06 March 2011

Puyol is trained with the group and points to Arsenal

The captain of FC Barcelona , Carles Puyol, who was not involved in the victory against Real Zaragoza , has returned to exercise this Sunday with the rest of his teammates and it looks like it will own in the match against Arsenal next Tuesday , where Spanish team aims to overcome the adverse outcome of the first leg (2-1).

Puyol, has not yet discharged from hospital on Saturday and did not jump to the grass and made specific work has followed the group's activity as normal on the pitch. The long absence has been Josep Guardiola, back to hospital on Saturday after sitting on the bench at the Camp Nou.

The only players from the Barca first team who have not jumped into the field of Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper have been Víctor Valdés and Adriano , who have stayed in the gym doing specific work. In the Brazilian case, note that tonight was the father of her second child is, to be called Azhaf , according to the club,

In this way, have exercised a total of 18 players. On this occasion, participated in the preparatory session, which has been closed and has started at 11 am, three players from Barça B: Mino, Thiago, and Víctor Vázquez.

The group has been split in two. On the one hand, players who started against Zaragoza at the Nou Camp, they have been doing work to recover from mild effort and, secondly, the rest who have made a normal workout, if Puyol. (via AS)

Keita: "Arsenal is the biggest game"

Seydou Keita, Barcelona midfielder yesterday was the hero of his team by scoring the winning goal against Zaragoza, currently appears in a press conference, which has ensured that the next meeting of Barça, Arsenal , is the most important fought so far.

"It's the most important of the season," said the Malian footballer. "Against Arsenal we have to go strong. With the quality that we can win," he said. (via AS)

[Former Player] Giovani "I'm not culé, as a professional could play in Madrid"

He played for Barca, but that does not mean you feel the colors. As a professional does not rule out playing in a future archrival FC Barcelona.

-It's past time, but could explain his departure from Barcelona?

I was young, I wanted to play more minutes and had several offers. I want to eat the world and might not think much about things. But I do not regret it, sometimes you see the team and you think I could be there now ', but they are decisions you make in life.

-In other words, not cast ...

For nothing. Make it clear that it was me who wanted me to go. Guardiola gave me or the club, they wanted to continue.

-And this reputation of partying?

If a party animal would not have lasted in the club less than a year I have never had such problems. What happens is that released some pictures of the Christmas party Tottenham. The next day we had free. But that reputation, whatever you do, I know it is very difficult to remove.

-Barça Are you?

I have a love Barca, always keep that experience, I am happy when they win things I have friends there, but I'm not culé.

-Racing is now in Madrid and faces. How can white win?

There are always opportunities. I do not think the solution is only defend well. We have created many occasions League powerhouses as Villarreal and Sevilla. We have to play well, be very focused on the defensive and take our chances.

-Christian will not ...

Although not have players Özil or impressive as Di Maria. A Özil met him during the World Cup and is a very interesting player. What is achieved in the extraordinary Madrid, has adapted very quickly to a class team, a different culture, language That only makes the players as good as him.

-Would you play in Madrid?

Do not say yes or no, but do not close doors to anything. Any player would like to play is a big as Real Madrid.

-He debuted as a starter. Do you think you will be nervous to play against a team like Madrid?

No, I play with more confidence. I've been able to play several important classics such as Madrid, Barcelona, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Arsenal or Tottenham, plus the four complete games of the tournament. I think I control the pressure, but obviously there have typical nerves before the start. But just go to the opening whistle. I grow with responsibility, if I feel important on the computer.

-Do you see yourself staying in the Racing next year?

I do not know, here I am very happy but I have to go back to London to speak with Tottenham and see what happens. (via AS)

[Rating] FC Barcelona Real Zaragoza (1-0)



Guardiola returns to the clinic after the match at Camp Nou

Will be the fourth night I admitted to the Dexeus, after it detected a herniated disk. Doctors who treated him gave him permission to go to the game against Zaragoza.

FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, will tonight Dexeus clinic after leaving the medical center briefly in the afternoon to lead his team in the game against Zaragoza.

Will be the fourth night I admitted to the Dexeus Guardiola, after it detected a herniated disk. Doctors who treated him this morning gave him permission to go to Camp Nou and be with his players, but with the commitment to return the medical center for further treatment.

The coach came out today from the Dexeus past five in the afternoon and was with his players at the Camp Nou, but unlike other parties, was not very active on the lawn.

The first appearance he made on leaving the dock, the Camp Nou greeted him with a loud applaud, with whom he rewarded their tenacity for wanting to be next to his players in the game against Zaragoza, who ultimately won the club with a solitary Keita both (1-0).

His assistant in technical tasks,''Tito''Francesc Vilanova, said in a press conference after the match offered Guardiola was "better than Valencia and without suffering much."

Pep Guardiola also wanted to be with his players in Wednesday's game in Valencia, but on the bench he was suffering Mestalla entire match. Back in Barcelona, was admitted to the Dexeus, where the next day he was diagnosed with a herniated disc, instead of acute low back pain it was feared that he was suffering. (via AS)

[Barça B] Becomes the great passer

Barça B recovers against Tenerife's second highest scorer and the best time to make assists. Nolito, who could not play before the penalty Cordoba is the second player with more minutes just passed by Montoya.

1,971 minutes, 8 goals and numerous assists for goal .... These are the numbers of Nolito, but most of the technical value of this player is its ability to take responsibility and lead to imbalance.

Aainst of Cordoba, the team was not affected by the sanction of Nolito as Edu Oriol and Tello played at a high level, but enough to travel to Tenerife offensive widens the possibilities of subsidiary: "It is a forward that goal and gives us capacity imbalance, but Tim and Taylor in the last game so wonderfully made, "said Joan Barbarà, assistant coach of the subsidiary.

The only player of Barça B has overtaken Nolito presence in the alignments is Montoya, who has played 25 of the 27 league games. Nolito has missed just three league games and scored 1,971 minutes in 24 games he has played.

Espinosa debut against Numancia, and Deulofeu he was the turn to the Cordoba. This time, however, Luis Enrique has not named any player in the Juvenil A and all of them are therefore available to Oscar Garcia for the game against Mallorca (Sunday, 12 h, Barça TV).

The only player in the subsidiary that was available but has been left off the list is Victor Vazquez, who has crept up a few days ago now the Achilles tendon. Barcelona have also been Oriol Romeu, Carmona and Rafinha, recovering from their ailments.

The Tenerife facing the game against Barça B with the need to escape from the relegation zone. Barbara is a dangerous rival "because the hand of Antonio Tapia winning teams have recently achieved the level of Xerez, and Ray."

These are the 19 players from Barça B this Sunday morning travel to Tenerife to win the game Monday Heliodoro Rodríguez.

Goalkeepers: Olazábal, Masip.
Defenders: Montoya, Bartra, Armando, Fontàs, Muniesa, Abraham, Planas.
Midfielders: Ilie, Sergi Roberto, Thiago, Jonathan dos Santos.
Forwards: Edu Oriol, Soriano, Benja, Saúl, Nolito, Tello.

[Barça B] Vazquez trains with the group in the Mini

The coaching staff has recovered Barça B Víctor Vázquez after the Barcelona playmaker has missed the last two league games by a blow to the Achilles tendon • The captain chooses to join the squad for Tene.

Gradually, Luis Enrique recovers effective. Rafa Alcantara and has trained with the group and next week could receive a medical discharge, but who is in perfect condition and is Víctor Vázquez.

'10 'Barca did not suffer any significant injury in fact never received medical leave, but some discomfort in the Achilles tendon had been left out of the last two league games. At the end of the week, the captain of B has trained normally with the group and it is therefore able to play.

Carles Planas has been one of the protagonists of the session on Friday, as the left has now reached 20 years and his teammates have welcomed with an ovation and blankets on the lawn of the Mini.

Vázquez flat, with the rest of his teammates, trained Miniestadi Friday in a rare scene in the working sessions of the subsidiary. Barça B repeated this Saturday, time (11 am) and stage (Mini) and Sunday at 9 am will start from the Sports City to Tenerife where on Monday (19 h) will play against the team coached by Antonio Tapia . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Milito: "The difference has been that we have not marked as much as ever"

Gaby Milito, who has played 90 minutes against his former team, acknowledged that the victory was not easy at all for equality that has prevailed on the scoreboard throughout the game.

The central Barça Milito has returned to the title after three weeks. The Argentine has been the player who has recovered more balls throughout the game and helped the team to a 1-0 win against Zaragoza. At the end of the game the player has commented that "it is a very important victory, we could not win the game with the comfort we expected, the result has been open until the end."


"Party hard, because Zaragoza has put many people on defense. In the end we won and we increase the distance waiting game on Sunday. Now we can think on Tuesday, when we have a very important game."

"One would like to score but could not be. The most important thing is to win and we're happy about it."

"The coach has decided to rotate some players. He has gone well and we won. Now the players will be fresher for Tuesday's game."


"We won an important game against a team that has come to defend itself."

"I'm fine, but I have a very hard blow to the ankle."

"The best way to deal with Tuesday's game is getting this victory."

"We need to coach always with us. We know the pain you have, but he wants to be with us. Hope he recovers soon."


"We knew we could not fail, the team played well."

"The goal of the first part has been key. We're doing a great job defensively and we're glad for the win."

"Tuesday's game is very complicated. On Sunday we will prepare well."

"I look forward to helping the team."


"I think if it's His will, Puyol will be for the Arsenal game."

"There is still the party of Madrid, but we're cool because we've done our job."

Victor Valdes:

"I am very well and very happy with the win."

"We controlled the game and Zaragoza has only created danger."

"Take confidence after the Zaragoza match is very important for Tuesday's game."

Vilanova: "It's never easy if you come to close both"

Tito Vilanova greatly appreciates the 1-0 win against Zaragoza, especially considering the opponent's defensive approach on the pitch. "It's never easy if you come to close both," he noted.

Highlighting the performance of goalkeeper Zaragoza for their contributions, the second Barça coach wanted to emphasize the difficulty of scoring a goal against a team that goes to field a defensive line consisting of five players: "Doble has been very good. Never easy to play against a team with many players in their area. "

With the job done

Vilanova has acknowledged the discomfort involved with a goal just go ahead: "We all thought to score the second goal. Go 1-0 is not easy. We were not quiet and thinking about Arsenal . With the 1-0 you are always with that afraid you can to score. "Anyway, the Barca coach pointed out that the team has done its job" and that he does Sunday morning second-placed Real Madrid , "it's yours."

Improving Guardiola

On the state of Josep Guardiola , who has finally been on the bench to lead the party, Vilanova has indicated that it has been better than the match in Valencia and has appreciated the efforts made: "We hope it is on Tuesday against Arsenal. I've seen much better than Valencia. We know who has made a great effort, and we thank them all. expected to improve gradually. "

"Arsenal will look for your options"

Precisely on this game, back in the second round of the Champions League and the FC Barcelona must overturn a 2-1 side if you want access to the quarterfinals of the competition, Barça coach has stressed the importance of this meeting, and he was convinced that Arsenal "will not come to Camp Nou to close and look for their options."

Some of the players who are often owners have seen the game this Saturday on the bench. Messi has been one of them: "Someday you'll want to rest, but he is well and always wants to play. If we had a good result in the second half maybe we replaced. "

State oh Carles Pyol; When asked about the fitness of Carles Puyol, Tito Vilanova has responded that "it is much better," and clarified that "if today was played mostly as a precaution." "We'll see your progress in training tomorrow and Monday," he added.

[Pictures] Barça - Zaragoza (1-0)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 27] FC Barcelona 1 - 0 Real Zaragoza

They deserved more, but Barça had to settle for a solitary Keita goal to overcome Zaragoza on a day that saw the presidential box filled with women. Guardiola’s side has an overnight lead of ten points on Real Madrid.
Keita certainly seems to enjoy playing Zaragoza. Last season he got the only hat-trick of his career against them and tonight he crowned another excellent performance with the only goal of the game. It was also a day for the ladies, with not a single male face in the Camp Nou presidential box. And what the female onlookers got to see was almost embarrassing denomination from Barcelona, and it seemed incredible that all they got out of it was a single goal.

Racing Santander entertain Real Madrid on Sunday, but for the time being FC Barcelona top the league with 74 points, ten more than the all-whites. And there are only 33 left to play for.

Technical Data:

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Milito, Maxwell (Abidal, min.75); Xavi, Mascherano, Keita; Pedro (Iniesta, min.86), Messi y Bojan (Villa, min.65).

Zaragoza: Doblas; Diogo, Jarosik, Da Silva, Lanzaro, Obradovic; Pinter (Edmilson, min.55), N'Daw, Ander Herrera (Jorge López, min.71), Bertolo (Uche, min.50); y Sinama-Pongolle.

Goal: 1-0, min.43: Keita.

Referee: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes, Cantabrian committee. He showed yellow card to Milito (min.57) and Lancelot (min.92).

Incidents: Party for the twenty-seventh day of the league match at the Camp Nou before 78,965 spectators, according to data released by the club.

The Royal Box was occupied exclusively by women, on the day of Barcelona's tribute to his partner.