05 March 2011

Last session without Puyol

The first team of FC Barcelona has exercised this Saturday morning with 19 players available from the first team and goalkeeper Miño, Barça B. Puyol has made specific job and has not discharged.

In this way, the coaching staff Barca will have to rule on two players before tonight's commitment to Zaragoza, a goalkeeper (Valdés, Pinto and Minho) and a field player.

Remember that the big news for this game are Jeffren Valdes, who were discharged on Friday and Thursday, respectively, and are already available to Guardiola, who today has not led the training session held at the Camp Nou .

Captain Carles Puyol, on the other hand, has continued with her specific job and has not discharged. Remember that Friday Puyol and worked with the team.

After visiting this morning, it appears that the evolution of Josep Guardiola is quite favorable and is almost certain presence to the game today, as communicated by the Medical Services FC Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

A day for rotations

Although Tito Vilanova gave no clue about the alignment with which the team will face the match against Zaragoza , several players can finally have an opportunity they have been waiting for. This applies, for example, Bojan or Afellay . The Dutchman played his first game as a starter in the league in Gijón, against Sporting, but has since disappeared from the lineup. He also had a strong presence in qualifying hostesses against Betis and Almeria. As for Bojan, has only been active in the knockout tournament and may again have a chance against Zaragoza.

Being an ideal match to rest some owners thinking about the visit of Arsenal , it is difficult to guess who is going to stay out of eleven. Leo Messi , who last week was one day without training for mild discomfort, not rest and never Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick against Malaga somehow compel him to keep scoring in their fight for top scorer. Pedro, meanwhile, rested and in Mestalla , so that if there are changes in the lead, could affect David Villa .

Milito is another player who can return to the team by Pique , who will not play against Arsenal, while Keita or Mascherano hope to play minutes. (via MD)

Valdes, Puyol: The return of the guardians

Nursing be cleared. Good sign, especially before Barça-Arsenal next March 8. First to leave was Jeffren twenty matches on Thursday and later. Yesterday, suddenly, he left Victor Valdes after missing the last three and now, unless reversed, it will be the turn of Puyol , absent in 11. The three put the end to their particular plight and give air to a template that, with effort, has managed to survive without them.

The defense returns to take shape with the return of goalkeeper and captain. Hours before playing against Athletic, Valdes suffered a strained posterior capsule in his left knee that he departed from the team for three games. Deactivated the alarm Pinto conceded just one goal in three games. Tito Vilanova said yesterday that it is to play. It is possible that Pep will reserve against Arsenal and give continuity to the goal of Cadiz.

Since last January 22, Puyol is not on a call. The doctor Ricard Pruna signed within hours of the medical center gives overcome a vastus lateralis tendinitis in his left knee. You can return to Zaragoza, but the best news is that insurance shall be for the knockout round of the Champions , the day that Piqué will miss through suspension. The return of captain reset the equipment at a sensitive time, risking their continuity in Europe and sprinting towards the title. Although Barcelona are accustomed to his quick comebacks, his scissors to the recovery periods, the player and the coaching staff have opted this time for treatment as conservative as conservative. Until last Thursday there was brought to stop the whole team. Growth factors have worked. The evolution of the lesion and central sensations of La Pobla have set deadlines to follow.

A Puyol has been missed but the results in hand, not so bad. Without the captain in 11 matches, Barcelona has managed to succeed in the league making a booty of 16 possible 18 points, and won two Cup matches moon was the only defeat at the Emirates Stadium. Valdés has only lost the league but his teammates managed a hat-trick of victories. (via MD)

Xavi: "They tell me to play against Barca sucks"

Acclaimed in many of the fields where he plays, the best midfielder in the world sitting chair.

-"In areas such as the Valencia win the league?

Yes, because that's where you usually stop points. In the past two years we let four points. Valencia are a team presses you, you want the ball, you do not get the domain. Many thought they would fail in Valencia and took a disappointment. Twelve games left and we still have strong outings, but yesterday took a swipe on the table.

-What was the key?

Pulling won office.

-Yes, but the Valencia dominated for twenty minutes

Everything was on the field. Was very dry. What determines everything. It was like playing on the carpet in your home. In a wet field oriented control is easy, the ball hooked Mestalla, and not looking the pass. A Iturralde said at half time to send irrigate the field, but the referee told me there was no regulation for that.

-That will be because of the hierarchy who have, right?

Yes, but I was surprised Valencia. They always irrigate the field. Emery football has evolved from Valencia and I was surprised to do this kind of ploy to stop us.

-Pep "change their habits with the players for their low back pain?

All the talk is that he sat tactic because he saw that he was very wrong. On Friday we saw that something was wrong because Pep never complains about anything.

-A further demonstration of his strong commitment to accompany the team on its state

It's a feeling so ours. We are people from home. Pep is the first that instills and autoexige. You can not claim if you do not autoexiges. Pep is a reference for us. He gave us a moral lesson and commitment.

-How does it feel beating record after record?

The records will be of little unless we win the league. To us unless we win the league we do not care records. The Madrid made 96 points last year, his record in the league in points, not avail.

-Does vertigo see what they have done in these two and a half?

Vertigo No. I had when I saw the 12 or 13 in the table. Now we leave the field with a superior, knowing that we will win the match. They all run, they all work, in training people fly.

-How can you stop the euphoria of the people?

I like that people are euphoric and more at the time of crisis we are experiencing. That people enjoy and anime. We must be cautious.

-Can you dream of the treble?

Sure! Obviously you can win, but it is very difficult. The Champions League we have more uphill than downhill. We can get through the tie, played at home. We depend on us. The Cup final will be tough because we played against Madrid. The League seems to be that we have the best, but still have seen worse.

-Pep said the tie against Arsenal this season mark, you see that?

We have an obligation to pass. We played at home. A 2-1 against is not so bad result. There had to be sentenced. With a 1-0 pass. We have everything for, but Arsenal is a team that should be taken into account, especially above. But I am optimistic and confident that we will.

-How Valdes and Puyol?

I trust they are for Arsenal, but they are injuries that must have a strong city. They are not easy to carry.

-Did you see in the image field Messi taunted Villa that he would not have happened in the game against Valencia?

It is the result of stress. I also get angry with Alves, Valdés I cry to go to the near post, Puyol to squeeze. Leo also gets angry, is human. Just as Christian. I even get angry with the officials and tell them everything.

-But watching Messi is complaining so strange ...

See if you do not get angry at work. Everyone gets angry.

-I insist that it was not normal

To be number one you have to have character. What happens is a guy who is empathetic and selfless and always thinking of the partner thing is that sometimes you cross the cables. I have spent a thousand times.

-How does the card?

I have three cards, all for protesting.

-Perez Lasa seems to be more yellow who teaches

-That an arbitrator is not dialogue, do not understand. With it you can not even talk. The other day I said: Hey I'm the captain of Barcelona. Sometimes it takes a little more emotional intelligence.

-Do young referees?

Yes, young and Mateu Lahoz talk more, talk with the player. But Iturralde too, until I explained the reasons why I teach the card or why one thing or another pita.

-Cruyff said that if Madrid is more tired is the way they play. Do you agree with him?

You're right. Di Maria individual plays; Ozil, individual; Christian individual. Make careers of thirty or forty yards. It is normal to be tired later. In the club the only one who plays in driving is Leo. We do more game of position and combination, Madrid and driving more individual. It is normal to wear more.

-90% of coaches say they play against Barca mentally and physically worn

I also think in practice because when I do a rondo, I'm in the middle and make a shake, my legs start to shake. To me the team-mates told me to play in the Nou Camp is a great rondo. That to them is a big bitch to play against Barça. It is normal to lower the piston, which is starting to wear down physically. Today costs Barça be otherwise.

-Have you ever passed backwards?

No. The equipment has cost us more like Villarreal and Valencia could only take away the ball for twenty minutes.

-"You go out to the press conference with a strong communication strategy?


-Mourinho has told Barcelona's players follow the lines laid down by Guardiola and the club at all times in his statements

If you say what you feel is a communication strategy, then yes that follow. Now I think what I say as Pellegrini. I do not say everything I think.

-Tired of criticism and constant references to Mourinho to Barca?

Esl or the most important thing happening in the field. The rest, as if speaking mass. I do not know why he does this. I should like. I can not even talk about Mourinho. We talked through education and respect. Let the fields and the people we admire. People greet you in good cheer. San Mames gave me a standing ovation from the host. Against Betis also ...

-Is Spain Barça?

Man, not much. What is true is that people can identify with our game because they love. Behavior within the field is also very important. We are normal people who play football. When we beat rival is not seen him angry. Nothing more. We are not a circus.

-Are your rivals out exhausted from the beginning?

I do not know what games you see because for me the rivals played with an aggressiveness that is the host.

-How would you feel if your home were six paparazzi waiting?

It surprises me a little of everything. Even the sports daily the truth because things have been mixed.

-How is your debut as an entrepreneur at night?

That's a lie. Until a friend called me and told me he wanted to be my club's public relations. Must be very bored these publishing these lies. How fucked is that all that remains unpunished.

-Did you know that Evarist Murtra has predicted a future as coach of Barcelona?

Now I have a fucking role to think about coaching. With 18 years it was said that de la Peña to leave and to enter Xavi, then I'd have to replace Pep as a player and now is also a coach Pep And if I go to look for mushrooms and nothing else? Seriously, I would be connected at the club, but in any case now we have one who knows a lot.

-"Guardiola 'forever'?

Hopefully. The best I ever had in my life with Luis Aragonés. To me everything about him captive.

-Remove the crystal ball and tell me if Alves will

Shall. I think you will agree. It is the best right back in the world. Attack, defend. It's pretty cool. One of the best signings the club has done. Do you remember how much it cost? I do not. (via SPORT)

Pep prepared the party in the 712

Josep Guardiola is no let-up even when injured. Yesterday turned his hospital room into a makeshift office.

Room 712 of the seventh floor of the USP Institut Dexeus yesterday became a makeshift office for the Blaugrana technical staff. Josep Guardiola was visited by his right hand, Tito Vilanova, who late yesterday put him abreast of the latest incidents of staff to prepare the alignment of face to tonight's game against Real Zaragoza.

Although it was initially scheduled to leave Guardiola over the clinic yesterday, doctors thought it was more prudent to prolong the stay of technical blaugrana to promote their recovery.

Dr. Enric Cáceres visited yesterday the coach and found its good performance. This morning will further review and if all goes well I could go home to continue recovering.

He also visited the doctor Ramon Cugat, whose opinion will be a greater weight in deciding whether Pep eventually need to undergo surgery to overcome his injury. In the case of treatment was not sufficient, should undergo surgery.

The tradeoff is that the postoperative period is short (24 hours) and in two weeks may begin to recover. Barca's medical services issued a statement yesterday explaining that "the therapeutic and pharmacological treatment that has been practiced technician has allowed its clinical course is favorable."

Still, it was decided not precipitate his departure because the rest is the best therapy for these lesions and "evolution marks the availability for the game against Zaragoza."

Barcelona coach followed the treatment of epidural anesthesia to ensure that refer pain and inflammation of the intervertebral disc located between vertebrae L5 and L4.
Therefore, Vilanova took over the preparatory meeting and address the media at a press conference and then traveled from the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper to the clinic. Upon arriving at the clinic in the room agreed with Dr. Cugat and the three were chatting and room service served them dinner. Dexeus Tito remained until 22.15 hours, just over two hours.

Both coaches had kept in contact by telephone since the expedition returned to Barcelona in the early hours of Thursday and was admitted Pep. However, yesterday was the first 'summit' since then for the same Tito told that Victor Valdes is healed and today may hold against Zaragoza and Carles Puyol, who will be medically discharged in the final preparatory session this morning if it follows the same trend, could play a few minutes.

In this way, the room became a makeshift hospital where the office responsible for Barça were able to analyze options for the alignment of tonight's news that could take the inclusion of Seydou Keita.

Pep's desire is, in the case to be minimally restored, occupy the bench of the Nou Camp for the match against Zaragoza, but it is clear that doctors and not allow him to force more of the account. Therefore, Vilanova will be in charge of the training session this morning and on the go will decide what is best for Pep facing the game, but bet it will be at the Stadium. (via SPORT)

A very feminine rock will use for the first time escudo

La Peña Barcelonista Fayón, led by women, opened his coat at the stadium this Saturday, the same day the Club celebrated the Day of Working Women.

Fayón is a village in the Gaza Aragon of about 400 inhabitants. Your Barcelonista Peña opened September 5, 2010 and this Saturday will place their badge in the Camp Nou .

For members of this rock, run by women, there is a nice coincidence shield debut the same day the Club has organized an all-female stage , to pay tribute to the historical role they have been and are women in the Barca, coinciding with the Working Women's Day , which is next March 8 .

This rock has a board consisting of six members . The four most important roles fall on women. This is the case of the President, Magnolia Mestre , the vice president, Ana Rabert , secretary, Anabel Llop , and treasurer, Carmen Sabaté . Two men who make up the rest of the policy, Javier Recha and Jordi Cabistany , we reserve the set of vowels.

The president and secretary, both originating in Barcelona, were the main proponents of the creation of this rock in this small town 20 miles Mequinensa, 40 to 70, Lleida and Fraga.

The four directives that make up the board are married but none of their husbands is Barça. In the rock there are three women over 80 years and younger, Laia, is 11 months.

Will be 15 women from the Rock that will make this trip to open the shield. Will leave at eight o'clock and have Fayón be arriving at the stadium at 12.30 h midday. During his visit to Barcelona to the Nou Camp Experience and know the stadium. Will be around 18.30 h when open their plaque at the stadium.

The first title now lies at the Museum

The championship trophy of Spain won the Cup last February in the Barca Alusport Segovia is now in the Museo del FC Barcelona. Javi Rodriguez and Marc Carmona has made the delivery this afternoon.

Together the coach and captain of Barça were the president of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, the responsible manager of the section, Javier Bordas, and the Director General of sections, Joan Carles Raventos, who have accompanied Javi Rodriguez and Carmona in this act.

The trophy and look in the windows of the Museum. All players have wanted to not be the last and already this season to get some more. Barca team aims to fight for the League, leads the regular phase of the month-end and played the semifinals of the Copa del Rey.

"For our club it is a very important milestone, and also for the future of professional sections, because football is the last bet we did. And it's going well. I'm very happy for the section, very happy this award and very happy with how the section is working, "said Sandro Rosell.

For its part, Bordas expected to be "the first of many" and recalls that the Cup of Spain "is a special title because it is the first and has taken many years of work." The director in charge of the section says: "I have great confidence that the harvest season does not end here. All titles are difficult but we are well positioned in both the league and the Copa del Rey."

Alusport Barca won the title after thrashing to Manacor in the quarter ( 6-0 ), after obtaining the qualification for the final in penalties against Caja Segovia and after the final beating the defending champions, El Pozo ( 3-2 ). Cup of Spain is the first title won in the Spanish area was LNFS and joins four other trophies as Catalunya Cups (1999/2000, 2008/09, 2009/10 and 2010/11), the 1989 Cup Winners Cup course / 90 and the Copa del Rey in the 1988/89 season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Aguirre, fourteenth game against Barca

Javier Aguirre faces his fourteenth game against FC Barcelona, the first since the trains to Zaragoza. So far he played thirteen times against Barca, eight as head coach of Osasuna and five leading Atletico Madrid.

The Mexican coach travels to Camp Nou with the intention of dealing with Barca for the ninth time since becoming coach, but this time he will be leading a different team, Zaragoza, all of which took over after the ouster of Joseph Aurelio Gay in early season.

The results of Osasuna's Javier Aguirre with FC Barcelona Barça speak of 4 wins, 3 draws and only one loss by 2 goals to 1, which, curiously, came in the final season of 'Basque' in the dock of the 2005 joint navarro / 06. As a visitor to the Mexican coach was unable to beat the Catalan side in the four visits in the stadium.

Wearing the suit of Atletico Madrid, Aguirre lived all colors nights when playing against Barca. After a discreet tie at 1 in the first match, saw his team suffered a rout of scandal at the Calderon with 0 goals to 6. The following year, but could recover from the defeat by answering with a 4 to 2 in a match remembered for a goal by Ronaldinho Chilean. The balance of the Catalans to Aguirre Atletico recorded three victories for the club, one draw and one defeat. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdés received a medical discharge

Barca goalkeeper Victor Valdes has been discharged from hospital and has been training the big news on Friday evening the first team. The session, led by Tito Vilanova, also attended by Puyol.

After nearly two weeks by treatment for a strain to the posterior capsule of the left knee , Víctor Valdés has received the medical discharge and has worked with the group in the country's number one Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper . This was the big news in a session aimed at preparing the commitment League against Zaragoza , for the 27th time and will take place on Saturday (20 h) in the Camp Nou .

Puyol works with the team

Among the 21 players present on the lawn, all first team players Barça plus subsidiary goalkeeper Rubén Miño , had also Carles Puyol , without the discharge , but if Thursday's session began outside the group and the final section joined the team dynamics, this Friday has been exercised from the beginning to the rest of the squad.

Vilanova, head of the session

The training has led a second day on Barca coach Tito Vilanova , as Josep Guardiola is on process improvement , but still admitted to a hospital in Barcelona by the herniated disc he has. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Vilanova: "To meet the Arsenal, it is best to win at Zaragoza

On Tuesday comes Vilanova Arsenal but wants everyone to think in Zaragoza. An important game in which the opponent is wary because "I feel more afraid these type of games that teams are high."

No Pep Guardiola, absent because of a herniated disc that has been diagnosed this week, his assistant Tito Vilanova has been commissioned to address the media at the press conference after the game against Zaragoza. Aware that people have their heads in the Champions League match on Tuesday against Arsenal in the League on Saturday, Vilanova has warned of the danger of falling into this error.

One reason to do a good job of Javier Aguirre before it would be a good step towards the Champions League since "to face Arsenal, it is best to win at Zaragoza."

Vilanova knows that the game against Zaragoza will not be easy. "Although it is on the bottom and have low need not be easy," says the technician who warns that after exercise in Valencia will cost more. He added that the victory in Mestalla has value if you win the Aragonese: "Nothing will win in Valencia when we lose home games." In addition, Tito admitted that "I have more fear of this kind of game that teams that are high."

In this sense, Vilanova not trust the game against Zaragoza knowing that the team comes from a match at Mestalla "very hard and intense", and the game against Arsenal is nearby. "It is impossible to think of Arsenal, but between all be convinced that the important game is the Zaragoza."

One of the protagonists of the training has been Valdes, who has been discharged. Vilanova, but has not said whether he will play against Zaragoza or not, said, "is to play. Both this morning, who has coached, and in the afternoon, we have found perfect."

In the case of Carles Puyol, "good is to recover well. There is a training and tomorrow we will see," says Vilanova anyway notes that "we do not force the player." (via FCBarcelona.cat)