can reach, "said the former Liverpool.

On the meeting tomorrow, "Masche 'said the Gunners" are not stupid. They have a 2-1 lead and try portege. They will come to defend, but the difference with Zaragoza is that when they want to attack the ball and know how. " (via AS)

In Malaysia and sold the shirt for next season

The shirt for next season, on sale in Malaysia.

The new kit of FC Barcelona for next season, which will be the first in the chest that will look at the advertising of Qatar Foundation, and can be purchased over the Internet from sellers in Malaysia.

Specifically in the largest auction site in Malaysia, Lelong, several vendors are now offering the new jersey of FC Barcelona for next season.

If you've ever taken the last day of the season to release the new kit, you can make the case that some fans and they can attend the Camp Nou on it. "

One vendor says they are original, in fact labeled the brand that manufactures, another announces that it is an imitation of AAA quality.

The price of the shirt are 35 Malaysian Ringgit and fast shipping 45. So for about 20 euros including travel expenses and you can wear the kit of 2011/12.

In the away kit in black theory, no trace of it on the internet. (via SPORT)

Liverpool is also interested in Jeffren

Liverpool still looking at the Nou Camp looking for targets to be strengthened in the forthcoming season. If last week spoke of an alleged interest in Bojan Krkic by 'reds', now is Jeffren who could focus the attention of the England team.

According to 'caughtoffside.com' Damien Comolli still searching among the players who have less minutes in their respective teams, and that profile fits Jeffren Suarez, who in recent weeks has not been available to Guardiola because of injury.

In addition, the player features are the taste of Liverpool's director of strategy, which in principle would then consider the purchase of player and not an assignment as in the case of Bojan. (via AS)

Nobody wants to miss Barca-Arsenal

Barça-Arsenal has raised enormous expectations and many are looking for a location.

This morning is the deadline to buy tickets for the Barca-Arsenal for the members without payment and then it Tuesday to the general public. Is to see how many entries are put into circulation, since the expectation of meeting face to the Gunners and Barça is maximum.

The amount of paper available will vary depending on the availability permitting formula 'Seient Lluire' (Free seat ') through the locations available to paid members unable to attend the meeting finally. But this morning are not paid members who have a preference. May acquire a maximum of two tickets per card (the first with a 5% discount) and the shopping channel will be exclusively online at the website of the club and the ServiCaixa and Ticketmaster.

Will be the same Tuesday, June 8 when ticket sales open to the general public. The partners will get the same channels, as well as at the desk of Barcelona, in FNAC and Carrefour presenting the identity card or passport together with the membership of the club.

For fans, can only be done with the tickets in person at the desk of the club or at FNAC and Carrefour stores presenting their ID card or passport. For safety reasons it is forbidden to sell to fans of British nationality. (via SPORT)

Eleven against Arsenal almost decided

Pep Guardiola will bet on Abidal and Busquets and central and 'The jefecito' in the defensive midfielder.

Barça will play tomorrow without Pique and Puyol, its two main owners, a double absence conditions the eleven Pep Guardiola against Arsenal. With Piqué Puyol suspended and injured, the lineup that will present the Blaugrana offers little doubt but surprise, the plants will be Sergio Busquets and Eric Abidal. Both are aware of the position, despite his natural place is the heart of the defense. 'Busi' and played as central to Athletic Bilbao and Abidal has offset the decline contrasted with a credit Puyol: French is probably the best defense in the team and its speed can be critical to stem the backlash from Arsenal.

Gabi Milito will speed up your options to hold, though it seems that the Barca coach Argentina's trust in a game so demanding. Milito was a starter in Gijon and against Zaragoza, parties that have helped him to regain the rhythm, and physically would be ready to receive the Arsenal.

Despite the concern generated in the absence barcelonismo its two main owners, precedent for optimism: last year in similar circumstances, also against Arsenal and in the second leg quarter-final, Barca salvaged the junction with Gabi Milito and Rafa Marquez at the heart of the defense. And then also missed Piqué Puyol, one injured and one suspended, and Barca won 4-1, with four goals from Messi. At the end of Rome, for example, the Blaugrana submitted to Manchester without their two side holders, Alves and Abidal. Puyol played and Sylvinho.

With Dani Alves and indisputable right side, Maxwell will be in charge of occupying the left side of the defense. Although not part of the theoretical ideal eleven most fans, the Brazilian is having a major presence this season with 19 league games, 5 and 6 of the Champions Cup.

The defensive midfielder Javier Mascherano will be for: Argentina, after his great game against Zaragoza, will be in charge of balance in midfield, with Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez as stewards of creation. Seydou Keita, deciding against Zaragoza, could be the first turnover Guardiola from the bench.

The line of attack, however, is the only one not present any change: David Villa not started against Zaragoza, but will be against Arsenal. Next to him, Peter and Messi, to form the most dangerous three-pronged attack on the European scene. Villa and scored in the first leg and Messi endorsed him four goals to Arsenal last year.

The subsidiary could also have a presence at Arsenal if Thiago Alcantara has finally minutes. The player did not travel with Barça B yesterday to Tenerife and thus is available for Guardiola to try to overthrow the English side. (via SPORT)

Wenger: "We will not be nervous at the Camp Nou"

The French know that, despite the 2-1 achieved in the Emirates, the second leg in Barcelona should be very long.

Arsenal have become, over the days and parties, the euphoria after the win at the Emirates Stadium before the club in doubt. It should be easy to see how, in addition to losing the chance to win your first title in six years falling in the final of the Carling Cup against Birmingham, the fitness of your players is complicated by the day.

Since the Blaugrana London left with the feeling of having missed the win, the Gunners welcomed the resistance and resilience. Now touch the second chapter and that the experience of other seasons may be key. Especially as competitive maturity of the players of Pep Guardiola is, in principle, that of Arsène Wenger's men. The French, however, believes his squad is tanned in a thousand battles and the last example, despite the defeat, was the final of the Carling. Speaking to the official website of the London club said: "For many it was their first final, but in regard to major parties have played a lot of them at home and abroad. That will not be a problem in Barcelona. We will not be nervous at the Nou Camp. " Referring to match against Birmingham, in which a package error between the central goal Koscielny Szczesny and after the match left without title to the 'gunner', Wenger turns the page: "We must step back and forget about it and think about making our party, "he said.

Coach Gallo is pending not only play, but to offer solutions to low by injury to the English side will face in the Nou Camp on Tuesday. Wenger lost to Walcott, who is off the table. Dutch official also dismissed Van Persie, who managed a draw at the Emirates against Barca. In contrast, Wenger gives him "an opportunity" to Cesc Fabregas and Wilshere, of which no doubt will be on the lawn of the Nou Camp on Tuesday to the start time of the momentous event. Who does not arrive on time is one of its key players on defense during the early season, the Belgian central Thomas Vermaelen. For Arsenal, the defense will be a key player in the knockout round of Champions League final. After the 2-1 first-leg, Arsene Wenger insisted the official media of the English club to take precautions before. "It will be very important for us to defend well because we face the world's most effective attack. We need our best defenses in conditions, "said the coach. Anyway, is aware that his team is not prepared to close behind, something that would go against his philosophy and to condemn the defeat: "We will try to defend well and attack well. We are not a team that refuses to attack, we know. Our opportunity is to find the balance between defending and when we have the ball go up. "

Among his students, Alex Song is one of the most admired players it shows. In fact, he considers the best coach in the world and as his 'boss', is also convinced that they can move forward with the Champions: "If we thought what it would be best to stay home. Of course we are still smarting from what happened in the Carling Cup, but now we're going to give everything in this game. " As happened in the first leg, Barca, Arsenal is expected a great match. (via SPORT)

Barça-Arsenal: Victor (Valdes) and victory

José Manuel Pinto has responded in his absence but the Nou Camp on Saturday again entrusted to Victor Valdes . When Sinama Pongolle left behind Gerard Pique and goalkeeper Gavà deprived Real Zaragoza of the equalizer, the nearly 80,000 who attended the Stadium culés dedicated a standing ovation before chanting his name the day of his longed-for comeback after missing three games with an untimely loosening of the posterior capsule in his left knee.

In Barça Can anyone forget how much that Valdes has given the club and its role in the golden age that currently savoring Barcelona. Despite this, Victor has cried with some difficulties and still has a thorn in the final elimination against Inter Milan . Test your winning spirit and commitment to the bomb-proof shield, was the one who sang the cane and faced Jose Mourinho while Portuguese is shielded in his joy at the final pass to direct provocation to the hundredth Catalans ran across the lawn. Nearly three weeks later, on the feast of the League, put the bar quite high demands recalling the great goal for this season: "We owe a very important and we hope that we can celebrate another Champions Wembley."

It has been ten months and no longer want Valdés indebted to the 'blaugrana gent. " During his period of leave has worked tirelessly to bring their Granaz sand and keep the dream alive to shoulder his son Dylan with other Champions in the bag for the lap of honor at Camp Nou repeating the image of the League 2008 - 09 with her niece Andrea. If you do not have the privilege of being Barca goalkeeper tomorrow will hang a neck scarf and a flag would be flown to force Barca to create an atmosphere that the team take on wings to lift the first leg 2-1.

Valdes has no doubt that the stadium will be the size to intimidate Arsenal. "I expect a Nou Camp as always, a magical night of Champions in which the fans always gives us a plus. Among all will add to the comeback, "said Barca keeper, who posed for MD with scarf tie.

Victor showed the way forward and said that Barca should not get away from his style to defeat the Gunners. " We will go on the attack. We have no way to play . What we saw against Zaragoza when we went to 1-0 on the scoreboard. It is our philosophy and that has made us great, "he said before remembering that" hurts the same fall in knockout semi-final. " Still, he noted that "nothing happens our heads more than to get the comeback. The trust is total," revealed Victor a few hours of life left for victory. (via MD)

Without Piqué or 'Puyi' already dropped Arsenal

Although every game is a different story, precedents have a reference value which helps to assess the constraints of a game. In that sense, this Barcelona-Arsenal tomorrow is quite similar to that played by the same teams last season. It was in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. After a 2-2 draw at the Emirates, the club was ranked winning (4-1) turned in the Camp Nou with a defense that could not have Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique.

On that occasion were Gabi Milito and Rafa Marquez makers meet the power holders of the then European champions, who met sanction. The Barça fans lived with concern the hours before that game at all or anything to know that your behind would be owned by a couple almost unknown as such. Although there was speculation the possible relocation of midfielder Yaya Toure as central, happy invention of the triplet 2008-2009 season, Guardiola opted for the most classical and fielded two pure power, although Marquez had played sparingly. The truth is that unless the initial shock that led to a goal from Nicklas Bendtner, Marquez and Milito fulfilled their mission. Moreover, Leo Messi tore Arsenal with four goals , aiming his record as a professional. Other details and Iniesta almost forgotten is that just played the final five minutes that night. And this time the owner will crack Fuentealbilla. (via MD)

Alves still suspect the low 'gunner'

Dani Alves has been in Spain long enough to know that, as the saying goes, 'cautious man is worth two. " So Barca's Brazilian fullback made it clear his distrust of all ads from Arsène Wenger in terms of casualties with very remarkable that ensures Arsenal will be presented at the Camp Nou. In the first leg three weeks ago, coach 'gunner' and did the same with Samir Nasri, and French midfielder not only played the entire game but helped the second goal on a plate to Andrei Arshavin. "Low? There are stories to live," Alves recommended. "Until you leave the squad have to wait. People play their tricks. They try to distract a bit. Maybe it's a weapon they are playing," he added.

Much more focused on their own forces in which claims the rival. This is the message we wanted to make clear Alves on Tuesday's game in the Nou Camp, in which the ship sails with the obligation to turn around the 2-1 that brings Arsenal. Like his colleague Pedro Rodriguez, Alves advised to avoid any comparison with the return of the semifinals of last year's Champions League against Inter, in which the club developed much everything surrounding the game itself. "Do not go down there to go out and enjoy at any time without changing the way we are and play" (via MD)

Massimo Busacca will be the referee of the Barça-arsenal

Swiss referee directed the final of Rome crowned European champions Barcelona in 2009, by winning at Manchester United's Ferguson and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Swiss referee Massimo Busacca has been appointed by UEFA to referee the next Tuesday meeting at the Camp Nou between FC Barcelona and Arsenal for the knockout round of the Champions League.

Busacca, who led the Rome final to Barcelona crowned as European champion in 2009, is responsible for administering justice in a high-voltage, since the Barcelona must overcome the adverse outcome of the first leg (2-1) to continue alive in the competition. (via AS)

Xavi: "We play at home and Favorites"

Barca midfielder says the team arrives at the meeting with Arsenal in a good dynamic. "It will be a litmus test, but if we keep our personality, we'll be won."

On Tuesday comes the biggest game of the season. Until now. Guardiola's team gets to Arsenal on Tuesday in the second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League and reverse it to 2-1 at the Emirates. Comes with the moral through the roof after achieving all possible points in the league after the trip in London. One of the captains of the team, Xavi Hernandez, visited the set of 'The Score' on Barca TV. And he is optimistic: "We played at home and are favorites."

Xavi believes that Tuesday's game "will decide the final stretch of the season. And it will be difficult. It is a litmus test. Arsenal are a great team, who wants to play football and have to see if they come to play face to face . It is a team ready to defend. " The second team captain is among those who think that a zero may be a result short: "They go looking for a goal. It is a very good attacking team, it is very offensive players that make a difference before. If we keep our personality, we'll be won. "

Arsenal lineup comes with some doubts. Some of the starters in the first leg may not be ready for the appointment of the Camp Nou. "I think the only thing that Van Persie will fail," said Xavi. "It's a significant drop. Has great skill, and play false '9 ', as Messi. Walcott is playing the ankle, but somehow it could be. Cesc will play safe. But in any case we are talking about Arsenal. They are players in the Champions contrasted and always give a plus. They come with a partial victory and will not be easy. But we are at home, we are the favorites and with the help of our people can move the tie. "

Carles Puyol will definitely be added to the penalty down Gerard Piqué. The Barça captain continues with discomfort in his left knee. "It still hurts," said Xavi. "These days he has trained with us, but after the sessions still feel pain. It's a complicated injury, I suffered like me, but at the knee. And it is costing." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Plenty of safe options at the back

Barça will go into Tuesday’s last 16 second leg tie against Arsenal without their first choice centre half pairing of Piqué and Puyol. Captain has failed to come through his injury and Piqué is suspended, but Guardiola isn’t short of other options.

Gerard Piqué’s yellow at the Emirates means he missed Tuesday’s game and Puyol’s attempts to get fit enough to play seem to have been in vain, but Guardiola can call on defenders of proven class in Abidal, Milito and Busquets, as well as the impressive B team pair Bartra and Fontàs.

History repeats itself

It’s not a new situation for Pep of course – he found himself in a similar position last year against the Gunners and opted to bring in Milito and Marquez for what turned out to be a stunning 4-1 win that sent the team through to the semis.


Éric Abidal has shown he can easily move into the heart of defence from his preferred position at full back and offer the same guarantees as a centre back as he always has done at left back. The French defender is undoubtedly a luxury candidate to resolve Guardiola’s defensive dilemma.


Busquets has already figured at centre half and shown himself to be as accomplished as he is in the middle. His height and his tackling make him a formidable obstacle for attackers and his ability to bring the ball out from the back is unquestioned – the perfect profile for a Barça central defender.


The Argentinean played the full 90 minutes against Zaragoza and looked to have put the physical problems that have dogged him at time this season well behind him. He looked to be back on good form and just as he did last year, Milito could offer Guardiola a safe and experienced option. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Keita: "I'm good at Zaragoza, but the important thing was to win"

The blanquillos are a scourge on the African player. Last season as they endorsed a hat-trick in Camp Nou.

After 26 consecutive days out in the starting lineup, and played off to Andres Iniesta. The choice was the usual wild card Pep Guardiola, Seydou Keita. The example that always puts Santpedor reflecting the commitment and solidarity of the group responded splendidly. He scored the winning goal and showed that Zaragoza is given in fable.

Keita has scored 16 goals in Premier League and five of them have been to the hands. Thus, almost one third of the points scored in the top flight have been against the Aragonese. Of these five goals, one was in his time as a player of Sevilla, in a rout, 5-0 - and the other four and the Barça shirt. Last season he scored three of the six goals scored by Barcelona fans and yesterday was lethal taking advantage of a brilliant play by Messi.

The nightmare for Zaragoza still would have been worse were it not for the referee to set aside that would have been the first goal by an offside more than doubtful. Keita had scored in their favorite specialty such as header, picking the ball over Doblas. However, the linesman raised his flag and Mali both had to wait until the stroke of half. Came the added merit because the auction took place with the right, something usually very difficult for a southpaw.

Your so yesterday was the second this season in the league. The first was in San Mames when he opened the scoring in a 1-3 victory. Since then he had scored two goals in the Copa del Rey. Keita contributed to the goals in Europe in the Cup against Betis and Almeria who led the team to the final of the Copa del Rey. This competition is one in which the African has enjoyed more minutes. He has participated in eight games that have allowed access to the big game on April 20 against Real Madrid and his presence helped to dispense with other colleagues in the matches that both cost intersemanales face.

In the Champions League and has not had such an important role as in the Cup, but whenever it was needed Guardiola has brought a grain of sand. In the championship regularly entered in 25 games, ten as a starter, while the top European competition has played on four occasions, one in the starting lineup.

Keita was yesterday crucial to get the winning goal which gave three points for gold, but so had been seven days earlier in Mallorca when he served a pass that ended in the first goal Messi work. The assistance of the Argentine Jam spoon the game in the first half.

The African party went very pleased with the goal, though mostly by the team's victory. Seydou acknowledged that "I'm good at Zaragoza, but more important was to win and get three points." The midfielder was on a mission to break from the second row and was an argument that worked to overcome the wall of Zaragoza. In addition to the one goal scored and knocked in a very rigorous, Keita stepped on the field constantly and gave depth to the Barcelona game.

The player explained the difficulty involved in Zaragoza's ultra-defensive scheme, because "all the players were back and so is very difficult to score goals. Always try to play well, but when the opponent does not let you, the most important thing is to score the victory. "

The African is a player who likes to shoot on goal, but he himself does not believe that its main function is to overcome the opposing goal. "My thing is to score goals, but work for the good of the team to win games," said the footballer, who today will appear before the media. (via SPORT)