03 March 2011

[Former President] Laporta breaks Catalan Solidarity

Joan Laporta is his political career and after gaining four seats in the Parliament of Catalonia Catalan Solidarity has decided to break with the coalition for their differences ahead of the upcoming municipal elections.

Joan Laporta continues to forge his political path and the forthcoming municipal elections has decided to break with the Catalan Solidarity training because the training does not share "this alone is the election in Barcelona."

This was announced in a statement posted on its website on which bid to form a new grand coalition in Barcelona in order to "project the Catalan in the world" because in his view "a unitary bid independendentistas all parties would be the best way. "

Laporta's decision affirming respect for Solidarity but did not share it stays on the lookout for different electoral movements to prepare for the upcoming elections in Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Three-year agreement between FC Barcelona and SEIKO

FC Barcelona and SEIKO have signed a partnership agreement whereby the Japanese became the official watch of the Club and will benefit from marketing rights and visibility over the next three years.

The result of this agreement, SEIKO get a variety of rights such as the inclusion of the mark in the clocks of the local markers Stadium, including the mark in markers of injury time in league games played at home and licensing rights to the brand watches.

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Juventus prepares 20 'kilos' for Mascherano

The Argentine midfielder is the leading candidate to replace Juventus the possible departure of Sissoko and prepare and 20 million Euros out of the Camp Nou.

The secondary role starring Mascherano at the club has attracted interest from Juventus to try his signing next summer.

Sissoko's possible departure, defensive midfielder of Italian side, has precipitated a movement that sees Juve 'The jefecito' ideal replacement.

Project ownership within the Italian club is the main trick to telling a Juventus ready to offer around 20 million euros to release him from his contract with the Catalan club, reports the Daily Mail. (via SPORT)

The Arsenal returns to the load to be taken to Victor Vázquez

The Arsenal game is in La Masia del Barça and after the signing of very young Jon Toral, Arsène Wenger wants to fish in waters Barça.

According to the newspaper 'The Sun', the London club would be very interested in contacting Victor Vazquez. The young 24 year old, who plays for Barcelona B in the interests of Londoners already have to work to try to fathom the situation.

Victor Vazquez is released in June, in anticipation of a possible renewal, and begin to see him come out some 'brides' in the market.

Barca striker, who has debuted with the first team, you can re-escalate tensions between the two clubs after the event and the recent Cesc Toral march to the English club. (via SPORT)

Guardiola admitted to the clinic to treat low back pain Dexeus

Pep Guardiola has had to be admitted to the hospital emergency USP Dexeus I returned at dawn from Valencia . The technician, who traveled to infiltrate the city of Valencia, could not bear acute low back pain that has dragged on for two days.

The effort needs the game - gave orders from the bench, back pain aggravated technician, who had been visited in the hospital by the renowned Dr. Caceres before traveling. (via MD)

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[Rating] Valencia CF - FC Barcelona (0-1)



Villa: "It was a day with a happy ending"

David Villa, who was returning to his home for five seasons, knows that the victory of the night at the Mestalla is important to face up to the end of the league season.

Although this morning I was in Avilés (Asturias) in a trial, David Villa has come at noon to Valencia to rejoin the team focus and be 100 100 to play against Valencia. The Barcelona striker, formerly of Valencia, was happy to "be involved with the team" and notes that "I have not suffered" and that "the two have come to the hotel." Therefore, after a very lively day leaves Valencia Villa happy because "it was a day of happy ending."

In his time at Villa Valencia knew that Barca had a hard time get the three points at the Mestalla. That is why after tonight's win striker acknowledged that "we're very happy because it is a very complicated to win." He adds that "we have brought forward the vital game in a day."

Barca go to bed at 10 points of second-placed Madrid, waiting for what the Mourinho Thursday against Malaga. Yet Villa warns that "much" but "if we are to win games no matter what they do."

Obviously the game has been special for Valencia's David Villa as the player wore the shirt Valencia for five years. "Thanks for the welcome I've had," said '7 'Barca recognizing that "It was a nice feeling to step on the field again and seeing friends."


"We knew the match in Valencia would be difficult"

Gerard Piqué:

"It's a fair result. We had more chances. We have taken three important and deserved."

"Our goal was to get us to 10 points."


"There is still much. It is a major victory. Facing one of the best teams playing in this league."

"We place great value on victory because it is a great team."

"It was a very important game for us. It is not definitive but it is very important according to what is left in the championship."

"Everything depends on us. And that will try to guide us. We try not to give any sign that the league can stop others."


"It has taken the three points he has sought and has had the better chances."

"We adapt very well to the schemes that we face the 'Mister'. We are trying to surprise the opponents."

"The quality players have to adapt as quickly as possible."

"Third time lucky. He had missed the two that usually does not happen and was a little pissed off. And the worst that can happen is that Leo gets angry."

"It has left but we knew that there were three important points. Rate here is always difficult. The League of today had a very important challenge that we have saved with plenty of character."

"We knew the difficulties we had. We created many chances, the best we have had us."

"It's a stunt. They came very motivated by the streak they had. But the club, given the difficulties, responds very well and once again has been."

"Adriano has been signed for its quality and contribution. We are very happy with it."


"We got a very good victory. Are points that you can give to a League final."

"Now the games are more difficult. Now everybody is playing things. But we're optimistic."

"We are pleased that we have dynamics. The game and the attitude."

"Guardiola is a bit screwed. But it is the commitment of the coach and people from home."

"I have not had any discomfort even though the field was dry and hard." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Vilanova: “We have always found Valencia tough”

Tito Vilanova, the FC Barcelona assistant coach, has confessed to a press conference that Barça never find it easy to travel to Mestalla. “We have always found Valencia hard. We’ve never won there” he said.

Today, Tito Vilanova stood in for Josep Guardiola, who is having back trouble. He explained the situation. “Pep has been getting pain for several days and has been coping as well as he can, but he just couldn’t bear it any more this morning. We’ll have to see how he feels tomorrow. I think he’ll be OK, but whatever happens, we’ve got a game to play” he said, playing down the importance of the issue.

Vilanova preferred to discuss Mestalla, where despite the difficulty of the fixture “I never settle for a draw against any team. Last year’s was a game we could easily have lost. I imagine the game will be similar to the other two we have played there, with them putting pressure on the way we bring the ball out from defence. Emery has studied us hard.”.

On Wednesday night’s opposition, he said “they create a lot of attacking pressure and then get back well, and their wingers defend well too. They’re dangerous on the counter attack and good from dead ball situations.” Vilanova went on to ignore the same old questions about title chances, and merely said that “whatever we do in Valencia, it won’t decide the League”.

Xavi Hernandez has been given the medical all-clear on Tuesday, and Vilanova kept a close eye on the midfielder in training. But as for him taking part in the match, he kept his cards close to his chest. “We’ll see tomorrow” was all he was willing to share with the media.

Turning to the Puyol and Valdés’ recovery programmes, it seems neither of them are ready for an immediate return to action. “Puyol is happy and able to do things he couldn’t before but his recovery is a gradual process, and the same goes for Valdés. These injuries can change very quickly, so all we can do is wait”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa: "It was a long and hard, but with a happy ending"

"It's been a long day and hard, but with a happy ending. At two he was in the hotel. I got to talk and food, so I could rest," said the Spaniard striker.

David Villa , who plays for Barcelona, was satisfied with his team's victory against Valencia . The striker believes the key to success as: "We got a victory in a complex field and we are happy, because it is a difficult place to win. It was an important victory because it was a vital time "

Villa came back today at Mestalla after joining the club this summer. The Spanish striker thanked the fans: " I want to thank you for the welcome . I always said I am delighted with the success of the team. It is still a team of friends and close to my heart. Today I had to do my job and we should get on with the game "

Finally, the Spaniard testified this morning at the courthouse in Avilés for later having to go to Valencia. The player said he did not have affected everything that happened: "It's been a long day and hard, but with a happy ending. At two he was in the hotel. I got to talk and food, so I could rest . " (via AS)

Messi bends to Mestalla

Barcelona won as he could lose and everything could draw. Barcelona did not deserve to lose but certainly not the Valencia, which was all lungs, heart, intensity and drive. Big night at the Mestalla, where Guardiola won a Cup but which had not won in the league. A field to sweat blood for the hardest working, suffering Barcelona. But this time the order was but could not. The Barcelona reversed the perfect start wild, Valencia and deserved score before the break. Valencia looked for in the second, which could mark any and marked, not coincidentally, Leo Messi. Guardiola, with its low back in tow, you already have in your gallery Mestalla hunting trophies. And again, ten points over Real Madrid. Sweet dreams.

It should be clear that Barcelona's game was not stellar but it was not at all bad but ruminated for many minutes, far more than an hour, a tie that not long ago was a great result against a backdrop of long knives as the Mestalla. That was before Barcelona and Real Madrid came into its current supersonic racing in which each tie in all circumstances is a tragedy. Finally won the Barcelona, Valencia breath and slashes its list of carnivorous outputs. From this point of view is of championship victory. The League can win and lose in any field but this was in the Barca fears and cabals proactive in merengue. Not anymore. Messi decided what the best, after many minutes of struggle, controversy and emotion sometimes. A great match between the first and third in the league. Honors both.

Because the party was a great match. Had tactical battle, chess, emotion and intensity football power. Railway systems was minutes and minutes of open field and ripped schemes. Had phases in which the Barcelona could take off and others in the Valencia deserved a better fate. The film is a twisted party alignments and writes that initially drove the wolf Valencia, brutal. The Barcelona reversed the momentum and pulled up the rest. All this in the first half. In the second the two arrived but Valencia got his breath and pulled back up, short-circuited the output of Barcelona, and hung a Pinto. Died up but died because Messi scored in his fourth hand and settled the debt incurred in the first half.

This time, Messi had the virtue of persistence, as against Athletic. Bore the worst team in minutes, turned the party down to the core when Xavi and Iniesta choking. He left a string of robberies and slaloms but also in the best minutes of Barcelona, a couple of times than never forgives, auctions francs in the area. He insisted and insisted, was third in the second and fourth, with the party facing the final, resolved with a shot that hit a Guaita that survived until the end. The play and the pass was a fundamental Adriano was venting and agility on the left. That play decided the game as he could tilt before, in part, a Jordi Alba goal disallowed for offside millimeter.

There were also drawings for analysis. Barcelona started with a team that was unusual in a line of three with between Abidal Busquets and Pique and a midfield with winger Adriano Alves, float Mascherano and Xavi and Iniesta in the creation disappeared with Messi and Villa in attack . Valencia responded to their circumstances without casualties and without striker David Navarro and pure, Mata and Joaquin tightening up and a defense that stood stoically on John Alba, all muscle and criteria on the left. Valencia sent there first, plugging the output and vertical instinct, and then recovered the Barcelona-based control and triangulations. The second part however, found two teams returning to a more natural way. Reference soldier gave Valencia attack and released the midfielder Mata and Pedro redesigned to Barcelona in a style much more normal, with Busquets in midfield and Abidal as central. With this drawing won the Barcelona but sometimes he might lose after Soldier and Pablo Hernandez. The insistence of Valencia in the second half was impressive. Admirable but no prize.

In a traffic jam and swell with boiling Mestalla, Barcelona scored in whiplash and salvaged a crucial game in the race for the league. The difference between the tie and win is in the field one play, a flash, in the classification, a universe. That flash smiled at Barcelona and the insistence of Messi and punished one of tremendous dignity Valencia. Mestalla finally surrendered in the league to Guardiola. With infinite resistance but surrendered. And they are ten points again. As before Gijón. Ten points and a night ahead. Sweet dreams. (via AS)

Continue to break records

After tonight's result at the Mestalla (0-1) FC Barcelona has beaten another record in its history. Barça accumulated 20 consecutive road games without losing. The last was against Atletico Madrid (2-1) the past year.

On 14 February 2010 the FC Barcelona lost their last league match at the Vicente Calderon against Atletico. Barca's goal marked by Zlatan Ibrahimovic was insufficient to prevent the first and only defeat of Barca in the last league.

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[Youth] Deulofeu debuts in second Division A

Gerard Deulofeu has become the fifth player in the Junior A Oscar Garcia made his debut in the Second Division A of the hand of Luis Enrique. Riudarenes striker will turn 17 years old on March 16.

He had become the top scorer in Junior A with 15 goals and one of the players most destabilizing in its class but has only 16, but Gerard has Deulofeu against Córdoba another step in his promising career.

The attacker Riudarenes (Girona) has already joined his first minutes in the second A and has done so with his usual courage. In the 15 minutes has given to the Cordoba Luis Enrique has not shrunk and has sought at all times the imbalance in one-one, one of his great virtues.

Before Deulofeu, Luis Enrique had already debuted in second with Sergio Gómez, Rafinha, Espinosa and Dalmau, all players in the squad of Juvenil A.

The first team of Gerard Deulofeu in the quarry was Barca who led Benjamin to Felix Sanchez. Deulofeu that season 2003/04 and showed that his boots had a great deal of talent and goal.

In its early years was his usual demarcation of '10 'playmaker behind the three attackers, but over the years established itself as one end to leg changed with a tendency to play on the left.

Right but more convenient from the other side, Gerard has played in recent seasons in excess of that equipment, by age, his due.

Last season, alternated with the Youth Cadet B with a record of six goals, while in 2008/09 was somewhere between Infantil B and Cadete A.

International Youth Category: Gerard Deulofeu quality has not gone unnoticed by coaches from the junior level. The young pearl Barca was the last course, runners European U-17 this season and has qualified for the World Under-17 with the Spanish team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 26] Valencia CF 0 - 1 FC Barcelona

Valencia thanks to a Messi goal in the 76th minute. The team made a huge effort and hardly gave the opposition a chance as they extended their lead in the league table to ten points.
Not even Mestalla could resist against the dramatic march of Guardiola’s side. The Catalans won away to the third placed club in a vibrant encounter in which they gradually got more and more into their usual rhythm, though perhaps without the flair we have got used to seeing from them.

It was only misfortunate in front of goal that prevented Barça from taking a first half lead against a Valencia side that showed plenty of ambition, but ultimately achieved very little. Messi, in combination with Adriano, finally broke the deadlock in the second half, making it twelve wins out of thirteen on the road. This colossal victory temporarily puts FCB ten points clear of Real Madrid, who play tomorrow.

Technical Data:

Valencia CF: Guaita; Stankevicius, Dealbert, Ricardo Costa, Jordi Alba; Éver, Tino Costa (Isco, min. 85); Pablo, Joaquín (Soldado, min. 46), Mathieu (Jonás, min. 81); Mata.

FC Barcelona: Pinto; Dani Alves, Piqué, Abidal, Adriano (Maxwell, min. 81); Mascherano (Pedro, min. 62), Xavi, Busquets; Iniesta (Keita, min. 86), Messi y Villa.

Goal: 0-1, min. 76. Adriano pass to Messi , who shoots with his left and beat Guaita although he touches the ball.

Referee: Iturralde González (vasco). Showed yellow cards to Jordi Alba, Paul Hernandez, Tino Costa and Soldier by the Valencia and Sergio Busquets and Lionel Messi, Barcelona part.

Incidents: Good entry in Mestalla, approximately 50,000 spectators.